Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 9: Fun Behind The Shower Block

I was in the middle of an intense dream when I was startled awake.

“Wake up you fucking cunts. I need some fucking help here; I have absolutely no idea where I’m fucking going.” Blondie sounded like he was panicking.

I heard a car blast their horn at us, and I looked out the window to see a Frenchman frantically gesticulating at us.

Blondie was wavering in the road, checking out for road signs.

“Fuck! I just went through on red.” Another car blasted its horn at us. “their fucking traffic lights are all over the place.”

Tom, pushed me off him and climbed over to the front seat, giving me a great view of his arse.

The map book was on the passenger seat. Tom picked it up and sat down. “Just pull over when you can, Aiden. We’ll get our bearings.”

We were coming to what looked like the main street of a little, small shops were lining the road. It was late, and most had shut for the day.

Blondie pulled over when he saw an empty parking bay. He put the car in neutral, pulled on the hand brake and banged his head against the steering wheel.

“Those fucking French drivers are mad.” Blondie took in a deep breath to calm his nerves.

“I don’t think it’s them, Aiden,” Tom told him. “It’s we who are lost and have no idea what we’re doing.”

“And you driving on the wrong side of the road.” I teased him.

“Where are we?” Tom asked.

“I have no fucking idea.” Blondie gasped.

Tom fidgeted and pulled his mobile phone from his jeans; we sat in silence as he looked at the screen.

Eventually, he broke the silence. “It looks like you didn’t get on the A83, we’re near someplace called La Roche-sur-Yon.”

“I thought we were going there.” Blondie had calmed down and was now breathing normally again.

“La Rochelle, Aiden. We’re supposed to be heading for La Rochelle.”

“Oh well.” Blondie shrugged. “How far out of the way are we.”

“Not far. I think I know how to get back on track. Let’s get going. I’ll direct you.”

I sat quietly in the back while Tom concentrated on the tiny map on his phone and Blondie concentrated on the road.

I closed my eyes as I sat on the back seat, just listening to the two of them talking to each other. Tom had a soothing calm voice, patiently telling Blondie when to turn and what to expect on the road ahead. When Blondie missed a turning, he exclaimed and hit the steering wheel. Tom calmly told him that it wasn’t a problem. Driving in a foreign land for the first time was obviously stressful for Blondie, but Tom’s soft voice soothed the atmosphere and defused any tension.

It wasn’t long before Tom announced that we were nearly there. I opened my eyes, and like a young kid, I excitedly said, “I can see the sea.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Tom said, “The campsite is near the beach.”

I grumbled back at him.

Tom pointed ahead, “There, Aiden. Just up there on the right. That’s the campsite. Do you see the sign?”

“Yep,” Blondie responded and drove us up to the reception.

We all got out of the car, the heat finally hitting me, and I waited by the car while Tom and Blondie booked us in.

I waited about ten minutes, but when they emerged from the big wooden hut, Tom had a small map in his hand, and Blondie was tucking his wallet into his jeans.

“Fucking hot, init?” Blondie pulled his t-shirt away from his chest, the sweat having glued it to his body.

“Come on, Will.” Tom beckoned me to him. “We’ll walk ahead while Aiden follows with the car, the pitch isn’t far.”

I was glad to get out of the car and stretch my legs.

As we walked, I noticed the other campers were separated into different types, caravans and motor homes were all together, near the entrance with easy access to the site electricity, larger tents were in the middle of the site and finally all the small tents. When we went through, what would have been gated access, shielded by high hedges, we entered a large field dotted with two-man and four-man tents of all different sizes and shapes. There was no chance of hooking up to the site electricity here.

Tom walked over to the side and found a shaded area underneath some overhanging trees. I motioned for Blondie to pull beside him. Tom went into the back of the car and threw the tent on the ground.

“There you go will!” Tom pointed to the tent packed tightly in its khaki sack. “You get this thing up, me and Aiden need a break.”

