Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 45: Schools out

That same day across town at the school, many of the pupils in Kelvin’s class were in an unusual in a state of flux for it was the first they had heard of Kelvin being away on work experience, let alone hearing of work experience anyway. Utilising all of their modest brain power it had suddenly made them realise that they too would be leaving the school in the not too distant future. Turning sixteen was basically the key to leaving and if they hadn’t made sufficient effort to attain at least one CSE exam then their future looked to be pretty bleak, not that CSE exams were thought to be worth very much anyway. Unfortunately since so few had ever made any real effort it looked as though, with the exception of Luke and a couple of others the majority would indeed be leaving school with no qualifications whatsoever.

Sitting in the school dining room around the dinner table having consumed the obligatory chips and beans, the situation was slowly beginning to dawn and that the conversation was far from upbeat. Kelvin’s work was experience was proving to be the catalyst to a conversation which appeared to be aimed at convincing his classmates that they had indeed achieved the very best they could.

“Wot’s yer gonna do then Joel?” asked Bogbrush.

“Dunno, I’s ain’t thought about it.” Joel scratched the yellow spot on his chin, ideally he would have liked to have scratched Luke’s cock, instead he nudged him under the table with his knee, “maybe I’s could get a job in a shop, like Burton’s or that.”

“Wot selling clothes and that sorta thing?” Dave grinned, scooping up the last of the beans with a burnt chip. “Yer could help blokes try on new pants or something!”

“Well yer wouldn’t wanna work for fucking Guptha’s flogging they’s shit would yer!” replied Joel, now quite taken with the idea and imagining measuring inside leg’s or something similar in the changing rooms. “So’s wot think yer’s gonna do then?”

“I’s dunno, our dad’s reckon’s he can get us a job at his place.” muttered Dave who didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the prospect, if indeed it were a prospect at all.

“Wot’s he do then?” asked Bogbrush trying to show some interest in the discussion.

“Fuck knows, he’s at some bleeding factory or summat, he uummm…  gert makes things like don’t ‘eh?”

“Like wot?”

“Fuck knows!” Dave shrugged. “Well I’s don’t fucking knows do us?”

“No, don’t sound like it do it.” added Luke who appeared slightly, but not a great deal more enthusiastic at any career prospects than was Dave. “Well our dad’s says he’s gonna get us a job where he works, if I’s gets three of they CSE exam things.”

“Three! Fuck me, that’s a lot innit?” said Joel looking up. “That’s like university stuff innit?”

“Yeah, I’ll fuck yer!” whispered Bogbrush on Joel’s other side. “In the bog after this.”

“Oh, alright.” Joel half turned and winked, then said to Luke. “So wot’s he do then, yer dad?”

“Works in some bleeding office I thinks, say’s he can get us a job as office junior.”

“A junior wot?” asked Dave licking the last of the tomato sauce off his finger before proceeding to pick his nose.

“Well wotever bleeding junior’s do’s I ‘spose! I’ll let yer know when I gets the job.”

“Oh, right.”

“D’yer think yer’d have yer own office and that, then yer could hava wank under yer desk when yer felt like it! That’ll be like being here at this sodding school wunnit!” said Joel. “Well I’s would! We’d all come in and see yer for a quick ‘un wouldn’t us?”

“Yeah.” agreed Dave. “I’s ‘spose yer’d have yer own pens and that stuff then?”

“Or us could all go into Burton’s and Joel could flog us some pants!” Luke’s knee returned the compliment.

“Yeah, I’s could measure yer up for ’em as well if yer wanted,” said Joel hopefully, “have to make sure they’s fitted wouldn’t us?”.

“Yeah, I’s ‘spose.” agreed Dave.

“Anyhow, so wot about yer Bogs? Wot’s yer gonna do?”

“Fuck knows!”

Bogbrush wasn’t feeling quite his usual happy self. With the realisation that his job prospects were far less than even selling underwear in Burtons, along with the likelihood of being separated from Kelvin the future didn’t appear very bright at all.

“Well our dad did say he do knows some bloke who reckons he’s can get us  some sorta shit labouring job on that gert housing site they’s building.”

“Oh. Ah.” Luke could see that it wasn’t exactly something to look forward too. “Well yer could always come in me office and hava gert wank under me desk!”

