This Life Of Brian
by David Heulfryn


Part One

I am not the Messiah; I’m a very naughty boy!

I warned all my mates that I’d do it. And do it, I did. It was right after we finished our last exam, and that meant that school was over. Forever, for good. No longer would I have to go to that dreary building and be talked down to by my inadequate teachers. I’m sure they just like to laud it over us kids because they couldn’t do any other job. And teaching wasn’t exactly suited to them as they instilled no enthusiasm in me for any of the subjects.

We were told to put our pens down and remain quiet while someone shuffled round our lonely desks to collect our exam papers. I had finished ages ago and was slouching with my arms folded, my eyes closed. Why waste the time, I could catch up on some sleep.

Charlie, my best mate, kicked me in the shins and I pretended to wake up. He told me it was time to go, and although I didn’t shout, I raised my voice slightly to ensure all those badly dressed teachers could hear me. “Thank fuck that’s over now so I can get out of this dump.”

I must say I got some filthy looks from the teachers and I bet some wanted to say something but thought I was outa there now and outa their hair.

A group of us met outside the gates to start the walk home. They were all calling me chicken saying that I didn’t have the guts to do it. Well, first to go was the contents of my specially bought transparent pencil case. Each garden we walked past got an item. A pen, pencil, compass, ruler, pathetically tiny calculator, rubber, set square (which I never used in any exam, not even maths – god knows why my Mum bought it for me.) Lastly, some garden hedge became home to the pencil case itself.

Then my tie came off, and I played with it around my neck, pulling it one way then the other before tossing it into the gutter where I thought it belonged. This got a massive cheer from my mates.

While humming some indistinct stripper tune, I slowly unbuttoned my white shirt. I didn’t have a coat with me as it was the start of summer and I didn’t need one. We do all our exams in June and July in England so that the teachers can have a good laugh at all the wussy kids suffering from hay fever as they sniff their way through the exams. By now you must be getting the idea that I think all teachers are sadistic bastards, and you wouldn’t be far wrong.

My shirt started to billow out as it got caught in the slight breeze. I loved the feel of the air on my chest, it made my nips pop out, and the feeling it gave me when my shirt rubbed against them was fantastic. If all my mates weren’t around me, I would certainly have played with them. I’m sure there is a nerve going from each of my nips straight to my cock. They’re like a remote control for my knob. Tug on them and my knob flinches. Mind you, at sixteen-and-a-half you could tug on any part of my body, and it’ll make my knob flinch.

I pulled my shirt from my trousers and struggled to get my arms free. They all laughed as my hands wouldn’t slip passed the cuffs, which I didn’t unbutton. Never did, I’m a lazy arse. Pulling the sleeves inside out, I tugged hard and pulled myself free.

With a hop and a skip, I twirled my shirt round my head before I let it drift behind me and onto the pavement.

I heard Charlie moan about something and he must have dashed back and retrieved my now dirty shirt.

“Here y’are, Charlie,” I said as I bent down and threw my black shoes over my head. I heard him start shouting ‘fuck’ at me, I think one must have hit him on the head.

Hopping on alternate feet, I tugged my socks off and chucked them into the road.

So barefoot and wearing only my trousers, most of my mates thought that was it. But I turned round and started to walk backwards. Looking at each of them in turn, my hand started unbuttoning my trousers. Lowering my fly, I let them fall to my knees, and I heard a chorus of ‘bloody hell’ and ‘fuckin’ hell’. I stared at them while they saw my tight, white boxer briefs hug my lunchbox nice and snug. Some cheered and hollered while a few just stared at my basket.

I clutched and squeezed my bulge as I blew a kiss into the group before turning to show them my cute bubble-butt.

“I hope there aren’t any skid marks back there,” I called out, and they all creased up laughing.

After another spot of hopping, my trousers were let loose over my head again and into the waiting arms of Charlie. “There y’are mate,” I shouted at him. “Have a sniff of them, you’ll enjoy it.”

I think I was beginning to piss off Charlie, as all I heard him say was “Fuck off.”

I was now nearly home, and I turned to go up my street. Some of my mates went the other way to their homes, but a few wanted to see if I’d go all the way.

At the bottom of my drive, I stopped, turned to the guys and said. “Well, I’m home.” And without any warning, I pulled down my boxer briefs and stood there looking at them. They were all gobsmacked, surprised that I’d actually done it. Then I noticed that one guy had his mobile pointing to me. That bastard, Oliver, had been filming me all the way home. It made me horny, and I felt my knob start to grow.

I threw my boxer briefs to Charlie, which landed on his face and walked up to my front door. “See you later, guys.”

Charlie scuttled behind me like a mouse.


Part Two

Charlie’s face was a right picture. Well, if you’d just seen your best mate strip off stark bollock naked on the streets and you were a prude, then you’d look like Charlie.

Being naked, I didn’t have my door key on me, so I just used the spare that Mum put under the plant pot by the door. She really is a stupid cow, that is the first place any burglar would look, but you can’t tell her anything. She still thinks we live in this fantasy world from the forties and fifties where neighbours watched out for one another, and you could leave your doors unlocked.

I flopped down on the sofa and Charlie tentatively sat on a nearby chair. He asked me if I wanted my clothes back and all I said was that I’d done with my school uniform and he could keep it if he wanted. He just looked at me with a permanent frown on his face. He had never seen me act so cavalier like this and he was confused.

