Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 1: Weird Science

I was barely aware of my surroundings, just faint noises. My eyes were closed, and I felt warm. I tried to move but couldn’t, it was like I was paralysed, but it didn’t concern me at all; somehow, I knew I would be alright.

The faint noises I could hear became clearer, the muffled sounds began to take become clearer. Soon the voice became clear as I head the unhappy tone of my mother yelling at me to get up.

I opened my eyes. I was lying flat on my back, uncovered and naked. My arms lay by my side and my legs closed and straight. When I looked at my body, I saw my cock was hard and pointing to the ceiling. It was perfectly straight. I looked at my partially retracted foreskin and the tip which was moist, I wanted to move, to touch myself but didn’t feel I had the energy.

Then my mother barged through my bedroom door.

“You should have been up ages ago. Your brothers are ready and already eating their breakfast.”

“Brothers! What brothers.” I was an only child, or I was before I went to sleep.

“Don’t start that again!” She shouted. “And don’t think about having a wank,” she slapped my hard cock, which caused me to flinch, “we don’t have time this morning.”

I could finally move and my hands instinctively shielded by hardness from my mother and another possible cock bashing.

“I’m not moving until you do.” She frowned at me.

I swung my legs over the side of my bed, continuing to cover my modesty. I looked around my room, it seemed familiar, but things were different. I went to grab some clean underwear, but the drawer contained some old junk of mine, old pens, rulers, charger cables.

“Where’s my underwear.” I thought I said myself. But my mother shrugged and grabbed some from a different drawer.

“What’s the matter with you this morning.” It wasn’t a question, she threw my skimpy briefs at me and told me to put them on.

She watched as I had to expose myself to climb into the tightest white briefs I had ever worn. My cock was still hard, so I pulled it to the side to ensure I remained covered.

“I’ve no idea why you are suddenly so shy. You’ve never been ashamed of showing your stuff before. And isn’t today when you model for the science class. The Sex-Ed class. I couldn’t believe it when you came home with that permission slip and asked me to sign it. Just so you can stand in front of your whole class and show off your penis and testicles. I’m sure you’re not the most developed boy in the class.”

She’s joking, she must be. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at her strangely, but she just smiled back. She was joking, she had to be.

“Now get dressed and come down for your breakfast.” She finally left me alone in my room.

My hand felt my hard cock through my briefs. I so wanted to deal with it but knew I couldn’t. If I couldn’t deal with it, I wished it would go away, but it stubbornly remained as I went in search of my school uniform. Thankfully that was in the right place and looked familiar.

That was until I put the blazer on. The badge on the breast pocket was slightly different, the two lions were rampant. I’m sure they weren’t always rampant. I know I don’t pay attention to detail, but this just seemed wrong.

I checked myself in the mirror. My cock was now half hard, and my larger than normal bulge was disguised by the black trousers.

Downstairs, I was greeted by my two ‘brothers’. I looked at them but didn’t know their names. One looked younger than me and was dressed in the same uniform that I was wearing. The other looked older and was in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Why aren’t you in uniform?” I asked him.

“Cuz I go to college, Kobhead.”

I looked at him daggers. “Will, if you don’t mind. And what’s your name? Or should I just call you Wanker?”

“Funny, Will. You crack me up. Shame Mum burst in on you this morning and stopped you finishing yourself off. Hope you don’t have blue-balls all day.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Besides, I just came all over your pillow after Mum left.”

The older brother leapt to his feet. “You better fucking not have.” And rushed upstairs.

I turned to my younger brother. “Hey Squirt, what’s yours and his name?”

“What the hell are you playing at? I’m Rob, and he’s Tom. What’s up with you?”

Our mother came into the kitchen and answered his question. “He’s playing silly buggers and pretending he doesn’t have any brothers. I think he’s just scared about science class today, he wished he hadn’t volunteered.”

“Don’t worry, Will.” Rob consoled me. “Almost everyone has seen your knob before, and you enjoy showing it off. I wish mine were as big as yours.”

