The Ginger and the Geek
by David Heulfryn


My problem with toilets is that I have an extremely shy bladder. I remember going out drinking one night, and after about four pints I needed to pee. Standing at the urinal, I unzipped my fly and took out my limp cock. The bogs were packed, so I had blokes either side of me, and mates were chatting to each other as they waited for a spot to become free, all the stalls were full, and guys were going in and out of them very regularly, sometimes two at a time; well it was a gay bar.

So, here I am standing with my cock in my hand, and I wait. Nothing happens, but I know I need to go as I can feel my bladder. I relax my muscles and wait for the flow, but again nothing. I now feel a complete prat standing here holding my cock and doing nothing, if they looked over at me they’d probably have thought I was a pervert. I quickly tuck myself back into my pants and zip myself up.

Back with my mates, I down another pint, my bladder gets even more swollen, and it’s now becoming uncomfortable. I try again and make my excuses to go to the bogs. I try to find a stall, but they are still occupied, and I hear a faint moaning coming from one of them. I just wished they hurry up so I can relive myself. But I wait, and no-one leaves the stalls. Then a space opens up at the urinals.

My second try is just as unsuccessful.

After another pint, my bladder feels like it is going to explode. I cannot concentrate on anything else, and I just fade out from my mates’ conversation. The pain is now getting unbearable, and I just wish I could have let myself go where I sat.

I try to slip away to try again. “Bloody hell, Rob. Have you got a fella in there or something?” Carl shouted to me as he sees me leave.

Turning my head, I just tell him that the beer is going through me. “Might as well just pour it down the bogs at this rate.” I smile and dash to the gents.

It is still full, but this time I don’t even bother to use the urinal. When a space opens, I just motion to the bloke behind me to use it and point to the closed door of a stall.

I want to dance to take the pressure off my bladder, that desperate for the loo dance all little kids do when they leave it too late and find someone else already in the bathroom.

Closing my eyes, I almost pray to god and hope, by the sheer force of will, that a stall opens soon.

I wait, now concentrating on holding it in. I want to try and let it out at the free urinal, but the psychological damage is now done, and so I wait.

Hearing the click of the lock, I dash over and force my way in only just letting the other bloke out. I have no idea what he was doing in there, and for so long, but he wasn’t using it for what it was designed for. He was probably snorting a line, popping an ‘e’ or having a crafty wank, I didn’t care.

Not bothering to lift the seat, I quickly whip out my cock, and almost immediately a strong stream of piss flows out and splashes into the bowl. The feeling of relief is indescribable.


That evening several years ago seems to have scarred me for life. I still cannot use a urinal if there is anybody else in the room. Although I did try it once when the room was empty except for a bloke was in one of the stalls, it was difficult initially, but I managed it. I’m still afraid of trying again.

As a result, my social life has changed; we no longer go to busy pubs and clubs but to more empty places where I can be reasonably sure of getting into a stall. When out and about I also try to use the toilets for the disabled. And at work, I always use the disabled toilet. The toilet was tucked out of the way which you reached after you passed the ladies and gents. You would turn a corner, and after a couple of feet there was the door, frequently it would be half open and those who left never bothered to close it properly.

I’ve been in my job for years and never noticed anything untoward until one Wednesday. It was mid-afternoon, and I needed the loo, so I went and used the disabled toilet as usual. After washing my hands, I grabbed a paper towel and dried them, I was feeling chirpy that day, so I screwed up the paper towel and threw it into the waste bin as if knocking off a coconut at the fair. The green paper hit the mass of used towels, and they parted to give way for my winning shot. I feel so pleased with myself for getting it in, but then I was only a couple of feet away and to miss would be unforgivable.

I saw my green paper ball resting in a nest it created, but it was something else that caught my eye. Just poking out from under a paper towel, I noticed a thin rubber membrane. My curiosity piqued, I delicately moved aside the paper towel which hid it from full view.

As you see in the films when someone sees something unexpected, I felt myself literally taking a step back, and the object disappeared.

It couldn’t be, I thought to myself, and I peered back inside to confirm that it was indeed a condom. Who the fuck would be using a condom at work? Perhaps it was just an old one that someone found and unwrapped before throwing it away.

I know this will sound weird, and you can think of me as a sick pervert if you wish, but I pinched the open end together and picked it up. It felt heavy, and I held it up to the light. Pooling at the end was a fair amount of cum. With my other hand, I pinched the bulbous end and felt the cum squelch within the latex. It was fresh. I held the end up to my nose, and I smelled that familiar smell. I now began to think of myself as a pervert, as I had never done anything like this before. I dropped the used condom back in the waste bin and grabbed a clean paper towel and let it float down to cover it from view.

