Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 10: Our First Night Under Canvas

I wandered around the campsite for a while, trying to find our tent. It was very dark now, but the weather was still hot and humid. Dim lights lit the pathways through the campsite, and eventually, I found the field where we had pitched our tent.

In the distance, I saw our red tent in the glow of the moonlight. I passed other tents and heard people talking to each other and rustling. As I approached our tent, that’s when I heard some unusual sounds.

I knelt on the dry grass and slowly pulled up the zip of the tent flap to make as little noise as possible. I was curious as to what was going off inside.

When the gap was big enough, I poked my head through and what I saw made my cock become instantly hard. Both Tom and Blondie were naked.

Blondie was lying flat on his back; his cock was rock hard and pointing to the sky. I watched Tom as his naked arse slowly connected with Blondie’s cock and engulfed it. I heard Tom stifle a groan as Blondie’s cock filled him and slid past his prostate.

“Fuck.” I tried to whisper, but the scene took me by surprise, and I spoke louder than I had hoped.

Tom twisted around and saw my head poking through the canvas.

He chortled but kept pressing down on Blondie’s cock. “Get your arse in here and zip up the flap,” Tom told me.

I crawled into the tent and zipped it closed. The inside was very dark, very little of the moonlight lit up our bodies.

My eyes started to adjust, and their forms began to take shape.

Tom was fucking himself on Blondie’s cock, while Tom’s cock flopped around, slapping himself on the belly and then slapping Blondie.

Blondie lay motionless, but I could see that his eyes were open, and he was enjoying what Tom was doing.

I knelt by Blondie’s head and kissed him. He groaned into my mouth.

“Stop prating about, Will and get them clothes off,” Tom told me as he bounced up and down.

I quickly stripped and before I thought what I was going to do, Tom instructed me.

“Straddle Aiden’s chest and feed your monster into his mouth.”

“Yes, Boss.” I saluted.

“And keep your bloody voice down, people out there can hear everything in here.”

“Yes, Boss,” I whispered.

“Fucking clown.” Tom hissed under his breath.

My cock had softened slightly, but it slipped between Blondie’s moist lips very easily. Behind me, I could feel Tom bouncing and his breath on my neck.

I twisted my neck around, and we kissed. Our lips met, and our tongues immediately tried to force themselves into each other’s mouth. I lost. Tom thrust his tongue deep inside my mouth, tickling me. His touch went right down my body and made my cock pulsate and grow even harder. Beneath me, I could hear Blondie choke, so I pulled back until his sweet lips were clamped around my bell-end.

I saw him struggling to lift his head to suck my cock, so I helped and supported him. His tongue worked its magic on my knob; he didn’t deep throat me, but then he didn’t need to as what he was doing felt fantastic.

Tom nibbled my neck. “My cock feels about ready to burst.” He whispered.

Blondie spat out my cock, “Keep going, I’m going to spray-paint your insides with my cum any minute.”

I pulled myself off Blondie so I could watch them fuck.

Blondie was forcibly thrusting upwards, crashing Tom’s balls. Their skin was slapping every time, but they didn’t care about the noise anymore. Their time was near, and that was all that mattered to them.

I was crouched in the corner, slowly stroking my cock as I watched the occasional rope of pre-cum fly from Tom’s cock as he happily bounced on Tom like he was a space hopper. I wanted to wrap my lips around his leaking cock, but they were thrashing against each other too violently, and I didn’t want to get a black eye or busted lip from his flailing body; I daren’t even kiss Tom as his movements were too unpredictable. Blondie was sweating profusely, and I could see the tiny droplets glisten as they caught what little moonlight penetrated the tent.

Blondie was panting, and then in one swift movement, he raised his chest from the ground, wrapped his arms tightly around Tom and held him still.

“Fuck!” He groaned as his body twitched as he came inside Tom.

Tom held Blondie close and rested his chin on his shoulder. In the darkness, I could see him lift his eyes and smile at me.

Exhausted, Blondie released Tom and fell back, his arms now stretched above his head, his chest rising and falling with his deep breaths.

Tom sat motionless on Blondie, his cock still buried deep within. Tom rested his hands and his thighs, and he looked like a silverback gorilla about to beat his chest in triumph.

I shuffled over to him and pressed my lips against his. We both opened our mouths, and our tongues played with each other. I reached down and grabbed his hard cock, lightly stroking it.

I could feel Tom tense up like he was about to cum, but before he could, he pushed me away.

Slowly, he lifted himself off Blondie’s cock. I heard the squelch as the half-hard cock was released and then slapped against his belly.

Tom rolled off Blondie and lay on his back. He lifted his knees and held on to the back of them with his hands and pulled them further up his body. Tom’s back curled, and his arse was lifted from the tent’s groundsheet.

“Get your long, fat cock inside me.” He told me.

I climbed over Blondie and knelt behind Tom. I held onto his legs and pushed so that Tom was almost bent in half. My hard cock throbbed in front of me and pointed at Tom’s gaping, cum filled hole.

