Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 16: Seduction

A couple of minutes early at school the next day found Jason and Billie eagerly awaiting the arrival of Farty, who they hoped had been able to broach the subject of Kelvin taking their place with his sister Cilla.

Consequently, amazing as it seemed to both Doreen and Jason, Kelvin was also up and on time having decided to keep pace with Jason’s high speed walk to school. The ulterior motive was simply that he was equally keen to learn if there had been any further developments in respect of the proposed meeting between him and Farty’s unseen sister. Yet having arrived and with no sign of Farty it appeared to have been a wasted effort, so now regretting the strenuous early morning exercise he had wandered off looking dazed to sit on a wall pondering the question of why he had ever bothered!

“Dunno why he didn’t get the bleeding bus, look at him, he’s knackered now!” Jason laughed. “I’s told him he’d have to wait to find out wot was happening, silly sod!”

“He do wanna to do it then?”

“Yeah, I’s sure he do and I’s reckon he’s been wanking all night thinking about it!”

“Hey, there’s Farty,” Billie pointed towards the main entrance, “see coming in now.”

“Right, well we’s nab him when he get’s close before our Kelv sees him.”

Getting close and nabbing him took all of thirty seconds, by which time a breathless Brett had also arrived being was triply concerned to learn their fate.

“D’yer talk to her then?” asked Jason.” Wot she say then?”

“Cor, wot a bleeding cow she is!” replied Farty. “It were hard work getting her to say wot she wants, but I thinks she do wanna do it.”

“So yer reckons she will then?” said Brett.

“Yeah, but she wanna knows if she can touch his willy, wot’s think, would he?”

“Cor, sounds like she really wanna do it then don’t her?” said Jason. “I knows Kelv wondered if she’d wanna do that, ‘cause he’d wanna touch her fanny in exchange.”

“Yeah, but I dunno, but I thinks that’ll be alright.. wunnit?”

“I’d thinks so.” agreed Billie.

Farty didn’t sound too sure, but what he was sure of was that the previous evening having theoretically gone to bed and started on a glorious fantasy during which he had a cock double the size of Connor’s, he had been caught in the act by Cilla. Suddenly bursting into his room and pushing aside the chair he used to barricade the door, she had rushed over to the bed giving him no chance to hide what was happening for both pyjama trousers and bedclothes were pulled down.

“Fuck off yer dirty cow.. fuck off!” he had cried in vain as she tried to catch a glimpse of his minimal appendage as his hot, pudgy hands tried to cover it.

“Show us yer bleeding willy, ‘cause I wants to see yer wank,” she demanded, her very hormones effectively on heat, pulling her nightdress up a few inches all was revealed, “yer’s can see me fanny if yer does!”

“Sod off…” he protested, then quickly thought that since there seemed little choice he would make an offer thinking she would refuse, “only if yer wanks too!”

Excited, moist, damp and extremely aroused even though having only just finished fingering herself ten minutes before Cilla paused for her bluff, amongst other things had been called. Besides which she hadn’t seen his cock properly for over a year and had thought of little else all day except mutual masturbation with the mystery boy with the big cock. Therefore, her simple logic told her, she must first ambush the unfortunate Farty and see what it was all about before giving her final consent.

“Alright then, if yer takes yer’s hands away and shows it I’ll pull me nighty up.”

“Oh fuck! But I want’s a bleeding good look, not some quick flash!” he replied, now quite determined if he was going to acutely embarrassed then so was Cilla.


“Is us gonna.. gonna.. well.. yer knows, gonna wank as well?” he’d finally said it.

“If yer wants.” she was well past the moist stage, soggy was the operative word.

“When I counts to three then.” he looked up at her wondering if she would do it or was it all just a bluff and she’d just laugh at him.

“Bleeding well get on with it!” from the intonation it appeared she was very serious.

“One… two… three…”

“Fuck is that it?” she said after a shocked silence and looking down, it winked back in all it’s nearly four inches of hairless, pink twelve year old glory.

“Well pull yer bleeding nighty right up!” snapped Farty, who already thinking he had been duped started to nervously fiddle with his foreskin.

“Wot’s that funny end bit that yer got there that goes up and down?”