Of course, I had to wash my hands again and, once dry, I unlocked the door and left. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that while I played with the condom, my cock grew rock hard and tented my trousers. Shit! I turned around and plunged my hand down to move my cock. I pulled it down and between my legs and walked quite strangely back to my desk. I just hoped that no-one noticed.

As you would expect, my mind was not with it for the rest of the afternoon. I kept wondering who it was and who they’d been fucking. I knew who I wanted it to be, well, there were several candidates, young sexy and full of raging hormones.

From then on, I took frequent trips to the toilet and each time the disabled loo was occupied, I would quietly wait outside to see if I could hear anything.

It took more than two weeks before I heard any noise other than people using the toilet for normal business. My cock instantly grew hard in anticipation, and the first tones of a man groaning met my ears.

I wanted to rip my cock out and start pounding it, but it was too public, and I didn’t have the nerve. So I settled to just listen intently and rub my cock through my trousers.

“Your dick tastes so sweet.” The voice was low and hushed, but it was definitely another man.

Feeling my cock pulse, I pulled my hand away so I didn’t cum in my trousers but I caught myself panting. Swallowing a big gulp of air I controlled my breathing and I did something which was so out of character I can only put it down to being temporarily deranged and overcome with lust.

Taking a ten pence piece from my pocket, I put it in the groove on the outside of the lock and slowly and silently turned.

Now for my false and poorly acted face of surprise. I pulled on the door and gasped at the sight of Shaun on his knees with Tony’s dick in his mouth. They both looked surprised as I dashed inside and locked the door behind me.

“What the fuck are you fellas doing? Lock the door next time.”

“We did.” Shaun was now standing up, and Tony scrambled to pull his trousers up. “At least I thought I did.”

I watched as he struggled to push his still hard cock into his trousers.

Tony gave up the struggle when he noticed me staring and left it to dangle over the waistband. He looked me over and saw my bulge, almost immediately I felt his hand on it, squeezing me and massaging my hard dick.

Kneeling back down, Shaun pulled down Tony’s trousers again and began wanking his semi-soft cock until it was hard again. I just adored the sight of his long and thick cock, the foreskin as it peeled back to reveal his shiny knob, the clear fluid oozing from the tip only to be captured between Shaun’s lips.

Autonomously I licked my lips, that reflex action most gay guys get when they see a juicy cock in front of them. And his cock was beautiful, silky smooth, pure white like the rest of his skin, framed by his fiery red pubes; that sexy colour that brings an exotic sense to his cock.

While I was distracted by Tony’s cock I didn’t feel him unzip my flies and unbutton my trousers until they slipped down my legs and his hand wrenching my dick from my briefs. Gripping my dick tightly, he pulled me closer to him, and our lips clashed.

After the initial clanking of teeth, we both opened our mouths and let our tongues dance around each other. We both drooled like a couple of dogs snarling and fighting each other, and I swallowed the mixture that pooled in my mouth, and I daresay Tony did the same.

When we parted, I looked down and saw that Tony’s hand was no longer stroking my dick, but Shaun’s lips were sucking me in and I felt the warmth of his mouth along my shaft. His nose was buried deep in my bush with my long brown curly pubes rubbing and entangling themselves around the silver frame of his small rectangular glasses. As he pulled back, brushing his tongue against the length of my dick, I noticed a couple of pubes caught in the wire.

Shaun looked so cute with my dick in his mouth and a sweet smile on his face. He was a young man in his early twenties who worked in our installation department, he would go out to visit our customers and supervise the installation of equipment. He was rarely in the office, but when he was, his cute face, slender frame and his sweet round arse always put a smile on my face and an inch on my dick.

His lips released my knob, and he stuck his tongue out and flicked my flared head a couple of times. Delving into his jeans, Shaun pulled out a condom, carefully tore open the packet and rolled it over my dick.

“Looks like he wants you first.” Tony winked at me as he stroked his cock, keeping it hard and ready for when it was his turn.

On his feet, Shaun yanked his jeans and boxers down. I noticed his cock was soft and that he paid it no attention. He turned around and bent over to grip the edges of the wash hand basin.

I rubbed my hand over his arse, a long-held desire of mine, and stroked the hair in his crack. Pulling his cheeks apart, I carefully let a long line of spittle grow from my lips and guided it to his rosy red ring.

Pushing my dick against his hole, I heard him groan and felt his arse open up and my dick was more sucked into him than was pushed. His was a well-used arse, and I suspect always felt empty when he didn’t have a cock in it.

I pulled out and started fucking his arse, Shaun tried his best to muffle any groans but occasionally let one free. I felt Tony place a hard on my arse and stroke it as I fucked Shaun.

Just as I was getting into my stride, I saw Shaun look up and notice Tony in the small mirror above the washbasin. I slowed my motion as I watched Shaun and was brought to a stop as he bent further down to reach into his jeans pocket.

