Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 10: Crystal Balls

“Oi Bogbrush!” the footsteps became louder.

“Wot,” Bogbrush turned to see Joel scurrying across the playground towards him, “oh, so wot d’yer bloody want?”

“I, I wanted to say sorry,” said Joel looking at the ground, “uumm, about yesterday with Luke and that I’s, I dunno wot happened to me getting at him like that.”

“Sorry why? Wot’s bloody come over yer then?” he put his bag down. “I’ll tell yer wot, I reckons if yer gotta say something to somebody then it’s gotta be Luke innit, yer going on about dragging him in the bog, yer scared the poor bugger to death.”

“Yeah, I know.. I’ll find him and tell when we’s finished.”

“So yer want’s us to say it’s over then? I won’t need to beat the shit outta yer and yer’ll make it up to Luke now? And, I ‘spose Lee ‘cause yer pissed him off as well didn’t yer?”

“Yeah alright, alright, both of ’em then, I’ll do it now.”

“So yer’s gotta bloody conscience after all then?” Bogbrush smiled. “Thing is us two knows the real reason don’t us?”

“We does?” Joel looked around. “Wot’s mean, the real reason?”

“This is just between us two, right?”

“Yeah, right. Well wot?”

“Well we’s both as bent as nine-bob notes ain’t we?” he waited for a reply.

“Fuck..” Joel’s face fell. “Yer knows.”

“Course I bloody knows. Thing is that yer’s a lot more obvious than wot I’s is.”

“Not to me, I’d always wondered if yer, well might be as well.” Joel flushed. “Fuck, it’s strange how us knows innit?”

“Yeah, ‘tis innit. Look I’m just saying it as I see’s it, all honest like.” said Bogbrush. “You just fancied Luke didn’t yer, I know’s wot it’s like when sometimes yer just see’s some kid and yer starts getting all hard like!”

“So.. so, yer gets horny like that as well.. I thought it were just me.”

“Nah, course it ain’t.” now it was Bogbrush that looked around. “So now us both knows wot us likes, well, well why don’t us sorta get together for a bit of practice?”

“Well, uumm..” Joel was quite taken aback, his earlier comments to Lee regarding his many conquests being purely wishful thinking other than one very unsuccessful encounter with an eleven year old when premature ejaculation got the better of him.

“Look I ‘spect yer got a mate who yer can have a wank with like wot I has, but  fucking is a bit different innit, yer’s gotta find somebody special for that ain’t yer?” continued Bogbrush. “So, if us know’s us’s both queer and us can do it, well why not? I ain’t gonna say nothing is yer?”

“Nah, I ‘spose not, so..” Joel found his mouth dry, this time his bluff had really been called. “Has yer done much then?”

“Bit.” Bogbrush grinned. It was a rather disingenuous answer as he wasn’t saying exactly what for he as had correctly guessed that other than masturbating and ogling boys in the toilets, Joel was probably just as inexperienced. “Have yer?”

“I, uumm… I’s..” being put on the spot with little escape Joel’s façade crumbled, “well… I’s, I’s nearly fucked somebody once!”

“Ah, right!” pleased that Joel was no more advanced than he was, Bogbrush nodded. “Well yer’s got me all fucking hard, it’s a pity us can’t do nothing innit?”

“Yer hard?” Joel looked at Bogbrush’s trousers then at his watch. “Bells gonna go, us ain’t got time for a wank, wot about in the break?”

“Alright, don’t cum in yer pants before!” he smiled. “So now, before that bleeding bell rings yer’s gonna go and say sorry or something to Luke and Lee, now right?”

“Yeah alright.”


In the rosy afterglow of his sordid coupling with Byron, an overexcited and most certainly oversexed Kelvin was rushing towards the school to tell Bogbrush what had happened. Even hurrying along it was with great dexterity he managed to relive the moment and ejaculate yet again using only his left hand, the one-size-fits-all red striped Guptha’s International underpants absorbing most of the semen. Unaware that his new Guptha’s International trousers were already beginning to fall apart at the seams he was about to learn why they were classed as seconds, as seconds from Guptha’s International equated to eighths from anywhere else!

Arriving breathless at the school just after the morning break had started he immediately set about finding Bogbrush to tell him of his incredibly arousing adventure. Thinking he saw him leaving the playground he rushed over and by sheer chance caught both him and Joel who were on their way to find a deserted toilet for their assignation. Bogbrush was a little embarrassed at being found with Joel after only the previous day having been prepared to maim him, he quickly explained that Joel had had an epiphany and was just on his way to repair relations with Luke and Lee. Disappointed, yet also relieved at not physically getting to grips with Bogbrush, Joel said nothing and set off to find Lee leaving Kelvin to very excitedly relay the morning activities in all their gloriously slimy detail.

