Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 43: Plumbing the depths

During the dinner break Mr Wilson had tracked Kelvin and Bogbrush down with the intention of confirming that their meeting was still on and to suggest that to avoid unnecessary gossip it would be best if he picked them up a couple of streets away from the school after the afternoon lessons. Also, as if to further tempt Kelvin he had told him that Ted Parker, the owner of the local joinery business had asked to meet him and were it possible to spend a day at the workshop the following week so he could be assessed for a possible apprenticeship. However, what Mr Wilson hadn’t told Kelvin was that he had known Mr Parker for a very long time and in fact they shared a common interest since their first meeting as troop leaders in the scouts.

All told Kelvin was very excited on leaving the school gates that afternoon and along with Bogbrush had managed to disappear from view without attracting any undue attention. Progress slowed a little once out of sight of the school since Luke’s underpants were a tight fit and with Kelvin excitedly anticipating being thoroughly abused he had managed to get his erection partially trapped in the tight elastic.

“Told yer, yer shouldn’t have cum in that lesson after dinner didn’t I’s?” said Bogbrush. “I’s wanted too, but I’s saved meself for doing summat in his car.”

“Sod it!” replied Kelvin with a hand deep in his pocketless pocket attempting to stretch the soggy cotton. “It ain’t too much wanking, it’s Luke’s pants they’s tight!”

“Didn’t help filling ’em with cum though did it?” Bogbrush laughed. “Anyways now were was it we gonna meet him?”

“Don’t yer remember nothing, it’s round this next corner innit, by the postbox?”

“Oh yeah, right. And, were’s us going with him d’yer know?”

“Dunno, some place were we’s can’t be seen I hopes.”

Around the corner the boys leant against the wall by the postbox and speculated as to what could happen when Mr Wilson finally appeared, the rest afforded Kelvin the opportunity to attempt to free his entrapped organ from the constraining elastic. However, just at the very moment when he had both hands deep in his trousers wrestling with the spunky briefs Mr Wilson’s blue VW caravanette appeared around the corner and pulled slowly into the kerb. Being able to seat three in the front the boys got in with Kelvin in the middle who immediately looked to see if Mr Wilson, sans his white coat appeared to be erect, he was!

“Were’s we going then?” asked Bogbrush glancing behind to see the accommodation  the vehicle offered. “Is that a gert bed back there?”

“Yes,” Mr Wilson smiled, “you really are keen aren’t you?”

“Yeah I’s is.” Bogbrush flushed. “Wot’s we gonna do then?”

“Well what d’you want to do?”

“I’s wants to fuck somebody, ‘cause with me big cock I’s always the one that get’s fucked!” said Kelvin quickly. “I don’t mind being fucked, but I’s wants to do it as well.”

“So what you mean is that if Dean won’t let you, you want me? Is that it?”

“Yeah, I’s ‘spose,” confirmed a grinning Kelvin squeezing the front of his straining trousers with one hand whilst reaching over and grabbing Bogbrush’s equally straining trousers with his other, “yer a dirty boy Bogs, yer all hard!”

“So’s yer,” replied Bogbrush, “hey as yer in the middle why don’t yer drop yer trousers and we’ll play with you while we drives!”

“Wot! Oooh?” Kelvin had to agree the idea seemed very appealing.

“Yeah yer willy can be a sorta gert gear knob!” said Bogbrush laughing.

For Kelvin there was to be no going back for he was already well on the way to becoming over stimulated, it didn’t take a lot to work out that the offer should not be refused and he immediately scrabbled to unfasten the trousers. Luke’s white and very spunky briefs were forced out the open fly with the enormous purple head of his cock plainly visible through the wet material. Mr Wilson winced at the sight as the trousers were slowly pushed to the floor, once down Kelvin sat back on the seat with his legs either side of the gear lever, the spunky tight briefs leaving nothing to the imagination.

“I’ll get it out for yer!” Bogbrush make a dive for where Kelvin’s gear knob should have been and after a fit of giggling succeeded in pulling the magnificent specimen out of the leg opening. “Bleeding hell, yer ain’t washed it since yesterday has yer?”

“Oh fucking shut up!”

“Not washed?” queried Mr Wilson, his ears pricking up, his cock already well and truly pricked up, he was in fact very close to ejaculation. “Oh shit!”

“Yer’s been at that cushion again ain’t yer, I’s can feel they sticky spongy bits!” said Bogbrush flicking bits off his fingers.