He looked so fucking adorable, and I just carried on teasing him. “Christ, I feel so horny after that,” I said to Charlie, and my hand started rubbing my limp dick. I tried not to look directly at him but just stole glimpses from the corner of my eye; his mouth was so slack-jawed he could have got a dangerous carpet burn if he wasn’t too careful. It was the reaction I had hoped for and expected. Even though he was shocked at watching me wank my cock to a full-blown hard-on in front him, he couldn’t stop staring.

I slid my arse down the sofa so that I could wank myself in my usual slouched position, and spread my legs wider so that my balls hung low and swung with each stroke rather than resting on my thighs and banging into my fist every time I pumped my dick. It was beginning to hurt in that position, and I was in danger of bruising my balls, and as a teenager, I didn’t want to damage my favourite toys.

“Oh fuck, Bri. Can’t you wait? I should go; your Mum will be back soon.” But Charlie never moved a muscle.

“So what if she sees me, I don’t care.” Charlie knew that my Mum would always be back from work about ten minutes after I got back from school, and he was mortified that she might see me wanking and also him just watching, and enjoying it.

While I stoked myself with one hand, I used the other to cradle my balls, squeeze them and pull down lightly on them. I felt fucking fantastic, and the extra pair of eyes on me just made it even better.

My dick began leaking as I got closer, leaving slime trails over my belly as I kept pounding. I now barely even noticed Charlie and the growing lump in his crotch as I got closer to showing him my dick spewing its spunk all over my chest. And boy was he going to get a good show very soon.

I tugged down harder on my balls as I felt them start to ache, gearing up for the moment I was preparing them for. My eyes closed as I became lost in the feelings emanating from my groin, and my dick swelled even harder. Without having to look down, I just knew that my piss-slit was flaring and poking through my foreskin. My dick got even more moist as my pre-cum leaked.  It was smeared all down the shaft by my hand. The wetter it got, the noisier it became, and I would hear the squelching as my pumping became even more vigorous.

The moment had now arrived, and I quickly opened my eyes to steal a quick glance at Charlie, who was now gently rubbing his bulge. He abruptly stopped when he noticed me looking.

But it was just a quick glance as I needed to close my eyes again as my dick erupted. The first shot flew upwards and splashed on my neck, coating my pronounced Adam’s apple. The remaining shots hit my chest and then went lower and lower each time until my dick only oozed its cum as I rhythmically squeezed my knob.

As my breathing eased back to normal, I opened my eyes and looked over to Charlie. “That was fucking fantastic. You should’ve joined me.”

He shot up from his chair and placed my clothes on the seat. “I’d better go,” he said as he rushed out the house.

“Ring me tomorrow, mate!” I called out after him.

Grabbing my clothes, I dashed upstairs just in time to hear my Mum come through the front door. Charlie must have passed her as he left. His face must have looked a picture.

Flinging my clothes in my dirty linen basket, I noticed that my underwear was missing. That little perv Charlie must have nicked them. Mind you, I did say he could.


Part Three

I had the usual grilling from my parents when they were both home about how my exam went. I just said what I had to so that they would be satisfied, and after dinner, I went into my bedroom to go on my computer. My parents were used to this; if I wasn’t out with mates, I was locked in my room on the computer. They had no idea what I got up to on it, thankfully.

While I was surfing my favourite websites, I got an instant message.

Oli212 «That show you put on earlier today has had over a thousand views already.»

It was Oliver, the prat who filmed me stripping off on the way home from school.

0eBri «What the crap are on about!»

Oli212 «Look at this, it’s amazing.»

Oliver sent over a URL which I clicked and watched as the page slowly loaded. It was one of the video sites where twats post videos of them arsing around and they think it’s funny to show it to the rest of the world. But this site was one I had not been on before. It had two sections, one for straight vids and one for gay. Before the page had finished loading, I sent a quick IM back to Oliver.

0eBri «Didn’t know you surfed queer stuff? You should have said earlier, and I’d have let you suck me off!»

Oli212 «Fuck off you twat, besides I don’t suck pencil dicks. Just watch the vid.»

The page had now fully loaded, and I was now streaming the vid. The title was Schoolboy Strip, it was a bit jerky, and the sound was crap, but it was the full twenty-minute video of me stripping off as I walked home after the exam. The vid ended with the close up of my dick and then a great shot of my arse as I walked up my drive. I have to admit that it made me horny, and my dick was starting to respond. I slipped my hand into my shorts and gave my dick an appreciative couple of tugs.

Looking at the post, there were quite a few comments. All of them telling Oliver they liked what they saw, and most of them asked for more.

0eBri «You fucking wanker, my dick is now all over the internet, and you and a lot of queers are tossing off over it.»

Oli212 «Just think how much cum has been spilt, you must be very proud. And this is just in a few hours. In a week you’ll be an internet star.»

It was then that I’d noticed in the description he gave all those pervs my Hotmail address. I opened a new browser window and logged in. I was bloody furious. I had that much email It almost filled up my inbox. Looking at one of the first emails, Oliver had sent me a copy of the video to keep.

0eBri «What you give em my email for? I’m got loads of it.»

Oli212 «You’re a star Bri.»

0eBri «Take that bloody thing off. I’ve got all sorts of pervs wanting me to do things.»

Oli212 «Like wot?»

0eBri «Well one wants to tie me up. Cut all my clothes off and rub oil all over my skin. Then he wants to shove all sorts of crap up my arse, cucumbers, dildoes, carrots. Then when I’m hard, he wants to take a mould of me knob and make a dildo out of that and then shove that up my arse. All this and some whipping, paddling and hanging weights off me balls. And I’m not allowed to cum.»