Naturally, they both played with themselves as the story unfolded and Kelvin, having relived things yet again was very, very excitedly rubbing himself through his only pocket, he looked around. “I think’s I might cum again.”

“How many times is that then? And in them? Yer new trousers?” asked Bogbrush with a grin, he looked down at the fly which was already showing what could only be wet patches.

“Yeah why?”

“So yer’ve cum in ’em already, since with that Dipstick kid in the bog?”

“Twice.. oh shit…how d’yer know that?” asked Kelvin in surprise, was Bogbrush that much of a psychic and could he really read crystal balls?

“Spunk innit!”

“Spunk? Wot’s mean?”

Kelvin’s hand, now having had a reasonable amount of left sided pocket practice found that even through the lining it could worm it’s way underneath the elastic of his briefs if he wriggled around sufficiently.

“Well yer fucking zips undone, so’s I can see yer hand in yer pants and that yer’s already covered ’em in a gert load of cum, yer a dirty fucking sod ain’t yer!”

“Oh fuck!” Kelvin looked down, his Guptha’s International red striped briefs were on display and very clearly soaked through with semen.

“D’yer do that on the way back from the bog then? I means, wank as yer walked?” Bogbrush grinned, very aroused he pushed his hand down the front of his trousers and rearranged matters. “Fucking hell Kelv, I’m gonna cum in a minute!”

“Couldn’t fucking help it!” replied Kelvin struggling with the zip only to realise what the actual problem was. “Fuck! Oh fuck! The fucking zips fell off me trousers!”

“Yer wot?” Bogbrush bend down and looked for a few moments. “Oh fuck, I see’s wot yer means.. the stitches has gone ain’t they!”

“Fuck. Wot’s I gonna do?” Kelvin was ashen.

Under the tremendous pressure of Kelvin’s penis erectus, the extremely poor stitching had allowed the zip to become detached from the trousers. Kelvin was looking in horror at the zip he now held in his spunk fingers and the gaping fly which displayed his soggy red striped briefs. Equally obvious was the bulbous head of his monster erection as it pressed on the wet fabric in an attempt to escape it’s very slimy prison.

“Ooohhh fuck!” exclaimed Bogbrush, instantly aroused by the situation. “Now yer can’t fucking close it up can yer, they pants with them gert red stripes looks tasty!”

Indeed they were, the wide red and white stripes of Kelvins voluminous Guptha’s International one-size-fits-all underpants were a magnet to the enquiring eye, the white stripes tinted with yellowing shades of both dried, damp and wet semen.

Kelvin just looked, his intestines rumbled, decidedly active. “No! Oh fuck!”

“Can’t yer get yer willy to go down, that’ll stop it trying to get out yer trousers won’t it?” said Bogbrush looking round and sniffing. “Hey, have yer farted?”

“D’yer thinks if I wanks again it’ll go soft?” asked Kelvin naively ignoring the intense aroma of his nervously rumbling intestines. “They always goes soft after a wank don’t ‘em?”

“Yeah, I spose yer right, but…” the lesson bell rang, “just wot I was gonna say, yer ain’t got bleeding time now have yer?”

“Oh fuck, I’ll have to do it in the lesson then.” lateral thinking prevailed.

“That’s alright innit, yer’s wanks loads in lessons ain’t yer?” he grinned. “Just don’t fucking fart again or yer’ll gas the whole fucking lot of us!”

“Shut up about farting for fuck’s sake!” said Kelvin having finally realised he still had the rest of the day to get through with the trousers. “Yeah, so wot’s the lesson?”

“History innit? I don’t fucking knows do I, don’t make no difference wot it is do it really, it’s all a waste of time innit?” Bogbrush neatly summed up their aspirations.

“Fuck!” Kelvin lifted his bag and put it in front as he started to walk, a sure sign of a hidden erection as everybody in the school knew and that included Mr Wilson.


A little earlier and not a million miles away in the playground the inevitable erections of Jason, Billie and Brett were being manipulated through trouser pockets whilst the intense conversation relating to what was actually between a girls legs continued. Naturally, no real conclusion could be reached without either photographic evidence or better still, a first hand sighting from somebody who had a sister that could be spied upon or unless they were mentally deficient could be persuaded to be studied.

