Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 44: Work experience

It wasn’t as though Kelvin, indeed any of the other pupils who were scheduled to leave the school at the end of that academic year had given future employment or come to that anything else by way of serious thought as to what to do on leaving. As Kelvin’s parents had gratefully realised any chance of employment was down to Mr Wilson who had seen his talent and facilitated the opportunity for him to apply for an apprenticeship in a joinery workshop.

It was on a Wednesday morning a couple of weeks after the debauched trip in the VW camper with Bogbrush that found Kelvin once again getting into Mr Wilson’s VW  for a lift to Mr Parker’s workshop. It had been arranged for Kelvin to spend the day at the workshop which would give Mr Parker a good opportunity to evaluate his woodworking skills. However, bereft of social skills and having only ever been used to a school environment with no real adult involvement, Kelvin was quite nervous, feeling out of his depth and strangely for him, unusually quiet.

Earlier it had appeared that Doreen was inordinately fussing by helping him get ready to leave for school, whereas in truth she had realised that at last for one of her boys there was a genuine opportunity to get a proper start in life. Not only was Doreen in a very efficient mood, but she had bravely endured the smell of his bedroom by walking in unannounced to wake him before he had even had the chance for the ritual self-abuse. Thereafter he had had absolutely no opportunity to do anything since she was intent on hounding him so that he looked his best and be despatched off to school looking almost presentable. But, even going so far as to polish his shoes and forcing him to have bath the previous evening couldn’t make up for the fact that what was really lacking that morning was the desperate desire to release some seminal fluid!

Undoubtedly the main sartorial problem which faced Doreen concerned his school trousers, which as she knew only too well were the frequent receptacle for excess semen and usually looked the part! Cleverly foreseeing such a situation, she had in a pre-emptive strike through her part-time job at the renowned, infamous Guptha’s International clothing emporium acquired a pair of seconds for emergency use and as such, this was an emergency. Despite his many vocal complaints that they were on the tight side, looked far too new and that the sharp creases would hurt his legs he was summarily sent off to school with an unrelenting erection and instructions that under no circumstances were he to ruin his chances by, as Doreen so bluntly put it to his embarrassment, “don’t you dare wank over those trousers!”

Even Mr Wilson was impressed when he saw him, thinking him a credit to the school and his mother’s unfailing will power. Although to be fair, he was even more than impressed when he saw that the tight grey material perfectly highlighted the thick seams of the orange and black Guptha’s International underpants beneath and in turn, unquestionably highlighted the bulge of his enormous cock.

Arriving at the workshop which was situated in a large old brick built building on the outskirts of a modern industrial estate Mr Wilson took him to meet Mr Parker in his rather cluttered office. Slightly younger than Mr Wilson and not much taller than Kelvin himself, with his ready smile Ted Parker appeared extremely affable. As an experienced boy orientated voyeur and occasional practising bisexual he was quickly drawn to the remarkable protuberance in Kelvin’s trousers and did indeed smile.

“So, you’re Kelvin, I’ve heard about you.” Mr Parker couldn’t resist taking a fleeting second look at the straining trousers, something twitched beneath his brown overall coat for he most certainly had heard about Kelvin. “Do sit down a minute.”

“Yer wot..” Kelvin immediately flushed, as he looked for a chair, “wot yer’ve heard about me! Wot, wot yer heard?”

“Oh nothing, don’t worry, it’s only a figure of speech” he smiled and turned to Mr Wilson, “just hang on a second  Kelvin, now Jack are you going to pick him up later?

“Yes, it’ll be about half past four when school finishes,” he looked at Kelvin, “now be good, do your best and I’ll see you later to get you back home.”

“And by the way Jack, I haven’t forgotten that other matter either, I’m sure it will be alright,” said Mr Parker, “you can say so if want.”

“Oh good, that’ll suit everybody then.” Mr Wilson moved to the door. “I’ll see you both later then.”

