Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 39: Now this is our secret

The weekend reunion with Clive Tomlinson had fuelled Mr Wilson with new desires, such that on the Monday morning after his arrival at the school he took more than his usual interest in the boys. Having convinced himself that if Tomlinson could get away with grooming pupils for extra curricular activities then so could he and to that end both Bogbrush and Kelvin were now firmly in his sights. Ideally he would like liked to have started with Luke with his glasses and white underwear, however he still needed a little more of a hold over him whereas Bogbrush and Kelvin were so obviously available and appeared very eager to satisfy his immediate needs.

“Is we doing anything exciting today then Sir?” Bogbrush spurred on by his weekend of excess almost winked, his antenna twitched excitedly sensing that that morning there were some very positive vibes being returned from Mr Wilson. “So could yer inspect me… me work later?”

“Hmm… yes, of course.” Mr Wilson smiled, taking the comment to be a renewal of the previous thinly veiled invitation. Even if it wasn’t, he was quite determined to push matters and see if the boys would actually be willing to perform. “I hope so, now get your apron on.”

Following somewhat slowly, Kelvin appeared knowing that after the weekend things were not yet back to normal anywhere below the waist. Luckily for all concerned the cement in the shed was old and been exposed to the air so loosing it’s potential to cause skin burns, nevertheless as he had discovered it still had the power to cause considerable irritation.

“Have you hurt yourself, you look as though you’ve had a very hard time.” enquired Mr Wilson immediately noting the limp, his boy orientated X-Ray vision visualising the cause of the lump in Kelvin’s trousers. “I need to have a word with you later.”

“Oh, yeah, alright then.” Kelvin grinned thinking it was about their advances.

They all knew where it was at and like Bogbrush, Kelvin sensed that this time they might actually succeed in their blatant importuning. Just to confirm their unspoken offer as he limped past to collect an apron he whispered. “It’s sore!”

Before a surprised, if not delighted, Mr Wilson could express an answer, naturally based purely on medical grounds and massage relief, another three boys of the genus Adonis paraded before him. All, as briefed by Joel now knew that Mr Wilson had designs on boys and that they should act as provocatively as possible, so all appeared with hands actively engaged in pockets. Not that either Dave, Joel or Luke could be considered to have a body in the form of a Greek god or anything like, but each in their own way appealed to Mr Wilson and would have been welcome in his scout issue sleeping bag any time.

About half an hour into the lesson as was now customary for those of a particular disposition, the sap would begin to rise or more likely had already risen. It was that aspect that excited the voyeur in Mr Wilson and he had already started to survey the workshop for signs of under apron activity. Knowing who the regular masturbators were certainly helped and who better to start with than Luke and his friends Dave and Joel, all having recently been caught in the act. Bogbrush and Kelvin being the prime candidates they could safely be left until last and by which time would be sure to be indulging and only too keen to offer themselves to the hand of authority.

Luke having also had an intense, sexually orientated weekend had since been unable to leave things alone and wasn’t so much starting to grope himself as to continue groping himself, the action effectively advertised by the unmistakable movements of his apron.

“Has yer started wanking already then?” whispered Dave. “Bit early innit?”

“Yeah, `cause see I’s were late getting up and didn’t have time earlier like.”

What he didn’t want to admit was that the reason he had been late getting up was that the previous evening he had masturbated himself into oblivion when reliving the events in the park with Joel. During which time Joel had got so carried away he had continued to finger and suck Luke for far too long resulting in him ejaculating in his mouth. Luke then excitedly insisted that he continue in the hope of a further orgasm although severe penile fatigue dictated it was not to be, so Luke by now incapable of producing an erection firm enough to do much with paid the obvious penalty by having to finger and suck Joel until he too ejaculated. All told it was an incredibly arousing afternoon even if neither did manage to achieve quite what they wanted and so left with a choice for the following weekend, either a repeat performance or should they to meet up with the nice young man Clive?

Now in class, Joel was also suffering from a bad case of wanker’s wrist brought about by the previous evening’s frenetic exploits which had also incorporated a candle for he had been just as aroused as Luke after the weekend. Not wishing to miss out on anything he sidled up to Dave. “Has yer started wanking already then?”

“Well he is!” said Dave nodding towards Luke. “It’s a bit early I’s thinks, gotta let old Wilson settle down first.”

“Yeah, be careful he don’t see nothing or he’ll be over.” said Joel looking around. “Don’t look like he seen us yet, so let’s stay by the benches for a minute.”

