Conversations With My Brother
by David Heulfryn


Part 1: Finn

The Little Sneak

Going too Far

Without a Touch

Caught Looking

First Exposure

A Tidy Wanker

The Truth Will Out

Wet Dreams

Taking the Leap

A New Wanker

First Date

Brotherly Love

Getting Intimate

The Night Before


Highs and Lows

Making Plans


Finn’s Birthday

Bum Fluff

In My Brother’s Arms

Hopes and Dreams

Last Night

New Beds

The Best of Brothers

Special Relationships


Tantrums and Hormones

A Fatherly Talk

At it Again

Friends Like These

A Nasty Tackle

Looking After Max

Recovering Slowly

Coming Out


Part 2: Visiting Cockaigne


Just Visiting

A Visit to Security

A Bell-End Welcome

Good Morning

The Rugby Match

Brothers in Bed

A Cockaigne Breakfast

The Last Day

Brothers Back in Bed


Part 3: Max

In Bed With Finn

Three Kinds of Love


James In Cockaigne

Going Back

After the Exams

Edging Closer


Alone Again



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