Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 15: A dipstick, a bogbrush and a public toilet

There was an unexpected present from Dave for Kelvin just before the bell for the last lesson rang, not though a present to keep, but more of a short term loan. And, indirectly it was something which from Jason’s point of view couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

Having now experienced the pleasures that mutual activity could bring, Dave had been thinking of Bogbrush’s recent proposition and concluded that if he were to acquire another one of his elder brothers more explicit magazines to lend to Kelvin and Bogbrush it would raise his sexual credit rating considerably. Still not having realised that Bogbrush was solely boy orientated and any such action would only incite Kelvin, Dave had arrived at school fully prepared to tempt as need be.

He caught up with them both in the corridor just before the last lesson at a point in their whispered conversation where Bogbrush had said he was feeling so randy he was going to risk visiting the public toilet and seeing Byron. Kelvin thought that as much as it was a wonderful idea he had to resist for his cock was only just showing signs of recovery and that providence should not be tempted so soon, yet those his first thoughts were to be shortly superseded by sheer lust. Moments later though his mind changed yet again for however inviting the prospect of a prolonged bout with Byron and Bogbrush was, common sense finally intervened for such intensive action would undoubtedly cause a major penile relapse.

“Oi Kelv,” Dave sidled up to them and looked furtively around, “I’s got another dirty book for yer, it’s a gert proper porn one not some newsagent Razzle sorta crap!”

“Yer have? Fuck!” all three now looked very furtively around, Kelvin’s hand immediately went to his bottomless pocket. “Wot is it? It’s that fucking good then?”

“Don’t yer dare fucking loose it ‘cause it’s a proper one, there’s these two old tarts fingering theyselves up in it!” more nervous and very, very furtive looks. “But, if anything happens to it our fucking Norm will fucking come looking for us lot and he’ll fucking kill us, I ain’t fucking joking and I’s gotta have it back tomorrow ‘cause he don’t know I’s lent it anyway’s!”

“Well yer takes it then Kelv, tell us if it’s any good,” Bogbrush smiled, “yer knows I’s ain’t so keen on they girls doing girly things to theyselves.”

“Right, well give us it here!” Kelvin didn’t argue, opening his bag he allowed Dave to rapidly push it well inside.

“And, don’t stick them pages together neither!” Dave was being perfectly serious. “And, yer gotta promise me yer won’t look at it till yer outta school or the whole fucking class’ll be after it!”

“Fuck, yeah, yeah course I promises! It’s really that good then?”

There was no need for Kelvin’s hand to be in his pocket other than to try to hide the fact his cock had immediately expanded to be almost visible at waist level!

“Yer wanker!” Bogbrush laughed.

“Yeah it fucking is, yer can see all their bits and that funny slimy stuff they makes when the cums!” confirmed Dave starting to play with his none to large organ in his rather large Guptha’s International white briefs with semen stained, sown-up fly.

“Wot that slimy stuff?” gasped Kelvin, was this finally going to really reveal all the secrets? “The girly stuff, ooh fuck!”

“Well, I knows somebody who’s gonna cum in the next lesson!” Bogbrush laughed.


With school over and the usual rush to leave the school buildings under way found Kelvin and Bogbrush going in different directions, Bogbrush hurrying towards the public toilet to hopefully meet the fabled Byron and Kelvin deciding to take the bus home instead of walking. Walking home would be more than a little problematic that afternoon for his Guptha’s International black, yellow and very spunk stained one-size-fits-all briefs had experienced yet another accident in the last lesson and were absolutely saturated with semen. With his erection sliding all around and very sensitive, the plan was that once on the bus he might just manage to look at a couple of pages before the short journey was over. That simple plan though was about to ruined for after barely being seated on the upper deck he was joined by Jason crashing into the seat beside him.

“Fucking hell, wot d’yer want, fucking piss off!” not the most brotherly greeting.

“I’s been looking out for yer, ‘cause I wanna ask yer if yer’d do something for us.”

“Well fucking hooray! So wot’s want then?” Kelvin had now resigning himself to waiting until he got home to fantasise over the printed page, determined that Jason was not going to be privy to pictures slimy girly bits. “Well bleeding wot is it then?”