As it so happened old Wilson had seen exactly what was going on and pretended to be otherwise engaged with the sole reason of giving the boys more time to get their hands on each others appendages. His eyes followed Joel back to his bench where he too now had both hands under his apron and was looking furtively around, it wasn’t even two minutes later before Dave cruised by to stand right next to him.

“Can yer wank us off?” whispered Dave, with the aprons for cover there was no standing on ceremony. “Can yer do it so’s I’s cums in me pants? Just push yer hand in `cause I’s got holes in both pockets!”

“They white pants?”

“Wot else? Wot’s yer got on then?”

“I’s got some old white ones that I’s found, but they’s bit tight.” Joel manoeuvred himself into position. “Yer can do us after.”


“Gor, it’s a bit of a bleeding mess ain’t it” Joel’s hand was quickly inside Dave’s pocket and had discovered that things were indeed a bit of a hot sticky mess.

“See I’s cum on the bus!” Dave giggled. “Ain’t never done that before, just couldn’t help it!”

“Yer becoming a right little dirty sod! I does that, we oughta take a trip together some place.”

“Fuck, yeah!”

Now with Dave and Joel actively engaged it seemed to Mr Wilson to be about the right time for a visit to check on Luke’s work. Not that it appeared any work was actually happening since he was facing the bench with both arms looking as though they had disappeared under his apron. Taking a very circuitous route around the workshop on the pretext of looking at other boys work as he passed by he came to Luke’s bench from behind and paused to ascertain what was or was not happening.

Something was certainly happening and it didn’t take lot to guess what it could be since Luke’s right arm was rhythmically moving under the apron. However tempting it was to move over and catch him before he had ejaculated, the temptation had to be firmly resisted for Mr Wilson knew he would be in a far stronger moral position if he waited until actual ejaculation or just after. Luke having been previously caught and put on notice that if he were caught doing it again in class again there would be consequences was unaware he would soon to be entirely under Mr Wilson’s control.

Watching him shudder and hearing a faint groan it seemed a pretty certain to the very aroused Mr Wilson that Luke had now just ejaculated so it would be the perfect time to confront him.

Moving silently across he stood next to him. “I hope you haven’t just done what I told you not to do.”

“Wot!” gasped Luke in shock, his fingers metaphorically caught in the till. “Oh shit!”

“I told you before that if you were caught doing anything like it again there would be consequences didn’t I?”

Luke’s mouth was dry, unable to speak his glasses wobbled and almost fell off, he grabbed at them with fingers wet with semen and pushed them back up his nose.

“Before I decide what to do,” Mr Wilson paused, it was a unique opportunity, an idea was formulating on how best to exploit it, explicit visions of adolescent molestation abounded, “now just get in the woodstore before anybody notices, I’ll be there in a minute.”


“Wot’s we gonna do then?” asked Bogbrush leaning across the bench. “`cause I’s reckon’s old Wilson’s gonna go for it today.”

“Bleeding is, you got that feeling as well then?” Kelvin grinned. “But I’s gonna have to go easy `cause me willy still ain’t right.”

“Shall us get ’em out ready then?” Bogbrush was already unzipping and trying to extricate his erection, he lifted the apron to show it. “See, I’s hard, I’s needs yer to wank us!”

Kelvin looked over, then took another look. “Yer still got me orange pants on then?”

“Ain’t never taken ’em off!” Bogbrush giggled. “They’s don’t half smell of cum now!”

Whether or not Kelvin’s willy was in a painful condition didn’t really seem to matter now, almost erect he hauled it out of his fly under cover of the apron. “Bog’s if I’s works meself up I’s fancies spunking over me orange pants while yer wanks in ’em so’s we cums at the same time! Wot’s think?”

“Yeah, but it’ll be tricky standing there squirting over yer without some bugger noticing though wunnit?” he grinned.

“Hmmm.. yeah, uumm..”

“So I’s thinks we’s really just gotta hava wank like when he’s about. Yer can always cum over us later on can’t yer?” Bogbrush was actively playing with himself. “And I’s needs that wank! Anyhow’s, so d’yer reckon we’s can time it right for when he’s over here, `cause we’s don’t wanna cum too early do us?”

“Gonna be tricky innit, us can try,” Kelvin looked around, “look he’s over by Dave, that’ll get him all excited ready for us! Wonder if that’s wot he wants to talk about.”