“Well I gotta gert office, it’s just round the corner,” under the table, through his pocketless pocket Joel was trying to free his erection from the sewn up fly of his Guptha’s International briefs, “it’s called the bog and if yer wanted too, we’s could all nip in and have that wank now ‘cause I’s really needs one like!”

“The bog by the hall’s the best at dinner times.” said Bogbrush with the certainty that only an expert in the use of school toilets for sexual acts would know.

“Yeah, right.” agreed Joel his erection finally freed, his sticky fingers malodorous.

“Bleeding good idea!” confirmed Luke pushing his chair back. “Coming then?”

“Not now, but I’s soon will!” Dave grinned, he started to get up. “Let’s go then.”


The procession of four boys all with bags strategically placed in front of them began to slowly and innocuously wind it’s way from the dining hall towards the toilets that were adjacent to the main hall. Bogbrush’s previous experience had shown that they were the likely to be the quietest during the dinner break, well worth the walk and  unlikely to get an inspection by a duty teacher.

“Right, inside here.” Bogbrush pushed the door open and led the way.

“So wot’s we gonna do then?” asked Luke looking around the cubicles to make sure the room was empty. “We’s just gonna whip ’em out here and hava quickie wank or wot?”

“Stinks dunnit?” said Dave, always the observant one.

“Wot a pity Kelv ain’t here innit, he’d love this,” said Joel, “‘cause he’s be working away at that wood place and there won’t be nothing going on for him to wank over will there?”

“Doubt it! But, I’s ‘spect he’ll nip in the bog for a quick one ‘cause he’ll never last the day without one!” thinking of the impending sexual activity Bogbrush was beginning to cheer up. “I’s tell him about this later, so’s wot’s us gonna do now?”

“Well, uumm.. would..” it was Joel who was to make a very bold suggestion that would really astonish them, “would… well would yer all wanna fuck me?”

“Yer wot?” gasped David, both hands down the front of his trousers.

“If I’s bends over yer could take it in turns to fuck us!” Joel looked round at the blank faces, it seemed the suggestion had really taken them all by surprise. Now embarrassed his voice tailed off. “Or, or, we’s could just wanks like.. uumm.. oh..”

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth or up the bottom as the case might be, Bogbrush was more than interested in the offer, it was just the sort of tonic that he needed and was already reaching down to his expanding fly. “So d’yer wanna us to cum up yer bumhole or pull it out and spunk it all over the floor?”

“Shit! Yer really means it!” gasped Luke, it seemed Christmas had come early.

Whilst good for solo practice, the undeniable fact was that carrots couldn’t actually ejaculate. If only they could, sales would have probably rocketed. However, what Joel did  know from his limited experience of boy on boy style anal activity, as compared to carrot up boy style anal activity, it was a truly wonderful feeling to receive a load of hot semen. Also, quite contrary to opinion he also found it equally wonderful, if very messy to walk around afterwards with everything seeping back out and be absorbed by his underwear to prolong the feeling. The thought of three such wonderful consecutive loads from his friends plus the resultant mess and subsequent exudation was almost too disgusting to contemplate. Nevertheless, he very quickly managed to force himself to face such the gruelling prospect.

“Cum up us,” Joel replied instantly, pulling at his trousers and almost ripping the zip off in the process adding, “and yer’s all gotta squirt up as much spunk as yer can!”

“I’s go first then shall I’s?” asked Bogbrush fully aware it was a rhetorical question even if he didn’t know what the correct grammatical term was, his trousers were already unfastened and started to drop as he moved closer to Joel.

“Yeah, yeah, but finger us first…” gasped Joel, “bleeding hurry up I’s wants it bad!”

“Finger?” said Dave to himself, he glanced at Luke who though playing with himself seemed transfixed by the way Joel was ripping his clothes off. “I’ll go next Luke.”

“Yeah.” Luke continued to stare as Joel’s pert white buttocks were unveiled.

Bogbrush was intending to do just that. “How many fingers?”

“All fucking ten of ‘em if yer can fit ’em in!”

Leaning on his arms with his hands against the wall, Joel wasted no time in pushing his bottom backwards invitingly, his trousers crumpled around his feet along with some very tired and very heavily semen stained briefs. Bogbrush moved ever closer, his weeping cock sticking lewdly out in front, pulling the white buttocks apart for a very cursory inspection he spat on his fingers and quickly forced two inside ignoring Joel’s very vocal protestations at their rough entry.


