by David Heulfryn


The volcano on Eyjafjallajökull started erupting on 21st March 2010, but it wasn’t until later when the ash cloud shrouded the United Kingdom and grounded all air travel for six days, that it would give me one of the best weekends of my life.


Being a slow day, I decided to get up from my desk and stretch my legs. I needed a hotel booking for a two-day seminar in Manchester as part of my continual professional development; it required me to keep my membership in the accountancy body. It was a chore and so was not looking forward to it.

So instead of emailing the admin lady, I thought I’d go and see her. It would pass a bit of time, and she was always good for some gossip.

Leaving my stuffy office, I walked along the cool and airy corridor and entered Sue’s equally stuffy office. She was on the phone, looking slightly stressed, and a cute young man waited for her to finish. My eyes flicked to his arse and then to his face; he turned his head to look at me as my eyes were travelling up his body.

Smiling, I nodded my silent greeting, not wanting to disturb Sue as she talked on the phone.

I’d seen this bloke around the office before. He would occasionally come over from Finland to work with our ‘Implementations Department’. He’d been here all week on this trip, and I would always say morning when our paths crossed in the kitchen as I made my morning cup of tea. On a few occasions, we spoke about the weather – typical English. I always wanted to talk more but was either too busy or, if truth be known, embarrassed. I just knew I would embarrass myself as I looked into his deep blue eyes; I always did when I thought someone was cute. I suppose you could call me the archetypal awkward accountant.

When Sue finally hung up the telephone, she let out a loud and long sigh. “Hi, Rob.” She said to me before turning to the young man.

“Well, it seems that there are no flights anywhere in the country. They are reviewing the situation later today and will update us at seven this evening, but the bloke said he wasn’t holding out much hope that the flight ban would be lifted then.”

“So do I just wait?” The young man spoke with a heavy Scandinavian accent, and I detected a hint of sadness in his face; his prospect of getting home was slim.

Sue nodded and shrugged her shoulders. “It’s been like this for a couple of days now. I’ve got a salesman stuck in Rome, and our MD is stuck in Helsinki at your head offices. Both are calling me constantly to try and find a way to get them back.”

“But I’ve checked out of my hotel?” It was when he said this that I noticed a small suitcase leaning against the wall.

She mentioned that the hotel he was staying in was full as she’d tried to get someone else a room there that morning and failed. The next closest hotel was a luxury five-star hotel, and Sue sucked in her breath through her teeth. “It’s very expensive.” She said. “I know we’ve got to look after you, but they will not like paying those prices. There are cheaper ones further out, but it’ll mean taking taxis everywhere.”

“So I will be here all weekend. Great!” He was exasperated.

“Hey!” I suddenly found some confidence and butted in. “It’s just come to me but why not stay with me instead of being on your own all weekend. I’ve got a spare bedroom, and we can keep an eye on the flight situation, and if a window opens, I can take you to the airport.”

He screwed his face up in thought.

“I can show you round the city, take in a few bars, whatever you like. I’m doing nothing this weekend, and if you’re in a hotel, chances are you’ll be doing nothing weekend too. Unless you pick up one of those ladies that frequent hotel bars.” I smiled at him.

“No chance of that.” He huffed.

“It’s up to you, Ky,” Sue told him. “I’m easy either way, but let me know soon if you want me to book that hotel.”

Ky thought a moment longer. “Well, it’s a choice of a luxury hotel, with a nice gym and swimming pool or bunking up with you.” He looked at me, and I sensed a wry smile. “Well, I have not got my gym things, so it looks like you’ve got me.”

“Brilliant!” My excitement almost got the better of me. I extended my hand. “My name’s Rob, by the way.”

Kyösti, but call my Ky.” We shook hands, and as my fingers felt his smooth blond hairs on the back of his hand, my cock lurched.

I told him where my office was and that I was due to finish at five o’clock; we arranged for him to meet me there as he went to keep himself busy for the rest of the day.


It was past lunchtime, so I only had a few hours to wait, but my mind frequently wandered for those few hours, and I ended up doing little work. My mind played out scenarios and considered which bars to take him to. Would he want to go clubbing? I hated clubbing, but for him, I would suffer.

