Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 38: ‘Gone with the Wind’

Not that far from the infamous shed, on that very same Saturday afternoon there were other degrading examples of a serious sexual nature taking place and quite unsurprisingly considering the locality, they were centred around Byron.

That morning having realised it was Saturday with others in the house and unable to walk around masturbating as was his usual morning routine, Byron had been forced to get up and pay a visit to the toilet. Having pee’d over the floor he shambled back to the bedroom aiming to re-cocoon himself in the semen rich bedclothes with the sole object of adding further semen. With ejaculation over and thinking it was too early to get up he had kept himself occupied by addressing complaints he had received by those customers who had been brave enough to risk anal sex during the week. Their main complaint was that when they were fully inserted there was something lurking between his buttocks near the point of entry that would appear to want to scratch the invading member. The fact he hadn’t had a bath for well over a week didn’t help since by then all manner of things were stuck around what was once euphemistically termed his rosebud, but mainly it was cement! The simple truth was that ever since the energetic workout with Bogbrush and Joel in the shed, the cement slurry which had so effectively been used as lubricant had set fast and attached itself to the short and curlies be they pubic or otherwise. Thus, to pass the time that morning, under cover of the bedclothes with his legs drawn up as far as his wobbly fat body would allow he began picking away as many cement clingon’s he could find, naturally exploring himself internally as the work progressed.

Aware that Saturday’s could sometimes be relatively busy and prosperous he finally made a huge effort to get to get going, forgoing any form of toilet that involved washing he rushed to the kitchen to prepare a bacon sandwich which he ate without washing his hands on the way to the carpark. Reaching the public toilet around half past ten he wore the usual the same quick release crunchy fabric tracksuit bottoms which had already absorbed at least a weeks worth deposits front and rear. Luckily the toilet was empty when he first arrived and after taking stock of the situation he positioned himself in his favourite cubicle to await developments.

In fact he didn’t have to wait at all for within five minutes one of his regulars appeared who simply wanted to be roughly fingered whilst being sucked off. To Byron it was a straightforward enough request and the bacon fat helped with the lubrication. In fact it was quite common especially for those that might have otherwise resorted to buggery, but couldn’t face the prospect of what lived between his fat buttocks! Some thirty minutes later that a large blue van stopped outside in the carpark and the burly driver followed by his equally burly mate walked in heading for the urinal. Whilst neither were actively looking for sex when standing at the urinal and then being propositioned by Byron who sidled up holding his oddly deformed cock matters quickly took a different direction.

A generous fee to allow for any excess sexual enthusiasm was quickly agreed and the three of them adjourned outside to the back of the van in accompanied by jokes of Byron having a brace of huge cocks to contend with. It transpired that the men were delivering domestic appliances which usually required two to lift and since there were only a couple left to deliver there was no immediate rush. In the van a new boxed washing machine was quickly turned onto it’s side and Byron was told to lie to lie back on it when his trousers were immediately removed and many eager fingers began to prod between his huge buttocks.

Luckily for the two men the light in the back of the van was broken which severely limited their powers of inspection, else the full vista of Byron’s nether regions could well have been cause for a rebate. Nevertheless they were both very taken with the shadowy outline of his huge wobbly stomach, deformed cock and massive drooping tits. The driver in particular found it very arousing to grab handfuls of fat as he pushed the head of his own weeping cock in amongst the quivering rolls of flesh, working his way downwards. The second man had other ideas and eventually managed to get Byron’s enormously fat legs in the air and resting on his shoulders, dropping his trousers he prepared to invade au naturel since Byron didn’t have any condoms but had assured them both that he very rarely consented to an anal ingression! It was lucky the lighting was poor for not only could they not see Byron, but neither could Byron see that what they had been joking about earlier was true and he was about to sample two of the largest cocks he would ever experience.

The ten inches they had joked about earlier actually transpired to be no joke as Byron soon found out when screaming in pain and skewered by the entire length which had been fully inserted in one powerful stroke, then ruthlessly continued to be hammered further in. It went without saying that for a shaft and balls to be of those proportions then it would follow that the quantity of semen produced should be commensurate and it certainly was! With poor Byron having to suffer being violently shagged for close on five minutes with the truly magnificent organ buried deep inside, the other man amused himself by masturbating his deformed cock. Despite Byron ejaculating it didn’t stop the masturbation so it was a great relief when he finally felt the epic quantity of hot sperm being forced well up his anal tract so the activity could stop.

