Not All Presents Are Planned
by David Heulfryn


The hot, dry air hit Steve in the face as the airport door opened automatically. The sudden change from the cool air-conditioned lounge caused him to stop in his tracks. He then felt Chris walk into him; who’d been looking at the yellow expanse flecked by the occasional bit of green.

“Sorry, Mate.” Chris backed off.

“It’s too fucking hot out here,” Steve said to no one.

“Watch your language.” His father scolded him. “And hurry up; we have to pick up the car.”

Steve’s father led the way to the hire car place, closely followed by his mother with him and Chris lagging behind.

Pulling up next to Steve and keeping pace with him, Chris commented. “I hope your Dad’s not going to be like this all holiday.”

“Give him a day, and he’ll chill. Assuming nothing goes wrong, in which case he’ll be in a foul mood for days.”

The two sixteen-year-old boys puffed their way behind Steve’s parents, not used to being in this heat they felt unfit and quickly became exhausted.

Every now and again, Steve’s father would turn his head around without missing a step and shout at the two lads to keep up.

This was the first time that Steve had been allowed to bring his best friend on holiday. Usually, it was just him and his parents and being an only child meant he got very bored very quickly. He hoped to have some fun with his mate with him for a change and do other things than walking around old towns and ruins.

With the hire car sorted, they chucked their suitcases in the boot and made their way to the villa. For two weeks they had rented a two-bedroom villa on the side of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. The hillside was covered in olive trees; they were in the middle of a farm which made some excellent Spanish olive oil. There were two villas on the site, the one they rented, and another where the owners stayed, although the blurb on the website said they were away most of the day. Both Steve and Chris were looking forward to the swimming pool that separated the two villas and couldn’t wait to dive in and cool off.

After a few wrong turns, Steve’s Dad drove the hire car onto the yellow stone driveway.

“Leave the stuff in the car, we’ll find the owners. They have the keys.” Steve’s Dad said.

“I’ll wait with the cases, Will.” His mother called after him and was followed by Steve and Chris.

The area was completely private from the roadside; a high stone wall connected the two villas and kept the pool private. They walked around the side and found a gate. It squeaked as it opened and they walked around the back.

Steve could almost smell the pool as they rounded the villa; he smiled as the deep blue water came into view.

He almost laughed when he saw the owners on a double lounger by the pool.

The two men only looked in their early twenties; one was the colour of olives the other still a pasty shade of white as if he had only just arrived. Both men were naked, their limp cocks soaking up the mid-morning sun. The pale guy slept with his head resting on the Spanish guy’s chest. They look so sweet, so contented.

Steve and Chris grinned at each other and then turned to stare at the guys cocks.

“Uh-hm!” Will cleared his throat, and the two men stirred. “We’ve rented the villa next door, I believe you have the keys.”

“Cocks more like,” Chris whispered in Steve’s ear.

“Oh, yes. Sorry.” The white guy stumbled to his feet. “Oh, sorry.” He said again when he realised he was naked and looked around for something to cover himself up with. Neither their swim trucks nor towels were near, and so he went indoors for a moment. “One second. Sorry about this.” The Spanish guy had got up now, nonchalantly scratched his balls and followed the other man inside.

Seconds later they both emerged wearing Speedos, they had covered themselves up, but only just, thought Chris.

“Sorry about that. I’m Kevin.” He spoke perfect English. “This is Ferdy.” He gestured to his boyfriend. We tend to sunbathe naked out here as it is very private. There’s no need to worry though, we’re not card-carrying naturists. We’ll not do it while you’re here.”

“No, don’t change your routine; we won’t be here for most of the day and will probably only use the pool in the evening when the sun has died down.” Will was more polite than understanding.

“Very sensible, you need to be careful about getting burnt,” Ferdy said in his sensuous Spanish accent.

“Now, the keys.” Kevin got back to business.

“Go fetch your Mum, Steve,” Will ordered. “I’m Will, my wife’s Maria and this is my son’s friend Chris. My son’s called Steve.”

“Nice to meet you.” They all shook hands.

As they were showed around the villa, where everything was and how everything worked, Kevin explained that he moved over to Spain from the south of England. He’d fallen in love with Ferdy and moved to this lovely villa. Will suspected they earned their money renting the second villa out and scowled at the thought as he considered it to be overpriced for the fortnight they were staying. But Maria fell in love with it, the pool and views from the photographs and he swallowed his pride and paid the extra.