“A fucking break from what!” I shrieked.

“Aiden’s been driving for over six hours straight, and I’ve had to concentrate on the roads and navigating. You’ve just been dozing off in the back.”

Tom grabbed two chairs from the car and threw one at Blondie. They unfolded them and sat down in the shade, watching me.

“Come on, guys.” I whined, “I have no idea what I’m doing; I’ve never been camping in my life.”

“Just unpack it first,” Blondie told me. “I’ll help you in a minute.”

With the components strewn on the grass, Blondie stood up and pulled off his t-shirt. I stared at his bare, hairless chest as he walked over to me.

“Let’s get started.” He declared.

It didn’t take too long to put the tent up with all three of us helping. I stood back and felt a twinge of pride that I had helped erect the thing. Initially, I was lost; I had no idea where to start; it just looked like some impossible puzzle.

The tent was red and consisted of one large central area that we slept in but at the front, passed the zip, the was a small shielded area which Blondie said was where we would cook.

“We need food,” Tom said once he was satisfied the tent wasn’t going to fall down.

Blondie put his t-shirt back on, and we went out to check the facilities, make sure we knew where the toilets, showers and camp shop was.

They had a small rec area where people sat around, and the kids played table football or the board games that were left for the guests to enjoy.

There was a small hatch where you could get drinks and simple food.

Tom got us all a coke and hotdog, and we sat at a table. I almost swallowed my hotdog whole I was that hungry; Tom left his on the table while he texted someone on his mobile phone.

“Just letting mum and dad know we are here safe.” He looked at me and then took a massive bite of his hotdog.

I quickly grew bored as Tom and Blondie chatted among themselves about University and comparing the two different ones they were going to.

Feeling ignored, I looked around the rec room and heard loads of different voices and languages, mainly French. I then heard some English and looked over at three boys playing table football. The oldest boy looked around my age, slim, and had straight mousy brown hair with a fringe that almost covered his eyes. He looked cute in his black nylon football shorts and a loose t-shirt. He watched the other two boys playing; they looked about twelve or thirteen and a smaller version of the older kid.

I told Tom I was going over and he just smiled and nodded at me.

“Hiya. Do you fancy making the game two-aside?” I said to the older boy who was slightly taller than me.

He flicked his hair away from his eyes and smiled at me. “Why not.”

“Great. I’m Will. I’m here with my brother and his mate.” I nodded over to Tom and Blondie.

“What! No parents? You lucky sod. I’m Dave.”

He introduced the two younger kids as his twin brothers, I looked at them but guessed they weren’t identical.

Dave and I played the twins, and we chatted as we started to thrash the youngsters. The twins got frustrated and more competitive, and they started to get more goals passed us as Dave and I were more interested in getting to know each other.

Dave was here with his family and was staying in a caravan. They lived in Aberystwyth, and he had a thick welsh accent.

We were swapping family histories when Tom tapped me on the shoulder.

“We’re going back to the tent. Aiden is knackered.”

I looked at my watch; it was still early. Tom sensed what I was going to say.

“Don’t worry; you can stay here and have fun. Just don’t stay too late and be quiet when you come back, I’ll put you’re sleeping bag out.”

The twins cheered loudly as the rattle of the small wooden ball hit the back of our goal. Tom had distracted me, and I let them get another one passed me.

“Thanks, Tom. See you later.”

I then ignored Tom and concentrated on getting a goal against the twins.

We must have played for over half an hour when their mother came over and suggested that we let someone else have a game.

We finished our final play, and the twins got the goal, Dave and I had now given up knowing we had already beat the twins.

As soon as we left the table, a group of French boys took our place. They looked so relieved that they were finally going to get a game. I must say that some of those French boys were cute.

Dave and I got ourselves a drink and found a couple of spare chairs, Dave ensured we weren’t too close to his parents. The twins went off on their own.

