Rival’s Revenge
by David Heulfryn


Kristian shouted fuck as he looked at the new season’s fixture list in the clubhouse and strode over to the bar to order a pint of lager.

“Whatsup, Mate?” The barman asked.

“Those bastards at Tappletown are our first match.” Kris sneered as he said their name.

“What is it with you and the Taps?”

Putting down his pint glass, Kristian lifted his shirt and pulled the waistband of his jeans down a little. The barman thought it looked like an appendectomy scar, but Kristian took great pleasure in putting him right.

Last season, explained Kristian, during a match, their scrum-half, Lee, seized the opportunity to play dirty. He’d clocked the referee and knew he wasn’t being watched, the ref was far more interested in keeping the big fellas of the forwards from ripping each others’ limbs off. So with the ref distracted, he didn’t see the small scrum-half making his own impression on Kris. It started with the odd elbow to the ribs, then the occasional boot to the shins. Kris could take it and tried to give back, but Lee took it all a step too far when, with Kris being tackled to the ground, he stamped hard on his hip, but his boot slipped towards Kris’ groin, and his boot ended up between his legs.

Feeling a sharp pain and screaming, Kris looked down and saw his shorts ripped and red blood oozing from the black fabric of his compression shorts.

Blowing up, the ref took Lee to one side to get his side of the story while a young man dashed onto the pitch with a medkit.

With his team-mates circling round him, Kris lay back and allowed the young man to look at the injury. Peeling down his compression shorts, he saw a deep gash trailing towards his groin. He gasped and immediately shouted for someone to call an ambulance.

He rolled the compression shorts back up to help apply pressure to stop the bleeding and grabbed some gauze. Placing the gauze over the injury, he applied pressure.

Kris screamed as the pressure pushed his balls to the side, the young man hadn’t noticed that the boots had tore Kris’ scrotum. But he soon realised something was wrong as blood oozed onto his fingers where they pushed against his balls. Adjusting his hand, he applied pressure to the gash on his thigh, and his fingers cupped his balls and held them tight in the hope to stem any bleeding.

Thankfully, the ambulance got there relatively quickly, and with the players now milling on the sidelines, the ambulance men sorted out Kris and stretchered him to the ambulance.

“That bastard booted me and nearly ripped off my balls.” Kris sneered as he told the barman. “He got nothing, no ban, squat!” Kris was getting worked up. “I spent a few days in hospital but had to take the rest of last season off. That wanker nearly killed all my future children.”


On the day of the match, Kris felt nervous. He’d not seen Lee since the incident and wasn’t even sure if he was still their scrum-half. He hadn’t got changed yet and just sat on a bench outside the clubhouse as he watched people arrive. At first, it was his team-mates who slapped him on the back. But as time passed, he saw more and more of the opposing team arrive. They all ignored him and made their way to the visitors changing room, but then he noticed an old and rusting Vauxhall Corsa pull into the car park and two young men got out. Kris didn’t care who the second bloke was, he just stared at Lee as he made his way to the changing room.

Catching, his eye, Lee kept looking at Kris as they got nearer.

Kris deliberately got to his feet and spat at Lee as he got closer.

“You fucking bastard!”

Feigning ignorance Lee responded. “What? What’s the matter? It was just a little injury. If you can’t handle it then perhaps you should take up football where they expect you to roll round on the floor every time they get a little scratch.”

“A fucking scratch! You nearly ripped my bollocks off. And it was no fucking accident.” Kris strode over to Lee, their noses nearly touching.

Backing off, Lee pushed Kris away. “Fucking puff, can’t handle a proper game can you.”

Kris sprang into action and landed a quick punch on the side of Lee’s face. “I’ll give you, fucking puff!”

“With a punch like that, it just proves it, couldn’t hurt a real man.” Lee smiled, enjoying riling Kris up.

Kris sprang off his feet and launched himself at Lee. He was forced to the ground, and Kris managed to get a few punches in before Lee’s mate grabbed him and pulled him off Lee.

The scene hadn’t gone unnoticed, and several players emerged in several states of undress to see what the hell was going off. A couple of his team-mates pushed their way between them and held Kris back.

“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen today.” Kris spat at Lee. “We’re going to beat your ass, and when we’ve won, I’m going to well and truly fuck your arse.”

