24th May 2001: A largely true-to-life story of an experience I had on a holiday in Cornwall when I was a curious teenager

Toilet Sex At St. Ives

About six years ago, when I was 17, my parents went down to St. Ives for the August bank holiday weekend to stay with my aunt and uncle. I was going to stay at home but since my girlfriend at that time was away doing her geography fieldwork, I thought it might be worth taking a look at St. Ives and maybe try a bit of surfing with my cousin, Rob.

As it happened, Rob was away that weekend – I think he’d had to go up to University to sort out a house with his mates or something – so I was piss bored. The weather was hot but the sea was really calm so I couldn’t even make a tit of myself by trying to learn how to surf. I was stuck in St. Ives with fuck all to do.

I decided to wander about and see what I could find to do for the few days I was there. The shops in St. Ives are pretty cool, actually. Loads of cool surfer gear. But so expensive. A half-decent pair of sunglasses is like £50, and so, what with me being a parasitic student back then, I couldn’t really afford to make myself look as hot as I wanted.

I wandered along a couple of the beaches. It was a hot day: very still and humid. I talked to a girl who was sitting on her own and thought for a while I might pull. She was also at Cornwall with her parents, but in her case for a two week holiday (yikes), and she wanted someone to go out with in the evenings. We talked about where we might go and which bars looked cool, but then she suddenly became really weird, made some insultingly transparent excuse, and then just legged it. I was kind of freaked out. I kept wondering what I might have said to make her think I was a rapist or axe murderer or some such thing. Annoying part was that she was really fucking drab and I normally wouldn’t have even looked twice at her. I’d been thinking how lucky she must be feeling to have a 6 foot blond sporty guy like me to be sniffing around her.

Anyway, I walked around some more. It was Saturday so the town was heaving by the middle of the afternoon and I walked out of town to get some space and to cool off. Another girl looked me over as I walked past her. Looked over my well-toned body, nicely proportioned from playing basketball, but when I looked back at her she was talking to some dweeby ginger guy who’d come out from a shop.

I called into a gents toilet which, as I remember it, was sort of near the station. Compared to the hot day ouside, the inside of the small building was cold and dark. Clipping my sunglasses to my teeshirt, I headed over to take a piss at the urinal, which was basically a long trough against one of the walls of the building. I pulled my cock out but, before I started pissing, I became aware that another guy was standing in the shadows at the far end of the urinal. Just standing there, like me, looking like he was about to take a piss.

Now, I get kind of nervous when I have to piss in front of people I don’t know. Not sure why that is – once I start pissing, I have no problem if someone comes in. It’s just that if there’s someone there, I can’t get started for some reason. Had I seen him as I’d walked in, I’d have gone into one of the stalls to take a piss. But now I was at the urinal, it seemed kind of prissy to go into the stalls. As I was trying to think of things that would get me flowing, like waterfalls and dripping taps, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the other guy was rubbing his dick. I guess I was kind of innocent back then, but I figured he must be having trouble taking a piss like me and was just dreamily pulling on his foreskin while he was waiting for something to happen. He continued slowly rubbing, though, and this explanation became less and less convincing to me. I was interested in what was going on by now, so I decided to take a look at him.

I turned my head and stared directly at him. He wasn’t looking at me but I could tell he knew I was there and looking at him. I just had that feeling. He looked too posed to be oblivious to me. First thing I noticed was that he was wearing a cool teeshirt. Don’t ask me what it was, I just remember thinking “Cool”. He looked about 19 or 20. He had really short dark hair. It was skinhead length around his back and sides but slightly longer on top. He was tall and looked quite hard, like he’d kicked in a few heads in his time. He had dark jeans on and black boots. His cock was poking out of the front of his jeans and was hard. It pointed upwards and looked really straight. It also looked quite thick and long. It was much thicker at its base, where his pubic hair bushed outwards from his flies, and sort of tapered towards his bell end. I noticed that his balls were also poking out from his flies: the skin of them was stretched tight. As I looked, his right hand slowly pulled his foreskin backwards and forwards over his bell end. All the time he was staring at his own cock. He seemed to really enjoy what he was doing – he was totally immersed in it.

I felt a bit embarrassed at this point. I felt like I shouldn’t be watching this guy masturbate. He seemed to be enjoying his private pleasure and I felt I shouldn’t be intruding on that. I thought, “Well if he wants to take a wank at the john, why shouldn’t he?” But I wanted to get out of there and leave him to it.