Hearing a cough, my mind focused, and I saw Ky standing in my doorway. “You look bored.” He said, and I smiled when I heard his soft tone in his strange accent.

“Sorry, just daydreaming, away with the fairies.”

“What is ‘away with the fairies’?” He looked so sweet as he furrowed his brow in confusion.

“Just an expression; here is body but not in mind, your mind is somewhere else.”

“Oh. And where was your mind.”

“In a bar with a pint of beer – anywhere away from my desk and numbers.” I started collating the paperwork on my desk and putting it in my in-tray, ready for me to continue working on come Monday morning. Clicking my mouse, I set my computer to shut down and stood up. Involuntarily, I stretched my back and yawned breathing new life into my body. “Come on then, Ky. Time to get outa here.”

We talked on the short drive home. I found out that no-one was waiting for Ky back in Finland so he didn’t need to ring anybody to let them know he wouldn’t be coming home although he did send his parents a quick text message.

“It looks like a nice house,” Ky said as I pulled into my tiny driveway barely long enough for my car to fit on.

It was a new build house, so everything on the estate still looked clean and tidy, even my little patch of garden, which is surprising as I hate gardening. I’d moved in about six months ago and was mostly unpacked, but a few boxes were hidden in corners.

Taking Ky’s small suitcase, I told him to follow me as I went upstairs and lay it down on the spare bed. “It’s not made up yet as I’ve not had any visitors before now. I just need to put the bedclothes on and then you’re all set.”

“Thank you, Rob.”

“But first I need some dinner. How does pasta sound?”

“Sounds good,” Ky responded, and he followed me back downstairs and into the kitchen.

I started to prepare dinner as Ky perched on the small dining table watching me. He offered to help, but it was a quick meal, so there was very little to do, I just needed to brown some mince, chuck in a jar of pasta sauce and cook the pasta. I usually enjoyed cooking, but after a long week at work, this was all I had the energy for.

Ky looked a little sad as we ate and he said very little, I assumed he was thinking about home and how much he wanted to go back; I know I would if I were in his position.

“Look,” I started, “it’s been a long week. What d’ya say that we get changed and head out for a drink after we’ve eaten.”

“Ok.” He nodded. “But I have no spare clothes; I only brought enough for the few days I was supposed to be here.”

“No probs. Just go as you are and tomorrow we’ll do some washing.”

“Thank you. You are so kind.”

I left Ky downstairs while I changed. He offered to wash up, so I left him with his hands in sink while I changed into some slacks and a loose shirt.

Never one to drink and drive, we caught the bus into the city and made our way to one of my favourite pubs. It was still early, so few people were around, and they were mostly small groups of workers having a quick drink before going home.

Not wanting to scare Ky, I took him to a straight-friendly bar. He grabbed a table while I got us a drink. The place wasn’t too overtly gay at this time, but I knew as the night grew darker then the pub would turn very camp and then the transvestites would come in. As soon as this happened, I would take Ky somewhere else. I had no idea where to, but I had a good few hours to think of something.

I enjoyed hearing Ky talk all about his home and Finland. He spoke with real affection for his country and how he always enjoyed the moment he returned from these work trips. It took a lot of pressure off me while he spoke, as I looked intently into his eyes.

He seemed very mature for someone so young, and I found out he was twenty-five, three years younger than me, but he seemed much older in attitude. I supposed it was the Finnish way, or perhaps it was just him. As he spoke of his homeland, I concluded his culture and upbringing had made him so levelled.

I’d always imagined the Scandinavians to be pale and blond, but Ky was mousy brown, and his skin was slightly tanned, not too much but just enough to show a little colour. His rounded face drew you into his ice-blue eyes, and his thick-set frame made him look more imposing than his personality. If you pushed me to describe his body, I would say he was chunky, though that does not mean he was fat. His broad frame meant that he carried an extra few pounds, but I find that attractive in a man, not skinny with bones protruding from his skin but a nicely cushioned body.

Before I knew it, I was getting up to order our fourth pints. Ky was drinking at a slower pace than me and still had half a glass.

“You Brits certainly know how to drink!” He smiled and tried to finish his drink as I placed a fresh one in front of him, and I noticed trails of lager dribbling down his chin from the sides of his mouth. Wiping his mouth, he told me he needed the toilet, and I watched him as he made his way to the Gents. He didn’t stagger or stumble, but he was swerving a little, the alcohol certainly having its effect on him.

