A Ride Too Far

This is another semi-autobiographical story, I’m sure you can guess which part is fictional. It is based on an actual motorbike holiday I took down to Spain where I had an accident very similar to what happened. It even took place before the introduction of the Euro and features the old E111 (pronounced E-One-Eleven) which is now replaced by the EHIC – but now the UK has left the EU even that won’t be valid for us Brits anymore. (Hell, this story is really showing his age.)

It would also be unusual for the Spanish guy at the hotel to be circumcised. I don’t actually remember why I decided to circumcise him, I can only surmise that I wanted to write about a different type of dick.

I think that my earlier stories tend to be overlong, too much preamble and this story has quite a bit of post-able (if that’s a word). I like to think that my writing has got a bit tighter with age, but you can be the judge of that.

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