A stringy gob of spit came out of his mouth and landed straight on the top of his dick head. His mouth moved, gathering more spit, and he did it again. Happier to have this lubrication, his hand speeded up a bit, sweeping up and down his length, his foreskin covering and uncovering the redness of his bell.

He didn’t look at me at all during all this. Just pulled himself off, apparently not even noticing I was there.

Another guy walked in. I got back to looking forwards in case he should think something was going on between us. I felt quite awkward – remember this kind of stuff wasn’t my thing at all. The newcomer came and stood between me and the guy with the crew cut, a couple of feet separating him from us. He fumbled with the front of his shorts, pulled out his cock and then the three of us just stood there in a row with our cocks out, apparently waiting to piss. I was getting quite tense about this. It was a bit too surreal for me. There was no way I was going to be able to piss now so I thought I’d just wash up and get out of there.

As I put my cock away, I turned to face the other two guys, trying to look as casual as I could. The new guy looked in his early 20s and had lightly curled blond hair sticking out from beneath a Nike baseball cap. He was a wearing a tie-dye teeshirt and purple gym shorts. He was quite tall – taller than me and the guy with the crew cut. I’d say he was about 6 foot 3 maybe. He’d pulled his cock and balls out and tucked the wasteband of his shorts underneath his ball sack. His cock was much whiter than his lightly tanned arms and legs. It was slightly hard and stood up slightly above his big thickly haired balls. His foreskin was slightly pulled back and I could see his piss slit and the end of his bell. It was a pretty good size, even though it wasn’t totally hard. I suppose I stared at it, actually, because it looked like it would get quite big.

As I looked, he put his hand gently around the base of his cock and carressed his balls with his fingers. His thumb tenderly rubbed the area where his cock joined his body. As he did so, it grew a little longer and his foreskin rolled back a little more, exposing more of his bell.

At that point, I turned away. I went over the sink to wash my hands. I was thinking, “What the fuck is this? Why aren’t they pissing? What’s going on?” It seemed like a bizarre practical joke – like they were part of some twisted version of Candid Camera. At the same time, though, I felt curious as to what they would do next.

As I was drying my hands with the paper towels, I turned around to look at them again. Now I could just see their backs. The blond guy’s right elbow was moving in rhythm and he was obviously pumping at his dick. He stared forwards, apparently looking at the wall in front of him. The other guy was watching the blond guy’s cock, his own elbow working away at his own cock.

Now that I was at the skin I felt a bit safer and I was allowing myself to get more and more interested in watching these two cool dudes masturbating themselves. The blond guy turned around to face me and, still jerking his now hard cock, looked me up and down. I guess I just gawped back at him, looking like a bit of a tit because I had no idea what the fuck was going on. He walked over to one of the cubicles, his long hard cock bobbing up and down as he walked. It looked really big but remember I’d only really seen other guys’ limp dicks in the showers at school and stuff, so I wasn’t really in any position to make comparisons. It curved upwards from the front of his shorts – it looked totally different from the way the other guy’s straight dick had looked at the urinal.

He looked into the cubicle and then turned back to the crew cut guy. He pointed into the cubicle with his hand (his cock was already pointing the way for him, so I don’t know why he bothered!), and the crew cut guy, who was still at the urinal but had half-turned to face him, nodded. Crew cut then walked forwards and into the cubicle. His cock still poked out from the front of his jeans, still hard and still pointing straight as it had before. As he walked past the blond guy he gave a little sly smile. It looked really cool to see these two big hot-looking guys walking around in a public toilet with hard dicks poking out in front of them.

When crew cut was in the cubicle the blond guy followed him in. I walked forward to see what they’d do but one of them closed the door and I heard the bolt snap across.

I just stood there wondering what to do. I wanted to see what these two guys were doing in there. Part of me wanted to be involved but – remember I was young and sweet back then – I felt worried and didn’t want to risk getting beat up by the two of them. This was way more scary than anything I’d ever done. These two guys just wanted sex and had gone to have some together: you can’t compare that to checking out the local pussy in the pub like me and mates would have done. I just had no idea about how I should act. I had no idea about why I even wanted to act – I’d never even considered that this kind of thing happened, never mind thought about getting involved in it.

Looking back, I sometimes wonder why the two of them didn’t invite me in with them. I think maybe I looked a bit cissy in my surfboy vest and Ralph Lauren shorts. Looked a bit too nancyboy for them. They were both really straight-looking cool-acting guys. Kind of guys you wouldn’t have thought could be gay if you saw them in the street. So I think, ironically, that I looked too queer for them even though I was the only straight guy in the building right then!