Nothing was said about their gay neighbours until they had got their cases in the villa and dumped them on the beds. Maria had put the kettle on because she was ‘gasping for a cup of tea’.

“You’re in Spain now, Mum. It should be sangria.” Steve teased.

“I’d never do such a terrible thing to red wine, and never this early in the day.”

She went to the box of provisions she had brought with her and found the small box of PG-Tips. “Proper English tea, that’s what we need.” She sniffed the small jar of tea bags that had been left in the kitchen, carefully put the lid back on and pushed it aside.

While Steve and Chris were in their twin bedroom, Will questioned Maria. “I had no idea they were gay. And you know they were naked when we met them.”

“So what.” She shrugged. “It doesn’t matter, we’ll probably hardly ever see them. And there’s nothing wrong with being gay.” She glared forcefully into his eyes.

“I get on with your brother, alright, don’t I?” Will said. “And his boyfriend.” He said through gritted teeth.

“There you go again. You don’t like him, and you barely tolerate him.”

“It’s not because he’s gay, there’s just something about his boyfriend that I don’t like.”

Maria opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by Will.

“No, I can’t tell you what. I can’t put my finger on. I just don’t trust him. They’ve been together for a few months, and the relationship is too one-sided.

Maria hugged Will. “See, you do care about him.”

They were disturbed by Steve and Chris coming out of their room. “Where do you think you’re going?” She quizzed.

“Where do you think?” Steve pointed to his swim shorts and then Chris’.

“Don’t you go annoying our hosts and if they don’t want you in the pool, then come straight back in.”

“Yes, Mum.” Steve groaned.


Kevin and Ferdy burst out laughing when they saw the two boys approach the pool.

“What’s so funny?” Chris sounded annoyed.

“You two are most certainly British.” Kevin laughed and looked at their white chests and their extra-long swim shorts, the legs going halfway down their calves.

“I’ll have you know that these are very fashionable,” Steve said.

Ferdy howled with laughter. “I don’t think the English have anything to tell us Spanish about fashion.” He stood up and went to the side of the pool. Raising his arms, the boys watched his muscles as they flexed and the small tufts of jet black hair under his arms. Bending forward, he elegantly dove into the pool and swam a length underwater. Coming up for air, he asked the boys if they were coming in and like two kids, they jumped and bombed in the water, splashing water into Ferdy’s face.

“I like your style boys.” He joked and pulled himself out of the pool.

For a moment Steve’s eyes were fixed to the wet cotton and lycra-clad backside of Ferdy as water dripped from his trunks back into the pool.

Kevin threw Ferdy a towel, and they went back into their villa.

“Have fun boys,” Ferdy shouted behind him.


The trip had been very tiring for them, and on their first night, they went to bed early. Steve couldn’t wait to get back in the pool, but his parents said they were going into the old town tomorrow.

He woke up early and grew ever more annoyed at the faint snoring coming from Chris which prevented him from dozing off again.

With a heavy sigh, he got out of bed and felt the morning chill. He slept in his briefs, and his body soon erupted in goose pimples.

Hearing the splash of water, he went to the window and peered through the curtains. Ferdy was in the pool, swimming lengths.

He watched the sleek olive body skimming through the water, and as he performed a tumble turn at the end, Steve saw his smooth arse cheeks emerge from the surface and then submerge again as his feet pushed him back down the pool.

Kevin came out from the villa, he too was naked and had just woken up. Steve looked at his cock as it swung between his legs; he was not hard but half-hard, and his swollen cock caused Steve’s to swell in his white briefs.

The two men swam lengths for half an hour, Steve became engrossed in their naked bodies and the brief glimpse of arse as they tumble turned. As they got out of the pool, they rubbed the excess water off their skin, Ferdy turned and noticed a face at the window. Smiling, he mouthed ‘Good morning’ and waved.

Caught, Steve turned red and ducked down. His heart pounded in his chest, and he jumped back into bed. Chris still slept, his face tucked against the sheets. Steve thought how cute he looked.

As his heart stopped pounding, Steve thought about the two guys, he visualised their naked bodies, the moment he first saw them etched in his memory; two sleeping men naked. If he weren’t there, he’d imagine that when Kevin and Ferdy woke up, they would begin touching and stroking each other, touch their dicks, make them hard, wank them, possibly go down on them and suck them in their mouths.

