The Dew-Pond

I remember learning about dew-ponds somewhere, it may have been one of the times I was bored and browsing Wikipedia. I found the idea of them intriguing and the romantic myth of how they came about. As I mention in the story, they are generally man-made and filled by rain. But why stop reality ruining a good legend.

My story is about two young friends who go exploring and come across a dew-pond. This is just the backdrop to their realisation of their greater love for each other. I did notice, on re-reading the story I don’t actually mention how old the boys are. In case any of you are wondering they are about fourteen.

It has been a criticism recently that I don’t describe my characters too much. That has been somewhat deliberate so that reader could imagine the characters to be what they wanted and be who they find attractive. I’d be interesting to see hear from you to see if it works. So please let me know your thoughts. I have been trying to include more description in my recent writing.

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