Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 6: He’ll Be Leaving Soon

Why we all had to go, I have no idea. It was my brother, Tom, who wanted to go to university. Rob and I just seemed to tag along to make it a family weekend. One of the last ones my mum said as she tried not to blub.

Tom had two or three universities that he was interested in. The one we were visiting this weekend was his first choice. It was someplace up north so no doubt it was cold, bleak and miserable up there.

It was a three-hour drive at least, and I was stuck on the back seat with Tom and Rob. Thankfully Rob, being the youngest, was in the middle so I could lean my head against the window and nod off. Or at least I tried to, but Rob continually wanted to play car games to stop him from getting bored. So, it was three hours of I-Spy and counting the car colours. I chose blue, Rob chose red, and I think Tom was green. Rob won that one as neither Tom, nor I was really looking. But he enjoyed it when he beat us. It was about the only thing we let him beat us.

The hotel was no-frills, just your standard budget type. We had a family room for us, which slept three, and our parents had a double.

When we had checked in, we three brothers piled into the family room and began to play fight, throwing pillows at each other, jumping on the beds. We were acting really childish. Unfortunately, Tom and I got a bit rough with Rob, picking him up and throwing him on the bed. This particular time Tom tossed him, and he landed on the lip of the bed, and he began crying. Tom and I tried to make him feel better, but he rushed out of the room.

We fell on the bed and laughed, amused at how childish our thirteen-year-old brother could sometimes be.

A few minutes later our mum came in, with Rob hiding behind her, his eyes red from tears.

“You two boys should know better. You’ve really upset Rob.”

“Sorry, Rob.” We both said.

“Tom, you’re nearly eighteen, I expect better from you. And Will, at fifteen, you should know better too.”

Rob wiped a tear from his eye and sniffed.

We went over and hugged him while our mum started to straighten the bedclothes and put the pillows back.

“What bed do you want?” I asked Rob. “You can have the first choice.”

He pointed to the single child’s bed.

“Don’t you want to sleep in the big bed with Tom? You won’t see him so much when he goes to university.” Our mum asked him.

“No.” Rob was adamant, still upset with us.

Damn, I had hoped to persuade him as I didn’t want to double up with Tom. It would be awkward with me popping a hardon in my sleep, and I like to sleep naked.

“Come on, Will. Don’t be scared. I promise not to hog the covers.” Tom teased.

“It’s not the covers I’m afraid of you hogging.”

The look on mum’s face told us now wasn’t the time to be taunting each other.


It was early evening, so dad took us all down to the bar for a bite to eat. Tom was feeling really grown up as he was allowed half a pint of lager with his meal. Of course, he had drunk before, just not like this, legally in a hotel.

Afterwards, we sat drinking. Mum and dad shared a bottle of wine, Rob and I had to settle for a coke, but I was amused when they refused to let Tom have another lager. We had an ageing barman who stuck rigidly to the law, and because we were no longer eating and had moved to the bar area, Tom wasn’t allowed alcohol, even though they served him half a lager with his meal.

“Stupid rules.” He muttered as he sipped on his defiantly non-alcoholic lemonade.

“I know Tom,” Our dad empathised with him, “he’s just a jobsworth. If he’s working tomorrow, we’ll get some cans in so you can have a drink in your room.”

“Mummy, I’m tired.” Rob protested. He always seemed to regress to a baby when tired.

“You can’t go up on your own.” She turned to me. “Will you stay with him, Will. You can take your coke up.”

I screwed my face up. It was still early, and I didn’t want to

“I’ll do it.” Tom offered. “It sucks down here anyway. I’ll make sure he gets ready, and we’ll watch some telly.”

Shit, I thought. Without Tom, I’d have no one to talk to as mum and dad would just talk to each other, and I was left Looking like an ungrateful child, refusing to help my little brother and now sitting with just my mum and dad.

They talked, and I just sat, not listening. Very quickly, my coke was finished, and I got very bored. I said I would join Rob and Tom and get ready for bed.


Tom had our key card, so I had to knock and wait.

He opened the door. “Come for beddy byes too?” Tom teased.

“Fuck off. It’s boring down there. They’re talking, and I’m a spare part.” I nudged Tom with my elbow and winked. “I wouldn’t be surprised if dad doesn’t get some tonight.”

Rob was already in bed, sitting up and watching the television. It was a soap opera that he usually watched with mum and dad.

“When that’s finished, we have on what I want,” Tom said to him. “Ok?”