Once Joel’s puckered sphincter had given way there was little that could be done to stop the onslaught and in less than a minute of frantic prostate massage a third finger had entered. From then on it was only a matter of seconds before Bogbrush withdrew his fingers and unable to wait any longer lest he ejaculated he slammed his slimy cock in as far as it could go. A breathless bout of very vigorous humping followed with Joel clasped tightly around the waist which rapidly brought Bogbrush to the point of ejaculation, momentarily he paused before continuing to a truly shuddering climax. Aware there were others in the queue Bogbrush reluctantly relinquished his grip to back slowly away, pulling his cock from Joel’s sphincter with a very audible plop and blobs of semen falling to the floor.

Dave with trousers falling around his ankles immediately waddled over to fill the beckoning void, hitching up his vest he hoped nobody would realise that for him it was to be a seminal moment. Not sure what to expect other than hope the feeling might be similar to that when he would fuck his own clenched hand doused in handcream, he was not to be disappointed. Gravity had ensured some of Bogbrush’s semen would help as lubricant and with such a surfeit of superior lubrication it might have taken anyone else some time to attain a frictionless climax. However, Dave was so excited at the mere prospect of losing his virginity that he ejaculated almost immediately he entered, nevertheless aware that he had to put on a bit of an act he continued to hump away until his cock could barely stay up.

“Luke, there yer goes, all spunky and ready for yer!” he said proudly, pulling back to show the strings of spunk clinging to his pubic hair and rapidly shrinking member.

Standing and watching to one side Bogbrush refused to concede that his own cock now looked similarly flaccid and uninterested so, he started to rub it hoping to impart some life and that he might get a second helping. The sight of Dave had certainly helped, but not quite enough so all hope now rested on the vision of the delectable Luke pushing forward, cock in hand, glasses wobbling and also with semen stained briefs on display around his ankles.

“Oooh fucking hell go easy!” exclaimed Joel who had been masturbating without too much success since Bogbrush’s initial invasion, his attention now captured by Luke’s aggressive lunge forward and very forceful penile incursion between his buttocks.

“Oooh fuck!” reiterated Luke, somewhat disappointed on finding himself inside Joel  with everything swamped in semen and offering little chance of any real penile friction, he consoled himself by ramming his cock inside as hard and as far as he possibly could.

“Oooh fuck me… somebody!” moaned Bogbrush looking over towards Dave hoping he would fulfil his wish, although on seeing the state of Dave’s floppy cock there seemed little chance of it becoming anywhere near erect for quite some time.

Meanwhile Luke humped away, the mucilaginous sounds emanating from Joel’s bottom had to be heard to be believed. With much groaning, some disgustingly rhythmic sounds of slurping and a certain amount of very intriguing squelching noises Luke was quite determined to ejaculate and to ejaculate inside Joel. And, that meant continuing to hump even if badly abusing both his own genitalia and Joel’s anal tract in the process to the point where each would soon be regretting their frenetic coupling.

“Oh fuck, I wanna be fucked!” wailed an increasingly frustrated Bogbrush, his trousers around his ankles, his hand a blur, his cock still pretty flaccid and his other hand feeling around his bottom.


Still in the dining room after demolishing their plates of chips and beans, Jason had been left with Farty since Billie and Brett had wandered off to see about some very boring football related matters. Having been watching Connor playing with himself under the table across the room, Jason had raised with Farty the subject of Connor’s large cock since Farty had had first hand experience of it, so what it was really like?

“Look why don’t I’s get him to come over and then yer can ask him about it yerself,” Farty looked in Connor’s direction, “‘spect he’ll get it out for yer if yer wants.”

“Ooh,” beneath the table Jason’s hand had been in his pocketless pocket for some time, “alright, fuck it… yer goes over and asks him to come over to us then.”

Connor, as ever a boy on a mission where masturbation was concerned quickly arrived at the table with a bulge in his trousers that would almost rival Kelvin’s. With a grin that showcased his yellow teeth to perfection he looked at Jason and sat down having noticed that he like Jason had also lost an arm in his trouser pocket.

“D’yer wanna hava wank then or is yer doing it already ?”

“Uuhhh… yeah… I’s ‘spose.. uumm..” Jason who for once was the prey and not the hunter was rather taken aback at the very forward approach, “wot yer means now?”

“Yeah course. When d’yer last do it?”

Even Jason blushed at the question. “Uumm… morning break I’s ‘spose.. and yer?”

“Last lesson.”

