Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 29: Schools out

“Anybody’s seat?”

“Oh, ain’t seen yer on this bus before?” Luke looked up, surprised to see it was Joel.

“I were gonna go to they shops and have look round like,” Joel sat down beside him noting that Luke’s hand appeared to have been rapidly withdrawn from under the bag strategically placed on his lap, “‘cause ain’t nobody home till half five and I’s were a bit bored.”

“So, wot was yer gonna look at, anything special?” he pulled his blazer across ensuring nothing was visible other than the bag.

“Well,” Joel looked around, “don’t laugh, but I was gonna have a look at some clothes.”

“Oh, wot sorta stuff,” asked Luke having taken the bait and enquired further just as Joel had hoped he might, “wot yer means jeans and that sorta stuff? Anything’s gotta be betterer than that Guptha’s shit we all seems to end up with!”

Joel looked around again, he lowered his voice. “I were gonna look at some pants in that gert department shop place.”

“Oh.. wot, in Marks and Sparks?” Luke flushed.

Could Joel have an interest in underwear as well? Underwear was subject very close to Luke’s heart as confirmed by the fact that only at dinner time that day he had swopped underpants back with Bogbrush, the culmination of an overnight swop where both had ejaculated to excess. Now on his way home nursing a full blown erection, he was aiming to masturbate in the same briefs that Bogbrush had so recently deposited a final, large, sticky deposit  were still revoltingly sticky. However, what he didn’t know was that Joel, who had been cultivating his own underwear fetish for some time also had developed a thing about white underwear but, as yet had not been brave enough to search for a like minded soul. And, neither did Luke know that from painstaking classroom observation Joel knew exactly just what underwear everybody in the class wore, nor that the bespectacled Luke himself and his white briefs held a definite fascination.

“Nah, that other gert shop place.. uumm.. Lewis’s or something innit.. yer knows by the roundabout?” Joel smiled hoping for further interaction. “‘cause I thinks they has some sorta display on dummy leg things don’t they?”

“Might do I ‘spose.” replied Luke, who was not sure if he wanted to be drawn into a conversation on such an emotive subject. Or, was it because he was embarrassed knowing he had looked at the very same display himself on many, many occasions?

“I’s sure they does have something.” continued Joel, pushing a hand into his trouser pocket. “Be nice to see ’em won’t it?”

“Uumm.. why, why,” Luke cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses, if anything his erection was now harder than ever under the bag, he couldn’t resist asking the leading question, “so, why, uumm..  d’yer wants some new pants then… would yer.. I’s means.. so is yer brave enough to buy ’em on yer own.. cor bleeding hell!”

“Yer mum buys yer’s then I ‘spose?” Joel replied avoiding Luke’s question.

“Uumm.. yeah..” embarrassed he nodded.

“I’s ‘spose she goes to Guptha’s, like wot our mum do then?” thinking he knew the answer from his secretive inspections in the changing room he awaited Luke’s reply.

“No she don’t like that place, her gets ’em from Marks and Sparks.” said Luke after a short pause whilst he adjusted his glasses yet again.

“Oh, yeah right, I’s seen they’s stuff, much betterer than that Guptha’s shit, they do’s some nice coloured ones don’t ’em?” enthused Joel hoping to take Luke along with the conversation. “And, I’s bet they’s a good fit, so uumm.. so’s wot colour yer got on then?”

Luke was trapped, as was his erection inside the briefs which Bogbrush had so recently filled to capacity with spunk. He looked very nervously around, blushing heavily he replied after a further pause. “White.. see I’s likes white, I’s only wears white even though I got some blue ones.”

“Cor, fuck now that’s a thing innit ‘cause I want’s white ones, but our mum don’t buy ’em and that fucking Guptha’s place don’t always have ’em do it?” Joel’s hand was now burrowing deeper in his trouser pocket, hopefully very obviously.

“Oh.. uumm!” Luke would have to have been blind not to notice, he looked away.

“Sorry Luke, didn’t mean yer to see that! Thing is I’s getting all excited..” Joel did his best to look suitably embarrassed, “see it’s when I thinks about pants and that.. can’t help it!”

“Wot is yer getting hard then?” Luke’s mouth was dry, there was no “is” about it, Joel was very erect and they both knew it. “Yer’s started I off as well now!”

“Ooh sorry!” Joel smiled. “It’s talking about it innit? See, I’s don’t ‘spose I’s talked about things like that before with nobody… sorta gert personal innit? Why has yer?”

