Restrained Surprise
by David Heulfryn


The morning sun streamed in through a gap in the curtains and shone in my eyes, waking me. Instinctively I screwed my eyes up and turned my head out of the glare. On the other side of the bed Tim lay on his back, I brought my arm over and snuggled against his warm body. My dick hardened against his flank and, bringing my hand down, I tucked it between his body and the mattress where I felt the stickiness from last night’s lovemaking.

The weight of my arm on his smooth chest roused him, and as his eyes opened, I leant in and kissed his lips. His arms held me tight as our mouths and tongues explored each other.

“Happy anniversary, Darling,” I said as I came up for air.

“Happy anniversary, Pip.” We looked into the eyes of each other, both anticipating that in a few minutes we would start our day with an energetic fuck.

But I had concocted a plan and became nervous as the time came to put into action. “Let’s have a nice breakfast today.”

“Why not?” Tim looked at me, quizzically.

“I fancy some scrambled egg and smoked salmon.”

“We’ve not got any.”

I put on my sweetest face and snuggled close to him. “I know. But you can pop to Sainsbury’s can’t you? Besides,” I quickly added, “it would give me time to get your present ready.”

Tim resigned himself to his fate and slid from my arms. I watched as the quilt fell from his body, and as he stood at the side of the bed, stretching, my gaze admired his muscular back and firm buttocks. I sighed as I imagined the many times I had parted those cheeks.

I languished in the bed as he dressed in his old clothes which he left strewn on the floor last night. Kissing me on the cheek, he left.

I figured he would be at least half an hour, perhaps longer. It was a weekday, and he would have the rush hour traffic to contend with. Both of us had booked the day off work. It was now customary for us to spend our anniversary together and with as few clothes as possible. This year I wanted to try something different. I’d always had this little bondage fetish, nothing serious but I loved it when Tim first held my arms above my head while he fucked me; I liked the thrill of being constrained and at his mercy. A few weeks ago, I bought a couple of sexy handcuffs covered in a thick white fur that tickled my wrists. I could have bought some serious gear, but the leather and steal scared me. I may get a kick out of being restrained, but pain was not my bag. Tim knew I liked it when he restrained me but had no idea that I’d bought these handcuffs and this morning would be the first time he knew how far I wanted him to go. I don’t know why I bought the blindfold; that was bought on impulse by my dick which twitched when I looked at them.

With Tim gone, I got out of bed and straightened the quilt. If I’m going to lie on it, I want to be comfortable and not have a lumpy quilt beneath me. Rummaging in the bottom of the wardrobe, I found my paraphernalia and dropped it on the bed. My mind went through the inventory, two pairs of handcuffs, one blindfold and two lengths of rope. The rope was for my ankles and was an afterthought as I wanted him to find me naked and spread-eagled on the bed. And one final little trick to pique his curiosity when he returned, I went downstairs and took the door off the latch. That way, the door would be slightly ajar when he got home, and he would wonder what was happening.

Back in the bedroom, I looked at the stuff on the quilt, and I started to wonder how exactly I could do this. Feet first, I thought and threw the cuffs and blindfold onto the pillows while I tied the two pieces of rope around the pine posts at the corners on the foot of the bed. Sitting directly in the middle of the bed, I outstretched my legs and tied the other ends of the rope around my ankles. The knots weren’t tight, and there was still a fair bit of give in the rope so that I could move around.

Lying on my back, I began to lock one cuff to a small spindle in the pine headboard when I felt something cold and sharp creeping into the crack of my arse. As my hand came down to investigate, the small key to the cuffs stabbed my finger.

Shit! I clutched the key in my fingers and placed it on the bedside table.

Cuffing one hand was easy, so I put on the blindfold and struggled for about five minutes as I tried to cuff my right hand in the self-imposed darkness.

As I heard the click of the lock engaging, I relaxed and smiled. My dick began to harden with the anticipation. I really wanted to touch it and see myself, helpless and at the mercy of my lover. I wanted him to use to me, to press his cock against my lips and to fuck me. But as the minutes rolled by, the fantasy faded and my dick softened.

Hearing the squeak of the gate, my dick went rock hard, and I started writhing on the bed, causing my dick to rub against my stomach. When I didn’t hear the telltale feet on the stairs, I held still and listened more intently. Nothing. No one was in the house, and I relaxed. As my dick deflated, I felt it slide off my stomach and flop against my balls.

It wasn’t long before I heard the squeak again. This must be Tim. It seemed ages before I heard slow footsteps creeping up the stairs, and as I sensed the curiosity, my dick was again ready for his attention.

As the bedroom door opened, I felt the breeze on my hard nipples, and I groaned softly.

“Happy anniversary, Tim,” I said beaming.

