Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 4: Matters of uniform

“There look, see he’s over there!”

Kelvin pointed towards Jason who was huddled together with his friends Billie and Brett on the far edge of the playground where it has to be said, even at that distance their uniforms looked par for the course decidedly tired and mismatched.

Due to the vagaries of council estate living and the minimal academic expectations, most parents were somewhat economical when it came to buying any new school  uniform. Thus older siblings were generally the source of Guptha’s International sartorial inelegance for the younger offspring, for it seemed only logical to expend any extra cash on a bigger television set or a case of brown ale than waste money on a school uniform. Besides, in all probability nothing would ever be learnt and with the clothing being of infamous Guptha’s International quality it would probably self-destruct or be destroyed in less than a term anyway, far better to re-cycle the hand-me downs that were already in stock!

Billie’s uniform was a case in point, for he had recently inherited his older brothers trousers which were not only concertinaed around his ankles, but possessed of a vast elephantine ass. Embarrassingly, in their time they had absorbed so immense a quantity of his brothers semen that there was no disguising their previous history for the area around the fly bore ample evidence for all to see. Still, that was offset to a degree by the oversize and frayed blazer which partially covered the offending heavily stained area. If that were not enough embarrassment for Billie to contend with, his mother had also been to Guptha’s International, so like Bogbrush he too was wearing new underpants and in his case the very garish turquoise with a sort of dried-spunk shade of yellow lining. Luckily there was more than ample room inside the commodious trousers to accommodate the equally commodious briefs, yet even so he was not looking forward to the afternoons games lesson where he was sure to be ridiculed on getting changed.

Unfortunately or possibly luckily, Brett had no older brothers only an much older sister and he could hardly wear her clothes, so he was resigned to wearing the same outfit for another year despite the fact he had actually grown somewhat. Grown he may have, but he was still nevertheless the shortest and thinnest of the three boys, his blazer eloquently making the point for it’s sleeves were now a couple of inches too short and whereas other boy’s could hide an unwelcome erection under it, his was always on display! If his blazer looked bad then his trousers were far worse being nearly three inches short and hanging above his scuffed shoes displaying more of Guptha’s International pure nylon gaudy coloured socks. Logically it followed that if the legs were that short then everything else would also be wanting as well, so to that end in order to fasten the straining waistband the rear trouser seam had to be pulled up so far up it felt as though he were being sawn in half. And, just to cap it all despite his small stature he was of an age where masturbation featured heavily in his life so that through the tightly stretched grey trouser material any sign of an erection was immediately highlighted and invariably laughed at.

“Yer look, he’s just like yer is.” Bogbrush laughed as they approached.

“Wot’s mean?” asked Kelvin looking at the boys ahead. “Wot?”

“Look, the dirty little bugger, he’s wanking, look at his hand going in his pocket!”

“Fucking bog off!” replied Kelvin. “I don’t fucking does that does I?”

Bogbrush simply looked at him and smiled.

Aroused by the subject matter, Jason was attempting explain the mysteries of the female body to Billie and Brett. However, it was proving to be something of problem for he couldn’t actually remember the precise anatomy from the semen stained pictures which he had seen in Kelvin’s magazine the night before.

“So’s yer saying they gotta bumhole front and back?” Brett looked confused, for after Jason’s convoluted explanation he most certainly was. “So they’s can crap out the front or the back?”

“Nah, nah.. that ain’t it. Look, wot I means is their fanny thingy looks like a bumhole at the front and that’s were yer sticks yer willy when yer fuck’s ‘em!”

“Well, I ain’t sticking me willy up no front bumhole whether they’s shit though it or not!” Billie was obviously unimpressed by the whole sordid girly topic. “Anyhow, how d’yer know wot a bumhole looks like? Yer’s bin looking at bums again, ain’t yer?”

“Wot!” Jason blushed, he had certainly looked at his own on many, many occasions since there was nobody else’s to look at. “No I bleeding ain’t, bog off!”