“It will be, Rob.” Our mother tousled his hair. “It’s about time you had another a growth spurt, and I bet it will be in the penis department. Looking at you now, Will was very much like you at your age, if not a little smaller.” She smiled at Rob, knowing the thought that his dick would be bigger than mine would make him feel better.

I could hear Tom bound down the stairs.

“You liar.” He said to me. “But I wouldn’t have put it passed you, you pervert.”

“I must take after you then.” I retorted.

“Enough bickering.” Our mother intervened, and that was it. She dragged Rob and me into the car, leaving Tom at home, to take us to school.


I met up with my best mate, Pete, at least that hadn’t changed when I got to school. He looked at me oddly when I began to ask him questions, but he indulged me and explained what had happened.

Apparently, I had volunteered to be the life model for the sex-ed class. I needed a partner and didn’t choose Pete, he was so relieved as he was sure I would choose him, but instead chose a quiet boy called James. Today was the day that I was going to be on display. In addition to me, a girl had volunteered. So, there were to be two naked models, a boy and a girl, and two assistants, a boy and a girl.

Pete told me it was nearly time for registration and that I should go to the science lab.

I met James waiting outside the door with the two girls.

The teacher, Mr Bale, let us in and showed us through to the back room where equipment was stored.

“You two,” he pointed at me and a girl, Vicki, “strip off and wait here until I call for you. And Will,” he stared at me, “I don’t want you to get a hard-on. At least not yet anyway.”

“W… what about us, Sir?” James stuttered.

“You two wait here too. But keep your clothes on, at least for now.”

Mr Bale turned and walking back into the classroom to let the rest of the class in. As they all made their way to their seats, four chairs were conspicuously empty. Ours. And I started to feel nervous.

“Quieten down so we can start.” He waited a minute for the noise to lessen. “Right, today we are looking at Human anatomy,”

There was a roar of delight from the class.

“Ok, guys. Come on through and stand at the front.”

All four of us appeared at the back of the class and walked to the front. I had lost my nerves and had a huge smile on my face as I turned to face the class. Those initial nerves had done a fantastic job of keeping my cock limp and was happy that the four floppy inches hugged the contours of my full balls.

The class stared at Vicki and me, their eyes darting from one naked body to the other. Pete, I noticed, seemed to keep his eyes on my groin. My cock threatened to start lengthening, but I just looked away and ignored him. James stood next to me and seemed very nervous, keeping his eyes glued to a dirt mark on the back wall.

“These lessons are all part of your sex and relationship education.” Mr Bale continued. “We will be looking at the mechanics of sex and the emotional aspects, we will also be looking at sexuality and self-exploration and expression.”

The class began to glaze over, they wanted to get to the good stuff.

Mr Bale started with me.

“Let’s start with his penis. As you can see he his intact. That is, he is uncircumcised. His foreskin covers his glans. Now if we pull back the foreskin, you can see his glans.”

This was the cue for James, who tentatively grabbed my dick with two fingers and gently pulled back my foreskin to reveal my moist knob.

One by one, the class came up to look at it. Some guys tried to tease me by blowing air over my dick. I would groan and smile at them before saying ‘thanks, blow me later’. The girls took a close look, most of them taking the opportunity to see a dick up close for the first time.

“James,” Mr Bale got his attention. “Hold Will’s penis up so we can all see the underside.”

James didn’t speak but just did what was asked of him.

“Now, on the underside of his penis, where his glans meets the shaft, you can see a small string of skin that attaches the two. That is called the frenulum. It is a very sensitive part of the penis. If the penis is intact.” Mr Bale turned to the class. “Is any boy here circumcised?”

One boy raised his hand.

“Ah, good. Could you come up to the front, John.”

John dreaded what was coming next but was powerless to stop it. He could have said no, but he just didn’t have the confidence.

“Now stand next to Will and drop your trousers and lift up your shirt.

John did as he was told, and the class came up a second time to compare the two dicks. With all the attention his cock was getting, John began to get hard. He slowly grew from nearly four inches to just over six. It jutted out from his body pointing at the class.

