Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 11: Temptation

The bell sounded signalling the end of the morning’s lessons and allowing the history class to noisily escape having absorbed nothing of use from the lesson. Whilst some headed off for either food or a crafty cigarette, Kelvin moved very slowly for his morning had not exactly ended on the high note that he had hoped it would.

The underlying theory that his erection would subside after ejaculation during the lesson had been proved false, which under the circumstance should have been blindingly obvious to a blind man. However, Bogbrush was quite delighted in having had no physical barriers to contend with by way of a zip and had ventured through Kelvin’s open fly to lend a hand and so assist matters at the vital moment. Quite understandably that entailed repayment in kind and Kelvin was only too delighted oblige, pushing his left hand into Bogbrush’s bottomless pocket to bring the situation to a slimy conclusion. As with many things connected with Kelvin the outcome was unfortunately the opposite to what was required for that interlude only served to keep them both fully aroused until the dinner bell. Being zip-less the trousers gaped wide under pressure from his erection to display the bright red striped briefs so thoroughly soaked in fresh semen and just to make the situation unmissable, there was the distinctive smell.

“Bogs, d’yer really reckon somebody’s gonna notice if I keeps me bag in front?”

“Uumm..”  thinking hard Bogbrush wondered if he dare he tell him the truth for it would probably overshadow the rest of the day.

“Well wot’s think?” he held the bag in front hoping for an affirmative answer.

“Thing is Kelv, I’s gotta be honest and say yer stinks of spunk! And, if we’s being honest yer cock ain’t really gonna go down it?”

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” he finally looked down, the red briefs were protruding tantalisingly from the open fly. “Fuck I’s can’t go round like this all day! Wot’s I’s gonna do?”

“Well lets fucking get outta of this bloody place for a start.”

Bogbrush was obviously only stating the obvious. Kelvin held his bag in front as he walked slowly, awkwardly towards the dining room afraid that at any moment his erection would simply pop out of the opening. Added to that was the knowledge that the excess of semen had started to slither down between his legs, under any other circumstances he would have enjoyed the feeling, but today it had lost it’s appeal.

“Well wot else can us do?” said Bogbrush, who to the contrary was very much enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding around in his briefs and had already made up his mind to possibly re-lubricate them during the afternoon.

“I’s don’t bloody knows does I? And, I’s don’t bloody knows wot I’s gonna say when I’s gets home does I ‘cause out mum’ll go fucking mental again!”

“Oh shit… oh, forgot that, well d’yer want us to come home with yer again then?”

“Cor, would yer do that?” asked Kelvin, facing an irate Doreen was a sign of real friendship. “‘cause she do bleeding go on a bit don’t she?”

“Yeah, she do. But how can us stop her going on about me wanking as well, I means wot I do, well that’s bugger all to do with her innit?” Bogbrush was adjusting matters inside his ill fitting Guptha’s International underpants through his specially modified pocket, licking his fingers he concluded. “She’s gonna guess something’s wrong when I comes back again won’t she, ‘cause she’s clever like that!”

“Oh, I ‘spose yeah, still wot can us do?”

That momentous decision decided in principal, if not in practical terms as to exactly how it could achieved Kelvin’s mind turned to food. To be precise chips and beans, lots of beans since the one school day of healthy eating was now past.

“Chips today innit?” Bogbrush reaffirmed their priorities. “D’yer think they got them gert burnt wiggly sausages again, I likes they.”

“Hey Bogs,” Kelvin stopped walking and suddenly started to giggle, “d’yer reckons if we pinches a couple we could use ’em instead of carrots!”

“Yeah I ‘spose and if yer wiped it off after yer could always have a nibble as well!”

Bogbrush thought it a hysterically funny, Kelvin dissolved into laughter and fell back against the wall dropping his bag, forgetting everything was now to be put on show.

“Ah, Kelvin I was hoping I might bump into you.” Mr Wilson suddenly appeared around the corner in front of them, quite naturally he allowed his eyes to wander.

“Oh… oh.. Sir!” surprised Bogbrush did his best to pull himself together.

“Good joke lads?” he enquired managing to very quickly glance down again at Kelvin’s superb display to reconfirm what he had thought he had just seen.

“Hello Sir, wot were it yer wanted us for?”

Kelvin smiled, it was his favourite teacher so he used his best grammar although only being able to concentrate of one thing at a time his immediate predicament was forgotten, Bogbrush though looked about in horror.