“Nice.” I heard a whisper. Nothing else was said as I sensed him move over to me

A finger touched my chest, traced down my sternum and past my stomach until it gripped my dick. Pumping it a few times, I felt his breath against it, and then his moist mouth slipped over the head. I bucked and thrust another inch into him as his lips tightened around my shaft.

His cold fingers tickled their way to my nipples and, as his mouth left its saliva trail on my dick. I felt a sharp pain as his fingers squeezed and twisted each nipple, tight. My back arched in some sublime ecstasy, lifting my arse off the bed and forcing even more dick into his mouth. With my arse raised, he released one smarting nipple and inelegantly pushed a digit inside me. My dick twitched and leaked as I felt his throat swallow my clear precum.

As quickly as I was brought to the brink, my dick felt the cool air again, and the finger up my arse popped out, leaving me feeling empty and cheated. I flopped back down on the bed, panting.

As I recovered, he must have quickly stripped as I soon felt his weight on the mattress, he straddled me. Inhaling deeply I smelled the sweat and musk from his cock. He shifted position, causing my head to rock from side to side, and I felt my lips brush against his smooth cock. Parting my lips, I tried to trap the head and suck him inside me, but he continued to tease. In a vain attempt to taste him, I stuck out my tongue and beckoned him inside. In response, I felt his weight fall onto my crotch, crushing my stiff dick and then a soft, almost imperceptible kiss on my lips.

My dick was angry and cried out for attention. I pushed my hips upwards, grinding into the weight above me. My dick nestled behind his balls, and as my hips lurched upwards, my dick slid towards his crack and then backwards nudging his balls. My dick felt happier now it was rubbing against him. The sensations must have been mutual as I heard him stifle groans and I felt cold drops on my stomach. I wanted to reach out and touch his cock, wanted to know if he’d cum but the cuffs chaffed against my wrists with each attempt.

I felt his weight leave the bed, and I instinctively raised my head to look. My eyes were open, but the black blindfold cut out all light.

His hands touched my ankles and slid the loops of rope over my feet. He brought his lips to my feet and licked his way up my leg. He was now between me, my legs still akimbo, and I could feel his breath against my balls. He swallowed my dick again, and sucked hard, drawing out my precum.

My stomach churned in anticipation when he raised my legs and draped them over his shoulders. I heard a quiet spit and felt his hard cock against my hole.

I held my breath as he pushed inside me, not releasing the stale air from my lungs until I felt his balls against my skin. As I exhaled, he ground his hips into me, pushing his cock ever deeper and caused my slow controlled breath to falter.

Slowly he pulled out and pushed in. My arse twitched, and my muscles clamped down on him, trying to keep his stiff cock within me. Each stroke touched that special spot, and each time I felt my flailing dick spew fluid and smear it across my stomach.

I felt my balls ache. They cried out for release. My dick began to throb and smart each time it slapped against my damp skin before I felt the merciful release. Despite me being frantically fucked, my dick engorged further and stood rigid and proud as my cum flew across my body. I felt some land under my chin and roll down my neck. I wanted to touch myself, to caress myself, to soothe my dick from its violent explosion but the cuffs dug deep into me. I felt the pain, but it didn’t matter; only my dick mattered. But it remained neglected as it convulsed against me, the last few drops of its cream passively oozing from it.

My dick wanted to rest now, to bathe in its fluid, but rest was still far away as my arse was pounded. My lifeless dick helplessly slapped against me as the still rigid cock rubbed against my insides. I squeezed tight, wanting some respite from the intensity but just caused him to pant and grunt loader. I lay as lifeless as my dick as the constant sensations tried to jumpstart it back to life. All attempts failed.

I let out a low groan as I felt his final thrusts and his cock pulse against my hole. His cock was deep inside me as it coated my innards with cum, and he fell against my chest.

We didn’t lie together long. He pulled himself from me, and once more, I felt his hands against my ankles. I was too exhausted to query or complain as he slipped the loops of rope over my feet. I closed my eyes within the blindfold and wanted to sleep. Feeling his lips against mine, I moaned and drifted into a half-sleep.

The sound of the door slamming stirred me. Again my head instinctively rose as I tried to see.

“I’m back!” I heard Tim shout.

My mouth fell open as I wondered what had just happened.

He pottered in the kitchen a while before coming up the stairs. I was too confused to say anything. I felt the bedroom door open and then heard Tim’s voice.

“Bloody hell.”

“Happy anniversary, Tim.”

Tim kissed me, rubbing his hand over my sticky torso. “I see you started without me.”

Smiling, I remained silent as he fucked me. Only when he came did he lift the blindfold from my eyes. I looked at him and saw a glint in his eyes and a crooked smile.


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