Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 30: Joel blossoms, amongst other things!

“Course I’s does!” replied Joel excitedly.

“Thought yer might,” Luke grinned, “I can see’s yer’s hard like I’s is, so let’s hope she ain’t noticed.”

“Don’t think so,” Joel giggled, hoping a direct approach would not frighten Luke off he added, “I’s means, yer still wants to do something don’t yer? Yer ain’t changed yer mind or nothing `cause yer got I’s all excited like.”

“Bloody right I does!” Luke nodded. “Course I’s do, follow us up to me room then.”

Joel certainly did follow him up the stairs and very closely at that. He studied the way Luke’s trousers were stretched over his buttocks highlighted the outline of his underpants, the same underpants which he hoped to be wearing very shortly.

“Oh, cor, it’s tidy innit?” said Joel once they entered the room and looked around. “And, yer’s got some books of yer own as well!”

“Oh yeah.” Luke rather proudly stood by his selection of the infamous Famous Five stories by Enid Blyton which, though theoretically below his reading range he would still read. “In one of they stories the boys goes swimming in their pants, but it don’t say wot sort they wears!”

“Wonder if they got ’em a fucking Guptha’s then!” Joel laughed, hoping that his dream of finding another boy with an underwear fetish had finally come true.

“I `spect they’s all had white ones back then don’t yer?”

“Probably,” Joel’s hand was active in his pocket, he had finally worked out what he was wearing, but embarrassing or not there could be no stopping now, “well show us they Marks and Sparks ones then?”

“Come over yer then,” Luke moved over to the small chest of drawers, looking rather embarrassed as confirmed by the adjustment to his glasses he opened the top drawer, “have look though this lot if yer wants then.”

Needing no second invitation Jason was instantly by his side and searching though the selection of white underwear, some dating back to Luke’s junior school days. “Ooh.. yer got some.. ooh… ooh.. white vests as well then?”

“Me mum buys ’em, but I’s don’t wear ’em `cause they’s for kids ain’t they really?”

“But, but,” Joel was obviously excited by the discovery, “but, I think’s they’s real sexy when they’s worn with matching pants, don’t yer?

“Dunno really, could be I `spose, but they’s good to wipe yer willy on!”

Although what Luke did know was that he had on occasion worn the matching underwear going to bed and founding it strangely arousing, he was though yet to find the courage to wear it anywhere other than in his bedroom.

“D’yer wanna try wearing it…”

“Hey, I want’s to ask yer summat else.” before Joel could continue Luke interrupted with a further pressing question knowing that regardless of the answer he still desperately wanted to proceed with an underwear swop.

“Wot?” Joel currently had one hand inside a pair of briefs, he then peered inside looking for signs of semen that had not been totally removed during the last wash. “I like’s these, think I’s get some.. so would yer let I’s lend a vest if yer’s don’t wear ’em at all?”

“If yer wants.. now listen,” nervously Luke adjusted his glasses, “I’s dunno how to say this but.. I’s heard things so is, is it true that yer likes.. well, yer likes boys… just boys.. not girls?”

Not wishing to loose the seemingly malleable Luke there seemed little point in Joel denying it since the more attuned classmates had probably guessed and Bogbrush certainly knew. It also raised the question of whether Luke was somewhat sexually ambivalent himself as he appeared coy and unsure how to proceed, Joel decided to save him the effort and exploit the situation using underwear as the key. However, what really didn’t come to surface was that in the very secretive world of boy sex, neither really knew what the other had achieved and tended to think that he was less experienced than he was. Typically and unknown to either they had both had performed in some capacity with the likes of Bogbrush, Dave, Kelvin, Byron and even Connor. Admitting to performing certain acts in a solo capacity formed the basis of secret confessions which was very arousing in itself.

“Well I ain’t bleeding advertising it is I!” Joel looked him in the face, he had to be firm. “Why, do it put yer off doing something together like?”

Flushed, shaking his head violently Luke stuttered. “Nah, nah.. I’s just wondered.”

“I means, how many in class has done summat with a girl anyway, it’s only a couple innit, rest of ’em wanks or they try’s to get hold of a dirty book don’t ’em?” smiling reassuringly Joel continued. “So if yer thinks about it, most boys has a gert wank with a mate don’t they? So’s all us doing is.. uumm, well having that wank, but with something extra that turns us both on a bit like innit?”