“Yep.” Rob nodded.

Tom started to strip down to his underwear.

“What you up to?” I asked.

“Just getting comfortable. You’re lucky I’m leaving my skivvies on.”

“I don’t think so, even with them off you can’t see anything as you’re so small.”

Tom pulled his pants down and flashed me. I got an eye full; Rob just saw his backside.

“Hey, that’s not fair. I can’t see how small you are.” Rob whined.

“You bastard, Will. He now thinks I’m packing less than his old Action Man.”

Tom turned and dropped his pants, giving Rob a good long chance to see. “Now young Rob. That is not small.” He grabbed his soft cock and waggled it at him.

“That’s nothing, Rob.” I went and stood next to Tom. “I’m 2 years younger and much bigger than him.”

“Lemme see!” Rob was getting excited.

I dropped my jeans and pulled down my pants. “See! I’m half as big again, and check out the thickness.”

Rob sat on the end of the bed and got a closer look at his two big brothers.

“Yours is so big, Will.” He looked at Tom’s dick. “Why are you smaller?”

Tom winced. “It’s not small, Rob. It’s normal. That horse-hung freak next to me is abnormal. Besides, I grow as I get hard. Donkey dick here doesn’t grow that much.”

“Still bigger than yours, mate.” I nudged Tom in the ribs.

“Just put it away,” Tom begged me. “You’ll give him nightmares.”

Tom pulled up his tight white pants and jumped on the bed while I pulled up my Jeans and tucked myself in.

Then we saw the credits roll on the soap, Tom started flicking channels. He must have gone through them all three or four times.

“Just pick something. All that flicking is giving me a headache.” I glared at him and flopped on the bed next to him.

“If you’re getting on the bed then at least take your fucking shoes off.”

I huffed and then did what he asked, taking my socks off as well.

Tom found a film that had just started, so we settled in to watch it. We’d seen it before and got bored of it quickly so just sat on the bed talking.


It was nearly ten o’clock when we heard a knock at the door.

I got up and let mum and dad in, they wanted to wish us goodnight and make sure we were alright.

“I can’t sleep.” Rob whinged. “They keep talking, and the telly’s too loud.”

Our mum looked at us, Tom was still lounging on the bed in his underwear.

“Are you boys going to go to sleep now?” She asked us.

“Come on, Mum. It’s not even ten. There’s no way I can go to sleep this early.” Tom said.

“Same here.” I agreed.

Mum looked disappointed.

“Do you want to come in with us, Sweetie,” she asked Rob.

“Yes, please.” He got all excited.

“Come on then.” She held out her hand. “Damn, we only have a double.”

“Boys!” She called Tom and me. “Grab that zed-bed and drag it into our room, we have plenty of space.” She turned to Rob. “Grab your bag and come with me.”

Tom reluctantly got up, shoved his hands into his white briefs and adjusted himself. It looked a little larger than before.

Our rooms were next to each other and Tom helped me drag the bed our parents’ room, it was very light so didn’t take much effort.

Tom didn’t bother to get dressed, he helped in just his undies. There was no-one else around to see him, but I don’t think it would have bothered him anyway.

With Rob now safely tucked away with our parents we went back to our room.

The moment I locked the door, Tom stripped off his undies and jumped on the bed.

“Now, where’s the porn.” He started flicking channels again and pulled on his limp cock a few times.

“They don’t have it here.”

“I know numbnuts. I was joking.”

He settled on another channel and another film that had just started.

“I’m going to get ready for bed,” I told Tom and stripped down to my tight white briefs, grabbed my wash bag and went into the bathroom.

Face washed, and teeth cleaned, I went back into the bedroom and lay next to Tom on the bed. He then went into the bathroom.

I heard the toilet flush and then the sound of him brushing his teeth. I expected him to come out soon, but he didn’t.

I turned the television down and went to the bathroom door.

I could hear a slapping sound. It was unmistakable, he was having a crafty wank in the bathroom.

“Are you thinking of your blond mate?” I shouted through the door.

“Fuck off!” He shouted back.

“I bet you’re thinking off his long thin dick pushing into your hole.” I teased.

What the fuck! I was taken by surprise as the door flew open, Tom grabbed me by the arms and pushed me back onto the bed. He straddled me, holding me down, his red face millimetres from my nose.

“What the fuck do you know about that?”

Shit! “Wha…” I was stuttering. “Nothing… I was just… Joking.”