“Ah, yer fucking have ain’t yer!” Brett laughed. “And, it’s games today innit, so I ‘spect yer’ll be going round looking at bumholes while us all changes!”

“I fucking won’t!” Jason was now quite red, it wasn’t bums he went looking for, but actually willy’s and hopefully hard so he could compare the length to his own!

“Well, yer can both see mine if yer really wants.” suddenly volunteered Brett.

“Wot! Oh fuck!” gasped Billie, for this was a taboo subject. “Wot.. yer bum? Why?”

Whilst alright to joke about, such bodily orifices were never offered for a proper viewing, to flash one’s willy was one thing, flashing a bumhole never! However, Brett was tired of solo sex and having no brother to play with had suddenly decided to jettison all inhibitions and make an offer that hopefully neither Jason nor Billie would be able to resist.

“Fuck! Yer really does means it, don’t yer?” confirmed a very surprised Jason.

“Yer look, Jase is wanking now just thinking about it!” added Billie, no mean onanist himself for should his baggy trousers reveal all, he was just as aroused as Jason.

“Yeah. I’s so small nobody wants to wank with me or that so,” Brett paused and looked at the ground obviously embarrassed and then finally blurted out what he had been too shy to say for quite some time, “so, so I’d let yer two do things to me… well willy and me bum.. yer knows wot I means… well, only if yer wants like!”

It was true, although to be fair not all boys wanted to be intimate with their peers. Neither Jason or Billie had ever assumed that other than joking about things with Brett that he had ever wanted to join in with their secretive, sticky fumblings and unbeknown to them he quite plainly did.

However, before either could agree to Brett’s offer or elaborate any further the sky darkened, shadows in the shape of Kelvin and Bogbrush fell over the proceedings.

“Oi Jason.” said Kelvin.

“Oh bleeding hell, it’s yer two wankers, wot’s yer want?” said Jason recognising the voice and turning to see the non-dynamic duo of Bogbrush and Kelvin.

“Well yer’s a wanker as well and looks like yer doing it right now, don’t it Bogs?”

Bogbrush nodded. “He don’t never stop.”

“Oh, sod off Kelv!” Jason wasn’t masturbating per se, he was simply rather excited and stroking his cock at the thought of having a naked Brett before him to explore.

“Who’s yer little kiddy friends then?” asked Bogbrush unashamedly checking them over for erections and pocket manipulations while imagining them in short trousers.

“Sod off, we ain’t fucking kiddies!” said Jason. “Fucking stop looking at me… me..”

“Me little willy!” Kelvin completed the sentence and laughed.

“We’s just checking out little kiddies, ‘cause we knows yer little wankers!” Bogbrush smiled and looked pointedly at Jason’s trousers. “Yer sure yer ain’t wanking? Yer been at it today I ‘spose?”

“Fuck off! Stop looking at me trousers!” Jason blushed to confirm he wasn’t but he had.

“That’s uumm.. little wot’s his fucking name innit?” Kelvin pointed to Billie.

“That’s clever innit, yeah that’s wot’s his fucking name!” echoed an annoyed Jason.

“Ah, fuck off yer little tosser or I’ll have to sort yer out later!” replied Kelvin.

“Bog off, yer can’t even sort out yer bleeding shoe laces!”

“I’ll fucking have yer later!”

“Ah, fuck off yer gert pillock, go wank!”

“Hey, look at them spunky trousers, yer must be a right dirty little wanker then?” said Bogbrush bending down to look at Billie’s trousers. “I’s bet yer does it a lot!”

“No more than yer does!” Billie pointed to the growing lump in Bogbrush’s trousers. “Yer all hard and ready for a wank now ain’t yer, yer a dirty bugger!”

“Wot’s yer name kiddo,” Bogbrush blatantly stroked his ever growing bulge, “yer fancy a quick ‘un then? Got a big ’un?”

“Ah fuck off!” replied Billie. “I ain’t wanking with yer, yer can do it with yer wanky mate there!”