Steve’s hand went straight to the bulge in his briefs and started rubbing, his cock was solid, and he was afraid if people woke up now they would see it.

Taking a chance, he dashed to the bathroom and locked the door. Pulling his tight white briefs off, his dick sprang up and slapped him on his belly. Standing in front of the sink, he looked at his naked body. Last week he was quite proud of it, his smooth skin, and his thin trail that led to a small thicket of brown pubes but now, after seeing Ferdy, he felt he was too pale and his cock too small. He knew that his cock still had a few years of growth left and could do nothing about it, but his skin was a different matter, he vowed to work on his tan as soon as possible.

Taking his cock in hand, he started to wank, the mirror in front of him reflected his movements, and he watched as he pulled his foreskin back over the glistening head. The teasing didn’t last long as he quickened his pumping. His cock went red with his hard grip, and the shaft grew slippery from his pre-cum. His breathing deepened, and his hand slapped and squelched along his dick. His free hand cupped his balls and tugged on them, very lightly. His dick swelled, and he felt his balls ache. Grunting one last time he held his breath as his dick shot cum so violently that it hit the mirror and ran down to pool near the taps.

His heart leapt as he heard someone try to open the door, and he almost screamed.

“Hurry up in there, I need to go.” Steve heard his Mum’s voice.

Swallowing hard and trying to sound normal, Steve replied. “Ok, won’t be long.”

“Are you alright in there? Nothing wrong is there?”

“No Mum, just still half asleep.” Steve lied, and frantically started to clean up.

Grabbing some toilet paper, he wiped the mirror and soaked up the pool of cum near the taps. Throwing the paper down the toilet, he looked around for any more evidence.

“Hurry up in there.” His Mum rapped on the door.

Shit! Steve thought as he grabbed some more toilet paper and cleaned his wilted dick. After throwing this in the toilet, he flushed and pulled on his briefs.

Checking to see that he wasn’t leaking and leaving a damp spot on his underwear, he opened the door and brushed passed his mother as she went to the bathroom.

“You get caught?” Chris smiled as Steve entered his bedroom, his breathing fast and shallow.

“Fuck off!” Shouted Steve and he flounced on his bed.

“Language!” They heard through the walls as Will admonished whoever was swearing.

“What’s up?” Chris asked. “You alright? I was only joking, you know.” Chris lifted his head onto his elbow and looked at Steve. The bulge in his white briefs caught his eye, and whenever he dared, would jerk his eyes down and then back to Steve’s face.

“Nowt.” Steve sighed. “It’s just Mum, she’s always in the way, and I can’t even go to the bathroom without being harassed.”

Getting out of bed, Chris checked his boxers to make sure nothing was poking out of the fly. “Let’s have a swim before breakfast, that’ll relax us.”

“Er…um.” Steve got nervous. “I’m not sure.” He looked out the window and saw the pool empty.

“They’re not there are they?”


“So come on then.” Chris delved into his wardrobe and found a new pair of shorts. His others were still wet, drying over the back of a chair in the living area.

Steve watched as Chris pushed his boxers to the floor, his gleaming white arse shining in his face. Staring at the soft flesh, Steve felt his cock lengthen but didn’t hide it. Chris turned around, stepped into his shorts and pulled them over his limp dick.

“Come on, hurry up,” Chris said. “I’ll see you in the pool.” And he disappeared.

Watching through the window, Steve saw Chris jump in the pool and then start swimming a length. He got out, shoved his hand in his shorts to adjust his dick and jumped back in.

Finding his own shorts, Steve put them on and joined Chris in the pool.


That evening they returned to the villa quite late, they grabbed something to eat and watched the sunset around the olive groves. It was too dark for the lads to go swimming and with the setting sun; the air was catching a chill. They were allowed a single glass of wine while they ate, and they went to bed quite merry.

After that first morning, the family saw little of Kevin and Ferdy, and Steve never caught them naked in the pool again. Each morning he would look at the pool, and each morning he would be disappointed.

The first week was nearly over. For the most part, Maria made sure the two lads wore sun cream, but Steve still managed to burn his shoulders. Chris laughed as he watched Maria smear aftersun over his shoulders and down his back. She threatened Chris by saying that he was next and made good on her threat.