“OK, now then Kelvin,” the eyes flashed across the straining trousers, “we’d better get you started.”

“Oh, alright then, uumm..” Kelvin was subdued, totally out of his comfort zone for he was to be left alone to fend for himself.

“I expect this is all a bit strange isn’t it?” asked Mr Parker as the door closed behind Mr Wilson. “But, you’ve got to leave school sometime haven’t you?”

“I’s ‘spose yeah.” Kelvin looked around the room at various drawings on the desk and the untidy assortment of files on the shelves, everything it seemed had a thin layer of wood dust on it.

“Well, look what I thought was that I’d get you to do some basic joints for me which would give me a good idea of your work. Does that sound alright?”

“I’s ‘spose yeah.” repeated the nervous Kelvin.

“Good, so in a minute I’ll take you out in shop and introduce you to Terry he’s our other apprentice and he can show you where things are. OK?” he looked around the desk and found a packet of Embassy under some papers. “I won’t offer you one, because I’m trying to give it up and you should never start anyway!”

“I ain’t never going to ‘cause me mum and dad both smokes all the time.”

“Good,” he smiled again, “so, we did have another apprentice Dave, but his family moved away so he had to leave and that’s why there’s the vacancy.”

“Oh I’s see’s.”

The trousers were very tight, Kelvin’s cock was very big, he shuffled about on the chair. Unlike being at school he was unused to not playing with himself and it had been a long time since he did not have the luxury of a pocketless pocket to take full advantage of the burgeoning erection. After Doreen’s forced rush to get him ready it felt as though his cock had not performed for days and was desperately waiting to be attended too.

“Mr Wilson says you’re very able and should be able to do these tests easily, so take your time and give it your best shot,” he smiled, “and I appreciate you are probably a little nervous.”

“Uumm yeah.” he slowly opened his legs hoping it might relieve the pressure on his boy bits where the bottom part of the zip was digging into his bloated testicles.

“Anyway, what I want you to do first is to squarely plane up a couple of bits of three by two, then make a mortice and tenon joint,” he paused to light the cigarette, “and then we’ll find you something suitable with which to make a dovetail joint with and, and finally with a couple of longer bits of something like six by one you can plane up the edges to make a rubbed glue joint.”

“Oh.. uumm, well I’s spose that should be alright,” mumbled Kelvin, not entirely sure what he was meant to say, but nevertheless quite happy he was easily capable of producing the test pieces.

“Then, if we’ve any time over you can have a proper look around.” the cigarette glowed just as did the flash of orange between Kelvin’s legs. “Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be fine and Terry is there if you get stuck.”

“Did that Terry go to our school then?” the pressure down below had eased a little as he moved on the chair, the orange patch was more visible, the seam strained and losing the battle to the inward pressure.

“I, I think he did.”

Through the cigarette smoke Mr Parker was trying not to be seen looking between Kelvin’s legs, surely this couldn’t be happening. Surely the boy couldn’t be wearing orange underpants that were in grave danger of bursting through a failing seam of his incredibly tight trousers.


“Yes, yes he did.. well let’s go and see him shall and get you started.”

Kelvin stood up first, there was now no doubt he was becoming as erect as he could ever be, the taut grey trouser material conveniently highlighted the outline of the huge head of his cock. Under his brown overall coat Mr Parker was also erect.

Leaving school at sixteen and not being particularly academic Terry found himself taking an apprenticeship to be a joiner, something which had the advantage of being able to wear a traditional woodworking apron. Just as at school it didn’t take him long to realise that beneath the apron he could happily play with himself to while the hours away, in effect sharpening his own chisel. By the time he was seventeen, under cover of the apron he was regularly masturbating three or four times a day into his white underpants whilst visualising various younger boys. The slimy sensation of walking around afterwards was a thrill in itself and very often the entire an act had been committed whilst secretly observing Dave, the other bum-fluffed apprentice who by a strange coincidence also had a moving apron.

