Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 14: More happenings in the woodstore

During the mid-morning break on the Monday morning in a corner of the playground  the not so dynamic trio of Jason, Billie and Brett were contemplating what they had wished upon themselves. Their immediate concern was what, if anything Farty had learnt of his sister Cilla’s threat to pursue Jason’s ill conceived proposal of a sexual soiree.

“Jase yer shouldn’t have said us would do it,” continued Billie, “I ain’t ever showing her me willy wotever happens!”

“I knows that, but just stop bleeding well going on about it, I ‘spect she’s forgot all about it by now anyway’s.” Jason whilst attempting to calm Billie was nevertheless harbouring a dreadful premonition that Cilla wasn’t going to let the matter drop. “So where’s that bleeding Farty, he said he’d be around to tell us wot she said?”

“Hey, look he’s coming over now,” Brett pointed to the ample stomach wobbling towards them.

“Wot she say then?” asked Billie, before he had even reached them.

“Wot? Oh that,” the look on his face didn’t bode well, neither did the news itself, “yer shouldn’t never have said us would do it Jase, ‘cause she ain’t letting it go.”

“Shit! So she still wants us to wank in front of her?” Jason went pale.

“Well I ain’t doing it!” reiterated Billie. “I fucking ain’t!”

“Her’s been following me round all bleeding weekend hoping to catch me, well, well, yer knows!” Farty blushed.

“Wot to catch yer wanking?” said Brett with a slight grin.

“Yeah, alright.” Farty was a nervous as they were. “Her’s locked herself in the bog a lot as well and… and… well she caught us in the kitchen and grabbed at me willy with one hand and pushed the other up her skirt and says she’s getting all worked up ready for it!”

“Oh shit, well we ain’t is we?” said Jason. “She really do wanna do it don’t she?”

“Yeah she bloody do,” Farty looked worried, “I ain’t joking yer’s got all her excited now, I knows that ‘cause I’ve heard her bed banging against the wall as well!”

“She still ain’t seeing me willy!” reiterated Billie again. “Fuck that!”

“And, she says that if us says no now, now that she’s all worked and that then she’ll get they two fucking awful tarts she knocks round with and the three of ’em will get hold one of us and make him wank for ‘em!”

To great consternation, multiple cats amongst many pigeons and several sharp intake’s of breath a deafening silence broke out as the shock set in.

“Oh fuck! Who would it be? Wot’s we gonna do?” Jason withdrew his hand from his pocket and his rapidly shrinking organ. “I wish I ain’t said nothing, oh fuck! Fuck!”

“So does I.” Billie was tempted to shake with fear and trepidation. “Fucking hell!”

“Oh… shit!” gasped Brett grabbing as his boyhood so the girls couldn’t get at it.

“I’d bolt me bedroom door every night if it had a bleeding bolt!” added the wobbly fourth member of the trio.


Elsewhere in the playground life carried on as normal. Some of the more intelligent first year boys screamed and ran around like lunatics whilst the wiser, older boys were torn between having a quick one in toilets or going for a smoke behind the bike sheds. Understandably Kelvin was not interested in smoking since the house was always full of tobacco smoke which left him with the only healthy option.

Idly kicking the wall he turned to Bogbrush. “I’s glad we didn’t go to see that kid in that public bog yesterday, I was knackered all day after wot us did on the Friday.”

“Yeah right, but I’s gotta admit I’s tempted to try him one day after school even if yer don’t wanna come.” said Bogbrush. “Wot’s think, ‘cause I dunno really.”

“I don’t mind if yer wants too, I’s done it with him, but ask us anyway before yer goes ‘cause I might come.” he put his hand in his bottomless pocket to rearrange matters. “Maybe I gotta give me willy a rest, ‘cause it ain’t half sore in places!”

“I ain’t surprised, yer didn’t half go for it like a bleeding loonie wanking yerself like that, so’s did yer do it yesterday or d’yer let it recover a bit?”

“I’s had to left it alone, well till the afternoon in me shed, but it still hurt when I’s done it,” he looked round, “I think’s yer dead right that I’s really fucking over-wanked it!”

“Mine’s still a bit sore as well, I reckons it could be that bleeding Swarfega stuff? It weren’t really soap were it?”

“Nah, I ain’t using it again ‘cause it did me bum in and I couldn’t stop crapping all night and wot with Jase laughing all the time. In the end our mum says she’d look at me bum if I wants, well fuck that for a game of soldiers!”

