Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 20: A gert big slug

Things were now on a downward spiral and destined to crash in a pulsating sticky heap at the bottom. Whilst Norman’s cock had shrivelled up in fright at the mere idea being on display, Kelvin’s on the other hand had decided to become fully erect again so not only was he aware of it, but also most of the class. They watched in wonder or in many cases, plain envy as his trousers expanded to what could well be near bursting point serving to further emphasise the now obvious the wet patch. It was inevitable that that when combined with the unscheduled display of his Spiderman underwear the whispered comments and giggling were bound to start again. However they were soon silenced by Mr Oliver when he began asking who wanted to come up to the map and show their limited, if any geographic knowledge.

Under cover of all the commotion, Shirley already fixated by boys and their inevitable lumps in trousers had locked on to the ever growing bulge in Kelvin’s trousers. Spurred on by disgusting thoughts she managed to rapidly escalate her under-desk actions to the point of no return, fulminating in a full blown orgasm. It was neither the ideal time or place to do it for she was left trembling, licking her fingers and all too aware that now something had started to ooze between her legs. Debbie had also been fingering herself and immediately launched into an animated conversation to remind Shirley that if she hadn’t got off during the lesson then they would have been doing something in the toilets during the dinner break anyway!

It took a lot of courage, but in front of the class Kelvin finally gave in and glanced down to see just what he had feared, a large dark patch had appeared to accentuate the bulbous head of his cock straining against the wet material. Feeling weak at the knees he really didn’t know what he could do other than run away or suddenly discover religion and fervently pray that the infamous condom wouldn’t move again to dispense any more semen.

“Now then,” continued Mr Oliver, who having been kept busy keeping his eye on the class was quite unaware of Kelvin’s current distress, “now, so who’s going to come up and demonstrate their knowledge?”

“Yer joking!” called out the mystery voice to muted laughter.

“In that case…”

Innumerable sets of eyes looked at Mr Oliver as though he were mad to even suggest it, yet the response was no more than he had expected. In turn he surveyed the back of the class where many an erection rapidly subsided on attracting his gaze and the frightening prospect of being chosen.

“Shirley, now you’ve been deep in conversation with Debbie, so I expect you’ve been telling her all about places around the world haven’t you?” it was a surprise attack!

“Yer wot… Sir?” with a surfeit of mascara Shirley looked more like a startled panda bear than a rabbit, she turned to look at Debbie in horror and mouthed the immortal words. “Oh shit!”

“I missed that Shirley,” Mr Oliver smiled and gesticulated to the map behind him, “so come on, up here, as you’re the first it’s going to be a very easy question.”

After considerable experience actively pursuing many boys, some so frightened and embarrassed that when finally ensnared they were totally unable to get an erection, Shirley had concluded along with Debbie that girly gooey deposits were of a far superior viscosity than a spotty adolescent a boy could ever produce. Slowly, if somewhat shakily she managing to get to her feet and leant on the desk for things were still tingling down below, her hypothesis confirmed by the mucilaginous, yucky, opalescent sticky stuff that seeped from her much fingered hairy mound.

Turning to Debbie she confirmed she was indeed no little lady. “Oh fucking hell, Deb’s has I’s got too!”

“Come on Shirley.” called Mr Oliver ignoring the comment.

Walking stiffly, albeit very well lubricated, her panties stuck to her hairy bits, she headed reluctantly towards the front of the class, Kelvin eyed her mini, mini skirt as she approached. As pupils they had taken an instant dislike to each other at first sight so it was no surprise that she gave him a look of total distain and ignored the ossified Norman who was absolutely terrified of girls anyway.

“Good, are we ready then?” Mr Oliver, looked at his very unhappy volunteers with a feeling of satisfaction, for once they had come off worse. “Shirley, I said this would be easy so, so just point out where England is on the map.”

“Yer wot… Sir?”

“You know, England, the place where we all live, Britain if you prefer.”

“Oh… yeah…that..” the cogs were visibly turning very slowly inside her head, they stopped as she squeezed her legs together, it was now all very sticky between them. “Were’d d’yer say… Sir?”

“England, if you get closer to the map you might see it!”