“Yeah, I’s `spose it do.”

“And, well `cause undies and that does turn us both on don’t they?” Joel again looked him in the face determined there was to be no escape.

“I `spose they does.” admitted Luke unable to look away.

“I means and us both knows it don’t us?” even Joel blushed at this point. “`cause it ain’t easy saying yer’s got a thing about yer mates dirty pants is it?”

“Nah, nah it ain’t… but, but I’s don’t know nothing about girls anyhow… maybe’s I’s might do summat with a girl when I’s older.” Luke was warming to the boy subject and had no idea that despite Joel’s air of expertise he was no more experienced than he was, even if keener to get started! “So’s I `spose yer right that we does both like looking undies and that.”

“Yeah, see that’s wot I thinks, so’s let’s get on with summat before yer mum gets back.” said Joel readily agreeing and wanting to return to the contents of the drawer, “I’s do likes these pants, yer did say I’s could borrow a pair didn’t yer?”

“I’s have to have ’em back though.” Luke moved closer to Joel and accidentally on purpose pushing up against him on the pretext of looking in the drawer himself. “Let’s hava look… and, well if yer really wants one, there’s a vest yer could lend.”

“Yeah, oh thanks,” Joel glanced down between them, there was no doubt Luke was aroused and exactly what was now making contact with his leg, “hey, wot d’yer reckon if I puts it on!”

“Fuck! Wot that vest? Now?” exclaimed Luke, things were suddenly going a lot faster than the basic groping of the school trousers as he had imagined might happen.

“Yer could wear one as well!” Joel grinned. “Fuck, that’s be good wunnit!”

All of three seconds later they were standing there with their trousers looking fit to burst and unbuttoning their shirts as fast as their fumbling fingers would allow.

“Ooh,” Joel pointed to Luke’s lily white torso, “that turns I on see them white pants sticking above yer trousers.”

“Reckon?” Luke glanced down, despite his fetish for white briefs he nevertheless found it rather embarrassing to have the waistband on display, he looked across to Joel’s equally white body. “Yer’s ain’t showing is they, they’s must be smaller.”

“Oh yeah, they is.” replied Joel pulling the vest over his head, he watched as Luke did the same carefully avoiding catching his glasses. “Want I to undo yer trousers?”

Excitedly, Luke nodded. “Yeah.. shall I stand in front of yer?”

That wasn’t to say that Joel wasn’t excited either, in fact his hands were almost shaking as he reached out to Luke’s waist for the clasp to his trousers, his face on a level with the tenting fly.

Luke blushed, giggled and wriggled as the zip was slowly pulled down over his erection, immediately allowing the white of his briefs to be pushed out of the fly. Having been regularly infused with semen by both Luke and Bogbrush over the last twenty-four hours the briefs exuded an incredibly strong smell of semen, Joel moved closer and inhaled deeply.

“How many times has yer come in ’em?” he gasped peeling back the trousers to expose the full glory of the spunk stained cotton. “Oh fucking hell…”

“I.. I’s..” Luke was having problems, being drastically over stimulated premature ejaculation was very close.

“Yer wot?”

Joel leant forward, his eyes remaining firmly focused on what could only be the head of Luke’s cock which seemed to continually ooze ever larger blobs of precum through the stained cotton. However, before he could claim his prize, Luke’s trembling hands appeared around his waist and after what seemed like an age finally managed to unclasp his trousers and pull them roughly down to his knees.

“Fuck!” gasped Luke. He gasped on two counts, first he was verging on ejaculation and second on seeing Joel’s underpants! “Wot, wot’s they fucking pants yer got on?”

Giggling like a ten year old and plainly embarrassed Joel spluttered. “They’s me big sisters, I’s wears ’em now and again, please don’t say nothing will yer?”

Luke was past saying anything, the meeting had developed into a voyage of sexual discovery what with their revelations as to what turned them on and now to top it all Joel was found wearing his sisters panties. Totally translucent and soaking wet with precum every swollen aspect of Joel’s cock was highlighted, inexperienced as he was Luke was at a loss of what to do and was about to reach out and grab it when Joel took the initiative.

