by David Heulfryn


I love Thursdays. The last lesson of school was always PE, and afterwards, I would always rush home; it was becoming a tradition, so much so that if my mates asked me if I wanted to go round to theirs to doss or play computer games, I would refuse.

So, each Thursday when I got home, I would unlock the door and dash upstairs to my room. Throwing my schoolbag into the corner of my room, I could feel my dick starting to get hard.

This time, I paused and felt my bulge through my charcoal grey school trousers, my dick hardened further, and I glanced down to see the tent I was growing. It didn’t look too obvious. Turning, I looked at myself side-on in the mirror; it now looked huge. My mind went back to how my mate Gaz looked when he had changed from PE. He had a half-hard. The image of Gaz’s bulge made my dick pulse, and it immediately went rock hard. I winced as my dick strained against the metal fly of my trousers, scraping the sensitive tip.

I scrambled out of my school uniform, throwing the clothes on the floor. My dick already poking out the fly of my y-fronts, but they were pulled off as quickly as possible.

Naked, I stood in front of the mirror and wrapped my hand around my dick, I stroked slowly as my image of Gaz changed.

He was now naked and drying his body after leaving the showers in the school changing room. Drying himself in front of me, he pulled the towel across his broad back as I looked at his exposed front; his soft dick swinging from side-to-side slapping against his thighs, his balls hanging low from the warm shower.

Looking down as I stroked my dick, I watched as the tip oozed juice. Pulling back my foreskin, I rubbed the juice across my reddening knob.

My hand never left the warmth of my dick as I lay on my bed,  my mind keeping the image of Gaz in my mind. It was hypnotic watching his dick swinging as he dried himself. Gaz always changed for PE next to me and so I saw this show every week. Often I would be sitting on the bench while he stood drying himself, my head merely inches away from his long, smooth and soft dick. How I longed to open my lips and lean over to feel him. His dick was even more intriguing as it hung low below a thick shock of ginger pubes. Those tightly wound ginger hairs always caught my eye, and I wanted to run my hands through the bush, tease and pull on those hairs.

I felt myself getting close, so I slowed my stroking, and my eyes left Gaz and looked opposite to me to watch Daz as he changed. I watched as he removed the towel from his waist, Daz loved to show everyone his body. Turning to face me, his hairless buttocks disappeared only to be replaced by his cute, little dick. Daz wasn’t well hung, but it was in beautiful proportion to his lithe little body, his dirty blond hair giving rise to his light brown pubes. Not a full, thick bush, but a sweet sprinkling of curly hairs. His balls were a little mound behind his dick as they clung tightly to his body. My hand reached across the room, and I cupped his exposed package, his limp dick rested against my palm, the creased tip of his foreskin stung me as my fingers wrapped over his balls. They felt cold. I squeezed and rubbed his package to warm them up.

As I imagined touching up Daz, my free hand felt the coolness of my own balls and rolled them around in my palm. My hand continued its slow, deliberate strokes.

I watched as Daz wiped his towel over his body, rubbing it slowly against his groin, causing his dick to move around. When he finished, his dick seemed slightly longer and thicker. First, he would put on his white shirt, letting it gape open, making sure his dick was free for longer, then he would put on his briefs, small white briefs which hugged his package and just begged to be unwrapped. This was the kind of exhibition he liked, his dick was the star, and in me, he had a devoted fan; though I’m not sure if he knows.

I would always run the same scenario through my mind as I pumped my dick, eyes closed, ears closed, my mind closed to anything outside, anything real.

My balls began to ache as Daz was now naked again, Gaz was next to him. I looked at them both; Gaz with his thick pendulous dick and Daz with his cute dick. Two dicks in front of me. My dick twitched. I wanted to feel those dicks, smell those dicks, taste those dicks. I wanted to see them hard. Gaz dropped to his knees and let Daz’s cute limp dick into his mouth. Sucking, I watched as it grew thicker until he let it pop from his lips. Gaz wanked the hard dick in front of him, to the same rhythm as I wanked my dick.

Feeling my dick twitch, I threw my head back, hard against my pillow and snatched my hand away from my dick. The image in my head dissolved and I looked down at my hard dick pointing to the ceiling, glistening with the juice I continually oozed.

That was close.

My hand returned to my dick, slowly stroking and rubbing the head with my fingertips.

Eyes closed, I now saw Pete sitting naked on the bench, waiting to get changed. He just sat there, his legs splayed, his dick on display. It hung low, over the edge of the wooden bench. His bush was thick and black. Luxurious. His skin was almost olive and smooth.

Daz and Gaz appeared; my three favourite dicks together. My own holy trinity. Three soft dicks, all different, all beautiful, all made me want to cum. My eyes darted between them as I stroked my dick faster. Pete’s long thick dick, his luxurious pubes. Daz’s cute dick and his sweet brown patch of pubes. Gaz’s pendulous dick and those bright ginger pubes. I wanted all three.

My breathing changed, my dick felt harder and warmer. I was getting close, and I didn’t want to stop this time.

Pendulous dick.

My balls tightened, and my dick oozed more juice.

Cute dick.

My pumping hand smeared my juice over my dick.

Thick dick.

I heard my dick squelch with each stroke.

Cute dick.

I could no longer feel my balls, they had disappeared within me.

Thick dick, black pubes.

My fingers rubbed against the ridge of my knob with each stroke.

Pendulous dick, bright ginger pubes.

I grunted with each stroke.

Cute dick, sweet brown pubes.

I clenched my buttocks hard.

Thick dick.

I felt a pit at the bottom of my stomach.

Pendulous dick.

My balls ached deep within me.

Thick dick.

My dick throbbed.

Thick dick, cute dick.

My dick throbbed, but I didn’t stop.

Pendulous dick.

Thick dick.

Cute dick.

I gasped as I felt my dick grow ever harder until it erupted.

Opening my eyes, I watched as my red raw dick, foreskin pulled back, shot hard and high.

Cum arced towards me, the first shot splashed my neck.

My hand kept pumping my dick as I shot more.

Balls ached badly.

Pendulous dick. Thick dick. Cute dick.

I let go of my aching dick, it hung in the air, still hard. I saw my chest was covered with my cum.

Closing my eyes, I relaxed and let my hand smear my cum over my chest. My balls gradually emerged from their hiding place.

Finally collapsing, my dick landed on the soft patch of dark pubes above it. The sticky cum prevented my foreskin from sliding forward correctly, and I felt the cool air on my knob. The gathered foreskin felt uncomfortable, so I pulled it forward to cover my knob.

That felt better.

Exhausted, I lay still for a few minutes, letting my cum dry on my body. I could only hear the sound of my breathing; the smell of cum was overpowering.

With my skin dry yet stained, I got off my bed and put on my y-fronts. My dick and balls now felt snug and warm.

Pendulous dick, gorgeous bright ginger, thick pubes.

I smiled. I looked forward to next Thursday.


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