It had been one hell of morning and Kelvin felt awful. He had totally over reached himself in every possible direction, both mentally, physically and now his arms were aching as the blood didn’t like going uphill. He scowled as Shirley stood by the map, the feeling was quite mutual and the point emphasised by her smirking after giving his bulging trousers a long hard look. Even if she didn’t like his personality, she really wanted his cock, having heard it was undoubtedly the biggest in the class it had all the attractions that regularly appeared in her daydreams.

“Come on Shirley, never mind looking at the boys, find England on the map!”

“Well I ain’t looking at… him… Sir,” she said pointedly, finally starting to look at the map and in what appeared to a surprised Mr Oliver, somewhere in the southern hemisphere, “I’s looking for were us is like yer said!”

Indeed she was and since at first glance she thought that New Zealand resembled England, which being towards the bottom of the large map necessitated her bending over and rear of her mini, mini shirt becoming raised which in turn raised a wolf whistle! Norman standing behind caught a flash of her pink Guptha International panties and as that was the nearest he had ever had to something resembling sexual contact he started to get erect again, not that anybody would notice.

Kelvin on the other hand, exhausted as he was couldn’t help becoming interested in the possibility of looking down her blouse as she appeared to study the map. In response, his cock like a semi-coiled anaconda visibly lurched within his trousers, it managed to expand another quarter of an inch in length. Erections were something that Shirley were as adept as Bogbrush was in detecting and boys who liked a little penile pocket play just couldn’t fail to be noticed.

Yet now she had also noticed something else. There was no standing on ceremony with Shirley and to confirm not only her dislike of Kelvin, but that she had a very short temper and a fuse even shorter than her mini, mini skirt she suddenly pointed at him and shrieked.

“Yer dirty sod, yer looking down me front to see me tits!”

“I bleeding ain’t!” snapped Kelvin, who obviously was.

“Yer bleeding was!” to everyone’s surprise she continuing to rant and then involved

Mr Oliver. “He’s been looking at me tits, yer saw him, didn’t yer Sir!”

“Yer ain’t got no bleeding tits anyway, they’s all bleeding padding!” confirmed Kelvin to much laughter.

Shirley was livid and couldn’t let an insult like that go, however much truth was in it. She lunged at him, Kelvin tried to take avoiding action and a step backwards whilst still supporting the map above, he found it a very tricky manoeuvre and destined to be the cause of his downfall.

“Now stop that…”

It was difficult situation for any teacher, especially as it was so funny. Mr Oliver had been taken by surprise at the speed with which it had all happened and had been caught unawares. Although to be fair, any teacher would have struggled to regain control and with the class in uproar he now had his work cut out.

“And.. yer’s just cum in yer pants!” crowed Shirley at ultra high volume pointing to the enormous wet bulge and cutting off Mr Oliver’s remonstrations.

“I’s fucking ain’t!” protested Kelvin.

“Yer fucking has, yer’s fucking spunked over everything!” ranted Shirley

Kelvin had worked himself up into such a state that by now he was well and truly totally over the top, looking to be on the verge of something calamitous, possibly dangerous to his health, apoplexy, but he couldn’t spell it. And, it had been only pico moments earlier when he had unwittingly set the scene for his most comprehensive display of seminal ineptitude ever, for in his attempt to back away from Shirley, the condom had begun it’s slow, cold, wet, slimy, journey from the safety of Spiderman to freedom.

Like any cold, wet, slimy thing that might live in or under a randy  adolescents bed, it proceeded in it’s own slow, cold, wet, slimy way from the matted pubic hair to escape Spiderman’s slack elastic. Travelling tantalisingly slowly it slid down the inside of his thigh leaving a thick trail of congealing sperm behind it, while Kelvin was aware of what was happening he was with his arms otherwise occupied unable to do anything about it. Matters were building to a head and the permissible level of activity inside his brain had now exceeded it’s usually low limit for he was starting to experience strange, light-headed sensations.

Leaving Shirley gesticulating with finger and thumb at Kelvin, Mr Oliver tried to calm the class who were baying for more having sensed that the ongoing drama and rather like Shirley earlier, was about to climax. Rather unsurprisingly, possibly even to say co-incidentally, by that time both Dave and Luke had also climaxed being unable to hold back any longer. Joel was also well on the way, for he knew no shame and even had his hand down the front of his trousers squelching around in precum whilst dreaming that it was Kelvin’s huge cock he was holding.

“Look… oh, fucking hell! Look… oh fucking yuk!”