“Well, I don’t give a toss about no bleeding girls, I likes wanking with yer two!” concluded Billie, who despite his comment had been so aroused at the conversation that for the second time ejaculation had only just been averted.

“I agree’s.” said Brett, who after his exciting encounter with Bogbrush thought that boys were really the only way to go. “D’yer reckon when us is older us might get interested like?”

“Fuck know’s, who cares,” Billie grinned, “I really want’s a wank right now!”

“Yeah, where then?” asked Brett.

“Hey, ‘spose us asks Farty if he’ll have a look at his sister for us, she ain’t much older is she?” said Jason still keen to discover all he could. “I’s just like to know.”

“Who’s Farty? Oh… yer means Stevie fucking wonder, don’t yer?” Billie laughed. “Ain’t she a bit fat, that sister of his?”

“Yeah, oh him, Farty… well they’s both fat ain’t they!” Brett looked over to see the said Farty was actually walking past not too far away. “Wonder wot he eats to fart like that all the time?”

“Beans innit? He looks like bean! Tell yer wot, out Kelv’s been eating fucking tins of bean as well, yer wants to smell his room!” said Jason. “So who’s gonna ask him?”

“Oh, ask Farty yer means.” said Brett.

“Well Jase, yer the one that wants to know, so yer’s ask him,” said Brett, “we’s just happy to have a gert wank!”

“Uumm, d’yer think he wanks?” said Jason. “I’s ain’t never asked him or seen his willy at games or nothing.”

“Who? Oh Farty?”

“D’yer think he’s got a willy hidden in all that fat?”

“Let’s find out, ‘cause if he do then he’ll be interested in wot fanny’s do won’t he?” said Jason applying not a lot of logic. “All he gotta do is ask her for a flash innit!”

“Oi Farty!” called out Billie. “Come over.”

“Wot’s want then?” the more than slightly plump Farty duly joining them.

“Now we wants to ask yer something.” began Billie, his hand already active again.

“Oh? Wot’s that?” Farty was quite unprepared for what was to follow.

“Yeah well it’s dead easy, look us all does it so us wants to know if yer wanks a lot?” even for Jason it wasn’t very tactfully put.

“Wot! Fuck!” Farty immediately went red. “Why, why d’yer wanna know?”

“Well, looks like fucking Billie’s doing it now!” said Brett giggling.

“‘cause if yer does wank, then yer’ll want to know about girly fanny bits won’t yer? And, so does us, so us thought yer could have a gert good look at yer sisters fanny thingy and tell us wot it’s like.”

Jason looked very pleased with the subtle framing of his proposal, even if the grammar wasn’t particularly good. From the expression on Billie’s face he now appeared to very close to ejaculating again and Brett had also started rubbing himself with a vengeance. Farty was still bright red, for like many twelve year old boys sexual activity was very much a private matter and as yet he was still to pluck up the courage to ask somebody to mutually indulge or even dare talk about it.

“D’yer wank with anybody?” suddenly asked Brett, himself only having recently been liberated from solo mode and realising how the shy Farty might feel.

Still a delightful shade of embarrassed red, Farty slowly shook his head.

“But yer does though don’t yer?” said Brett.

Farty nodded and looked at the ground.

“So yer done it this morning then like us all do?” continued Brett. “Look, don’t worry about saying so, ‘cause we’s all do it when us wakes up don’t us? And, look bleeding Billie’s still doing it now, look he don’t never stop, he’ll go blind I ‘spect!”

Farty nodded, now even redder than red and still a quite unsure about whether there was any truth in the old adage about going blind. He had already noticed Billie was hard at work and unaware the many stains on the front of his trousers were his brothers he was really impressed!

“Could yer do it again… if we all does it with yer?” Brett smiled. “Have a wank like.”

“Where?” Farty finally spoke, his voice very faint. It was a now or never opportunity to move life on.

“Come on.” Jason nodded towards the bike sheds. “Over there by them bike sheds.”

“Bleeding hell have yer farted again Farty?” Billie wrinkled his nose as they set off.

“It’s me nerves innit, makes me fart!”

“Well don’t fucking gas us will yer! Make a noise next time so we knows yer done it, don’t just drop one!”

Farty trailed behind, dreading what was to come.

“Yer been wanking long then?” asked Jason in a very matter of fact way.

“Uumm.. couple of months.”