Oli212 «Ugh, nice. Wot else?»

0eBri «After the weights on me balls he. ARE YOU WANKING OVER THIS.»

Oli 212 «Sorry mate. It’s making me so horny and watching your vid to it is just so damn hot. I might just take you up on your offer and come round and suck you off. I’ve wanted to for years.»

I had always suspected Oli might be queer, but now he had just come out to me proper. I think he knew about me too and that’s why he did it. It was only fair to say something back.

0eBri «I’d wished you had. I wouldn’t have said no. Even given you one back. But wot about Charlie?»

Oli212 «Dunno, he’s too shy to tell.»

0eBri «I reckon he is, he just watched me wank and cum all over myself this arvo.»

Oli212 «No shit. Wish I had got that on camera.»

0eBri «Come on round 2morrow, gotta go. Parents are moving about.»

I switched the browser to something perfectly innocent should they come in and start being nosey about what I was doing, but they didn’t disturb me. Once I felt it was safe to do so, I started trawling through my emails, glancing at them and deleting the ones from pervs.

But one email caught my attention. It started by saying that it was a serious offer and please consider it rather than trashing it like the thousands he expected me to receive. It was from a Mister Bob Arlo, so it must be serious if he is a mister, and he had seen my video and liked it, no surprise there, and that he thought I had a good body, again no surprise. Then he said that he ran a website and would I consider modelling, right here’s the bullshit and he just wants me around his place so that he can fuck me. But as I read further, he gave me the URL for the website and a month’s free access to see if I wanted to be one of the models. He also mentioned money, but not any figures. Then there was the rub. He wanted to see a better quality video of me before he made me a firm offer.



Part Four

I have to admit that I spent most of the night surfing the website that bloke gave me access to. So I was not awake the following morning when my parents were leaving for work. School had finished, so my parents weren’t too bothered that I had been up so late and needed the lie-in.

After I heard them go to bed, last night, I really got stuck into the website and stripped off all my clothes so that I had unhindered access to my dick, which was, by this time permanently hard. I have to tell you that I wanked myself sore, looking at the website and shot my load four times.

I was fast asleep when my Mum came into my room and yanked the curtains open to let in the morning sun. As she looked out the window, she told me that she was off to work and that my Dad had already left. Then she turned around and saw me.

“For god’s sake, Brian, cover yourself up.” She barked at me.

It was a warm night. All the tossing and turning I’d done while asleep had scrunched up my quilt. It was wedged between the wall and the end of my bed. I’d been sleeping in the nude for several years now. So without my quilt, my Mum got an eyeful of my equipment, not for the first time.

Her barking woke me, and I grumbled to her. “Just living up to the family name,” I said as I grabbed my quilt and pulled it over me. Alcock, an old joke but I’d been using it for some time whenever she got an eyeful. And no doubt, Dad used it to death before me.

“Don’t flatter yourself. It’s not that much to look at.” Mum said as she left. “I’m off now, so you’re in on your own. See you later this afternoon. And be good.”

I tried to go back to sleep, but just couldn’t. The sun was streaming in now that my curtains were open, and Mum shouting at me had woken my brain. Inevitably my restlessness and lack of motivation to get out of bed caused my hand to crawl down my body and play with dick. After all, I am a teenager, and my main hobby is wanking, like every other teenage boy.

After last night’s wankathon, my balls were somewhat barren, and my dick was still sore, but it didn’t stop me having a quickie. It only took a minute for me to cum. Well, I say cum, only a tiny dribble leaked out of my bell-end, barely enough to smear over my knob. But that orgasm did have its usual effect, and I felt drowsy again. I dozed off with my hand still on my dry dick.

Drifting awake, in what I think was about an hour later; I heard the clicking of a mouse. That bastard Oliver had let himself in and was on my computer.

“What the fuck…” I called out, and he looked over at me.

“Mornin’, sleepy-head.”

I had woken up in the same position I’d fallen asleep, flat on my back and giving Oliver a good view of my goods. As I sat up on the edge of my bed, I didn’t bother to cover myself up as I had nothing else to hide from him and saw that he was on that porn site the bloke had emailed me yesterday.

“This is a fucking good site. How’d ya pay for it, you couldn’t have used your folks’ credit card?”

I stood up behind him and leant over him. The back of Oliver’s head was now resting against my chest. I covered the hand on my mouse with mine and opened up my email. Clicking on the email from that bloke. I told him to read it.

As he read the email, I stood at his side so that he could see my groin out of the corner of his eye. His head flicked to take in the view.

“Bloody hell, that’s fucking awesome. You gonna do it?” Oliver looked me in the dick. “I could get me Dad’s camcorder and film it.”

I didn’t answer him straight away, but just jumped on my bed and lay back down. “Dunno. Prolly not. He must be a perv.”

“But you’ve seen his site. This is professional stuff, you’d be a proper model. And think of the dough.”

I toyed with him some more. I knew damn well I’d give it a go, but wanted Oli to beg. And beg he did, he was desperate to film me again and properly this time. After about ten minutes of me feigning reluctance and Oli persuading me, I made him an offer.

“Okay, mate. I’ll give it a go. Just this once to see if he still wants me. If he does, then I’ll have to think about it again.”

“And you’ll let me film it?” Oli looked like a dog panting, eager to please.

“On one condition.”


“You give me that blow job you mentioned last night.”

Oliver started to stammer as he explained that he was just bullshitting. But I was insistent, and then he finally blurted out that he was still a virgin and had never blown anybody before. Oliver went bright red. I told him that I was too, but was willing to give it a try and so should he. And if I was to be some great teen porn model, I should have some experience.