Totally over excited, Shirley was pointing down towards the floor by Kelvin’s foot with a shaking hand, the wobbly, shimmering condom with a teat full of cold spunk gazed upwards at her.

“Fuck no! No! No!” gasped Kelvin, eyes glazed, he looked wildly around, for now he was about to loose his grip on both reality and the map.

“Look.. LOOK… LOOK! There’s a fucking gert slug that just fell outta his trousers!”

An over-animated Shirley leapt excitedly around in front the class screeching her pronouncement at such volume that nobody in the room could fail to look, although in the confusion from across the room the actual slug was not at all visible.

Inevitably without two hands to hold it up, gravity took it’s course with the map gracefully falling on top of Kelvin, so he in turn folded up into a quivering heap on the floor, Norman not sure what to do then dropped his end which promptly fell on his foot resulting in a very un-Norman like expletive! Shirley who could have ranted for England, had she been able to find it on the map, was still beside herself with rage at having the validity of her padded breasts publicly questioned and continued to harangue the comatose Kelvin on the floor. Mr Oliver who in all the chaos had somehow managed to quickly check on Kelvin and conclude he had just fainted, did his best to ignore Shirley’s ranting and was fully occupied winning back control of the class.

Bogbrush who had been merely looking on wondering what he could do to help, finally deciding he couldn’t watch the spectacle of Kelvin being ridiculed by Shirley any longer and decided to take matters into his own hands. Leaving his desk, ignoring pupils and teacher alike he walked over to Kelvin and knelt down by his side, instantly picking up the offending condom and putting it in his pocket before anybody could really see what it was.

At which point just to add to the chaos the lesson bell rang and a very relieved Mr Oliver duly dismissed the rest of the class and tried to make sense of what had happened, in all probability it had revolved around testosterone and hormones. Thus, with no sign of the infamous slug as evidence for her angry tirade, much to her disgust Shirley’s crude allegations were summarily dismissed, her actions put down to her becoming hormonally hysterical and given a severe reprimand for the  bad language, that in itself an all too regular occurrence for pupils at the school.

Meanwhile, Bogbrush had taken it upon himself to get Kelvin to the sick room for a check over by the school nurse, one who doubled as a school secretary or was it vice versa? With Kelvin lying on the couch Bogbrush nervously waited for the prognosis as the rotund Mrs Wills concluded her cursory examination, during which he was shocked to find that the aforesaid slug had been extremely naughty and just wet itself in his blazer pocket!

“Is he alright Mrs… Nurse?” he wiped his slimy fingers on the side of the couch and then sniffed them.

“Oh, I think he’ll live dear,” replied Mrs Wills, who in the ten years she had been at the school has witnessed most things that could be devised by pupils and had accordingly developed quite a wicked sense of humour, she pointed, “the only thing is, I think it looks like he’s had an accident in his pants!”

“Oh! Yer wot?” Bogbrush immediately looked, blushed and then tried not to look.

As ever Kelvin was still partially erect, his trousers quite obviously very wet with something and it was pretty obvious what that something was, since the slug had jettisoned a fair proportion of it’s slime inside before escaping down the trouser leg.

“Look dear, don’t worry because I’ve seen it all before, so why don’t I leave you two to clean it up a bit,” she smiled as though it were an everyday occurrence, which it was for the likes of Connor and even some of the older boys, “look there’s a sink over there and some paper towels, nobody’s going to come in here so you’ll be alright.”

“Uumm.. yeah, I ‘spose..” Bogbrush nodded looking very embarrassed as did the supposedly semi-comatose Kelvin who of course wasn’t even theoretically cognisant!


Meanwhile in the dining hall it had not taken long for the news of Shirley’s command performance to travel. Consequently amongst the fourth year there was a degree of whispered speculation and subsequent embellishment to the story as it was passed around with apparently Kelvin at one stage having both hands up Shirley’s skirt!

However, since neither Jason, Brett nor Billie could really find out what the incident was all about and Kelvin was not around to ask they decided to abandon staying the dining hall once they had gobbled down the inevitable plate’s of chips and beans. Now fed and watered they made their way to the playground to see if any further information could be gleaned. Billie though headed off towards one of the boys toilets with the thought already in his mind that if it were quiet there he might as well indulge in a little self-abuse to pass the time.