“Oh nah.. don’t think so.” nervously adjusting the glasses yet again he concluded by intimating he too had an interest. “It ain’t the sorta thing can yer talk about is it? I means’s they’s might thinks yer a bit sorta odd wanting to talk about yer pants.”

“Yeah, yer right it’s bit like saying that yer wanks innit.. I means we’s all do it, but we don’t like to say so do us?” said Joel hesitantly, knowing Luke was interested he now had to reel him in.

“I ‘spose.” Luke blushed, he certainly liked to wank and wanted to do it right then and there, but maybe he should play Joel along.

“Yeah, yer right, it ain’t the sorta thing yer would talk about is it?” continued Joel, “I means.. think, how long we’s been at school together and this is the first time we’s talked about it liking white pants… or wanking! Cor, we’ll keep it all a bleeding gert secret now won’t us? Exciting though innit?”

“Yeah, yeah, so would tell us if,” Luke had really plucked up the courage, although his voice faded as he spoke, “well, if… uumm.. well.. d’yer ever cums in yer pants…”

“Oh! This is just our secret innit?” Joel looked nervously around, plainly Luke was really interested. “Most days! Wot about yer then?”

“Wot in yer pants?” Luke nodded. “I sorta do that as well.”

“So, so, nah… oh, I’s don’t ‘spose yer would.. but.. uumm..” theatrically Joel paused.

“Wot, would I’s wot?” Luke looked expectantly at him, hoping it was something they could do together. “Wot.. I won’t say nothing, wot is it?”

“Well, I was gonna ask if like, then could I’s like have a look at yer Marks and Sparks ones? ‘cause now I knows yer wears ’em, well I’s might get they instead of them proper Y-front ones ‘cause they’d be cheaper wouldn’t they?”

“Uumm.. I ‘spect so,” desperate not to loose the moment slip, Luke peered out the bus window for a second, his mind racing, “look, I’s gotta get off at the next stop so.. so.. why don’t yer come home with us and, and well yer can have a look if yer really wants then yer could go to they shops another day.”

“Is yer mum gonna be there?”

“Yeah, but she might nip out for a bit of shopping, she do that now and again.”

“Tell us, do they get a gert baggy bottom like Guptha’s do or is they nice and tight?”

“Nah, they’s a nice fit,” he adjusted his glasses adding naively, “they’s soft and all.”

“Well they sounds alright, would, would I’s be able to try some on?” he looked at Luke. “I means, course only if yer mum goes out like, ‘cause well us looks like we’s about the same size don’t it?”

“Clean ones, yeah yer could. Now don’t tell I that yer wants to try the ones I’s got on now, ‘cause they’s all a bit spunky!” Luke went red as soon as he said it and then giggled, for him to say it even as a joke was quite an offer!

“Ooh… yeah!” though Joel laughed Luke realised his joke had backfired, his bluff had been called. “Yer’d have to try mine on as well then, that be fair then wunnit?”

“Uumm..” Luke gulped, he cock twitched. “yer means we tries on each others?”

“Yeah, be a larf wunnit? I ‘spect mine’s a bit spunky as well ‘cause I cum in ’em dinner time! Bet that’s when yer came in yer’s innit?”

“Yeah, yeah I thinks so.” as ever Luke was blushing and adjusting his glasses for he knew that dinner time both he and Bogbrush had ejaculated in each others briefs prior to swopping back.

“I’s can’t remember wot sort they’s is though.. uumm… oh, they’s, uumm..” Joel stopped for it had just occurred to him that he couldn’t be sure just what he had on, for they could even be his sisters!


With Billie and Brett going off to investigate an after school football club and there being no sign of Kelvin, Jason had decided to walk home. Walking relatively quickly with the intention of getting back to indulge in his ritual self-abuse he found himself about to catch up with what appeared to be a first year boy dawdling along in front of him. Wearing a a uniform that was obviously far too large and looking as though it had probably serviced at least two previous older siblings before him he resembled many others from the area who’s parents also thought spending money on a new uniform a waste of money. As such he didn’t look particularly overjoyed with his lot.

“Alright kid,” said Jason on coming alongside and slowing to the boys pace, “d’yer like the school then?”

“Shit innit!” he said turning to see that despite what sounded like the words were coming from someone of great experience Jason was in fact only one year ahead.

“‘tis innit?” replied Jason, having immediately noticed that the right hand was across the front of the truly voluminous trousers appeared to be regularly squeezing the contents every couple of steps.

