Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 42: In the depths of the bed frame

“Right, he’s coming over now.” said Kelvin. “We’ll have him, shall us?”

“Yeah. Looks like he’s wanking under his coat!” Bogbrush laughed. “Dirty old sod!”

“Well I’s is even if he ain’t!” Kelvin lifted his apron to display his erection.

“Better get mine out then!” Bogbrush immediately unzipped his fly. “Yer can keep him talking a sec.”

Indeed Mr Wilson was coming over and if the truth were to be told he was not masturbating, because he had just ejaculated and was actually struggling to get his erection back in his trousers. Having plunged so enthusiastically and deeply into Joel the downside was that the combined residue of the previous adolescent emissions had been forcefully squished back out over him. Back in the woodstore Joel was finally feeling satisfied being unable to take any more cock, but was having some logistical problems of his own with a constant dribbling from his bottom.

“Now then, how is the work coming along?” enquired Mr Wilson who, on the one hand was already beginning to feel guilty about Joel, but on the other wanted to get at least his hands on Kelvin and Bogbrush if not his cock inside one or the other, better still both.

“When’s us going in yer car then, Sir?” asked Bogbrush dispensing with all niceties.

Mr Wilson looked surprised, but tellingly did not admonish him for the suggestion.

“Yeah, we’s wants to wank for yer like us said us could last time!” Kelvin grinned as he flashed something large and pink under his apron. “We’s thought it looked like yer was wanking when yer came over just now?”

“Have a butchers at mine Sir!” keeping up the pressure Bogbrush turned sideways so he was unseen by others in the class, pulling his apron to one side showed he was masturbating. “Look, if yer holds it tight I’s might cum in yer hand!”

As a nervous reaction Mr Wilson put his fingers over his mouth. The full flavour of the mixed semen as supplied by Kelvin, Bogbrush and Dave as freshly regurgitated from Joel’s bottom had finally touched his lips, it tasted good and the current offers were too good to miss.

“Alright then Thursday, after school we’ll go somewhere.”

“Honest, yer ain’t joking?” asked Kelvin.

“No, you want to do it, then we’ll do it.”

“Ooh.. I’s gonna cum, just hold it for a sec and I’ll cum in yer hand!” said Bogbrush. “Kelv’ll wank for yer as well, won’t yer?”

“Or yer could wank both of us off like?” Kelvin also pulled his apron out of the way.

Faced with a brace of twitching teenage erections there was little choice but to accept. Looking quickly around and satisfied nobody could see precisely what was going on he reached down with both hands.

“Ooh bleeding hell,” gasped Bogbrush somewhat theatrically, “yer a real gert expert wanker Sir!”

“Ooooh… bloody right.” quickly agreed Kelvin on feeling the hand take a firm grip on his cock and begin to work it’s way up the full length.

“It’s all hot and sticky… have you just cum?

“Just been up Joel ain’t I!”

There was something about whole situation which had really turned them on, was it the risk of doing it in class or the pupil and teacher relationship? Whatever, for Mr Wilson the undoubted thrill was reviving his memories of grooming and the subsequent molestation of younger boys years earlier, even if Kelvin and friends were somewhat older it was still incredibly arousing. After his risky coupling with Joel only minutes earlier it was though he had been given a new lease of life with minimal risk. Although unspoken it seemed they all knew that under the risky circumstances things should actually be moving on in seconds rather than minutes to lessen the risk of being caught.

With Mr Wilson’s hands otherwise occupied and unable to defend himself, it was a very strange feeling to find a strange hand was pushing itself inside the white coat, Bogbrush was surprised to find the trousers wet with semen and the fly already unfastened. A moment later his hand was inside the trousers, immediately followed by a forced invasion of the bulging white briefs and the discovery that just about everything, everywhere was slimy with semen.

“Yer’s cum already! And yer still hard!”

Though not wishing to admit of his recent coupling Joel in the woodstore, Mr Wilson now decided to milk the situation for all it was worth and in addition to him enjoying the act of masturbating both Bogbrush and Kelvin, they should now take turns to work on him. With the sexual temperature rapidly rising and the seconds ticking away before somebody noticed what was going on it obviously wouldn’t take much for any one of them to ejaculation as all concerned were on a hair trigger.

“Oh fuck!” Kelvin’s his hair trigger had been effectively pulled.