Oliver came over to the bed and grabbed my dick. “Not now.” I batted it away. “I’ve just had a wank this morning. Later. Besides, I want a shower.”

I told Oliver to start thinking about what he wanted to film me doing and to research others on the website while I showered. I left him with his eyes glued to my computer screen, watching some young cute blond boy wanking on the sofa.


Part Five

After I came out of the shower, I threw my towel over my shoulder and stood in the doorway of my bedroom. Well, I wasn’t going to cover myself up as I was really enjoying Oliver looking at me and besides I wanted his soft lips over my dick.

I could see Oliver hunched over my desk and the screen showed two young lads fucking each other. The top was thin and lanky and had a cock to match, with each thrust he would pull out what looked like seven inches of cock before ramming back up his mate’s arse. Oliver was furiously wanking his dick and was oblivious to me standing there. It was a hot scene, and it caused my dick to fluff up a little.

In a deep and booming voice, I demanded that he does not cum. This shocked him and made him jump. His arse literally jumped a couple of inches off the chair, and he began to turn round to see who had caught him wanking. It was obvious it was me, but he was acting on instinct. As he twisted and his arse fell back to the chair, he landed near the edge, and the chair slipped from under him. He landed with a loud thump on the floor.

I couldn’t help laughing as the beet-red faced boy lay crumpled on the carpet with his hard dick poking out of his fly.

“Oh, fuck, fuck.” Oliver jumped up, clutching his groin. He lifted his dick straight upwards and gently eased his fly zip down. “My dick caught on me zip, you bastard.”

“Come ‘ere. Let me check it out and make sure it’s alright.”

“Fuck off.”

“Well, don’t put it away. Finish what you started.” But Oliver declined, and the video had finished on the computer and just showed a black screen. I watched as he tucked his dick back inside his jeans and pulled his fly up.

Lying back on my bed, I told Oliver that I was ready for the blowjob and started to fondle myself to pump up my dick. But Oliver was still unsure and slowly crept over to me and sat on the edge of my bed. I told him to stroke me, to make me hard, which he did. His touch was soft and gentle, and it quickly got me hard as a rock. As he continued to wank me, I told him to fondle my balls. He needed telling everything for the moment, he was in new territory and needed guidance. Hell, it was new for me, no-one had ever touched my dick or wanked me off before. I watched Oliver’s face as he gradually became comfortable touching my dick, and a smile emerged on his face. His smile didn’t disappear when I told him to keep wanking me but to just lick my knob. His tongue darted from his lips and gave me a little lick. Again I told him and got a longer lick. Stop wanking, I said and told him to just put my bell-end in his mouth.

His lips wrapped themselves around my dick, and then he needed no more instruction. One suck and he was a cock-sucker. He easily took my dick in his mouth and massaged it between his lips and with his tongue. Now it was there, I felt that Oli would never let it go and I relaxed and let him do whatever he wanted with my dick. I felt his hand cup my balls as he continued sucking me, he rolled them around between his fingers, and I felt one of his digits rub behind them, almost making its way to my arsehole. It felt amazing, and my dick started to throb, and my balls began to ache. I started thrashing my head against my pillow, and I bit my lip to prevent me from screaming in delight. This was fucking fantastic, and I was about to cum. I wanted to tell him, but I just couldn’t form the words, only strange grunts and whimpers emerged from my throat.

Then I exploded. My dick gushed cum into Oliver’s mouth. He started to choke as it hit the back of his throat, but to his credit, he kept my dick firmly between his lips as it throbbed and spewed more come into him.

I heard him swallow, a sound that made my balls contract and my dick try to eject more cum, but I was now dry.

After giving my deflating dick a couple more stokes between his lips, Oliver let it slip out and slap against my balls.

“Fucking hell, that was amazing.” I stared at the ceiling as I recovered. “That was the best, I never want to go back to wanking after that.”

“So not bad for my first go at it,” Oliver stated.

“Not bad, you were born to suck cock.” Oliver blushed. “So what ideas do you have for my first video?”


We worked out the scenario, and Oliver promised to come back tomorrow with his Dad’s camcorder.


Part Six

The next morning I wanted a wank so badly. It was a routine for me during the weekends and when I wasn’t at school. Hell, even on schooldays I enjoyed a morning wank but most days I just didn’t have the time and the constant barrage from my Mum telling me to get up is not exactly conducive to shooting your load.

Every so often, my hand would find its way to my dick and gently stroke it, but I stopped myself each time. I had to wait until Oliver got here.

I stayed in bed until I heard his knock on the door. Dashing naked to the top of our stairs I yelled down for him to come in. He opened the door and peered inside. When he saw me, he came all the way in.

“Nice to see you ready for me. You didn’t wank this morning, did you?”

“Don’t be daft. But I fucking wanted to. Come on and let’s get this thing set up.”

I slipped on some boxer shorts as Oliver set up the tripod and attached the tiny camcorder. “That’s a bit small init?” The device was no larger than a fist.

“It’s top of the range, high-resolution digital camcorder. My Dad only buys the best; he’s a bit of a techno-bore. But it’s good. You just point and shoot.”

“Isn’t that what you want me to do?” I sniggered.

“Ha, ha. Just get ready.”

I went into my wardrobe and started putting on my old school uniform.

“I knew you’d have a use for it. I’ll have to thank Charlie for saving it.”

“Yeah, and tell him I want my pants back.”