“Like fuck you were. What did you see?” Tom’s dick had deflated and lay on my naked belly, a few stray drops of precum smeared on my fleshy abdomen.

“Let go of me. You’re hurting.” I pleaded and felt his grip loosen and release me, he still sat astride me, ready to pin me again should I say something to upset him. Where his hands had been my arms showed his red finger marks.

“Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to see anything. That night when I should have been staying with James. I came home and saw you and the girl and your blond friend.”

Tom sighed and sat back, his whole weight now bearing down on my thighs.

“Sorry,” I said again.

“You can’t say anything.” He said. “Aiden’s folks are strange; if they knew he was bi, they’d kill him.”

“I’ve not said a word to anyone.”


I looked down and noticed Tom’s cock was now getting hard again. “You’re dripping on to my belly.”

Tom bent his head to see.

“Just finish yourself off.” I smiled at him.

He rolled onto his back next to me; it felt great to have his weight off me.

“I can’t. I don’t feel like it.”

“You can’t go to sleep with a throbbing hard-on like that.”

Tom sighed.

I reached out and grasped the shaft of his cock, he gasped and shot me look to say I didn’t have to do anything. But I wanted to. I felt guilty, and I felt sorry for him.

My hand stroked him, and I watched as his foreskin crumpled over the end of his knob. On the downstroke, I saw the foreskin pull back to reveal his moist knob. It looked so tasty. I wanted to taste it but thought it may be too much.

“Did you like it when he fucked you?” I asked.

“Fuck yes, it felt so fucking amazing. It was my first time.”

“And with the girl?” I stroked a little faster.

“With her, yes, but you’ve known my girlfriends. Tara was my first.”

I momentarily stopped stroking and used my thumb to wipe the leaking precum over his exposed knob.

“Oh fuck, that feels nice.”

“Tara was years ago. You were Rob’s age.”

“When we first met I was slightly older than Rob, I think I was just about to turn fourteen.”

I kept casually stroking his cock. “So when did you fuck her?”

“It must have been about a year later. Just before I was fifteen.”

I smeared his pre-cum over his shaft and cupped his balls with my other hand. “Was it good? What happened?”

“I think she just intended to stroke me off. I was hard after we’d been kissing for some time and she could feel it poking her through my jeans. She undid my jeans and slipped her hand inside. She gripped me.”

I stopped stroking Tom and squeezed his shaft. We both looked at his knob and the pearl of fluid oozing from the tip.

Tom continued. “She felt how big I was and wanted to see it.”

“You’re quite the handful.” I smiled at him as I started to wank him again. “But what about back then. You’re not as big as me, so I’m guessing you were smaller back then.”

“About the same. Seven inches, I would guess. I’m nearly eight now but don’t expect to grow much more.”

“I was seven inches at Rob’s age.” I teased Tom.

“Well, we all can’t be as blessed as you little brother.” Tom shot back.

I wanted to know what happened so didn’t get pulled into our usual brotherly bickering. “Where did you fuck her?”

“Well, as soon as she felt it, she just went mental. Said she needed to see it, so she de-bagged me right there in the park. Luckily no-one was around as she just stared at my hard cock. I felt like a right prat, with my jeans around my ankles, so I started to lose it, my hard-on that is. She seemed disappointed, so she grabbed me and stroked me.”

I rolled his balls around in my palm, they felt loose. “Did she blow you?”

“No. She just hitched up her skirt and told me to fuck her. She leant against the kiddies roundabout and dragged me by the cock with her. I looked around and still saw no-one, so I fumbled until I found her cunt and slipped it in.”

“I wish I could have watched.”

“I didn’t last long, two minutes at most. But afterwards, I felt like shit and for two months after that. I didn’t have a rubber, and I spunked inside her. I was calling her nearly every day to ask if she had started her period. I’m sure she was just doing it to tease me, but eventually, nearly two months later she said she was on, so I felt a lot better. Since then, I’ve made sure I’ve always carried a rubber or two with me.”

“So, she never blew you?”

“Nope, none of the girls I’ve gone out with seem to want to try. Aiden was the first.” He paused. “And only.”

I didn’t ask permission; I just lowered my head and took the end of his cock into my mouth.

Tom groaned. “Oh, fuck.”

I slid his cock into my mouth, feeling my way down his shaft with my tongue. My hand was still rolling his balls, and I extended a finger and slid it along his perineum. Tom now writhed on the bed. As my finger inched closer to his hole, I left his balls behind.