“James, why don’t you stroke John a little while and describe what you are feeling.”

James reached out and grasped the shaft. “It feels hard.” The class laughed, but were quickly silenced by a sharp hand gesture from the teacher. “and warm. The skin feels rougher. Dryer. It feels different. Each time I pull down, I can feel friction, it not as smooth as it should be.”

“Quite right, James. By removing the foreskin, the glans loses its protective covering, so the skin compensates by getting thicker, and as a result, it loses its natural lubrication. Pre-ejaculate may compensate but generally isn’t sufficient to make masturbation or sex enjoyable.”  He looked directly at John. “So, what do you use as a lubricant when you masturbate?”

John turned bright red and wanted to run out of the classroom.

Mr Bale stared at him, waiting for an answer but spoke to James when he realised he was still wanking John. “James, you can stop now.”

James moved and stood next to me again. I smiled at him.

“Well, John?” Mr Bale became insistent.

“Recently I’ve been using a hand moisturiser.”

“Sufficient I suppose, but I would recommend a proper lubricant and not an oil-based one. Especially when you begin to start having sex.”

John nodded.

“You’ve not started, have you?”

“Urm… No.” John went bright red again.

“Don’t worry, the majority of your classmates aren’t having sex either. And most who say they do are lying.”

Mr Bale decided to stop any further torture for John. “Ok, you had better sit down before you explode over your classmates.”

Everyone tittered.

Next, Mr Bale moved on to the testicles and let every person in the class get the opportunity to feel the weight of mine and roll them around in their hand.

James was told to hold my dick away from my balls so the class could see how low my balls were hanging.

The constant touching of my balls made my dick grow, and soon I was displaying my rampant hardon to the class. James kept hold of it even though there was now no need to hold it out the way, and I noticed the tip start to leak and drip over James’ hand.

“Ok, now for some internal anatomy. You all can see that the male body is different from the female body, now I will show you an internal difference, the prostate.”

Mr Bale pulled on a latex glove, and with his other hand, he spread lubricant on his sheathed index finger.

He told me to turn around and bend over, holding onto my ankles. James was told to stand behind me and reach forward to spread his arse cheeks. The class gathered around and looked me directly in my pucker. The cool air tickled my hole, and I made it wink at the class as they stared at it.

The class was instructed to watch as Mr Bale pushed his finger slowly into my arsehole.

“Just relax Will.”

Mr Bale fucked my arse with his finger, loosening me up. Nothing had ever been up there, so it felt a little weird at first, but I soon started to enjoy the feeling. As I became looser, he inserted two fingers. This stretched me further and touched something inside me, which made me groan.

When he pulled his two fingers out, I could feel the cool air on me, and my arse felt both empty and full at the same time. It was a strange sensation, and I could feel my arsehole slowly close. The class just stared at my gaping red hole, slowly observing the stretched muscle retract and close tight.

Everyone in the class was given a glove and were told to form an orderly queue, each one waiting to insert their finger into me to feel my prostate.

The constant pushing in and out of me felt amazing, my dick would twitch with each new kid probing me, and my dick would leak each time they found my prostate. Some lingered on it which felt fucking awesome. Some of the cheeky boys would shove two fingers inside me. I liked those best, the feeling of my insides being stretched, my anus gripping down on the fingers while their fingertips rubbed against my prostate. I couldn’t help but groan every time.

My best mate, Pete, was one of the last to insert his fingers, and he enjoyed playing with my now well-stretched hole. Two fingers were soon ploughing inside and out, I closed my eyes and imagined it was his cock.

“I can’t find it, Sir,” Pete complained as he continued fucking me with his fingers.

I tried to muffle my moans.

“Curl your fingertips upwards and rub against the surface.”

“I can feel it, Sir. It’s quite squidgy.”

It only took a couple more prods against my prostate, and my dick erupted. Cum flew from my dick and landed on the floor and James’ trousers. My orgasm surprised me and left me breathless.