“Yeah, thinks yer fucking clever don’t yer? And, his names Billie not kiddo!? Don’t you two never talk about nothing but wanking?” snapped Jason having realised the needling and  banter between the two could go on for a long time, especially since the subject matter was all anyone ever did talk about. “Now, tell us wot’s want or just bleeding sod off!”

“Well yer can fucking talk,” said Kelvin laughing, “all yer does is wank innit! Hey kiddies, yer lot wanna see them spunky pants he’s got on.. I bets they’s still all sticky from last night… and this morning, he thinks I’s don’t knows he’s wears ’em to bed so’s he can wank in ’em all night… him and his little carrot!”

To say that was a grave mistake for Jason’s very angry right foot made contact with his Kelvin’s leg. “Fucking shut up.. yer.. yer a fucking cunt!”

“Little sod I’ll fucking smash yer fucking head in!” Kelvin lunged, Jason really was purple with rage and red with embarrassment at having such intimate details revealed, even to his best friends even if they were true, side stepped the punch.

“Now, fucking stop it or us’ll be fucking caught,” said Bogbrush finally moving to stand in between the warring brothers, “anyways, I’s bets there ain’t nobody who ain’t not wore their pants to bed to wank in is there?”

Five faces looked at each other, some more flushed than others, particularly Billie’s although luckily the carrot had not been mentioned again!

Eventually with peace more or less restored it was a very, very aroused Bogbrush that looked down from at least a foot above Brett. “So who’s the little midget then?”

“That’s me mate Brett.” exclaimed Jason indignantly, still recovering from the shock and humiliation of having the true state of his underpants and questionable bedtime pursuits revealed, he was still in a very defensive mood.

“Hey.. let’s guess then, who’s he… I knows… it’s bleeding Grumpy with that Snow White!” Kelvin having excelled himself with his literary knowledge started to laugh.

“Don’t yer fucking say things like that about him, ‘cause he’s me mate and yer just a fucking gert prick!” Jason slapped Kelvin very hard across  this bottom, it had no real effect for Kelvin continued laughing.

“Yeah, well I’s got a fucking gert prick ain’t I? Bigger than yer’ll ever fucking have!”

“Oh fucking shut up a minute Kelv.” Bogbrush turned to look down Brett. “Brett? Brett? Wot sorta fucking names that then? Never bleeding heard of it!”

“Fucking knock it off, stop taking the piss, yer just a pair of bleeding gert wankers!” continued the very irate Jason.

Very, very, very annoyed, Brett gathered himself up to his full four foot and a little bit and winced for the effort combined with the vicious trouser seam had all but cut his tiny balls off.

“Well I’d rather be called Brett than fucking Bogbrush!” he squeaked.

“Ooh!” Kelvin started laughing again. “Yer that’s a good one innit!”

“Well if I’s Bogbrush then yer a fucking little toothbrush!” replied Bogbrush with a grin, having taken a fancy to the small boy he had already devised a devious plan. Being something of a predator when it came to younger boys his golden rule was that if the subject were old enough to masturbate, then he were old enough for a little fun!

“Wot a fucking pair of gert tossers they is!” said Jason in disgust to Billie.

“Wonder they ain’t sodding blind innit!” Billie, had reluctantly decided that maybe it was not really the time to enquire if Jason’s underpants really were as described.

However, both situations it seemed had now been defused and with insults again being again routinely traded Kelvin proceeded to solicit from the Billie such details of the fat young man in the public toilet as were known. The information was gathered on the pretext of passing it onto Bogbrush’s cousin who was rumoured to like such dubious couplings. Of course everybody there knew the information was really for Bogbrush and Kelvin, although none of the younger boys ever believed they would to quote the vernacular, have the balls to use it and actually proposition the mystery  toilet dweller!

Leaving Kelvin to verbally fantasise to Jason and Billie on what could happen in the public toilet Bogbrush leant down and whispered to Brett.

“Yer kid, them trousers is a bit tight, ain’t you got no others?”