“Wot’s yer name?” asked the boy without looking up.

“Jason.” it seemed to Jason a conversation definitely worth continuing if the boy was doing what it looked as though he was doing. “Wot’s yer’s?”


“Wot like Clint Eastwood in they westerns?”

“Yeah, just like Clint fucking Eastwood, why’s everybody say’s that!” he looked up. “Stupid name innit, fucking Clint! Does I’s look like a fucking Clint in this stupid fucking gert uniform? Why’s couldn’t I’s be a Dave or Steve or something normal?”

“Yeah I see’s, uumm..”

Clint’s self-appraisal was indeed quite correct, for he certainly didn’t look like a Clint, especially in the ridiculous uniform. It appeared to Jason that a nerve had been touched so maybe it was time to move things on and get to the heart of the matter or hopefully somewhere near the inside of Clint’s baggy trousers.

“Hey Clint,” he lowered his voice to catch his gaze and then put a hand in his trouser pocket to feel around and confirm he was now getting hard, “Clint is yer wanking?”

Four paces later. “Why?”

“Looks like it.”

Another four paces. “Can yer wank then?”

“All the time!” even Jason blushed at admitting that to the younger boy.

Another four paces. “Can yer cum then?”

“Oh yeah… can yer?” Jason drew breath, was he going to seduce the younger boy?

“I’s.. I’s ain’t sure.. I dunno wot’s meant to happen like.” he looked up and caught Jason’s eye. Jason’s cock lurched in anticipation. Clint’s cock lurched and was then firmly squeezed again by the hand.

The reply was totally honest. Typically for his age, Clint was suffering from a total lack of information and needed the help of a firm guiding hand as did so many other first year boys. With his brothers being much older and taking no notice of him, the chance meeting with Jason had utilised all five of his brain cells to reason that not only did Jason possess the knowledge, but probably the very willing hand as well.

“I’ll show yer if yer wants.” continued Jason seeing there was nothing to loose by holding back since he was heading for a sticky climax one way or the other anyway.

“Is yer hard then, I’s is.” his eyes were fixed on the hand moving in Jason’s pocket.

“Bit I ‘spose,” Jason blushed, “yer’s got us all sorta excited.”

“Me mate Daz reckons he can wank, but he’s too bleeding shy to show us,” again Clint looked hopefully at Jason’s trousers, “we’s felt willy’s though our trousers, but I’s wanna do that without no trousers!”

“So were’s us gonna do it then?” said Jason jumping in with both feet and looking around determined to carry on. “Can’t do it up our house ‘cause me mums about.”

“Yeah, same.. so wot’s think… anywhere’s on the way back home?” Clint had given up any pretence of disguising penile activity and under cover of the enormous blazer now pushed his arm down the front of the trousers. “I’s all hard, but that’s all I ever gets. So’s look, yer’s gotta show I wot I does next!”

“Ooh fuck yeah!” for an erect Jason it was not an opportunity to refuse.

“Hey, wot’s think, ain’t there a bus shelter up the road, would that do us wunnit?”

Jason was really aroused at having easily seduced the younger boy. However, the price was that in his desperation the very real prospect of premature ejaculation now threatened and that would be just so, so embarrassing. Hoping to forestall matters he squeezed his legs together which forced his erection to become entwined within the stained, sown up fly of the Guptha’s International green underpants.

“Wot, the one round the corner? Oh fuck, let’s try it!”

With that Clint immediately set off, his arm still rammed down his trousers. Jason followed walking awkwardly and very concerned that the friction from his entangled cock might bring matters to a head far sooner than he desired! Luckily, they reached the bus shelter in record time even if by then a small wet spot had appeared.

The simple concrete structure was basically three half-walls and a roof. The walls terminated around four feet off the ground, above which there was nothing except a large window like aperture and the roof supported on concrete pillars which allowed the wind and rain to freely blow through. As part of the structure, affixed to the long inside wall which ran parallel to the road was a concrete bench, having amazingly resisted all manner of vandalism it had instead been daubed in graffiti.

“Wot’s we gonna do, sit down or wot then?” asked a very, very excited Clint noting the fine detail of the numerous giant genitalia depicted on the walls and bench.

“Uumm.. oh shit… uumm.. ‘spose we..” Jason’s brain was moving faster than it had for a long while, they had to act quickly lest they either be apprehended mid-stroke or he ejaculate into his green briefs, “I knows, I knows.. wot we do’s is we’s stands by the end wall and yer can put yer hand in me special pocket and, and..”