Enormous strings of hot spunk immediately began to fly thorough the air landing on everything in sight as Mr Wilson’s hand relentlessly continued to move up and down the now well lubricated shaft. Bogbrush grinned knowing that it wasn’t going to be too long before he too reached a climax and time to redouble his own effort in an attempt to bring Mr Wilson to ejaculate along with him. Mr Wilson though had another idea which he wanted to try before he ejaculated and he hoped it would only take moments to complete.

With Kelvin having climaxed and his cock starting to soften a little, Mr Wilson astounded Bogbrush by removing his hand from inside his trousers and suddenly bending down in front of Kelvin to take the entire slimy length in his mouth and down his throat! Now being somewhat pliable it only took four seconds, another four seconds to withdraw it whilst sucking off all the sperm and then a couple of seconds to wipe the spunk off his face. Bogbrush meanwhile watched spellbound, being so excited he had just ejaculated and was left with semen dribbling from his cock. With no further encouragement, in less than ten seconds Mr Wilson had repeated the act leaving both boys expertly sucked clean and wondering just what was in store for them on Thursday after school.


The dinner break was the ideal time for Jason to complete the relaying to Billie and Brett the exciting events of the previous afternoon and of the chance meeting with Joel and Luke. Having finished eating their ubiquitous plates of chips and beans in the first dinner sitting whilst listening to Jason again describe in great detail what had happened, Brett was about to wander into the playground to see if there was game of football when Jason caught sight of Clint and decided to introduce him to Brett. Both being much the same size they seemed ideally suited to groping each other and that is exactly what they thought they would do! Setting off to find a suitably secluded spot on the edge of the playground Brett was all geared up to give Clint a masturbation master-class with a full hands-on demonstration.

“Well they’ll bleeding wank each other silly won’t they!” said Jason watching them scurry away from the dining hall area.

“Yeah, good Brett’s found somebody his size innit?” Billie had one arm already lost in his capacious trousers. “So wot’s us gonna do now then, is we’s gonna have a wank as well?”

“Yeah, I’s reckons.” Jason looked around. “Were shall us go then? Find a bog or summat?”

“Yeah,” Billie’s brain was at full stretch trying to remember where the quietest toilets were situated, “yeah, uumm… hey.. ain’t that that Luke who yer was wanking with?”

Jason turned to see where Billie was pointing, Luke was sitting at a corner table in the dining hall and it looked as though Joel who close by was asleep and slumped against the wall. “Yeah, `tis and he’s with Joel.”

“Well shall us go and see if they wants a wank?” asked Billie excitedly. Having no conception that the older boys might not want to enjoin with them, at least publicly in the dining hall, was something that Jason didn’t really think about either.

“`ullo.” said Jason sliding onto the chair by Luke.

“Who? Wot!” startled from his dream of buggering Dave, Luke looked at the grinning Jason.

“Has yer met Billie?”

“Who?” he pushed his glasses back up his nose.

“I’m bleeding Billie!” said Billie having squeezed in between Joel and Luke.

Luke looked at him quizzically, surely Jason wouldn’t have told him about the previous afternoons events. “Well wot d’yer bleeding want?”

“We’s thought we’s could hava wank?” said Jason naively. “Under the table like!”

“Yeah,” agreed Billie, his hand something of a blur inside his trousers, “`cause yer done it with Jase yesterday didn’t yer?”

Luke blanched. “For fuck’s sake keep quiet! Don’t yer dare say anything about that!”

“But it were alright when us did it yesterday wunnit?” Jason was confused. “Wot’s wrong now then?”

“Oh fuck! Yer weren’t meant to tell nobody.” at which point Luke appeared to jump off his chair. “Get yer fucking hand off me cock!”

“Oh.. thought yer’d like it!” Jason drew his hand back to his own trousers.

“Oh! I’s good at wanking as well, yer’s gotta let I’s have a go.” Billie smiled showing his yellow teeth. “We’s wanks each other all the time don’t us Jase?”

“Yeah, he’s good.” Jason had been looking across at Joel. “Wot’s up with him?”

“He’s tired.” Luke’s glasses were wobbling, a sure sign he was nervous.

“He’s been wanking too much I’s `spect!” Billie didn’t realise how true that was.

“I’s got me willy out under the table out if yer reaches over a bit,” Jason grinned showing his not quite so yellow teeth, go on, wank us and I’s cum over yer hand!”

“Is yer hard?” asked Billie giving Luke a gentle nudge. “I’s is.”

“Bit.” blurted out Luke inadvertently. “Oh fuck!”