With a tremendous plopping noise the ten inch monster was quickly withdrawn allowing Byron to heave a sigh of relief, alas it was only the halfway point and time for the men to swop positions. Next, he found himself being picked up as though he weighed nothing, turned over and positioned so as to be on all fours on top the box with his gigantic stomach hanging, wobbling below and semen already starting to dribble from his engorged sphincter. No sooner had he realised what had happened than a mere nine inches was painfully ploughed painfully into him, though freely lubricated it was at least half and inch wider on the diameter and immediately plugged his leaking sphincter. Could that be all he was going to be subject too? No, was the answer for he found his head being grabbed by two strong hands and the original ten inches replete with disgusting slippery substances forced down his throat with instructions to lick it clean.

It was some ten minutes later when a very, very shaky Byron was able to totter from the van back to the relative safety of the toilet, his cock feeling as though it were rubbed raw, his bottom numb and oozing a never ending dribble of spunk.



Farty had not the best of Saturday’ mornings for he had been coerced by his mother to accompany her on a ritual visit to her mother. It all seemed very unfair when he could have simply been left at home in bed committing indescribable acts of self-abuse adding to the already starched sheets. Instead he was having to see the grandmother who he didn’t particularly like, who in turn thought him to be heavily overweight, not very polite and would take inordinate delight in pointing that out to his mother Betty. It was a typically warring situation between mother and daughter with Farty used as the lightening conductor, who didn’t exactly help his own case by playing with himself to some disapproving looks from his mother. As was now usual the visit was terminated sooner than scheduled and once outside Farty broke free by saying he was going to visit a school friend who lived not far away. Betty having had enough of arguing for one day thought to be left on her own and indulge in a little retail therapy on the way home might well be the answer.

Thus with both hands deep in his jeans pockets Farty took off, helped partly by the very powerful postern blast resulting from the decomposition of the many, many beans he had digested with his low cholesterol Saturday morning fried breakfast. Of course there was no friend living nearby, what he was planning to do was something very, very daring for hoped he muster sufficient courage to go behind the bushes in the park and have that desperately needed climax! There was though to be an unexpected change of plan, for on his way to the rear entrance of the park, with it has to be said his pockets under considerable strain he saw the sign pointing towards the public toilets. Having heard so much about the latent dangers of public toilets where boys were concerned he stopped and looked, it seemed deserted, maybe it was all just rumour.

Inside in his usual cubicle Byron was sat on the toilet having all but recovered from the frenetic anal workout he had experienced some thirty minutes before. In fact he had felt so ravaged by it that he had even pretended not to be in residence when a potential punter had come in shortly after. However, since then both he and his loose sphincter had rallied round so other than continuing to ooze strange slimy liquids into his revolting tracksuit bottoms he was all but set for his next challenge.

Hands still in pockets, Farty hovered at the doorway not at all sure if he were brave enough to go inside. It was absolutely silent and though it looked dark the doorway was strangely inviting, even if there were no mistaking the smell of a urinal that had been blocked with chewing gum and cigarette ends.

“Bollocks!” he said to himself knowing that if he didn’t take his hands from his pockets then something was going to happen and he wanted it to happen when he was in control rubbing it, not merely by accident.

With everything including his clothes having been fully lubricated Byron stood up silently and moved to the edge of the door frame so he could see who had ventured inside. In the gloom it was difficult to tell the age of the visitor, it appeared to be a short fat figure who walked very slowly around making strange popping sounds as he did so.

Miraculously managing to keep his hands out of his pockets, Farty was taking in the sights and smells of the toilet and thinking himself very brave at even just venturing inside. Being a strangely erotic, new experience he first inspected the urinal before turning his attention to the three cubicles, thinking since the doors were half open meant they were empty. However, Farty had an ulterior motive in wanting to inspect the cubicles for there had been a marked increase in what Byron now realised was a bout of uncontrollable flatulence as the rasping anal sounds grew louder as he neared Byron’s hiding place.

