by David Heulfryn


Water runs down your naked body, it feels warm and soothing.
Your muscles relax, and you feel the trickle of water in your groin,
trapped for a moment in your pubes before it traces across your dick
to tickle your foreskin before it leaves you to drip upon the tiled floor.

You busy your hands with the soap; the lather squelches through your fingers.
Starting with your chest, the lather is rubbed over your skin.
Your fingers inch towards your armpits and you raise your arm to wet and clean there.

The small patch of hairs slips between your fingers,
an occasional stray hair trapped in a fingernail and is pulled free.
The dark curly hair mixes with soap and water and makes its way to the plug hole.

More soap and more lather,
your fingers run down your torso and glide over the indentation of your navel to attack your thick black pubes.

Lather escapes and slides over your dick,
you push your hand down, and you grasp for dick and balls full in your palm.
Your balls are loose, the warm water making them hang low,
and they roll around your palm easily.

Your dick slips free as your fingers reach passed your balls and almost connect with your arse.
But today your dick swells, and your fingers come back to feel the swollen tube.
You pull your foreskin back and clean the reddening knob.

You spend longer than usual today, and your dick appreciates it.
The more you clean, the longer, the thicker, the harder it gets.
With all the lather long since rinsed away, you forget the pretence of washing and now stroke your dick.

The water continues to run over your body,
rinsing away any sweat that oozes from your pores as you begin to frenetically pump your dick.
You have to be quick as you don’t want to be shouted at to hurry up.

You are hurrying, your dick throbs and your body shudders and you feel your balls ache.
Your cum shoots and mixes with the water and you watch the creamy fluid dance with the clear water.

The dance holds your eyes as you breathe heavy.
You watch as the performance end with your cum slipping inside the drain.

Finished you can now wash.


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