It was quite apparent that the two boys were only too willing to do anything in the pursuit of pleasure and one of the pleasures in Mr Wilson’s previous life had been closely affiliated to cleanliness and the world of boy scouts. Even for just a weekend trip or camp he had instigated a supposed hygiene check which entailed him delving deeply into boys underwear, crevices, fissures and anywhere else where he might find evidence of bodily deposits. The more disgusting and the less sanitary the boy was the more it turned him on, so now here he was being presented with a golden opportunity to engage with a pair of boys of which one never, ever seemed to wash!

“Shut up.” said Kelvin finally becoming aware that he actually felt embarrassed.

“What bits?” asked Mr Wilson, barely able to keep his eyes off Kelvin’s cock and on the road ahead.

“It’s rubber innit?” grinning, Bogbrush rubbed his fingers and then sniffed them.

“Oh fuck off! Shut up.” said Kelvin quite unaware that Mr Wilson would find the sticky mess that was stuck to his genitalia an absolute bonus.

“Oh heavens what’s this!” exclaimed Mr Wilson in mock shock reaching to the side of the actual gear lever to grab at the purple knob. “Oh.. it’s all sticky and… and…”

“and if yer gets us too excited I’ll cum!” said Kelvin, more as an invitation than a warning since the journey was turning into an incredibly erotic experience.

“Pull the end bit back,” said Bogbrush knowing from experience that all manner of revolting cheesy, smelly substances would be in evidence, “it’s disgusting!”

“I’ll change gear with it then!” said Mr Wilson, aiming to rub the sticky piss slit which was just visible below the foreskin into the palm of his hand, “so if I pull it back will it go into reverse?”

“‘spect so,” said Bogbrush, delighted that he was playing the game, “but yer hand’ll need a bleeding good wash after unless yer likes cheese!”

“Oh fuck!” moaned Kelvin for things were happening a lot quicker than he had ever imagined or could control. “Go easy or I’s really gonna cum!”

Keeping his eyes on the road with on hand glued to Kelvin’s magnificent cock was quite a task and became even harder when Bogbrush suddenly stood up. Dropping his trousers to reveal some baggy white briefs with his boyhood sticking out the side he asked. “Were’s we going, will it take long, ‘cause I’s can’t hold out much longer neither?”

“Five minutes and you’re right about reverse, it does get all sticky!” Mr Wilson was preoccupied with feel of the sticky, lumpy substances that had been released when he had put Kelvin into reverse.

“Oooh fuck!” moaned Kelvin, the end of his cock squeezed and tingling like never before.

“There back into third… now second… and reverse again!”

The hand was giving Kelvin’s overwrought cock a real workout pulling it in all directions and changing gear, especially reverse! Genuinely revelling in the feel of the rubbery bits and strange lumps that had been released once the foreskin had been retracted Mr Wilson was also becoming aware of the unique smell that had been released.

“Oooh fuck!” repeated Kelvin, this time though his cock wasn’t merely tingling, it was showering everything in range with hot semen.

“Oh my god!” uttered a surprised, if very delighted Mr Wilson who’s hand and was instantly dripping with semen, so much so that his grip on the steering wheel now slipped. Very luckily they were almost at their destination and with only one hand he managed to swing off the road and drive the a couple of hundred yards up the wooded track before stopping.

“Were is we, is it safe?” asked Bogbrush looking out to see they were in a small clearing surrounded by nothing but trees.

“Yeah, yeah, nobody comes here, everybody misses this track because they drive by too quickly.”

However, Mr Wilson wasn’t particularly interested in the woodland beauty, instead he had started to lick the semen off his fingers whilst staring at Kelvin’s twitching cock. After last being put into reverse, the foreskin was still retracted and displayed through the dripping semen what could only be an inordinately crusty, cheesy ring around the base of the head confirming that any hygiene was non-existent. Coupled with the strong smell of the previous nights activities with first Jason and then the disintegrating spunky cushion Kelvin’s appeal had quadrupled in the eyes of the teacher. The many years of teaching and ogling adolescent boys whilst trying to contain his lust had been finally brought to a conclusion and his conclusion was that he wanted to immerse himself in a world of utter depravity with two more than willing boys.

“Oh Sir! Yer ain’t is yer!” exclaimed Bogbrush when Mr Wilson suddenly leaned forward and with the air of an expert took just about the entire length of a very slimy, surprised Kelvin’s cock in his mouth.

“Fuck!” moaned Kelvin.