Farty was unaware of the pedigree of the masturbators who’s company he was now in, nor that Jason had seriously abused himself in discovering a whole gambit of different techniques. And, that didn’t include conscription to the intensive hands-on apprenticeship organised by the sex craved Kelvin over the past many months.

“Come round by here, it’s where us all do’s it,” Brett disappeared behind a graffiti covered wall, “yer can’t be seen if somebody keeps a look out.”

“I’ll do that.” said Billie standing by the corner.

“Right, shall us all drop our trousers all together then?” said Jason already undoing the waistband. “Cor, Farty yer got us all excited, I’m real fucking hard now!”

The inherently shy Farty didn’t reply, he just looked petrified for less than five minutes before the chances of him exhibiting his tiny appendage were several million to one.

Billie wasn’t hanging around and was the first to push his trousers down to his ankles or to be more precise, under the weight of dried spunk that his brother had injected into them they just fell to the ground.

“Cor look at they.” Brett pointed to Billie’s underpants, which had the same baby butterflies on them as had Jason’s the previous day, which just went to prove that everybody’s mother shopped at Guptha’s International.

“Fuck I got some of they, yer mum musta got ’em at bleeding Guptha’s!” said Jason allowing his own trousers to fall and expose something even worse than butterflies.

“Wot the fuck’s on they then!” Billie burst out laughing pointing to Jason’s red and yellow spotted briefs. They’s a girly pattern!”

“Well so’s yer fucking butterflies so don’t fucking go on about ‘em! I can’t help it, ‘cause me mum works there don’t she, so she gotta a job lot cheap like!”

Taking advantage of the banter that was going on Brett had dropped his trousers to reveal some very small white briefs. “Mickey’s being washed so’s I got these today.”

“Wot yer got then Farty?” asked Billie, who unable to wait had beaten the others to it and already had his cock poking out from the side of his briefs for being Guptha’s International the fly was only decorative and sewn up.

“Uumm..” Farty was shy, nervous, very embarrassed and above all trapped. Slowly he started to unzip his fly and fumbled with the clasp whilst trying not to look at Billie’s twitching offering which was the longest, if skinniest there.

“I’ll give yer a hand.” said Brett moving over to help the trembling fingers having seen that Farty was in a similar situation to what he had so recently been through.

“It ain’t very big.” mumbled Farty nervously.

“Neither’s mine, but it makes spunk so that’s all that matters innit?” said Brett.

“Anyway’s yer can’t help wot yer got born with can yer?” said Jason wrestling to get his cock through the sewn up fly. “It’s wot yer does with it, it ain’t the size, I’d like to have a gert big ‘un like Billie’s but I’s got wot I got, d’yer see wot I means?”

Farty nodded, resigned to his fate he left Brett to carry on with the unveiling whilst he continued to wish he wasn’t there, suddenly his trousers were pulled down to reveal little of note other than some very plain white briefs with a minimal lump.

Brett stopped to make a suggestion that might bolster Farty’s confidence. “Shall us get ’em out together then?”

“Yer don’t have to show if it yer don’t want too, we’s just thought yer might wanna join in if we has a quick wank.” said Billie, who it seemed had already managed to coax a small bubble of something from the end of his cock.

“But, but I does,” Farty looked round, cheered to see that Brett didn’t have much to offer he decided to tell the truth, “I’s just afraid yer gonna larf at it, see it’s why I ain’t never done nothing like it before innit.”

“Well we ain’t gonna fucking larf, just get yer pants down before I cums and the bleeding bell rings!” Billie moved closer to see what it was that Farty was hiding.

“Looks alright, be about the same size as Brett’s if he rubs it a bit.” announced Jason peering over. “Wot’s wrong with that?”

“And, it’s got the end bit,” agreed Billie, by now actively masturbating, “so get on with it, let’s see it cum!”

Relieved, not say absolutely delighted Farty’s enthusiasm for mutual self-abuse immediately increased several fold as he joined the race to the finish and finished fourth in the climax stakes, but third in the quantity category!

“Now, listen Farty,” said Jason, “yer’s got yer older sister at school here ain’t yer?”

“Wot yer means our Cilla? Yeah, why?”

“That her name? Well, ‘cause we wants to know wot her bits is like,” he grinned quite unabashed at the direct request, “yer knows wot I means, like wot’s her fanny thing look like?”

“Ooh…” Farty wasn’t too sure how to reply for lately he had been trying to see for himself, “well I ain’t seen much since us were on holiday last year when I gets a flash of her thing while us was messing about on the beach.”

