Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 8: Travelling Light

All I had to do was pack a small bag for the holiday Tom was taking me on. It’s all we had room for anyway. The day before we were due to leave, Tom had packed the small VW Polo with the camping gear; a tent, stove, sleeping bags, some rolled up foam thinking that we were supposed to sleep on. Neither of us had been camping before, Mum and Dad would always take us to hotels or rent cottages when they took us on holiday.

But Blondie had been camping before, or so he’d told us. It was his camping gear we were using.

That night I was too excited to sleep. Even when I tossed myself off, it didn’t send me to sleep, so I just lay in my bed playing with my limp dick thinking about the camping trip that was to come.

Every hour I would look at the clock, its dim red numbers teasing me that I was still awake. The last time I remembered seeing was 03:27. I must have finally dropped to sleep sometime later.


It took a bomb to wake me the next morning. That bomb took the shape of Tom barging into my room at seven o’clock.

Tom jumped on my bed, which abruptly woke me up. I didn’t know what was happening, so I flew my arms out to try and get the weight off me. But Tom grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the bed.

“Get off!” I screamed.

I looked at Tom, who was now sitting astride of me. I noticed he was naked and looked at his soft cock nestled in the ruffles of my duvet.

“You were dead to the world. I had to wake you somehow.”

Tom jumped off me and pulled my duvet along with him. I lay there naked, my cock still soft; I was too tired to even have morning wood.

“Come on. Aiden is going to be here soon, and we need to get an early start to ensure we make the ferry on time.” Tom looked at my naked body. “So get in that shower, it might be the last one you get for a few days. And don’t think about wanking. We don’t have the time.”

Tom left me, and I started to feel a chill. I knew I had to get up, so I slowly dragged my half-asleep carcass out of bed and walked to the bathroom like a zombie.

I had a quick piss and then showered. Tom came in while I was washing to clean his teeth and have a shave.

“Tom!” I called out to him. “Are you still there?”

“Yep.” He replied, his mouth full of foam from his toothpaste.

“I forgot my towel. Can you get me one?” I asked.

“Sure. I just need to finish up, give me a minute.”

The shower didn’t wake me, so I remained a zombie while I dressed and went down for breakfast.

My mind didn’t wake up until I saw Blondie coming up our driveway as I put my bag in the back of the car.

My mum and dad were around, so I just gave Blondie a man hug.

“Morning, Will.” Blondie smiled at me. “I’m so glad you’re coming. We’ve promised your mum and dad we will take good care of you.”

“Thanks, Mate,” I said.

“I see you’re travelling light.” Blondie checked out my clothes; shorts and a t-shirt. This time I wore underwear. I thought it best not to let thing swing while we were travelling.

“I like to be comfortable,” I told Blondie. “If I’m going to cramped in the back of that tiny car I want to comfortable and not trussed up in jeans.” I looked over at Blondie disapprovingly at his jeans.

As Blondie, Tom and I were about to get in the car and head off, mum started to cry. She hugged me tightly, not wanting to let me go. Dad pulled her off me, and she gave me a tearful kiss on the cheek.

There were no tears for Tom, he was old enough to go on holiday on his own. But he was taking his fifteen-year-old brother with him. She thought I was too young, but Tom and Dad managed to persuade her otherwise.

I felt so much better when we were on our way and out of sight.

“Thank fuck we’ve left. Mum was really clingy.” I said to my brother and Blondie in the front seats.

The noise of the satnav told Tom where to drive. He was concentrating on his driving, and Blondie was twisting round to talk to me from the front seat.

“She cares for you, Will. Just be grateful for that.” Blondie said.

“I am. It’s just difficult to handle first thing in the morning.”

“So, Will. What are you looking forward to? What do you want to do while we are in France?” Blondie asked.

“Well, Paris would be good. But it’s so expensive we might not be able to afford it. I’ve been with school on a trip, but that was just the Eiffel Tower and the café culture. It was supposed to help with our language. To be honest, it didn’t help at all, I’m still crap at French.”

“I know how you feel. My French is worse than crap.” Blondie pulled out a small phrasebook from his pocket. “That’s why I got this.”

Blondie’s neck was getting stiff twisting round to talk to me.

“Tom here is concentrating on getting us to the ferry, scoot over and let me join you back there, I’m getting this horrendous crick in the neck.”

I was glad to have some company in the back and Blondie and I kept chatting. It must have been the longest we had ever spoken, and it was great to get to know him. He wasn’t just a great body and sweet hole to fuck.

At some point in our drive down to Dover, I fell asleep. I snuggled against Blondie, holding onto his arm, nuzzling my head into his shoulder.

When I woke, Blondie’s shoulder was damp. I had been dribbling on him.

“Sorry,” I said as I woke, still feeling groggy.

“Don’t worry, it’s alright. You looked so cute as you slept.” Blondie smiled.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“About half an hour to Dover,” Tom called from the driver’s seat. “And because you fell asleep on Aiden, I’ve had to drive all the way. He was supposed to take over half an hour ago.”

“No sweat, Tom. I said I’ll take over the first leg in France.” Blondie reassured Tom.

