Him – An Indelible Vision

It’s a strange experience to read your old writing and this one is particularly interesting and very autobiographical.

Back when I was in secondary school (age 11 to 16 to those who don’t know) I had a major crush on my friend. I never told anyone about it and I never did anything about. Looking back I never remember him having a girlfriend but I think he is now married with children. When we left school, we did go to the same college (age 16 to 18)  but we were in different classes so our paths never really crossed much.

It was my crush for him that made me put distance between us. I knew he was straight so there wasn’t any chance of anything happening between us. There was one moment when I nearly kissed him which scared the shit out of me. He didn’t notice, thankfully. My life would have been made hell if anyone knew what nearly happened.

This short poem (or vignette) is about a time when we had showered after our PE class. He was never bashful and I think he even enjoyed letting other boys look at him. This one moment in time is etched in my mind and one of my favourite memories of him. I miss those days.

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