I could hear clothes being taken off in the cubicle. There was a lot of movement. The sounds of feet moving on the floor. I walked into the next cubicle and closed the door. I searched the partition between me and them for a hole or something I could look through. There was loads of graffiti, loads of names, loads of invitations for “cock fun”, but no hole. I had to see what they were doing. The partition wasn’t too high and I considered standing on the toilet seat and looking over the top of it. What if they got pissed off? Would I look like a dirty old man, getting off by spying on other people? Sod it, I thought, I’ll risk it. I stood on the toilet seat and looked over the top of the partition. It wasn’t too high so I got a good view.

The first thing that hit me about the two was the passion. They were absolutely devouring each other. They looked like they really needed this – especially the crew cut guy who was sucking on the blond guy’s cock when I first looked over. He was kneeling on the floor with his back to the john, and he sucked that big cock like he was hungry to taste whatever was dripping out of it. His mouth swept up and down on the cock and the blond guy held crew cut’s head with one hand and rubbed up and down his naked arched back with the other. Blond guy didn’t see me because his head was facing upwards and his eyes were closed. His mouth was wide open.

Both of them had taken off their teeshirts. The blond guy had also taken off his shorts and underpants. I saw them – pretty hot looking YSL boxer briefs – lying on the top of the cistern. Crew cut still had his jeans on around his ankles and since he was servicing blond guy’s cock, I couldn’t see much of him. The blond guy had a hairless chest. His body was actually really hot – he had a well-proportioned chest and nicely bulging arms. He wasn’t too muscular and he certainly didn’t have a six pack – he just looked like he played a lot of sport and kept himself in shape.

Crew cut pulled away from blond guy’s dick suddenly and stood up. He slowly jerked his own dick a bit, maybe to make it harder. The blond guy turned to look at him and saw me watching them. He looked a bit surprised and, seeing his expression, crew cut turned to look at me as well. The idea of me watching obviously didn’t piss them off, and they looked at each other. The blond guy pointed at his dick and whispered, “Suck it man”. Crew cut said, in a deeper voice, “No suck mine”.

Blond guy obviously figured this was fair and he got on his knees and started sucking the other guy’s cock. His head bobbed inwards and outwards but he lacked much of the enthusiasm that crew cut had shown. I noticed, though, that one of his hands crept around to crew cut’s butt and worked its way inside his crack. He rubbed his hand up and down and then started moving it in and out around the area where crew cut’s hole would be. Crew cut said, quietly, “Oh yeah.”

The blond guy stood up and gestured to his dick which had grown slightly limp and had lost its upwards curve. He needed attention. Crew cut willingly obliged and got to work on it again with his mouth. I noticed that one of his hands played with the blond guy’s nuts while he sucked him and the other worked its way up to his belly. The blond guy, again throwing his head back and closing his eyes, grabbed his hand and pushed it up to his nipples. Crew cut knew what to do: he played with the other guy’s nipples, squeezing and rubbing his thumb over them. The blond guy whispered, “Harder. Fucking harder”. I didn’t know whether he meant the sucking or the nipple-play, but crew cut doubled his efforts on both counts, so I guess it didn’t really matter.

I must admit that I’m not into my own nipples. I’m very much into women’s nipples – in fact the whole tit area fascinates me – but I’ve never really thought about my own as that important. So it came as a bit of surprise to see this guy enjoy having his nipples played with.

The blond guy pulled crew cut’s head off his cock and raised it up to his chest. The other guy got the message and started licking and kissing his nipples. The blond guy started masturbating his own cock, pulling his foreskin up and down with long quick strokes. “Fucking bite them man,” he gasped as crew cut worked them over. His face became so contorted that I thought he was going to cum. He looked like he was in real pain but his hand kept jerking at his dick so I guess he was enjoying it.

Crew cut pulled back and gestured to his own cock. I noticed it had become slightly soft. I guess biting guys’ nipples wasn’t really his thing. The blond guy grabbed crew cut’s cock, really roughly, and pulled his foreskin backwards and forewards. Crew cut whispered, “Suck it. Please.” The blond guy got on his knees again and, wanking the stem of crew cut’s cock with his hand, licked at the bell and kept sweeping up and down it with his lips. Crew cut tried to push more of it into his mouth but the blond guy just wanted to tease his bell end.