Jason’s cock twitched. “Wot cum in yer pants then?”

“Yeah, I do’s that a lot.” the yellow teeth flashed again. “Right gert load and all. D’yer wanna feel ’em, they’s all spunky.”

“I’ll feel ’em.” said Farty shuffling on his chair, the pressure from the recent extra helping of beans for dinner was beginning to build. “Yer can feel mine if yer wants.”

“Well shall us go the bog then,” obviously excited at the prospect Connor looked between Jason and Farty, “we’s can all hava wank then as well. Yer’s hard is yer?”

“Let’s bleeding go then.” said Jason throwing caution to the obnoxious wind that Farty was soon to expel. “Course I’s bleeding hard!”

“So’s I’s.” added Farty excitedly thinking of his last encounter with Connor, failing to contain the few discreet popping noises when he started to move a deafening fart echoed around the room to peals of laughter and a very embarrassed Farty.

“He’s farted!” said Connor as something of an understatement, the wet patch on his bulging trousers glistening in the light.

“He always fucking farts!” confirmed Jason wrinkling up his nose. “Let’s go before he fucking gasses us!”

Outside the dining hall on taking deep breaths of clean air both Jason and Farty immediately positioned their bags in front to hide their erections whereas Connor simply didn’t bother, he proudly set off with his bulging wet fly on display attracting several looks of jealousy particularly from older boys.

“This bog’s always a quite ‘un at dinner times.” Connor forged ahead. “Follow us.”

“Wotever.” Jason wanting to get on with it hurried behind leaving Farty struggling to keep pace.

A couple of minutes later and once round the final corner, Connor stopped outside the battered toilet door and turned to see that only Jason had managed to keep up, whereas Farty was still somewhere around the last corner and was giving advance notice of his imminent arrival with some truly buttock flapping anal explosions.

“He’ll shit himself one day!” remarked Jason. “It’s all they bleeding beans.”

“As long as he don’t do it if I’s got me willy up him!” Connor giggled.

“Wot! Has yer done that then?” Jason wondered how Farty could possibly have taken so large an organ as Connor’s. “Fucked him I’s means.”

“Were is he?” Connor discretely avoided answering the question, instead he waited for Farty to arrive. “It’s alright, don’t think there ain’t nobody in there. Ready then?”


With a crash the toilet door flew open allowing Jason, Connor and Farty to almost fall into the room.

An extremely startled Bogbrush looked up from pulling on his cock, but did manage to pull his finger from between his legs. “Wot the fuck!”

“Bleeding hell wot’s yer lot doing here?” responded an equally startled Jason.

“They’s wanking and, and,” exclaimed Farty looking round, “and they two’s fucking!”

Connor, his cock having started to ooze precum in the dining room into his already slimy underpants looked around and immediately began to unfasten his trousers, he was determined that now he would be getting more than the promised hand job. Bogbrush always quick to take advantage of a wayward willy watched as Connor’s monstrous organ appeared in view from it’s semen coated lair, the sight and smell of which had an almost magical effect on Bogbrush who’s cock finally started to stiffen.

“Connor…. fuck us now!” snapped Bogbrush immediately he saw what was on offer.

The tone of his voice said it all, he wanted it and wanted it badly. Bending over to lean on the wall with arms his outstretched and bottom pouting he awaited what could only be a painful entry. And, it was! Connor’s self-lubricating organ quivered in anticipation as it drew nearer to it’s target, thrust upwards and embedded to it’s full length, it gave no quarter causing Bogbrush to cry out in pain. What Bogbrush didn’t know was that Connor was no beginner for he had a cousin a year or so older who had taken him in hand at an early age and had quickly graduated to anal sex.

Jason struggled to undo his trousers, seeing Joel and Luke still actively coupled and now with Bogbrush with Connor about to connect he suddenly had it in his mind to bugger Connor who’s gyrating bottom seemed especially attractive. Farty who closely resembled almost a junior version of Dave had meanwhile attached himself to Dave’s reluctant organ in a spirited attempt to get it erect again, simultaneously  encouraging Dave to masturbate him.


There was no doubting the quality of the masturbation service that Kelvin was able to offer Terry and even though Mr Parker hadn’t quite reached the bench it must have been pretty obvious what was happening, particularly with Kelvin’s arm having disappeared under Terry’s apron. There was no escape since Kelvin’s hand, so well lubricated by Terry’s own recent discharge now had hold of his cock leaving him squirming around with his legs tightly clamped. Unfortunately for Terry it was at the very moment when Mr Parker arrived by the bench that his over productive genitals should decide to erupt once more, a small cock he may have had but it certainly was able to produce generous quantities of semen.