“Why’s yer got yer bag on yer lap then?” Jason giggling, he didn’t miss much. “Yer’s spunked off again off ain’t yer in yer pants, I can bleeding smell it!”

“Just fuck off!” even Kelvin flushed, well aware that this time he had really excelled himself when it came to the absolute deluge of semen, deposited everywhere within his trousers and the strong smell was all too distinctive. “Yer thinks I’s don’t knows yer wanks in pants?”

“Oh..” Jason flushed, “well I hope’s our mum don’t see ‘em then!”

“Yer’s or mine!”

“Bog off!”

“Is yer really telling I that yer don’t never cum in yer pants neither! Yer fucking does it all the time with them little wanky mates of yer’s don’t yer!” said Kelvin. “And, mister fucking clever-clogs don’t yer remember that today she’s working a bit later till five?”


“So wot is yer wants to ask us’ll do then?”

Down to a whisper it was time for Jason to be more than a little economical with the truth. “Yer knows Farty don’t yer?”

“Who? Oh, wot fucking fat Farty?”

“There’s only one!”

“Yeah, he with the wobbly belly!” Kelvin grinned and suddenly pushed his hand onto Jason’s trousers. “Yer’s fucking hard, dirty little sod! Is yer gonna be wanking when we gets home then?”

“Ah, fuck you, bleeding shut up!” Jason retaliated by pushing his hand under Kelvin’s bag only to quickly withdraw it. “Bleeding hell, yer’s all fucking wet with cum!”

“Well at least I makes some, not fucking baby dribbles like wot yer do!” he kneaded Jason’s cock through his trousers. “Shall us do something when us gets back then?”

“Something?” ignoring the insult Jason wondered if it was a considerably more a something than just a wank which was he was going to suggest, since just for once they would be alone in the house for a while.

“I’ll think about it while yer tells us wot yer wants.” he continued his kneading, Jason eventually squiring around on the seat and pulling his hand away.

“Bleeding stop it!”

“Wot is yer gonna cum then?” he transferred his hand to the his own trousers. “So wot about fucking fat Farty then?”

“See, Farty’s sister wants one of us to wank in front of her, while she wanks as well like.” Jason blushed at his admission.

“Wot! Oh fuck!” Kelvin’s mind was already racing. “Why doesn’t yer do it then?”

“Uumm…” he paused not wishing to say that they were all far too embarrassed.

“It’s ‘cause yer willy’s is too small ain’t they? Yer’s all afraid she’ll laugh at yer!” Kelvin laughed, he had certainly hit the willy on the head.

“Yeah alright, us can’t bleeding help it can us?”

“So wot’s she like then? Got gert tits and that? Do she make that slimy stuff?”

“Wot?” innocence abounded.

“Ah fuck, yer don’t know nothing do yer?”

“Oh sod yer!” more economical truth followed, “I dunno do us? Look, she’s thirteen, but Farty says she wanks all the time and he’s been looking at her dirty knickers!”

“Dirty sod!” he pushed his bag down onto his erection. “Do he sniff ’em?”


“Do he wank over ’em then?”

“I dunno, I fucking ain’t there is I?” Jason was now wondering just what did Farty get up too, for if it were him he might draw the line a sniffing them!

As the old expression went, never look a gift horse in the mouth or as Kelvin thought of it, never look at a magazine if there’s a slimy fanny handy!

“Do, do.. would, so wot’s yer saying then.. is, do, do she wanna wank me off…” even Kelvin blushed and sounded a little hesitant now, “can I’s put me finger up it?”

“Up her thing? Oh, I dunno.” Jason was plainly scared at the mere suggestion.

“Well I do knows this is our stop, so hurry up and get off,” maintaining his bag in the vital position he stood up and pushed Jason out of the way, “I’s gonna think about it a minute.”

“Wot’s think, so is us gonna do something now then?” asked Jason watching the bus disappear down the road, by now his bag was also held in front for if they weren’t going to do something together then he certainly was!

“Well yer pillock that’s wot I’s been thinking about innit?” Kelvin grinned, the sap had really risen to the point where it was already oozing out. “Tell yer wot, if yer goes up me bum again that’ll really help us think!”