Surprisingly without further argument she pulled the nighty up to expose what looked to Farty like a wet mess between her legs, very recently rubbed and sparsely populated by some short and curlies. It was certainly not the suntanned, manicured lady garden that he had seen on the one occasion when a sticky girly magazine had passed his equally sticky hands, it resembled more of a vegetable patch.

“That it?” unimpressed, he was as complimentary as she was. “Why’s yer all slimy?”

Ignoring him she continued to stare at the moving foreskin. “So wot’s that bit do then, wot’s it do? Is it a spare bit?”

It quickly dawned on Farty that for all her bluster she knew as much about the male body as he did about the female!

“It’s me winkle innit!” he said, looking decidedly embarrassed in admitting it.

“Well wot’s it bleeding for then?” she bent forward for a closer look. “Do it wink?”

“I ain’t no fucking doctor is I, so I don’t knows wot it’s for does I?” the winkle winked as the movements seemed to speed up. “All I knows is if I keeps moving it over me end thing then I’s bleeding cums, don’t yer no nothing?”

“Nah, I fucking don’t, so lets see yer do it then?” Cilla was no longer the precocious thirteen year old, she was way out of her depth. “Go on then, bleeding wank for us!”

“Yer’s gotta show me yer fanny, but I ain’t sure I wanna touch it!” he made a face on looking at the glistening, semi-hairy mini-mound.

“Yer cheeky fucker,” with that she reached down and splayed the lips to allow even more slimy stuff to escape.

“Wot’s that muck then?” regardless of any embarrassment Farty couldn’t stop masturbating. “Look, I’s wanking, so yer start as well… go on wank now!”

Strangely compliant and without argument Cilla was off, with her eyes glued onto Farty’s rapidly moving hand she immediately sank two nail bitten fingers inside herself with a satisfying squelch and pressed her palm onto the little lumpy thing.

“So is that where I puts me willy then to, to.. to make babies and all that shit?” gasped Farty, suddenly realising the mechanics of it all having never dreamt his sex education, if any would ever be like this. “Were yer fingers is?”

“Yer ain’t putting that little thing up there!” replied a rather breathless Cilla her hand pressed firmly onto the giant pimply thing. “Is yer cumming yet, cause I is!”


It wasn’t for lack of effort as his grubby hand appeared a mere blur. To spur matters on he stared in wonder at Cilla’s disappearing two fingers as they squelched away producing the ever increasing amounts of gooey goo oozing into view.

“Ooohhh fuck!”

She moaned, she groaned, she writhed around, Farty watched in amazement, it was no wonder he could hear strange noises through the bedroom wall! Seconds later, so aroused and unable to contain herself she snatched his hand away and grabbed at his cock. Emulating his stroking actions, albeit with considerably more force Farty squeaked in shock and took the obvious route to retaliation, pushing her hand away he rammed three grubby fingers deep inside her! Since her fingers wet with girly type juices and totally insensitive to the finer points of a boys orgasm, it wasn’t a great surprise that she missed his climax altogether and combined his discharge with hers. All told it ended in a disgustingly slimy manner, them both having climaxed in their own way and when all was spent, looking extremely embarrassed at what they had done to each other .

That said, there was no doubt that Cilla was an exhibitionist and now definitely wanted to meet Kelvin, previously she had laid down the precondition that if Farty and his friends wanted to see her more intimate parts then she would show them, but only if they exposed themselves as well. So whatever, if anything  took place between her and Kelvin it was to be a private affair as the boys had had their chance and turned down the offer.

“Hey, look,” exclaimed Billie pointing, “look Farty’s wanking!”

“Dirty bugger!” Brett giggled. “Looks like he’s in a bleeding trance!”

After recalling the previous evening Farty was indeed playing with himself through his pocket and quite energetically at that. It was only on hearing his name be called out that he managed to snap out of his dream and return to the reality of school looking rather red in the face.

“Oh shit!” he looked around at the grinning faces and immediately withdrew his hand.

“Did yer cum?” Billie giggled.

“Sod off!” replied the very embarrassed Farty knowing it was a close run thing!

“Well go on then, yer’s was telling us wot she want’s with our Kelv.” said Jason. “He sorta said if she’ll do it, he’ll do it, but he wants to meet her like before they’s do it.”

“He wanna meet her!” exclaimed Brett in horror. “Fuck!”