“Hey, wot!” under the table Luke found his hand being forceably directed to a very sticky nearly four inches of what could only be Jason’s cock. “Give us a gert rub.”

The glasses wobbled, mentally Luke had already wobbled several times that very morning as the excess of sexual activity coupled with the age old combination of guilt and fear of whether was he or not homosexual had given him far too much to think about. Partially exhausted before even reaching school Joel had simply given up wobbling and thinking, instead he had taken to collapsing both mentally and physically, his ridiculously debilitating round of sexual adventures had totally drained him of any life.

“If I’s pushes up close will yer wank I off as well?” Billie’s trousers were being fully unfastened as he spoke. “Then we’s could wank yer off as well if yer wanted.”

Whatever Luke may have though should have been the correct plan for rejection of such advances had just been ditched. “Alright.”

“I’ll spit on me willy for yer, `cause it’s getting a bit sore.” said Billie. “Hey, is it true that yer two likes wearing white pants and a vest?”

Luke cringed, plainly was there nothing that was going to remain secret any longer.


The Wednesday evening at the Twerks household found Kelvin in a state of great excitement for he was really looking forward, albeit somewhat nervously, to the trip in Mr Wilson’s car with Bogbrush after school on the Thursday. In fact so excited he had convinced himself that he should upgrade his minimal buggery technique and practice a few simulated anal insertions lest he be called upon to satisfy Mr Wilson. Of course, there was only one way to do that and that was by full utilisation of the infamously rank Dunlopillo cushion which had been lying in wait beneath his scaffold bed along with a large and assorted collection of revolting semen impregnated rags, several decomposing carrots and his wooden dildo.

That night, around eleven o’clock thinking that it would be safe to start the action he hauled the cushion out and dropped it onto the bed with a very satisfying squelch. Naturally, being Kelvin there had had been no chance that he could have allowed the evening to pass with recourse to even limited self-abuse, so by eleven he had already managed three orgasms since returning from school. Equally predictable was that on two of those occasions he had ejaculated into his briefs, unusually patterned in a bright yellow and black faux leopard skin from Guptha’s International’s superior “Boy about Town” range, albeit with the sewn up fly.

In the adjacent bedroom Jason, although innocent of Kelvin’s plan was equally randy. To prove it he had easily managed four orgasms spurred on by thoughts of Luke, who at school had eventually been persuaded to ejaculate in his hand under the dinner table. Listening for signs of activity coming from Kelvin’s room were one of Jason’s more satisfying nightime pastimes and that night was to be no exception. After many weeks of vibratory abuse a couple the scaffold planks were starting to come loose and the ensuing rhythmic squeaking now heralded the fact that yet another orgasm was imminent. In fact so apparent that even Wayne and Doreen watching the television in the lounge below were aware of what was happening or about to happen. Whereas Doreen found it more than a little embarrassing and tried to ignore it, Wayne found it very stimulating especially if it were to be repeated through the evening.

During that Wednesday evening, whilst imagining what the following Thursday afternoon might bring, Kelvin had decided to really go for some serious practice. In turn Jason couldn’t resist not knowing what was going on any longer and just had to see what was happening as from the noise Kelvin was really hammering away at something. The obvious answer was for him to creep out onto the landing whilst keeping one reassuring hand inside his spunk splattered Guptha’s International Thunderbird pyjamas under cover of the spunk stained Guptha’s International Caped Crusader dressing gown and see what listening outside Kelvin’s door would bring.

In the living room below Wayne was finding the whole noisy episode rather uplifting and was contemplating pursuing Doreen around the matrimonial bed in search of her favours. Conversely, Doreen was not in the slightest bit interested in Wayne’s several inches of charm, in fact quite mortified by the noise of Kelvin’s vibrating bed.

“He’s a randy little bugger ain’t `eh?” Wayne toyed with the not insignificant bulge in his jeans. “He’s always at it!”

“Disgusting!” snapped Doreen, obviously not impressed even at Kelvin’s high level of stamina. “And, yer as bad as `eh is! So’s stop playing with yerself `cause yer ain’t bleeding getting nothing tonight!”

Back upstairs on the landing, Jason who was listening at the bedroom door had only just managed to prevent an influx of semen in his pyjamas and was so aroused that he really just had to open the door to catch Kelvin in the act whatever it may be.  Surprisingly the door opened easily without usual school bag being wedged behind it to keep it closed allowing Jason to peer inside and be greeted by a panoramic view of Kelvin’s white spotty bottom vigorously humping the bed.