Steve and Chris were in the pool, just treading water, sinking occasionally and talking. Tomorrow was Chris’ birthday, and Steve had prepared for it, having a small present tucked away in his suitcase that Chris knew nothing about.

“What’re we doing tomorrow?” Chris asked.

Steve explained that his parents wanted to go to some old ruined castle which was a good hour’s drive away.

Chris sighed, he didn’t want to spend his birthday stuck in a car and seeing some old stones.

“Couldn’t we do something different?” He asked Steve.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, stay here, mess around, swim, sunbathe. Anything but stay with your parents.” He sighed. “It is my birthday, and I’ll like to do something without them for a change. You can talk to them, can’t you?”

“Me. No way. It’s your birthday, you do it.”

“Exactly. It’s my birthday, so this can be my present.”

Steve screwed up his face before agreeing and swam to the edge of the pool to get out. His feet slapped and padded to the door of the villa, and he stepped inside.

“Don’t you dare come in like that! Get outside while I find a towel.”

Chris laughed as Maria screamed and Steve.

“Here, dry yourself off and give me those wet shorts.”

“What! Out here!” Steve was embarrassed.

“Of course. I’m not having you wetting the entire villa.” There was a paused while Chris sniggered at the overheard conversation.

“Oh, don’t be silly, no one can see. Just wrap the towel around you if you must.”

“Oh, Mum.”

Then Chris heard the door slam shut and all was quiet again. Laughing again for a moment, he imagined Steve being treated like a little boy.

As the amusement disappeared, Chris swam a few more lengths before getting out of the pool. Still wrapped in a towel, Steve met him at the door and was saved from a similar embarrassment.

Maria smiled as both lads came back inside, their towels tied very tight around their waists so as not to fall. “Go and have a shower before tea. Wash those chemicals off.”

They walked out and towards their bedroom.

“And don’t forget the aftersun!”

Steve went straight to the bathroom and was followed by Chris. Turning on the shower, Steve heard Chris ask him about tomorrow.

“I’ve spoken to them,” Steve said. “And they’ll think about it.” Steve tested the hot water in the shower. “Which means…” he took off his towel, put in on the rail and stepped under the hot spray, “we need to be good this evening and not annoy them.”

Steve wet his hair and began rubbing shampoo into his scalp. Chris watched as soap suds slipped down Steve’s body. The suds caught in his pubes and the water ran along the length of his dick. Water cascaded over his dick head, it looked like he was peeing in the shower. Having showered together in school after gym class, Steve felt it ok to shower with Chris in the room, but Chris was getting a better look at his friend than he’d ever had before.

“I suggest we offer to wash up after dinner.” Chris gulped.

“Don’t go too far, they’ll think we’re after something.” Chris had rinsed his hair and was soaping up his body while looking and talking to Chris.

Chris struggled to look Steve in the eye; he wanted to keep looking at his crotch. As Steve started to rub his crotch with soap, Chris let down his guard, and his eyes, watched as his dick rolled around and through Steve fingers and his balls were soaked in a lather.

Having rinsed his body, Steve stepped out of the shower, grabbed his towel and started drying himself. “Your turn.” He nodded to Chris.

Chris got very nervous but felt he had no choice but to step in the shower. He tried to keep his back to Steve but didn’t always manage it.

“I’m off to get dressed.” Steve wrapped his towel around his waist. “Remember, Chris, be good and do what you’re told.”

“Ha, bloody, ha.” Chris was alone and felt much more relaxed.


Feeling his body being shaken, Steve opened his eyes. “Morning, love.” His mother said. “We’re getting an early start so we’ll leave you in bed.” She touched his soft cheek with her fingers. “You sure you two will be alright?”

“Yes, Mum.” Steve yawned. “We promise to be sensible and do nothing stupid.”

“I know.” She whispered and kissed him on his cheek. “Have a nice day, and we’ll find a nice present for Chris while we’re out.”

“Thanks, Mum.”

He never managed to get back to sleep after being woken up, and after an hour of trying, he gave up and went to the living area. Having the place to himself, he didn’t bother to dress and poured himself a bowl of cereal. He ate in the living area in just his white briefs, watching Spanish television. Steve couldn’t understand a word of what was being said, but he watched anyway, it was some background noise, and the pictures mostly explained what was going off.