“Well, I thinks she will, if he will. So’s they’s can touch each other up or wotever it is they wants to do!” confirmed Farty not really knowing if it were the truth. “And, she say’s if us lot wants to look at her bits then us can, but us’ll have to show her our willies in exchange!”

“Oh bleeding hell, that ain’t fair.” said Billie, still determined he would not exhibit his wares. “Won’t her just give us a quick gert flash?”

“Nah, she won’t I knows that.” Farty was well aware of the price he had had to pay and in some ways wouldn’t mind paying again! “So if yer wants to see her fanny yer’s gotta show her yer willy’s.”

“Has it gotta be hard?” asked Brett, who judging from his pocket activity probably was.

“Fuck knows!” Jason laughed. “Well I’s might do it, dunno, gotta think about it like.”

“Well, so does I fix up with her so’s they’s gonna meets then?” asked Farty.

“Yeah, I reckons,” said Jason, “yer’s have word with her dinner time and us’ll see when our Kelv wanna meet, like maybe after school today or that, just to meet like.”


For a multitude of reasons the day had not started well for Bogbrush, mainly being attributable to the result of excessive self-abuse and his arrival at school was just as the lesson bell was ringing. Consequently there was little time to talk to Kelvin who was timetabled to attend both English and maths remedial classes, yet as Doreen may well have thought from their recent performance when it came to counting fish fingers, maybe Bogbrush should have been in attendance as well!

However, when the morning break finally came it found the two of them in the playground deep in an animated conversation with hands deep in pockets to match. Their blazers decorated with the remnants of Kelvin’s mandatory packet of onion crisps, the conversation had centred on dissecting Bogbrush’s lengthy encounter with Byron in all it’s revolting public toilet glory.

“Yer really does look fucked!” observed Kelvin tactfully. “How bad’s yer willy then?”

The exploratory hand movements in Bogbrush’s pocket were not really necessary to ascertain what he already knew. His cock, already fragile after Byron’s enthusiastic manipulation the previous afternoon, had been forced that same evening to relive the experience and made to ejaculate a further three and a half times. The half since even after considerable rubbing it had refused to produce sperm and then suddenly went flaccid causing Bogbrush to think he had irreparably spiflicated it. Exhausted, he finally fell into a deep post orgasmic coma only to wake in the middle of the night to find that miraculously he had an erection again and was humping the bed on auto-pilot. Of course, that could only mean one thing and by morning after a sleepless night both shaft and head were glowing red and very painful to the touch.

“It’s bad innit?” he replied not wishing to admit he had masturbated to a standstill. “Don’t thinks I’s can wank in woodwork like us usually does.”

“Yer like wot’s I were like after that Dipstick got hold of mine, wot yer needs is some sorta cream to help it like innit?.” Kelvin toyed with his own erection through his pocketless pocket. “Wonder if there’s anything yer in the school yer could use?”

“Wot’s mean, bleeding wood glue!” Bogbrush laughed. “Yer’ll be wanking on yer own today, unless yer wants me to lend yer a hand!”

“Ooh, can do.” Kelvin grinned, the lesson bell rang to signal the end of the break.


Waiting in the workshop for his next class Mr Wilson was having a little trouble, actually it was more than just a little trouble for lately he had been wrestling with his conscience for the Temptations of Sodom were getting the better of him. It appeared that however strong his resolve he could not escape graphic images of Connor or Kelvin flashing before him every time he saw one or other walking around the school. Having thought the memories of sharing a cramped tent with a couple of young boy scouts were long forgotten and behind him, he was once again actively fantasising over a couple of boys.

And, what he really didn’t want to acknowledge was the fact that he now wanted more than just the voyeuristic opportunities that his lessons offered, he needed to engineer a situation whereby the fantasies could be turned into a real hands-on situation.

How, that was the big question.

“‘ullo Sir.”

Wandering into the workshop doing his best to appear quite nonchalant, Kelvin with  hands in pockets gave an embarrassed smile which didn’t quite make up for the fact he was unable to hide the lingering erection from his conversation with Bogbrush only moments earlier. Knowing exactly what was in Kelvin’s trousers and that he may have looked a little guilty himself, Mr Wilson nodded and mumbled something unintelligible as Bogbrush and Kelvin passed by to take aprons from wall rack.