Since Kelvin was well on the way to one of his extra special orgasms it took him a few moments to realise that Jason had entered the room, craning his head and unwilling to halt progress he simply gasped. “Fuck off! Fucking get bleeding out!”

However, Jason with hand already on cock had other ideas and was about to make an offer that would under any circumstances would be hard to resist. The offer was visually confirmed when the spunk splattered Guptha’s International Thunderbird pyjama trousers descended to the stained carpet below and exposed his twitching boyhood.

“Kelv why doesn’t yer let I fuck yer like we’s done before?”

“Wot?” he looked over, had he heard correctly? The humping gradually became a very slow thrusting movement. “Well bleeding stick it up quick then before I cums!”

“Is it clean?”

“For fuck’s sake!” gasped Kelvin already having difficulty in containing ejaculation as his massive cock slopped around inside the revolting cushion. “Just fucking do it!”

Jason quickly climbed on the bed not noticing that Kelvin was balanced on the cushion, trying not to look at the target he managed to finally insert his desperate four inches which immediately started Kelvin humping again. Both were now seriously engaged in coupling although their combined efforts were not actually timed to coincide, so causing the bed to enter into a cycle of vibrant opposing oscillation. Such were the tremendous gyroscopic forces employed that one of the already loose clamps holding the scaffold planks gave up the unequal struggle and fell noisily to the floor.

In the living room below Wayne looked up to the ceiling and the lampshade which was starting to swing around depositing a thick layer of nicotine flavoured dust around the room just as it had done only weeks before. However, it was the effect of the second clamp falling off and crashing to the floor which focused his attention.

“Wot the fuck’s going on now!” dropping cigarette ash over the cat Wayne jumped out of the chair and stood on it’s tail as he looked up to the ceiling.

“Mmmmmmeeeefuckingooooooowww get off me fucking tail!” shrieked the cat.

“Well I’m tired of bleeding telling ’em off!” exclaimed an angry Doreen lighting another cigarette to calm her nerves. “Dirty little buggers all they do’s is wank!”

Before Wayne could reply there was a third far louder crash from above and this time the entire ceiling shook with the force. The air became thick with nicotine dust as the lampshade plummeted to the threadbare carpet causing a very impressive imitation of an atomic explosion complete with mushroom shaped brown dust cloud. After a few moments silence several cries of anguish were heard from above along with a varied selection of aftershocks and further strange noises.

“Fuck it!” exclaimed Wayne. “Wot’s they fucking done now?”

“Well I ain’t bleeding going up there!” Doreen pulled hard on her cigarette.

“Fuck it!” repeated Wayne making a rush for the door, accidentally kicking the cat.

“Mmmmmmeeeefuckingooooooowww fucking piss off!” shrieked the unhappy feline.

And, neither did things upstairs bode well.

Due to the extensive vibrations two of the scaffold planks that formed the bed slats had become fully detached and fallen through the scaffold framework to join the semen rich detritus piled beneath the bed. Unfortunately, gravity had seen to it that both Kelvin and Jason had also joined the planks and having fallen were now stuck under the bedframe. Unfortunately Jason having been the one on top had fallen through first so that Kelvin was now on top of him, but not just on top since the dreaded Dunlopillo cushion had been sandwiched between them and was wedged over Jason’s face. The amount of repulsive stale semen that had been squidged out of the cushion by Kelvin’s weight beggared belief, thickly plastered over an extremely unhappy Jason it was everywhere. Mingling with the repulsive smelly mix Kelvin’s latest huge emission continued to ooze from his twitching cock despite the catastrophe which had engulfed them.

“Wot the fuck!”

Wayne burst into the room only to be surprised that there was no-one in evidence being unaware that the boys had become submerged in the depths of the bedframe along with the cushion which containing well in excess of a gallon of rancid semen.

“Help… help.. I’s can’t breath.. I’s..” groaned Jason, his face partially obscured by the cushion, his mouth and nose thoroughly imbued by a suspension of cushion aged semen and small rubber particles, “I’s gonna be sick!”


Thursday morning dawned and found Doreen in a fractious mood, which considering that she had spent part of the previous night cleaning up both Jason and vomit was perfectly understandable. Kelvin was most definitely not to be flavour of the month and had spent the night on the spare bed in Jason’s room where unable to sleep had, much to Jason’s amazement seemingly been masturbating all night. Actually it was only twice and on waking that morning had even persuaded Jason to join him during which Jason couldn’t resist telling him about Luke and Joel in the park.