“Yer’ll have to clean yer teeth now!” observed Bogbrush with a grin as Mr Wilson came up for air, allowing it to slip from his lips along with several large dribbles of semen suspiciously dotted white flecks. “Shit yer ain’t eating that stuff is yer?”

“Only the best bits!” he replied having given in to his base instincts. “Come on, down the back on the bed.”

Appearing to swallow even more he smiled, slowly standing up with his trousers lewdly tenting he began his way back towards the bed. The boys need no second invitation and with trousers around their ankles they struggled to follow him through the van to the bed. Standing waiting for them, his trousers already dropped to the floor with what could only be white briefs visible under his shirt he waited excitedly as they clambered alongside the bed.

“How big is yer cock?” Kelvin couldn’t stop himself asking, it was the vital question and something that they had pondered over for some time.

“Have look for yerself.”

With shaky hands Kelvin stepped forward and grasped the briefs either side, quickly pulling them down all was revealed, a stout, hard, very generous six inches worth of circumcised cock, yet still not large enough to match Kelvin’s magnificent specimen.

“Cor, fuck! So that’s wot’s been under that white coat of yer’s!” exclaimed Kelvin who’s own erection shiny with semen and saliva poked from his briefs twitching in anticipation.

“So has yer wanked under yer coat when yer’s been watching us in class then?” asked Bogbrush, it being the other vital question.

“Well you lot do it in class all the time so why shouldn’t I?” he laughed.

“Bet we does it more than yer does!” added Bogbrush.

“Probably. Now clothes off, but pants on and I want you both on all fours on the bed and whatever happens you are not to speak or touch your cocks until I say so.”

So, with the boys side by side on hands and knees, Mr Wilson began to arrange them so that their bottoms were in the air and the legs well splayed out to ensure that all would be revealed when fully undressed. Having come fully equipped to make the most of the opportunity, two blindfolds were produced and once tied in place induced in the boys a feeling of helplessness which rapidly increased once he started running his hands all over them.

Of the two boys, Kelvin with his enormous cock and plethora of bodily smells, fluids and secretions was obviously the major prize. In particular it was the thought of what was probably an unwashed, unclean area between his buttocks that Mr Wilson had been focusing on. Eventually he got down on his knees behind and moving closer to inspect pushed his nose well into the seat of the briefs he sniffed, then to Kelvin’s great surprise pushed his tongue against the cotton forcing it deep into the crevasse. It certainly wasn’t all that clean, in fact it was very much as Mr Wilson had hoped it might be, delighted, in a depraved mood where anything could happen he set about pulling the cotton back out with his teeth and sucking it.

A minute later Bogbrush, who was still blindfolded and had been intently listening to what was happening began starting to receive the same level of attention. With his senses fully heightened he was shocked when the large tongue began forcing it’s way between his buttocks and quickly triggered a major ejaculation which flooded his briefs. Very pleased with his tonguing performance Mr Wilson said little and moved onto phase two of his grand plan which entailed further torment of the blindfolded boys starting with Kelvin.

Still on his knees behind he started by rubbing Kelvin’s buttocks with one hand, his other hand slowing working it’s way between his legs to reach up and cup the front of the briefs which were already soggy with semen from his earlier climax. With that hand beginning to grope it’s way inside and under the elastic, the other hand started tracing it’s way up and down between Kelvin’s buttocks. Suddenly the hand stopped moving and the index finger forced it’s way right through the cotton where it had been previously sucked. Not sure what was happening, Kelvin protested saying the briefs weren’t even his and before he could remonstrate further the finger was inserted up to the knuckle in his bottom and expertly wiggled around. Finding the feeling deliciously arousing all further thoughts of complaining were rapidly dropped, especially when his erection began being slowly, but very firmly massaged inside the spunky briefs.

The one finger soon became two. The two soon became the large pink tongue which following on from the fingers that had gone before managed to get through the hole in the briefs and inside, a feeling which brought him ever closer to another orgasm. However, it was at that point that all hands were suddenly removed and transferred to Bogbrush who was waiting excitedly for something to happen other than the flood of semen slowly escaping from his briefs and slithering down his leg.

“So now you’ve both cum, how long before you can cum again?”

“Couple of minutes, for they first three cum’s then I’s gotta wait a little bit.” replied Kelvin excitedly from his blindfolded position.

“Yeah, that’s about it, I’s about the same.” Bogbrush was desperately trying to sound relaxed. “So wot’s next?”

“So what’s next?” repeated Mr Wilson kicking off his briefs, now with a large wet patch. “What’s next is what you’ve been waiting for, I’m going to fuck you then you’re going to take it in turn to fuck me!”