The colossal fried breakfast which included an equal amount of beans by weight, as consumed by Farty before leaving home hadn’t taken long to start forging it’s way through his twisted intestines. Put bluntly, Farty was in desperate need of a toilet for he hadn’t wanted to give his grandmother the satisfaction of asking to crap in her house! Unaware that Byron was in the end cubicle he pushed the door open as far as it would go and without looking slammed it behind him as he rushed towards the toilet dropping his trousers as he went. It took only two seconds to perch on the dirty toilet seat and launch what could only be described as a baked bean powered defecation replete with frightening sound effects that ricocheted around the walls of the building causing innocent spiders to fall into the depths of the blocked outlet of the urinal. Second number three brought a heart stopping moment for Farty, who having just launched a huge, deadly projectile and received the splash-back only then looked up to see Byron staring at the display of his overhanging stomach and boy bits. There was little he could do, the shock had summoned further reserves of intestinal wind into play and the powerful accompaniment to such a gaseous release echoed around the toilet, he moved to cover himself with his hands as the remaining spiders clung on.



Some way across the city in a very select suburb lived the Fanshaw’s, a prosperous couple with both parents being in the legal profession and their only child, a spoilt boy named Beau. There were certainly not that many Beau’s to the pound and like his name, Beau thought himself somewhat exclusive and as anybody who met him would soon agree he had been spoilt rotten. At his exclusive private school Beau thought that at fifteen he knew it all, he had it all and he deserved it all, not least because in his bigoted opinion all others being of a lower order.

Although what he didn’t have and so desperately craved was any sexual experience. In essence Beau was a compulsive masturbator with a penchant for fat little first or second year boys who could be bullied into secretive masturbation sessions behind the schools exclusive cricket pavilion. Whilst it may have seemed strange that he preferred the younger boys to his own peer group, the fact was nature had played a trick on Beau in that whilst his cock was certainly the longest in his class by a long way, it was though also the skinniest. Once that had been discovered in the showers after games when peer pressure had made everybody all show their wares, Beau was just too embarrassed to ever indulge in any sexual play again. Consequently he turned his attention to younger boys, where he could flash his amazingly long, skinny organ and show it to be nearly double the length of the average eleven year old’s, even if the same small diameter!

Thus despite the outwardly confident image he portrayed, Beau was very much a closet homosexual and had become absolutely fixated with the idea of engaging in some actual boy on boy anal action. Not that he knew much about the mechanics of the actual coupling, but nevertheless that didn’t stop him engaging every night in various anal fantasies of what he thought would happen. Being of a certain social standing, the embarrassed discussion at the exclusive school by the more anally mobile pupils was that courgettes and Vaseline were to be employed in preference to the lowly carrot, not of course that anybody would ever admit to using either.

In fact Beau had taken matters of the flesh so seriously as to be on the advanced self-discovery course in self-abuse and once locked in his bedroom would perform some quite amazing feats of contortion and endurance. Typically, he had discovered that lying on his back and raising his legs in the air would allow him to easily suck the end of his long cock and swallow the discharge, if he didn’t cum over his face first. But that wasn’t all, for by trying to rest his legs on his shoulders he could then reach up and give himself a violent rogering with a choice courgette as he sucked himself off. Sometimes as a grand finale he would try and ejaculate a second time whilst fully inserting the courgette and at the moment of climax forceable eject it, although once it had hit the ceiling and yet on another occasion something highly embarrassing had happened as well!

Rumour was everything when it came to sexual development and somehow on the convoluted gossipy school grapevine word had recently gone around that in a public toilet on the other side of the city there lurked a young man who was willing to do things. Whatever those things were, they were to remain a mystery to the majority of pupils since to commit such an act meant actually entering a public toilet and that was deemed total anathema itself. Beau on the other hand, on hearing the rumours had immediately doubled his masturbation activities and fantasies being determined to somehow make the acquaintance of the said toilet dweller.

The aforesaid young man, who had transformed during the considerable retelling and subsequent embellishment of the story into a slim, blond Adonis keen to oblige any request had Beau so entranced that he had virtually masturbated himself to a standstill fantasising of what could be in store for him. In fact during the last few days he had been forced to go up two sizes of knobbly courgette to satisfy his growing anal needs and almost exhausted his cock.

However, all that was now past and today being Saturday was the day he had convinced himself that he would make the trip, pilgrimage even, to the toilet. If indeed the rumours were true he could finally experience what it was to become a real homosexual and if little else parade around a public toilet. And, he told himself rather naively that that would be something his classmates could never laugh at or if he actually thought it through, would they ever want too!

