Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 7: My Brother’s Touch

When Tom came home from what I thought was a driving lesson, I was sitting in the front room, slouching on a chair in just my shorts, scratching my balls through my shorts as I watched the television.

He came into the front room with a massive smile on his face.

“Come ‘ere little bro,” he held his arms out wide. “Give your big bro a huge hug.” Tom grinned.

I looked at him, wondering what the fuck he was on about. “What the fuck for?”

“I just passed my driving test.”

I jumped out of the chair and leapt the distance between us. I wrapped my arms around him, and we started jumping up and down excitedly.

“Fucking hell, Bro.” I squealed, “That’s fucking ace.”

Our mum came in from the kitchen and congratulated him with a huge sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“Well done, Tom.” She said. “it’s great you’ve passed before you started university.”

“All I need now, Mum, is a car,” Tom asked cheekily.

“Don’t push your luck.” She smiled and went back to whatever she was doing in the kitchen.

Tom turned to look at me. “Get some fucking clothes on, and I’ll take you for a drive.”

“I thought you liked me like this?” I let him look at me in my little red shorts and nothing else. I swung my hips and allowed my limp dick swing. Tom’s eyes were glued to the six inches swaying in my translucent shorts.

“I do.” Tom licked his lips, “but put on a shirt and shoes. I’ll check with Mum that I can borrow the car.”

I dashed upstairs, got myself ready and met Tom by the front door dangling the car keys on an extended finger.

It was so much fun getting out and about without my mum or dad having to take me everywhere. Tom was great, he would fetch and carry me whenever I wanted.

For the next few weeks, I treated him like my own personal taxi service.

Then one day he got fed up and said no, he was busy. I thought it was an excuse and we had a massive argument which ended in me not going anywhere and slamming my bedroom door.

Tom let me sulk for an hour and then quietly crept into my room.

“Will? Are you okay?” He asked.

I had been crying into my pillow, but the tears had now stopped, and my face was now just resting on a damp pillow.

I knew I was being an arse and taking Tom for granted, so I apologised.

“Sorry, Tom.” I sniffed. “I was being selfish.”

Tom sat on my bed and rubbed my hair. “It’s okay buddy. But I really did have something mega important to do. You know I want to spend some time with you. Especially now, before I head off to Uni as I know, we won’t see much of each when term starts.”

I felt Tom run his hand down my back to rest on my arse.

I moaned, and Tom started to rub my arse through my shorts.

“I think I will miss your arse. But you know what I’ll miss most about you?”

“Not really?” I said.

“Your fucking massive cock.”

Tom jabbed his hand underneath me and grabbed my soft bulge that was squashed into my mattress. He didn’t manage to grab my cock, but he did get a handful of balls.

I twisted, and he released me, I finally looked at him.

“Why haven’t we done again what we did in the hotel?” I asked.

Tom was silent, thinking. “I don’t really know. I thought it was just a one-off, we’d both got carried away. I thought it was a one-time only thing.”

I gave Tom a forlorn look.

“I’ve also been spending all my time either revising for my exams or learning to drive.”

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with Blondie.” I sounded jealous.

Tom sighed. “Of course, I have. We do some of the same subjects, and it’s better to revise with someone else. You learn much better.”

“But what about when you weren’t studying? You must have had some downtime, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Blondie went down on you during your downtime.”

Tom smiled.

“I knew it!” I grinned at Tom, “I knew you two couldn’t keep your hands off each other.”

Tom looked away, embarrassed.

“Did he fuck you again?” I asked.

Tom nodded, “but it felt better when you fucked me.” He reached under me again and grabbed my bulge.

I turned over onto my back and rested with my hands behind my head.

Tom kept massaging my bulge as his eyes drank in my body. He leant in and sniffed my exposed armpit. He inhaled deeply.

“You smell so sexy.” He whispered.

My cock had now grown to its full nearly nine inches but was still confined in my shorts.