My dick was still inside him as I asked if anything was wrong.

“Don’t want to leave Tony out.” He tossed a condom over his shoulder, which Tony caught.

I was no stranger to being fucked, but this situation was new to me.

“You like this, don’t you, Rob.” Shaun teased me as he must have felt my dick swell even harder inside him, stretching his sphincter even more.

With a hand on my back, Tony pushed so that I was draped over Shaun and giving him easier access to my hole. My dick slipped out of Shaun a little, but most of my length was still within him.

Feeling Tony’s cock against me, I pushed forward, thrusting all my dick back into Shaun and was only violated when I could go no further. It was a hard push, but Tony broke me down eventually, and I bit my bottom lip as he steadily pushed his cock inside me. I felt his ginger pubes scratch my arse cheeks and his hands on my hips. He pulled me back, so my dick started to slip out of Shaun. When only my knob was left inside him, I pushed forward and rammed my dick back up. The sensation of my dick fucking Shaun and Tony’s dick coming out of me was sensational, and I let out a loud groan.

I kept my rhythm going, enjoying the fucking and being fucked. Shaun was playing his part, and I felt his arse squeeze and massage my dick. I felt my heart jump, and then my dick swell, but I kept going, reaching the end of my part. I fucked harder, and the feeling of Tony’s cock inside me faded as my mind concentrated only on my dick.

With each push, I got closer, and with each push, I fucked harder.

Sweat was starting to bead on my forehead, and I felt my damp shirt cling to my skin like cling-film.

My dick swelled, and I felt it explode as I shot cum into the tiny teat on the end of the condom.

I stopped fucking Shaun as my dick twitched inside him and he flexed his arse to milk my dick.

Tony had now started to fuck me, but slowly, his cock teasing my prostate and my dick spewing more cum each time his knob brushed against it.

Pushing my fingers between Shaun and me, I felt my pubes tangle and catch against my nails and pull them free. My fingers gripped the base of my cock and the condom, and I slowly pulled out.

Shaun moaned as I left an empty space inside him and I similarly moaned as Tony pulled out of me.

He pushed me aside as he guided his cock straight in Shaun and began fucking him.

Ignoring them for a while, I carefully took off my condom and dropped it into the bin. My cock was still slick with my cum, and I stroked my softening dick, squeezing and rubbing the cum onto my hand.

With my sticky dick now soft and slowly drying in the air I watched as Tony fucked Shaun. He was faster and more aggressive than I was; Shaun seemed to like it this way.

I’d never been this close to two guys fucking before, and it was the two sexiest guys in the company. I’d secretly eyed each of them on many occasions and fantasised at my desk about them. The ginger and the geek; a sight that stirred my spent dick and I wanked as they fucked. I smeared the cum from my hand back over my hard dick. It was super sensitive, and I came quickly, this time with only a tiny amount of cum oozing from my knob. I tried to wank some more, but it now hurt and so left my dick to deflate.

Tony was now panting, and his thrusts became staccato. He groaned and gave some very hard and deep thrusts. Slack-jawed and eyes closed, Tony came inside Shaun, filling his condom.

“Oh, fuck.” Shaun whispered as his arse was slowly emptied of cock.

I watched as Tony pulled off his cum filled condom and tossed it in the bin. His cock was still hard and glistened in the fluorescent light.

When Shaun stood up and turned around, I saw his hard cock for the first time. It had grown large and straight and pointed to the ceiling but did not hug his belly like some do.

“I was just about to cum when you pulled out.” He looked at Tony. “So who’s going to finish the job?” He looked at me, and I reached over with my cum stained hand and pumped his hard cock a couple of times. That was all it took for Shaun to spray cum over the floor, both me and Tony taking a step back, so it didn’t land on our clothes.

I was mesmerised as his cock gushed copious amounts of cum over the floor, each volley becoming less powerful. His final volley just oozed, and a long stream of cum edged closer to the floor until the string snapped and it splattered at his feet.

“Fucking hell.” Was all I could whisper as all three of us pulled our trousers and pants back up, Shaun having trouble with his still rock solid cock; I’d love to be that young and virile again.

Tony reached for some toilet paper and started wiping up Shaun’s cum.

“Don’t forget that lot under the sink.” He told Tony.

I looked and saw a puddle of cum shot from his cock when he was being fucked.

Shaun nodded at the cum. “That’s two lots, you know. One from you and one from Tony.” He pushed his hands inside his jeans and fiddled with his cock. “That’s better, it’s gone down a bit now.”

We listened at the door and heard nothing. Shaun unlocked the door and left. It was decided we would leave one by one just in case anyone was silently loitering. Tony was next. After a few minutes, he unlocked the door and left, but not before telling me that he’ll call me when they next get together.


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