“Special pocket, wot’s that then?” interrupted Clint being very new to the deviant lengths a randy boy would go in order to be able to masturbate anywhere, any time.

“Look, it’s got a fucking gert hole in it so’s I can play with me willy!” blurted Jason.

“Bleeding hell that’s clever innit!”

“Then see, so if yer pulls that gert blazer across I’s can get me hand in yer pants and show yer wot yer’s gotta do.” gabbled Jason excitedly. “And, we’s can’t be seen from the front ‘cause of the wall, d’yer see?”

“Yeah, but ‘spose somebody comes the other way?”

“Aah… well us’ll hear ’em coming won’t us?” said Jason, who regardless of the risk just wanted to complete the seduction and get inside Clint’s trousers to feel around.

“I ‘spose,” Clint grinned, equally randy and not caring in the slightest about any risk he  immediately stood by the wall facing up the road, “we’d bleeding well better get on with then, so where’s I’s put me hand?”

“Give it to us,” Jason reached out to grab his right hand and pulled it to the pocket opening, “now get it down in there and I’s feel under yer blazer.”

A few seconds later punctuated by heavy breathing and a selection of very satisfied noises of the “cor..”, “oooh”, “careful”, “aaaahhhh..” variety followed as the boys prepared themselves for swift action of the penile kind.

“Yer willy’s sorta caught in yer pants!” was Clint’s immediate reaction on heading straight for Jason’s foreskin, an item he found of particular interest. “Aahh… ooohh.. wot’s that sticky stuff under yer end bit?”

“Bit of precum I’s ‘spect,” gasped Jason finding the inquisitorial fingers of Clint’s hot, clammy hand a very stimulating experience, “look, if I’s starts wanking yer, then all yer’s gotta do is copy and I’s gonna cum!”

“Oooh shit… wot yer doing it feels all funny like!” squeaked Clint pressing himself up against Jason. It was now clear that his own attempts to obtain satisfaction had been nowhere as forceful as Jason’s to attain a result.

“Yer ain’t got no pants on!” exclaimed Jason having finally realised what felt so different within the large trousers.

“Nah, couldn’t find none, our mums behind with the bleeding washing again!”

Further moments of concentrated activity followed accompanied by considerable trembling and groaning from Jason, who as Clint was soon to discover had built up to a climax which promised to be a revelation.

“Fuck! Wot’s happened? Yer’s wet yerself!” exclaimed a very excited Clint. Deep in the very tangled and non-too hygienic folds of the green briefs there had suddenly appeared some unidentifiable hot liquid with a strange slippery feel. Clint was very perplexed for had it come from Jason’s twitching cock? Had he cum? Was it cum?

Unseen and some fifty yards back down the road also with a hand in a pocketless pocket was Kelvin. Having been in a deep discussion with Bogbrush over the merits of the best anal lubricant to use with his wooden willy he had typically managed to miss the bus. Walking lethargically home he mused between thoughts of what the enormous breasted Cilla could offer or which lubricant to use when ensconced in his shed for his ritual after school bout of hand relief.

“Wot the fuck!” he said to himself, his view ahead suddenly brought into sharp focus as the bus shelter came into view. His pulse quickened, his cock lurched, he stopped walking. “That’s… that’s bleeding Jase…little sod.. ooh fuck.. wot, wot’s he doing?”

From behind it was obvious, well at least to Kelvin of what was happening in the bus shelter. Jason had pushed himself right up against the smaller boy and the pair of them appeared to almost be vibrating in unison, that was until the smaller boy very suddenly slumped forward when his knees apparently gave way.

“He’s fucking wanked that little bugger off.. he just fucking cum.. he don’t look old enough!” continued Kelvin excitedly to himself. “I’ll fucking have ’em!”

Indeed Clint had climaxed yet admittedly it was a dry orgasm, but it was his first proper one. For although frequently rubbing himself to the point where he got a certain funny feeling he had never progressed and knowing no different, had stopped assuming that that was what ejaculation was all about.

Jason was beside himself, not only had he persuaded a younger boy to take him to hand, but he had in turn brought the boy to his first ever proper orgasm. Staring blindly up the road and still clasping each others cock beneath the cover of the concrete wall Jason summed it all up. “Cor, that were fucking brilliant!”

“Yeah!” gasped Clint, his voice sounding strangely higher, he squeezed Jason’s cock with his slimy fingers just to confirm that it wasn’t all a dream.

