The Guy at the Gym

I’ve been going to the local gym for over a year now, and you get to see some interesting things in the changing room. I don’t even want to mention a particular old guy that stands in front of the mirror with the hairdryer drying his cock and balls.

But there is one guy I’ve seen a few times, he looks mid-thirties, quite slim and has great muscle definition. But it is two particular muscles that fascinate me; his gluteus maximus. The guy obviously takes care of himself, and he has very little body fat, and it shows.

He seems quite modest as I’ve only seen him from behind, but his buttocks are something to behold. They look so firm and pert, and I swear they don’t touch! That cleft in the middle just looks like a black hole, and I’m sure if the lighting was better I could see his little pucker. I have never seen such a muscular arse in my life.

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