“What!” Oliver gasped.

I hadn’t meant to tell Oli that Charlie had kept my underpants the other day, it just slipped out. I knew Charlie would be mortified if he knew that he’d been rumbled and it would be even worse if he knew I’d been spreading it around. I made Oli promise not to say a word as I wanted to have some fun with him first about it. Then I’d let him in on it. As usual, all I needed was to use my dick as persuasion.

Ready in my uniform, Oli told me to go downstairs and get ready for him to say ‘action’. He was taking this very seriously.

“You ready, Bri?” He asked.


“Don’t forget, I want a loud slam and a good shout so that the camera gets it.”


“And… Action.”

I slammed the front door hard and shouted. “Mum, I’m home!” I paused and then dashed upstairs and went into my bedroom, saying. “Great, she’s not here.” The camera picked me up at the top of the stairs through my open bedroom door and panned with me as I sat on my bed. I tried not to look at the camera but felt so selfconscious I couldn’t help it.

“Cut,” Oliver shouted. “Don’t look over here, you’re alone, remember. Now let’s do it again.”

“Okay, Sir.” He was really taking this seriously.

The next take was better, I was sitting on my bed and started to untie my tie and kick off my shoes. I threw them on the floor and started to take my off shirt. That too went on the floor, and I stood up to unbutton my trousers. I opened the fly and pushed my hand inside, feeling myself and making myself hard. I started moaning like I was enjoying it. All the other boys on the videos moaned at the slightest touch, I thought I’d do the same. My dick was now half-hard, and I let it tent my boxer shorts as I pulled my trousers down and kicked them off my feet. Both hands now went inside my boxers, stroking my dick and cupping my balls, the waistband was pulled out and down slightly so that my pubes were visible. Oliver zoomed in to the area to get a good shot.

I was now rock hard, and Oliver got a great full-length shot of me with my dick sticking straight out from my crotch, straining my loose boxers. I teased them down, letting the base of my dick come into view, then lower and lower until it slapped against my belly and my boxers fell to the floor.

While still standing, I began to pump my dick, my other hand stroking my body, my nipples, navel, and balls. Lying down, I continued to stroke my dick and tug on my balls, but I slowed down so that Oliver could zoom in and get a good shot of my dick as I wanked, my foreskin rolling over my knob and the head of my dick emerging and the drip of the pre-cum onto my belly. It was imagining watching this later that got me over-excited, and I started pounding my dick and moaning very loud. “Shit!” I yelled as my hand went still and my dick throbbed. Oliver zoomed in to catch the ropes of my cum spurt from my dick and land out of shot. After the first shot, he slowly panned out to capture the other shots as they merged and landed on my chest. As my dick calmed, I began the slow wanking again to drain the last few remnants out and allowed them to dribble over my hand.

The last shot was of me playing with the cum on my chest between my fingers and, it wasn’t scripted, the impulse just came to me, but I brought my fingers to my lips and licked the cum off and swallowed with a huge smile on my face.

“And cut!”

Oliver’s hand went straight into his jeans, and I heard him moan and buck his hips. He came after the first touch of his dick, it was all he needed to go over the edge and get the relief he had wanted throughout the filming.


Part Seven

After putting on some clothes, we downloaded the video on to my computer and watched it back. It looked fantastic, very clear and Oli got some great shots of my dick and bollocks. And the cum shot looked brilliant. Just watching it again was making my dick plump up, and I placed my hand on Oli’s crotch as he sat on my chair to check to see if it had the same effect on him. It did.

I kept on rubbing and began to feel the dampness from his cum which was staining his underpants. I twisted the chair around and started to unbutton his jeans. As his bulging underpants came into view, my nose was assaulted by the stench of his cum, and I breathed deeply to savour the scent. My hand now rubbed his bulge and was coated with his white juice. Oli lifted his arse from the chair as I pulled his jeans and pants off together. His dick slapped against his belly, and his scent became stronger. I sat back on my haunches as I wanked him and saw the smile on his face, his lips parted slightly, and his eyes closed. It was now my turn to do to him what he did to me yesterday. He wasn’t expecting it, but I wanted to do it, so I pulled his hard dick away from his belly and slipped my lips down his shaft. Oli’s eyes snapped open as he watched me blow him, and I tasted my first cock. For me, it was extra special as my first cock was coated with Oli’s load, and as my saliva mixed with his old cum trickled down the back of my throat.

Oli spread his legs wide, and I slipped my hand underneath, my finger paving the way until it reached his arsehole. Teasing the orifice, it began to twitch and allowed my fingertip to enter. As it slipped in, Oli groaned loudly, and his dick twitched inside my mouth. I pushed inside deeper, lifting his arse from the chair and his thighs flexed and took the strain of his weight. While furiously sucking his dick, my finger pistoned in and out of him, his groaning became constant, and I knew he was about to cum. I kept his dick firmly between my lips as his arse clamped down on my finger and his dick pulsated, moments later I felt his cum squirt from him and hit the back of my throat.

Oli was panting as he rested back down on the chair, my finger was still inside him. I wiggled it as I slowly withdrew it.

Looking at him from between his legs and his deflating cock, I sniffed my finger. “You stink.” And thrust my finger under his nose.

“Don’t care, man. That was awesome.”