As luck would have it, it was surprisingly quiet so the big question was whether to commit the act remaining in the cubicle or stand at the urinal in the hope somebody might come in and join him. In the end, the middle of the five cubicles won the day so leaning back against the wall with his trousers around his ankles he set to work occasionally spitting on his hand to aid lubrication.

However, if time could only be judged by how far Billie was off the actual moment of orgasm it could have been said to be about a minute away. But, when the main toilet door opened with and swung right back with a crash, it immediately caused his penile clock to stop ticking. Unsurprisingly Billie also stopped rubbing and listened intently waiting to see what would happen next, thinking that at least if he were to be caught the circumstances could add a certain spice to it all.

Yet whoever it was, was obviously not fully conversant with the ways of the toilet for they didn’t even consider looking under the doors of the cubicles to see if they were alone before indulging in whatever they had come to indulge in. For instead, a tremendous postern blast reverberated around the room confirming the correlation between school diners comprising chips, baked beans and extreme flatulence.

“Cor, oh fuck!”

Remarked the owner of the exceedingly communicative anal orifice, already one hand was quickly feeling behind to make sure that the powerful eructation had not caused an embarrassing accident that, as he well knew had happened twice before.

“Bleeding hell!” gasped Billie to himself.

It wasn’t so much breaking wind as near anal disintegration for had conditions been right it would surely have registered on the Beaufort scale. Billie took a few moments to recover from the shock which had understandably caused his erection to wilt more than somewhat. Yet, even before anything else could happen the toilet door banged open once again, but this time the visitor’s voice was familiar.

“Have yer started then?”

“Fuck!” said Billie to himself. “That’s bleeding Connor, who’s he found to wank with now then?”

“Nah, I dunno where us goes,” replied the voice, which to Billie’s mind confirmed the mystery visitor’s innocence of low level toilet life and of communal wanking, “do us do it yer or go in one of they shitty crapper’s or wot?”

“Fucking hell it stinks in yer!” Connor turned his nose up. “Has yer had a shit?”

“Nah.. I fucking ain’t!” the visitor was insulted. “Where’s us gonna do it then?”

“Wot’s they gonna do?” Billie asked himself excitedly, already erect again.

“Go in one of they then shall us,” Connor nodded towards the row of cubicles, his hands in the non-existent pockets rubbing his erection against the spunky yellow and brown briefs, “one of they crapper’s, d’yer reckon there’s one with a dry floor?”

“I’s dunno do us, I’s tries not to come in ‘cause it stinks don’t it?” said owner of the very vocal anal orifice.

“Yer fucking useless, ain’t yer never wanked in a bog before?” Connor having both the voice and the sticky hand of experience taking charge. “Bet yer ain’t even looked to see there ain’t nobody else in yer have her?”

“I fucking has!”

“Yer fucking hasn’t!” echoed Billie now grinning to himself, he was beginning to realise who Connor’s very naive mystery guest was.

“Right, well if yer says it’s safe then OK, so come on and let’s get wanking!”


Not really caring if there was anybody else already in the toilet anyway, Connor took Farty at his word and swiftly propelled him towards the second cubicle, once inside he pushed the door over behind them.

“Right yer can undo me trousers, ‘cause I’s gonna start undoing yer’s.”

“Oh..” mumbled Farty, the action had started far quicker than he had anticipated, meaning the risk of dire flatulence had greatly increased in relation to the tension.

Once inside the cubicle and facing each other, Connor pushed his not inconsiderable bulging fly towards the very, very apprehensive Farty. Nervously looking down he was only too well aware that when the moment of truth came his weedy nearly four inches just couldn’t compare to Connor’s huge offering, even if it were on occasion just visible over the huge, wobbly, white horizon of his stomach.

“Gor… oh fuck me!” exclaimed Connor with great delight, for having set about undressing his new rotund, basically fat, sexual playmate, he saw that Farty was as instructed by his mother wearing a vest. “Yer got a fucking white vest on!”

“Yeah.. why?” he replied obviously embarrassed at the observation and not wanting to admit he was so nervous that after fumbling with Connor’s trouser clasp he had made no progress at all. And, if that were not enough he had also just realised that when with Cilla, he may well have been in control, but with Connor he was merely a very willing fat boy with a very small cock.

“Seeing a vest turns I’s right fucking on!”

“Yer wot?”