“But could yer try to see wot she got or, or would she give yer a flash if yer asked her?” suggested Billie somewhat optimistically, all this now being despite his earlier reticence to show any interest in the subject.

“Was it a bit hairy?” said Brett. “And, we wants to know is how they girls wanks, well they do don’t ’em?”

“She won’t show me and I ain’t asking, ‘cause she’ll get all pissy like they does.”

“Do she like boys?” asked Jason deciding to try another tack.

“I think she do, thing is she’s a bit lumpy like so I don’t think no boys would fancy her like.” said Farty.

“Wot she’s fat then?” Brett put it very succinctly.

“I ‘spose.”

“So d’yer means, no boy ain’t gonna fancy giving her one ‘cause she’s a bit fat, is that it?” said Jason sounding very authoritative on the subject.

“Cor yer knows a lot Jase, so wot’s mean then, giving her one? One wot?” Billie looked puzzled, which didn’t take a lot. “Wot, a bleeding cup of tea or something?”

“Well… uummm… oh fuck!” Jason’s bluff had been called, the bluster evaporated, the truth came out. “I don’t fucking dunno does I? It’s wot that dirty sod Kelvin says, he say’s if yer’s got a girl you gotta fucking give her one!”

“Has he given one, one then?” Brett looked very interested as he continued to rub himself. “Wonder where’s yer get’s one!”

“Oh, I don’t bleeding know does us, but I does know all he do is wanks a lot!”

“Well we all knows that!” Brett laughed, at least they were back on home ground.

“Look Farty, so will yer point her out to us in our dinner break?” said Billie for once showing some meagre signs of intelligence. “Wot class she in?”

“Three G I thinks, she just thirteen like, but she got lots of narky little friends.”

“So’s her’s only a year older then, so,” continued Billie who was once again rubbing himself, “so, d’yer thinks she wanks?”

“Might do, I dunno, she do go in the bog a lot and comes out walking funny!”

“And, how much d’yer wank then?” with Billie on the subject, Farty had no escape.

“Uumm.. well, a bit, like… yer knows.” yet again poor Farty was easily embarrassed.

“Like how many times a day?” Billie was now rubbing even faster.

“Well I does it at least three or four.” said Brett in protective mode on seeing Farty was not at his best when it came to making such personal admissions.

“Same I ‘spose.” mumbled Farty knowing it was more like one or possibly two for in his total innocence he was still unsure if blindness could be the end result.

“Us wanks in class don’t us Jase?” said Billie proudly, his hand becoming a blur.

“Is yer cumming again?” asked Jason.

“Might do.” Billie grinned inanely, there seemed little might about it.

“Wot yer means yer gonna cum in yer pants then… oh.. uumm.. I, I ain’t..” Farty dried up, this was new and exciting territory so much so that his modest organ twitched inside the white briefs.

“Well I’s gonna do it when we’s in class, ‘cause yer sat down then and it don’t show so much do it?” said Brett having thought it through.

“Wot? Yer don’t wanks in class do yer?” asked Farty in amazement. Not that anybody would notice, but he was now fully erect and slipped a hand in his pocket.

“Oohhhh  fuck!” Billie doubled up, the result of the finger going through the hole in his pocket and being pushed up inside his foreskin. “Fuck, fuck, I’s cumming!”

“Fucking disgusting ain’t he?” said Jason with a grin. “He’s worse than wot I’s is!”

“But ain’t it.. I means all sticky and that to walk with?” Farty watched in amazement along with the realisation that even the most intimate actions of the trio were not secretive and if anything were there for the mutual arousal of all.

“Yeah, but that’s the fun innit?” said Billie now licking his finger. “Yer all stuck up!”

“Farty, I think yer’s gotta be taken in hand,” said Jason laughing, “so yer sit by me next lesson and I’ll get me hand in yer pants and us’ll get yer started!”

Farty gasped, his cock jerked, he was finally to engage with another boy and his fantasies could become reality.

“So’s we’s all gonna cum in the next lesson then?” Brett smiled, at least he would try assuming he could find a way inside his tight briefs. “And so’s yer Farty, ‘cause yer one of us now.”

“But.. I only just did and, and it’s geography next innit!” Farty sounded rather more than apprehensive due to a fear of latent blindness and total penile debilitation.

“That’s alright ‘cause us can all cum twice, all quick like can’t us?” Jason had never even considered the fact that the shy boys like Farty were so far behind sexually. “Course Fart’s some of us can do it gert loads more quick like, can’t us Billie!”

Billie grinned as he licked his fingers.


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