I groaned as Tom licked my armpit, my hairs becoming matted from his spit and my sweat. My cock twitched as his tongue touched me. I closed my eyes and felt Tom’s lips against mine. His tongue pushed against my lips, forcing my mouth to open and allow him inside. As his tongue touched mine, I tasted the saltiness of my sweat from my armpits, and I groaned.

Tom kept his hand on my covered cock, rubbing it gently, as our lips were locked together, and our tongues played their sexy game.

I gasped for breath as Tom pulled away from my face. I looked at him, longingly, wanting him to kiss me again.

Tom smiled, and I felt his hand pull my shorts down, and he disappeared from my sight as he removed them completely.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a deep breath as I felt his hand gently stroke my exposed cock.

“Your cock is so beautiful,” Tom told me. “I love the way your foreskin rolls down your shaft and exposed that sweet, moist head. I can almost see your slit winking at me, wanting to puke its thick white cum.”

I groaned again.

“I bet you want to fuck me, shove your smooth, silky cock into my arse, split me wide open with your long and thick cock. I loved it the last time you fucked me. I could feel your cock inside me for days afterwards.”

I wanted to speak but couldn’t, his hand expertly caressed my cock.

“I so much wanted you to fuck me every night ever since. But I knew I had to wait. I couldn’t become addicted to your cock. I needed to get my exams out of the way first. With your cock inside me, nothing else mattered. All I would care about is that nine inches deep inside me. Touching my very soul.”

His voice and his expert touch locked me inside my own head. Tom was making me feel like nothing else mattered but his touch.

“Your long cock tries to dominate all the attention, but you have two beautifully curved balls locked inside your loose sac. I can feel the weight of them in my palm, the long wiry hairs tickling me. I wonder if you like to pull them when you wank.”

I managed to grunt, which Tom took as agreement and I felt him pull on my scrotum, gently at first, but he progressively pulled harder. I single tear of pain rolled down my cheek. It dripped to the corner of my mouth, and I picked it up on my tongue.

“I wonder who has tasted these balls.” Tom stopped pulling on them and rolled one between his fingers. “I wonder if James has tasted these. I’ve seen the way James looks at you. He wants you as much as me. He wants to feel your balls on his tongue, taste your sweaty balls.”

My cock lurched, and I could feel it ooze.

“Your cock is drooling, Will.”

My tongue poked from my lips.

“And so is your mouth. You are oozing so much fluid.” With his finger, Tom wiped the drool from the side of my mouth. I didn’t see him suck his finger. “Such a taste, Will. No-one has ever tasted better. It is taking all my restraint not to eat you up. Your smooth body, your long cock and your hefty balls all desire to be licked and devoured.”

I could feel my cock leak again, dripping onto my belly. Tom ran his finger over my slit, sending a wave of pleasure through my body.

“If this is what your pre-cum tastes like, I can’t wait to taste the main event. And looking at your cock, I think you are nearly ready.”

Tom gently stroked my cock again, running his fingers from my moist tip to my balls.

“Your knob is bright red, it looks angry, like your face used to look when you were younger, and you got mad at me. Your cock is now so hard your foreskin is pulled back as far as it will go. That little string at the back of your knob is stretched so far.”

He touched it. My cock throbbed, and I felt a long stream of pre-cum shoot from the tip.

“Your balls are getting tight, Will. I’m going to make you cum soon. Your cock is begging me to take it over the edge.”

Tom used his palm to rub my cock, his other hand gently caressed my balls.

“You’re getting close, Will.”

I was getting lightheaded from my sharp shallow breaths.

Tom kept rubbing me.

“Cum for me, Will.” Tom breathed.

My whole body started to shudder, my balls ached, and Tom kept rubbing my cock with the palm of his hand, holding my cock against my body.

The shaking got worse, and I started to thrust, and judder, Tom’s hand on my cock kept me connected to the mattress. Then It was over. My body was still, and a wave of pleasure brewed deep inside my body travelled down my belly into my balls, causing them to burn. The burning sensation moved along my cock and I thought my knob was going to explode as my piss-slit flared and I shot cum along my body. The first shot hit me under the chin and my cock kept throbbing, spewing more cum each time.