So there he was on the almost deserted top deck of a number eleven bus headed with a long, rampant, if very thin and bendy erection towards Nirvana, where the street map had indicated the public toilet was situated. Beau though, on being Beau was pretty much insatiable and had already ejaculated four times that morning in anticipation of what was to come. Twice whilst in bed with the largest of his faithful courgettes smeared with Vaseline and rammed deeply inside, which he had to admit had made rather a mess of his bed when it was removed! Still, that was then and now was now and now he had a hand down the front of his immaculately ironed jeans and inside the clean, immaculately laundered, brilliant white Y-fronts that had already received two seminal deposits that morning and were about to take delivery of a third. As Beau had already acknowledged, having a cock that looked like a runner bean had one great advantage in that nobody could ever tell if it were erect and if he were of a mind could easily bend it so it would discharge over his balls and nobody would even know.


Meanwhile back it the public toilet, Byron had turned his unexpected ringside view of Farty’s debut, deafening defecation display from disaster into triumph. Having spun a web of lies about being accidentally stuck in the cubicle and that Farty’s forceful entrance had freed him had the added advantage of lessening Farty’s own chagrin. Possessing all the intelligence of a dung beetle, Farty had immediately fallen for the implausible tale especially when as a bonus, Byron had remarked as to what a big cock Farty had for his age even if it were partially hidden by the toilet seat. Having made the overture, Byron commenced the action with some very obvious pocket manipulation which as he had hoped Farty quickly reciprocated and excitedly agreed with the suggestion that it would be only fair if Byron showed Farty his in exchange!

Thus with Byron so quickly having waved both his willy and olive branch all comportment had been restored and the door nicely opened to the examination of each other’s appendage. Naturally Byron intended all such action to take place in the same smelly cubicle, that was once having ascertained that Farty had finished his ablutions. Taking the lead by leaning back against the door and simply dropping his sagging trousers to the floor he exposing his deformed and now very erect cock.

“Cor! Look at that!” exclaimed Farty, who fresh from the toilet seat, with jeans still around his ankles and clutching at his not so magnificent organ quickly waddled across the dirty tiled floor, itself the beneficiary of countless dribbles of semen.


Byron was thinking to himself that hadn’t managed to get his hands on somebody so young for quite some time and was quite unaware of Farty’s well rounded amount of sexual experience on both sides of the fence.

“Can I’s wank yer a bit?” gasped Farty looking in awe of the enormously deformed head and what could be a blob of something wet and shiny at the end.

“Wot’s yer name kiddo?” Byron knew time was short, in fact it was always short since any coupling was liable to interrupted by a visitor at any time and beside, he had just had a better idea.

“Steve, but they calls us Farty!” replied Farty. “Wot’s yer’s then?”

“Farty? Wonder why!” Byron flashed his yellow teeth by way of an acne enhanced smile. “Byron.”

“Byron? Wot sorta bleeding names that?”

“It’s me bleeding name innit!” he glanced down at Farty’s wrinkly erection. “Now, d’yer wanna do something betterer than just wank us off?”

“Yeah? Wot’s mean?” he waddled even closer, now cock in hand.

“Has yer ever fucked yer mates at school, up the bum like?”

“Wot yer wants to fuck us with that bleeding gert cock!” he looked shocked. “Wot! Nah, it’s too fucking big, yer’d split us in half!”

“Nah yer daft sod, I’s wants yer to fuck me with yer luvly cock!” with that Byron swung round and pulled his huge, flabby buttocks apart to reveal little more than more huge flabby buttocks and no sign of an entrance.

“Ooh fuck!” Farty, himself pretty much a miniature flabby version Byron squeezed his cock several times. “But I’s can’t see yer bumhole, has yer got one?”

“Course I’s fucking has!” exclaimed Byron, reaching behind, “I’ll find it and stick me finger in, alright?”

“Ain’t shitty is it?” asked Farty peering into the deep crevasse.

“`bout the same as yer’s!” Byron had no intention of admitting that not an hour earlier it had been filled to bursting by two huge cocks, Farty was not to be put off. “There, I’s got me finger in, d’yer see?”

“Yeah, alright then… uumm.. ‘spose I cums up yer, would that matter?”

“I’s were hoping yer would, so yer ready then?”


Outside in the sunshine Beau was contemplating walking a further circuit of the carpark which he hoped would give him sufficient courage to go inside. He stopped when he reached the entrance and looked at the half open door which if anything seemed to be tempting him inside, yet it was still quite a hard decision to make. Although on the plus side he had not seen anybody going in or out, so if he did venture inside it would only be the two of them, that was if the fabled youth who dispensed sexual favours were even in residence.