“Dunno, there ain’t nothing else is there?”

Table lamps weren’t really Dave’s forte either, however having the bench in between Joel and Luke had it’s compensations and besides, the three of them had all agreed earlier that they would ejaculate in their underpants during the lesson. Purposely stopping by Dave’s bench so as not to make his mission to the woodstore look not too obvious, Mr Wilson looked first at Dave’s wooden offering and then unable to resist glanced down to his apron. However, the thought of the Luke waiting in the woodstore was too powerful to resist so after a few cursory words suggesting the joint needed a little careful paring with a chisel he set off for the woodstore, his erection as ever concealed under the white coat.

Luke was very nervously waiting inside as instructed, with little else to do had been smearing the semen around inside his briefs, he looked up as the door opened.

“Now then Luke,” said Mr Wilson in his best authoritative teacher type voice, “don’t you remember what we said when I caught you the last time?”

Luke looked blank. “Nah, not really wot were it?”

“That what you had been doing would be kept just between, but,” he paused for full theatrical effect, “but since you obviously can’t keep to that promise or stop, it looks like I’m going to have to report this latest incident to the deputy head.”

“Nah.. no.. please yer can’t do that.. oh ffffuuu…” the glasses wobbled precariously and he appeared to visibly whiten with fright, “nah, nah yer can’t do that..”

“I can! Unless you can suggest something else that would satisfy us both?”

Luke was now stuck for an answer. “Well.. uumm.. well… `spose I promises not to do it again?”

“I don’t know, that’s what you did before isn’t it… and that promise was soon broken wasn’t it?” he paused again leaving Luke to take the bait.

“Oh.. uumm yeah.. I `spose.. uumm..”

“But, maybe… well if you did… well, you would have to promise not to tell anybody at all about what we are about to agreed.”

“I’s promises.. I does sir… I won’t tell nobody nothing… promise..” gabbled Luke thinking he was off the hook whereas in fact he had been given a little more line.

“This really will be our secret then?”

“Yeah I’s `spose.”

“And, so you will do as I want to maintain that secret?”

“Wot?” for a moment he looked puzzled then simply acquiesced. “Alright, yeah.”

“Then pull that apron out the way and undo your trousers!”

“Wot! Why?” being the default panic reaction he pushed the glasses back up his nose and then grabbed at his trousers as though to protect them. “Why?”

“Because, you see,” Mr Wilson smiled, he moved a little closer, it was time to take a gamble and even if it didn’t pay off it would it really matter, “because, it’s the price you have to pay for not being reported. Anyway I know you like playing with other boys don’t you!”

“Oh shit… how d’yer… how..” gasped Luke, the price slowly becoming clear, “but, but that’s blackmail innit!”

“Probably! So which is it to be? Doing something you like doing or being reported?”

“Oh shit.. I.. I..”

“You’re at it with Dave and Joel aren’t you?” it was guess, but a very good one.

“Wot! How d’yer know we is?” the glasses wobbled.

“It’s obvious, then you all come in here wanking away under your aprons thinking I don’t notice.”

“So… so… wot you gonna do?”

“Ah, what you mean is what are we going to do?” a hand pushed it’s way under Luke’s apron, through the open fly, the fingers sliding through the semen that adorned the front of Luke’s briefs. “We’re going to start by getting you hard again inside those nice white pants that I know you wear!”

Somewhat flustered since it was a teacher who was propositioning him, Luke didn’t really know how to respond and desperately tried to think of his options. Actually it wasn’t that difficult for the sensible option was to take full advantage of the situation and indulge himself as well. Besides, just what did Mr Wilson have to offer under his white coat?

“So.. so..” spluttered Luke, “well.. can I feel yer as well?”

“Feel free!” he smiled. “I think we understand each other?”

“Fuck it’s hard!” gasped Luke, his hand inside the coat. “Yer gonna get it out now?”

“Can’t risk that right now,” inside Luke’s white briefs thing were delightfully slimy and already starting to firm up, “what about a trip in the car one day and you can tell me exactly what you do with your mates.”


Across the workshop Bogbrush was looking round and wondering who was doing what under their apron. “Hey, Joel’s at it and he keeps looking at Dave, so I’s `spose he’s doing it, but were’s that Luke then?”

“There, coming out the woodstore!” Kelvin nudged him. “Wot’s he been doing in there? Looks like he’s sorting his willy out as he walks!”

“Be a gert larf if old Wilson walked out next wunnit!”