Beneath Mr Wilson’s mandatory white coat things were stirring, it was a truly erotic moment with Kelvin obviously in possession of an very large and erect cock. Wet with semen the briefs bulged out through the fly and the very distinctive aroma, as Mr Wilson confirmed by deeply inhaling for second time, could only be described as utterly intoxicating.

“Sir.. wot were it yer was gonna say?” asked Kelvin unaware he was the distraction.

“I, I.. I was going say I managed to get you those pieces of wood you wanted for..” the smell was overpowering, “for, for..”

“Oh, yeah that wood for me to makes that.. thing… that uumm..”

“Kelvin.. just a moment..” interrupted Mr Wilson who then immediately paused, not at all sure how he should address the situation, maybe it would be best to tell it like it was and in language Kelvin would understand.

“Sir?” he continued to smile inanely, his yellowing teeth framed by the bumfluff on his top lip and the numerous clusters maturing acne.

“Kelvin, uumm.. I’m going to say this so you’ll understand,” he swallowed, “have you just cum, sorry, ejaculated in your pants?”

“Fuck!” gasped Kelvin, he fell back against the wall visibly shaken. “Oh no! Oh fuck!”

Almost as embarrassed as Kelvin, Bogbrush jumped in to help and stuttered. “He didn’t mean to Sir.. his trousers is broke see.. and… and.. he just sorta cum like!”

Mr Wilson closed his eyes, yet all he could see was an image of Kelvin’s red striped briefs. “What? Dean, so, so what’s wrong with his trousers then?”

“They’s that Guptha’s shit ain’t they, all they sells is crap that falls apart innit?” said Bogbrush, since Kelvin appeared in a state of shock, “Kelv, just show him that zip!”

Somehow Kelvin managed to reach in his blazer pocket and wave the zip.

“See Sir.. all he did was do it up and it come off in his hand!”

“Oh.. I see..” however erotic it seemed to Mr Wilson that the situation was becoming surreal, being honest he would have been better not to have been involved at all.

“All they Guptha’s clothes is crap, none of it lasts, it’s all shit, but,” he paused for split second only to add the truth, “but it’s the only stuff wot our mum’s can afford!”

“Uumm.. I understand, now, uumm.. is there no way this can be mended?”

Knowing only too well he shouldn’t, Mr Wilson bent down and looked at the trousers feasting his eyes on the bulging briefs and the head of Kelvin’s cock through the translucent material.

“Help me Sir… please..” Kelvin sounded on the verge of tears and was quite prepared to put his trust in Mr Wilson, the one master who he liked the most.

“Oh God.. uumm…look come to workshop, you can clean up a bit and I‘ve got a few safety pins we use when the button come off the work coats, so you can try and do something with the trousers.”

Quite what they were going to try hadn’t been decided, but whatever Mr Wilson had thought it ought to include removing the trousers off so the semen smeared around the fly could be attended too as well. At least as he told himself, that sounded very plausible!

Thinking he heard footsteps Mr Wilson turned to look and saw Mr Lock on his way to the dining room. “Look you two go on, the workshop is closed up but I’ll be there in a minute, I need to speak to him about something first.”

With the boys hurrying on their way, Mr Wilson managed to catch Mr Lock and to quickly explain the situation in that Kelvin needed somewhere private to sort himself out, which in itself conveniently gave Mr Wilson a good enough reason to be around should he be needed.

“We’s dead lucky it were old Wilson innit?” said Kelvin. “He thinks I’s could get a job doing something with wood and that, said he’d help like if he could.”

“Yeah, course he knows none of us ain’t very bright at this bleeding dump of a school is us? I’s sure he’ll try to help if he can won’t he?” Bogbrush sounded resigned to his fate on leaving, his voice dropped. “Fuck knows wot I’ll do.”

“We’ll find yer something, don’t bleeding worry.” Kelvin smiled and touched his hand. “Yer’ll be alright Bog’s, I’ll help yer.”

“Oh fuck!” Bogbrush’s cock took a lurch, he wanted Kelvin up him.

“Listen them’s footsteps, sounds like he’s back.. hey Bogs, d’yer reckon I’s gotta take me trousers off.. oh fuck!”

“Well if yer does, well yer does… he ain’t gonna touch yer up or nothing is he?” said Bogbrush. “I’s sure he seen kids without trousers before.”