“Nah, I ain’t, me mum says they’s gotta do another term or something”

Brett looked very embarrassed at the admission for he knew only too well how silly he must have looked, especially with the matching ultra small blazer. Even so he still hadn’t quite worked out whether his mothers trade off for him looking silly or being able to watch a larger than average television was worth it.


“See kiddo,” Bogbrush sniffed nonchalantly, just as one might sniff nonchalantly, “see, I might be able to help yer out there.”

“Wot’s mean?” Brett look up and up. “Help, how?”

“See, I thinks I still got some of them small trousers from when I was yer age, they’d be alright to wear, wouldn’t they like, yeah?”

“Yer wot?” Brett wasn’t sure if he had heard correctly. Could it be small trousers or economy sized manna from heaven. “Wot? D’yer reckon they’d fit me?”

The bonus of having trousers that fitted immediately translated into having the extra ability to play with himself through a pocket as most other boys did, then maybe he too could ejaculate in his underpants as Jason apparently, regularly did.

“D’yer thinks yer mum would mind if yer was given ’em then?”

“Nah, don’t thinks she’d even notice!” Brett’s face lit up, he continued excitedly. “D’yer really thinks yer might have something? Oh but, but wot d’yer want for ’em?”

“Ooh.. well..”

Bogbrush flinched he knew very well what he wanted for them and the slimy patch that had just developed inside his spunk coloured briefs to confirmed it, but he dare not tell Brett that, yet. Just like Kelvin it didn’t take much to get precum production started and the visions of Brett removing his trousers had really done the trick, not to say hit the spot, wet or otherwise.

“See I ain’t got no money or nothing.” Brett looked up taking note of the bumfluff and acne bursting like star shells that colourfully decorated Bogbrush’s chin.

“Don’t worry about that, look… uumm.. say if, if yer was to come home with us after school, we could try and find ’em and, and,” through his bottomless pocket he pulled on his foreskin so anointing his fingers with precum, “well, lets find ’em first and see wot yer thinks they’s worth. Wouldn’t be lot, so wot’s think?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Brett nodded excitedly not realising that he would of course have to try them on, whereas Bogbrush had already planned on helping do that very thing.

“Now don’t say nothing to yer mates, this’ll be our little secret wunnit?” Bogbrush smiled and drew his spunky fingers across his mouth.

“Nah, course not.” Brett frantically nodded, having now decided that what a nice boy Bogbrush had turned out to be and already forgiven him for his earlier insults.

“Oi! Wot’s yer two bleeding whispering about?” interrupted Kelvin poking Bogbrush.

“Nothing, nothing.” Bogbrush turned and winked.

“Oh fuck… I’s got it!” generally short on brainpower Kelvin might have been, but he knew exactly what Bogbrush had in mind and of his predilection for the younger boys. “Ah right I gets it, well come on then Bogs, us got wot us wants to know and it’s dinner time, so let’s go and have some bean and that!”

Dragging a reluctant Bogbrush away from his latest young conquest to the far side of the playground Kelvin stopped when they were hidden by a corner of the building.

“Yer a dirty fucker, wot yer gonna do with that little Brett kid then?”

“I’s giving him some of me old trousers and helping him take his off, but he don’t know that bit yet!” he grinned. “D’you thinks he’s gotta cute little cock, I wanna see him have a wank and maybe help him!”

“Be a small one wunnit, I ‘spose if yer lucky he might wanna pull yer’s… well, if yer don’t frighten him when yer gets it outta then spunky pants!”

“Yer only fucking jealous, I’s bets yer’d wank him if yer had the chance!”

“Yeah I would,” freely admitted Kelvin, who for some inexplicable reason already had his hand through the pocket and grasping his cock, “see, ‘cause now yer’s got me thinking about him, well, d’yer fancy a quick ‘un now before dinner bell?”

Bogbrush grinned, always ready for action he had been playing with himself through the bottomless pocket thinking of undressing Brett. “Yeah, let’s see who cums first!”