“Well, at least you taste better than you smell.” I then stripped naked and dragged Oli into the bathroom where we showered together. Nothing happened in the shower, well I say nothing, we just soaped each other up and fondled each other. There was no more sucking or finger fucking. What I did not know was that nosey bugger Charlie had let himself in. He says that he just tried the door when he got no answer and finding it open, thought he’d better check everything was alright. Well, what Charlie didn’t bargain for was finding Oli and me in the shower soaping up each other’s hardons. I noticed him when the door opened. He stood there, eyes ready to pop out of his head and jaw almost hitting the floor.

“Hiya, Charlie.” I quickly rinsed myself off and grabbed my towel. Dripping wet, I went into my bedroom, followed by Charlie. “You alright?”

“What the fuck is going on?”

Oli had now emerged, also dripping and wrapped in a towel. He started to dry himself, exposing himself again to Charlie. I couldn’t help but notice that his dick had not totally gone down.

I followed Oli’s example and began to dry myself off as I explained to Charlie that Oli and I had decided to have some fun together during the summer before we started college. I thought it a great chance to try and persuade Charlie to join us, so when dry I went to my draw and looked for some underwear. “I ain’t got no pants left. I should have at least one pair left. I wonder where they went.”

Charlie bowed his head and went crimson.

“I suppose I’ll just not have to wear any today.” I stood in front of Charlie. “You seen my vid on the web yet. Oli posted it, and it’s had thousands of hits.”

“Yeah, Oli emailed the link to me.”

“You wank over it? Oli did. Hell, I even did.” Charlie stayed quiet. “Are you wearing my pants?” I approached Charlie and started to unbutton his jeans. They fell to the floor, and he was wearing a pair of cute tight, white briefs. “Nice.” I rubbed his bulge and then started to pull them down. “I suppose you owe me a pair, I’ll take these and will always think of you when I sniff them.”

Charlie now stood naked from the waist down, only wearing a loose t-shirt which partially covered his crotch.

I took things nice and slow with Charlie and started with a tender kiss. I kept on kissing him until he relaxed, responded, and I was able to push my tongue into his mouth. I felt his dick rise between us and scrape against my balls.

Ever since I’d grown pubes and could shoot spunk, I’d wanted Charlie and I’d finally got my wish. He allowed me to enjoy his body, and I gave him the best blow job I could. Oli just stood watching us, wanking and shooting his load over my bedroom carpet.

Afterwards, I gave Charlie a long tight hug. And I told Oli to clean up the mess he’d made on my carpet. The dirty sod.


Part Eight

Charlie was sceptical when I told him about the bloke who wanted me to send him a video of me as a screen test for being a ‘model’ on his website. I’d been so excited about it that I didn’t think twice, but he was right, you had to be eighteen, at least, to do porn. Yes, some looked younger, but we were always assured that they were eighteen. He must have known I was only sixteen. Everyone knows that we finish comp school at sixteen, don’t they? But I suppose if he’s foreign, a yank or something, then they might not know. I don’t know what the problem is. I can legally have sex and have done several times with Oli and only once with Charlie, but I aim to rectify that this summer.

We three must have looked a sight. Three stark bollock naked boys in my bedroom all crowded around my computer, playing the video Oli had filmed over and over again and trying to write an email to this bloke to find out if he knew how old I was. The vid had only been sent that morning so we didn’t expect a reply anytime soon but sent a second email anyway asking what proof of ID he would require if I were to go on his site.

I’d already decided that if I could away with it, I would lie and say I was eighteen. The thrill of having thousands of queer blokes wanking over me was too irresistible.

After sending the email, I started playing with Charlie’s cock again. It was silky and soft, his foreskin curled cutely at the end of his knob and expanded as I pulled it down over the tip. The red tip was still moist and sensitive from my blow job, but his dick managed to respond and go hard, anticipating my lips again. Oli didn’t want to be left out this time and so muscled in on my action and began teasing Charlie’s nipples and kissing his smooth torso. As Oli dared to venture to Charlie arse cheeks, I slapped them away. I wanted those first and turned Charlie round and spread his cheeks wide. Oli had a go on his cock, while I started licking his clean hole. My tongue lapped at his hole, my saliva coating it, so it shined. I stiffened my tongue and started poking his hole, it was tight, but I eased it open so that my tongue touched his insides. My nose was now rammed tight against his crack as my tongue ventured deeper inside him, and I heard Charlie asking me to fuck him.

I’d wanted to fuck him for ages and was glad that he asked. I had wanted him to be my first fuck. I would have wanted him to be my first blow job, but you can’t complain when a dick as cute as Oli’s is dangled in front of you and I never thought Charlie would be so easily recruited. It just goes to show how we can all keep our desires locked up for so long.

I pulled Oli off Charlie’s dick and laid Charlie on my bed. I felt sorry for Oli as he was just the bystander, getting the scraps of Charlie when I’d let him, and he took any advantage when I was playing with another part of Charlie.

I lifted Charlie’s legs and put myself between them, my hard dick pointing towards his exposed hole. I draped his legs over my shoulders and pushed forward. I went slow and struggled to get my knob passed his tight muscle. But it yielded, and I waited until it gradually loosened and didn’t pinch my dick so much. Charlie was panting, struggling with the pain and excitement but never told me to stop. He had a determined look on his face that he allowed me inside him and was relieved that I was so gentle.

Charlie grimaced as I slid inside further; I pulled out slightly but then pushed back and waited. While I eased my dick inside Charlie inch by inch, Oli sucked and bit on his nipples and fondled his soft cock. After all, you can’t keep a hardon when you’re being fucked for the first time. No matter how hard Oli tried, he could manage to get Charlie dick to harden. I suppose the sensations of my dick and the pain was too overwhelming, and besides, sex is not just about the dick.

