Rag Week by David Heulfryn

This story harks back to my university days in the mid-nineties and in my first year, during Rag Week, our halls of residence held a slave auction (I suspect that term is not appropriate these days and I do feel a little awkward using the term). The story also highlights my welsh heritage with the protagonist being called Iestyn ap Rhys. Iestyn is pronounced “Yes-Tin” and original welsh surnames were patronymic.

I remember when we had our “slave auction” and young freshers would go up on stage and would start to strip whenever someone donated money. I remember this one young guy went all the way down to his boxers and then tried to tease us, but he accidentally pulled his boxers to far down and I got a full view of the speedos he was wearing underneath. I was so disappointed. None of the guys went all the way and showed us their cocks. Such a shame.

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