“Sir?” Pete asked. “His arse gripped my finger when he came. Is that normal?”

“Yes, Pete. As Will orgasmed, it caused his muscles to involuntarily flex and relax. The anus is one muscle that does that, especially if he is being stimulated anally.

“But I didn’t know you could cum just from being butt-fucked.”

“Some people can. And Will looks like he’s one of those people.”

“Oh, fuck.” I groaned again, Pete was still thrusting his finger into me and massaging my prostate. Each time caused another drop of slime to emerge from my cock.

“Pete.” Mr Bale watched as he continued to finger fuck me. “I think you’d better take your finger from Will’s anus unless you want to make him orgasm again.”

Pete grinned. I knew he wanted to carry on, perhaps even get his cock out and fuck me.

“Yes, Sir.” Pete pulled out and took off the latex glove.

Pete slapped my arse and went back to his seat.

With the anal probing finished, I was allowed to stand up and face the class again. My dick was going soft, my knob-end red and exposed with strings of cum dripping from the tip.

“Oh, dear Will. We missed you ejaculating. It would have been nice to see that. But no matter, perhaps later.” Mr Bale sounded disappointed.

For the next half hour, I had to stand still and quiet as Mr Bale concentrated on the girl.

It gave me a chance to get my breath back, and I was desperate to tug on my softening dick to squeeze those last remnants of cum from my shaft. I waited until the class were inspecting Vicki’s cunt before I tugged on my dick and released the final drops of cum from inside.

I now stood quiet and still, waiting for when Mr Bale would come back to me.

“Masturbation!” Mr Bale exclaimed, and I was jolted from my trance. “You all do it. Even the girls. So don’t deny it.”

I watched as some of the boys’ faces went bright red.

“William. Show us your technique.” Mr Bale demanded.

I reached for my soft dick, gripping it between two fingers and my thumb and slowly started to pull backwards and forwards. I carried on for a few minutes while my dick responded and got hard again.

“Everyone look at Will,” Mr Bale said, “now boys. Who uses this technique?”

Both he and I looked at the class, but no one put up their hand. Surely I wasn’t some freak with a unique technique.

Mr Bale grew impatient and chose a boy at random. “Alright! Max, come up here and demonstrate of Will your masturbation technique.”

If Max could have crawled under his desk, he would have. His face went bright red, and he lowered his head, staring at the blank notepad on his desk.

“Come on, Max. We don’t have all day.”

I watched him as he gingerly got up from his chair, we were sort of friends and often played football together at the park. Other than football we didn’t really talk as he was very shy. As he came towards me, I could see a bulge in his black trousers.

Max stood in front of me and carefully took hold of my dick in his fist and slowly wanked me. “Like this, Sir.” He said quietly.

“Don’t be silly, Max. No one can see you. Turn around and stand to one side.”

I watched him close his eyes and step aside, with his back to the class, he carried on wanking my hard dick.

“Ah, Max. The full fist. Well, that is good. Especially if you have a good length to hold on to like William.”

“Do you have a good length, Max,” I whispered to him so Mr Bale couldn’t hear.

Max started giggling but didn’t miss a beat as he continued to pull on my dick.

“Alright, Max. Go sit down. I think you’ve played with Will long enough don’t you.”

Max let go of me, and my hand immediately went back to my dick, and I carried on with a slow wank.

“Right. Boys only. I won’t embarrass any more of you by showing us your technique. Instead. All line-up and I want each of you to show me a different technique on Will which we haven’t seen before. We will then go around and around until you have all ran out of ideas.”

I let go of my dick and let the boys begin. Each one demonstrated on me for about thirty seconds. One lad used both hands, stroking me with one while rubbing my bell-end with the other, this was new to me, but I loved it. I loved his gentle and sensual touch, and the teacher praised him for using both hands.

All the different touches sent shivers of pure lust from my balls and sent my breathing shallow and fast. I could feel the warm air of Mr Bale’s breath in my ear as he whispered to me. “I know you’re close. Just let it go.”

