YOI Cockton
by David Heulfryn


Nathan stood in the dock, insolently listening to the wigged judge preach to him on the error of his ways. On account of his previous convictions, the judge would not let him off lightly; no tagging order, no community service.

“I sentence you to two years in a Young Offenders Institution.”

“Fuck.” He shouted.

“Take him down.” The judge ignored Nathan’s comments and the two dock officers grabbed his arms and pulled him out of the courtroom; Nathan wasn’t resisting, they were just quick and efficiently removing him so the next case could be heard.

In the public gallery, as the sentence was announced, Nathan’s blonde and skinny girlfriend burst into tears and was comforted by his slightly plump and snivelling mother. They both watched as he was led from the courtroom until he disappeared from their sight.

The two dock officers led him back down to the cells, threw him inside and slammed the door.

“Any chance of a piss before you lock me up, you bastards?”

“Now you’ve been sentenced we can make your life hell, so be fucking careful you wanker.” The taller dock officer loomed over Nathan. “And don’t start fucking about with us or I’ll clap you in the cuffs and let you piss and shit on yourself from now on.”

“Alright, don’t throw your dummy out the pram.” Nathan’s high pitched voice mocked the guard.

The guard led Nathan along the stone corridor and to the toilets. There was no privacy in there, and he watched Nathan as he stood in front of a urinal.

“Ah.” He let out a loud sigh as he started to piss. “Getting a good look?” He antagonised the guard.

“Don’t be a fuckwit; your arse is in the way.”

Nathan started wiggling his arse as he continued to piss. “I bet you like feeling up all the boys who come your way don’t you, bet you think it’s a perk of the job. I bet you’re standing there thinking how much you want to blow me.”

“Keep it up you fucking twat and I’ll rip your balls off. Besides, where you’re going your going to get all the practice you need.”

“I don’t take it, I give it!” Nathan stuffed his dick back into his trousers and turned to glare at the guard.

“Of course. We’ll see.” The guard smirked and led him back to his cell.


Nathan sat on the hard bed in his cell, staring at the whitewashed walls. His barrister had been in to see him, along with his solicitor but he didn’t listen to a word they said and just shouted at them for doing such a ‘fucking shite job’ as he put it. Now he was alone, waiting.

The cells had gone quiet, the noisy bloke next door had just been taken up to the judge, and he now heard the ominous click of the metal studded shoes of a guard coming down the corridor. It stopped outside his door, and it opened. The guard was wearing a black uniform with a white shirt and black tie; the crispness of the jackets made it look new. He stood in the doorway, his right hand hovering over his stick.

“Stand up and face the wall.” He ordered.

“What the fuck for?” Nathan stayed still.

“You’re going to your new home.”

Nathan sighed and stood up, turned his back to the prison officer and put his hands behind his back. The officer went over and cuffed his hands.

“I’m Officer Hanley. You will not call me by anything else, understand?”

“Why yes, Officer Hanley.” Nathan mocked.

“You are being taken to ‘Young Offenders Institution Cockton’ where those liberal twats of politicians want us to reform your character. But I think it’s too late for that isn’t it?”


The drive to YOI Cockton was uncomfortable. Nathan was alone in the back of a prison wagon and handcuffed to his seat. As the wagon turned and rolled, he struggled to keep on his seat and would feel the metal of his cuffs digging into him if he slid too far.

All the windows in the wagon were blacked out so he could not see where he was going and was surprised how soon he heard the rattle of a chain-link gate open. He had arrived.

The wait in the back of the hot and airless wagon was making him angry. Why the hell were they making him wait, he thought and could hear the muffled sound of people talking outside. When the door finally opened, he raised his voice. “About fucking time. I’m not a fucking battery hen.”

“That’s what you think.” The officer smiled at him. “Never heard of prison overcrowding?”

“Oh just fuck off and get me out of here.”

“You’re not making any friends you know.”

“D’ya think I really want to be mates with a fucking screw. Don’t make me laugh.”

“Us ‘screws’, as you call us, can make your life as bearable as we want. Just wait and see.”

Nathan was led by two guards to the induction room, one was the guard who collected him from the court buildings, and the other had appeared with the induction paperwork as they came into the courtyard.