After a few seconds of this, the blond guy stood up again and turned around so that his butt faced crew cut. Crew cut stayed in a standing position and rubbed his hands up and down the blond guy’s butt cheeks. Blond guy’s bum was really hot – his cheeks were really round and his butt hair was as light as the hair on his head. As far a guys’ butts go it was fucking horny. Crew cut pushed his dick in between the blond guys cheeks but the blond guy didn’t like that idea and pulled away. He said, “Lick it.” I thought, “This is going to be good…”

Crew cut got on his knees and started tentatively licking the blond guy’s bum. As I say, his arse looked fucking hot, but I wouldn’t know that I’d want to have my face in it. Similarly, crew cut seemed quite reluctant to dive in. All the enthusiasm he had shown for the blond guy’s cock had gone – it seemed like he didn’t know what he was doing. The blond guy reached around to his head and pushed it right in so that crew cut’s nose pushed its way between his cheeks. Crew cut’s mouth was right near the place where the blond guys’ chute would be. The blond guy said, “Fucking lick me.” Crew cut’s head bobbed in and out and I guess he liked what he tasted because he put his hands up to the blond guy’s cheeks to pull them apart to give him better access to his butthole. The blond guy pushed his butt out further and crew cut moved backwards to give him space. One of the blond guy’s hands was on the back of the door of the cubicle. The other was pulling away at his cock.

There were footsteps outside. Both guys stopped and stared up at me, looking nervous. From my high vantage point I looked over at the upper part of the entrance of the toilets. Nobody was there but someone was obviously outside. There weren’t any voices, other than the distant voices from the beach and the station. Crew cut got up and climbed onto the toilet, sitting there in a crouching position with his feet resting on the seat. The blond guy walked over to him and stood in front of him, rubbing his slightly limp cock across his face and mouth. Crew cut took the hint and gently sucked the end of it, taking only the bell end completely into his mouth. Blond guy became harder again and he held onto crew cut’s head, slowly pushing himself in and out of his mouth.

After about twenty seconds, the blond guy looked up at me. He made a quizzical look and pointed towards the door. I looked back towards the entrance and shrugged. He mouthed, “Anyone there?” again pointing to the door. I shook my head.

Crew cut got off the toilet and stood masturbating slowly in front of the blond guy. He said, “Suck me again.” He obviously liked getting head. The blond guy looked bored by this idea and said, “Have you got a johnny?” Crew cut nodded and fumbled with the pocket of his jeans. He took out a single condom and ripped the silvery blue foil wrapper open. He took the slimy rubber out and went to put it over his own cock. The blond guy grabbed it from him and started rolling it over his own larger cock. Crew cut didn’t protest: he just accepted that he was going to be fucked rather than vice versa.

Watching these two guys do this really interested me. Like most straight men, I’d always thought some gay men like being fucked and don’t like to fuck, while other gay men like fucking guy’s arses but don’t like taking it themselves. Seeing these guys made me realise that some guys, like crew cut, don’t mind it either way. Don’t know why, but that idea turned me on.

Crew cut turned around and bent over the toilet. I could feel that my face was red now. I was about to see something I’d only really heard about in playground whispers. So it was true that the guy taking it bends over! The blond guy got behind him and put his hands on crew cut’s hips to pulled the other guy’s butt upwards so that it was level with his curving sheathed cock. He took one hand off crew cut’s hips and raised it to his mouth. He spat onto his fingers and rubbed the spit between crew cut’s bum cheeks. He did it again, getting further in this time. He spat a few times more, each time rubbing his wet fingers into crew cut’s arse, his middle finger looking like it was penetrating him.

After that the blond guy sniffed his fingers. He said, “Oh yeah” and jerked his cock to its full hardness. Then he started trying to push it into crew cut’s arse. He pulled the other guys bum cheeks apart and thrust his dick forward. Crew cut gasped and pulled forwards. He said, quietly, getting his breath back, “Lower… fucking lower down.”

The blond guy patted his back as if to say sorry and felt around crew cut’s bum with his fingers. Once he’d established where he was aiming, he started grinding his dick into that area. Crew cut gasped again but now he was happier. He didn’t pull forwards. He stood there and took it. At one point he looked upwards and I could see he was red and his eyes were watering. I’d always wondered what it would be like to have my butt fucked (what straight guy hasn’t?) but after seeing crew cut try to take dick up his ass I thought, “This looks too painful for me.”

