Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 36: Into the unknown

Looking for all the world like a nineteen year old young lady with appallingly dress sense, Bella her heels clacking sashayed her way in a cloud of cigarette smoke through the council estate towards Cilla’s house. It would be an understatement to say that many a parental eyebrow would have been raised in shock at the sight of her, the surfeit of make-up and trade mark tarantula stick-on eyelashes. A red plastic, imitation leather mini skirt, so mini that it ensured every movement would offer a tantalising flash of her Guptha’s International pink nylon panties completed the picture.

There was a reason for the display and it wasn’t just that she was escorting Cilla, for Bella was desperately hoping that she could persuade whoever it was who was brave enough to accompany Kelvin to also inspect her gooey girly bits, thus leading to her finally getting her sticky hands on a boy’s sticky cock. Having consistently failed to catch her elder brother masturbating she really needed to hold a cock, to rub a cock and have it squirt it’s hot, slimy load all over her hands. In addition she had made her mind up that whoever the unfortunate was, he was probably going to have his clothes ripped off and if need be forceably molested to attain her dream. Of course what she didn’t know was that Bogbrush had drawn the short straw and conscripted to go with Kelvin, neither did she know that he had absolutely no interest in girls whatsoever.

In the Grabble household relations between Farty and Cilla were much as before, basically ruptured, as had nearly been Farty’s balls courtesy of Cilla’s bag being slammed into them. What had started as a typical sibling type altercation had now progressed to a full blown feud with no contact other than insults, all of which were becoming rather wearing on family life in general. That aspect had really got to the man of the house as personified by Sid Grabble, who had exploded just before lunch on that very day seeing Cilla parading around fully made up in preparation for her assignation with Kelvin. Consequently on telling her very firmly that no member of the Grabble household was ever going out looking like, quote “a bloody little tart” unquote, relations had plummeted to a new low and the meal was eaten in virtual silence.

Bella had just thrown the smouldering No 6 cigarette butt into the desolate waste of the flower bed as the front door opened.

“Oh, bleeding hell wot d’yer want?”

Having recently embarked on a bout of post-prandial self-abuse Farty had been just about to visit the garden shed to bring matters to a head when the doorbell had rung. He looked at her with complete distain and knowing she was sex mad he resumed energetically playing with himself through his pocket solely to taunt her.

“Yer’s wanking!” a correct assumption, she was instantly fixated by his moving jeans.

“Piss off!” being an experienced boy of the world and having learnt more than few things about the female sex from Cilla he went straight to the point. “So, I’s `spect yer’s had yer candle up yer fanny today ain’t yer, we all knows that cow Cilla do!”

It was difficult to tell under all the make-up if Bella was blushing or red with rage, she was though annoyed at the inference. “Fuck off, yer dirty little wanker, fuck off! So were’s Cilla?”

“Yer’ll have to fucking find her `cause I’s ain’t!” with that Farty left her on the doorstep and wandered off wondering whether to hang around and see what happened or continue to the garden shed and hand relief.

“Was that the front door?” Betty Grabble now appeared and was surprised to see Bella standing there, at least it looked like Bella under the make-up. “Bella?”

“Yeah, I’s come to see Cilla, we’s going out.”

“Oh..” Betty looked at her in disbelief, unable to avoid hearing the latest row over Cilla’s appearance she took a second look at Bella, “what like that? Where?”

“Just out like.” she sniffed.

Before the conversation could continue, a loud crash heralded Cilla’s appearance as she leapt into the hallway from the stairs. “Come up to me room Bell’s.”

Betty watched in horror as Bella followed Cilla, clumping up the stairs in her heels, the tiny skirt putting the skimpy Guptha’s International pink panties on display and leaving nothing to the imagination, fertile or otherwise. Farty, lurking in the dark corner at the bottom of the stairs had been watching and listening, having already started to masturbate he scuttled off for the garden shed to finish the job.

Slamming the bedroom door behind them, Cilla turned to Bella to bemoan the situation. “Me dad’s gone bleeding mental, he says I’s can’t go out dressed up like wot yer is!”

“Ah shit.”