Back in the gloom an extremely aroused Farty had become fascinated by Byron’s wobbly white buttocks and was about to confirm that he was more than ready to commence an exploratory penile action. However before he could even reply to the affirmative the main toilet door creaked as though it were about to fully open, they both froze and listened, the sound of some tentative footsteps filled the air.

“I’ll see who it is, stay here.” whispered Byron gathering up his tracksuit bottoms which only served to emphasise his erection and the semen stains front and rear.

Beau’s heart had started racing even before entering the building and once inside it was really pounding, he held his cock through his pocket as a comforter. The ever present ghost of Byron had loomed into view silently through the gloom at the rear, Beau strained his eyes to see who or it was that had appeared.

“`ullo.. is yer looking us then?” after servicing so many customers it didn’t take Byron very long to guess that the very smart looking boy could be looking for him.

“Us?” replied Beau, his voice and middle class accent a million miles away from the local clientele. “You mean there’s more than one of you?”

“Yer wot?” Byron pushed a hand down his tracksuit and squeezed his cock as a sort of unspoken invitation, this very smart boy could be a real catch if indeed he was there for what Byron thought he was.

“Are you the.. the.. one who.. uumm..” Beau’s voice faltered with the realisation that the flat youth was indeed the one, in fact the only one and rather like the spider and the fly he was now destined to become the fly whether or not he wanted too, that was if he didn’t fall in the urinal first.

“Come in me office a minute,” Byron, nodding towards the cubicle, “it’s alright I’s ain’t gonna eat yer or nothing.”

Of course at that moment Beau could have made his escape, but having made the effort to get there and seen that Byron was really only a much larger version of the younger boys he had been with, then at least he should see what was being offered.

Once inside the cubicle Byron closed the door and so revealed Farty who had been hiding behind it.

“What! Who is he?” exclaimed Beau in panic now seeing the only exit had been blocked by the overweight Byron and that a younger fat clone had just materialised. Farty had moved to stand was in front and was looking him up and down, maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

“That’s Farty.” said Byron nodding towards him.


“Bleeding Farty innit! And, if yer ain’t careful he will!”

“So wot’s yer name then?” Farty was looking at the front of Beau’s jeans.

“Beau.” replied the middle class accent.

“Who? Why d’yer talk so bleeding posh?” asked Farty. “Never heard of no Bow. Who?”

“Who? Bow?” Byron’s cock was on full alert and tenting the front of his trousers.

“Beau.” he reiterated glancing nervously over to Byron’s expanding trousers.

“Bow?” Farty looked at the jeans again, clearly he had never seen the film `Gone with the Wind’ despite making so much wind himself.

“I’s got it.. yer means like Bow fucking Peep?” said Byron with a laugh. “Ah, got it, so’s wot’s yer really wants then, Bow?”


Beau flushed, Beau blushed, Beau’s cock twitched inside his sticky white briefs. Beau couldn’t leave now even if he wanted too for Beau was hooked. Beau wanted to be violated, humiliated, defiled by the two toilet inmates, his craving for sex was no different to Byron’s and as strong as the smell of the semen between them.

“So is us gonna wank yer off or is yer gonna wank us off then?” Byron grinned his yellow smile. “Oi, Farty! Undo his trousers and let’s see wot he got then!”

Withdrawing a hot and sticky hand from his pocketless pocket Farty made a grab at the button on Beau’s jeans, the fly was soon wrenched apart to reveal the white of the Y-fronts, the wet patch and the translucent cotton that showed the long, thin and very pink shaft.

“He’s a dirty wanker, look he’s cum in his pants!” exclaimed Farty, who on bending over for a closer look ran a finger over the bulge and in the excitement produced one of his trade mark flatuses. “He’s been doing that waiting for us ain’t he?”

“Oh bleeding hell!” said Byron. “Don’t fucking gas us Farty, just get his jeans off.”

“What! No! No!” it was a rather theatrical protestation and they all knew it.

“Shut up, `cause wants it up yer don’t yer?” asserted Byron, “d’yer thinks I’s don’t knows wot a posh kid like yer wants when yer come in here?”

Beau couldn’t imagine a more disgusting place to be subjected to a depraved sexual assault, in fact the situation had turned out better than he had ever envisaged from the moment he had stepped inside the building. Had it been the immaculate toilet of the school rumour mill with the blond Adonis is residence it wouldn’t have been what he wanted, for what he really wanted was a rough, debauched anal coupling.