“Still, the end of yer willy ain’t never been so clean so it musta done something!” Bogbrush laughed. “So wot’s think, d’yer fancy a quick ‘un now?”

“I dunno, it hurt when I does it this morning, maybe about dinnertime ‘cause that’ll give it a bit longer to get betterer won’t it?”

“Hey Bogbrush.” said the voice, they looked around, but not down.

“Wot? Who?” said Kelvin.

“Oh..” Bogbrush started to laugh, “sorry kid didn’t see yer down there!”

“Nobody ever bleeding do!” Brett looked up and sighed.

Immediately guessing something boy orientated was afoot Kelvin took the hint, he  winked at Bogbrush moved off. “I’s going for a slash, I’ll see’s yer in the class then.”

“Wot’s want then kid, the bell be going any minute.”

“Yer said you might have some more trousers and that,” Brett looked up, fascinated at Bogbrush’s self-detonating, exploding acne, “did yer have a look yet?”

“Uumm, sort of,” Bogbrush bent down, knowing he hadn’t but didn’t want to loose the opportunity, “‘spose if yer comes back home with us one day after school and we’ll have a butchers and see wot else there is.”

“D’yer really thinks yer have something then?” Brett appeared very hopeful, the trousers and the Mickey Mouse underpants having transformed his life.

“It means a lot to yer don’t it?” Bogbrush smiled, it was obvious.

“Yeah.” Brett nodded. “I can’t get nothing nowhere else can us?”

“I’ll have to undress yer to check things fit mind won’t us?” Bogbrush’s cock was hardening. “And, yer’s gotta wear them cute white pants so’s we can swap ‘em.”

“I likes yer!” Brett couldn’t stop himself saying it, then with an embarrassed grin suddenly skipped off at high speed as the bell rang to rejoin Jason and Billie.


Waiting in the workshop at the end the morning break for the next lesson Mr Wilson wasn’t too sure how to handle the class, to be more accurate he wasn’t sure how to deal with Connor’s sexual advances knowing that his own moral defences were beginning to crumble.

On the one hand he knew the correct way was to be aloof as teacher and ignore all the advances, yet on the other having seen the magnificent twelve year old organ in action to resist temptation was proving difficult. Undoubtedly Connor had minimal intelligence and could easily be coerced into something sexual was one view, but the downside was that in his own simple way Connor might be setting a trap with blackmail in mind. In fact that very idea had crossed Connor’s mind during their original meeting in the woodstore and Mr Wilson had been very lucky to talk his way out of the request for money. The worrying aspect was would Connor have decided to let the matter drop or was he going to try and pursue it?

However, there was no time to arrive at an answer for the class, along with Connor came in as normal and after a typically chaotic start began to settle down after some twenty minutes leaving Mr Wilson free to keep an eye on progress, if any!

Naturally being a woodwork class and having to wear an apron soon had the likes of  Jason and others thinking about the pleasures of self-abuse once they were sited at their chosen benches alongside like minded friends. In fact to several of the boys it had become almost de rigueur to partake, especially those that took a very serious interest in their development as budding serial masturbators where the risk element formed almost as much a thrill as the act itself!

“We’s doing it then?”

Already with a hand under his apron Billie nudged Jason, it seemed all thoughts of Cilla the frightening female predator were temporarily forgotten.

“Course we is, don’t us always?” said Jason looking round, “tell Brett for us.”

“Hey, d’yer wanna get Farty in on it?” asked Billie. “I wanna see his little willy again!”

“Nah, he ain’t got the nerve, anyway’s he’d probably fart in the middle of it and gas some poor bugger!”

“I thinks he already has!” Billie sniffed. “Can’t yer smell nothing… phew… I reckons he’s fucking dropped a gert big ‘un, look they’s all walking away from his bench!”

Sidling into view and doing his best Dopey the Dwarf impression as his apron swept the floor in front, Brett stood on tiptoe to peer over the benches to see Farty standing on his own looking around and looking somewhat embarrassed. “Bleeding hell, he has ain’t he, it’s all they beans innit!”

“D’yer think he’d ever gas himself?” asked Jason with a giggle.

“Fuck knows, but I don’t wanna be there if he do!” Brett held his nose. “Anyhow, so how’s us doing it today then?”

“Strange yer should say that, ‘cause I were thinking about that on the way here.” Jason grinned. “I thinks maybe I’s go on the floor like last time and sucks Billie while Brett wanks… so next lesson Brett can do the sucking?