Bogbrush again sensed that there was something about Mr Wilson and that morning he felt quite sure what it was, it was confirmation of his earlier thoughts that the teacher took more of an interest in some of the boys than their woodworking skills.

“Thank fuck for that!” whispered Kelvin, delighted to put the apron over head and cover his trousers. “D’yer think he saw it?”

“Well yer lucky having such a big ‘un ain’t you!” Bogbrush grinned. “Yeah, course he were looking at it. Still, he’d have to be fucking blind to miss it wouldn’t he!”

“It’s ‘cause he saw it proper last week innit?” Kelvin looked round. “D’yer really thinks he is, like well yer thought.. a bit sorta.. well queer like?”

“I’s sure of it,” said Bogbrush struggling to tie the apron strings “oh shit, some silly buggers cut these short or something, come on let’s get over to me bench.”

“It were embarrassing, but I’s didn’t mind him seeing it,” Kelvin followed Bogbrush across the room, his active hand now under cover, “well ‘cause I likes him see?”

“Yeah, well so does I, but I.. I means ‘spose he wanted to like, well yer knows… wot d’yer think?”

“I dunno, he’s a teacher and that… I dunno… why, d’yer reckon he done a bit like when he was younger?”

“Course he has, anyway’s is yer gonna have a wank then,” Bogbrush grinned, “see, ‘cause if you is, shall us let him sorta see and then us’ll know won’t us?”

“Yeah, we is,” Kelvin furtively around, both hands now out of sight under the apron. “I’s fucking rock hard already, is yer?”

“Yeah bloody right I’s hard, but it still really fucking hurts from yesterday!”

“So’s yer gonna cum with me then?” Kelvin grinned again.

“Try, ‘cause I’s can’t let yer do it on yer own can us!” Bogbrush laughed. “I just hopes it don’t hurt too much, shall us give it half-hour or something and then start?”

“Well if I ain’t cum already by then, yeah.”

It seemed to Mr Wilson that the first half-hour of the lesson had passed relatively quickly. Having done a cursory tour of the benches to see everyone was at least attempting something, he turned his attention to the far more pressing subject of who was doing what under cover their apron.

Unusually, it was Luke’s apron that was showing signs of movement due to him getting up very late and not having had time for the usual morning hand relief. He had bravely decided the apron should offer sufficient cover for his activities and besides he was sure other boys had said it was quite safe to masturbate in the lesson. Mr Wilson had already decided that a visit to inspect his work was necessary, but his arrival had to be perfectly timed so that Luke was past the point of no return.

“Look, Luke’s at it.” Bogbrush nodded towards the bench nearer the front of the class. “Hey.. look… and old Wilson’s watching as well.”

“Dirty old sod,” said Kelvin, “Luke don’t usually do it do he?”

“Nah, must be fucking desperate! So, wot’s think, shall us start then?”

“I already fucking have!” Kelvin giggled. “Now is yer getting out or doing it in yer pants like wot I is?”

“Uumm..” a tricky question, “I’s gonna get it out, be too sore doing it inside.”

“Look, look, I reckon’s Luke’s cumming!” Kelvin moved over to Bogbrush’s bench. “And, see Wilson’s going over.”

“He do like boys don’t he, always thought there was something odd about him.” said Bogbrush. “See, he times it dead right, just when yer’s cumming he goes to look at yer work and that.”

“Well, let’s try it then, us’ll get wanking proper when he’s a bit nearer.

“Fuck! Look at Luke he’s gone red in the face and he’s sorta hopping about with old Wilson standing there right by him!”

“Wot’s us gonna do then? Oooh… looks like Luke’s cumming now!”

They continued to watch. Luke having presumably ejaculated in his usually pristine white briefs then appeared to lean heavily on the bench and adjust his glasses whilst Mr Wilson stood next to him, in theory looking at his project.

“I know’s wot us’ll do and I don’t care if he do see’s me willy,” Bogbrush grinned, “us’ll have ‘im, all yer gotta do is wank like yer’s always doing!”

“So, wot’s the plan?”

“Yer gonna wank in yer pants with lots of sorta gert arm movements so he notices and I’s gonna get me willy out now,” he continued to watch as Luke sank down even lower onto the bench, “so it’s poking under me apron… then when he comes over us’ll make sure he knows we’s wanking.”