“Cor look at his willy!” cried Farty to further excitable popping sounds from behind. “It’s a real gert long `un!”

“Stop farting for fuck’s sake!”

“Phew!” observed Beau wrinkling up his middle class nose.

Byron having had a flash of disgusting inspiration pushed his hand down the back of his trousers to see if he was still weeping from his earlier encounter, he was. “Farty, get his bleeding jeans off and hurry up!”

Some frenetic activity driven by teenage lust quickly followed, during which all pretence of Beau’s objections rapidly evaporated as Farty’s pudgy hands explored everything above and below Beau’s waist several times over. That action was soon reciprocated by Beau who thoroughly groped Farty, especially the rolls of wobbly stomach which held an ever increasing attraction. Propelled by Farty’s unique aroma of unwashed boy, stale semen and perspiration Beau’s fingers dipped in and out of every hot, sweaty fissure that Farty possessed. Predictably over-excited, Farty was unable to contain the small gaseous explosions which had started to occur as the fingers neared their goal, the investigation of the very aromatic furrow between his buttocks.

Byron having taken over the role of overseer began to direct the actions of who should do what to whom and having the two boys firmly under his spell, he urged them both to undress completely. Kicking off his own tracksuit bottoms he too was now ready for action as the sight of Beau’s extraordinary long, thin erection had him very much aroused and there was only one option.

“Bow, if I’s gets down and leans on the bog, would yer fuck me up me bum?” asked Byron pushing his bulk towards the toilet. “Then Fart’s, yer could fuck Bow Peep!”

“Can I really!” exclaimed Beau as only a private school pupil could.

“Yeah, yer won’t need no lube `cause I’s had some special stuff before!” that was something of an understatement since the repelling lubricant in question was forever escaping and slithering down his between legs without the super absorbent trousers to restrain it.

“What do I do! Do I just push it in then?” asked Beau clutching of his bendy cock and looking to Byron for guidance. “It is clean isn’t it?”

“Yer a cheeky fucker! Course it’s clean, I’s gives it a gert wash.” replied Byron not specifying exactly how long ago he had given it a, the gert wash, it was some time ago! “Yer’s musta stuffed things up yer bum before ain’t yer, so just push it in like.”

“Yes, right. That’s all right then.” said Beau rubbing his cock, the temptation was too much and he wouldn’t have held back anyway.

“Good, so come on and hava bleeding good look and then tell us when yer gonna stuff it in.” Byron bent over and braced himself with his hands on the toilet seat.

For all his own anal explorations Beau was still very innocent of the actual logistics, leaning over to inspect he was surprised to see what appeared in the bottom of the pimply valley to be shimmering. “Is, is this stuff the, the special lubricant then?”

“Oh yeah…” Byron was attempting to think quickly, he certainly didn’t want to put Beau off, “it’s a new one.. dip yer finger in and hava lick, it do tastes fucking great!

Beau looked, in the gloom it did appear strangely inviting, naively he obliged and tentatively dipped in a finger into the gooey mess. He sniffed it, rubbed his fingers together to test it’s frictional qualities and finally licked it. “It’s got a funny smell and your are absolutely right, it does taste nice, rather familiar!”

Even though desperate for the action to begin, Byron managed some muffled laughter which was luckily drowned by Beau himself exclaiming in surprise that Farty had just grabbed his bottom from behind and parted his buttocks. With Farty unable to contain ejaculation much longer he had become desperate to see exactly what he was to aim for, besides it gave him a further excuse to run a finger up and down Beau’s crack.

“Now just push it up us!” pleaded Byron. “Bleeding hurry up before I’s cums!”

With that Beau did just that, he pushed it in and in until he was hard up against Byron’s ample buttocks at which point Farty rammed his modest member into Beau and all three of them vibrated and quivered. It was a case of multiple orgasms all round, stars were seen, even the milky way shot into vision at one point, the end of the coupling was signalled not by flaccid organs, but by Farty forcing himself against Beau for a final thrust and instead of more semen produced a deafening fart.

Had it been a truly romantic event the participants would have lain back and smoked a cigarette. However it wasn’t, so instead the boys started a detailed examination of each others cocks and after some five minutes it was very obvious they were all erect again, Byron as always ready for action quickly suggested the possibility a repeat?