My fingertip touched his pucker.

Tom’s body squirmed as his anus snapped at my fingertip and his cock spat pre-cum onto my tongue. He never said a word to stop me, so I just went further and penetrated him.

“Fuck, yeah.” Tom gasped.

I started to pull his cock from my throat as my finger went deeper inside him.

Tom lifted his arse off the bed and arched his back. He wasn’t trying to get away; instead, he was enjoying the sensation. Luckily for me, it gave me better access to his arse.

I inserted a second finger and watched as my hand went further between his fleshy cheeks.

Tom grabbed my head and gently pulled. He wanted more of my tongue. I was getting quite adept at multitasking by now, so I continued to finger fuck his arse as sucked on his cock.

“Oh, shit!” He gasped as I felt his arse clamp down on my fingers.

I stopped with his knob between my lips and felt his shaft pulsate. A few licks on his knob and he spewed cum into my mouth. His arse clamped down harder on my fingers, but I wasn’t going to give in, I tried to push deeper.

As his cock calmed down, so did his arse and allowed me further inside. I pushed as many fingers as I could inside him.

Tom rested back on the bed, and his sticky cock slipped from my mouth. He lay in front of me, panting.

I quickly got off the bed and pulled my pants off. My hard cock was now free. I knelt back between Tom’s legs and smiled at him.

With my hand under my chin, I let his spunk dribble from my mouth and into my palm. Tom watched.

I could now smile broadly at him. I used my hand to rub his spunk onto my hard cock, and whatever was left into his open arsehole.

I grabbed his legs and threw them over my shoulders and pushed forward. Tom’s arse left the mattress and exposed his gaping hole to me.

I pushed forward even more until Tom’s knees were next to his ears. His face went red as it proved harder to breathe.

My hard cock swung lazily in front of me, trying to find his hole. Tom must have been equally as desperate as he leaned his arm over, grabbed my cock and guided into him.

As my knob found his hole, he let go, lay back and groaned as I pushed my ‘nearly nine inches’ into him.

He was tight.

He wasn’t used to my size, Blondie was shorter and thinner than I was, so I stretched his insides like they had never been stretched before.

Tom’s soft cock lay still among his pubes, but as I went inside him, I watched as a slow stream of something emerged; it was a mixture of fresh pre-cum mixed with his old stale spunk from earlier.

Ever so slowly, I pushed my cock deep inside him, opening him up wide by my thick cock until my pubes tickled his balls.

“Fuck, that feels fucking fantastic.” Tom moaned as I remained still until he got used to the invasion.

I ground my hips unto him, teasing him.

“Fucking hell, Will, you’d better start fucking me soon or I’ll…”

I didn’t let him finish. I pulled out and slammed back into him. He grunted as I crushed his dangling balls against my pubes.

When I pulled back again, he reached down and pulled his balls out of the way.

I slammed back in.

“Stop fucking about and fuck me!” Tom growled at me.

“If you insist, big bro.”

I was enjoying this, having Tom beneath me, impaled on my thick cock and at my mercy. Plus, his arse felt fucking fantastic as he gripped my cock.

I slowly started to fuck Tom, gently at first as he threw his head back and closed his eyes.

My gentle strokes were getting to him, and I watched as his cock grew hard. Tom grabbed his cock with his free hand and started to stroke with my rhythm.

Tom’s jaw went slack as his breathing also syncopated with the rhythm.

Gradually, I quickened my pace. Tom’s breathing and wanking matched. His cock was leaking each time I pushed in and pressed against his prostate; his eyes still closed.

Was he imagining someone else fucking his? Blondie perhaps? I wanted him to know it was me controlling him.

“Look at me, Tom!” I slammed hard into him to emphasise my order.

Tom ignored me.

“Look at me, Tom. I want to see your pretty blue eyes as you feel your little brother’s nine inches.”

“Just fuck me, Will. I’m fucking loving this.” Tom opened his eyes and looked directly at me.

We smiled at each other. I saw a look on Tom’s face I’d never seen before, love, lust, need, I have no idea. All I know is that while my cock was inside him, he wanted it there. And wanted me on the other end. It wasn’t Blondie he wanted, it was me.

My cock lurched as this realisation dawned on me, I thought I might blow, but I managed to hold off. For the moment at least, but I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

As he kept was looking at me, things just felt so much more intense, my cock seemed to grow larger, and my knob even more sensitive.