“Oh fucking hell!” gasped Kelvin, it seemed the moment of truth had finally arrived.

“Yes, you’ve got it and you’re going first!”

Without further ado Mr Wilson was back down on his knees behind Kelvin, reaching between his legs and into the soggy briefs he scooped up a handful of spunk to use as lubricant. Forcing his fingers through the hole in the seat of the underpants he took great delight in smearing it all around, both internally and externally as Kelvin grunted and groaned, more in pleasure than trepidation. Again the two fingers were deeply inserted and worked around to ensure the muscle had started to relax and on their withdrawal Mr Wilson’s exceedingly hard cock was immediately thrust towards the hole in the cotton. At that point and much to Bogbrush’s consternation, Kelvin let out a cry of pain, ignoring the protestations he continued to vigorously thrust away knowing that soon pain would become pleasure for both of them and that he would shortly have the added pleasure of buggering Bogbrush as well.

Some ten minutes, two young tight sphincters, a violent rogering and a colossal shared discharge of semen later found the two boys clutching their bottoms on the bed still wearing their now very soggy underpants. Mr Wilson who seemed to have boundless sexual energy and an erection to match was standing up and rummaging for something in a cupboard, finally he turned round holding a strange wooden stool.

“I made you something in school last week which should keep you happy.” he said. “And, as Kelvin got fucked first it seems only fair that Dean should fuck me first whilst Kelvin tries this out for size!”

“Wot the hell is it?” asked Kelvin from his supine position, albeit with one hand wet with the discharge that was slowly leaking from his bottom. “Looks like a bog seat with a bleeding gert hole in it!”

“Something like that, well get up and sit on it, then you’ll find out!”

With that boy boys did indeed get up and take more interest. Intrigued Kelvin finally sat on it with his bottom protruding below. “Feels like I’s gonna have a crap!”

“No you’re not, because I’m going to lie underneath you, so get those legs open as wide as you can.” said Mr Wilson getting down onto the floor. “I’m going to clean you up while my legs are over Dean’s shoulders and he fucks me!”

“Yer wot?” Bogbrush hadn’t quite yet visualised the complete picture. “Oh I’s see’s!”

“Yes and you’ve have to stuff a pillow or something under my back to support me once my legs are in the air.”

“Right.” Bogbrush was coming alive thinking this was far more exciting and way beyond anything he could ever have imagined.

“So, yer gonna lick me bum now.. and yer’s just cum up it?” confirmed Kelvin, his erection already firming up, this was taking turpitude to a new level. “Fucking hell!”

“But, as you’re going first,” he said to Kelvin, “you must not cum, because you’ve got to save that for when you swop with Dean and then it’ll be your turn to fuck!”

“Yeah alright.” agreed Kelvin, who by then would have agreed to anything!

“And, Dean I’m going to signal when you can fuck me, so don’t stuff it in until I say so, right?”

With the instructions clear it didn’t take long for them to organise themselves. Kelvin wearing the torn spunky white briefs sat on the stool whilst Mr Wilson positioned himself underneath, his head within a tongue’s distance of it’s target. Supported on a doubled up cushion Mr Wilson’s legs were over Bogbrush’s shoulders allowing him to kneel so his erection was on just the right trajectory, only inches away from the objective.

Matters soon were under way, instigated by Mr Wilson first fingering and then pushing his tongue through the hole in the seat of the briefs as before and causing Kelvin to squirm in delight. However, the situation really took off when Mr Wilson suddenly ripped the sodden seat of the briefs apart to expose Kelvin’s crack with the semen that was gently oozing from the sphincter. With a cry to Bogbrush to start the process of buggery he forced his tongue deep into the smelly, sweaty, spunky channel to lick and suck whatever he could. As Bogbrush thrust away as fast and hard as he could, Mr Wilson was plumbed the depths of depravity by stretching the anal opening as wide as it would go with his fingers and pushing his nose inside.

To say that Kelvin was ecstatic was an understatement, desperately aware that with the amount of precum drooling from his cock he could well ejaculate prematurely, he called out hoping to pause the proceedings whilst he reasserted control over his testicles. It was though at that point that Bogbrush started to ejaculate with such force that Mr Wilson momentarily stopped his clean-up operation and simply lay there shuddering as Bogbrush gave it everything he had. Kelvin took the respite as a chance to regain control of his loins and despite the continual leakage of precum waited excitedly for the next anal onslaught.