“They do everything together except shit and shower. And I’m not even convinced of that. I’ve seen them come out of the bathroom together quite often.” Dave told me.

“They sound very close.”

“Too fucking close. I may be the oldest, but they push me out and ignore me. It’s like I don’t fucking exist.”

He made it out that his life was terrible, but I’m sure there was something good. But I think he was just glad to have a moan to someone.

“Sorry, mate.” He said to me. “I’ve just got all this built-up rage and frustration. And I’ve not been sleeping well.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well. I’m stuck in a caravan with the family. You can hear absolutely everything. Mainly it’s dad’s snoring. I just can’t sleep when he is in full flow. But the two brats spend the night fidgeting and whispering to each other. We’ve been here a week now, and I just don’t have any space.”

“Shame. Sounds horrendous.”

Dave leant in closer to me, “and I’m horny all the time. I have to be careful as I never get any free time to take care of myself.”

“What about the shower?” I asked.

Dave laughed. It was load and caught people’s attention; they glanced over at him then back at what they were doing. “You’re new here; you’ve not seen the showers.”

“Shit!” I suddenly felt a pit in my stomach. “They’re not communal, are they?”

“No such luck. Every time we’ve gone for a shower, they have been so busy, rather than wait my dad insisted we share. I had to fucking share a shower with my dad! I don’t want to see him naked and I sure never want him to see me naked. Fuck it was so awkward, trying to keep my back to him so he didn’t see my junk.”

“Fuck, Dave. Sounds horrible. Did you manage to get a good look at what your dad’s packing?” I asked.

“He’s got no fucking shame. Didn’t even try not to mortify me, I think he took great pleasure in showing me.”

“Well hung then?”

“Fuck yes. The one time I did get a shower to myself he was constantly banging on the door telling me to hurry up. I never got any time to crank one out. So I wake up shit scared each morning that everyone is going to see my morning wood. Some morning’s I’ve had to pinch my balls until the pain caused me to go soft.”

“You poor bastard.” This kid sounded like he was in serious need of relief. “Do you think your parents would mind if we disappeared for a bit?”

Dave looked at me and frowned. “Probably not. If we weren’t too long and I told them where we were going.” He sighed. “They don’t like me straying too far, not while we’re on holiday anyway. Shit knows what they think will happen. I’m not likely to get fucking abducted.”

“Lost, more likely.” We both laughed.

“Tell your folks that we’re just going to get some fresh air and then meet me by the shower block.”

“What you got in mind, Will?” Dave was curious.

“Well, I thought you could do with some space, away from the folks. It might be a relief for you.” I winked at Dave.

I looked between Dave’s legs and could see his bulge grow.

“Fucking hell, Will. You know the least little thing sets me off. I’m nearly fucking sixteen; I should be tossing off twice a day at least and living like a fucking monk for the last week has made me so sensitive.”

“Sorry, mate.” I grinned, knowing full well I was teasing him. “Now, quick. Get over there and let them know you’ll be disappearing for fifteen minutes before you embarrass yourself.”

Dave got up to speak to his parents, and I left the rec room to wait by the showers. Dave wasn’t too far behind me.

“I’ve got half an hour; then they want me back there as they will be heading back to the caravan.”

“Half an hour is plenty of time.” I grabbed Dave by the arm and led him to the back of the shower block.

It was dark behind the one storey brick building; the only light came from some small frosted windows at the top. All the windows were open to let the steam from the showers escape. We could hear some of the showers running and the people inside.

It sounded like a young father, and his son was showering together. We could hear his voice telling his young son what to do while he washed him. The young boy would giggle, and it sounded like he was playing with the water. His father would get frustrated and tell him to stand still so he could wash him properly.

Dave and I smiled at each other as we heard them.

I breached the gap between us and placed my hand on the bulge in his nylon shorts.

“I don’t want you to stain these,” I whispered as I pulled his shorts and underpants down to his knees.