“Then wot?” asked Kelvin, still watching the very embarrassed Luke having to attend to the sticky mess inside his briefs without attracting any attention. “Hey, nobody ain’t gonna see us is they?”

“Oh fuck knows wot’ll happen!” Bogbrush replied fumbling beneath the apron. “If us keeps round the far side of me bench then that’ll hide yer willy from show won’t it?”

Painful or not the trap was set and with intermittent bouts of penile activity to keep themselves fully erect they watched Mr Wilson as he slowly began to tour the room. Not though as they had always imagined to look at their work, but to look for signs of sexual activity such as would gratify an experienced voyeuristic school master.

“He’s fucking on his way over!” hissed Kelvin. “Get wanking!”

“He got his hand in his pocket!” Bogbrush giggled. “Us is the stars of the show!”

“Hello lads, what’s going on?”

Despite the smile Mr Wilson felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. His heart seemed to miss a beat, maybe two beats, he could almost smell sex as he glanced between them, Bogbrush’s intuition was as Kelvin might say, fucking cock on!

“Going alright Sir, it’s coming along nicely,” replied Kelvin pushing his box towards him along the bench, one hand remaining in his pocket. “I thinks me joints looks alright don’t yer?”

Mr Wilson nodded and swallowed, Kelvin’s apron was moving, inside his trousers the lime green Guptha’s International underpants were fast becoming very, very soggy around the orange fly lining.


It was the law of unintended consequences. The excitement of setting up the ploy was bringing matters to a head and having been hard for so long Kelvin wasn’t sure if he could contain ejaculation for much longer now with Mr Wilson right next to him.

“Are you alright?” he asked innocently, although having correctly assumed that from Kelvin’s missing hand, the moving apron and knees clamped together that something messy in the penile department was brewing.

Flushed, Kelvin nodded and shuddered. Mr Wilson couldn’t stop himself looking at the moving apron only to be immediately distracted by Bogbrush who was standing provocatively by the corner of his bench facing the wall, one hand under his apron.

“Would yer have a look at mine now Sir.” he gestured with the free hand to the table lamp base on the bench. “I thinks I might have got it right at last.”

“Oh… yes..”

Disappointed that he was to be taken away from Kelvin just before the vital moment he moved reluctantly towards the other bench. However, just when he was almost alongside Bogbrush moved up the bench ensuring that his apron became caught, as if by accident on the handle of the vice.

Only having been fastened by the short strings, when pulled the apron immediately became untied and flapped around Bogbrush’s waist as he walked along the bench,  allowing his sorely abused erection to be seen clearly poking out from his trousers. As he had hoped, with the top of the workbench at waist level ensured his cock was safely hidden from view by others in the room and could therefore remain on display until Mr Wilson had finished looking at it. With the excitement of thinking he was going to seduce a teacher Bogbrush thought his cock had never been so hard, he managed to look down at it feigning an expression of horror that it had escaped to the daylight.

“Oh shit… oh… oh sorry, oh sorry Sir..” he stuttered, hopefully sounding shocked.

Completely taken in by the staged exposure Mr Wilson appeared to have been struck dumb, he just stood there utterly transfixed by the sight of the reddened, twitching organ. Kelvin, equally aroused couldn’t resist moving to get a better view and stood behind Mr Wilson where without really thinking continued to rapidly masturbate culminating in some muffled, rather slurpy sounds emanating from his trousers.

Other than desperately wanting to put a hand on the quivering shaft the only other thing that Mr Wilson could think was that if he made a fuss the entire class would quickly become involved and that really would turn it into a monumental disaster.

“What.. Dean what the hell are you doing?” he gasped, still unable to take his eyes off, not even sounding annoyed. “You can’t do that… cover it up.. and..”

“But, Sir..”

Bogbrush was about to take a huge gamble and play his trump card. Wrapping his hand around his cock he slowly drew the foreskin back to expose the head which glistened in the light, frozen to the spot Mr Wilson just continued to stare.

“But, it’s wot yer wants to see innit Sir? Us all knows that yer’s been watching boys for ages and yer won’t hurt us or nothing.” he smiled as he made a half-hearted attempt to push his very unruly member back inside his trousers.