Bending down in front of Luke he opened his mouth wide and took as much of the soggy briefs and cock in his mouth as he could manage to fit in. Luke, past being able to control himself started to forceably ejaculate through the cotton and into the open mouth such that almost choking on the combination of spunky cotton and hot sperm Joel was forced to draw back to get his breath. Moments later he returned to bury his face in the slimy mess again, this time though his right hand grasped at Luke’s buttocks, kneading them and pushing the white material deep into his crack.

Emboldened by Joel’s uninhibited act, Luke took it upon himself to grope the front of the wet panties which had the immediate effect of pushing Joel over the edge so he too began ejaculating. With Joel still slurping away and trying to get inside the rear of Luke’s briefs, it seemed only fair that Luke abandon all inhibition and repay the compliment so he daringly started to force his fingers between Joel’s hot buttocks.

Naturally pride decreed neither boy, would particularly want to really admit that whatever they were doing to one another was probably in effect a first. For as much as Joel has messed around with Bogbrush and Byron, this time he was the seducer, the instigator and not merely a passenger so he had to take the lead and indeed, to lead Luke to where he wanted him. Having so often fantasised and practised on his own bottom, to now find himself actually dictating the action and being fingered as he in turn fingered Luke was a new and very erotic experience. Of course, it could only end in one way and that was as pair of totally exhausted adolescents plastered in each others emissions, their last reserves of energy having been used to swop the underwear.

“I’s could cum again!” gasped a breathless Luke lying on the cheap carpet beside Joel, one hand rubbing his erection through the slippery front on the panties. “And yer right about a vest, it’s a right turn on innit?”!”

“A vest, yeah, bloody told yer didn’t us!” replied a very contented Joel wearing his dream St Michael matching white underwear freshly soaked with another’s semen. Thinking Luke didn’t notice he started to lick his fingers. “I’s thinks I’s could just about cum again if yer could, wot’s think?”

“Yeah, but uumm.. I wanted to ask yer if uumm.. well, d’yer play with bum when yer wanks?” Luke sounded rather hesitant since it was a very personal question.

“Oh yeah, if I’s can… d’yer do it as well then?” Joel thought one more revelation wouldn’t hurt, besides it might encourage Luke to reveal more, he looked at the fingers he had been licking and sniffed them.

“Sometimes… uumm..” Luke blushed, it was the logistics of fellow onanists that really intrigued him. “If yer does it in bed, d’yer get up and wash yer fingers then?”

“Nah, I’s lick em!”

“But… oohh… oohh I dunno.. I ain’t.. uumm..”

“Well I’s just finished sucking mine and they’s been up yer bum!”

“Oh!” now that really was something of a revelation. “Yer wot! Now?”

“When else yer silly bugger!” Joel laughed.

“Oh.. yeah, course.”

“Look, yer’s has been up me so just sniff ’em first, it’ll be alright if they’s don’t smell or yer can wipe ’em on yer shirt or summat!” said Joel who then began rubbing his cock again. “Yer’s got I’s all going again!”

Having started the conversation only to find himself so quickly out of his comfort zone with no chance of going back and with Joel having assumed that finger sucking was all part of the fun, there was no choice. Luke had to continue, very tentatively he put his hand under his nose and without looking sniffed. “Don’t thinks they smells!”

“Well suck ’em then, then yer’s all’s ready and lubed to push ’em back up ain’t yer!” Joel grinned. “`cause some nights in bed yer always wants to do it again don’t yer?”

“Ain’t thought of that!” said Luke. Joel was right it and wasn’t quite as silly as it sounded!

“Well shall us wank then,” he looked over and grinned, his conquest appeared to be a great success, “let’s see who cums first after that last gert cum!”

“Alright.” Luke giggled, this was fun.

Silence reigned, well other than heavy breathing and the truly unique, erotic sound of a well lubricated fists relentlessly sliding up and down adolescent erections.

“I’s, I’s gonna cum!” croaked Joel after barely a minute of frantic action.


“Wot’s want?” gasped Luke. “I’s nearly there as well..”

“I didn’t say nothing..” replied Joel, his hand a blur, “oh fuck.. it’s cumming!”

“Luke are you in?”

“Aaaaggghhhh!” best described as strangulated squawk, Luke sat bolt upright. His glasses fell off onto the sticky mess that were once Joel’s panties. “Fuck she’s back!”