“What are you two doing?”

Mr Parker attempted to give an air of authoritative ignorance as Kelvin withdrew a very spunky hand leaving Terry, who’s legs were rapidly turning to jelly grabbing at the bench for support as his cock spewed out it’s load.

“Uumm..” Kelvin was dumbfounded. Not only had he been caught with his hand deep inside Terry’s trousers, but thought he was in danger of losing his only chance of getting an apprenticeship.

“What’s this?”

“Uh.. wot?”

Mr Parker, having been fully briefed by Mr Wilson on Kelvin’s physical attributes had already partly decided that he didn’t want to lose him and from what he could see of his work on the bench it had all but confirmed the apprenticeship. Subterfuge was now to be the name of the game, bending down he picked up the zip from the floor and appeared suitably surprised.

“My god it looks like a trouser zip… who’s is it?”

Terry wasn’t saying anything, he was more concerned with the quantity of semen that was now beginning to slide uncomfortably down between his legs.

“I’s think’s it’s could be mine like.” admitted Kelvin after a lengthy pause.

“Really? Think? Well then you’d better check.” Mr Parker moved a little closer hoping to get a glimpse of whatever when Kelvin quickly pulled at the apron. “Unusual having a zip that just falls off!”

“Yer it is mine… nah, dunno how that happened like, uumm..” admitted a highly embarrassed Kelvin after a whole pico second of exposure, “I’s get our mum to sew it back on when I’s get’s home.”

“But, well but, well you can’t go around without a zip and your trousers unfastened for all to see can you?”

Mr Parker sounded suitably concerned, although naturally very keen to see exactly what was beneath the apron and whether the size of Kelvin’s cock was indeed as impressive as Mr Wilson had intimated.

“Oh.. uumm.. I’s ‘spose not.” beneath the apron Kelvin’s cock and was once again nearing maximum capability and the two separate trouser legs doing little to hide it.

“Good, so come in the office and we’ll see what we can do to help. Terry you get back to work.”

Shuffling around with semen flooding his trousers Terry started to return to his bench, he wouldn’t have admitted it but was determined to ejaculate for a third time whilst the memory of Kelvin’s cock was still fresh in his mind.

“Oh.. your office! Uumm.. oh alright..” mumbled a reluctant Kelvin slowly following Mr Parker towards the office. How could he refuse, his future might depend on it.

“There, now let’s have a proper look,” once inside Mr Parker closed the door firmly behind them and turned the key in the lock, “I expect you’ve noticed some of the men here prefer to wear an overall coat instead of an apron, there’s bound to be a spare one that would cover your trousers up.”

“Yeah, uumm.. right, good.” mumbled Kelvin nervously.

“Well you’d better take that apron off first I suppose,” Mr Parker looked hopefully, casually in the direction of the apron, “it might surprise you to know that I can sew buttons back on and I make my own flies for fishing.”

“Yer wot?” Kelvin was now really confused. “I’s dunno wot’s yer means? Flies, wot like me trousers?”

“Oh… well,” it was looking to be a painful process to explain, “well let’s just say I could probably do a very temporary sewing job on your trousers.”

“Oh… oh, I’s see’s,” Kelvin perked up, “ooh, that’ll be good wunnit. Ta.”

“But you’ll have to take them off though,” Mr Parker smiled, adding, “won’t you?”

“Shit!” muttered Kelvin under his breath.

“You don’t have to worry about being seen in just your underpants,” it was that smile again and this time it was closer, “you see, well I’ve been told a little about you… and your friend Dean.”

“Oh, wot yer means Bog’s!” exclaimed Kelvin, the cogs inside his head turned very slowly, if almost visibly. “It were.. oh… shit.. oh.. wot so it were Mr Wilson then?”

“Yes, it was. He said that Dean was hoping to get a job here as well, but of course that would depend on how well we got on wouldn’t it?” he moved to stand beside Kelvin and looked down. “D’you see what I mean?”

“Uumm.. wot.. oh..” Kelvin didn’t quite see, “see wot?”

“See, if you were to work here, then we’d have to get on wouldn’t we?” surely he didn’t have to spell it out, he did! “So, uumm, hadn’t you better undo that apron?”