“Do you mind if I induct this one, you go and grab a coffee and have a break.”

Nathan watched as he was left alone with Officer Hanley.

Hanley took off his jacket and draped it over the back of a chair. Placing the plastic bag of belongings he had been given by the dock officers, he looked Nathan up and down. “Well, I suppose we should get started.”

Nathan stood still as Hanley removed the handcuffs. Feeling the air against his clammy skin, he rubbed his wrists to get the feeling back he had lost during the journey.

“Right, empty your pockets and put your belongings on this table.”

“You’ve got all my stuff in that bag you tosser.”

“I don’t know what you may have picked up on the way, now turn your pockets out.”

Nathan delved into his jeans’ pockets and turned them inside out, the white lining flapping.

“Ok. Sign here.”

Nathan signed the docket that was put with the plastic bag containing his watch, wallet and money.

“Now the fun starts. Take off your clothes and put them on the table.” Hanley smiled.

“I bet you love this part, don’t you? All you lot are queers.”

Hanley watched as Nathan pulled his t-shirt over his head and began fumbling with his jeans. Pulling his jeans down to his knees, he kicked off his trainers. Nathan placed his trainers and jeans on the table. He stood and watched Hanley, who was busy checking his clothes for any items which may be concealed and writing down the articles on another docket. Placing his clothes into a large plastic bag, Hanley noticed Nathan was still wearing his underwear.

“Come on all of them.” He said and looked directly at the crotch of Nathan’s boxer shorts.

Pulling his grey socks off first, Nathan scowled at Hanley and then took off his boxers. Determined to not let Hanley get the better of him, he stood naked, with his hands resting on his hips.

Hanley put his dirty underwear in the bag and sat back in his chair. Nathan was a good looking boy, he thought, but an arrogant one.

Nathan was only twelve when he was picked up by the police for his first crime. It was only shoplifting and got away with a caution. But it never made him stop; he kept getting caught and cautioned. At fifteen he started nicking cars and when caught was tagged and made to do some community service. Now, at seventeen, the judge was able to consider a custodial sentence and so never thought twice about locking him up.

It was the first time he’d been locked up but knew what to expect from his older mates who would come in and out of prison and tell him all about it.

He was a little shorter than most seventeen-year-old boys but built very sturdy. He could certainly handle himself in a fight; many a time, he would come home with a black eye and a busted nose, but the other guy was always worse off. His girlfriend had burst into tears the moment the jury pronounced him guilty, but it was only now he felt that he might actually miss her. Standing naked in front of Hanley, his dick dangling, he thought how long it would be before he managed to stick it up her again. Nathan smiled as he remembered the last fuck they had a few nights ago, afterwards she lay next to him, stroking his brown hair and muttering how much she would miss him if he was sent down. The following morning she gave him a quick blow job after his shower as he got ready for court.

“Ok.” Hanley got to his feet. “Any distinguishing marks, tattoos etcetera?”


“Right, into the shower. Through there.” He pointed to a door.

As Nathan showered, Hanley watched him and kept giving him directions. ‘Use the shampoo’ and ‘lather up your whole body with the gel’ and ‘I’ve not seen you wash your thighs’. This was bloody stupid, Nathan thought, but Hanley carried on with his directions.

“Don’t forget your arse. Right inside your crack as well.”

Nathan stuck his hand between his cheeks and rubbed.

“And your dick and balls.”

Nathan complied.

After rinsing himself and turning off the water, Nathan waited for Hanley to throw him a towel.

“Now you’re good and clean, we can do the next bit. Come here and put your feet on that line.”

Next to the shower was an open cubicle with a line painted parallel and about four feet from the wall.

“Now, keep your feet where they are and lean forward, resting your hands on the wall.”

“What the fuck for? What you doing?”

Hanley twanged the latex on the glove he had just put on. “I’ve got to make sure you’re not smuggling anything in. This is the last place to look.”

“Fuck off. You’re not shoving anything up my arse.”

“I can always get three more officers in here to help me. And if you start causing trouble, I’ve got my stick, and I swear I will beat you to a pulp.” He got his stick from his belt and touched the top of Nathan’s neck with it, tracing down his backbone.

Nathan leant forward, spreading his legs wider in anticipation. “Do it then you queer, but be fucking quick.”