Despite his several earlier orgasms, Beau was still as randy as either them and nodded affirmatively and made a suggestion. “I say, shall we swop round a bit?”

“Oh yeah, we’s will, so `spose,” agreed Byron, by now really wanting a good shag and not just a dalliance with a thin willy however enjoyable it may have been, “so’s Bow why doesn’t yer’s shags Farty and I’s shag yer, alright?”

Farty was delighted at the prospect of having Beau’s very thin and flexible organ inside him since todate lengthwise the best he had ever achieved was a red pencil. Whilst Beau nodded enthusiastically in agreement he did wonder what it would be like to take Byron’s deformed cock, would it just be a nice feeling like an extra large courgette or would it really hurt?

“Why don’t us do it proper and see if we’s can give us all a good licking before us starts?” Byron smiled at Beau. “Shall I’s shows yer wot I’s means first of all like?”

“Oh yes please.” said Beau not at all sure what was intended, but it sounded good.

“Yeah, `cause I’s ain’t sure wot yer means neither.” added Farty cock in hand.

“Right then, so Bow if yer leans on the bog like I was before, I’ll lick yer, OK?”

Naive as ever, Beau as got himself in position so that with Byron behind and Farty able to see the action began. To unending squeals of utter delight from Beau, the insatiable Byron proceeded to extract the juices that Farty had injected earlier with tongue that was a supple as Beau’s willy, eventually he withdrew, his face covered in slime to hand over to Farty to complete the job.

“That was fantastic.” beamed an ecstatic Beau finally standing up, running a finger in and out of his tingling bottom to confirm it was still all there, he looked at a grinning Farty who was still licking his lips and had one hand behind his back.

“See when yer get’s good at it yer can get yer tongue right up it.” said Byron with an air of authority, experience and downright depravity.

Farty was recalling that when he was on very intimate terms with Cilla she had almost persuaded him to try a similar act with her, but the smell had put him off!

“Thought yer’d like that and `cause yer new yer gonna get it done to yer again!” Byron smiled at Beau. “So let’s get on with it, now `spose Farty sorta squats down up on the bogseat then Bow, yer can stand behind and lick him before yer sticks yer willy up. Then I’s be able to do yer from behind while yer’s standing up doing Farty!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Understandably Farty thought it a wonderful idea and with the added bonus of him having to squat meaning that his ample bottom would be stretched wide to grant full access as he often did at home. With their combined arousal level approaching maximum and a certain amount of penile leakage it only took moments to get into their allotted positions. Beau stood behind Farty and was quite determined he would force his tongue well inside Farty’s bottom. Behind Beau stood Byron who had been drooling precum for some time at the thought of stretching Beau’s virgin bottom, he had mentally discounted Farty’s earlier attempt at buggery as merely playing.

“Right then Bow, first yer gets started on Farty and then I’s get started on yer.”

Byron was really looking forward to the hors d’oeuvre not least since it had a vague flavour of Vaseline and unlike his own or Farty’s bottom it was clean! Farty on the other hand never thought about such matters partly because his diet of baked beans ensured that violent gas attacks, explosive defecation and skidmarks were all part of the rich tapestry of life.

Unaware of what awaited him Beau took a deep breath, pushed his tongue right out ready to make contact and then force his way inside, lunging forward he sunk his face between the buttocks. The smell was one thing, the strange slightly gritty texture was another, but it was the taste that confirmed to Beau all was not as it should be. That however, was of little consequence since at that very moment Byron had forced himself on Beau which ensured that there could be no physical going back and Beau had little choice but to carry on. Still, it did have it’s advantages since nowhere would Beau have ever experience a finer rimming experience than in that toilet, Byron was a true master with his tongue as it could achieve the sphincter relaxation that even a well greased digit could not. After well over an inch of tongue had penetrated and wiped the passage clean, Byron withdrew and whispered much to Beau’s relief that it was time to insert his cock into Farty and he would follow suit.

With a face full of Farty’s bottom, spitting out disgusting bits of quite unmentionable substances Beau was glad to withdraw and breath some fresher air, taking his cock in both hands he prepared to repay Farty in his own way. Soon it was Farty’s turn to wriggle and squeal in delight as Beau began to thread his long, bendy cock inside and all went well until finger depth was exceed at which point Farty asked if it could be inserted at a slower rate. Unaware of the request, Byron who was standing behind Beau and been lathering his cock with an excess of precum and was about to give Beau a very big surprise.