Tom must have felt the same as he just lost it.

For the moment, we lost eye contact as his cock throbbed and spurted cum up his body and onto his chin.

His arse clamped down hard on my cock and finished me off.

With a last final hard thrust, I buried myself deep inside Tom and blasted his insides with cum.

Both of us remained still, panting.

Our eyes made contact again, and we grinned inanely at each other. Tom’s chin and torso were streaked with cum. I leant forward and licked his chin clean.

Then I kissed him.

I’d never kissed Tom before, not like this anyway. And he kissed me back.

We shared his cum, and our tongues played as my belly crushed his spent cock and balls and the meeting of our bodies spread his cum over my stomach.

As we kissed, I could feel his arse squeeze my cock as it lay inside him. I ground my hips into him, and we groaned into each other’s mouths.

My cock was now softening.

Our mouths disengaged and I let my cock slip from his hole as I lay next to him on the bed.

Both of us just stared at the ceiling.

This was the best sex I’d had so far in my short life. Better than James, better than Mr Bale. I loved my brother, perhaps that was what made it the best.

My love was like a brotherly love on steroids, not a ‘let’s settle down, get married and have kids’ love. It was nothing I’d felt before.

Tom turned on his side to face me, his hand propping up his head.

I twisted my head to look at him.

“I knew you had a massive cock but had no idea you could use it so well. Who taught you?” Tom asked.

“Purely self-taught.” I lied. I didn’t want to tell him about the others. “But I have had plenty of solo practice. And of course, I’ve seen plenty of films. But watching it is no replacement to actually doing it.”

“I hope we can do it again.” Tom sounded hopeful.

“No problem, Tom. Anytime you want to feel me inside, you just say. If I’m available, I’m all yours.”

Tom grinned. “And what if I wanted to try it the other way round?”

“We’ll see. I should be able to handle your tiny cock. After all, if I can get my little finger inside me, you will be no problem.”

“You fucking bastard. Compared to you, everyone is tiny.”

“I’m knackered,” I complained. “I’m going to sleep. We can clean up in the morning.”

We both got off the bed and under the covers. Tom turned off the light, and we went straight to sleep.


I woke up spooning Tom, my half-hard cock nestled between his arse cheeks. The room smelled of stale cum.

Tom lay in the foetal position, his knees brought up to his chest. I reached under him and felt his balls poking out from between his legs.

I massaged his furry eggs, and Tom let out a satisfied hum.

We were both still half asleep and didn’t want to get up. So, we just lay against each other, my cock getting stiffer and poking Tom’s arse harder; his balls getting looser in their sac from my gentle touch.

I heard a loud knock on our door. Tom just groaned but didn’t move.

They knocked again.

It looked like Tom was going to leave it to me to sort out.

I slid out of bed, my eyes still half-closed, and my cock half-hard, I went to the door.

Looking through the spyhole, it was Rob.

“It’s only Rob,” Tom didn’t respond.

I opened the door, and Rob burst in.

“Why’d you have to leave me out there so long. I’m only in my jimjams. Someone could have seen me.”

I shut the door.

“It smells horrible in here.”

It did smell foul. The stale smell of sex, cum and teenage farts. Rob glanced over at my naked body and my cock arcing through the air.

“Have you been playing with yourself?” He asked.

“Don’t be fucking stupid.” I sighed. “I’ve been fucking Tom in his sleep.”

Rob laughed. “Don’t be silly you can’t, he’s your brother. You’ve been playing with yourself, haven’t you?”

I sighed again, he was getting to be a pain. “No, Rob. Older boys and men tend to wake up with a hard cock. It’s called morning wood.” I must have sounded so patronising to him.

Rob beamed a wide smile at me. “I must be a big boy now as I get that. If I play with myself, it goes down.”

“You do that, Rob.” I absent-mindedly stroked my cock and felt it get harder. “Now, what the fuck do you want?”

“Mum says you’re both to get up and get ready. She says to meet them at breakfast at nine o’clock.”

I checked my watch, it was only just gone seven. But I suppose she knew how long it would take for me and Tom to get ready.

“Thanks, Rob. Now fuck off.” I went over to the door and opened it slightly.

“No. I have to get ready. Bagsy the shower first.”

Rob ran to the small bathroom and slammed the door shut.


“Shit! Why’d he have to get us up this early?” Tom moaned from his pillow.