Lee smiled, knowing that they hadn’t been beaten by Kris’ team for several years. “That sounds like a bet. I’ll tell you what; if you win, you can fuck me. But if we win, then I get to fuck you.”

This was not exactly what Kris had meant. He just wanted to pummel that tosser to within an inch of his life; hopefully pulling his balls off in the process.

The crowd started cheering, and Kris could hear the cries of ‘chicken’ come from Lee. In the end, he agreed, and the crowd quietened. The two young men held out their hands, and they shook on the bet. It was now sealed.

His team-mates crowded round Kris, and they led him into the changing room.

Ripping off his shirt, Kris threw it onto his bag which sat on the bench and jumped up next to it.

“Right guys! Listen up.” Kris shouted, and the chatting ceased as they all looked at the slim blond young man standing on the bench. “Those Tappletown tossers are back. And I, for one, know what happened the last time we played them.”

Kris unbuttoned his jeans and, with his boxer shorts, pulled them down to his knees. All the guys saw each other naked in the shower every weekend and so the sight of Kris showing his cock and balls was not unusual.

“Look what they did to me.” He called out to them and traced the line of his scar. Then he lifted his balls and showed them the scar on his sac. “Now, none of you should go through what I went through. So today is revenge time. And that little cunt of a scrum-half will get his balls ripped off out there. But you lot are going to make the others pay.”

A loud cheer grew and echoed around the bare brick walls.

“But that’s not all.” Kris waved his arms above his head to get their attention, his cock and balls waving in sympathy.”

Again they quietened down.

“I have a bet on this game. If we win, then you can all watch me give that cunt Lee get what’s coming to him.” They cheered. “When,” he emphasised, “we win. That cunt is going to get dragged in here, and you are going to watch as I fuck his dirty little hole.”

There was louder cheering.

“So we when we get out there, they are going to wish they never turned up.” The room erupted into a deafening roar, and Kris started a chant of, “Fuck the Taps.”

Jumping down from the bench, Kris sat down and kicked off his trainers. He pulled off his jeans and underwear.

Standing up, he bent over to rummage through his bag to pull out his kit.

Bill, his mate and the fly-half, watched as Kris found his kit. Slapping him on his bare arse cheek, he told him that it would be a great game and they would definitely do some damage.

Sitting down next to Bill, Kris told him the rest. “You see, it’s my arse on the line, literally, if we lose. I get to fuck him if we win, but he gets to fuck me if they win.”

“Oh shit!”

“Exactly.” Kris gulped. “But those guys are going to come through.”

Standing, Kris pulled up his black compression shorts, shoving his hand into his groin to arrange himself.

Time for the match grew closer, and the team started filing out onto the pitch to begin their warm-up.

Kris filed out with Bill and ran over to the others to start their stretches. He noticed the opposition run out together and over to the other half of the pitch. The ref came out seconds later. He was an older gentleman and looked like he’d struggle to keep up with thirty twenty-somethings running around the pitch.

Bill gets the game underway and kicks the ball deep into their half. It is now no longer a game, it is war.

As expected, the game starts dirty, and the ref is continuously blowing his whistle. Kris and Lee are at each other’s throat from the beginning, and at one point it escalates to an all-out fight. The old ref stops the game and warns all sides about their conduct. It now becomes more subtle as no-one wants the game stopped.

It’s scrum down, and Kris waits for the put-in, but it collapses. They break and get back to their feet, the ref tries again, and Kris is jittery as he waits for the second put-in. It collapses again.

“Shit!” Kris shouts as the ref blames his team for the collapses and gives the Taps a penalty. The wait is painful as Kris just has to stand there while their number 10 composes himself. He starts to run, and his boot cleanly connects with the ball. Kris watches as it soars through the air and between the posts.

The Taps have the first points on the board.

Kris sees Lee as he points at him and starts thrusting his hips forward, his hands on an imaginary pair of hips.

“Fuck off.” Kris mouths at him.

The rest of the first half is patchy and unorganised, both sides seem to have lost any resemblance of tactics, and each man is just desperate to put more points on the board. Teamwork starts to disintegrate.

The ref blows for half time, the Taps are winning three-nil.

Kris and his team retreat to their goal posts, there is much shouting, but Kris finally gets them to calm down and puts them back on track. They talk through some of their set pieces, and they come out of half time more confident and hopefully better prepared.