Bogbrush was pretty much exhausted when he finally withdrew his rapidly softening cock and gratefully collapsed onto the bottomless stool. Kelvin though was on an incredible high, still wearing the slimy torn briefs with his aching, slimy cock poking from the side eagerly took his place to face Mr Wilson’s bottom. Once seated it was  Bogbrush’s turn to sit in anticipation with legs splayed wide, sphincter stretched to breaking point whilst awaiting the invasion of the inquisitive fingers, the wet tongue and the ripping of the underpants. All that plus whatever else Mr Wilson’s perverted mind could dredge up was in fact the most restorative tonic that Bogbrush could have as he quickly rallied round. Kelvin on being given the cue to commence the act of buggery literally shafted Mr Wilson so violently that a cry of pain partially muffled by a full mouthful of Bogbrush’s delicious sphincter rang out. However, cry or not Kelvin just couldn’t stop and continued to plunge the full length of his enormous cock until he had noisily ejaculated, miraculously producing even more spunk than he had the first time.

A debilitated hush fell over the van for a couple of minutes with all just lying where they were, that was until Kelvin had a brainwave and shook Mr Wilson by the shoulder.

“Now it’s yer turn to get in the chair and I’ll suck yer bum clean!” Kelvin looked at Bogbrush. “Bog’s will yer toss him off?”

Unsure if he was hearing correctly after they had all been through, Bogbrush who was always available to toss anybody off anytime happily nodded in agreement. “Yeah, yeah.”

Feeling rather crippled from lying on the floor Mr Wilson gratefully moved onto the chair and watched as Kelvin crawled underneath touting what was quite obviously a very hard cock sticking out in front of him. Equally intrigued, Bogbrush moved to sit beside so that he could manipulate both Mr Wilson and Kelvin’s cocks at the same time, plus of course his own should the situation become so erotic.

“Cor,” gasped kelvin, “is all that cum dripping out wot we’s put up there?”

“There’s nobody else is there!” Mr Wilson laughed. “Well get on with it!”

And, get on with it he did!

Licking, slurping, fingering, stretching and above all swallowing everything he could garner Kelvin excelled, bringing himself down to a deviant level that transcended even the wildest of his carrot and cushion solo flights. With Bogbrush expertly managing to masturbate all three of them in rotation Mr Wilson continued to exhort Kelvin to dig ever deeper and use as many fingers as he needed. Four fingers should have been enough for anybody, yet it was only when Kelvins entire fist disappeared was Mr Wilson really satisfied as the fountain of spunk he produced testified.

Minutes later found all three totally exhausted lying on the bed. Mr Wilson delighted with his very hands-on grooming and hoping for a repeat, Bogbrush happy to have proved his homosexual credentials and Kelvin, still high on a sexual adrenaline rush  licking his fingers thinking it was only spunk on them.


It was well past five o’clock when a very dishevelled Kelvin finally limped home to find Jason and Billie in the front garden adjusting the brakes on Billie’s bike. Taken overall Kelvin wasn’t in great shape as everything hurt, his cock which refused to soften had been rubbed raw and his bottom felt as though it were still stretched wide. Wearing what remained of Luke’s briefs, the large tear where the seat should have been had allowed the residue of Mr Wilson’s infusion to soak into his trousers which were now stuck to his legs.

“Gor, yer looks fucked!” exclaimed Jason. “Wot’s yer been bloody doing?”

“Nuthin’, so fucking bog off and mind yer own bleeding business!” replied the wreck of Kelvin, who knowing no shame and having such a very painful hard cock just had to reach into his pocketless pocket to comfort it.

“Is yer wanking?” immediately asked Billie, following up the question by putting a hand in his own pocketless pocket. “I’s wank with yer if yer wants!”

“Yeah, come on Kelv, let’s all hava wank!” added Jason, who only moments before had been discussing with Billie that they should partake of a joint effort once the bike was fixed.

“Is that all yer fucking thinks of?” Kelvin was unaware of the irony of the situation, but was aware that his battered cock shrouded in the spunky torn mess that had been Luke’s underpants had managed to twitch on hearing Billie’s suggestion.

“We’s all got wanky pockets so why doesn’t us just feel in each others pocket?”

“Yeah,” Jason nodded in agreement with Billie’s idea, “us two’s gonna do it even yer don’t wanna join us.”

“Oh well I’s ‘spose then,” Kelvin looked about, “wot out here?”

“Yeah, yeah, right now,” said Billie enthusiastically moving towards Jason, “just gather round me bike!”


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