“Wot covered in spunk with a bleeding gert hard-on!” Kelvin giggled. “It’s still up!”

“Sorry about that,” with the keys in his hand Mr Wilson appeared, “I thought I ought to tell Mr Lock what was happening, so nobody can think anything inappropriate is going on.”

“Innawot? Oh yeah, I ‘spose so.” said Kelvin going inside and wondering what inappropriate actually meant. “Now wot’s want me to do?”

“Maybe if you two were to go in the woodstore then nobody can see you and I’ll stay outside.” it was becoming embarrassing even for Mr Wilson and as yet certain things needed to be said.

“Yeah, yer means me and Bogs inside, sorry I means Dean!”

“Oh look, uumm… this is silly so lets talk in plain English even if it is embarrassing,” said Mr Wilson, “so, would you mind if Dean uumm.. well helps you clean up and maybe fitting the safety pins? You’re best friends so to speak and, and wellI can’t really do it can I?”

Kelvin was becoming quite emotional for he had never really been treated with such respect before at school and besides in his view Mr Wilson was the nicest and only teacher in the whole wide world who he trusted.

“Look… uumm.. Sir, yer right we’s best mates and, and,” Kelvin blushed now quite obviously embarrassed, “and well we does lots of things together so I’s don’t minds wot he do, ‘cause we’s done it all anyway’s ain’t we Bogs?”

Equally flushed Bogbrush nodded. “See Sir, we both trusts yer so we don’t minds if yer knows us wanks together ‘cause yer’s probably guessed that anyway’s!”

Mr Wilson felt a shiver run up his back, this was on a different level to being a simple school master type voyeur, temptation was the thing and he wasn’t sure how far he could push things in respect of attaining sexual gratification without losing stature.

“And, I’s don’t really minds if yer see’s me without me trousers, ‘cause I thinks I’s gotta take ’em off anyway’s ain’t I, and,” Kelvin took a breath, he was going to be honest in a fumbled attempt to save them both some embarrassment, “and so if yer does see me.. well, I’s telling yer now that I can’t get me willy to go down!”

“I’ll try not to, to.. see that… I’ll go and find the safety pins, whilst you, you uumm.. there’s some paper towels by the sink… that might help.” knowing he shouldn’t go anywhere near, yet desperate to see what Kelvin had, Mr Wilson moved off.

“Sir,” called out Kelvin his hand on door handle, “yer won’t say nothing will yer?”

“No, of course I won’t.” he replied walking away, a hand already through the slip pocket in his coat and pushed deep inside his trouser pocket. Whilst he might not say anything, with such an incredible opportunity he should at least manage to have a really good look at Kelvin without his trousers so he could dream about it later!

There appeared to be some laughter coming from the woodstore as he returned clutching half a dozen safety pins and he waited quietly outside the door for a few seconds hoping to hear what was being going on before he knocked.

“I’ve got the pins for you lads and… uumm.. I’ve had an idea.. oh.. uumm..” he ground to a halt at the sight of Kelvin sans blazer and trousers.

“He said I oughta take ’em off so’s he could try and wipe the, the uumm.. yer knows… the uumm… the stuff off ’em!” Kelvin nodded towards Bogbrush who appeared to be tending to the front of the trousers.

“The stuff?”

Bogbrush looked up seemingly unembarrassed despite the fact his own trousers were also exhibiting signs of an erection. “Y’know’s Sir, the… the sticky stuff!”

“Oh, I see..” Mr Wilson momentarily flushed, for here were two best friends with one cleaning up after the others ejaculation, the bond between them had to be incredibly strong and they obviously thought nothing of the blatant honesty in sharing of their explicit sexual acts.

As if to confirm his thoughts Bogbrush added. “He’s dirty little bugger ain’t he.. Sir!”


Finally, unable to resist any longer Mr Wilson glanced sideways at Kelvin. It was obvious that the baggy red underpants were under considerable pressure from within, as in fact being just as obvious to the embarrassed Kelvin was the fact that Mr Wilson had looked.

“Sir, I’s knows I’s hard,” said Kelvin blushing without looking at him, “but it won’t go down.”

“Don’t worry you’re not the first boy I’ve seen with an erection.” he tried to make it sound as though it didn’t matter. “And, well, I’ve got two boys of my own.”

“How old is they then?” asked Bogbrush.

“Ten and twelve.”