“Bleeding hell yer’ve already started!” for once Kelvin was slow on the uptake.

“Course I has, he’s turned us right on, so’s get rubbing,” Bogbrush laughed, “and he’s coming home with us to get them trousers after school.”

“Yer a crafty sod, so that’s wot’s hooked him, so’s d’yer wants I’s to pretend I’s don’t know nothing then?”

“Yeah maybe, ‘cause I don’t wanna scare him off, don’t worry I’ll tell yer all about it and.. and… ooh fuck!” clamping his legs together and partially folding up there was no doubt the very aroused Bogbrush had been the first to come and very quickly.

The sight and sound of which spurred Kelvin on to greater things for within seconds he too had ejaculated leaving them both with the task of smearing the discharge around beneath their trousers and hoping that it would not be too obvious. The pervading smell was however something of a clue as to what had been happening!

Considering he had finished cleaning up, Kelvin licked his fingers and addressed the other pressing topic. “So wot’s reckon, we’s gonna see the bloke in the public bog?”

“I ‘spose we goes and see’s wot it’s all about, don’t us?”

“But ‘spose he’s like a proper queer or something, ‘cause I don’t wanna get like that do I?” said Kelvin who was firmly of the opinion that he could catch being turned into a homosexual rather like an illness.

“I dunno,” Bogbrush licked his fingers, they really were quite delicious, “well, I ‘spose he do look like some old git, well, uumm.. well, we’ll just fuck off shall us?”

“Yeah, but,” finally all of Kelvin’s brain cells were beginning to fire at once, “but, yer ‘spose if he ain’t and he don’t look too bad wot’s we gonna do then?”

“Dunno? Would yer wanna fuck him?”

“Wot up his bum?” from Kelvins facial expression the suggestion had caused panic.

“Well bleeding little wot’s-his-fucking-name’s big fucking brother done it, ain’t he?”

“But…” entering a strange bottom was a subject even Kelvin with his own disgusting personal hygiene and spunk laden briefs found difficult to comprehend.

“But, fucking wot?”

Kelvin looked around, well how d’yer know he ain’t got a shitty bum?”


Not wishing to loose his tame sexual partner Bogbrush thought very hard, for one thing Kelvin was not the fully committed boy predator that he was and showed a shy, but passing interest in girls of the opposite sex. He just had to be on board for moral support, safety was in numbers seemed paramount for their proposed visit to unknown in a public toilet.

“Well,” he continued after some thought, “I ‘spose if I’s was to fuck him first that would sorta clean his hole ready for yer turn wunnit?”

“Yeah, that’ll  be alright then,” Kelvin nodded, it seemed a very practical and sensible solution, he added sagely. “that’ll be clean then for me willy won’t it?”

“Yeah, right. Course if it were a bit shitty wouldn’t be no worse than wot us gets on yer carrot or yer fingers when us does it home now and again, would it?”

“Yer, yeah uumm, yeah I ‘spose… sorta… yeah..” agreed Kelvin not entirely wishing Bogbrush to know the vegetable aspect was a very, very regular, if often very, very messy occurrence.

Since Kelvin’s fingers had just been withdrawn from his soggy briefs, it was time for seconds. Whilst licking them he contemplated the hygiene factor after their rectal foray the previous evening after Jason had finally gone to sleep, for even then the idea of a wash had not even occurred to him. Maybe, he concluded it was probably best not to lick them immediately on withdrawal, but leave it a few minutes first!

“So I reckons we’s be alright like.” said Bogbrush, being well versed in finger licking whatever the circumstances, even straight after a basic anal excursion, in fact any excursion. “Maybe if his willy ain’t no bigger than a carrot he could fuck us? Yeah?”

“Yeah, a willy shaped like a little carrot! Cor, be a change from me fingers and that.” replied Kelvin dreamily, in fact so dreamily that the conversation took a lurch from fantasy to the practical. “I do likes the sound of that, but… oh, but, ‘spose, ’spose we got dirty bums.. d’yer think he’d mind?”