Within the dark, dank depths of the public toilet Byron had had quite a successful day, well metaphorically speaking anyway, for it was as successful as any day could be in offering his own distinctive brand of services to the less discerning cottage clientele.

In order of action so to speak, he had first been called upon to give vigorous manual assistance to a rather ancient, regular gentleman of the parish. At the vital moment a switch to oral mode was usually required before the aforesaid vital moment was lost, alas it was completely lost for in the heat of the moment most of the pearly excitement went over Byron’s face and hair!

Around mid-morning a delivery driver appeared who being something of a regular would suggest they forgo the ambiance of the toilet and invite Byron into the back of his large white van. He being something of a fetishist and attracted by Byron’s total lack of personal hygiene would invariably require the same disgusting scenario every time. It would start with an intimate inspection and tasting of Byron’s less savoury crevices to be followed by the man being forceably fingered, rimmed and then raped in as messy a fashion that Byron could manage! Well, as Byron told himself the customer was always right!

Lunchtime brought a simple hand job request from a passing stranger. In the early afternoon another delivery driver visited, one who simply happened to call in by chance for urological reasons, yet was obviously not adverse to the variable delights on offer in public toilets. At Byron’s suggestion they had again decamped to the relative safety and comfort of the delivery van where a good, old fashioned fucking was the order of the day. Though as Byron was to painfully discover, this particular customer was a very big boy who wanted to ejaculate inside, then be licked clean as he milked Byron dry.

All told it had been a very rewarding day, both physically and financially. Revelling in the sticky substances, smells and lingering tastes bequeathed by his abusers Byron was contemplating going home when he heard the hesitant footsteps outside. For his part, Bogbrush’s courage was rapidly deserting him for the closer he got to the toilet the more nervous he became. Doing naughty things with his peers was one thing, but this adventure was to use a phrase, a whole new ball game. Outside in the carpark he wasn’t too sure if he should venture in at all as he looked nervously around, it would be far easier to simply walk away, but on the other hand if Kelvin had said it was alright, then alright it would be.


Aroused as ever, Byron peered out through the gloomier gloom of his cubicle of choice to the main area where there was marginally less gloom. The footsteps had stopped and he sensed there was a shadowy figure in the doorway, experience told him he wasn’t wrong, for a very apprehensive Bogbrush was waiting there listening for signs of life.

Having neither heard nor seen any such signs he finally crept inside and stood in the middle of the floor looking around, really hoping to confirm the place was actually deserted so that he could then make a hasty exit but tell Kelvin he had tried.

The battered door to the end cubicle creaked open, scared of who or what might appear Bogbrush almost wet himself and turned very slowly round. “Oh fuck!”

“Is yer looking for I then?”

Byron loomed into view rather like an overweight phantom from the gloomier gloom of his favourite cubicle. The baggy tracksuit bottoms hiding a growing erection and a fine collection of assorted sticky bodily secretions of which not all were of his own making.

Bogbrush gulped, opened his mouth and managed to say nothing at all.

“Hey,” befuddled by excessive masturbation Byron’s brain worked slowly, the fact that Bogbrush was wearing his threadbare blazer was the very obvious clue, “hey I’s got it, yer’s the mate of that other kid who come in last week?”

“Wot… yer means Kelv?” he croaked.

“Yeah, that’s him, he got a fucking gert big cock, Kelv innit?”

Byron smiled displaying his fine selection of different coloured, uncleaned teeth. Very obviously he then squeezed the huge head of his own cock which tented obscenely within the parameters of the glistening wet patch on the front of the baggy trousers.

“Errrrrr… oh fuck!” Bogbrush’s eyes were drawn to the wet patch, although luckily what he didn’t see there was the matching patch on the seat, courtesy of the last customer.

“Has yer come for something.. special then like.. or just for a piss?” he cooed.

“Is, is you Dipstick then?” blurted Bogbrush, his own hand now in his own pocket.

“Well, some peoples calls me that, yeah.” even Byron sound rather embarrassed at admitting it. “Me real names Byron.”