“Wot.. yer mum! oh fuck!” squeaked a panic stricken Joel, unable to stop the semen oozing from his cock. “Well fucking say something before she tries to come up!”

“We’s be down in minute mum!” shouted Luke at such volume that even the neighbours could have heard.

“There’s no need to shout!” she replied from the hallway, thankfully unaware of the waves of testosterone and sperm that had been poetically cascading over the rocks and white flesh to appease the boys secretive underwear fetish in the room above.

Shaking, pale with shock they dressed as quickly as they could, hands slippery with semen did little to help and with time of the essence they didn’t even bother to take off the vests. Their trousers once pulled up immediately began absorbing the warm excesses of semen as attempts were made to fasten them over unbending erections that refused to subside.

Luke’s one minute had turned into three by the time they arrived downstairs looking decidedly shambolic, the frantic speed of their dressing confirmed by wearing each others shoes and shirts, the swop of underwear being de rigueur. With desperate measures being called to avoid detection of their sexual exploits, the only hope was to ensure their blazers were drawn tightly across to hide the worst of the seminal exposition and it’s related collateral damage.

“Ah, now,” said Mrs Morgan glancing behind as they entered the kitchen, “now, it’s hot today isn’t it? Would you like some lemonade?”

“Yeah please, Mrs… Morgan..” said Joel, who like Luke had found that on a warm afternoon when confined to a bedroom and concentrating on some serious wanking it was indeed very thirsty work. The subsequent feeling of his cock slopping around in Luke’s spunky briefs had become incredibly erotic, so much so that he began to convince himself he could ejaculate just by moving about with minimal hand relief.

“Ta mum.”

Luke, who whilst definitely aroused was not quite so enthusiastic about his allotted underwear, Joel could see from the corner of his eye that Luke looked far from calm as from his jerky movements he appeared to be trying to rearrange his erection within the tight wet panties. It was a loosing battle as Joel knew very well for, for despite the thrill of wearing them with a prolonged erection the erotic sensation would be eventually countered by the loss of penile blood circulation.

“Aren’t you two hot in those blazers, why don’t you take them off.” she said sitting down at the kitchen taken, implying the boys should sit as well.

“Nah, nah.. it’s alright uumm ..I’s gotta go in a few minutes anyway’s.” mumbled Joel, who despite all the sexual activity really had made up his mind to ejaculate again and quickly! Wearing Luke’s shirt, shoes, vest and briefs had him so aroused that beneath the kitchen table he was seriously kneading his cock through the spunky trousers, forcing the head to slide around in folds of the slimy briefs.

“You ought to take it off Luke, you’re sweating, don’t be silly at least unbutton it.” some mothers would never let up!

There was no choice, looking blankly around he unbuttoned it and after some contortion managed to take it off without standing up to reveal to reveal his bulging trousers. Joel’s shirt was far from white, better described as grubby since Joel had been wearing it for two days and in any event it would never have met the high laundry standards of Mrs Morgan, even if she did live on a council estate.

She leaned forward to look quite shocked that he should go to school looking so awful, for in her mind it reflected on her standards as a mother. “Luke what have you been doing in that shirt, didn’t you put on a clean one this morning?”

“Uumm.. mum!” only a mother could really embarrass an adolescent as a mother could, red in the face he looked lost. “I’s must have forgot… uumm like..”

Whilst they were occupied in the semantics of Luke’s uniform, Joel now manifestly obsessed with wearing Luke’s clothes took the opportunity to repeatedly squeeze the head of his cock. Amazingly he felt even though the physical act of masturbation was a little detached by attempting it through the thickness of his clothes he could nevertheless climax for the third time in barely thirty minutes.

“And, Luke.” she exclaimed as a true eureka moment, “it’s no wonder you’re all hot.. look you’re wearing a vest… and you’ve always said you don’t like them!”

All eyes turned to see the unmistakable sight of a vest silhouetted through the grubby white shirt and it wasn’t even tucked in behind him! Joel didn’t know it, but he was about to save Luke from further embarrassment for his unorthodox penile ministrations were about to bear fruit, actually a very minimal amount of fruit, to be precise about three blobs worth. His face contorted by effort, his cock stinging, bent and constricted within his clothing had against all the odds managed a third climax. Whilst the discharge may have been tiny the overall effort was such that Joel jerked around and banged his knees on the table taking the focus from Luke and knocking over his empty glass in the process.