We were supposed to stop off for a break, but because I fell asleep and neither of them wanted to wake me, we drove right through to Dover and got there early.

We were lucky because they managed to get us on an earlier ferry, so we didn’t have a long wait.

After leaving the car on the car deck, we went to one of the cafés for a bite to eat.

The full English breakfast was alright, but not the best, and afterwards, I suggested we go out on deck.

Once out on deck, I was fully exposed to the wind and the cold. I was fucking freezing out there. Tom and Blondie just laughed their heads off as I shivered and rubbed my body with my hands to keep warm.

“You should’ve worn some proper clothes.” Tom giggled, “not that poor excuse for a football kit.”

I looked at my loose red shorts, and dark t-shirt blazoned some abstract pattern. I suppose it did look like a football kit put together by a blind monkey.

I tried to get back inside, but they blocked the door.

“It’s lovely out here.” Blondie smiled. “Lovely weather.” He took in a deep breath of the cold air. “It feels so bracing.”

Tom joined Blondie to block my exit. “Come on, Aiden. We really ought to let the poor kid inside. It’s so cold out here.”

Tom grinned at Blondie and whispered something in his ear.

I watched in anticipation, or was it terror, when they both turned their heads slowly to look at me.

Tom gave Blondie a subtle nod, and it all happened so fast I couldn’t stop it.

Blondie grabbed me, spun me around and wrapped his arms around my chest, trapping my arms against my sides. Tom yanked down my shorts, lifted my legs and pulled my shorts off. Blondie held me so tight that he took my weight to prevent me from falling to the ground.

My legs dangled and my feet hit the deck, Blondie released me but swiftly yanked my t-shirt over my head.

Tom teased me, dangling my shorts in front of me. Blondie teased me, dangling my t-shirt behind me. I tried to grab them but just wasn’t quick enough.

I gave up. It was too fucking cold. I stood between them in nothing but my trainers and tight white briefs. My cock was soft, but the bulge looked obscene on my slight frame.

“There’s the door, Will.” Tom teased, pointing to the door. “You’d better get out of the cold.”

My nipples were so cold and hard; they began to hurt. I dashed back inside and got some strange looks. Some young kids laughed at me, and I heard some grumbling adults moan about me being such a shameless exhibitionist. I stood stock still, thinking about what the fuck I should do. Tom and Blondie seem to have disappeared when I looked back out on deck. I wasn’t going back out there. It was too fucking cold.

Then I saw them. They stood at the back of the group of people staring at me and grumbling. They were laughing hysterically.

I ran, pushing my way through the crowd. I didn’t know where I was going, I just needed to get away from that crowd of gawkers before someone from the ship came and detained me.

I dashed into the corridor, looking left and right. Toilets. Thank fuck for that. I ran inside and burst into an empty cubicle.

The toilet was filthy. It stank of shit, and the floor was covered in piss. I couldn’t stay here or else I was going to be sick.

Reluctantly I left the stench of the bogs and went back into the corridor. No-one noticed me at first, but then a small group of kids saw me and giggled.

I felt like crying.

Then I saw Tom and Blondie. They ran to me. Both looked shit scared.

“Fucking hell, Will. We thought we’d lost you.” Blondie said.

“Shit, Will. Get these on fast before they come and drag you off to security.” Tom threw my shorts at me.

I felt better when I was back in my shorts and t-shirt. The guys couldn’t stop apologising and got really worried when they heard some women mention security and being detained when we got to Calais.

Tom was crapping himself in case he had to explain to mum and dad why I was in some French police station.

Tom hugged me and apologised again.

We went to the other end of the ship in the hope that no-one would recognise the boy running around in his pants.


I think all three of us were thankful when we docked in Calais and were safely back in the VW Polo. Blondie took the wheel, and Tom sat in the back with me. We sat patiently as Blondie drove us passed passport control and the French Police holding their guns.

Safely on the A16, heading to Boulogne, Tom leaned over and wrapped his arms over my shoulders.

“Sorry about what we did to you on the ferry.” Tom apologised. “I never thought it would get so serious.”

“Don’t worry. I was just afraid that security would get hold of me.” I smiled at Tom. “You know I like to let my cock out for an airing every now and then.”

Tom removed his arm and cupped the bulge in my shorts.

“I certainly do know how you like to show off. More people have seen this cock of yours, “ he gave it a squeeze, “than I’ve had hot dinners.”

“I’m just surprised I didn’t get hard, knowing that all those people were watching me. Eyes on my cock make me horny.”

“That would certainly get you into trouble. But I’m sure you would have liked getting caught and escorted off, your nine-inch hard-on pointing the way.”

“Well,” I thought, “Only if the guard was young and cute.”

I could feel my cock growing and push against Tom’s hand.

“Ooh.” Tom grinned at me, “I can feel movement down below.”

“What’s going off back there?” Blondie called behind him.

“Just keep your fucking eyes on the road and concentrate.” Tom chided him.

I felt Tom lean towards me and whisper in my ear. “Lift your arse up.”