I groaned as I heard him, I clenched my buttocks tight and thrust my hips forward. My eyes were closed as I just stood and endured this delightful torture. My balls ached.

A new hand took hold of me and was quite rough. I gasped as the boy pulled down hard on my shaft slamming into my pubic bone. The hand gripped firm and squeezed me with each blow of his fist.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming.” I wheezed.

The fist kept pumping me as my dick throbbed and spurted. A long rope flew from my knob to the desks in front of me and landed over the books and papers that littered them. The fist still kept pumping me, and each new spurt flew in a different direction, some high in the air, some low, some even back towards me and landed on my right nipple.

I was almost spent, and my dick throbbed. I pushed the fist that sent me over the edge away from my dick. I grabbed it firmly and gave it a few slow strokes and watched as the last few spurts dribbled from my split and onto the floor between my legs.

I felt knackered but fantastic.

Mr Bale waited until I got my breath back. “Thank you, Will. Now you and James go into my office and get ready for the final part. Will, you will need to use the implements to get James ready. All the instructions are there.”

James and I closed the office door behind us. On Mr Bale’s desk was what looked like simple dildos of various sizes.

I went over and picked up a laminated sheet that sat next to the dildos. I quickly read it and gave James his instructions.

“Well, James. I need to dilate your hole with the anal dilators until you’re loose enough to take my dick without squealing.”

“What for?” He asked.

“Well, then comes the interesting bit. We both go back out when called and I get to fuck you in front of the entire class.”

“No fucking way!”

I was startled by James raising his voice and swearing at me, he was usually so quiet and polite. I smiled at him, trying to calm him and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Look, James. It’ll be fine. I’m the one doing all the work. You just have to stand there, or lie there…” I thought for a moment. “I’m not quite sure how he wants us to do it. But it’ll be fun. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And just think, by doing this you are almost certain to get a top grade.”

James thought for a moment.

“And you’d get all the street cred.”

“No! I can’t do it. I can’t go out there naked. Show everybody my body. I don’t even do that in front of my family.” James sounded mortified.

“But family is different. This is a bunch of guys, mates, who see you naked every week in the changing room. Look, just start with me. You’re looking at me naked now. You’ve seen me hard, you’ve seen me with fingers up my arse, and you’ve seen me cum. Now if I can do that… ”

“But I’m scared.” James interrupted.

“Don’t be. Just relax and let’s start by taking your shirt off.”

I reached for his school tie and pulled it from around his neck and placed it on the table over the anal dilators. He just stood still and allowed me to carefully unbutton his shirt. It took some yanking to get it free from his trousers, but it came loose eventually. This joined his tie on the desk. I reached over and rubbed my hand over his smooth skin. His chest was flawless and white studded with two bright red nipples which now stood erect.

My fingers rubbed against one of his nipples and James drew in a sharp breath. My hand went lower and rested against his flat stomach. I felt some light, invisible, hairs brush against my fingertips.

“Now, don’t worry,” I told James as I felt for his belt buckle and unclasped it.

I could now see the waistband of his underwear, and I unzipped his fly to let his bulging underpants expand.

James now stood shirtless, with his trousers around his ankles. His tight white briefs barely containing his hard cock and ample balls.

I cupped his bulge in my hand and felt his cock jerk. James was now so sexually excited I could do almost anything to him. He was now nearly ready.

Gently, I pulled his shoes and socks off and let his trousers fall to the floor. James stepped back and allowed me to toss his trousers aside.

All he was now wearing was his tight briefs showing off his delicious package. I felt my mouth watering as I stared, eager to taste the young lad.

Lust took over my mind, and I fell to my knees and sucked his pouch into my mouth. The taste of fresh cotton with a hint of youthful musk hit my taste buds. James moaned as his fleshy crotch pressed against my face. For a moment, I sucked on his knob, trying to get as much of the cotton clad organ into my mouth. I desperately wanted James.

My fingers gripped his underpants and wrenched them down. His damp cock slapped me on the cheek as my mouth searched for the tip so I could swallow him.