“Is something wrong Joel?” asked Mrs Morgan turning away from the unfortunate Luke to see a glassy eyed Joel revelling in an immediate state of post orgasmic flux.

“Nah, it’s alright… I’s just got a bit of… bit of cramp like!” he managed a weak smile. “I’s gets that now and again..”

Luke looked at him thinking that he couldn’t possibly have done anything sat next to his mother, yet somehow his actions certainly appeared familiar.


Elsewhere on the estate relations between the Twerk’s brothers had been repaired to a degree, such that Jason had realised how stupid it was to engage publicly with Clint in the bus shelter. Kelvin who in all probability would have done exactly the same thing, had instead taken to the moral high ground to preach about the dangers of being caught. His conclusion was that next time it would be far safer if Clint were to be entertained by Jason in the infamous garden shed where Kelvin could keep a lookout!

“Yeah, yer’s wanna do that kid,” said Kelvin, “get him round in the shed next time.”

“I `spose, but yer’d have to keep yer gert cock in yer pants or yer’d frighten him off.”

“Maybe… now then, listen..”

“Then.. wot?” Jason had a strange premonition his services were to be required and if he were honest he wasn’t going to object.

Kelvin’s premeditated plan was about to be put into action for there was a price Jason had to pay for being saved in the bus shelter, although the likelihood was he wouldn’t have needed saving anyway.

“Now then, in return for saving yer from being caught,” Kelvin’s cock lurched in his stained briefs, “I’s thought yer could suck I off when us get’s home!”

“Fuck off! It smells, it always do! When d’yer last wash it?”

“Sorta uumm.. when I’s had me bath.”

“That’s bleeding days ago!” Jason pulled face. “Well I’s ain’t gonna touch it and yer musta had loads of gert wanks since!”

“Few!” Kelvin grinned. “Don’t be fucking mean, give us a suck!”

“Bog off, I’s ain’t doing that, be like a bleeding cheese factory!”

“So `spose instead,” Kelvin hoped this alternative would appeal, which was what he really wanted anyway, “would yer push yer willy up me bum again then?”

“Oh! Right up yer bum?” Jason stopped walking, it was a far more erotic prospect, but would doubtless come with it’s own perils. “But how clean is it?”

Kelvin squeezed his cock through the pocketless pocket, he had no idea and Jason as he had suspected was quite interested in this option. “Clean as yer’s is I `spect.”

“Oh.” Jason thought for a moment for he had no idea either, but it sounded like a lot more fun and he wouldn’t have to swallow anything! “Alright, shed or bedroom?”

“Dunno, but is yer gonna be able cum again so quick after Clint’s tossed yer off?”

“Course I’s bleeding can!” Jason was insulted. “Yer ain’t the only one who can do it!”

“Just checking like!” said Kelvin as they arrived at the corner of their road. “And, yer has told that fucking fat Farty kid to fix his sister for this weekend ain’t yer?”

“Yeah, yeah, wot’s think I’s is, fucking thick!” Jason’s interest in Farty at that moment was minimal since he also had a hand inside a pocketless pocket smearing the remains of his earlier discharge around his green briefs. “Oh, but he do wanna know who’s yer’s gonna take with yer as that Cilla’s gonna take that Gloria cow with her and whoever yer takes is only watching not joining in like.”

“I’s should fucking hope not!” he replied, with the prospect of imminent buggery his concentration had lapsed and precum was freely issuing forth deep in the pocketless pocket to be quickly smeared around. “Why’s we gotta have her there anyway’s?”

“It’s bleeding Cilla innit? Says she’ll feel safe if her mate’s there.”

“Stupid cow!” said Kelvin searching for the key. “You gotta key, I’s can’t find mine.”

“We’s home mum!” shouted Jason on being propelled through the door with Kelvin’s very spunky fingers between his legs groping him.

“Yer all hard yer dirty little sod!” Kelvin was giggling, Jason was actually enjoying it. “Well keep it hard and no wanking `cause we’ll be doing it in me shed in a minute!”

“Fuck off!” hissed Jason, unaware Kelvin had just wiped his spunky fingers on the front of his trousers.