It was too late. Just as when confronted with Connor, Mr Wilson had waited those extra few seconds to reply and again effectively acquiesced to the accusations, an instant and very robust rebuttal would have concluded the matter then and there.

“See Sir, I’s thinks yer’s a bit like I is… liking boys and that, so do Kelv ‘cause he’s just wanked for yer, so well, d’yer see wot us means ‘cause us both really likes yer!”

Now by his side, Kelvin whispered excitedly. “He’s right, I’s just cum in me pants ‘cause I thought yer’d be watching and wanna see!”

His mind was in turmoil, Mr Wilson closed his eyes to try and think. Propositioned first by Connor and now being told that an older boy had just masturbated in class because he liked him, well it was all too much! And, if that were not bad enough there now appeared to be some sort of rumour that he liked watching boys, something that he could not deny, but dare not let it become public knowledge.

“Sir,” Kelvin nudged him, “Sir, has yer got any cream or anything that Bogs could put on willy, ‘cause it’s all sore were he’s been wanking, he says it really hurts like!”

Mr Wilson looked at Kelvin smiling inanely by his side, it seemed the entire world had gone masturbation mad and for whatever reason the two boys had somehow decided he was their new best friend and no longer a teacher to be strictly obeyed!

“Dean, get in the woodstore, now,” he tried to make it sound authoritative, “Kelvin you stay here I’ll be back.”

Smiling, Bogbrush limped off, his incredibly hard erection rubbing inside his Guptha’s International one size fits all turquoise with spunk stains and spunk coloured lining, underpants.

“What the hells going on?” demanded Mr Wilson on entering the woodstore clutching a tube of Savlon, he hoped to sound in control. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Bogbrush smiled disarmingly as he swivelled round, his fly was already open and his hand in the process of extracting his erection. “I’s gotta put something on me willy, ‘cause it do hurts!”

“What? Why? What have you done to it?” Mr Wilson had failed again, instead of continuing to question the bizarre events he had instead taken a personal interest in the injury.

“Cor, it hurts! Lucky yer’s got something to put on it.”

Unabashed, Bogbrush now had his cock on display and it certainly did look raw in places. However, there was more to it than just anointing it with cream, for his devious plan was that once it was freely available for close inspection Mr Wilson would be unable to resist.

“What have you done to it?”

“I’s over wanked it!” even Bogbrush flushed. “D’yer want me to do it now for yer?”

“What? No.. no!” Mr Wilson sensed the battle was already lost, he offered the tube of Savlon, paused then cleared his throat. “How did you know that…”

“Well I is, I just knows I likes boys,” he smiled, “I ‘spect yer knows wot I means don’t yer…it’s easy to tell one of us innit… I just get’s a sorta feeling.”

It was true and as the old adage went, it took one to know one. Now fully erect under his white coat he watched with concealed envy as Bogbrush smeared the length of his cock with Savlon.

“And, Kelvin?”

“Sorta, he wanks all day don’t he, he’ll talk about girls, but all he do is wank with me or his little brother!”

“Oh!” he said taken aback at the Bogbrush’s very candid approach. “Little brother?”

“Ah, yer knows, Jason, you has him in yer classes don’t yer?”

“Oh, yes. But,” he paused, he looked pale and the situation looked desperate, “but does he know… uumm… who else knows?”

“Nah, don’t think so, Kelv do though don’t he, but he likes yer anyway’s and in our class that Joel’s queer so he mighta guessed, I dunno about they other classes!” Bogbrush looked up from applying the cream and grinned. “Yer’s really got us all excited and now I’s do needs another wank.. d’yer wanna do it or just watch?”

“Dean, you must not do it, it’s not right, please put it away, please.”

The voice sounded firm, but the intonation told a different story. It was now far too late for talk of punishment, both were wondering how the situation would end.

Meanwhile outside in the workshop itself things were continuing much as normal with some boys working, others chatting, several rubbing themselves up beneath their aprons, in Kelvin’s case he had allowed his imagination to run riot and was fantasising what could be happening inside the woodstore. To compensate for not being there his hand was pushed down the front of his trousers where in the slimy confines of his Guptha’s International lime green underpants he was verging on producing another colossal discharge.



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