In the darkness, I could make out the shape and size of his cock. I grabbed his cock and stroked it until it was hard.

“Will, I’ve got a girlfriend back home in Wales.”

“So fucking what. I’m here; she’s back there. You need relief, and I’m here to give it, she ain’t.”

I crouched down and guided his cock into my mouth.

“Fucking hell, Will.” He whispered, and I felt his legs tense up. I suspected no one had ever swallowed his cock before.

Dave’s cock tasted salty, no doubt from sweating throughout the day. I sucked it clean, so I could now taste his sweet pre-cum.

I felt his legs relax as he accepted me sucking his cock, and he placed his hands on my head.

His breathing turned into rasps of anguish as I deep throated him.

I grabbed his arse cheeks, and he instinctively clenched them. I tickled his crack with my finger until he relaxed so I could explore his crevice and find his hole.

I touched it with my fingertip.

“Fuck!” Dave yelped and immediately took his right hand from my head and clasped it across his mouth.

I kept sucking him and closing my throat against his knob. Dave moaned and groaned, his fist in his mouth now muffling his sounds.

My finger ventured deeper and breached his virgin hole. His cock throbbed in my mouth and his legs tensed up again. I could hear a faint yelp come from above me.

It didn’t hurt him; he didn’t beg me to take it out. He was enjoying this new sensation, discovering the pleasure his hole could give him.

I pushed a little deeper, only slightly, as I felt his hole tighten around my fingertip. It flexed rhythmically, and as it loosened, I pushed in again.

I thought he had exploded down my throat as I was suddenly swallowing a lot of fluid which erupted from his cock. When I pulled his cock out of my throat, I swirled my tongue around his bell-end. The liquid was thin and watery. It was only pre-cum, but his cock must have been drowning in it.

My tongue teased the corona of his cock as I pushed my finger inside his arse, just a little more, until I found that firm fleshy button.

One touch and cum flooded my mouth. I struggled to keep Dave’s cock between my lips as it flayed about with each spasm, shooting more cum into my mouth.

Dave let out an almighty guttural groan.

I swallowed as fast as I could so none of his cum slipped from my lips.

Dave pulled his fist from his mouth and braced himself against the brick wall; he was panting.

I sucked his cock clean. Once it had softened, I allowed it to slip from my lips.

I stood up and looked at Dave; he lifted his head to look back at me.

“That should sort you out for a few days.” I smiled.

“Fucking hell, Will. That was fucking fantastic.”

I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and used it to dry Dave’s soft cock thoroughly. After drying the shaft, I pulled back his loose foreskin and dried his bell-end. Satisfied he would leave any stains on his shorts or underwear, I pulled them up to make him look decent again.

Dave plunged his hand into his shorts and arranged his cock, so it was comfortable.

“Thanks, Will. I’ve never had anyone do that to me before. It felt amazing. But…” Dave hesitated. “I don’t think I could return the favour.” He looked ashamed, not feeling able to give me any reciprocal pleasure.

“Don’t worry, Dave,” I said seriously. “This one time doesn’t make you gay. Even if you did try to help me out, it wouldn’t make you gay. And besides,” I smiled, “I enjoyed it, and you needed it. I get a belly full of your sweet cum, and you get rid of your blue balls.”

“Thanks, Will. But I think we should get out of here in case anyone one heard me.”

We went back round to the front of the shower block. The area was well lit, and as we came around the corner, we saw a young man come out of the showers holding hands with a young toddler. He looked at us for a moment and then led the child back to their caravan or tent.

I looked at Dave, paying close attention to his shorts. “You look fine; you should go back to your folks. I did a good job. No one will be able to tell you just shot one of the biggest loads of your life.”

Dave laughed, “Unlike you.” He pointed to the wet hem of my t-shirt. “You have all my cock snot on you.”

I slapped Dave on the arse and told him to go and see his parents before they sent out a search party. He smiled back at me and walked off.


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