“I ain’t deaf don’t shout!” as ever, the cloud of tobacco smoke preceded Doreen who appeared from the kitchen doorway having been producing another budget culinary masterpiece as specially frozen for Packers corner shop. “Well, have you learnt anything today then?”

“Wot?” Kelvin looked blank, presumably not!

“There’s a gert coach trip to go see something, can I’s go mum?” asked Jason.

“Yer ain’t told us about that.” said Kelvin. “Wot’s that then? We don’t get no trips.”

“To see wot?” Doreen waited expectantly. “Is it a class trip or something then?”

“I `spose.” replied Jason who was basically bereft of all other information, in fact other than sex he was just basically bereft. “It’s for history or something, we’s don’t have to pay the school or nothing, but we’s gotta take some food like.”

“I suppose so, when is it?” she looked them up and down quickly skirting over Kelvin’s moving pocket, all things considered they had often looked a lot worse.

“Dunno, couple of weeks or something… I’s going upstairs now then.” he turned ready to run off up the stairs.

“No yer ain’t, wot’s that yer’s got on the front of those trousers now?” said Doreen pointing to Jason. “Can’t yer two keep nothing looking clean for more than a day, wasn’t they trousers clean on Monday?”

Sniggering Kelvin turned away, Jason looked down to see two large streaks of something that looking very familiar glistened in the light and framing an obvious Jason sized bulge. Wrongly assuming that somehow it must have been the result of his bus shelter meeting with Clint he looked surprised.

“That weren’t me!”

“Yer disgusting the pair of yer, can’t yer ever leave it alone!”

Doreen promptly disappeared in cloud of smoke ruminating that in all the time spent bringing up four testosterone charged boys there had not been a single day without one of them ejaculating over something, somebody or even the cat!

“Wot’s for tea then?” asked Kelvin hoping to change the subject.

“Faggots!” replied the cloud of tobacco smoke.

“Oh.. wot they gert ball things in sorta gravy?” Jason didn’t sound too enamoured.

“Well I likes `em.” said Kelvin

“Yeah, well we all knows yer likes anything to do with balls don’t yer!” round one to Doreen, she moved to return to the kitchen to prepare the frozen repast. “And yer Jason, yer bring they trousers down and I’ll see if can get that, that… that stuff off ’em before it dries!”

If had been difficult journey home for Joel, since not only had he to contend walking with a very noticeable and unrelenting erection sliding around in his trousers, but he just couldn’t get over the fact he was wearing Luke’s underwear. However, in the rush to leave Luke’s house keeping the shirt he had at least managed to swop his shoes back, but it was the matching vest and briefs that were destined to keep him awake that night. Consequently, on arriving home he had quickly escaped from his mother and repaired to his bedroom, wedging the door closed with his school bag he as soon parading around in front of the mirror dressed only in the white underwear masturbating as he went. One thing led to another and fingering himself whilst imaging it Luke’s fingers he managed with considerable effort to eventually coax some more semen from his overwrought genitalia before collapsing exhausted on the bed.

It was though during this horizontal sojourn that he realised, he was now ready for the next milestone on the road to becoming a true homosexual, he wanted to be buggered! Ideally by Luke, but, since Luke was somewhat reserved it was maybe better not to rush him and think of somebody else, could that somebody else be the younger Connor who seemed game for anything? The short answer was no, for Joel was quite rightly afraid that Connor’s enormous organ would really hurt, the obvious choice which he had known from the start was Bogbrush.

Being so tired, such delightful daydreams soon morphed into actual dreams and the next thing he knew was that he found himself being shaken awake by his mother, who with the evening meal on the table and not answering her calls had come upstairs to see what he was doing!

Even in the general run of things for her to find embarrassing dried seminal evidence of his sexual activities was bad enough, but to be woken by her and caught wearing nothing but another boy’s underwear was the ultimate in humiliation. Sadly it didn’t quite end there, for in her shocked state it was only after braving a second look did she realise that the white underwear wasn’t even his, worse from the look and the smell it had all too recently been saturated with semen. The undisputed finishing touch, possibly the pièce de résistance was that of his abused, omnipresent erection poking lewdly skyward which was enough to send her running back downstairs to get the man of the house to take over!


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