“Ah… oh uumm..” Kelvin paused, did that mean he was being offered the job and one for Bogbrush if he took his apron off or was he just very confused, he fumbled with the apron strings as he weighed up what could be the facts, “so, so d’yer mean I’s got the job and yer could do something for Bog’s if.. if… we uumm..”

“Well yes, if you wouldn’t mind doing little jobs for me that is,” Mr Parker’s hands were desperate to rip the apron off, “and, and I hear that Dean would probably be willing to help us both out since he, uumm, I hear he doesn’t like girls is that right?”

“Oh yeah, he’s queer is Bog’s!” Kelvin suddenly blurted out, the penny had finally dropped, so was this what work was going to be like.

“Well I like boys and girls, so that would be fine then wouldn’t it?” that smile again.

“So does I’s.” said Kelvin thinking of his skirmish with Cilla as he slowly pulled the apron off revealing sight of the bulging orange briefs. “And Bog’s just likes boys.”

“So if the three of us like boys, then like I said that would be fine wouldn’t it?”

Mr Parker’s gaze was fixed on the gaping fly, to be precise the gaping gap between the two trouser legs supported only by the waistband, the orange briefs heavily laden with spunk had been forced through the opening by Kelvin’s enormous cock.

“Now let’s have a look at what you’ve done to yourself.”

Content with the knowledge that he had the job and of what Mr Parker actually wanted Kelvin continued to unfasten the waist band allowing it to fall to the floor affording Mr Parker the first proper look at the orange briefs. Freed from captivity and unable to contain the erection any longer they had allowed it to escape from the side under the failing elastic where it winked it’s one eye replete with spunk bubble.

Embarrassed, Kelvin didn’t know what to say, finally muttering. “Yer’d better get yer sewing stuff out then!”

“Oh fuck!” to Mr Parker it looked far longer, far fatter and far, far better than it had been described it. “Give me your trousers, you can’t be seen like that.”

“Wot shall I’s do now then?” asked Kelvin in all innocence before kicking them off.

“Can you cum again?” it was a silly question, Kelvin could cum anytime anywhere.

“Oh! I’s see’s, course I’s can, how many times ‘yer want!” he replied finally realising where the conversation was headed. “Wot’s yer want, is we wanking then?”

“No,” Mr Parker’s reply was more visual, undoing his work coat he exposed a very stout six inches poking from his unfastened fly, “no, no I want you to fuck me!”

“Wot now!” Kelvin was rather surprised, things had happened very quickly, almost too quickly especially for a theoretical job interview. “D’yer do this with Terry then?”

“No, no. I caught him wanking in the bog the first week he was here, but he doesn’t appeal to me.” he smiled. “But, that young looking Dave was always interested, he could wank all day!”

“Yeah I’s knows that Terry just a wanker, he used to get off watching us at school!”

“Well you can tell me all about that another day, but right now let’s get on with it before somebody comes,” Mr Parker started clearing the papers off the corner of the desk so he could lay over it, he looked to see Kelvin was stroking his dripping cock and undoubtedly more than ready. “Bloody hell, that’s going hurt!”

“Yer sure yer wants it?” Kelvin looked down at his cock. “Don’t look like it needs no lube do it?”

“I don’t think so.” a thick string of precum swung from the end of his cock.

“So d’yer wanna us just to bang it up then?”

“Yeah, don’t piss about, just shove it up in one go I like the pain!” his chest resting on the desk, Mr Parker’s hands reached behind to spread his buttocks and reveal the target.

“Yer must do!” Kelvin giggled as he lined himself up. “Up in one then.. ready?”


“I just want to pick up something on the way, won’t be a minute.” Mr Wilson pulled the VW caravanette into supermarket carpark and stopped by the wall. “Now, where do you want me to drop you off after then?”

“Yeah,” Kelvin thought, having to produce so many thoughts that day had proved to be hard work, “see Bog’s lives down on the estate near were I’s do and yer knows were I’s lives don’t yer?”

“OK, yes I think I know.” he paused. “Now let’s get this right, it’s you that wants to tell him he’s got a job starting work in the stores when you do?”

“Oh yeah, he’ll be gert excited at that,” Kelvin paused, the truth had finally dawned, “but yer always knew he’d get it that job didn’t yer?”