“Byron? Fuck! I ain’t never heard of he!” said Bogbrush tactfully, now beginning to relax he safely assumed he was not going to get attacked. “Bit posh innit, Byron?”

“Well I can’t bleeding help it can us? So wot yer name then?”

“Dean,” said Bogbrush naively adding, “but yer could call I Bogs!”

“Well then.. Bogs,” he said very blatantly rubbing his trousers, “yer mate had a luvly gert big cock, he got it right up us… so’s yer got one that big that’ll do it?”


Put so succinctly Bogbrush was at a bit of a loss, not that he knew what to expect anyway. However, he very bravely continued desperately wanting to fulfil his dream of really being a real homosexual.

“Yer ain’t never done nothing much has yer, other than wank with yer mate has yer?” Byron was just getting even for the insult to his name, which it has to be said even by council estate standards was a very unusual.


He moved closer and put his hand on Bogbrush’s trousers. “Feels like a big ‘un!”

“Oh shit!” muttered Bogbrush, who might have appeared sexually experienced to his schoolboy peers, but in Byron’s view was a mere beginner.

“Come on then, put yer hand down me trousers, it’s all ready for yer!”

Before he knew what was happening he felt his school trousers fall to the dirty floor and a hand be pushed deep inside this Guptha’s International briefs to firmly grasp the length of his cock.

“Ooh yer a dirty bugger, it’s all sticky, d’yer cum in ’em a lot then… I loves doing it!”

“Yer do?” in Bogbrush’s estimation Byron had just increased his profile considerably, for it was something of specialist fetish and not everyone enjoyed the slimy feeling.

“Yeah, now come on and get yer hand on me cock.”

There was no choice for his hand was being firmly guided down the front of the repulsive tracksuit trousers. Had it been daylight and Bogbrush could have seen what was waiting for him he might have objected, as it was and being desperate for the experience he allowed himself to be taken in hand. Quite apart from the fact Byron didn’t really consider washing a priority, after his busy day in the toilet all manner of revolting substances were still extant and waiting to be unwittingly distributed.

“Cor Dip’s, yer’s got a funny willy!” exclaimed Bogbrush his hand being forceably guided onto the sticky, bulbous end. He tried to be polite and ignore the awful slimy mess that was clung to the deformed head, it being the accumulated product of several forays both anal and oral. “And, yer ain’t got the end bit.”

“Yeah, well, I’s can’t fucking help it can us, cut it off when I’s was a baby wunnit?”

“I ‘spose, and, and.. ooh yer ain’t got no pant’s on!”

Bogbrush was drifting in and out of reality, lust had taken over, he was even in self-denial over what now was sticking to his hand and would soon discover it was very hard to wipe off.

“Nah, I musta forgot me pants today!” strange that Byron forgot to wear them most days. “Now come ‘ere and finger me hole, then yer can get yer cock up it!”

Thankfully inside the cubicle it was even more gloomy than outside and visibility was minimal although the strange sweet, sickly, musty smell did make Bogbrush wonder whether it emanated from the building or could it possibly from Byron’s trousers?

“Wot.. yer, yer want’s me to put me finger up yer bum?” asked Bogbrush with some incredulity, reality or not this was now very serious queer stuff and he wasn’t too sure if it was what he really wanted.

“Yer plays with yer bum don’t yer?” Byron needed to push things along, if not up. “‘cause if yer don’t play with me hole yer can’t get yer cock up it proper can yer?”

“Is this wot they calls safe sex?” mumbled a worried Bogbrush, not knowing what he was talking about and only having heard the expression.

“Yeah, don’t be fucking stupid, course it bleeding is… unless some fucker comes in!”

“But, but.. it’s clean is it.. yer bumhole?”

It would be a perfectly reasonable question under any other circumstances, but as it stood in relation to the current circumstances with Bogbrush having no option it was quite ridiculous.

“Bleeding hell, wot’s think I is? Fucking hell kiddo, it’s as clean as yer own hole is, yer could eat yer fucking dinner outta it!” Byron repeated his usual mantra knowing visibility was nil, he purposely avoided the word smell. “And, I hopes yer’s washed they fucking hands, ‘cause I don’t want no dirty fingers up me bum!”