Bella sat on the edge of the bed, the red plastic skirt riding right up to display all including an obvious damp patch between her legs. Cilla knowing no shame and certainly no stranger to the situation immediately seized on the moment and gave Bella a very knowing look. Unlike many other girls Cilla, Bella and Gloria had been blessed with the ability to make exceptional amounts of what many boys thought of as the equivalent of semen, but was in fact a mucus like lubricant. Whatever, once fully aroused it was freely produced and being so wet and slimy would give boys the illusion that female ejaculation had occurred.

“Yer’s been at it as well then?” she pointed a wobbly finger at the very moist Guptha International’s finest. “I’s been so excited I’s done it three times already!”

“So’s I!” Bella gave an embarrassed laugh. “D’yer really reckon that Kelv’s gonna wank for yer?”

“I’s hopes so and I’s wonders who he’s gonna bring with him?” she paused. “Now tell us the truth, is yer nervous now that we’s about to go and do it, `cause I is!”

“Course I’s is, but I wants to wank some boy off,” she looked at Cilla, “I’s just hopes it ain’t that bleeding Bogbrush, I’s don’t know if he do likes girls, wot’s think?”

“Dunno, but yer’s still gonna try to ’em wank him then? `cause if I’s knows that I’s won’t worry so much.” Cilla’s fingers were heading down between her legs. “D’yer wanna have quick `un before we goes, we’s got time!”

“Ain’t nobody’ll come in will `em?” Bella looked around and moved to sit next to Cilla. “It’ll get us all juicy won’t it, be ready for ’em won’t us!”

“I’s already bleeding juicy!” giggling, Cilla pushed a brace of fingers onto the damp football pattern Guptha’s International panties, size large and very, very unflattering. “Nah, now how many fingers?”

“Two, us’ll pretend we’s in class then!” Bella looked across. “Why don’t yer mum get yer some nicer knickers?

“Uumm.. shit!” embarrassed, Cilla looked, they were certainly as big as fat Farty’s full cut imitation Y-fronts as mother Betty had no taste when it came to clothes.

“Has yer got a pair of scissors, us could make ’em look a bit betterer!”

Seconds later Cilla was standing there with nothing under her not quite so mini, mini skirt except the two fingers which were slurping away. Bella, rhythmically squeezing her legs together in solidarity had become extremely excited and although quite useless in the domestic science class had laid the panties laid on the bed and was inexpertly removing material at a rate of knots with the blunt scissors.

“There they’s is, try they,” she proudly presented Cilla with the briefest pair of lopsided briefs, “they’ll look betterer when yer flashes yer fanny at him!”

“Cor, fuck! They’s good!”

Fingers slimy from their internal voyage, Cilla seductively put one leg in after the other taking the opportunity to flash her very moist girly bits as she did so. In fact there wasn’t much left of them to pull up, nevertheless what was left would just about cover her mound, provided she wasn’t planning on opening her legs. Bella, satisfied with her handiwork and being equally shameless had settled back to watch with three fingers firmly implanted inside her own very damp panties.

“We’s had to cut a bit of the elastic off, but they’s should be alright!” Bella licked her fingers and looked at the alarm clock. “Reckon we’s oughta go then?”

“Great ain’t they?” said Cilla, trying not to show she was really very nervous, she tucked the few wispy pubic hairs back inside. “I’s reckon these’ll turn him on now!”

“D’yer wanna cut they hairs off while’s I’s got me scissors handy?” she peered closely at Cilla’s steaming mound. “I’s cut three off before I’s came here!”


Apprehensive was the word and Bogbrush really was apprehensive. It was Saturday, not just any old Saturday, but the Saturday. The one where he had very reluctantly agreed to accompany Kelvin to meet Cilla and whichever of her two cohorts she had decided to bring along as chaperone. In theory the meeting was one of sexual discovery and included the promise or threat depending upon one’s viewpoint, of a joint demonstration of masturbation technique. Yet strangely, all except Bella with her latent nymphomaniacal tendencies were now decidedly nervous and almost of a mind to call it off.