“Nah, doubt it.” replied Bogbrush firmly. He couldn’t care less who had a dirty bum for all he wanted was to be fucked, well that was if it didn’t hurt too much!


“When’s we gonna do it then?” asked Kelvin. “Have to be the weekend I ‘spose?”

“Yeah, I ‘spose.” Bogbrush scratched the acne on his chin with one hand and milked some more spunk from his foreskin onto his fingers with the other.

“Saturday then?”

“But,” Bogbrush paused to lick his fingers, “but, I knows yer’s can’t wake up on Saturday without wanking? Look see, ‘cause us’ll need to be like fully spunked up for him won’t us?”

“Ooh, yeah, ‘cause he’ll want a real gert load won’t he?” the machinations of Kelvin’s brain were all but visible. “Fuck, I don’t knows if I can’t get up and go without a wank, I ain’t never done that since I’s been able to cum!”

“Well yer’ll have to bleeding well try, ‘cause I’m going too,” said Bogbrush, “and don’t forget I knows just how much yer cums in the morning, so yer can’t fool me! See, ‘cause when you did that sleep-over thing at our house yer fucking well flooded me bed in the morning!”

“Yeah well, we didn’t have to share yer bed did us, yer got me in there!” Kelvin grinned. “I can’t fucking help it if I can cums gert loads all fucking day long can I?”

“Well just don’t fucking wank on Saturday morning, yer’s gotta leave it alone.”

And, so the afternoon progressed with inane conversation and thoughts of what sexual deviancy could await them on the Saturday, the amazing thing being that they both managed to abstain from further abuse that afternoon. Although for Kelvin it was partly because his lime green briefs had reached saturation point and that he wanted to save himself and hope he could talk Jason into some perverted act when he got home. Bogbrush was of course saving himself for his meeting with young Brett and knew that after only some three hours abstinence he would be able to produce a truly monumental load.

It was gone four o’clock when Brett looked at the outside of Bogbrush’s house, a standard three bedroom terraced council house similar to what lived in only a couple of streets away, also just like his house badly it was badly in need of a coat of paint.

“Yer, alright?” asked Bogbrush looking down on Brett, his hand trembling with excitement as he offered the key to the front door.

“Yeah, it’s like our house innit?”

“I ‘spect, yeah.”

The front door opened to reveal in the hallway a washing basket full of dirty laundry and the smell of stale tobacco smoke. Hearing sounds of life, Rover immediately came bounding up to wrap himself around Bogbrush’s left leg and start humping.

“Ah.. fuck off Rover, go wank some place else!”

“That wot he doing then, he’s wanking on yer leg?” asked Brett in amazement, who coming from a canine free household had no conception of the ultimate joy that a simple family pet could offer the more enterprising adolescent.

“Yeah, he does it all the fucking time, dirty fucker he is! Come on kid, let’s get up to me room if I’s can get rid of him.”

Bogbrush tried to pull him off, but Rover having been hand-reared knew exactly what he wanted and what Bogbrush usually wanted, even if Bogbrush couldn’t admit to it in front of Brett! Determined that he was in for the long haul or the long hump or maybe an instant ejaculation, Rover doggedly clung onto Bogbrush’s leg and humped away oozing doggy precum over the school trousers as he did.

Brett found watching the dog to be more than interesting for Rover had the full length of his bright pink cock out and it was certainly a lot bigger than Billie’s. So naturally such a sight along with suitably lewd thoughts soon encouraged other developments and Brett developed an erection, not that it could be clearly seen through the tight trousers.

“Cor wot’s that then.. it’s his willy is it?” exclaimed Brett excitedly, his eyes glued to the wet end of Rover’s not inconsiderable doggy cock. “Does he cum quick then?”

“Fucking hell! Yes! Oh fuck… he’s done it now! The little bastards just cum over me fucking school trousers!” cried Bogbrush in horror, for indeed Rover had just produced so much sperm that it was dribbling down onto the unpolished shoe and the faded carpet below.