Tom pulled my shorts and pants down, releasing my growing cock. “It feels so rubbery,” Tom told me.

“What does?” Blondie called from in front.

“Fucking hell, Aiden. Just concentrate on where we are going.”

Tom leant forward and sucked my half-hard cock into his mouth. I could feel his tongue flicking my exposed knob as he pulled down my foreskin with his hand.

I let my arse slide towards the end of the seat, and I closed my eyes. Instinctively my hands held on to Tom’s head. I gently held him allowing his silky black hair between my fingers. I rubbed his head as he sucked hard on my knob.

Ruffling his hair released a pleasant scent into the air. I lifted my right hand to my nose, keeping my left firmly in his hair. I inhaled the scent that his hair had left on my fingers; it was floral, not the usual anti-dandruff shampoo we usually used.

My cock swelled and pushed its way deeper into Tom’s throat. He gagged.

Tom pulled off my cock. He held it in his hand and stroked me to confirm I was now at full mast.

For a moment, I wondered if Tom was going to leave me hanging like this. I opened my eyes and look at Tom as a spit bubble emerged from between his lips. I watched it grow and drop down onto my exposed knob.

Before his spit could roll off down my cock, he lunged forward and swallowed me whole. My cock disappeared, and his nose was tickled by my unruly pubes.

“Oh, fuck.” I gasped.

Blondie tried to twist his head to see what caused me to gasp, but I was sitting behind the driver’s seat, so he saw nothing. I looked up at the rear-view mirror and saw him looking at me.

I winked at him and blew him a kiss.

Looking down, I watched as Tom pulled off my cock slowly. My slimy cock emerged, wet and wanting attention.

Tom kissed the end of my knob; his lips caused my cock to lurch and slap Tom on the nose. He jerked his head back and started to laugh.

“I’ve got your cock-snot on my nose.” Tom wiped his nose and sucked it from his finger.

“Try some more.” I nodded down to my oozing cock.

Tom slurped my cock back down his throat, his nose back nestling amongst my pubes.

“Oh fuck, Tom. Who or what have you been practising on?”

Tom didn’t answer, but he swallowed, and I felt his throat tighten against my cock. I felt my cock lurch again and precum ooze down Tom’s gullet.

My balls twitched as I felt Tom’s hand, his finger pushing beneath my arse and teasing its way to my hole. He pressed, and I allowed myself to open up, letting his finger inside me. Tom pushed deeper, his fist forcing itself underneath me, pushing me off the seat.

Tom found my button, and I squirmed, rolling around on his fist, my cock leaking down his throat.

“That feels fucking fantastic,” I whispered, my eyes shut tight.

Teasing me, Tom pulled off my cock and out of my arse. I opened my eyes to see Tom grinning in my face. He kissed me, and I stuck my tongue into his mouth, probing him and tasting my cock juices as I gulped down the pooling saliva from our mouths.

The taste of our mixed juices made my cock jump and pump more pre-cum. With both hands, I grabbed Tom’s head and kept his mouth against mine. The taste of my brother did more to me that his lips around my cock. My cock lurched between us as our tongues danced. Our saliva mixed and was passed between us, none of us swallowed, we could hardly breathe. In the moments the seal between our lips broke, spit would dribble down our chins. I felt the spittle drip onto my lap.

My brother pulled away for a moment, and we drew in a sharp, deep breath. Taking in much needed air. Joined again, our tongues continued their merry dance, my cock aching and jumping between our bodies.

I opened my eyes and saw Tom open his, locked together, we gazed into each other’s deep blue eyes. I felt an ache deep inside me, and we closed our eyes again.

My brother held onto the sides of my face with his hands. We were mirror images of each; held together by our hands, keeping our faces locked against each other. Two brothers were merged as one.

I felt Tom tickle the roof of my mouth with his tongue. It felt like he was licking my knob, making me squirm and leak pre-cum.

My balls tightened, and that feeling from deep inside me radiated all over me, my balls ached, and my cock lurched frantically between us.

Tom sucked hard as he pulled his tongue from my mouth. My tongue invaded my brother’s mouth, and as our tongues touched again, my cock exploded between us. I felt my cum fly from my pulsating cock.

We both remained still, our lips still together. We breathed in unison through our noses. I opened my eyes again and saw my brother looking at me, a satisfied longing in his eyes. I felt his lips curl into a smile.

Our hands relaxed, and we gently separated. I looked down between our bodies and noticed my cum splattered on both our t-shirts.

Tom glanced at his crotch. I followed his eyes to see the bulging fly of his jeans. He was as hard as I was.

My brother took my hand and placed it against his bulge. He whispered in my ear. “You made me cum.”

I couldn’t feel any dampness, it hadn’t yet soaked through his jeans.

I pulled up my shorts to cover my softening cock. I looked at my cum-stained t-shirt and wondered how I was clean it up. I sighed and decided to leave it.

After such a powerful orgasm, I grew tired and snuggled up to Tom. I closed my eyes, feeling the gentle rhythm of Tom’s breathing and the slight rise and fall of his chest. Despite it not even being midday, the hypnotic motion soon sent me sleep.


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