At the appointed hour Bogbrush very nervously set off to call on Kelvin, the plan was that they would arrive together at the old shed a few minutes earlier than the girls to make sure all was in order. However, being very firmly of the other persuasion he was dreading the meeting and genuinely scared that he could be forced to join in by Cilla’s chaperone. Worse, the choice of chaperone was very limited and probably going to be the bitchy Bella since Gloria had officiated during the inaugural meeting behind the bike sheds.

“Kelv, I’s don’t wanna bleeding do this, yer knows that.” said Bogbrush as they started on their intrepid journey into the unknown.

“Be alright,” said Kelvin reassuringly, which invariably meant it would be anything but, “has yer had a wank before yer left?”

“Nah, why?”

“Well yer don’t wanna cum just `cause yer gets all over excited do yer?”

“Kelv I’s ain’t fucking excited, I’s wants to go home!” it was the truth!

“Well I’s just had a fucking wonderful gert wank!” proclaimed Kelvin proudly feeling his slimy cock through his pocketless pocket.

“Wot, d’yer cum in yer pants then?” nervous as he was, Bogbrush had to ask.

“Yeah course… fuck! Oh shit!” Kelvin stopped walking. “D’yer reckon she’ll notice?”

“Well… maybe!” Bogbrush couldn’t help smiling, it was typically Kelvin. “Oh fuck, don’t tell us yer still wearing they spunky orange ones from two days ago is yer?”

“Why? Wot’s wrong with ’em?”

“Don’t ’em smell a bit by now?”

“Don’t think they’s do and they’s only got a small skidmark!”

“Look, there’s them bushes on the way near the carpark ain’t there, so why doesn’t us have a look and a sniff like?”

“Yeah but,” Kelvin was a little worried, “Bog’s yer don’t think she’ll mind I’s cum already then? I’s `spose I’s could always tell her that, that I’s only just cum in ’em `cause I’s were so excited at meeting her like!”

“Yeah, that’ll be alright.”

“Thing is Bog’s,” he paused, “I’s really bleeding scared to death… I ain’t gotta clue wot I’s `sposed to do when her’s gets there!”

“Silly sod,” Bogbrush smiled, “glad it ain’t just me then. Look, yer’s gotta get her to show her fanny first, then yer can whip it out, have a wank and forget she’s there.”

“But no girl ain’t never seen it!”

“Ain’t that’s why we’s going?” said Bogbrush. “Anyway’s, I’s just had a bleeding gert idea, so listen, when us gets to the shed why don’t yer take yer pants off so when yer drops yer jeans to flash her, then her won’t see yer spunky pants will her?”

“Gor, fuck, that’s clever why didn’t I’s think of that!” it was indeed a masterstroke. “So I’s just unzips and out he pops!”

“Yeah and probably frighten her to death or summat!”

With the mention of flashing it occurred to Bogbrush that should he, heaven forbid , find himself being coerced into participating in some small way then how could he manage to escape? Despite be scared, Kelvin still had another logistical problem to contend with, knowing that with each step nearer the carpark he was getting more excited and that it could only result in premature ejaculation.

“Bog’s I’s gonna cum again, I’s can’t stop!”

“Well don’t bleeding touch it, leave it alone! Let’s get in the bloody shed first.”

With much swearing and fumbling the key was eventually persuaded to open the rusty lock and once inside Bogbrush looked round, it hadn’t changed since was last there with Joel and Dipstick. Kelvin immediately rushed in and started to pull his jeans off to expose the spunky, stained orange briefs where from the left side his enormous, drooling cock had already escaped.

“Bog’s…I’s don’t wanna spunk in me clothes so, so,” he looked hopefully across while trying to wrench the orange briefs off over his shoes, “has we got time for a quick `un.. up me bum if yer wants!”

“Fuck! Wot now? Yer joking!”

“Nah I’s ain’t, I’s so horny and we’s got plenty of time. Anyhow’s I’s can look out the window and see if they’s coming.”

Under such bizarre circumstances Bogbrush found he was rapidly becoming aroused. “But if we does, is yer gonna be able to cum again for that Cilla?”

“Course I’s is,” replied Kelvin with utter confidence, “how many times d’yer reckon her will want!”