“Cor smells funny dunnit?” said Brett bending over and taking in the sight of Rover’s flagging appendage and the truly incredible quantity of smelly doggy goo.

“The little fucker!” raved Bogbrush, all semblance of being suavely in command of the situation and persuading Brett to try on the trousers was now looking pretty hopeless. Or, was it?

“Well, if us finds yer old trousers upstairs, then I’s can change into ’em while I’m yer can’t I… and I ‘spose yer could take off yer doggy cum ones?”

It was said with a knowing look, for Brett was certainly not as daft or sexually backward as his diminutive size implied. Besides, having just seen Rover’s cock he had a feeling he might get a chance to see a big boy’s cock and Bogbrush was a big boy, well tall anyway!

“Yeah, I ‘spose, come on then.”

Bogbrush excitedly led the way up the stairs to his bedroom, his wet trouser leg ensured drips of Rover’s spunk were smeared over the worn stair carpet to his room. Like many an adolescent’s room it stank of sweat, sex, dirty clothes, semen and the inevitable partially made bed, that instantly attracted Brett who sat on it casually looking around for the inevitable signs of dried semen. The was no need to look casually for it was everywhere, particularly on the side of the mattress where there was a huge dark yellow stain from innumerable infusions. For, one of Bogbrush’s favourite positions was to lie on his right side, work his bottom with whatever came to hand, imagining it be human and ejaculate onto the edge of the mattress.

After witnessing Rover and now seeing the bed, Brett was erect, really erect and beginning to loose his self control in the hope something might develop, although if he was honest that was something he had always hoped for anyway! With time moving on and Rover having wasted their precious wanking time before his mother came home from work, Bogbrush had also decided to really move matters on and in the process of removing his trousers, he turned to face Brett.

“Well I gotta fucking take these spunky doggy things off ain’t I?”

“Wot’s them funny pants?” Brett seemed somewhat bemused by the oversize dried- spunk coloured oversize briefs exclusively available form Guptha’s International.

“Me mum got ‘em, I don’t knows, I just fucking wears ’em!”

Bogbrush looked and sounded a little embarrassed. Purposely moving closer to Brett so that even a blind man would have seen the wet bulge poking out under the semen streaks on the hem of the once white shirt.

“Let’s have a proper look at they pants then,” Brett couldn’t stop himself from saying it, if he could have made precum he would have for it was an incredibly arousing sight, “why’s they look all spunky, is it ‘cause yer’s bin wanking in ’em! That’s wot Jase say he do innit?”

“Oh fuck! Fuck!”

Talking about ejaculating in his underpants was not the embarrassing scenario Bogbrush had intended when he would first display his mighty organ to the younger boy. He had hoped for something more sophisticated, yet instead only adding to embarrassment of riches his unruly organ chose that moment to escape the confines of his briefs and escape from the ill fitting leg opening of the briefs into full view.

“Bleeding hell!” gasped Brett. He gazed in wonder as a huge dollop of precum oozed from the end of the foreskin to hang gracefully in the air before falling to join a multitude of other deposits on the threadbare carpet below.


Embarrassed or not, for Bogbrush there was now to be no holding back, with his cock twitching in anticipation he confronted Brett. “Come on, let’s see yer’s as well.”

Transfixed by the flow of precum Brett slid off the bed and stood up staring full ahead, his small fingers clawing with the ultra tight clasp of his trousers as he repeated his earlier question. “Why’s yer pants already covered in cum!”

“Why, don’t yer cum in yer pants, I’s thought everybody did!”

“Nah.” replied Brett. Maybe if his trousers had allowed it he might have, but as it was and being so tight there was no chance of any pocket manipulations. To prove the point he had to virtually peel them down to his knees as it was.

“Oh fuck!” gasped Bogbrush taking hold of his leaking cock at the sight of Brett standing before him in the smallest pair of what were once white briefs. Something inside doing it’s best to tent outwards, but like the trousers his underpants were far too tight and to Bogbrush’s absolute delight showed several yellow stains.