James groaned as my lips flowed down his shaft. His knob caught the back of my thought just as my nose was reaching his small bush of light brown pubes. Without thinking, I was slurping up and down his cock, my hands now kneading his buttocks.

It didn’t take long before I felt James thrusting deeper into my mouth, his cock swelling even thicker and his milky white cum coat the back of my tongue.

I swallowed as much of his cum as I could, but some seeped out the corner of my mouth.

“Fuck, that felt good.” James rasped.

I released his cock from my mouth and licked the drops from the edge of my mouth. I pushed James backwards until he rested against the desk. I wanted to push him back over it, but the anal dilators sat in the way. Reaching around, I grabbed them and pushed James onto the desk, causing his legs to automatically raise up. I ducked between them and let them rest on my shoulders. If we weren’t in school, I could have guided my hard cock into his exposed hole. But I need to work on it first.

The smallest dilator was only three inches long and as thick as a finger. I squeezed some lube onto it and pressed it against James’ hole.

James let out a long and slow breath as I pushed inside.

“See it’s easy,” I told James.

I pushed in and out a few times and watched as his cock began to grow again.

“I see you like the small one. It must be time to go larger.”

I replaced the three-inch dilator with the next size. It was about five inches long and as thick as two fingers.

Even with lube on, it didn’t slide in easily. But with a firm push and dull grunt from James and his arsehole sucked in the intruder.

James grew accustomed to the larger size quite quickly, but I fucked him with it longer to ensure he body truly accepted it.

When I saw his cock start to inflate again, I knew it was time.

“Time to go even bigger.”

I grabbed the biggest anal dilator, lubed it up and pressed it against his half-open hole. As I pushed it in, I heard a sigh come from James. This time it was a struggle, so I just fucked him with the tip to start with go ever so slightly deeper each time. Soon James was taking the huge dildo easily.

I continued to fuck him with the white dildo and lowered my head and sucked in one of his balls. My nose was at the base of his cock, but James soon got it out of my way and began to pump his cock to the same rhythm I was fucking his hole.

His balls tasted salty from his sweat, and his musk filled my lungs. Each breath I took more of his boy scent I inhaled, the scent made my cock pulse with each breath. I was hard and aching but had no free hands to satisfy myself, I had to make do with thrusting my hips into thin air wishing I was inside James. But I couldn’t cum yet, I had to wait until I had done the demonstration for the class. Then I could cum. Until then, I just let it all build up inside me.

James was rock hard and frantically thrashing his cock with his hand. I was pounding his arse with the dildo and sucking hard on his balls. Before long, I could feel his balls pulling against me, wanting to draw up. He was close.

I pushed the dildo in one final time, I heard James groan, and I released his ball from my lips and watched as his cock spewed cum up his body and onto his face. His mouth was open, panting with exertion, and a rope of cum flew into it and over his lips. Instinctively he licked his salty cum from his lips and mouth and swallowed. His hand pumped slowly on his cock as the last few spurts dribbled from his piss slip and gathered in his foreskin. He squeezed the end of his knob, and his thick white cum oozed from the end.

I wanted to lick it but was disturbed by a knock on the door. Pete was on the other side, telling us Mr Bale was ready for us.

James jumped quickly down from the table as soon as I pull the large dildo out of his arse. His cock shrank suddenly, and I took his hand and led him out into the classroom. He was in a slight daze concerning what was about to happen and wanted to keep him that way.

As we walked to the front of the class, I noticed that his soft cock was dripping bits of cum over the floor. If anyone else noticed they didn’t say anything. I guessed that they were too busy looking at my rampant cock, which led the way.

James lay down on the front desk and lifted his legs.

“Ok, James. Let’s get started then.” Mr Bale said.

“Will?” He threw me a condom. “First show the class how to put one of these on.”

“Yes, Sir,” I spoke hesitantly as I never really had put one on before.

Mr Bale picked up on my tone of voice and suggested that I pass him back the condom.