“Twelve? He’ll be at it then, wanking all the time then, same as our Jase do!” said Kelvin with a grin only to realise what he had just said. “Oh shit… oh sorry Sir, but, but yer knows wot I means!”

“Shut up!” hissed Bogbrush. “Don’t worry about him Sir, he don’t means nothing.”

“I realise that.”

For Mr Wilson it seemed things were going from bad to worse for what had started as a gesture of help was rapidly escalating into something centred on masturbation and not helped by his own voyeuristic tendencies. At that very moment he really was fighting his conscience, it was beginning to feel as though he were unable to resist being drawn into Kelvin and Bogbrush’s world by being made privy to their intimate sexual exploits.

Regrettably though, he couldn’t stop himself taking more than a passing interest for the truth was that he was not entirely innocent where young boys were concerned. He recalled as a young man when barely twenty he had become deeply involved in  the scouts and found the young pubescent boys easy to proposition in order to help them discover the joys of masturbation.

“Sorry Sir.” mumbled Kelvin. “I’s all a bit confused.”

“So am I!” he smiled, hoping to giving himself some time to compose himself.

“Wot’s we gonna do Sir,” asked Bogbrush hopeful of a solution, “Kelv can’t go round with his gert willy hanging can he?”

“No.” he paused to think. “Listen, I’ve had an idea, I don’t know if it will work. If you wouldn’t mind staying here in just your pants, maybe I could just catch Mrs Roach the sewing teacher to do an emergency job and put that zip back in before dinner.” he looked at his watch. “If I can you might just make the second dinner sitting.”

“Sir.. yer would? Could? Honest?” Kelvin smiled, Mr Wilson had gone up even further in his simple opinion. “Well take ’em then, I doesn’t mind staying for a bit like this.”

Bogbrush handed over the trousers, which all things considered looked remarkably better, he grinned. “Don’t larf, but I’s had a gert load of practice at doing that!”

“Yes.” he nodded, only too aware he was being loaded with more intimate details, it seemed that in a strange way the boys treating him as equal in their revelations.

Hearing that Kelvin giggled as reached over to get the zip from his blazer pocket and on turning to hand it over the inevitable happened, with the foreskin retracted all six plus thick inches of his boyhood twanged into view from the side of his briefs.

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Bogbrush.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Mr Wilson.

“Oh fuck!” it was very unimaginative but all Kelvin could manage!

It was now Mr Wilson’s turn to look very embarrassed, yet try as he might he was unable to look away whilst Kelvin struggled to get the monster back inside his briefs.

“He’s a bleeding lucky boy ain’t he having a gert big ‘un like that ain’t he Sir?” Bogbrush didn’t know why he said it, but it seemed a good idea at the time.

“Oh my God!” shocked and deciding not to comment on the profanities Mr Wilson tried to take control. “Look, I’ll lock you in so nobody can see you, if Mrs Roach is still there I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Not daring to look either boy in the face he quickly headed for the door. Outside, he couldn’t stop himself doing something he would never have ever thought he would do, he sniffed the fly of the trousers.

“I didn’t want him to see me cock.” said Kelvin once the door had closed. “Fuck!”

“But, he did didn’t he?” Bogbrush smiled and looked at the red briefs, the semen glinted under the light. “‘cause he wanted too didn’t he?”

“Wot’s mean?”

“He likes boys don’t he? Look Kelv, I know I’s a bit queer, but I’s also knows when somebody else is, like that Joel kid. D’yer see?”

“Wot d’yer think Sir’s queer?”

“Yeah, little bit.”

Had Kelvin had his trousers on then a hand would have been in the pocket, as it was he simply pushed it down the front his briefs and toyed with his foreskin. “But, he’s so nice and he’s married and all that?”

“So, some blokes likes both don’t they’s? I’s don’t think he’d do nothing to yer, I’s just reckons he’s a nice bloke and he likes watching. I ‘spect he has a gert wank when he gets home like wot us does when we’s seen some kid we fancies!”

“That don’t worry I, ‘cause well, uumm..,” Kelvin’s brain worked slowly, “so I’s don’t mind if he’s a bit queer, ‘cause he’s still a gert nice bloke ain’t he and I’s likes him.”

“Yeah, I likes him too and I’s reckon now he’s as hard as we is, so,” Bogbrush grinned and unzipped his fly, “I thinks us has got time for a quick ‘un before he’s back, well ‘cause we got all them bleeding paper towels to clean up with!”