The blond guy pushed his cock into crew cut’s bum and started slowly fucking him. He whispered, “Is that okay man?” Crew cut grunted. Blond guy took that as a “yes” and started speeding up. They stayed like this for a few minutes. Blond guy gradually getting faster with his thrusting in and out; crew cut bending over the toilet bowl, arse sticking upwards.

As the fucking proceded, though, crew cut got more and more into it. That surprised me. From his initial reaction, I figured that guys mustn’t like getting fucked. They must do it to please the other man, I thought. I expected that when they’d finished crew cut would fuck the other guy. I thought that must be how it works with gay men. You give a bit, you take a bit. But crew cut stood up slightly and started wanking himself. I could see his hand pulling away slowly at his dick. His face looked less red and, though his eyes were closed, I could tell he was enjoying what was happening to him.

The blond guy had his head thrown back, again, and his eyes were closed. He looked as if he was really getting off by fucking the other guy’s arse. His hands were still around crew cut’s waist and he looked as if was pulling the guy’s butt onto his long cock as he thrust in and out.

I was feeling so hot watching these two guys fuck like this. I wasn’t wanking – I didn’t even take my cock out from my shorts throughout the whole thing – but I was hard and you can’t imagine the number of times I have relived the moments when I was watching them fucking. The number of times I have wished I had asked them if I could join them….

Crew cut stood up at one point and kind of fell back into the blond guy. The blond guy put his arms completely around crew cut just above the waste. Crew cut was wanking quite quickly now. He pulled away at his straight cock, his foreskin a blur as it moved quickly across his bell end. The middle of crew cut’s chest had dark hair on it and his belly had a line of dark hair running down to the thick bush of his pubes. His balls dangled low in their sack and bobbed around in time with blond guy’s thrusts.

Blond guy started feeling crew cuts nipples as he fucked him. He played around with them and then started squeezing them. I suppose he figured that since he liked that kind of thing so much, crew cut would also enjoy it. Crew cut, however, didn’t think much of it and pushed blond guy’s hand away with his spare hand. Blond guy then started feeling crew cut’s balls, rubbing them and playing with them with one of his hands. Crew cut liked this a lot more and grunted his approval. All the time, blond guy was gathering speed as he pushed his cock in and out of crew cut’s butt.

After a few minutes, crew cut gasped and shot jets of white cum across the toilet and up part of the wall behind it. I was really surprised at this. How could a guy cum with another man’s dick up his butt? How would he get pleasure? I suppose it was this part of the whole scene that had the biggest impact on me. Would I cum if I had another guy’s cock pushing in and out of me? My whole idea of why guys have sex was shaken by this. I’d always thought that I wanted sex because I like to feel my dick in a girl’s hole. What if it was just as good to feel another guy’s dick in my hole? I masturbated about this idea for many months to come….

Blond guy took his dick out of crew cut’s bum and started pulling himself off. At the time I wondered why he didn’t just finish himself off in crew cut’s butt. After all, when I’m having sex with a girl I keep going well beyond her orgasm. Afterwards I realised that guys work a bit differently. Once we’ve cum we don’t tend to want much more, so blond guy was doing the decent thing by pulling out. I suppose gay men have an unspoken agreement about this.

It didn’t take long for blond guy to cum. He pulled off his condom before he did and masturbated over the cheeks of crew cut’s white butt. He fired his own cum right up crew cut’s back. He even managed to get a few stringy gobs into crew cut’s hair. Nice one.

Once the blond guy had finished off, the two guys started cleaning themselves up with toilet paper. I wanted to watch this. I wanted to find out if blond guy would wipe crew cut’s arse. I wanted to see if crew cut’s arse had bled after the intrusion of such a large cock. I wanted to see how the two of them would behave with each other now that their lust had been spent. Would they be polite and formal? Or would they agree to meet again? But I figured it would be rude of me to watch them after they’d climaxed. So I flushed the unused toilet in my cubicle and walked back out into the hot day. I left them to it.

I didn’t wait around to see the two of them come out of the toilet. Again, I thought that wouldn’t be fair. I wanted to talk to them about what they’d done – find out what the etiquette of the urinals was, why they’d left me out, how gay men decided who should fuck who. But I thought that I’d done enough already. So I went back to the shops and back to the beach.

A group of girls about my age were playing volleyball on the beach. They saw I was on my own and they asked me to join them. I said I didn’t fancy it. I preferred to be alone. The sun had gone behind a cloud. It was getting cool. The weather was changing.

Anyway, I still needed a piss.


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