“Ok.” Mr Bale took control of the demonstration. “First off. Make sure the condom is within its use by date. If it is too old, then it could begin to disintegrate, and it won’t be effective against preventing STIs or getting a girl pregnant.

The class looked on, bored.

“Once you’ve checked that it is within date, tear open the packet. Do not use your teeth as you could accidentally tear the condom.”

Mr Bale opened the condom and placed it in the palm of his hand. “And here it is. Pick up the condom by the teat and squeeze all the air out.”

Mr Bale came over to me. “Now, with the teat still squeezed, place the condom on the tip of the penis.”

As he did this, my cock jerked and slipped out. The class laughed.

He tried again. “Place the condom on the tip of the penis and hold it in place with the other hand.”

My cock jerked again at his touch, but he held it firmly in place.

“With your fingers carefully roll the condom down the shaft of the penis.”

“Oh, fuck!” I groaned as his fingers stroked me wanting him to do more, but I held in my desire as soon I would be inside James.

The class stared at my sheathed cock, and I tensed my muscles to give them a little wave. Some of the girls giggled.

“So. Anal sex.” Mr Bale sighed. “Will, go up to James and place his legs and your shoulders.”

I didn’t need the running commentary or the instructions. I placed the tip of my cock against James’ hole and pushed. Once my knob was inside, I stopped and looked down at James.

He smiled at me, and I knew he wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, so I slowly pushed in further.

My cock slowly disappeared inside James. As I got close to filling him, he moaned, and I felt his insides squeeze me. It felt amazing, so I went all the way in until my pubes were tickling his balls. James began to wriggle, so I held on to his hips and kept him still. Carefully I pulled out until only my knob was left in.

I hadn’t heard anything Mr Bale was saying and hadn’t noticed what was going on around, but as I ploughed back inside a face blocked my view as a girl got a close look at me penetrating James.

Thankfully the head moved so I could watch myself fucking James.

I increased my speed gradually until it got the point I was pounding James, he never got hard while I fucked him; I think I drained him of cum earlier.

Mr Bale put his hand on my arm. “Hey, Will. Calm down. Don’t hurt him.”

I turned and looked at him, slowing down my thrusting.

“Oh!” I pulled out and pounded back in hard. “Fuck!” I pulled out again and thrust in as deep as I could go and held it there. “Fuuuck!” I let out as my cock exploded inside the condom inside James. I wished I was spraying his insides, and I hoped I might get another chance in private.

With short slow stroked, I finished cumming and held my cock inside him as I caught my breath.

Pete, the cheeky bastard, started clapping. The rest of the class quickly joined in, and I turned to look at them and smiled. James looked over, as well. I’m sure I saw him smile, but even if didn’t I sensed a new pride in his face. They were clapping him as well as me.

I pulled out and was made to stand in front of the class with my soiled condom still on. It looked a mess. My cum had filled the teat and had spread down my shaft. It was one massive load which should have been seeping out of James’ arse and being licked up by me as his ring pulsated eager to feel my thick cock entering once again.

Mr Bale took off my condom, explaining everything he was doing. My cock was deflating as his fingers gripped the base and pulled the condom off my sticky cock. He held it up to show to the class. My cum pooled at the end. It was, indeed, a large load. Mr Bale tied a knot in the condom to prevent my cum from leaking and told the class to discard in the bin, NOT down the toilet. He sounded very firm.

James got off his back and stood next to me, displaying his naked body proudly. His cock hung limp and his balls tight against him.

The class was nearly over, but we were no longer needed. Mr Bale sent us in the back again to get cleaned up and dressed. This was then the girls showed the class how lesbians have sex.

James and I got dressed and went back out to watch the finale as Vicky came.

It would seem that the class didn’t need to know about straight sex today; that was going to wait until the next lesson. Which was fine by me. I wanted to fuck James again anyway.


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  1. Love this story of Will and his family. I read this one sometime ago and this revisit was just as exciting. Looking forward to the whole series.

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  2. Loved it. Hard reading but I persevered! Well worth it. I peaked at the same time as Will. I know I will enjoy the rest.

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