Beyond The Body
by David Heulfryn


I knew that look Scott shot my way meant he was annoyed. He charged towards me through the horde of other students as we filed out of the lecture.

“What the fuck have you been up to again?”


“I can tell,” he interrupted my gasp of innocence, “you always have that supercilious glint in your eyes.”

“I can’t help it, you know.” I smiled back, picturing him as I saw him last night, naked, on his bed with his dick in his fist.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Joe, all I want is some privacy sometimes.”

“I tried to move on, but just got stuck watching you.”

“Pervert!” Scott grinned.

We first met at some ‘getting to know each other’ bash the university queer society put together for Freshers. We became friends, but never lovers. When I first told him about my secret, he didn’t believe me. Who would?

It started after we became close friends; I suppose there was this bond between us which drew me close to him each night, a strong bond as it drew me nearly the half a mile from my hall of residence to his; it was the farthest I had travelled while asleep. The first time it happened, I was scared half to death as I tried desperately to scramble back to my sleeping body.

Scott knew something was bothering me and spent the day getting me to talk about it. He was, understandably, quite incredulous when I told him that my mind would leave my body as I slept, and I would travel to other rooms. His jaw dropped further when I said that I would often speak to other souls as they drifted across my path. But my little snippet of information provided the evidence he needed to believe me, the knowledge of a little red birthmark on the underside of his dick.

Now that Scott knew about my talent, he would quiz me each day about what I’d seen and what I’d heard.

“Got time for a coffee?” I asked.

“Sure.” We started walking towards the refectory.  “Ooh! What have you seen? Somert juicy?” Scott turned to look at me, almost jumping with excitement.

“Not ‘ere, mate.” My eyes darted to look around at the other students milling about.


The refectory was surprisingly empty as we burst through the doors. I grabbed a damp wooden tray that had been cleaned and placed in the pile a few moments before; Scott scurried behind me like a dog waiting for a treat.

“Coffee, please,” I told the young man behind the counter. “What about you?” I turned to Scott.

“Um? Coffee, ta”

“Make that two coffees,” I called over to the young man who had turned and was fiddling with the coffee machine.

“Righto!” He called back, over his shoulder.

We waited in silence as the machine gurgled and spat their drinks out into the waiting mugs below the spout. The young man gingerly gripped the hot mugs by the handles and brought them over, his gaze steadily watching the black liquid as it nearly overflowed onto his hand. As he placed the mugs onto the waiting tray, he looked up at his customers.

“Oh, hi, Scott.” He smiled recognising my friend.

“Hiya. Didn’t know you worked here?”

“Started last week. Another student dropped out, and I was in the right place at the right time.”

“You jammy sod! I’d love a plum job like this. Close to lectures and such.”

“It’s not bad, I suppose, but the pay is absolutely crap. I used to earn more at the pub.”

“Till you got sacked for drinking away the profits.” Scott and the young man began chuckling.

“No chance of that here. The coffee’s bloody crap.” He looked at me. “Sorry, mate.”

“Don’t need to tell me, but it’s warm and wet, so that’s all that matters,” I said.

“If warm and wet is on the menu, then I’d rather have something else.” The laughter that followed brought some stern looks from the woman waiting at the cash register. “Anyway, you’d better get going, I’m at work, and she doesn’t like us to have fun.”

The young man glanced over at her direction, causing Scott to do the same. He smiled when he saw the expression on her face. “Like a bulldog chewing a wasp.” He whispered to his friend behind the counter.

Pushing the tray over to the sour-faced woman I glared at her. Without speaking, she tapped at the till before declaring ‘Four pounds twenty’ and held out her hand.

“Well, Scott. You want the juice, you lubricate my neck.”

“You wanker.” Scott muttered as he rummaged in his jeans and thrust a fiver into the woman’s hand.

“Eighty pence change.” She scowled back at them.

“Too kind, love!” Scott chucked the coins into his pocket, picked up the tray and went to catch up with me as I had left him and was walking to the back of the refectory.

“Hold up, Joe,” Scott called out. As he drew up beside me, we walked together. “What’s got into you?”

“Who’s he?” I feigned a strop.

“His name’s Rob.” Scott frowned at me as we sat down.

Rob lived in the room next to Scott. Bumping into each other almost daily meant they would chat while their paths passed in the kitchen, bathroom or communal television room.

“So why didn’t you introduce us?”

“Oh, bloody hell, Joe. I don’t introduce you to every Tom, Dick an’ Harry I’ve ever talked to.”

“No, you don’t. But from now on, if they’re cute, you are to introduce us.” I held out his hand effeminately for an imaginary Rob to shake it. “Enchanté, Rob. I had no idea that Mr Scott here had such good-looking acquaintances.” I smiled coquettishly.

“Oh, pack up you twat!” Scott slapped my hand. “He’s straight! I’ve seen him take birds into his room and heard them at it all night. Fuckin’ noisy he is too.”

“I can dream, can’t I?” I took a slurp of coffee.

“Yeah, too bloody much,” Scott muttered. “So, what’s this thing you saw?”

“Well, you know Liz and that prick, Andy, who lives on the floor above me?”