“Wot, a who cums first!” Kelvin pushed his briefs down. “One, two, three… wank!”

“Now ‘spose he comes back?” Bogbrush grinned, it was a loaded question.

“Dunno,” Kelvin grinned back, “I ‘spose he could join us if he wanted!”

“That’s just wot I thought!”

“Thank fuck for some proper grub!” said Jason scouring the tomato sauce off the  plate with the last chip. “Pity about they sausages, they’s always burnt.”

“So yer gonna point out yer sister to us then, is yer Farty?” asked Billie, now seemingly converted to a very interested party when it came to the female form.

“Yeah, her usually comes for the second sitting.” Farty looked round. “She might be hanging about outside.”

“So does we stay in or go out?” asked Brett who was looking at the last half of a very burnt sausage. “Don’t think I’m gonna eat this.”

“Out, ‘cause if he’s gonna fart after all they bleeding beans he’s had, we’s gotta be able to escape!” Jason was looking at Farty. “He’s as bad as Kelv.”

“I can’t help it if I farts, it’s something to do with me fucking guts innit?”

“Nah, it’s all they fucking beans yer gobbles up, yer like a bleeding bean hoover!”

“Us better get outside then, before he bloody explodes, come on!” Billie stood up.

“Ah, bleeding shut up!” Farty could already feel a distinct rumbling in his stomach.

“Well, we’ll hang about by the doorway so’s us don’t miss her.” said Jason.

They didn’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes before Farty nudged Jason. “See, that’s her over there with them other two.”

“She ain’t very pretty!” said Brett. “Bit fat!”

“Look yer ain’t gonna fucking marry her is yer, yer only fucking looking at her fanny bits ain’t you!” said Jason with a grin.

“I ‘spose.” Brett was relieved to hear it especially since he wasn’t that interested and if the truth were told he was petrified of a girl ever seeing at his small cock!

“So wot’s we gonna do now then, she’ll be yer in a minute” said Jason, “now that we’s seen her, wot’s us gonna do?”

“She got tit’s then?” asked Billie, who it appeared was already playing with himself.

“Wouldn’t call ’em tits,” Farty flexed his legs, something nasty was imminent, “she gotta couple sorta lumpy things, I ‘spose they’ll turn into tits!”

“Never mind about her tit’s, it’s her fanny us wants, so who’s gonna ask her?” said Jason, having now joined Billie in a little gentle penile stroking.

“Is yer two wanking?” asked Brett.

“Nah, practising.” said Billie. “Me brother says practice makes perfect don’t he?”

“Do he?” Jason grinned. “He’s he the one with they fucking thick glasses ain’t he? So they’s is right then about wanking ain’t they?”

“Bog off!” Billie grinned.

“Oh fuck!” said Farty under his breath, it was yet further confirmation that wanking made you blind.

“Now look, so who’s gonna talk to her then?” said Billie. “I ain’t.”

“Why doesn’t us all go over and catch her before she goes in.”

“Yeah, safety in numbers like.”

“Tell us Farty, do she do big farts like wot yer does?” Brett laughed. “Reckon yer’s left enough beans in there for her!”

“Fuck off!” Farty bent over to pick up his bag with an unfortunate aural result.

“Bleeding hell, quick, quick, he’s fucking done one, let’s outta here!” said Jason grabbing his bad and immediately heading for the door.

“How many beans d’yer eat then?”

“Fuck off!”

“Half a plateful wunnit?” said Brett.

“Fuck off!”

“Come on let’s get over to her before she goes in and us is gassed.” said Billie leading the way.

“Oi, Cilla..” called out Farty hoping the ominous popping sounds emanating from his ill fitting trousers as he ran were not going to be attributed to him..

“Bleeding hell, wot yer want?” she turned away from her two companions who had pushed the boundaries of good taste by their excessive make up. “Who’s they?”

“Us’ll leave yer to yer little friends then.” said Gloria casting a very boy orientated, mascara coated, roving eye over the boys. “Ain’t he yer little baby brother?”

“Ooh, look at him,” Bella pushed her imposing latent mammaries forward and looked down on Brett, “looks like yer brought bleeding Dopey the dwarf with yer then!”

“Yer a cheeky cow!” snapped Jason. “Who’s yer then, Snow bleeding White!”

“Ah piss off, yer little twatt!” responded Bella confirming that the choice language of the council estate was totally unisex and not chauvinistic in the slightest.