“Wot’s yer two dirty little wankers doing in yer in the fucking the street!” boomed Kelvin doing his best to disguise his voice having successfully crept up behind them to the shelter.

“Oh shit!” squeaked Clint without daring to look behind, his voice now even higher.

“No! Oh fuck!” echoed a panic stricken Jason, as yet not recognising Kelvin’s voice.

Whilst Jason’s immediate reaction was to try and pull his hand from Clint’s trousers, Clint had other ideas and had locked onto hold onto Jason’s rapidly shrinking organ  as some form of slimy comforter.

“Wanking in a bus shelter that’s fucking disgusting, yer could be’s arrested for that!” continued Kelvin, who was understandably having great difficulty in maintaining his composure, finally unable to keep up the pretence he concluded before dissolving in laughter. “Yer just waits Jason Twerks till our mums heard wot yer’s been doing in a fucking bus shelter with a little boy! Yer dirty little wanker!”

Clint was petrified and as such refused to let go of Jason’s cock, so was pulled round as Jason angrily swung around to face his brother.

Suffice to say Jason was not amused and the air within the shelter quickly turned blue. Still laughing, Kelvin wisely kept at arm’s length and let him angrily rant on to offer several new variants on traditional expletives by way of muddled juxtaposition such that amongst others he was labelled a cunting cocksucker!

“Have yer bleeding finished then?” interrupted Kelvin during a lull in tirade as Jason, very red in the face stopped for breath. “Yer a stupid fucker Jase, fancy wanking in a fucking bus shelter, for fuck’s sake even I’s wouldn’t do that!”

“Fuck off! Mind yer own fucking business!”

“And, who’s yer new little mate then?” Kelvin looked down at Clint, who was still unsure what was going on and if they were actually brothers but had finally decided they were.

“I ain’t fucking little!” retorted the small Clint angrily.

“His names Clint.” snapped Jason defensively.

“Wot, like Clint Eastwood in they westerns!” Kelvin laughed. “Oh fuck off, yer’s just been playing with his little gun.. bet it don’t even fire!”

“Not Clint fucking Eastwood again!” snapped Clint who for his size managed a fair imitation of an explosion, he pointed angrily at Kelvin. “Now I’s knows yer, yer the one on who pushed us out the dinner queue when’s yer was with that bleeding Bogbrush kid and yer’s had a fucking gert hard on, ‘cause us all noticed yer playing with it!”

“Ha!” Kelvin grinned, such notoriety. “D’yer wanna feel it then, it’s nearly up now!”

“Always bleeding is!” added Jason, who despite his infuriation could see it was the way things would be inevitability heading.

“He’s bleeding right there!” confirmed Kelvin, who with so much talk of sex was fully aroused and knowing no shame pulled his blazer back to reveal an enormous bulge. “Get yer hands round he then Clint!”

“This our house.” said Luke as they approached what was obviously the neatest council house in the road, he rummaged in his pocket for the key. “I’s find me key.”

“Yer lot must like this gardening stuff then?” observed Joel comparing it to his own untidy front garden.

“Well me dad do, I’s ain’t interested.” he replied opening the door. “Come in and I’s better tell our mum we’s back.”

Mrs Morgan was pleased that Luke had actually brought another friend back from school as she thought he did at times seem to lead a solitary life, not being the sporty type who wanted to kick a football around didn’t seem to help. However after the preliminary greetings, much to the boys relief she announced that she had planned to walk along to the local shops and would be back in about half an hour, hopefully before Joel had returned home.

Putting on his best visiting act for the couple of minutes before she left Joel had a hard time in resisting playing with himself knowing that his trousers were bulging, although hopefully though under cover of his blazer. Luke standing right next to him was in a similar position and so aroused that he had already started to produce precum, which added to the perilous state of his underpants was being readily absorbed by his trousers.

Immediately the front door closed behind her he turned to Joel. “D’yer think she noticed we’s all hard and excited like?”

Both were unaware that there were some things a mother just didn’t see or want to see even when confronted head on and as such Mrs Morgan had reasoned it would save any embarrassment on either side.

“Nah, wot that we’s all hard?” Joel looked down, not realising that his unbuttoned blazer perfectly framed his erection. “Nah, don’t think so.”

“So, well..” said Luke nervously, “d’yer, wanna come up and see me room then?”

To have seen his etchings could have sounded more inviting, but the finer points of boy on boy seduction were as subtle as a pocketless pocket!


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