And, a very big surprise it was with Beau genuinely crying out with the pain on the forced entry.

Byron however, thought Beau was simply enjoying the action and proceeded to make even more violent thrusts to the point where Beau was convinced his bottom must have split under the strain. The consequence was that the entire length of his bendy cock was pushed inside Farty as far as it would go and had squirted it’s load in places which Farty didn’t even know existed. In addition Farty’s enjoyment was enhanced by being balanced precariously on top of the toilet, being thoroughly groped and his droopy breasts pulled mercilessly around by the over excited Beau.

Only now did Byron start to ejaculate and if Farty had thought Beau’s discharge was large it was nothing compared to the quantity of spunk Byron was pumping inside Beau. So much so that it wasn’t merely dribbling back out, for even with the hole plugged with the fat cock it was still escaping and running down Beau’s legs.

Beau’s dream hadn’t turned out quite as he had envisaged it and neither had it quite finished. Indeed, an unfinished dream was exactly as Byron viewed it, withdrawing his cock with a loud plop he told Beau to do the same since there was more fun to come, although just what more could come defeated Beau’s jaded brain. To the contrary, Farty had definitely enjoyed the experience and whilst he didn’t want Beau to withdraw he couldn’t stop him since inside things had rapidly started to soften. He listened to hear what Byron had in mind as a grand finale and in the excitement couldn’t hold back a couple of small pops the reverberations of which caused Beau’s near flaccid organ to drop out and the sphincter close behind it.

“Shit!” exclaimed Beau rather astutely, unable to move far enough away to escape the tainted atmosphere.

If that wasn’t enough and Beau was thinking the situation couldn’t appear to get much worse Byron announced what the finale was going to be. “See Bow, now we’s cum, we’s gonna lick all our cum back out!”

“Cor, bleeding hell! Great!” so excited was Farty that he wobbled on the toilet seat and found he was unable to control the escape of further small gaseous pockets.

“Oh fuck, no! Shit!” gasped Beau, who was not generally given to swearing but gasping for air under such exceptional circumstances expletives seemed allowable. The thought of being trapped and threatened with another trip between Farty’s none too clean buttocks, when his face was still heavily decorated after it’s previous foray between the pendulous orbs was proving to be a challenge.

“Yeah, good innit,” cried Byron enthusiastically, “so get yer gert snout up his bum!”

Beau wasn’t ready, nevertheless he found himself being propelled forward by the actions of Byron behind him, his face was again forced between Farty’s repulsive buttocks. However, this time the big difference was the addition of his own spunk which had travelled all the way up and back down Farty’s disgusting anal passage.

With Byron’s encouragement and if he were to admit it, some very stimulating sensations and slobbering noises coming from his own bottom, it was obvious that Byron really was making a meal of it and Beau should do the same. Breathing through his nose was difficult and having almost choked twice, he resorted to taking in air through his mouth which when having to tongue Farty was not easy either. What could be easier he thought to himself was, if Farty didn’t notice he could use a couple fingers instead of his flagging tongue, at first that seemed to work very well that was until his enthusiasm got the better of him. Faced with Farty’s colossal bottom stretched wide before him and unaware that the puckered sphincter was doing a tremendous job of containing the pressure, Beau gave in to temptation and made the mistake of actually poking a finger inside, something his tongue would never have the strength to do.

With the seal broken, just like a pressurised vessel being punctured the result was catastrophically instantaneous. Farty’s sphincter burst open allowing an incredible fart to escape, which in turn blew out everything with it that had been in the anal passage. With his face a mere a tongue’s length from the gaping orifice Beau took the full blast, partially deafened, blinded by flying semen and other unspeakable substances he slumped dramatically down on the dirty floor.

Behind was Byron, his tongue sticking out and still waggling, his face sticky with semen and looking very surprised, disappointed at the sudden disappearance of Beau’s tasty bottom. Fuelled by beans, Farty was continuing to expel deadly gasses even though he now lay groaning, clutching his boy bits in a very crumpled heap of excess stomach beside the toilet having all but blown himself off his perch.

So ended Beau’s excursion into the world of low toilet life and matters of an anal nature. Knackered, spiflicated and rather sore he eventually limped home knowing and it would take many, many moons and a several younger boys behind the cricket pavilion before he would dare venture into a public toilet again


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  1. Hahaha. You sir are a master comic story teller when it comes to sex amongst the young. Well done. Looking forward to reading the next instalments.

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