The Taps kick off the second half and play resumes. It seems that the Taps have also gotten their game together and both sides seem more bent on winning than punishing the others.

Both teams seem evenly matched for once, each play by one team was countered by the other. Kris’ frustration grows as they are still three points down. He needs to find a gap and exploit it.

He gets his chance towards the end of the second half. They have forced their way deep into Taps territory. Scrum down and Kris puts in the ball. He races to the back off the scrum as they push the Taps back; slowly the ball emerges, looking around, Kris picks up the ball and throws a long pass. They move forward, and the guy with the ball sees a gap and dashes towards it. The Taps close the gap, and he is brought down. This time Bill picks up the ball and throws it back. They race for the try line again, but the Taps are putting up a strong defence.

Again they are brought down, and the ref is edging around to make sure the ball has been released.

Another chance comes, as Kris gets the ball and passes it to Bill. He is quick on his feet and dashes the few yards to the try line. But the Taps are there as he dives. He’s only a few inches short as he is forced to release the ball. Kris is behind him and pulls the ball out, a sharp dummy pass disorientates the Taps as he lunges forward. The Taps try and push Kris back, but he is on the floor. The ref looks inside the mass of men and limbs. He blows. Kris gets the try.

His team erupts in cheers, and Kris notices a worried look on Lee’s face. At five to three, he’s winning, and the conversation further extends their lead.

Lee now looks worried, he screams to his team-mates telling them they need get a try.

They play hard and fast for the final ten minutes, but the Taps fail to make any headway. The ref blows for full-time, and Lee screams “Shit” at the top of his voice as they lose 7-3.

After the usual sportsmanship of handshakes, the teams head back to their changing rooms. Naturally, Kris couldn’t stop himself saying “See you later, mate” to Lee as he shook his hand.

The changing room was raucous. Kris was the hero of the match; he’d won it for them, something they hadn’t done for years against the Taps. The cheering, singing and stripping started, but Kris just took off his boots and socks.

Barefoot, Kris walked out of the changing room and into the visitors changing room. In the corner, he saw Lee sitting quiet and hoping not to be seen.

As soon as the Taps saw Kris in their changing room, they started jeering and pushing him around, but Kris just made his way forward to Lee and smiled at the apprehensive look on his face.

“Look mate, the bet was a joke. You’re not serious, are you? I’d never have made you do it. It was a joke.”

“Like fuck it was a joke. You are one serious bastard, and you’d have fucked me hard if we lost. So pay up.”

Lee slowly got to his feet and followed Kris. His team-mates tried to stop him, but he held them back, assuring them he’ll be okay. They let him go and got back to stripping and showering.

The cheer was deafening as Kris and Lee entered the changing room. The room split as if Moses had just entered and Kris pushed Lee into the showers.

“Strip!” Kris ordered as he started pulling off his own kit.

Kris quickly took off his kit and was soon standing naked in front of a bare-chested Lee. Kris wasn’t hard yet, his cock just hung limp beneath his blond pubes. He waggled his cock in front of Lee and told him to strip quicker.

Throwing the rest of his kit out of the shower area, Lee resisted the urge to cover up his cock.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? I said it was just a joke.” Lee pleaded.

“You can renege on the bet anytime you like.” Kris winked. “But I’m guessing that you’ll enjoy it.”

Kris licked his lips as he looked at the naked guy in front of him. His cock was limp and hung beneath some light brown pubes; his balls tucked neatly up and failed to swing with his cock.

It wasn’t that cold, thought Kris, as his own sac was swinging loosely.

The sound of the crowd got louder in Kris’ ears as he failed to block it out. They were getting restless and wanted the action to continue. Some guys were already naked and were slowly playing with themselves as they watched the two naked scum-halves. Other guys in shorts or just underwear were showing signs of their hardened cocks. But the two scrum-halves were still soft.

“Do you want to get me ready first, or shall I just fuck you straight off?”

Lee frowned. “What d’ya mean?”

“Suck me off. Get me hard.”

“That wasn’t part of the bet!” Lee said.

“I know, but it’s up to you.”

Kris closed the gap between them and soon felt a hand cupping his balls and limp cock.