“Well finger yer bum up then while I gets really hard!” Bogbrush unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock from the butterflies on his underpants. “Hurry up, bend over, yer can look out the window at the same time.”

Hygiene, usually playing such an important part in Kelvin’s life was momentarily forgotten. He licked a finger and inserted it, pulling it out after a couple of seconds he licked two together and rammed them home twisting them excitedly around.

“Get it up now Bog’s! Quick! I’s cleaned it for yer as well!”

“Is I’s spunking up yer?” asked Bogbrush taking aim, not that it was likely he could offer a choice. “Yer’s got us so’s excited I’s gonna cum so bleeding quick! Ready!”

“Oooohhh fuck! Nah.. nah! Stop! They’s coming!” cried Kelvin staring through the dirty window.

“Bleeding hell that were quick!” replied Bogbrush. “Thought I’s be first to cum!”

“Nah! Nah, yer daft fucker, it’s they’s that’s coming! Them bleeding girls!”

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!”

Panic took over and a brace of once proud willy’s wilted. Kelvin battled to put his jeans back on whilst still wearing his shoes and succeeding in kicking up so much cement dust as to encapsulate their sticky, spunky boy bits. Already horrified at the prospect of actually coming face to face with a live girl, Bogbrush’s day suddenly plunged from mere disaster to the ultimate depth of disaster. The legendary poor quality of the Guptha’s International clothing had again been confirmed when, just as happened to Kelvin the zip of his jeans detached itself from the denim.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned in despair, staring at it the threads of cotton still attached.

Across the carpark Cilla and Bella were slowly approaching looking out for the shed as instructed. Even the simple journey to the carpark had not been without dramatic incident for Cilla, who was reaping the results of Bella’s skills when it came to high couture. Such skills had now proved to be non existent for she had snipped away most of the elastic that should have held up Cilla’s unflatteringly oversize schoolgirl issue knickers, resulting in them slowly descending to her knees on at least three occasions during the journey. Finally, in desperation they had taken to the very same bushes as visited by Bogbrush and Kelvin, where with great enthusiasm Bella had peered up Cilla’s skirt and suggested since the skirt wasn’t quite as mini as her’s that she remove the panties altogether.

“Wot’s it like without yer knickers?” asked Bella as they set off, she couldn’t let the subject drop as she was incredibly aroused by the idea. “I’s take mine off if me skirt weren’t so short.”

“Cor, I likes it!” said Cilla, squeezing her legs together. “The winds blowing up me fanny, I’s could frig meself right now!”

“Yeah and I’s all wet, this has turned I’s right on!” Bella gave an embarrassed giggle. “Us must hava wank when us gets there wotever they boys is gonna do!”

At the shed panic was taking over. Bogbrush had managed to get his jeans to look fastened even if the weren’t and Kelvin had somehow struggled to get back in his jeans, his large sticky bits freshly dusted with cement.

“Shall us go and meet ’em?” asked Bogbrush with a terrified expression on his face as he peered out of the dusty window.

“Nah, sod that, they’s can come to us, I ain’t walking no place in these jeans without me pants!” with that Kelvin moved to the doorway and gave a perfunctory wave to attract the girls attention. “Anyhow’s I’s started to get hard again and I’s caught me hairs in the fucking zip!”

“Cill’s have a good look,” said Bella squinting in the sun towards the shed, “has he gotta a gert hard on or not?”

“Might have… oh shit… he’s brought that bleeding Bogbrush with him.” Cilla peered over, the cooling breeze around her very moist girly bits had it’s advantages, she could feel the moisture evaporating. “Still ain’t sure about him.”

“Nah, I’s ain’t either.”

“Bell’s I’s gotta do it soon or it’s gonna run down me legs!” Cilla had stopped, her legs clasped firmly together.

“Yer a dirty cow!” Bella’s tarantula’s fluttered, the thick coating of make-up almost cracked. “It ain’t just yer Cill’s, `cause now me kickers is bleeding soaked as well!”

“Yer’d better come in me shed.” such was Kelvin’s welcoming greeting, he pointing to the darkened doorway.