“Mornin’.” Chris yawned as he entered the living area, he too wore only his boxers, and Steve noticed the fly gaped slightly and flashed him a hint of white.

“Mornin’. They’ve gone, and we’ve got the run of the place.”

Slowly, Chris got some cereal and poured himself a glass of orange juice. “Want one?” He lifted the carton to Steve.


They both stared at the television, spooning crunchy flakes into their mouths.

After he finished, Steve got up and headed for the bedroom, he took off yesterday’s briefs and changed into some shorts. Before leaving, he opened his suitcase and took out a small, neatly wrapped present.

Going back to the living area, Steve hid the present behind his back. Only when he was a few feet from Chris did he whip the present round, chiming “Happy birthday!”

Shocked, Chris sat open-mouthed and took the present. “I didn’t expect anything, not with being on holiday.”

“Don’t just sit there, open it.”

“Oh, Jesus. Thanks.” Chris tore at the red wrapping to reveal a black box. There was nothing on the box to give a clue as to what was inside. Tentatively he pulled on the lid; it was stiff and needed a firm tug. Inside, white tissue paper covered the present, but there was an unmistakable aroma of leather. Pulling the tissue paper apart, he stared at a black leather wallet.

“It’s good quality. Not any old market crap.”

“Oh, I can tell.” Chris stood up. “Thanks, Mate. It’s fantastic and just what I needed, my old one having nearly disintegrated.”

Opening his arms wide, Chris hugged Steve.

Immediately after releasing Steve, Chris found his old wallet and transferred everything into his new one.

“Thanks, this is brill.” Chris smiled.

“That’s not all.” Steve dashed back into his bedroom and came back with a handful of cards. “Happy birthday from your family.”

Chris took the cards and started opening them, laughing at the silly jokes and standing them up on the table. Inside a couple of cards were some Euros, a little extra spending money from his parents and grandparents.

“All this extra cash and nowhere to spend it. Not today at least.” Chris went to hug Steve again. “Thanks. I never expected any of this.”

“Put your cash in your wallet and get changed, we’re going swimming. I’ll meet you out there.”

Chris dashed to get his shorts on and Steve ran outside and jumped in the pool. He was coming up for air when he felt Chris splash into the water near him, his mouth was open and gulped down a lungful of water.

“You bastard.” Steve spluttered and leapt at Chris, pulling him under the water.

Squirming, Chris broke free and swam away; he broke the surface and teased Steve.

The horseplay was tiring, the constant dunking and fighting for air. They called a truce and dragged themselves out of the pool and sank down into two loungers. Chris squinted as the sun was in his eyes and suddenly remembered that they needed sun cream.

“Where you off to?” Steve asked as Chris got up from the lounger.

“Just getting the sun cream.” Steve groaned and closed his eyes, hoping for a brief nap.

The door slammed shut as Chris came back out, rubbing cream onto his arms and shoulders. Steve had turned over onto his stomach “This is nice.” He said to himself.

“Get some cream on, or you’ll burn,” Chris told him.

“I’m too comfortable. You do it.”

His stomach leapt into his throat as Chris approached Steve. Kneeling beside him, he squelched a large blob of cream onto his hands. He spread it onto both palms and tentatively placed them on Steve’s shoulders.

Gently he rubbed the cream into his skin, easing it into his neck and then going down his back. Steve’s shoulder blades were hard and protruded, but Chris soon found the velvet skin and the hollow between them. Further down, his body became more pliable and felt soft under Chris’ fingers.

Leaning forward, Chris watched as his fingers rubbed the loose skin at the base of Steve’s spine and into the fine blond hairs that covered the small of his back and led down, under the waistband of his shorts and onto his backside.

Chris ensured his fingers stayed clear of Steve’s shorts and with his back now shining with factor 15, he shuffled down and started to smear cream of Steve’s legs.

He had no idea what effect this was having on Steve, but Chris struggled to keep his cock from getting hard. His mind raced to places that were neither erotic nor sensual to keep his cock soft. It seemed to work as the bulge in his shorts was hardly noticeable when he stood up having finished covering Steve’s back and legs with cream.

“That felt nice.” Steve groaned, and he turned over. “Do my front now?”

Chris noticed the tent in Steve’s shorts; he wasn’t hard but was halfway there.