Hanley lubricated his fingers and without warning shoved two up Nathan’s arse. He jumped and almost yelped as he felt the fingers root around inside him. Hanley took his fingers out and applied more lubricant. This time three fingers went right up Nathan’s arse.

“That fucking hurts. Surely you can see there’s nowt up there.”

“Stay fucking quiet and still.” Hanley snapped.

Hanley took his fingers out and removed the glove. “Stay there!” He demanded as he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard dick.

Feeling Hanley’s dick against his arse, Nathan tried to clamp his arse shut and twisted his body round to face him. “Don’t you fucking dare.” He shouted.

But Hanley was quick with his stick and belted Nathan in his stomach. Doubling over, Nathan clutched his stomach only to feel the stick strike his upper arm.

“Fucking hell!” He cried out and lunged at Hanley who merely sidestepped him and hit the back of his neck with his stick.

Nathan dropped to the floor, groaning and dazed. Hanley straddled him, hooked his stick under Nathan’s chin and pulled him to his feet before throwing him against the wall.

“Now bend over you fucking cunt, or I’ll break you into pieces.” Hanley spat into his ear and struck the base of his spine.

Nathan felt his body ache and just wanted him to stop, so he pushed his arse out and closed his eyes tight.

Hanley grabbed Nathan’s hips and pulled his arse further out, causing Nathan to steady himself again against the wall with his arms. Reaching around, Hanley grabbed Nathan’s balls and squeezed tight. “Don’t fucking move or I’ll rip your fucking balls off.” He pushed forward, and his still hard dick slipped inside Nathan’s well-lubricated hole.

Nathan hung his head and stared at the floor as Hanley pummelled his arse, he wanted so much to stop him, to turn round and punch the bastard in the face but every time he moved his balls were squeezed. It was not a gentle squeeze either, each time he gripped harder, and the pain caused his eyes to water. He wasn’t crying, Nathan was too much the man to cry, it was just the discomfort and the force in which Hanley rammed his dick inside him that made his eyes water. He so desperately wanted to wipe the water away so that Hanley didn’t think he’d broken him.

Gritting his teeth in hatred, Nathan took the dick without complaint. Any resistance was met with excruciating pain from his balls; he didn’t want that, so he took the dick, his mind conjuring ever elaborate plans to exact his revenge against Hanley.

As the resistance faded, so did Hanley’s grip on Nathan’s balls. His dick, which started limp and draped over Hanley’s hand, was now inflating. It was getting hard and bounced against his stomach. Nathan’s downcast eyes saw his hard dick, and he became confused. He was not enjoying this, and Hanley’s dick felt massive and was stretching his arse out of shape. He only hoped there wouldn’t be too much damage.

Nathan felt Hanley breathing heavily near his ear, and his humping became even harder. Each stroke, Nathan would feel the metal teeth of Hanley’s fly graze against his cheeks. Hanley panted and after one final push groaned and came inside Nathan. He kept his dick inside as it pumped more cum, and as the flow ebbed, he pulled out slowly and pushed back in, teasing out more cum.

As Hanley let his dick fall out of Nathan’s hole, he released his balls. The release caused Nathan to snap into action and turned to face Hanley. His motion was quick, but Hanley was quicker. As they faced each other, Hanley’s stick punched Nathan in the chest.

“Don’t fucking think about it.” He looked at the hatred in Nathan’s eyes. “Besides,” he looked down at Nathan’s hard cock, “it looks like you enjoyed it.” Hanley reached out and held Nathan’s cock, sliding his fingers up and down the shaft, wanking him slowly. “I bet you want to stick this up me now don’t you. I just know you’d love rape my arse hard, tear me open. You’re thinking about fucking a man, shoving your dick in him.”

“You’re fucking sick.” Nathan slapped Hanley’s hand off his cock. “Get your fucking hand off my cock.”

Hanley brought his stick up to Nathan’s throat, the pressure against his windpipe made him choke. “You had better fucking watch your step, or I’ll fuck you every night in your sleep.”

Hanley released Nathan’s hard cock and tucked his own limp member back into his trousers. “Now clean up your arse again.” He pushed Nathan back into the showers.

“Welcome to Cock Town.” Hanley smiled.


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