Two drinks later I took pity on Ky and suggested we leave; I was undoubtedly half-cut, and Ky was even worse for wear even with leaving most of his last drink.

Taking a taxi back, I noticed Ky nodding off, his head slumped backwards, and his mouth hung open slightly.

“Just ‘ere, mate,” I told the driver, and he pulled up outside my house. After paying him, I prodded Ky back to life and helped him out the car by holding on to his arm.

Once inside, Ky went straight upstairs. “Shit!” He said as he went into the spare room.

I’d forgotten to put the bedclothes on, thinking we wouldn’t be out too late, I thought it could wait until we got home, but I never thought we’d come home in our present state.

Climbing the stairs, I saw Ky come out of the spare room and, after trying several door handles and finding the bathroom and airing cupboard, he found my room. I followed him in.

“I sleep here.” He said as he pulled his jumper over his head. “It’s big enough for both.” The next few words were either slurred or in Finnish.

Feeling dog tired, I didn’t argue. I just wanted to go to sleep myself, so I followed his lead and started to undress. I usually sleep au naturel, but I decided to leave on my boxer-briefs having a guest in my bed. On the other hand, Ky had no worries, and I was shocked when, wearing only some light blue Y-fronts, he pulled them down and left them by his feet on the floor.

I stared at my naked guest, but he didn’t seem to notice. Instead, he got into my bed, rolled on his side and went to sleep.

After one last trip to the bathroom to empty my bladder, I turned off the lights and joined him. I lay with my back to him and thought about his naked body next to mine. I gradually got hard, and my cock strained its confines. Putting the image at the back of my mind, I fell asleep.


Usually, I would sleep in on a Saturday morning, but not today. Squinting, I looked at my bedside clock, which told me it was nearly eight o’clock. Then my bladder made its presence felt, and I slipped out of bed to relieve myself.

As I came back into the bedroom, I saw Ky lying on his back. The quilt was now lying on the floor beside him where he’d obviously tossed it aside. I moved to the foot of the bed and looked at his naked body.

My eyes traced over his skin, his right arm raised above his head, his elbow bent as if creating a frame for a work of art. His face was expressionless as I looked at the small brown tuft of hair under his arm. There was no sign of pecs or abs on his torso, nor was there any hair. At least not until I reached his navel. A few wisps of brown hair curled around and grew thicker as it reached a naturally thick and tidy set of pubes. They didn’t taper out as they reached higher but just suddenly stopped when they reached their limit, the only tapering was that very narrow treasure trail barely a centimetre thick. It reminded me of a small coppice of trees on the edge of a field; as you walk across the field the sun beats down on your sweaty body, one step further and everything changes and you are sheltered among the trees, and a cool breeze refreshes you. How I wanted those pubes to refresh me.

His right leg was also bent slightly, which opened a space between his thighs for his balls to fall down and the spattering of curly hairs to tickle his skin. Unlike his balls, Ky’s cock clung on to his thigh and rested as it looked at his hip. Licking my lips, I felt my dick lurch and thicken.

Looking down, I noticed my underwear begin to tent, and in an attempt to cover it up, I lay back down on my bed. I lay on my side, resting my head on my arm, lifting it so I could still look at Ky’s exposed body.

The cool morning air caused his body to grow goosebumps, and I leant in closer to see those imperceptible blond hairs which thinly covered his chest and his nipples that looked as hard as diamond. Again my dick lurched as I thought of wrapping my warm lips over his nipples and nibbling on those hard, sharp nubs.

With all my attention on his nipples, I didn’t notice his cock grow thick, longer and harder, and with a sharp intake of breath, Ky smiled and opened his eyes.

Like a naughty schoolboy getting caught I quickly lay back and feigned sleep. But I’d twisted and lay on my back, I knew it looked unnatural, and I also felt my hard cock as it swayed within my underwear like a flagpole swaying in a gale.

I sighed, annoyed at my clumsy actions. “Sorry, Ky. But you have such a beautiful body.”

“You should know; you’ve been looking at it for over ten minutes.”