“But is yer two gonna cum as well?” cackled Bella, for her it was a brilliant joke.

“Fucking doubt it!” mumbled the very nervous Bogbrush.

To the girls the venue was initially of secondary importance to what may or not happen inside. Unashamedly desperate for some form of sexual contact Bella bent down to inspect Bogbrush’s jeans, the front of which unusually bore not a trace of anything lurking within.

“Looks like he got it unzipped already, too dark to see if he’s hard! Wot’s think about him Cill’s?” said Bella looking at Cilla and ignoring the petrified Bogbrush.

“Bleeding hell it’s a right mess in here and it’s sodding dark!” exclaimed Cilla on kicking up a cloud of cement dust with her feet and now becoming disillusioned by the venue, she fleetingly glanced at Bogbrush. “Don’t look like he even got one!”

“Bleeding fucking bog off then!” replied a frightened Bogbrush.

“But he do, don’t he?” Bella pointed to Kelvin’s jeans, the signs were unmistakable.

Over the initial shock of being within groping distance of two actual, live girls, Kelvin decided to have a really good look since they were not in school uniform, there was though something different about Cilla.

“Wot’s happened to they sodding gert tits yer had?” he demanded looking at her flat chest in the unflattering blouse. “Wot has them bleeding dropped off or summat?”

“Fuck off!” responded a very unladylike Cilla, knowing she could hardly complain about the a lack of trouser bulge on his part.

“Well were’s `em bleeding gone then, I’s wanted to feel they!” said a genuinely disappointed kelvin looked at Bella, who by contrast was sporting a truly magnificent pair of pointed prosthetic mammaries. “So why’s her got fucking gert tits and yer’s has fallen off then?”

“Kelv, they’s fucking false tits ain’t they?” said Bogbrush having finally worked it out. “None of `em’s got tit’s has ’em? Her’s gotta gert padded bra thing on ain’t she?”

“If they’s real tits, she oughta get ’em out and let us hava gert feel!” demanded Kelvin only inches away from Bella. In fact, the distance between them could almost have been bridged by the enormous bulge in his jeans, the flow of precum from his cock had turned into a dribble.

“Sod off,” replied an equally unladylike Bella who had no intention of removing her prosthetic encumbrance and so allowing the stuffing to fall out, “go fuck yerself!”

“Friendly ain’t her!” said Bogbrush. “Even if she ain’t got no bleeding tits!”

“Yer cheeky sod, I’ll fucking have yer!” declared a very, very over excited Bella.

Angry at having her non-existent mammaries insulted and over excited so as to give her an excuse to make physical contact with Bogbrush and grab at whatever was inside the open fly she lunged forward. With her hand outstretched she hoped to invade his jeans to find something large and hard, sadly she missed out on both counts as the terrified Bogbrush had stepped quickly out of the way. This was to be the catalyst for the major catastrophe that was to ensue, for as he moved sideways he caught his foot on the handle of a wayward shovel and fell backwards to the floor. Landing heavily on top one of the torn bags of cement a huge cloud of fine dust arose to envelope them all, dazed he lay there long enough to give the sex craved Bella enough time to literally leap into action!

“Now I’s gonna have yer proper!” she cried triumphantly throwing herself on top of the crumpled Bogbrush and sending up further clouds of cement dust of which quite naturally flew up Cilla’s skirt drawn by the hot air emanating from her overheated girly bits.

Less than four point two seconds later, after a frenzied clawing at his jeans she had succeeded in the unfastening thereof. His total humiliation was completed by wrenching them down to his ankles and exposing not a sign of an erection, only some spunk stained butterfly briefs. Before he could even think about defending himself, she had planted herself astride near his left thigh and immediately started to grind her fanny onto the dusty leg.

It was quite an event, so much so that both Cilla and Kelvin looking down on the hapless Bogbrush were stunned at Bella’s extraordinary behaviour and her seemingly insatiable desires. Appearing to show no shame and ignoring Bogbrush’s extremely vocal, rich, Anglo Saxon entreaties to fucking well get off she continued to ride him until her juices were flowing freely, very freely. Only then did she turn her attention to literally tearing his butterfly briefs to pieces and attempt to get his shrunken member erect. Bogbrush had closed his eyes, resigned to his demeaning fate and the insults that would undoubtedly follow for weeks to come, the best plan it seemed was to persuade himself that he was not even there.

