The UK’s ‘Most Hated Clothing’

What is wrong with us Brits. When questioned, 69% of us said we hated Speedos more than any other clothing. Well they didn’t ask me. I love them, but they have to be worn by a specific type of man, not every man can pull off the Speedo look. I for one wouldn’t be seen dead in one, I wouldn’t subject the public to such a sight.

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  1. At no time in my life have I been seen in Speedos or any other make of swimwear like the one illustrated. I do, however, possess a pair of Speedos that are more like the swimming trunks of old, except that they are trendier (and not made of wool!) but I haven’t yet been seen wearing them in public.

    I think on the right body they can look very good. Preferably the body should be between 15 and 30 years old, slim, hairless and male. Suntan optional. The navel hair peeping above the waist of those red Speedos looks repulsive, at least to me.

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