Bog Off: Chapter 1 by Tom

An everyday tale of youth, to be precise the misspent youth of the brothers Jason and Kelvin Twerk and their not inconsiderable drive for the heights of new sexual pleasures, perversions or usually misdemeanours when at school. Severely lacking in any cerebral capacity their quest revolves around little else but an insatiable quest for orgasmic gratification by whatever means be it animal, vegetable, human or invariably prolonged bouts of self-abuse. Add to which the brothers have their own friends all equally firmly addicted to the pleasures of the flesh, be that in a solo or communal capacity and all that goes with it. Thus taken on a cumulative basis, the combined seminal output of the protagonists will one day ensure that the entire, crumbling edifice of their run-down secondary school slide inexorably into a fetid morass of adolescent spunk.

Now dive in and read on, each chapter is so thrilling in it’s own right that it needs no further introduction.

Shadow Honor – Chapter 24 by Cynus

Fasha’s subterfuge is discovered and King Salidar lies fatally wounded. Prism, with the poison of the Vhor in his bloodstream, inches closer to death. The nanites he released could only delay the inevitable. The released demon wreaked havoc, with destruction following in its wake. In the penultimate chapter, we ponder, ‘what good was survival if there wasn’t a world worth living in?’