“No, I’m going for a dip.” And Chris dived into the pool. Coming back up for air, he took a scoop of water in his hands and threw it over at Steve.

“Bastard!” Steve shouted and jumped to his feet. Running to the pool, he jumped and landed on top of Chris.

Chris was pushed under and struggled to get to the surface. Steve was already gulping down air when Chris emerged. With a deep breath, Steve went under and grabbed Chris’ legs, pulling them up, so his head fell under again. Chris kicked, and Steve let go, then Chris tried it with Steve, but Steve was trying to swim away. Chris lunged for him and grabbed what he could. His fingers clawed at Steve’s shorts and held on while Steve tried to get away. Trying to pull Steve back, his shorts slipped down, and Chris was left holding them.

He burst out laughing and held them up at Steve, who frowned and told him to give them back. Chris ignored him and threw them away from the pool. “Go fetch.” He teased.

“I’ll have yours then.” Steve launched at Chris and caught him by the waist. He was like an alligator with his prey, holding him and dragging him underwater. In the white water, he managed to get hold of Chris’ trunks and ripped them off.

“Oops. Sorry.” Steve held up the torn rags that used to be shorts and threw them out of the pool. “Now we skinny dip.”

Chris was concerned about someone seeing him, but Steve told him that his parents would be out until late and no-one had seen Kevin and Ferdy for days.

They fooled around a while longer until Chris pushed away Steve and announced that he was hungry. He swam to the side and pulled himself from the water.

Chris lifted himself out the pool. Steve watched as water cascaded down his back and over his round cheeks as they emerged from the surface. As Chris brought his leg up, his foot resting on the side, ready to lift him out of the pool, Steve’s eyes were fixed on his crack as it opened, showing the moist hairs as they clumped together. The warm water caused his balls to hang low, low enough for Chris to see and watch as a small ball of water dropped from each lonely strand of hair hanging from his ball sac. Beyond his balls, Chris could see Steve’s dick, or at least some of it, as it hung down. He was still very soft, his foreskin wrinkled and closed as it clung closely to the shaft of his dick.

Feeling his cock twitch, Steve blinked his eyes to stop himself staring at the brief but enticing sight of Chris as he left the pool.

“You coming?” Chris called back to Steve as he walked to the door of the villa.

“Er…” It took Steve a moment to come back to the world. “Yes. No. Wait. Don’t go in there all wet. Mum’ll kill us.”

“Ok, where’re the towels?”

“Fuck, I never got any.” Steve was climbing up the ladder at the side of the pool. “How dry are you?”

“Not very, but drier than you.”

“Shit!” Steve thought for a moment. “Look, wipe as much water off you as you can, then run to the bedroom and get a couple of towels.”

The plan worked quite well as Chris dashed to get the towels. He made slightly damp footprints which Steve thought would dry in a few hours.

They made sandwiches for lunch and ate them outside by the pool. They sat on the loungers with their towels tied around their waists.

“How’re you enjoying your birthday?” Steve asked.

“Great, one of the best so far. I never thought I’d enjoy being naked so much.”

Steve looked down at Chris’ crotch and the blue towel that covered it. “Hardly naked.”

“You’re right!” Chris jumped up and took off his towel. “There. That’s better.” He laid his towel on the lounger and lay back down.

The sun had shifted and shone into Chris’ eyes, who squinted and tried to shield them with his hand. Not being able to get comfortable, he lowered the back of the lounger so it was flat and he turned over onto his front. He lay with his head resting on his folded arms, looking over at Steve, who smiled back at him.

For a few moments, Chris closed his eyes and felt the sun burn down on him. “Hey, Mate. Do the honours with the sun cream, will you?”

Without thinking, Steve reached for the bottle and pulled his feet off his lounger so that he sat up to face Chris. His eyes were glued to the smooth round arse, and he felt his dick twinge. Thankfully he still had his towel wrapped around his waist so Chris, should he open his eyes, wouldn’t see Steve with his inflated dick.

The pit in his stomach grew as he knelt beside Chris, squirted some cream onto his palms and poised his hands above his shoulders, not yet daring to touch him.

“Come on, Man. Get on with it before I start to sizzle.”

Steve felt like a naughty schoolboy being told what to do. He knelt beside Chris and started to massage the cream into his shoulders and around the base of his neck.