“Yer two go’s in, get us a gert plate of chips and they beans,” said Cilla nodding towards the dining room, “I’s gonna see wot these little boys wants!”

Of course what they wanted and what they would get were two completely different things, predictably their clever plan had not been entirely thought through. For even if by some trillion to one chance that Cilla would contemplate showing them her girly wares, then she was quite obviously going to ask for something in return. It was that very aspect of what to give in return that the boys had not even considered nor come to that, have anything meaningful they could really barter with anyway.

“See.. see..” mumbled a red faced Billie, with the chance to put their collective case he had totally failed on grounds on female intimidation and just stuttered to a halt.

“See bleeding wot?” Cilla gave him a withering look, the vision of burnt sausages and beans was about to draw her inside. “Well wot’s bleeding want then.. wot’s they bloody wants then Farty, yer with ‘em don’t yer bleeding know nothing neither?”

“We.. we.. wants to see yer bits!” volunteered Jason very, very bravely, albeit quickly stepping back as he did so.

“Wot bits?” she looked at him. “Bit’s? Wot yer on about, I’s hungry so hurry up!”

Farty looked very embarrassed as he tried to tactfully explain to his sister. “They wants to see yer fanny bits between yer legs!”

“Yer wot?” it took something to shock Cilla and now she had been. “Yer, yer just a bunch of dirty little wankers! Yer fucking disgusting!”

“We fucking ain’t!” protested Billie, quite obviously telling an untruth!

Cilla quickly decided that if they boys were that forward then she too would have some fun. “Anyhow I’s surprised yer’s old enough to wank, especially with bleeding Dopey there, he don’t look as though his balls has dropped!”

“Fucking hell!” exclaimed an incandescent Brett, who unfortunately continued with in an angry vein with a statement that could only invite further trouble. “Yer a fucking rude bleeding fat cow, course us can all wank!”

“Well fucking prove it then Mr Dopey Fucking Bigmouth!” she sneered and ignored Brett, turning to Farty she aimed to vindictively twist the knife, brother or not. “I just hopes all yer little willy’s is bigger than that pissy little thing that Farty’s got!”

“Yer a fucking cow!” exclaimed Farty angrily, the truth hurt.

She laughed. “He thinks I’s don’t hear him at night squeaking away on his bed!”

Stunned into silence, totally embarrassed even if true, Farty was now really having nervous, intestinal trouble and hopped from on leg to another. The effect of the barbed comment in front of his friends had set off a deadly gaseous chain reaction inside, something nasty was brewing deep down and getting ready to escape.

All was not well. Poor Brett was horrified at the insults for it confirmed his view of girls and how horrible an older sister could be, Farty’s bottom was about to detonate and gas them all, Billie had been cruelly, viciously verbally put down so it was left to Jason to uphold the quest and save the day.

“Alright then, yer show us yer bits and we’ll show yer ours. Yer only a year older so yer’s ain’t that fucking grown up yet!”

“Bleeding hell… yer cheeky fucking…” Cilla stared at him for a few moments.

Not having entirely dismissed the suggestion out of hand, for in her very own way she was just as randy as any of them and would masturbate at any opportunity she could. That though was not the only thing in common for just as they wanted to see what bits a girl had, she desperately wanted to see what bits a boy offered. The only information she had was a garbled version from Bella of what she had seen when she caught her older brother with a friend comparing cocks behind the coal bunker.

“Oh shit!” Billie looked at Jason, now scared witless that he still may have display his boyhood, something his cock had just confirmed by going soft. “No, no! Oh fuck it!”

“And,” continued Jason angrily not having fully realised what he was letting them all in for, “and us wants to see yer wank as well!”

Needing to think, it took a few moments before she answered. “Alright then, but all of yer’s gotta wank at the same time, including Farty and little Dopey there!”

“Alright.” agreed Jason without reference to any of his petrified friends. “When?”

“I’ll fucking talk to him tonight and let yer know,” she nodded towards a very scared, white looking Farty, “now I’m gonna have me chips so fucking bog off!”

Turning on what she wished was a stiletto heel she stomped towards the dining room with a damp patch in her knickers, the boys looked at each other in shock.

“Oh, now we’s sodding well done it!” said Brett. “Oh shit!”

“Wot’s that! Somebody has!” exclaimed Billie starting to cough.

“Oh gawd,” Jason started to move quickly away, “Farty’s exploded again!”


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