When my cock finally calmed down, I had a line of cum from my chin to the small patch of pubes that formed my now aching cock.

I lay naked and still on my bed, my hands still behind my head.

I sensed a knock on the door and Tom got up to let them in. I heard voices but couldn’t make out what was being said.

I wanted to go to sleep and was almost dropping off when Tom came back into my bedroom. He had someone with him.

“Fucking hell, Tom. It looks like you’ve nearly killed him. What the fuck did you do to him?” I had my eyes closed, but I recognised Blondie’s voice.

“I only wanked him off,” Tom said innocently.

“Just look at all that cum.” I felt Blondie scoop up some of my cum from my chest. “It’s still warm.” I heard him lick his finger. “Delicious. And much sweeter than yours, Tom.”

My mind drifted again, wanting to sleep and recover from the best orgasm I’d had in my short life, so far.

I came back to reality with Tom and Blondie kneeling beside me, lapping up my cum directly from my body. I imaged them looking like a couple of puppies sucking at the teat of their exhausted mother.

My cum was now cleaned up. Tom kissed me, and I felt Blondie suck down my cock, getting the last bit of cum.

“Get yourself cleaned up,” Tom told me. “Me and Aiden need to speak to you. We’ll wait for you downstairs.”

“Aiden?” I breathed.

Tom pecked my lips again. “Blondie. Now get showered and meet us downstairs.”

I desperately wanted to fall asleep, even more so once I was alone. But the promise of something from Tom had me intrigued, and I forced myself to wake myself up and get in the shower.


I just threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt after my shower and went downstairs, barefoot.

Tom and Blondie were in the front room. The television was on, but they weren’t watching it, they were quietly talking to each other.

They saw me appear in the doorway.

“Glad you could join us, Will.” Tom teased. “I thought I’d almost killed you.”

I smiled at him and shoved my hands down the front of my shorts. “I’m a bit sore, but the doctor says I’ll live.” I grinned.

Blondie looked at my shorts and bulge from my soft cock. He watched as it swung as I took a seat. He looked up and smiled at me.

I smiled back. He looked so cute.

“So, Will.” Tom began. “I have some news which I think you’ll like.”

I looked Tom in the eye, intrigued.

“So, I’ve passed my driving test. Aiden has also now passed his driving test. And both of us are off to University after the summer.”

I felt a pang of sadness that Tom wouldn’t be around so much anymore.

“But don’t worry, Will. I’ve had an idea. I ran it by Mum and Dad, and they agreed, as long as I worked it all out.”

“Uh-huh.” I was intrigued.

“So me and Aiden, after all our revision.”

“And other things.” I butted in.

“That too.” Tom smiled at me. “Well, we both agreed and started working out the details.”

Just get the fuck on with it, I wanted to tell him but sat listening patiently.

“Mum has agreed that I can borrow her car for most of the summer, Aiden’s parents have agreed to share the cost of insurance, and they have agreed that we can take in on holiday.”

“So?” I said.

“Well, we have arranged to go camping. We’ve booked a ferry to Calais, and we will go camping in France for a few weeks.”

“Where?” I asked.

“We have a loose idea where we want to go, but campsites are never full, so we will just go where we want. We could even camp a few nights in fields or woods if we don’t manage to find a campsite, but I doubt we’ll need to.”

Well good for them, I thought. “When do you plan to leave?” I asked.

“A week today.” Blondie butted in, grinning widely.

“Good for you.” I sounded disappointed.

“What’s up, Will?” Tom asked.

“What the fuck are you telling me for?” I was annoyed.

“Mum says you can come fucking with us!” Tom smiled at me.

“What… Fucking ace!” I jumped up from my chair. Tom and Blondie got up too, and I grabbed them both for a group hug.

I struggled to pull back then tears of joy that were forming in my eyes.

“It’s a small car, and we need to have room for the camping stuff, so make sure to pack light,” Tom told me.

I hugged them both again.

This was going to be the best summer holidays ever. I couldn’t wait. Even though I knew Tom would be leaving home at the end it.


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