Tom pried himself out of bed, his eyes still only have open. His cock was rigid.

“Do you want me to take care of that for you while Rob is in the bathroom.”

“If you want a mouthful of piss you can. My bladder is fucking bursting.”

I smiled as I watched Tom go into the bathroom and start pissing loudly into the toilet.

Rob’s small face appeared around the shower curtain. “You’re not going to flush, are you?”

“Fuck I needed that.” Tom moaned as he shook the last few drops of piss from his softening cockhead. “Don’t worry, matey, we’re in a hotel. It doesn’t work like that,” and Tom flushed the toilet.

Rob screwed his face up, waiting for the cold water to start but nothing happened. “Hey, that’s cool. Why can’t we get it to work like this at home?”

Tom and I looked at each other, neither of us knew why. “It’s complicated.” We said in unison.

“Ok.” Rob chirped and disappeared back behind the shower curtain.

“How long are you going to be?” I shouted at Rob over the noise of the shower.

“Not long. I’ve done my hair, and I just have to do my body and bits.”

“It takes me a good half hour to wash my bits,” I said to Tom.

“No, Will. It takes you over an hour because you keep playing with your bits. You can’t keep your hands off them. You are an obsessive wanker; forever tossing one off when you can. Your room always stinks of spunk.”

I opened my mouth to protest but was interrupted by Rob flinging the shower curtain back and declaring he was finished.

“Where’s my towel?” He looked around the bathroom and couldn’t see one, only a small hand towel. “Can one of you pass me a towel, please?”

I grabbed one from just outside the door and threw it to Rob. “Catch!”

Rob’s arms went everywhere as he fumbled and let the towel slip to his feet, still in the damp bath.

“That’s not fair,” Rob picked up the towel. “It’s wet now.”

“Give it here.” I grabbed the towel, threw it over Rob’s head and started to vigorously rub his hair dry.

I kept the towel over Rob’s head and grabbed him in a bear hug. “Come on, Rob. It’s tickle time!” I picked him up and ran with him out of the bathroom and threw him onto the bed.

Rob rolled onto his front, and I went straight for his sides and armpits and tickled without mercy.

Tom leant against the bathroom door, smiling at us, his two younger brothers playing together. Before he knew it, his cock was hard, and he was stroking himself as he watched us play fight.

Rob squealed as I pinched his arse and he twisted onto his back to protect his arse from attack. But this exposed his groin, and I grabbed Rob’s smooth, thin dick and squeezed. Rob squealed again. “Get off!”

“No chance.” I let go of Rob’s cock and straddled his chest. He squirmed to try and slip himself free, but all he managed to do was slide down the bed, his face getting closer to my cock.

“No. Get off!” Rob pleaded.

Finally, I relented and climbed off the bed.

“Fuck.” We heard Tom spit out between clenched teeth and watched as his hard cock spewed cum all over the carpet.

“Nice one, Tom,” I said. “I hope we put on a good show.”

“You never fail to please, Will.” Tom retorted. “But have you seen your little brother. He’s beginning to grow up.”

I looked quizzically at Rob. “Nope, still a little boy.”

Rob screwed his face up, he looked like he was about to cry. He’d always looked up to his brothers and hated it when we teased him. It wasn’t his fault he was younger.

I saw Rob’s reaction and felt for him. “Don’t be like that. You know I’m only teasing, and I love you.” I leant forward and kissed Rob on the forehead.

Rob’s face lit up with a giant smile.

“C’mere, Rob.” Tom told him, “and get away from that douche.”

Rob jumped off the bed and went to Tom. They hugged.

When they parted Tom apologised as he noticed that his sticky cock had left a trail on his belly.

“Now just stand up straight. I need to educate my younger brother and show him how he should really be more observant and start to treat you like the growing young man you are.”

Rob beamed with pride.

“Look, Will.”

I cast my eyes up and down, scanning Rob’s body. I shrugged.

“That is not the cock of a thirteen-year-old.” Tom pointed at Rob’s silky-smooth four-inch cock. Granted his balls aren’t as big yet, but that will come soon. Now take a closer look.”

I squinted my eyes and starred at Rob’s cock. “Nope, no idea what you’re on about. I was at least five, nearly six inches at his age.”

Rob’s face dropped, Tom noticed and put his arm around him. “No-one was ever as big as you at any age, Donkey Dick. Rob here is normal.” Tom squeezed his shoulder. Rob looked up at Tom and smiled.