“Fucking hell! He just fucking has!” said Kelvin excitedly. “Dirty old sod! So when’s he bleeding coming over to see us then?”

“Right now!” Bogbrush giggled and put his hand in the air. “Sir, Sir can yer come and have a look at me thingy!”

“Quick, let’s get wanking ready then!”

“I’s already is and I’s about to cum!”

Inspired by Clive Tomlinson and extremely aroused by his agreement with Luke the sexually emancipated Mr Wilson approached the workbench to see Bogbrush with both hands actively engaged under the apron and had he known it, already at the point of no return.

“So what do I have to look at?”

“Well we was…” started Kelvin only to be interrupted by Bogbrush who began to tremble, “oh.. oh.. shit!”

“I think we all know what you’d like me to look at don’t we?” he said turning to Bogbrush, not yet realising what had happened. “Shall we have a look then?”

Unusually for the boy who would normally ejaculate anytime, anywhere Bogbrush looked very embarrassed. “Hhmm.. I’s… I’s… uummm..”

Kelvin on the other hand told it as it was, after all they had wanted to present the teacher with an offer he couldn’t refuse. “He just cum in his pants Sir!”

“Shut up!” blurted the embarrassed Bogbrush, this was not how it was meant to be, he had envisaged Mr Wilson being there to witness a flood of semen shooting forth.

“Do I need to check? Maybe I should!”

Before either could reply he had slipped his hand under Bogbrush’s apron, inside the open fly and taken a handful the soggy orange briefs which he skilfully worked over the straining member causing further embarrassment and much knee trembling.

“Will you do that to I’s as well then?” gasped Kelvin, all thoughts of current cement induced injury to his erection forgotten.

“Not now, we’ll do that one day after school now we all know it’s what we all want.”

“Oh fuck!” muttered Bogbrush, their bluff called and his cock tingling

“Wot both of us?” asked Kelvin, who’s own apron had also taken on a life of it’s own. “Cor! Yer’d have both of us together like?”

“Oh fuck!” said the still embarrassed Bogbrush to himself, he shuffled around trying to adjust his cock inside the extremely soggy orange briefs.

“Why not? You can entertain me as a twosome!” Mr Wilson smiled and blatantly licked his fingers. “I’m sure we can find somewhere, can’t we?”

“I know’s someplace if we’s driving there,” volunteered Bogbrush suddenly realising like his cock his moment had come, he looked at Kelvin, “yer knows Kelv, `cause we’s cycled there ain’t we?”

“Oh yeah.. by they trees?”


“That’s settled then, one day after school.” sounding very business like Mr Wilson looked at Kelvin. “Now I’ve got some good news for you?”

“Oh.. wot?” could there be any better news than that of a sexual assignation?

“Well, it won’t be long before you’ll be leaving school when you’re sixteen will it?”

“Yeah, I `spose.” it was a nasty reality check and not that far away, his face fell. “Why d’yer wanna knows?”

“Well what are you going to do?”

He looked at Bogbrush for inspiration, but inspiration was there none. “Uumm… dunno… get a job I’ `spose… uumm.. ah shit… I’s dunno do us?”

“A job, doing what?”

“I’s dunno?” he repeated scratching a spot on his chin. “Oh, but our dad says he could probably get us a job doing the scaffolding stuff that he do.”

“And you?”

Bogbrush shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno… wot is there?”

“We’ll have to think about getting you something, but for Kelvin who as we know is good with his hands and wood, I’ve maybe found him something.”

“Well he’s good at wanking with his hands we’s all knows that!” Bogbrush giggled.

“Shut up Bogs… yer wot… wot’s mean?” thinking into the future was definitely not one of Kelvin’s regular traits unless it involved planning his next bout of self-abuse.

“Well there’s somebody I know who runs a small joinery company and he takes on an apprentice or two. So he’s always keen to know if I have anybody who hasn’t got that long to go at school and might be suitable.” he looked at Kelvin.

“Shit!” gasped Kelvin. “Wot! Yer mean’s… yer means me like?”

“So if you were interested I could arrange for you to meet him and maybe he’d give you the chance of a days work experience to see how you got on.”

“Bleeding hell!” added a stunned Bogbrush.

“Now, please don’t say anything until we’ve sorted out the arrangements for the work experience, tell your parents but don’t go shouting it around the school in case it doesn’t happen.”

“Right, yeah, thanks.” Kelvin was plainly excited at the news, conversely Bogbrush appeared very downcast.