Across the room, thoughts of Connor and his adult size erection had exerted a distinct pull on Mr Wilson. So much so that much against his better judgement he succumbed to temptation and walked slowly over to Connor’s bench to check on the work in hand or indeed, whatever was in hand.

Unsurprisingly, it was the work of Connor’s right hand under the apron which really attracted his attention. Feigning work and holding a chisel in his left, his far more dexterous right hand appeared extremely active under cover of the apron.

“I’s doing it right ain’t us Sir?”

Connor looked very knowingly at Mr Wilson, nothing needed to be said for they both knew what the situation was, simply that Mr Wilson had lost all authority both as teacher and morally during the events of the previous weeks lesson. Had he at that time severely admonished Connor for spraying the wood store with semen and then very firmly rebutted the demand for money he could have retained credibility. As it was instead of taking decisive action he had faltered and effectively acquiesced to Connor’s demands and confirmed his sexual interest in the boy.

“Oh, well let me see.” he said weakly and leant over the bench to glance first at the apron and then look at project, whatever it was or was at least meant to be. “What is it, I’ve forgotten?”

“Forgotten? So’ve I!” Connor grinned. “Don’t matter do it, ‘cause there’s something betterer I’s made.”

Quite how he was going to manage with the rest of the double lesson had not crossed Mr Wilson’s mind, Connor had somehow taken over. “What, what else is it you’ve made then?”

He whispered. “A gert mess in me pants, I just cum in ’em again like I’s did before!”

“What!” stunned there was the slow realisation that yet again that it was almost too late to take control, he had to exert his authority immediately or the moment would be lost.

Connor looked at him disarmingly for a few moments, but long enough for the momentum to take charge to be lost. For somebody with the academic capabilities of a seven year old Connor’s qualifications in worldly ways were easily that of an sixteen year old.

“I’s going in that woodstore place, we both knows yer a bit queer so yer could come on over for a butchers in a couple of minutes!” he grinned. “Dunno why yer doesn’t  just pay me the fiver, then yer can do wot yer wants to us and nobody ain’t gonna know is they?”

Connor had spoken first, again confirming both the moment and the situation were lost. Still grinning he walked off knowing that Mr Wilson dare not make a fuss or the whole sorry saga might start to unravel in front the class.



Meanwhile, some of the more adventurous boys in the class seized the opportunity with Mr Wilson apparently occupied sorting out Connor, quickly diverting their attention from woodwork to far more exciting matters concerning pleasures of the flesh. Jason and his friends were no exception for by the wall in the opposite corner of the workshop from the woodstore, Billie was standing on the far side of his bench pressing himself into it facing the front and so keeping watch.

To his right stood Brett facing the rear wall with Jason sat on the floor in front of him, his head under Brett’s apron who’s trousers were partially pulled down allowing  access. Jason’s mouth was filled with as much of Brett’s hairless genitalia as could be reasonably accommodated and still allow for vital tonguing manoeuvrers, his own cock exposed sticking out of the fly, covered by his apron awaiting manual relief.

From Brett’s gyrations it appeared to Billie that Jason wouldn’t be on the floor too long, especially since he now appeared to be so aroused he was unable to wait any longer for the action to begin and his movements indicated he had already started things off under cover of his apron.

“Jase get her hand in me trousers and get wanking, I’s got me zip down for yer.”

Some rather garbled gargling sounds came from beneath Brett’s apron, which Billie took as an affirmative answer, he moved sideways to press up against Brett having felt that a hand was already worming it’s way up between him and the bench.

“Bleeding hurry up before Wilson comes back and I’s cums shagging this bench!”

Billie moved back a fraction to allow the hand to make contact with the front of his briefs, Jason wasn’t just double tasking, this time he was triple tasking! What with a truly delicious mouthful of Brett’s hairless cock, being actively engaged in the throes of self-abuse and now groping his way through Billie’s trousers and underpants it would come as no surprise to find that ejaculation was not far off.

“Oohh.. fuck! I’m… I’m…” that was the sum Brett’s contribution to the conversation, well that and the spectacle that he seemed to have started uncontrollably trembling.