“Oh… but, I ain’t washed ’em.. d’yer wants me to do that?” asked poor Bogbrush becoming more flustered by the minute.

“Nah, us ain’t got time, anyhow’s some wanker might come in,” said Byron enjoying himself at having such a naive slave, “well lick yer fingers clean, then spit on ’em ‘cause that’ll help lube me hole won’t it?”

“Oh.. yeah.”

“Yer knows likes when yer do it at home!”

“Oh… yeah.. course..”

In the dark Bogbrush pulled a face for he was about to lick the fingers that had just collected the pungent sticky stuff that had in turn just given him the stuck together Postman Pat finger look, it really did promise to taste quite disgusting.

“D’yer wants us to go up yer hole after yer’s cum up mine then?” asked Byron hopefully, thinking he hadn’t taken a younger boys virginity since leaving school.

“Wot?” suddenly Bogbrush felt very afraid. “Wot yer means, yer… yer fucks I after?”

“Yeah, has yer’s been done before?”

“Uumm… sorta… but, but he only had small willy,” he replied slowly not wishing to admit it was only very recently and by a twelve year old boy, “would it hurt like?”

“Not if us works yer hole a bit first like,” Byron smiled in the gloom, “so’s don’t wank I off then, just shoot yer load up me, I’s loves the feeling of hot spunk going up!”

Bogbrush nodded, there was no escape. “Does, does I pull me end back or, or wot?”

“Nah, it’ll sort itself out, yer can always wash it in one of they sinks after!”

Bogbrush winced. However, Byron was loving every moment and wishing if only more delightfully naive boys would come and visit him, still if he gave satisfaction he might be able to persuade Bogbrush to come back with Kelvin as a twosome.

“I’ll put me fingers in then?” queried Bogbrush after spitting out something quite disgusting from his inaugural finger licking.

“Yeah, just get ‘em up and just tell us when yer’s gonna push yer cock in!” Byron leaned forward on his arms. “And, yer can pull me bottom about as yer pushes yer fingers up and down me crack, I’s likes a lotta that as well!”

Nervously, tentatively, apprehensively Bogbrush stood behind him. Taking a deep breath he plunged both hands into the wobbly mound of hot, flabby flesh hoping he was on the right trajectory to find his way inside. Surprisingly he began to enjoy the feeling of kneading the fat buttocks around and losing his fingers in the apparently bottomless crevasse, still hot and very sticky from the previous visitor. After considerable moaning to signal his delight from Byron, Bogbrush found the spot and to further sounds of delight pushed a finger inside with very little effort. Soon it was two fingers that were slopping around and slopping around they were, for poor Bogbrush was unaware he was utilising yet more of remains previous visitor’s sperm as lubricant!

“Can yer get yer cock up now?” gasped Byron, getting closer to ejaculation, “I don’t wanna cum, so make it quick ‘cause I, I’s want’s to save me cum for yer!”

“I think so.. but, but I’s gonna cum gert quick..” gasped Bogbrush as he scrabbled to pull his blazer out of the way, so ensuring that just about everything he had on was now covered in the combined substances. “Oooohhhh fuck!”

“Oooh fuck me!” echoed Byron.

The excess of lubricant had ensured that the frictionless Bogbrush had entered with some force pinning Byron to the wall and once started to rather aggressively hump him, producing a vast amount of spunk in the process. Eventually, much to Byron’s relief, Bogbrush could hump no more and his flagging organ plopped out along with several dollops of sperm which slid down the inside of Byron’s fat thighs.

“Fucking brilliant!” was Byron’s breathless verdict. “Now bloody swop over, ‘cause I ain’t cum yet!”

“Oh fuck!” Bogbrush was leaning against the wall, feeling a little the worse for wear, still he was now about to experience what he had been dreaming of for so long.

“Tell yer wot,” the overweight Byron was still a little breathless, even if very aroused, “us’ll use some of yer cum to lube yer hole with, that’ll be fun wunnit!”

“Yeah..” at that euphoric moment Bogbrush would have agreed with anything.