Dave was also seventeen, he wore thick glasses and if anything was somewhat smaller than Terry with short hair, consequently he looked only about fourteen at the most. It was no surprise that he had become the subject of many of Terry’s bedtime fantasies, especially since he appeared incapable of removing his hands from his pockets and seemingly was continually playing with himself. Indeed to Dave it also seemed that Terry was permanently playing with himself and though they got on very well the subject of sex was tacitly acknowledged although it was never actually mentioned. Terry was convinced that Dave was another lonely, solitary wanker doing exactly as he did several times a day, which indeed was exactly right. In the workshop Terry would press himself against the bench or the large grindstone as it vibrated away sharpening the same chisel for the n’th time that day or if no one was about to push a hand down the front of his usually slimy briefs under the all encompassing apron. Dave would do exactly the same sort of thing and although they noticed each other’s actions neither were sufficiently brazen to actually address the subject with the other.

However, one day Terry determined to himself that he was going to pluck up enough courage to broach the subject of mutual masturbation and the best time would be when Dave was aware of being watched. Knowing that little Dave had once made him a very veiled, if tentative and highly embarrassed approach which skirted around the subject of inviting him to partake of mutual self-abuse Terry hoped a conversation might now flow. Incredibly embarrassed and very red in the face Dave had deflected the subject leaving an equalled embarrassed Terry with an erection that was fit to burst and absolutely no sign of mutual masturbation being any closer between them.

Time passed and under cover of the aprons much spunk flowed and dribbled. A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Mr Parker who whilst not particularly sexually attracted to Terry found the very young, pubescent looking Dave quite appealing.

Once Dave had had to move away with his family Terry was left on his own and decided even though he had turned seventeen some weeks before that he would celebrate his birthday again in Dave’s honour. And, what better way could there be than to while away the morning tea break working out that with an average of five wanks a day he had ejaculated at least three thousand five hundred times since starting the apprenticeship at the workshop! Desperately wishing for something to spice up his solitary sexual existence other than the beautifully crafted wooden dildo which he had turned on the workshop lathe as a late birthday present, he was very excited to hear that Kelvin was to be considered as the new apprentice.

It was no coincidence that Terry had gone to the same awful school as Kelvin and also been introduced by Mr Wilson to Mr Parker, both of whom at that time were still in voyeuristic mode. Also, Terry knew from his own experience of watching a far younger Kelvin in a corner of the playground frequently ejaculate into his underwear usually helped by Bogbrush, what an arousing spectacle it could be. If some sort of comparison were ever to be made, then Kelvin with his enormous cock could well be equated to be an earlier version of the over-sexed Connor as noted by older boys.

“Now then Terry, this is Kelvin who I think you may well know him from your old school?” Mr Parker stopped by Terry’s bench having escorted Kelvin through the workshop whilst studying every movement of his buttocks under the tight trousers.

“Who? Oh… uumm.. oh yeah..” Terry turned around to see Kelvin, who even by his own minimal standards was somewhat embarrassed at the bulging trousers.

“‘ullo… uumm..” mumbled Kelvin, hoping to take his mind off his painful erection by looking round to see several benches and various projects under way with the men wearing either the traditional apron or a brown coat, “busy innit? so well… were, wot, were does I does work then?”

“Terry I think you’ve I got some timber sorted out ready for him?”

Terry nodded, unable to look anywhere except at Kelvin’s straining trousers their magnetic appeal rapidly bringing back playground memories. Under his apron things were now at full stretch with vivid memories of watching Kelvin and Bogbrush as they pounded their cocks through their pockets whilst he tried to time his ejaculation to chime with them from across the playground.

“Now, you use this adjacent bench and then whatever tools you need you can just ask Terry and he’ll help.” added Mr Parker, also unable to resist glancing yet again at the great bulge. “And uumm… well, Terry you’d better find him an apron as well.”