I felt Charlie’s arse loosen, and I had finally managed to push my dick completely inside him. Charlie seemed to release a sigh of relief, but he soon got worked up again when I started to pull out and fuck him. It was slow and steady to begin with, as he still got accustomed to being invaded. But before long, I was fucking him hard, and we were moaning and grunting in unison. Oli was still playing with Charlie’s cock which had finally inflated, but he couldn’t suck it as I was fucking him too hard.

Before long, Charlie was thrashing on my bed and let loose a massive volley of cum which landed on his face and also Oli’s face. His orgasm ripped through his body, and he clamped down on my dick. I was fucking him frenetically and finally erupted inside his backside. I kept my dick buried deep inside him as I spewed cum in his rectum.

I fell beside Charlie on my bed and cuddled up to him as we caught our breath. My dick slipped from inside him, and he sighed.

Poor old Oli was left on my floor, with a massive hardon and no-one to make him blow his load. He sat on my computer chair and watched us as we gradually dozed, his dick softening without release.


Part Nine

I didn’t find out until later on that evening when both Oli and Charlie had gone home, that Oli had switched on the camcorder and had filmed the entire event of me fucking Charlie and taking his cherry. Oli had saved the vid on my computer, and I just came across it while I was surfing and checking my emails. The vid was fucking hot, and I wanked myself off within a few seconds.

I sent a quick IM to Oli who said it was just for us three and he promised he wouldn’t post it on the net. Charlie would be mortified if a vid of him being fucked was being letched over by a load of pervs. Me, it turned me on, and I know the vid turned on Oli, he’d wanked over it a couple of times already and was planning on one more before he went to bed.

Oli was great, he knew me and him were just messing about and was pleased that Charlie was now mine, as long as I still serviced him occasionally, which I was happy to do. He wanted me to fuck him like I fucked Charlie and as we weren’t some kinky threesome; I thought it better if we fucked without Charlie around. But I never said when. I considered teasing him all summer and then fucking him the last day before we went to college. He was going to a different college than Charlie and me; he was more academic and was to go to a proper college with the other nerds. Me and Charlie we more mediocre and were going to do some vocational crap so that we didn’t go on the dole and bump up the unemployment figures. I was going to train as a plumber and Charlie as an electrician. But this is boring crap, and I need to tell you about that bloke with the website.

I got a reply from him late that night; he’d watched it and enjoyed it. He emailed over some forms to print off and sign and scan and email back to him. He also wanted a copy of my passport to prove my age. As it was all being done by scanning and email, it was easy to amend so that he wouldn’t notice. My date of birth was rolled back two years although the passport picture itself was taken when I was fourteen and I looked very young.

I set up a PayPal account, and he promised to deposit the money in the next few days. It was only $50, US of course, not bloody much in proper English money, but he said he would see how the video went and may offer more if they liked me. But he did want more and asked for some stills as well, not just video.

So, the next day I arranged for Oli to come round to film me again and take some photos. For the second time, it was really just more of the same as we didn’t have time to plan anything else. But after I shot my load for the cameras, I told him to keep it rolling and take his clothes off. I had never seen clothes shed so quickly and he stood next to me grinning at the camcorder.

As I was still recovering from my wank, I set about Oli’s cock and started sucking him and playing with his arse. My finger slipped easily inside; he had obviously played with it recently, and I wondered if he’d shoved anything up there. I hoped it was just his finger as I wanted my dick to be the first to take his virginity. His dick swelled in my mouth as I managed to slide two fingers inside him. My own dick had now recovered and was hard again. I was now ready to fuck him.

As with Charlie, I laid Oli on my bed, draped his legs over my shoulders and my dick aimed for his red target. It was easier than Charlie and my dick slid all the way in first time. Oli groaned and held onto his dick and balls, he fondled them and started to stroke himself while I slid my dick in and out of his arse. It felt different from Charlie; this time, it was sheer pleasure, with Charlie, it was pleasure and intimacy. I felt like I could pound Oli hard as we were fucking and he wouldn’t object. My dick pounded his arse, and we grunted in unison as my thighs slapped against his arse cheeks. His dick was rock solid, his knob flaring and red-raw and I watched it as I carried on thrusting inside him while he erupted cum all over his belly.

His limp dick lay against his pubes as I continued to pound him. Unlike with Charlie, when I came, I pulled my dick out and spewed my cum over Oli and his dick and balls. He loved that and rubbed my cream into his skin.

We were both absolutely knackered afterwards, but I had to get rid of him quick as Charlie was coming round.

Charlie was not overly keen on my new job, but as long as none of the pictures or videos were of him, then he would live with it. He was also alright with Oli behind the camera, he never wanted to be there when it was being done, but Charlie did like to see the pictures and the videos, he even took copies for himself.

I suppose this is coming to an end now, you’ve learnt how my body became an internet hit and no doubt you have wanked over me at some point. Hell, if you’re reading this, you most likely download porn and have at least seen me if not wanked over me. It would be nice to think that you did though.

The summer holidays were only eight weeks long, and in that time, Oli took five videos of me and eleven photosets. All the vids were just me wanking in various places, bed, the shower, kitchen. The photosets were similar. One time we ventured into some nearby woods and did an outdoor photoset and wank vid. Oli was shit scared we’d get caught but apart from a near miss we weren’t seen. That vid earned me the most, $200.

Before I sign off and leave you all to wank again over me, I want to tell one other thing, how Charlie took my cherry and he fucked me for the first time. But that can wait for the next, and final, instalment.