Without any lube, I pushed into him; Blondie’s cum smeared onto my cock, and I heard another squelch as went deeper inside.

Tom moaned as he could feel my thick cock stretch his arse as wide as it would go.

When I couldn’t go any deeper, our eyes met. My toes where the only part of my still touching the ground as Tom was bent double, his body carried my weight.

“Shit, Tom! He’s your brother!” Blondie said a little too loudly.

When my cock was inside him, I never considered Tom as my brother. My cock took over all my cognitive reasoning and had only two objectives; to release as many endorphins as it could to give my brain a natural high and to release as much cum it could churn out of my balls.

“Who the fuck cares? His cock feels so fucking awesome inside me. I’ve never taken such a fat monster before, and it’s fucking addictive.” Tom breathed.

“I know,” Blondie told Tom.

He was surprised at what Blondie had told him. “When did my brat of a brother get to fuck you?”

“That morning after he came home, the day we had that threesome,” Blondie said.

“Fuck, Aiden. You never said. We could have compared notes.”

I butted in, annoyed. “Can you pack up have a fucking conversation. You’re making my cock go soft with all your fish wife chatter.”

Tom and Blondie smiled at each other. It was then that I noticed Blondie was hard again.

“Come here,” Tom said to Blondie, and I started fucking again.

Tom reached out and grabbed Blondie hard cock, he stroked it slowly. Blondie leant forward, and they kissed.

All I could now see was the back of Blondie head as I fucked Tom, I felt a pang of disappointment as I loved to see his sweet face as I fucked him. The funny expressions Tom made as my cock pounded his insides, showing ecstasy and pleasure as cock head rubbed against his prostate.

Blondie reached down and grabbed Tom’s cock, it was hardening and beginning to leak over his belly. Tom’s balls flayed around as I pounded his hole and was now buffeted between my pubis and Blondie’s fist.

I heard Tom trying to speak, but with his face covered by Blondie’s mouth and my constant pounding of his arse, it was unintelligible. I watched his balls tighten and draw close to his body. Tom couldn’t take the assault on his senses any longer as he screamed into Blondie’s mouth. His cock pulsated in Blondie’s hand, and I watched as his balls twitched in unison as he shot his spunk up his body, spraying his chest and the back of Blondie’s head.

Blondie slowed down his strokes as Tom came down from his orgasm, the last few spurts of cum smearing onto Blondie’s hand who rubbed it down the shaft of Tom’s sensitive cock.

In sympathy, my fucking slowed down too, and I leant forward and licked what cum I could see from the back of Blondie’s head.

He turned his head and gave me a quizzical look.

“Tom spunked the back of your head,” I told him, and he smiled at me.

Blondie lay next to Tom; his cock had gone soft from neglect. He looked at Tom’s dreamy eyes, stroking his hair.

My fucking got harder again and wanted to shoot inside Tom.

I blocked out the cute scene of Blondie preening Tom and concentrated on fucking, on fucking hard, and on fucking my older brother into another state of consciousness.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and my lungs gasped to suck in as much air as they could. I was now just fucking for my release with no consideration for Tom and his pleasure, he had come, he was now just a tight hole for me to fuck so that I could cum.

Blondie didn’t care, he was ignoring me. He played with Tom’s cum that had pooled on his chest and ran his finger through the congealed mess on Tom’s chest, scooped a little up and fed it back to Tom. Tom sucked Blondie’s finger and after they would kiss.

All this lovey-dovey stuff didn’t matter to me. I just needed to cum. I needed to fill my brother with my seed, leaving a little of me inside him.

The thought of this made my cock throb and my balls ached. The idea of breeding my brother was sending me over the edge.

My balls became painful, if it weren’t for the pleasure exuding from my knob and flooding my body, I would have had to stop.

I looked down and saw Tom’s shrivelled, spent cock, resting on his thick pubes. His balls hung loose and danced as I thrust in and out of my brother’s arse.

It sent me over the edge, and I stabbed my cock into Tom, I kept stabbing as my cock exploded and painted his bowels with my cum.

Exhausted, I collapsed onto Tom and rolled off to the side.

I lay panting, catching my breath.

“I think the young thing has tired himself out. He was like a little fucking bunny.” Blondie said to Tom.

“He does fuck good,” Tom replied.

They carried on talking, but their words dissolved in my head as my eyes closed and I went to sleep.


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  1. Thank you for the great story. Only one suggestion: It might have added a factor to the story if you had described the boys, You know, height, weight, hair color, faces. Stuff like that. Even so I really enjoyed it. Thank you much.

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  2. Thanks for the comment, Gary. You make a good point and I will take note. As it is part of a series I sometimes forget that readers need to be reminded of these things. (Sometimes I forget.) I like to receive constructive criticism as I can get so wrapped up in the story.

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    1. Good advice for all writers.

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