Shadow Honor – Chapter 24 by Cynus

Fasha’s subterfuge is discovered and King Salidar lies fatally wounded. Prism, with the poison of the Vhor in his bloodstream, inches closer to death. The nanites he released could only delay the inevitable. The released demon wreaked havoc, with destruction following in its wake. In the penultimate chapter, we ponder, ‘what good was survival if there wasn’t a world worth living in?’

Albert Dowling: Chapter 21 by BobbyG

Having got the information from their German hosts, Jonnie and Albert return home. Albert reminisces about his time at school and how over the Christmas he was there, he and Trevor got together to give Namu his desired present. A double entry fuck. This Christmas he spends the days with Jonnie in his log cabin and is inside Jonnie as the calendar turns to Nineteen Fourteen.