Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home

Channel 4 has done it again. Not satisfied with Naked Attraction, they now give us Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home. Four people are paired up, stripped naked and given a task to get to a designated end point. The first episode was aired a few days ago, and your ever vigilant webmaster took some screen caps for your delight.

The first episode had a gorgeous ginger with a full bush, it was like he was there just for me. Gingers are a guilty pleasure of mine, I’ve now found out that I’m officially a Rutiluphile.

The other bloke was Ryan, a trainee accountant. He showed us his lovely thick cock, and in one scene, he pees on the moors and when he turns back into shot, his beautiful thick cock has got longer.

I just love Channel 4!

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One Reply to “Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home”

  1. Looks lovely. For a reason unknown to me nudity seems to have all but disappeared from our Dutch channels. Of course, we do have ‘Adam looking for Eve’. It was a Dutch programme (Endemol) that spread all over the world. Sadly we now have to do with drunk twenty-somethings in a villa cheating on their partners etc.

    Racing to get home sounds fun.

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