Farty looked worried wondering what he had got himself into, whereas Connor had now drawn back to look at his catch. The folds of white flesh wobbled within the vest and deserved to be prodded especially around the latent boy boobs confirming there was ample to play with. Finally, slowly Connor began to unclasp the trousers before starting to pull the zip down to reveal, just as he had hoped the white elastic of the matching briefs.

“Oh fuck!” gasped Connor, unable to keep his hands off of Farty’s ample midriff. “And yer tucks yer vest in yer white pants… of fuck!”

Desperate to know just who and what was happening with who, Billie was standing on the toilet seat in the adjacent cubicle with his trousers still around his ankles and peering over the partition to where luckily both boys were facing away from him. Understandably he was in a very excited state and had begun to masturbate again, his arousal level climbing even further when he saw it was indeed to be the most unlikely coupling between the masturbation mad Connor and as he had thought, the usually very shy and globular Farty.

From Farty’s perspective it was an understatement to say the situation had not gone quite as he had envisaged. Whereas for Connor it could not have been better, for after some very slick sleight of hand he had undressed Farty so quickly that there had been no chance to object. After ripping his own fly open and allowing his monstrous twelve year old cock to escape from the spunky briefs he paused to take in the sight of Farty standing before him in the matching vest and briefs, his other clothes distributed around the cubicle.

“Oh fuck… fuck!” muttered Farty as Connor again descended upon him.

Hands were roving everywhere, inside and out of the matching underwear trying to locate Farty’s cock which for some inexplicable reason didn’t want to rise to the occasion, it had instead decided to conceal itself within the folds of his stomach. For Connor’s part, it was partly the ample rolls of fat that had really excited him, since whatever part of Farty’s body he touched it would wobble, disgusting thoughts of what it would be like to delve between the two enormous jelly-like buttocks had him very aroused. As if to prove the point, he was drooling precum and leaving streaks of it whenever the head came into contact with the trembling Farty and his absent cock, Connor though was leaving what he considered the best till last and had now reached the point where he was about to drop to his knees.

From Billie’s vantage point it was all incredibly arousing and offered an opportunity that he just could not resist. About to jump down from the toilet with the intention of going in to join them he started to pull his trousers back up on to stop a moment later. The toilet door had opened once again, so immediately ducking down hoping to be out of sight he remained unmoving on the toilet seat as the footsteps neared the row of cubicles. It was pretty obvious that whatever was currently happening between Farty and Connor had taken precedence over keeping watch for they now appeared not to show any awareness of the strangers presence.

Having waited around for Bogbrush to appear in the hope of swopping underpants as they had agreed, Joel had finally given up once he had been informed by Lee that Bogbrush was staying for the moment in the nurse’s room with Kelvin. Thus primed with lewd thoughts of what should have happened during the swop firmly implanted in his mind, he set off for a quiet toilet to attend to matters in a solo capacity. As a very seasoned toilet dweller Joel knew the routine and that the first thing to do was to wait quietly for a few seconds to ascertain if anybody else were in residence and then to look under the cubicle doors just to be sure. It was at that point his heart began to race for unless mistaken he had just seen two pairs of white legs with clothing crumpled around the ankles under the middle cubicle door.

Quite unnoticed since he was still standing on the toilet seat, Billie was desperately trying to see who the visitor was, the only thing he did know was that whoever it was, they certainly knew toilet routine!

“No.. no.. not me bum!” Farty’s voice echoed somewhat plaintively around the room.

“Look, I plays with mine and I’s sure yer plays with yer’s, I’s means who fucking don’t put a finger up it. Come on, it’s only a bleeding finger innit!”

“I ‘spose.”

In truth Farty had become far too aroused and didn’t want anything to stop, he had simply made a token stand, in any case it was far to late to say no and Connor was past caring what Farty wanted anyway. By now kneeling down in front of Farty he was slowly masturbating whilst eying up the front of the white briefs and wondering if he could even detect a small bulge. A second later found him greedily stuffing as much of the white material into his mouth as he could, including what purported to be the bulge which representing Farty’s missing cock.

The two of them were still oblivious to Joel’s presence and immediately froze as the cubicle door crashed open.

“Wot’s yer two dirty little bleeding wankers doing then?”