Lee dropped to his knees and held out Kris’ limp cock and sucked it between his lips. Each time he brought his lips up and down the shaft, he could feel it swell. He gripped the base of his cock with his hand and started pumping it while his lips swept over his emerging knob.

The room went quiet as they watched Kris receive a blowjob, most of the lads had their hands on their own cocks, those lads who were naked were openly wanking themselves, the others feeling themselves within their shorts or underwear.

Lee pulled off Kris’ cock, pumped it a couple of times with his hand and then pulled the foreskin back to see the glistening head emerge. With his tongue, Lee licked his piss slit and then teased the sensitive edges of his knob. Kris groaned, and more precum oozed, which was swiftly licked up by Lee.

Standing up, Lee whispered to Kris. “Time to collect your bet.”

Kris led Lee to the back of the shower room where he could brace himself against the wall. Kris started the showers, and warm water was sprayed over their bodies. Reaching for the shower gel, Kris squeezed some on his hand and then rubbed it up and down Lee’s arse. Soap suds emerged from between his cheeks, and Kris rubbed further back until his fingers tickled Lee’s balls. He couldn’t help but notice that Lee was now certainly getting firmer.

With another squeeze of the shower gel, Kris rubbed it over his cock and spread Lee’s cheeks. His cock rested against Lee’s arsehole, and Kris pushed gently, but it didn’t yield. He pushed harder but still could fight to get past his hole.

Lee sighed as Kris stopped and pulled his cock back. He tried his fingers now, and one finger slid inside, he pumped his finger slowly in and out and then, with the help of more gel, pushed two fingers in.

Two fingers made Lee grunt, and he hung his head low. Each time Kris pushed his fingers in he could see Lee’s cock twitch and grow harder.

When Kris pulled his two fingers out, Lee sighed but was happy when those fingers started to tease and tickle his hole.

Wanking his cock to full hardness, Kris removed his fingers and tried again to push his cock passed Lee’s hole.

It wasn’t easy, but with a firm push, Lee’s hole gave way.

Lee grimaced and grit his teeth, as Kris waited, feeling his hole pulsating around his knob.

Feeling Lee’s hole relax, he pushed in further, a couple of inches this time and then stopped. But his cock didn’t stop going deeper as Lee was pushing back and sucking in more of Kris’ dick into his hole. Kris met this motion by pushing more inside and didn’t stop until his pubes were crushed against Lee’s white cheeks.

Both lads were still for a few moments to allow Lee to get accustomed to a cock up his arse. It wasn’t until Lee got fidgety that Kris started to pull out and push back in. He started slow, but the pace soon quickened as his thrusts were met by Lee pushing back.

The showers continued to spray their bodies, rinsing away the sweat they created as Kris now fucked Lee hard.

Lee was grunting like an animal, his head lolling about and his dick flailing, the tiny drops of precum flying around. With each thrust, his dick pulsed and more precum oozed. He wanted to grab hold of his cock and wank it, he was so close he just wanted to touch himself so he could feel the release. But he needed both hands to stop his head from banging against the tile wall as Kris was relentless in pumping his hole.

Thankfully, Lee didn’t have long to wait as each thrust rubbed against his sweet spot and his dick started to spasm and spray spunk everywhere.

The crowd cheered as they saw Lee cum over himself, the wall and the floor. But Kris just carried and enjoyed the feeling as Lee’s insides squeezed his cock.

The feel Lee’s hole squeezing his cock brought Kris over the edge. Without faltering in his strokes, Kris grunted and began to pump his cum into Lee.

Kris kept pumping until his knob was drained and too sensitive to carry on. Then he slowly withdrew and watched as his red knob slurped from his hole, which free from cock, started winking at him.

He watched as his hole closed and saw his white cum start to seep out then let his buttocks close and slapped him on his cheeks.

Rising up and turning around, Lee was smiling. He grabbed hold of his half-hard cock and squeezed it to release the last few drops of cum. “That was fucking awesome.” He told Kris.

“You got one tight arse. I fucking loved it.”

“I’m going to enjoy losing to you from now on. But,” Lee smiled, “will you let us win once in a while.”

“Perhaps.” Kris winked and watched as Lee walked naked back to his own changing room.

“Right lads,” Kris called out to the crowd of spectators. “Who’s next?”

There was a chorus of ‘fuck off’ from the lads, but they all joined him in the showers to clean off the mud from the match.


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