Once left on his own Kelvin soon got down to work and started to plane up the timber he was going to use for all his jobs. If anything it was a distraction to take his mind off the desperate need to ejaculate, for not since starting to masturbate had he ever managed to go so long with inducing an orgasm. It almost seemed as though a constant sexual aura emanated from Terry’s bench and Kelvin knowing he was being watched whilst Terry quite obviously played with himself did nothing to help the situation. By the time the morning break was due to come round Kelvin had just about managed to put off ejaculating three times, but only just! The third time was a major challenge since he was sure by the way Terry was standing he had just ejaculated.

Despite his orange briefs getting very slimy and his cock sliding around as he moved Kelvin had made up his mind what he was going to do, hopefully to get Terry to either put up or shut up! Being an apprentice meant that Terry had to make the tea which allowed the other workers to down tools and wander over to talk and take stock of Kelvin, surprised at being accepted so readily he concluded that maybe starting work wouldn’t be so scary after all. With the others eventually all getting together to talk about football, Terry moved his chair closer to Kelvin aiming to pursue matters of the sexual variety.

“So d’yer still knock about with that Bogbrush then?”

“Oh yeah, he’ll wanna know I’s seen yer.” replied Kelvin with a hand tantalisingly active under his apron.

“Oh right,” the truth was Terry wasn’t sure what to say next to further his sexual quest, having never been able to broach the subject with Dave to proposition Kelvin was quite a daunting task. He looked again at Kelvin’s moving apron. “So, uumm.. well.. d’yer..”

“Yer remembers then,” Kelvin interrupted, being no slouch when it came to either importuning or propositioning, he decided to leap in with both feet, “so.. well, d’yer remembers when I’s used to wank with Bogs in the playground…”

“Yeah…” Terry waited expectantly, “yeah…”

“And,” Kelvin was grinning, it seemed Terry’s apron had also taken on a life of it’s own, “and, we was watching yer wanking while yer was watching us wanking…”

“Yeah.. wot! Oh fuck!” hissed Terry turning a delightful shade of red, his petard well and truly cocked. “How… how… how the fuck did yer knows I’s were doing it?”

“Bleeding obvious innit! We’s could see yer’s was all hard and yer even doing it now ain’t yer!” Kelvin grinned. “D’yer thinks I’s ain’t seen yer playing with it all bleeding morning!”

“Wot!” Terry was proving to be delightfully innocent and rising to all of Kelvin’s jibes.

“And, yer cum up against the bench in yer pants just before the tea break didn’t yer?”

The colour of Terry’s face said it all. “Wot! Fuck off, nah course I’s ain’t!”

So the whispered conversation continued with both getting more aroused.

“Yer did, ‘cause yer fancies wanking me willy, yer always has ain’t yer?”

“Fuck off! Wot’s think I’s is a fucking queer or summat!”

“Might be!”

Unfortunately Kelvin was rapidly reaching the point of no return himself, testicular pressure had been steadily building since the previous evenings release. By now there were only a couple of minutes left before resuming work and ejaculation was long overdue.

“If yer comes over to me bench when we starts again,” whispered Kelvin excitedly, “and yer let I’s feel in yer sticky pants then yer can wank us off under me apron!”

“Fuck!” under his own apron Terry’s hand was already down the front of his trousers and inside his ill fitting Guptha’s International underpants massaging the head of his cock, it was already a slimy mess and he knew that another climax was building.

As the men returned their mugs to Terry, who as an apprentice also had the dubious privilege of washing up, Kelvin walked rather awkwardly towards his bench aware that even though he may not have ejaculated, precum was leaking everywhere. Some ten minutes later Terry arrived, hands pushed deep into his pockets under the apron and embarrassed that he had to do the washing up.

“‘bout bleeding time, I’s can’t hold out much longer,” said Kelvin, “I’s nearly cum twice already!”

“Course, if yer come here yer’ll be doing the teas and all that.” said Terry with an air of authority since he would be moving up from the bottom of pecking order.