“Yeah.” Scott stared at me, intent on hearing my every word.

Andy was a womaniser. In between conquests he had a challenge with himself to bed the local fridge, Liz. Her blonde hair and slight features meant that the boys would swarm around her, asking her out, but she had always refused. Her stock excuse was that she wanted to concentrate on her studies. To date, no one had ever seen her with a boy which led to the rumours that she was a closeted lesbian.

Watching Andy had become something of a hobby of mine, and Scott knew I would drift to the floor above while asleep and watch Andy as he pounded his latest piece of pussy. Last night I hovered overhead and watched as his naked arse pounded the pussy beneath him. He was draped over her so I couldn’t see her face, but her legs were wrapped around him, and I heard the gasps and grunts from her as he thrust his hard cock inside her. I watched his pale arse cheeks clench with each thrust, causing two deep dimples to appear only to vanish as he relaxed and pulled back. His pace quickened, and I heard both of them grunt as his final thrust inside was hard and deep. He dropped on top of the woman below, panting. I listened to her struggle as she pushed him off and rolled him over. When I finally saw her face, I gasped. It was Liz, and she had finally been defrosted. Andy lay beside her and grabbed the base of his softening dick. With his other hand, he pulled the condom, and I heard a squelch as it snapped free from his dick. Knotting it, he threw it passed me and towards his bin. It missed and fell on the floor. I watched as his white fluid shuddered in the confines of the rubber before I was dragged through the floor and back to my sleeping body.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell.” Scott gasped. “That frigid bitch finally opened her legs.”

He wanted to spread the gossip around the campus, I knew from the look on his face. But he knew my rules, it was our secret. The last thing I wanted is for people to start wondering where this juicy gossip was coming from. It would lead back to me, and I would have some pretty good explaining to do about how I knew so much.


I was as horny as hell that night when I went to bed. I desperately wanted to relieve the tension, but if I did, then I wouldn’t be going anywhere. That’s how it worked, and that’s how I would stop myself if my nocturnal travels were becoming too intrusive.

Tired, and anticipating an active night, I went to bed early, leaving Scott at the Student Union Bar with our mates. As I left him, he shot me a quick look so that I knew he wanted to know everything that happened to me during the night.

With the noise of my neighbours, it took me some time to drift asleep and was glad when I finally succumbed and felt myself rise up out of my corporeal existence. My energy, for want of a better term, floated to the ceiling, and I saw myself in bed, my hands gripping the edge of the bedclothes and snuggling them against my chin. I was reminded of when I would see myself in bed, and my mother would come in while I was sleeping to make sure I was safe and warm. I would watch her as she would kiss my forehead and leave me, closing the door painfully slowly and quietly. Tonight was ten years later, and no one was going to come and make sure I was safely in bed, so I left myself and allowed my energy to be pulled along by the vibrating string which played the most alluring tune to me.

I was taken along a familiar path and watched the array of pulsating beats which carried others to the destinations that called out to them. I was not surprised when I emerged from my spiritual wormhole and into Scott’s bedroom. It was empty, and I waited until the door opened and he staggered in. He did not seem drunk but had obviously drunk too much. Dropping onto his bed fully clothed, he immediately fell asleep.

An unusual pull tugged at me and, realising Scott was going to be no fun tonight, let my self go.

The trip was very short, emerging into a room much like Scott’s. It was empty but, as I looked around at the posters on the walls and books resting on the shelves, I heard the key unlock the door. I floated round to see the door, and I stared at Rob as he slouched into his room and firmly shut the door behind him.

Pulling off his sweatshirt and throwing it onto a chair, he raised and stretched his arms out as he yawned, broadening his hairy chest and exposing his armpits. I felt a wave of lust flow through me, and I darted over to him, wrapping my spiritual body around his torso, my head nestling between his nipples on the thick black fur mat. Rob shuddered and let escape a pleasurable groan as he felt a presence. I drew myself around him and let my lips connect with his nipple. I sucked on the hard teat and flicked it with my tongue. Groaning, Rob rubbed his hands over his chest and through his thick hairs. His fingers fought me for access to his nipple, so I left it and brought myself to his face. His eyes were closed as he rubbed his nipples, and I placed my lips on his open mouth. His jaw widened as my tongue entered him, and Rob rolled his tongue against mine before pushing me out and entering me. As his flesh penetrated my spirit, I felt a jolt of pleasure as it rolled and toyed with my energy, causing me to grip his body tighter.

Feeling the constriction, Rob drew in a sharp breath and pulled his tongue from my invisible cloud. Uncoiling with the release, I drifted from him and lost contact.

“Fuck.” Rob uttered, and I saw him shiver. “That was fucking electric!”

For a moment, I was scared. It was the first time I had felt or interacted with anything physical while in this state. It felt good and gave me an indescribable high. I had tried before to touch objects or people but never managed to cause any effect. Perhaps it was just Rob and the intense lust I had for him.

Scanning his body, I saw the strain at the crotch in his jeans. His hard dick strained at the zip fly pushing the fabric apart so that the copper-coloured teeth glistened.