“Yes, I did because,” Mr Wilson pulled on the handbrake, “I knew Mr parker wanted somebody and that if you were offered an apprenticeship from what I’d told him about the pair of you he said he would certainly offer Dean something as well.”

“Is that ‘cause he’s a bit queer then?”

“Who Dean?”

“Nah, it’s both of ’em innit!”

“I imagine it helped!” he smiled. “You certainly made a big impression, he said it hurt like hell and you’ve got the biggest cock of all the apprentices he’s ever had!”

“Have I?” Kelvin flushed with pride. “Ooh fuck!”

The VW being somewhat higher than the average car meant they were seated out of view of passers by and soon confirmed by the hand that snaked over from the drivers side to rest between Kelvin’s legs. “I gather your trousers had an accident, so they were badly ripped?”


“So what are you wearing now then?” the fingers of the hand were stroking the omnipresent bulge, the pretext of stopping to buy something quickly forgotten.

“Well,” Kelvin grinned, “us swopped didn’t us! I’s means, well we’s about the same size, so’s he’s wearing mine and says he’ll mend ’em for when I’s starts work like!”

“Oh… what Mr Parker?”

“Yeah! He made us swop pants as well,” Kelvin flushed it had been a day of sexual excess and the way things were heading, one more climax wouldn’t be a problem, “I’s ‘spose yer wants to see ’em then?”

“How did you know that!” Mr Wilson looked over smiling. “Have you cum in them yet?”

“Oh yeah, with Terry in the afternoon break like, I ‘spect they’s still a bit sticky.”

“Did Terry know you’d swopped with Mr Parker?”

“Nah, I was told not to say nothing like.”

“Good. Now get your bum off the seat and push those trousers down, I want you in your pants!”

“Shit! Wot here! Can anybody see?” Kelvin looked anxiously around.

“If we were in a car then yes, but not in this thing so get ‘em down!”

Obscene wasn’t really the word for it, the head of Kelvin’s huge cock poked above the waistband of the skimpy pale blues briefs. Mr Wilson’s hand closed around the foreskin and pulled it slowly back allowing the entrapped semen to ooze out over his fingers, Kelvin sighed in appreciation.

“Yer changing gear with it again!” Kelvin laughed. “So get it in reverse! Hey, is yer’s gonna miss this stuff when us leaves school?

“Yes I will, especially since we’ve become so acquainted. Still I can always pop over to the joinery works or you and Dean could come for trip in the country like we did before.”

“Mmmmmmmhhh…” Kelvin’s cock twitched in appreciation as it was put in reverse.


“Oh! So, so did yer get it then?” asked Bogbrush excitedly on opening the door and being greeted by Kelvin’s smiling face on the doorstep.

“How d’yer knows that?”

“Well just bleeding look at yer!” Bogbrush laughed. “Well yer wouldn’t be smiling like that if yer didn’t would yer?”

“Nah, ‘spose not. ” Kelvin’s animated trousers said it all. “Is yer on yer own? Is there anybody else in?”

“Nah, there ain’t nobody back till six-ish.” Bogbrush grinned, he knew very well what Kelvin had in mind, the obvious wet patch on the front of the trousers confirmed it. “Why’s that? We’s probably got half hour, wot’s wanna do then?”

“Well I’s wants to tell yer wot happened and that…  and, and maybe we’s could…”

“Well I’s were about to toss bleeding Rover off while he licked me willy,” Bogbrush grinned, “but I’d hoped yer would come, so if yer wants I’s ‘spose yer could take his place!”

“I’s ain’t never tossed Rover off before so could I’s hava go then?”

“If yer wants, he won’t care, but he don’t half make a bleeding gert mess when cums!”

“Oh! Maybe I’s in enough of a mess already.”

“I’s knows, I’s can smell spunk from here, yer’d better come in.”

Kelvin needed no second invitation and the three of them were soon ensconced in Bogbrush’s room, sat on the edge of the bed sans trousers with Bogbrush eagerly inspecting the semen soaked pale blue briefs. As Kelvin relayed the days events in all it’s glorious sticky glory Bogbrush set to work sucking the deliciously thick sperm from the front of the briefs with Rover looking enviously on.

“Course, I’s ain’t told yer the best bit yet have I?” concluded Kelvin, his fingers now worming their way slowly inside Bogbrush’s briefs and between his legs.

“Dunno, ain’t you?” replied a muffled Bogbrush who had switched from sucking to teasing the tip of Kelvin’s erection with his tongue.