His touch was soft and gentle, rubbing the cream into the skin and easing any tension out of Chris’ muscles. With a little more cream, Steve rubbed down each of his arms, even covering his fingertips.

“That’s right, mate. Cover every inch of me.” Chris moaned as he started to doze off.

Steve felt the skin under his fingers yield and stretch as he rubbed cream down his back. The smooth, tight, young skin soaked up his touch and began to glisten in the early afternoon sun. As Steve reached the small of the back, he hesitated and then went back up to the neck. He tried again but stopped just before reaching the buttocks. His mind was overactive, and his body knew he had reached a significant decision on his life. One inch further and he would be feeling up his friend, his best friend. One inch higher and he was still just being a mate.

His fingers massaged the small of Chris’ back while his mind battled to make a decision.

Steve lifted his fingers and recharged them with cream. Chris moaned at the lack of touch and sighed when Steve’s fingers touched him again. It was going to happen now, Steve had decided, and swiftly ran his fingers further down and rubbed cream on Chris’ buttocks. Chris groaned and ground his hips into his lounger; Steve held his breath until the buttocks were done, and he moved down to his thighs.

He was now back to helping out a mate and covered his legs with sun cream. But on the way back up, Chris opened his legs slightly and allowed Steve’s fingers to venture further up his thighs.

Steve used his whole palms to grab handfuls of the fleshy inner thighs, his hands still moist and covering areas where the sun would not reach. Occasionally Chris would gasp, sucking in air through his teeth. Steve was slow on the uptake, and it happened several times before he realised that the response only came whenever his fingers came into contact with his balls.

That thought caused Steve to stop going down there but meant he would have to now go back to the buttocks. This time he lovingly kneaded them and covered them in copious amounts of cream which meant his hands would just slide across as he massaged the flesh. Steve kneaded each buttock, smashing them together and pulling them wide apart. His eyes were fixed on his friends opening when he pulled his cheeks apart, the only part of Chris that didn’t glisten.

Each time the air reached Chris’ pucker, it would twitch, winking at Steve, inviting him. Steve’s fingers answered the invitation and went down, gently rubbing his most private area, his fingers teasing his hole. Chris groaned under the touch, his hole opening up trying to capture one of Steve’s fingers.

Steve could feel Chris’ hole biting at his fingertip and allowed it to get caught. His finger was almost inside Chris, and with the help of the cream still on his hands, Steve pushed and let his finger get swallowed up by Chris.

Chris moaned loudly now, pushing his hips back, trying to get more inside him but there was no more. Steve pulled back and then started to finger fuck him, soon his lone finger felt little resistance, so he pushed two inside him. Chris moaned again, even louder, his hips now raised trying to suck those fingers in deeper. Steve pushed in deep and hard, watching Chris’ dick and balls swing below him. With his other hand, he grabbed Chris’ dick and started wanking it as he fucked his arse. His dick was rock solid and already felt wet and sticky from his precum that had smeared down his shaft.

Steve pumped Chris’ dick and pumped his hole with his fingers. Steve could feel Chris’ balls flailing around and bashing against his hands, it caused Chris no discomfort, so he carried on.

Now Chris was beginning to moan and constantly groan, caught between the twin pleasure of being wanked and being fucked. His hips pushed back to get more finger up his arse but would then push forward to give his dick more action.

Then his balls no longer flailed. They became tight against his body, and the moaning became breathless.

Steve felt Chris’ dick suddenly become thicker and stiffer, and it throbbed against his palm. Chris was gasping now as his dick erupted and cum flew in all directions. Steve continued to pump it hard and fast, Chris’ arse clamped down on Steve’s fingers not wanting to let them go, and then it became all too much for Chris.”

“Stop!” He gasped. Steve’s hands remained still.

Gradually Steve prised his hand off Chris’ dick and pulled his fingers out of his arse.

Chris collapsed on the lounger, panting.

Steve stood up to get the feeling back into his legs from kneeling for so long, his towel dropped from his waist. His cock was soft and wet from having cum at some point. He picked up the towel and lay it on his lounger and lay back down.

Chris flipped himself over and looked at Steve. “That was fucking ace!”

“Steve smiled.”

“But next time don’t use your fingers.”


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  1. Beautifully written with tender build up. Thank you.

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  2. I could see the whole thing in my mind, really cool story.

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