“Fuck me!” gasped a very aroused Kelvin, his cock obviously thinking the opposite having just deposited yet more precum inside his jeans.

“I ain’t fucking yer, I’s just wanking yer!” responded a breathless, if dripping Cilla. “Fuck yerself!”

“Alright then I’s will!” Kelvin was well past any restraint for his cock was about to explode, he struggled with his jeans. “Well, show us yer bleeding fanny then!”

Cilla, no mean onanist herself and just as excited, simply pulled up her mini skirt to display the glistening mound with added cement dust, uttering a sigh of relief she sank two fingers deep between the gooey lips taking the dust in with it.

“Oh fuck me!” reiterated Kelvin having never really thought either of them would be doing anything other than trading insults. “So’s is that wot yer calls wanking?”

“Wot’s think I’s fucking doing!” croaked an orgasmic, very squelchy Cilla.

Her eyes had been focused on his jeans, as they fell into the dusty floor all was revealed with Kelvin’s enormous cock twanging into view. It twitched, it drooled, it was red from rubbing, it was ready for action and it wanted release. Not daring to touch it just in case he ejaculated, he watched Cilla insert a third very dusty finger to join the others, moments later a fourth and all pushed right up to the knuckle. Moaning, groaning, she shuddered, she worked the fingers, she saw stars and the milky way, Kelvin saw the mysterious viscous blobs exudating over her knuckles.

“Bleeding hell,” he exclaimed in total ignorance of the female workings, “they’s looks like fanny snot!”

Down below at floor level, Bella knew all about fanny snot since she had already climaxed twice by rubbing herself on Bogbrush’s leg, the granular effect of the cement dust had roughened the passage of her fanny lips as she gyrated up and down. Sadly, what had categorically not improved was poor Bogbrush’s cock, for it had absolutely refused to increase in size from it’s original frightened state during the forceable shredding of his underpants. However, it appeared that Bella had accepted the situation and the visual consolation prize, for she was mesmerised by the sight of Kelvin’s cock bouncing around above her and that of Cilla dripping juices as she violently masturbated all within inches of her face.

Before anything else could be said, Cilla appeared to reach yet another tremendous orgasm, hearing the moans of delight Bella stared from her slimy perch, being more or less at eye level with Kelvin’s mighty organ she grabbed it and pulled at it with the only result that there could be. Cilla writhed around with almost her entire hand and a goodly quantity of cement dust inside her, Kelvin’s cock began to jerk and twitch, to spew, to finally erupt a deluge of hot spunk. The trajectory couldn’t have been better, it sprayed in an arc between Bella’s face and Cilla’s well lubricated girly bits with such force that one of Bella’s tarantula eyelashes was simply hosed off to flutter down and adhere to Bogbrush’s cement coated pubes.

Depending upon the viewpoint matters now took a turn for the worse, although an insatiable craving might be a better description. Obviously the girls and Kelvin were more than aroused, alas poor Bogbrush wasn’t even in the equation.

“I wanna get up yer fanny!” cried Kelvin with what might be described as gay abandon. Reaching out he grabbed at Cilla’s gooey hand and pulled it away, very roughly inserting his very two fingers that had so recently been elsewhere.

“Give us yer cock!” screamed Bella not wishing to miss the opportunity or in fact any opportunity to join in. Jumping up from her slimy perch, thick strings of glutenous juices stretched back between her and Bogbrush’s trembling leg. “Cill’s help us wank him off!”

With the weight suddenly taken from his leg, Bogbrush realised something must have happened, willing himself back to reality he squinted through half closed eyes to look around. Initially he found he was looking right up Bella’s skirt to see her panties hanging limply down with everything was on display complete with a coating of cement dust, not a pretty sight! Bella’s girly bits were certainly of no interest to him even if her bottom where, turning his head to one side he found it was Kelvin that came into view next and he offered a most delightful vista from ground level. The view between Kelvin’s white, spotty buttocks and the silhouette of his genitals had an immediate effect, for what little success Bella had achieved by way of hand and mouth now paled into insignificance by Bogbrush’s anally orientated thoughts.