“Too much to drink and too fuckin’ horny I suppose.” He whispered to himself.

At the sight of his bulging jeans, I wrapped myself around his legs, my face pressing against his crotch. The sensation of my energy around his body caused his dick to swell harder. Rob, must have felt like his knob end was about to be blown off. His hands went to his jeans as he scrambled to unfasten the button and release his aching dick. With one quick downward thrust his jeans and boxer shorts fell down to his ankles, his dick springing free. I was reluctant to take his flesh inside me again for fear of being thrown apart again. I rubbed my face across the tip and felt the cold of the drops of pre-cum which dripped from his gaping slit.

“Oh, fuck.” Rob called loudly as his dick twitched against my face.

Wanting to feel his hard dick inside me, to try and taste him, and in anticipation of the force, I opened my lips and brought them across his gleaming head.

Rob grunted and thrust his hips forward as I held onto him tightly and felt his dick rub against my energy. He frantically bucked as he fucked my spirit, his dick oozing fluid which dripped through me and onto the threadbare carpet below. As his pre-cum cascaded through my cloud, I shivered and groaned around his dick.

“Oh, shit.” I heard Rob groan as his breathing became shallower.

Anticipating he was on the verge of cumming, I released him and unfurled myself from his legs and dick.

Free from my touch, he released a couple of staccato grunts and exhausted, bent forward, resting his hands on his bent his knees.

We faced each other across the room, both of us panting and catching our breath. Recovering quickly, I watched Rob as his breathing became more controlled and drifted around him. Looking at his skin, the covering of hair thickened or thinned depending on where I looked. His thighs had a thick matting of black hair while his back only showed a dusting of lighter coloured fur, the globes of his arse cheeks lay somewhere between the two. That was where I wanted to be.

With his body bent forward, his cheeks were parted, and I traced the fur into his crack. My lips pursed and kissed his hole, causing Rob to moan and bend forward, even more, parting his cheeks further and opening himself to the sensation.

The cleft of his buttocks was warm and moist and smelled of man. My tongue lapped and his hole, prodding it and trying to open it. Despite the twitches with which it teased my tongue, it remained firmly closed. It was an arse that had never been fucked and, although it enjoyed my tongue, would stay that way.

As I broke contact, Rob raised himself to his full height again and kicked off his jeans and boxer shorts.

“Oh, fuck. Whatever that was, it felt fuckin’ great.” Rob muttered as he sat on his bed to untie his laces to pull off his trainers and socks.

Rob twisted his body onto the bed and lay, naked, on his back with his head indenting his soft feather pillow. His hard dick stood tall from the thick forest of pubes around it and pointed to the ceiling, its moist tip protruding from the silky foreskin with trails of clear fluid clinging to the shaft. He brought his hand up and wrapped his fingers around his dick, he stroked a few times before allowing his hand to drop onto his mattress. His freed dick swayed below me, and I swooped down to engulf it in my mouth.

As my lips bore down and swallowed him, Rob arched his back and pounded his fists into the mattress.

“Oh, fuck!” He almost shouted through his gasping breath.

My lips continued to stroke his shaft, my tongue teasing his piss slit as my hands roamed his body. I felt his hair lift and separate as my fingers rubbed his chest. Glancing up, I could see my handprint in the pattern of ruffled fur and afraid of being seen, I snatched my hand away and watched as the hairs fell back to their places, my handprint disappeared.

Sucking hard on his leaking dick, I felt my arse twitch and open up, wanting the dick from inside my mouth. It became insistent, and with each twitch, it would slam closed, shouting to me that it wanted attention.

I slowly pulled my mouth from his damp dick and floated up his body, allowing his dick to trace a line down me until it reached my arse. Flexing my arse, I plunged onto his dick and rested on his hips.

“Oh, god!” Rob moaned again and began bucking his hips so that his dick moved inside my cloud.

In rhythm with his thrusts, I rode his dick, feeling it rub against my insides. Rob began panting and found his energy reserves as he humped me even harder. His motion started to rattle the bed as the mattress squeaked, and the base knocked against the wall with each hard thrust.

With his dick moving inside me, I leant forward and flicked his hard nipples with my fingers. Each flick brought a firmer thrust, and I bore down harder on him. His breathing became shallow before I felt him inhale deeply, and his stomach collapsed beneath me.

I felt his dick twitch within me as he shot a thick rope of cum which flew out from my chest and landed on his chin. His second shot fired with less force and landed in his navel. As I ground myself into him, his dick spewed out more cum which dribbled down his shaft and clumped his dense pubes.

Rob relaxed on his bed as I floated up and let his rigid dick slip from my arse. I lay on the ceiling watching him as his dick wilted and flopped into his cum matted pubes.

He closed his eyes, and I heard him sigh; he was tired and falling asleep. I watched him turn over onto his side and draw his knees up. As he slept, I wanted to grab his covers and pull them over him, but he lay on them, so I had to leave him alone and hope that he didn’t get too cold.

Feeling a tug from the string that brought me here, I rode it back to my wakening body. I drifted awake for a moment and felt a damp sensation in my underwear; Rob had made me cum in my sleep.


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