Both arrived at school appearing rather tired with Jason as usual looking by far the more presentable of the two. Kelvin having no interest in personal hygiene was wearing the same clothes as the previous day and in fact had not washed himself at all, a fact noted by an incandescent Doreen as he left the house. Bogbrush may have been as eager as Kelvin for the afternoon to end, but had at least made the effort to make himself look tidy even if his clothes were destined to be quickly removed once in Mr Wilson’s car.

“Yer looks a bit of mess!” was Bogbrush’s opening statement as Jason moved off leaving Kelvin looking more vacant than usual, he sniffed. “Is that smell yer?”

“Fucking bog off I’s had one of they nights!”

“Wot wanking!” Bogbrush looked at him, he really did look a mess. “Hey, yer had that shirt on yesterday I’s seen they gravy stains before! I thought we’s was gonna be a bit smarter today, I means we’s don’t want old Wilson to think we’s dirty or nothin’ do us?”

“Nah, `spose not.” agreed Kelvin now wishing he had taken more trouble in getting ready. “Uumm.. shit!”

“I’s just hopes yer ain’t got they same dirty pants on has yer, `cause yer’d worn ’em for two days already and they’s was beginning to smell!”

“Uumm… fuck!” Kelvin blushed, he looked at the ground. “D’yer really think he’ll notice?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake course he will! He’s gonna want get yer trousers off ain’t he?” exclaimed Bogbrush. “Ain’t there nobody who’d lend yer summat or swop with?”

“Ah… uumm..” he looked wildly around hoping for inspiration, “yeah there is.”

“Wot like somebody got some spare clothes for games summat like that?”

“Nah, betterer than that, be either Joel or Luke `causes they always has clean clothes every day don’t ’em?”

“Wot? Yeah, I `spose why?” Bogbrush was perplexed. “Why’s would they wanna do it `cause we all knows yer clothes always ends up looking like shit?”

“`cause,” Kelvin grinned, “’cause I’s knows that they two was wanking in the bushes in the park with our Jase and that bleeding fat Farty kid!”

“Oh! They was?” Bogbrush suddenly looked interested. “How d’yer knows that?”

“Yeah, too right they was, our Jase told I this morning, course I’s say’s I won’t tell nobody!” by now a hand was in a pocketless pocket and excitedly worming it’s way inside the extremely heavily stained leopard pattern Guptha’s International briefs. “I means they two won’t want that put about will ’em?”

“`spose not.” Bogbrush laughed. “Well, now’s yer chance `cause Luke’s just arrived, look he’s over by the gate and he’s looking real gert smart as usual.”

All of five seconds later found Kelvin and Bogbrush sidling up to Luke.

“Luke, I’s want’s a gert favour.”

“Wot?” Luke looked at Kelvin, he really did look a disaster. “Wot, fucking hell Kelv yer looks a right fucking wreck wot’s yer been doing all night?”

“Wanking same as yer I `spect!” Kelvin grinned, yellow teeth to the fore. “Only three times, how many d’yer do then?”

“Sod off!” suitably embarrassed Luke went bright red. “So wot’s fucking want then?”

“Simple innit, in the morning break us goes in the bog and we swops shirts and pants, see I’s gotta look smart for later on.”

“Wot!” exclaimed Luke. “Fuck off! I’s ain’t do that!”

“He got his leopard pants on and they’s all cummy!” said Bogbrush encouragingly.

“He wot?” said Luke, something was happening in his clean white St Michael briefs.

“Yer could wank in ’em, I’s don’t mind,” said Kelvin, “and I’s can wank in ’em before we swops if yer really wants.”

Almost erect Luke was very interested. “So they’s gonna be all cummy then?”

“Bloody right they is and I’s worn ’em for two days wanking in ’em a lot.”

Now fully erect Luke was hooked. “Alright I’s swops but only till tomorrow morning… but yer can’t have me shirt, I daresn’t do that or me mum’ll go bonkers `cause her’ll notice when I’s gets home like.”

“Would it help if I’s were to say I’s knows about wot yer’s done with our Jase and that fat farting fucking fairy Farty?

“Oh fuck!” Luke went white. “Who else has he bleeding told?”

“Only me, course if I’s had yer shirt nobody would have to know would ’em?” Kelvin grinned again. “If yer wants yer could toss us off before we swops!”

Even Luke had to admit he had been cleverly stitched up and was wondering what the real reason was why Kelvin wanted swop.


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