“Thing is see, that Mr Parker says that yer come and work there with us like, in the stores and that like…”

“Yer wot!” shiny with semen Bogbrush’s face appeared between Kelvin’s legs. “Wot yer means yer’s gotta us a job with yer… at the same place?”

“Yeah. Oh fuck! I don’t know wot’s… uumm.. oh fuck!” for some inexplicable reason tears were suddenly rolling down Kelvin’s cheeks. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Nah.. nah.. don’t fucking cry!” gasped an equally emotional Bogbrush. “Stop it!”

For all of a couple of seconds they just looked at each other, it was Bogbrush who broke the silence by suddenly throwing himself down on top Kelvin. Grinding their erections together he took a leap into the unknown and began passionately kissing him full on the mouth, culminating in an energetic, if wet and sloppy foray into some serious tonguing.

“Fuck! I’ve cum!” cried an emotionally overwrought Bogbrush not one minute later.

“Well I’s ain’t yet,” responded Kelvin for whom the kissing had just become an exciting new dimension, it had him really aroused, “just get on the floor, on all fours ‘cause I’s gonna fuck yer like Rover would just ‘cause… ’cause I want’s yer!”

“D’yer thinks that…” Bogbrush kicked his underpants off and got in position of the semen impregnated carpet, “that.. oh, oh fuck off Rover leave I’s alone!”

“Thinks wot?” asked an amused Kelvin watching Rover having a sniff Bogbrush’s bottom. “Now fuck off Rover I’s going first!”

“Well, d’yer thinks that this working lark is gonna be betterer than going to school?”

“Oh yeah, I’s can’t wait now I’s knows wot it’s gonna be like.” said Kelvin getting down on his knees behind, attempting to manoeuvre his twitching organ past a cold and wet Rover’s nose to get it into position. “Well see, look at it like we’s gonna get paid to go to work and have it off all day like, bet there ain’t no other betterer job like that is there?”

“No, ‘spose not and, and that Terry’ll be there as well won’t eh?” agreed Bogbrush, envisaging the scene. “Yeah, yer right it’s gonna beat going to school innit?”

“Oh yeah.” said Kelvin as Rover ran his wet tongue over the end of his cock. “Bleeding hell yer’s trained Rover a treat… oooh…anyhow’s after today I’s now knows I’s had enough of school.”

“Ah, yer right about school… and bloody Rover!” Bogbrush strained to see what was happening behind him, but Rover was in the way, “Now shut up and get on with it before our mum comes home!”

“Well can yer get bleeding Rover outta the way ‘cause I’s wanna get it in!”

“Rover come here!”

As Bogbrush fully expected their coupling was extremely painful at first, but soon the sensation changed with the pain replaced by a very pleasurable feeling of being fulfilled both emotionally and physically. Although seemingly taking forever, the action was actually over in a couple of minutes leaving them both lying on the floor in a state of near euphoria. Bogbrush was feeling his bottom and giggling at the amount of semen that was oozing out when, much to Kelvin’s amusement Rover decided to make an another appearance and clean it up.

“So, uumm.. oohh…oooh that Rover’s good ain’t eh!” said Bogbrush shuffling around on the floor with Rover’s tongue in hot pursuit. “Oohhhh!”

“Disfuckinggusting innit!”

“So, so, well when us leaves school then well d’yer reckon that dirty little sod Jase is gonna take over as chief school wanker then?”

“Our Jase? He have too won’t he,” Kelvin laughed, “and I’ll give him me special cushion to practice on as I’s won’t be needing it by then will us?”

“D’yer reckon he’ll be needing lessons in how to use it?” asked Bogbrush with a grin.

“Oh yeah, yer could come round for they couldn’t yer, ‘cause I’s bet Jase would like that!” replied Kelvin looking to see what Rover had suddenly become so excited about. “And I’s tell yer wot, I reckons yer could get bleeding Rover one of they cushions and all… oh no… help us… oh I don’t like the way he’s looking at me bum!”

“Woof, woof.”

Rover having up to now been denied his part in the action suddenly leapt into the air with both eyes firmly fixed on Kelvin’s spotty bottom.

“Oh no!”

“Too bloody true!” said Rover to himself. “Woof, woof!”

And they all lived happily, if rather messily ever after.



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  1. Great way to end the saga. It’s been very entertaining from the start. Well done.

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