As Billie knew first hand or was it first cock, from their days at junior school Jason’s oral technique had to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Since he was ten Jason had been carefully groomed, albeit sometimes under duress by his brother Kelvin to complete a rigorous fellatio training course with several mandatory practise sessions a week to graduate was with full honours. Latterly though, due to Kelvin’s subsequent downhill descent to attain the most repulsive collection of disgusting matter possible under his foreskin, on health reasons Jason had resisted as many of Kelvin’s coercive attempts as he possibly could.

Deep inside Billie’s sagging, puce and orange Guptha’s International paisley pattern underpants Jason’s fingers tightened their grip around his cock, working as though reading braille his aim was to begin serious manipulation of the foreskin. Plainly, Billie was very aroused for once retracted the head was found to be already slimy and needing no extra lubricant. Excitedly Jason started to move it up and down in time with his own hidden beneath his apron whilst wondering who would cum first.

The answer was neither, for it was Brett, who on recognising a certain burning feeling deep down suddenly grabbed at Jason’s head and pulled it even further down onto his cock. Not that Brett could make that much semen, but he nevertheless jerked away doing his very excited best to produce a few drops which squirted out to decorate to the quivering tonsils. Jason, who even though partly choking could not let Brett escape and continued trying to insert his tongue down the piss slit of his cock, he didn’t succeed but really enjoyed it!

At the time it seemed to Jason, although he could have been mistaken due to the excitement, that Billie had cum as well. That was partly true, for Billie as sometimes happened would ejaculate in almost two stages and had begun to leak over Jason’s fingers whilst making the appropriate orgasmic noises. On hearing that and so close to ejaculation himself, Jason with a vastly increased interest in all things anal  having recently partaken of both Bogbrush and Kelvin’s sphincter’s really got carried way!

His fingers slippery with Billie’s discharge, he jerked his arm backwards almost ripping the trousers as he did so and felt, groped his way somewhat roughly up between Billie’s legs to insert a finger as deep as it would go. Somehow Billie managed not to shout out in surprise, but instead pushed down hard forcing Jason’s  finger even further inside and squashing his small prostate in the process. It very quickly  resulted in a further seminal flood inside his underpants and left him propped up on the bench, a rosy glow emanating from his bottom though looking quite exhausted. Although nowhere as near exhausted as Jason who having accidentally covered the front of his trousers with a splattering of semen and rubbed his cock raw had been left with and an aching jaw he could barely move. Brett was looking down at his cock in disbelief for whilst it could never be said to be very large, having suffered the ravages of a vigorous sucking it now resembled a small shrimp!


More or less ignoring all that was going on around him in the class, Mr Wilson was having trouble in persuading himself that he really ought to go into the woodstore and confront Connor. One problem was that his memory kept harping back to when he was in his early twenties, desperately trying to put that out of his mind he put a hand on the door handle, took a deep breath and pushed the door open to stride purposefully in inside.

“Connor, we really cannot carry on like this, it’s quite ridiculous and,” he began with great authority, yet tailed off on seeing two white buttocks and an active right elbow, Connor was at it again, “and.. and..”

“And… Sir?” interrupted Connor swivelling round to show that he was indeed masturbating, his ejaculation was timed to coincide perfectly with Mr Wilson’s entry, wads of thick semen flew through the air to land on the floor in no-mans land.

As Mr Wilson had finally begun to realise Connor was, to use an old adage by no means as green as he was cabbage looking! For Connor had correctly assumed that he would be followed in the woodstore and all he had to do was to keep edging until Mr Wilson entered at which point he could instantly bring himself off and totally disrupt any prepared speech. Faced with an organ that would do justice to an adult, a speechless Mr Wilson stared whilst Connor just grinned and flicked blobs of semen off his fingers onto the floor.

The memories which Mr Wilson hoped would never surface again were now rapidly returning to conjure thoughts of being a twenty-two year old scout patrol leader and the thrill of sleeping in tent with six frisky, twelve year old boys. Those incredibly erotic scenes were though tempered by vivid recollections of being caught with two of the boys in his sleeping bag, by the troupe leader. Whilst the boys had escaped with a strict telling off and being sworn to secrecy, for Mr Wilson as the trusted patrol leader the price was set far higher, for he had to spend a couple of nights in the troupe leader’s sleeping bag!

“And, so d’yer see, I think’s yer just ought to pay me the fiver like I said before and us won’t do none of this again,” the yellow teeth showed as he smiled, “so’s then’s us won’t get caught neither will us?”

Not for the first time on confronting the boy did Mr Wilson feel a shiver run up his back, he swallowed as he recalled the pain and the pleasure when the troop leader had first buggered him. It was a dreadful thought, but could twelve year old Connor be persuaded to do the same?