The revolting tracksuit trousers around his ankles swept the floor as Byron waddled forward and looked at the white, pimply buttocks. Bending over to reach back between his legs he scooped whatever he could find that was oozing out between his ample buttocks. Having distributed it over the large, deformed head of his weeping cock he reached back to repeat the exercise only this time rubbing his slimy fingers together in readiness to enter Bogbrush.

“Me fingers is all lubed, they’s going in first… yer’ll fucking love it kiddo!” he grinned as he spoke, in the gloom Bogbrush grimaced as two fingers were roughly inserted.

“Ooh fuck! That’s me spunk yer using then is it?” asked Bogbrush thinking it a novel idea, he settled down hoping to enjoy new sensations, unaware the lubricant had been be mixed with that of Byron’s previous visitors.

“Yeah, all yer’s.. gert loads of it up there! Yer ready then?” grunted Byron, whether or not Bogbrush was ready really didn’t matter for he was very, very aroused and extremely close to ejaculation. “Ready… open wide!”

“Aaaaahhhh fuuucckkk…!”

Bogbrush hadn’t experienced anything like it, his own gentle solo anal probings were nothing in comparison to Byron’s full-on two fingered attack which seemed at one point to be so energetic they might come out of his mouth! Still recovering from  delivering his own colossal discharge, Bogbrush’s prostate felt all but shredded and despite the violent pounding struggled to produce more than a blob of semen. Three fingers later his sphincter was in a state of pronounced shock, had it been able to be seen in the gloom it would have been gaping wide open awaiting Byron’s invasion.

And, invade Byron did, in less than a minute Bogbrush’s fantasy of being buggered had come true. And, just to prove it prodigious quantities of Byron’s semen were trickling down between his quivering legs from the distended sphincter, his cock rubbed raw during the frenetic coupling.

Pulling his repulsive tracksuit trousers up without even bothering to wipe up any of the mess, Byron was absolutely delighted. “Is yer’s gonna come back, yer could bring yer mate and us’ll find somewhere a bit better to do things, were us won’t get caught?”

Bogbrush didn’t know to say, in fact he didn’t really know what had happened, it had all been far to quick. Leaning against the wall with his trousers around his feet he was looking decidedly out of it, the spunk continued to drip from his gaping hole.

“I, I..”

“First time’s always a bit of shock, don’t fucking worry.”

“Is, is it?”

Byron grinned and he pushed his hand deep inside down inside his revolting trousers, already becoming hard again and given the chance he would have repeated his performance. Still, not wishing to scare Bogbrush off he thought the next best thing was to get his hands on him again and grope him whilst pretending to help get him dressed.

“Come on, let’s get yer pants up,” he busied himself doing absolutely nothing other than rubbing up against him and attempting to rejuvenate his floppy cock, “tell yer wot… I see’s yer bums still leaking, shall us clean it up for yer?”

“Wot.. well yeah.” replied Bogbrush now really confused by it all, “I ‘spose… how?”

“Well open yer legs and us’ll show yer, now just lean on the bleeding wall again.”

“Oh.. alright.”

Unprepared for what could only be described as the ultimate sexual coup de grâce, Bogbrush did as he was told. It wasn’t everyone that received the full treatment, but Byron was desperately hoping to entice Bogbrush back together with Kelvin for a triple coupling and had so decided to pull out all the stops.

Behind and down on his knees, with one had wrapped around his own cock Byron had assumed position and if Bogbrush thought Rover was good at a certain act, then he was in for a surprise! Without warning Byron forced his tongue between the two soft mounds and commenced slurping, fingering and swallowing his way up, down and as far inside as his tongue could reach. Naturally, his other hand soon found it’s way to Bogbrush’s hardening organ with Byron aiming to bring them both off together.

Feeling like hours, yet barely some twenty minutes after entering the toilet, it was a very, very dishevelled Bogbrush that began to limp slowly, very awkwardly home praying his mother would still be at work. The price for such pleasures wasn’t cheap for what passed as his uniform was now splattered with a disgusting selection of bodily secretions and other unmentionables freely garnered from the toilet floor. Mentally exhausted by the experience, the physical signs painfully manifested themselves by way of a permanent erection literally rubbed raw and a very worrying sensation that there was something still implanted his bottom or was it something that was trying to leak out!


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