Kelvin’s bottom was a powerful magnet and it quickly drew Bogbrush from the horizontal to his hands and knees. Whilst Kelvin was kept fully occupied by the girls attempts at masturbation, Bogbrush knelt just behind and parted the familiar white buttocks with one hand, his other wrapped around his almost erect cock. Knowing of Kelvin’s frightening lack of personal hygiene an inspection was called for before penetration, but it revealed little since with the copious amounts of bodily fluids around it had ensured the cement dust had stuck to everything and everybody.

Having manoeuvred the two excited girls into position so they faced him, Kelvin had two fingers inside each and was already on the way to making them climax for a second time, continuing to tremble their juices flowed like never before, dribbling from his fingers and down their legs. For their part the girls had a very firm hold on his cock and were engaged in a joint, if very rough masturbation exercise which on Bella’s suggestion had been theoretically enhanced by partly using their own juices as lubricant mixed with his precum.

So enamoured with the female attention and finding he was really very close to a second gigantic climax, Kelvin didn’t notice the first cement covered finger making it’s rear entry. He did though notice the second finger, merely glancing round behind and grinning inanely down at the smiling Bogbrush, who still kneeling had taken an extreme interest in watching his fingers working the opening. Having got three cement coated fingers inside he was now, just like Kelvin producing an awful lot of precum with ejaculation threatening seconds away.

Managing to retain his fingers in position he lined up his quivering cock, the plan was to enact a smart transfer of the fingers from anal to oral as he slammed his cock into Kelvin. And, slam it in he did!

“Fucking hell!” shrieked Kelvin in complete surprise.

Despite the preceding digital anal workout, to be filled in one movement still came as something of a painful shock even allowing for the surfeit of precum lubricant. Bogbrush hammered it home like never before even managing to squash his balls against the pimply buttocks in the process. Kelvin, who in turn was almost forced to stand on tiptoe to lessen the impact passed on the shock wave by pushing his fingers even deeper into the two girls so causing them recoil and allow his fingers to loose contact. Having been abruptly forced to suffer withdraw symptoms the girls instantly took over and attended to each other, not an unusual situation!

In fact it seemed that Bogbrush’s violent intervention had caused them all to climax at much the same time. The two boys were in the throes of ejaculation as Kelvin tottered on his feet and started to spray spunk over the girls in front of him just as Bogbrush gave one last powerful thrust. It was to prove a thrust too far, for Kelvin only ever able concentrate on one thing at time totally lost his balance, toppling forward onto the interlocked girls whilst his cock continued to shoot it’s load.

It came as no great surprise when Kelvin finally lost all balance and fell forwards, pulling himself off Bogbrush’s spluttering cock and taking the two girls with him to land with a tremendous crash in a vast cloud of cement dust on the shed floor. Standing above them and feverishly working to reach his climax Bogbrush soon had spunk flying in all directions as he listened with some amusement to the extremely choice and very unladylike expletives emanate from the dust cloud.

Even though his cock had been severely crumpled on landing and he had gained a foreskin full of cement, Kelvin was delighted with himself for girls were no longer a mystery, although a far messier prospect than he had envisaged. Even Bogbrush, who certainly hadn’t enjoyed the first part of the adventure had to concede that there was something about the final shambolic communal orgasm, especially with them all haemorrhaging of vast quantities of discharge. That said, Bella had one last card to play and it was to be an experience even new to her. With mind and body befuddled with lust, racked by one orgasm after another and squashed between Cilla and Kelvin she lost all control and squirted. A jet of liquid suddenly shot from between her legs into the air to fall back down and douse both Cilla and Kelvin, mixing with the dust to form a cement slurry.

Bogbrush looked on in amazement not at all sure what had actually happened, but sure of one thing in that Kelvin would probably get murdered yet again on returning home and Doreen seeing the state of him!


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