Connor was uncharacteristically silent and just looked up at Joel with a mouthful of stained underpants. Farty on the other hand turned white with fright and uttered a deafening anal riposte which thoroughly distending his sphincter and in turn caused him grab wildly behind to check once again that no accident had occurred.

“Fuck me!” exclaimed Joel, genuinely surprised that such a small fat boy could contain so much gas as to make such sound. “Yer’s been eating they fucking school beans ain’t yer?”

At brief level, Connor held his breath and tried not inhale any more than he had too.

By now, Billie balanced on top the toilet seat was having considerable difficulty not only in breathing, but in keeping from giggling as he looked down on the backs of their heads.

“Well wot’s fucking want then?”

Connor had reluctantly allowed the mouthful of cotton with all it’s rich, ambrosial Farty style flavours to slip from his mouth. Slowly standing up to reach his full four-foot something height he was only too well aware what Joel wanted, telepathy had already told him that. The combination of the spunk stained yellow briefs round his ankles, his enormous drooling cock and the fact he was staring at Joel’s straining fly confirmed that he wanted it too.

“How old’s yer?” asked Joel slowly, unable to take his eyes off the quivering organ.

“Twelve.” said Connor pulling his foreskin back and allowing a vast dollop of precum to dangle from the end. “It’s wot yer wants innit?”

Joel gulped, nodded. With so few words Connor had somehow managed to take control of the situation. Once more it had been proved that for all Joel’s sexual bluster, even younger boys had had far more experience than he had.

“Bit bigger than yer’s is it then?” Connor grinned safe in the knowledge that his cock was bigger than ninety-eight-point-five percent of the boys in the school and could repeatedly produce twice as much semen as well. “Get it out then, let’s see it!”

“I’ll get it out for yer!”

Coming from the shy Farty it was a very, very surprising offer which was to be immediately acted upon before Joel could defer, a pair of small, hot, podgy, clammy hands suddenly began to wrestle with the fly of his trousers. Not that Joel objected, for he found the fat boy wearing the white matching underwear just as arousing as had Connor and to confirm it he reached out to grope the fly of Farty’s briefs. There was though from Joel’s perspective one problem and an embarrassing problem it was. However luckily For Farty, fate had scheduled it to arise at a very opportune moment for just as he was pulling Joel’s trousers down, Joel was pulling the white briefs down highlighting all sub-four inches of his twelve year old cock.

“Wot’s they pants then?” much to Farty’s relief Connor had ignored his small offering and instead focused on Joel staring directly at the small, tight, panties still wet with spunk from his previous emission.

“Cor, our sisters got some of they!” said Farty without thinking and who by some miracle was now no longer the shy fat boy, but showed little inhibition as he openly masturbated to morph into the new-look outgoing fat boy with a minus four inch erection.

Bright red Joel was very, very embarrassed, he had forgotten what he was wearing and really was stuck for a meaningful reply.

“And, yer’s wanked in ’em!” Connor moved to stand next to him, just like he had exerted pressure on Mr Wilson he saw the opportunity to take advantage of Joel. “Don’t worry us won’t say nothing, that yer wears girly panty things will us Farty?”

“Wot’s yer name?” asked Farty, the new sexually liberated Farty who was currently picking a few lumps of something from under his small foreskin and flicking them on the floor.


“Well then, Joel,” Connor grinned, he was looking at Joel’s erection which when compared to his was easily an inch short, “I knows yer wants too, so yer can wank us both off, us’ll stand either side of yer, won’t us Farty?”

“So us’ll wank him off then!” chorused Farty excitedly. “And us won’t say nothing about yer girly pants, will us?”

“Nah, course us won’t,” Connor paused, it was an opportunity not to be missed, to be rearranged without Farty present, “I ‘spect yer’ll do other things won’t yer?”

“Uumm..” Joel looked nervously around, “maybe, wot?”

With Farty preoccupied with Joel’s pink panties Connor leaned over and whispered. “Like, bum things?”


Balanced on the toilet seat and doing his best to see without being seen, Billie had been excitedly rubbing away at his cock and so it was no great surprise that as a result he had ejaculated. However, not wishing to miss a moment of the unfolding entertainment he was eagerly working himself up towards a second climax using the age old favourite mix of semen and saliva as lubricant. Then, once it was all over to follow there was the other exciting aspect which entailed reliving the entire situation, stroke by stroke as he relayed the sordid events to Jason and Brett.


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