Part Ten

I don’t know why, but I was nervous on the morning I’d arranged for Charlie to come round. It was a couple of days after I’d fucked him while Oli watched, but we’d talked incessantly either on the phone or through instant messenger. I knew what was in store for us that day, but Charlie was none the wiser. I didn’t want to promise anything to him just in case I chickened out. But that morning, I was determined to go through with it.

When Charlie came round I was just wearing a tee-shirt and shorts, I didn’t bother to wear any underwear and let my dick just run down the leg of my unlined shorts.

I won’t bother you with the details as I know you just want me to get to the best bits, so I won’t go through the drinks we had, the telly we watched while we talked, the light touching and holding hands while sitting on the sofa. Nor will I mention the teasing kisses we planted on each other’s lips.

So, let’s get it started. As I mentioned, we did some teasing on the sofa. Eventually, that got out of hand. Well, serious at any rate. The teasing became intense, tongue delving, breath-sapping, dick inflating snogging. Our lips were firmly connected, and our tongues danced around each other. Our hands caressed each other, and our hands quickly found the two rigid poles bound within our clothes.

Charlie was the first to break away, I was so into him that he had to put some force behind his push to break us apart. He fell backwards on the sofa, panting heavily and telling me he needed to get his breath back.

I smiled at him and kept my hand on his denim-covered crotch. His dick was hard, but his balls were soft and fleshy. I pulled down his fly and slipped my hand inside. My palm felt the warmth of his cotton briefs as I played with his balls.

Slowly Charlie caught his breath and leant forward to kiss me again, I pulled back and told him no. He looked like a puppy who’d just been told off, but he soon smiled when I told him we ought to go upstairs. With my hand still inside his jeans, I pulled him off the sofa and led him upstairs just like that naughty puppy.

In my bedroom, I stripped Charlie naked while he stood staring into my eyes. I loved the feeling of being the only one fully clothed, the one in control. With my hand kneading his buttocks, I swallowed Charlie’s hard dick. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as my lips and tongue brought him close to the end. My fingers teasingly crept to his arsehole, rubbing and prodding the red hole until it opened and allowed me inside.

Standing up, my fingers left his hole, and my mouth released his dick. I needed him to recover so he wouldn’t cum too soon. After a brief bout of kissing, I told him to lie on the bed while I seductively pulled my tee-shirt over my head. I pulled up my shorts’ leg and let my dick head poke out, Charlie smiled when he saw it. Then I slowly pulled them down and let my hard cock slap against my belly. Charlie flinched as a drop of pre-cum flew from my dick and hit him on the face. My dick was leaking like a tap, and I brought it to his face so he could suck out my pre-cum.

It was now time.

I pulled my dick from Charlie’s lips and straddled his body as he lay flat on his back. I felt his cock rub against my crack, and I wiggled my arse. Charlie asked me to fuck him, so I pulled his legs up and started rimming his sweet hole. It winked at me, eager to feel me inside, but all I put in were my fingers to keep it satisfied. I lowered his legs slightly and sucked his balls until they were so wet they dripped onto my duvet cover. Then I did the same to his cock. It shone with the slick coating of my saliva, and I pulled myself back up and raised my hips so his dick would stand beneath me. Using my hand, I gripped his wet cock and aimed it at my arse. I had no time to prepare myself, so I was pretty tight, but I was willing. His knobhead rested against my pucker, and I relaxed my arse and firmly lowered myself. It was difficult, but it eventually popped through my hole. But boy did it hurt. I grimaced as Charlie’s knob throbbed just inside my hole, and I took in several deep breaths. Soon, my muscles relaxed enough so that the pain went and it just felt a bit funny.

Ever so slowly, I lowered myself until all of Charlie’s hard cock was inside me, and I felt his pubes tickled the underside of my balls. That almost made me laugh and squirm like a kid, but it took my attention away from the pain until I grew accustomed to having a dick in my arse.

We looked at each other with that expression that you can only give a lover, and I asked him how he liked it. Charlie, the cheeky sod said that I was so tight and it felt so great that he would no longer be the bottom in our relationship. If he thinks that I am no longer going to fuck his cute arse, he’s got another think coming, he laughed and said we could take turns. His little wink told me that he was joking and that he certainly loved getting fucked and would never give that up, but now he might like to fuck me occasionally. And, to be honest, the feeling was great (after I got used to it).

I steadily began riding Charlie, raising and lowering myself on and off his hard cock, my own cock kept slapping against Charlie’s belly and left slimy pre-cum trails.

My slow humping started to speed up, and our groaning got louder, thankfully, my window was closed, and I doubt the neighbours could hear us. It felt fucking fantastic, and soon my dick was throbbing, the slapping against Charlie, wanking me over the edge. I kept on humping as my dick spewed cum onto Charlie’s chest. My orgasm seemed to last much longer as I fucked myself on Charlie’s cock and even though I felt it coming, I didn’t stop, it was hitting that spot inside me which sent me wild. Whoever thought a button could give so much pleasure.

Charlie started thrashing, and I felt his cock pulsate inside me and thicken. I slowed down but kept humping, and I felt his cum ooze out of my arse. Charlie started breathing heavy and grabbed my hips, stopping me from humping his cock. I sat back, his dick still inside me and his cum squelching between us.

I leant forward and kissed him, our chests now squelched together from my cum. I fell sideways, and his cock slipped from inside me. I felt weird now, I wanted it back, but I was exhausted, and we just lay silent and still in each other’s arms.

The End



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