“Me and you, Rob, are normal your brother over there is a freak, as you can see he has nearly ten inches dangling between his legs. That is abnormal. Now, look at me.”

Rob’s eyes glanced downwards to look at Tom’s limp and still slimy cock.

“That is six inches soft, and when I get hard, it gets to be nearly eight inches. I have to admit it’s larger than most of my mates, but it’s normal. Thankfully, Rob. You will be normal, like me.”

“I’m proud of what I’ve got.” I grabbed my soft cock and waved it around.

“But look at Rob. Closely.” Tom said as he dropped to his knees in front of Rob’s crotch. He waved for me to join him.

Rob felt awkward with his two older brothers staring at his cock and balls. He wanted to bring his hand forward and cover himself but resisted the urge.

Tom brought his hand up to Rob’s cock. “Here, see.” He didn’t touch Rob’s cock but pulled at some fair hairs on the right. “They’re getting quite long, about an inch I’d say. And look at the other side, he has some there.”

This time I reached to feel the hairs between my fingers. I gripped them and pulled lightly; They felt silky and slid easily between my fingers. “Shit, Rob. Can you come yet? Do you toss yourself off?”

“Don’t be daft, Will,” Tom said. “He’s only just started. His voice hasn’t broken yet.”

“I do touch myself,” Rob admitted, shyly. “It gets hard, and I like it when it does.

Tom grabbed Rob’s cock and lifted it up. “Check his ball-sac. It’s starting to get furry.” I could see Rob’s cock grow between Tom’s fingers.

I let the last few wisps of Rob’s few pubes slip between my fingers and felt the fuzz growing on his ball-sac. “He certainly is growing up.”

Tom released Rob’s cock, it was now pointing out from his body, hard. It had grown to six inches but was still quite slim. His smooth foreskin retracted to reveal a ruby red bell-end poking out.

A knock on the door caused all of us to flinch. I dashed over to the door and peered through the peephole.

“It’s only Mum,” I said and opened the door to let her in.

“Aren’t you boys ready yet?” She said, unfazed by seeing all three of her boys stark bollock naked.

“Rob’s showered,” Tom said, “Just me and Will need a quick one, and then we’ll be ready.”

“Why aren’t you dressed, Rob?” She asked.

“Um,” he looked around the room, “I don’t have any clothes here. They’re in your room.”

“Silly boy. You should have brought them with you.”

Rob looked at the floor as she admonished him, his cock had since softened back to its regular four soft inches.

“Tom, get yourself in that shower, Will you go in next. Rob, come with me.”

She took Rob by the hand and opened our door. She peeked out to check if anyone was in the corridor. It was empty. “Come quick!” She pulled Rob with her and took the embarrassed naked boy out the room. The door closed softly while a naked Rob walked down to their parent’s room.

I heard the shower start and went into the bathroom.

“Do you think we have enough time for a little fun?” I asked as I joined Tom in the shower.

Tom turned around to face me but was surprised to see me falling straight to my knees. I started to massage Tom’s cock, and I felt him quickly grew hard. The water was cascading down his body and splashing off his dick and into my mouth. If anyone was watching, it must have looked like he was pissing into my mouth. I didn’t swallow but spat it out over his balls and wrapped my lips around his cock to stop water flooding my mouth again.

Tom groaned as his cock grew rock hard in my mouth and pushed against the back of my throat.

My hands gripped his hips to steady myself, and I could feel hip slowly thrusting, his bell-end knocking on my throat, asking to be allowed to enter.

I wasn’t gagging at this intrusion, I had long since learnt to control that reflex, but was playing with Tom. He knew I could take all of him and was desperate to feel his cock slip down my throat.

I gripped his hips tight and pushed him towards me. This time I let him slip all the way in and I held him firmly, my nose being tickled by his pubes and the water running down his body.

I pushed him back.

Tom tried to push forward again and back down my throat. But I refused to allow him to enter.

I smiled up at him and caught his eye. His disappointed expression met my taunting look.

I opened up again for him and let his cock free access to my throat. Tom was pushing hard now, his pace quickening.

I let my right hand drop from his hip and explore his undercarriage. Tom’s balls were loose and swinging, hitting my chin as he pushed into me and his thighs as he pulled out. My hand got in the way, and I could feel them smacking against my wrist. My hand delved deeper and found his arsehole. I pushed a finger in as he thrust down my throat and simultaneously, his cock pulsated, and he let his cum spurt down my throat. I held him tight against me. My finger pushed deep into his arse, forcing his cock deep into my throat.