“We’re going to have to find you something as well aren’t we Dean?”

“Wot can I do?” asked Bogbrush with more than a whiff of despondency. “I’s ain’t no good with me hands or that stuff… oh shit, I dunno.”

“We’ll just have to see what we can find you then, won’t we?” Mr Wilson tried to sound upbeat knowing that the truth did indeed present something of a problem.


In the morning break, between munching his way through a packet of crisps, Jason was holding court in the dining hall. His captive audience were unaware that the detailed facts of Kelvin’s weekend of debauchery were in very short supply and that instead they were being treated to a version enhanced by the addition of a veritable surfeit of supposition.

“So,” continued Jason, spitting crisps out as he spoke, “he were a right fucking mess when he come home, `cause he were covered in spunk stains!”

“Ooh…” Billie, so excited by the revelations had pushed a hand down his baggy trousers and appeared to have started masturbating, “were his willy still up then?”

“Yeah.. well it’s a real gert big `un innit?” confirmed Jason. “Said he were gonna have another wank!”

“Hey, is yer wanking now?” asked Brett looking at Billie.

“Yeah! Exciting innit, but he ain’t told us about that Cill’s fanny bits yet neither!” Billie grinned. “Why don’t us all wank right now like?”

“Wot here!” said Jason looking round the dining room, they might have been huddled in a corner but were still easily observed.

“Yeah, `cause I’s is!” said Brett pushing a hand down his trousers. “If us holds our bags in front nobody’ll know. See who cums first!”

“Well I’s `spose I’s might as well join yer.” Jason grinned and put his hand in his pocket. “I’s ain’t got no pocket in these trousers, shall us start then?”

“Yeah! One, two, three… let’s wank!” announced Billie excitedly. “Last one to cum has gotta suck us off dinner time!”

Matters were quickly heading for a communal climax when a very, very animated Farty appeared. The debauched afternoon with Beau and Byron seemed to have spurred him onto greater feats of self-abuse and anal enjoyment, especially when he had returned home.

“Hey Jase, yer lot should have seen wot happened when our Cilla came back from meeting yer Kelv!”

“Why wot, wot happened?” said Jason without stopping.

“Hey… is yer lot wanking?” Farty peered behind Billie’s bag and immediately pushed a hand down his own trousers. “Well just bleeding wait for I’s and I’ll tell yer wot happened when her got home!”

“Well?” said Brett impatiently, the magic moment being close at hand.

“I were in the hall when her comes back and her looked a right bleeding mess,” Farty looked around to make sure he couldn’t be overheard, “so’s I’s tells her that and she tells I’s to fuck off!”

“Nothing unusual there then!” Jason laughed.

“So we’s has a few words like and she get’s all angry `cause that wot she do innit?” he paused. “Then she starts running upstairs and I’s can see right up her silly little skirt!”

“Wot d’yer see?” interrupted Billie excitedly. “D’yer see her knickers or anything?”

“Yeah,” Farty had of course seen and examined his sister in great detail, but dare not admit to that, “`cause she didn’t have no knickers on so’s I’s seen it all now!”

“Fuck!” exclaimed Jason, speeding up the pocket manipulations.  “Ooh!”

“Wot’s her got then?” gasped Billie, gasping since he was about to ejaculate. “Wot’s it like?”

“Well, I’s only got a quick flash `cause that’s when our mum came out having heard the noise see,” Farty paused, being very adept at self-abuse he was about to climax himself, “see she looked up the stairs like wot I had and she musta seen her fanny bits as well!”

“Bleeding hell!” said Brett. “So wot did her do?”

“Her went bleeding mental didn’t her and told I to bugger off and not look like, then she chases her up the stairs shouting and screaming as she went!”

“And?” Jason was enthralled, so much so that he had just ejaculated without even realising it!

“Well then our dad comes out and runs up the stairs after ’em and he’s real bleeding angry,” Farty grinned, “he’s shouting that wot’s she expect if she go around looking like a little tart and he don’t care if she is thirteen he’s still gonna give her a bloody good hiding!”

“And did he?” asked Jason. “He’d see her fanny and that wouldn’t he?”

“Dunno, `cause by then they’s were all in her room and shouting so I’s didn’t know wot were going on!” he concluded, conveniently forgetting to add that at that point he had retired to his room to coax his genitalia to re-enact the experience of being on top the toilet seat early that afternoon.


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