Looking over at Ky, I saw his face turned to me with a huge smile. His hand crept over to my side of the bed and grasped my hard cock through my underwear. He slowly began to wank me, and I soon gasped, feeling my orgasm rise rapidly.

This was not going to be over after four small strokes on my cock, so I lifted myself and straddled Ky, his cock lay under my arse, and his hand was forced from my dick. Leaning forward, I kissed him, I kissed him long and deep with my tongue delving deep within him.

My body melted until I lay on top of him. His legs wrapped themselves around me, and I felt his cock press between my legs. With one great heave, Ky rolled me over, his face was locked to mine as his tongue invaded my mouth. Like a hungry wolf devouring his prey, Ky kissed and bit and nibbled his way down my body. His chin hit my rigid cock, and it scraped his face as he went further down. Clad in cloth, my dick rolled around his chin then with a soft roar, he opened his mouth, and his teeth gripped my cock. I was his.

Ky grabbed my underwear and pulled them down and off my feet, his teeth releasing my cock but replaced by his lips.

His tongue worked my knob like an expert, and I began to writhe beneath him. My balls started to ache, and without warning, I blasted the back of Ky’s throat with a rapid round fire of my cum.

Swallowing, Ky rubbed his lips over my sensitive cock cleaning off my cum and teasing out those remaining drops which usually stay inside my cock and leak out later to dampen my underwear or bed sheets, depending on where I wank.

With my cock softening, he released me and pulled himself along my body, after a brief kiss, where I didn’t taste any trace of cum on his lips, he asked me, “Do you have any lube?”

I didn’t need to look where my hand was going as I had done this many times. It automatically opened the top drawer of my bedside table, grabbed the cold tube of lube, and tidily pushed the drawer closed. I didn’t pass the lube to Ky; instead, I squirted a glob onto my palm and plunged it between us grabbing his hard cock and smearing it. I delved beneath me and fingered the last bit of lube onto and into my hole.

Smiling at me, Ky grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs and arse high in the air. “You have a nice ass.” He told me and then lowered me slightly to line his hard cock up with my hole.

I could feel his knob against my hole, and I stopped breathing. My own cock lurched and grew harder at the anticipation. Then I felt him push forward and his knob slipped easily inside me. I released the breath I was holding, and my hole twitched and tried to suck him in further. Ky knew how readily I accepted his cock that I had been fucked many times and realised he didn’t need to take it as slow as he would if he broke in a fresh arse. With a long slow stroke, he pushed his cock deep inside me, bruising my prostate on its way. It felt like my whole insides lurched and tried to suck more of his cock inside me. My dick went very hard, and I saw a few drops of cum dribble from my exposed knob. The end flared and looked a deep crimson as the white cum thinned and cleared, replaced by a steady flow of my colourless pre-cum.

Pulling back, Ky began to fuck me. I groaned and gripped his cock with my arse. I wanted to grab my cock and wank myself, but Ky grazed my prostate with each of his strokes and sent waves ecstasy over my body.

Sweat began to emerge over Ky’s body, it would run over his skin and form drops which fell and splashed on my chest. Whenever I could, I would try and look at him, but each time his eyes were closed, his head rolling around with his mouth hanging open slightly to release his moans.

His strokes became slower but harder, my cock throbbed and began flailing, I watched as my orgasm burst through and cum sprayed from cock and covered both Ky and me like a garden sprinkler watering a lawn.

Ky’s eyes opened, and we looked at each other as I felt his cock thicken and push further against my hole. With a couple of determined stokes, he froze, and his cock sprayed my insides with his thick cum. His deep groans reverberated through him and were channelled by his cock into me.

After a brief and tender kiss, he collapsed onto me, his cock stayed in my, but I could feel it slipping out. My arse contracted to try desperately to keep it in me, but I failed, and it slowly popped out, leaving an empty space inside me, which I wanted him to fill.

He rolled off me and lay on his back, his chest rising and falling in recovery. I rolled onto my side and looked at his body. His cock was shining, covered in cum and lube. My hands rested on his chest and started to rub the small droplets of my cum into his skin.

Kyösti didn’t manage to get a flight home until towards the end of the following week. We both knew our time together was limited, and we made every moment a moment to remember. When he left, I hoped his next trip to England would be very soon.


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