“Well I’s ain’t fucking doing ’em yet is I!” replied Kelvin with a grin. “Well, come here round the far side of me bench and pretend yer showing us something or that! But for fuck’s sake hurry up before I’s cums!”

“Me zips undone, just get yer hand under me apron and yer can feel me spunky pants!” volunteered an already overexcited Terry.

Nervous at offering himself, but nevertheless desperate for some attention by a strange hand Terry pushed himself forward. Kelvin certainly did feel the spunky underpants, with his hand inside he soon found that for all Terry’s bluster his cock was nowhere as large as Bogbrush’s well fondled specimen, being circumcised made it seem even smaller, tactfully he concluded. “Ain’t very big is it!”

However, Terry wasn’t listening for he was desperately scrabbling under Kelvin’s apron to extricate what he remembered as a fantasy inducing organ, he was to be rewarded to find it distended and already slippery with precum. The snag was that he could not free it from the Guptha International orange with black trim briefs, although that should have been was no surprise since the fly had been sown up by mistake as indeed were his own briefs. The real problem was that due to the continuing groping by Terry’s unpractised, if very sticky fingers, Kelvin was rapidly beginning to exhibit signs that his long awaited climax was not very far away.

“I thought yer was gonna get me willy out ‘cause I don’t wanna cum in me pants, ‘cause it’ll make too much fucking mess!” hissed a very worried Kelvin, worried over what Doreen would say if he returned home his clothes daubed with spunk. Worried he may have been, but that didn’t stop him from starting to rub Terry’s organ, the recently deposited semen coating his underwear acting as lubricant.

“Yer willy’s caught in the bleeding elastic innit!” said Terry, his hand so slimy that he couldn’t get a firm grip on anything, which only added to the sensual effect that Kelvin’s so very experienced hand was having on his small cock. “I’ll get yer bleeding zip right down, that’ll help wunnit?”

“I’s don’t fucking know do us, just fucking hurry up before I’s cums!” gasped a very desperate Kelvin.

Apparently lightening didn’t strike in the same place twice, the same could have been said about a case of déjà vu, but sadly that too was about to be shown as false. The legendary poor quality of Guptha’s International clothing was about to be highlighted yet again, in fact just as had happened to Kelvin before when the zip of his jeans had detached itself from the denim. So, true to form the zip of his sub-standard trousers had just detached itself in revenge for being so roughly handled by the highly charged Terry.

“Alright, don’t get angry.” replied Terry, by now not too sure what was going on.

“Well I’s gonna cum yer twatt ain’t us, just fucking hurry up and get it out!”

To the subtle noise of a seam ripping itself asunder after having been under so much pressure from within, the stitching which had previously started to fail now completely gave way. Earlier having exposing a flash of orange to Mr Parker, a veritable swathe of orange had now appeared for the seam had parted all the way down the back to where the zip should had been. Essentially the trouser legs were now separate and held only by the waistband which in turn allowed most of Kelvin’s very spunky briefs to be display both front and back.

“I’s trying… oh bloody hell!” Terry looked in surprise at what had been revealed.

“Oh fucking hell no! No!” croaked Kelvin incredulous that God should allow this to happen on such an important day.

But it had. The zip now detached fell to the floor leaving a gaping orange hole and Terry quite speechless staring at the colossal globules of semen being pumped through the orange fabric by Kelvin’s overactive loins. Hands wet with Kelvin’s hot cum he was now fully prepared to conclude a messy bedtime fantasy that he had enacted on so many occasions while at school. Since the trousers now longer posed quite such a barrier he grappled with the sewn up fly of the orange briefs hoping to free Kelvin’s monster cock. However, from the start things didn’t go too well for the huge organ quickly escaped from the tired elastic around Kelvin’s legs and sensing it’s freedom protruded from the zipless opening to continue squirting a rich and seemingly unending stream of hot spunk in Terry’s direction.

“Now lads, thought I’d better see how you two are getting on…” Mr Parker was just approaching Kelvin’s bench, his voice tailed off, “what the… oh bloody hell!”


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