I enjoyed the feel of his cock pulsing and his pubes against my nose but had to ease my grip on Tom as his cock died, and I needed some air.

Tom was also gasping for air; the intense orgasm had overwhelmed him and was still recovering. I pulled my finger free and pulled back to free, let his cock from my throat. I sucked hard on his knob, sucking every last remnant of cum from his tubes until I heard Tom groan.

“Oh, fuck!” Tom moaned as his sensitive knob was being sucked dry.

He pushed back, his softening cock slipped from my lips.

I stood up and pressed my lips against his, we kissed, and I pulled his body closer to me, as much of our skin connecting as possible.

My cock was hard and pressed tight against us. It throbbed as our tongues danced against each other.

Tom pushed me away and said three short words, “fuck me again.” and he turned around and poked his backside at me. His head was now under the spray of the shower, drenching his hair. His face was downcast, and with one hard thrust, I pushed my cock inside him and didn’t stop until my balls slapped against his arse.

Tom flicked his head back, his mouth open, his scream silenced by the flood of water now pouring into his mouth.

I started to thrust, enjoying the feel of his tight innards around my cock. Tom choked and spat out the water and hung his head again. He was now used to my large cock inside him.

This morning was a time to enjoy a slow sensual fuck, It was time for a hard fuck. A quick fuck. A fast release. And that was what I gave Tom. I pounded his arse, my hands gripping his so I could pound harder. Through the water, I could hear Tom grunt every time I pounded deep.

My balls began to ache, ready to cum and also because of the violent slapping them felt against Tom’s arse. I grew breathless, I couldn’t keep up the pace much longer. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum.

Then I came.

I almost yelled as my cock exploded inside Tom, once final violent and deep thrust took me over the edge as I coated the insides of Tom’s rectum with my seed.

I pulled out.

Cum was still dripping from my knob, and cum was seeping out from Tom’s arse. I was about to go down and lick it when Tom turned around, his own cock back to full mast.

Tom grabbed my shoulders and pushed me around until we had swapped place. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed until I was bent double and water was lashing my back.

Without any ceremony, Tom slip open my arse cheeks and thrust inside. No preparation, no lubrication except for the warm water.

I resisted the reflex to strain my head back, knowing it would only give me a mouthful of water, but I did scream. It fucking hurt and if the damn shower weren’t on, you would see a few tears escape from my eyes.

Thankfully I opened up quickly, and the pain had gone. But Tom was now pounding me hard as if we were in competition. Who could fuck the hardest? Without a doubt, Tom would win.

Tom didn’t last long.

He came inside me as I clamped down, trying to squeeze his cock.

We stayed still for a few seconds, both of us gasping for air from the exertion.

When I stood up, Tom’s cock slipped from my hole. I could feel it gaping wide and a little trickle of his cum.

Tom wiped his fingers against my hole and picked up some of his come, I turned to face him and sucked the cum from his fingers.

We hugged and kissed again, this time neither of our cocks responded.

Squeezing some shower gel onto my hand, I started to wash.

The bath now felt cramped as I washed my hair and soaped my body. Tom watched me, his cock softening slowly. I was glad he didn’t help as it would take longer, and we had to be downstairs soon for our breakfast.

When I had finished, I stepped out of the bath and let Tom get clean.

I was now dry but still naked when a dripping wet Tom came out of the bathroom.

“That was one good fuck!” He told me.

“What, me or you.”

“Both.” He said. “You really let me have when you fucked, it felt amazing to be used like that. It got me so hard, so quick I knew I wanted to do that to you. I’ve never fucked like that. That was amazing.”

I went over to Tom and pecked him on the lips and slapped his arse. “Nice to know your little brother can teach you a thing or two.”

“You taught me how to fuck, alright!”

Both of us got dressed and went downstairs to meet Rob and our parents in the breakfast room.

Tom went straight for the cooked breakfast and piled his plate with bacon, sausages and eggs.

As he sat down and tucked in to his breakfast, I elbowed him in the ribs. “Thought you might have had enough sausage for today.”

Tom almost spat out his breakfast and choked.

Our mum wondered what had happened, Tom was choking, and I was sitting next to him, an innocent smile on my face looking cherubic. Rob just looked confused.

After breakfast, I resigned myself to a day with the family looking around a university campus.

I just wanted to get back to the hotel room.


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