“What would I get for a fiver?” as soon as he said it he knew the battle was lost, it wasn’t what he had intended to say, he tried to backtrack. “Sorry.. I, I mean why would I want to pay you anything?”

A long string of semen descended onto the none too clean briefs around Connor’s ankles, even at that distance the faded blue material clearly showed several huge blotches of what could only be partially dried semen.

“I fucks me older brother, but I don’t wanna be bum fucked so’s other than that we could do wot yer fancies.” Connor smiled, then turned the screw. “Don’t forget that I ain’t the only one who knows yer likes watching us boys, so’s even if I doesn’t say nothing somebody else might.”

The offer had effectively been made irresistible for if Mr Wilson refused there was still a possibility that his secret might be revealed, devious in the extreme Connor wanted the money to buy another bicycle.

“Oh.. I see..” he paused and swallowed hard, “then where, when?”

Pale in the face, Mr Wilson now realised he had been set up and his teaching career could well be finished if word got out. Yet bizarrely, as if to confirm that he really had wanted to accept the invitation there was a strange tingling sensation in his genitals. In fact the very same feeling he used to experience watching the young scouts bending over in their tight shorts to set up camp when he would fantasise as to what nocturnal treats were to follow.

Outside in the workshop there was little change for most of the boys had settled down and were either doing minimal work or chatting. Jason had managed to stand up and was leaning on the bench feeling as though he had overdone matters, he rather half-heartedly attempting to wipe some of the semen off his trousers, but only succeeded in making them look worse.

“Hey,” Billie poked Jason in the back, “I’s had fucking gert brainwave about Farty’s sister.”

“Well?” said Jason liking his fingers. “Wot?”

“It’s Kelv innit?”

“Wot’s mean, he’s here in the lesson?” he looked around and Brett looked at Billie.

“Nah, yer daft bugger, don’t yer see, us’ll ask him if he wants to see her fanny bits!”

“Wot?” said Brett unaware of Kelvin’s inquisitive nature where sex was concerned. “He’d want too?”

“Fuck yeah! Yer right… he might just wanna do it.” exclaimed Jason. “He’s always on about girly fanny bits and he lends they dirty titty magazines to wank over!”

“Well, us had better see wot Farty thinks then ain’t us?” Billie was very excited at the thought of a reprieve, the thought of masturbating in front of Cilla really had scared him.

“D’yer think Kelv’s ever seen one then?” asked Brett. “I means a real fanny thing?”

“Nah, I’s sure he ain’t just they dirty pictures and that, he just wants us to think so ‘cause all he do is wank innit!” said Jason. “I reckons he might wanna do it, I’s ask him on the way home.”

“Well,” Brett stood on tiptoe and looked round, “fuck knows where old Wilson is, so let’s go and tell Farty.”

Judging by the fruity atmosphere as they arrived at his bench, it seemed a safe bet that Farty had recently had another anal catastrophe of quite some magnitude.

“Phew… bleeding hell,” said Billie without a thought of tact, “yer gotta stop eating they fucking beans or yer’ll burn an hole in yer pants!”

“Fucking bog off! Wot’s want then?” he sniffed, Billie was right!

“Tell us again wot that Cilla said to yer over the weekend?” said Jason.

“Oh shit, she wanna to do it don’t her?” he pulled face. “Say’s there ain’t no fucking escape ‘cause she’s all excited at the thought of us lot wanking in front of her! Us can’t escape ‘cause like I’s said if us tries to back out she and they two tarty mates of her’s is gonna have one us and we don’t knows who it’s gonna be does us?”

“Oh bugger!” Brett instantly translated Farty’s appalling grammar into something slightly more intelligible. “I thought that’s wot yer said, bleeding frightening innit!”

Billie nodded. “Bloody right it is!”

“So ‘spose one boy with a gert willy who makes lots of cum says he’ll do it instead of us lot,” said Jason, “d’yer reckon she might be interested?”

“Wot? Dunno?” Farty scratched himself through his pocket. “But, yer don’t means that Connor do yer?”

“Nah,” Jason shook his head and grinned, “see, I reckons our Kelv might do it, so wot’s think of that?”

“He’d have to bleeding desperate!”

“He is bleeding desperate!” Jason grinned. “And, he’s gotta bleeding gert big willy!”

“I’ll ask her when we gets home without they two other cows about!”



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