“Can I… I…”

Bogbrush didn’t finish for his hands were already around the very small waist and tugging at the briefs, Brett for his part had grabbed hold of the leaking monster before him and found his hand to be the receptacle for a foreskin full of precum.

“Oh fuck…”

His heart racing, Bogbrush was now literally looking at Brett’s three and a bit inches of pure unadulterated, circumcised, hairless, preteen pleasure right in the eye and if he were honest, a little unsure what to do next! Had it been Kelvin they would have started masturbating each other and entered into a communal bottom prodding, but it wasn’t Kelvin. Brett had the supreme advantage that his boyhood did not entail having a foreskin in which to mature disgusting cheesy stuff as Kelvin did, so the answer was obvious. Simply opening his mouth wide Bogbrush took both cock and balls inside and began to alternate between licking or sucking as Brett wobbled precariously by the side of the bed.

All of two minutes later Brett found himself collapsing against the bed and quite unsure what had happened for he had never had an orgasm like it, his cock wet with a mix of spunk and Bogbrush’s saliva refused to stop tingling. Not to disappoint and under pressure from the hot little hand, Bogbrush’s balls had all but exploded shortly after showering them both with an enormous salvo of sperm, Brett’s semi-white school shirt absorbing most of it.

Wisely leaving a very sticky Brett to recover, Bogbrush was only too well aware that his mother might return early from work and had managed to stand up to begin rummaging through the chest of drawers. Luckily he soon produced the trousers he had promised along and a few moments later found some old briefs adorned with Mickey Mouse motifs.

“Yer kid, better get ’em on quick before me mum comes back,” he held out the briefs, “these might fit, will yer let me have they white ones in exchange.”

In something of a daze Brett grabbed them and started to look excitedly at his new wardrobe. “I reckons they’ll fit… but why’s Mickey all yellow on the front?”

“The yellows old spunk innit! Try ’em on, Mickey’s heads where me willy used to squirt innit!” Bogbrush grinned unashamedly. “I’d wank a lot when I wore ’em!”

“Oh, so they ain’t clean then! Well I ‘spose they’ll be alright!” Brett continued to look at them, rather aroused that the spunk stains were a deep yellow colour. “And, and why’s they gotta hole in the back?”

“Ah,” Bogbrush flushed, having obviously started anal exploration at a tender young age he saw nothing wrong in telling the truth, “see it were Mickey’s tail or were it for me finger or.. innit… or uumm… small carrot?”

Grinning, Brett was past caring and already pulling them on hoping to cover the embarrassment of his organ having now shrunk to well under an inch. “Yer don’t minds me having ’em then… ‘cause I, well I ain’t never had nothing like these, only they white ones.”

“You have ’em, kid,” smiling, Bogbrush held up the trousers, “now try these on.”

“Oh..” Brett couldn’t take his eyes off them, at last something that almost fitted perfectly.

“I ‘spose if yer was to come round another day, maybe sometimes next week,”  Bogbrush smiled invitingly, “well see, I’s might be able to find something else, maybe uumm, some more pretty pants or something.”

“And, and could we, well like do it again as well?”

“Wot, wank?”

“Oh yeah!” Brett nodded excitedly, as if by pure coincidence Bogbrush then made an encouraging show of pushing a hand down the front of his spunk coloured briefs.


The die had been cast, the semen had flowed and was certainly going to flow again.

Shortly after, dressed, Brett set off home looking and feeling a different boy, as in fact he just had! He could now practice wanking whilst wearing his school trousers and had some patterned underpants just like most of his classmates did. Bogbrush was already back in his room and sat on the bed with his Guptha’s International underpants around his ankles, cock in hand he sniffed excitedly at Brett’s discarded white briefs. Below on the heavily spunk stained carpet by the side of the bed, Rover was once again licking his pink bits and looking hopefully upwards.


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