7th August 2002: A story about my trek down to Cornwall to see the 1999 solar eclipse, but also the only time I’ve ever written about two guys penetrating a single butt!

Ring of Fire

A few years ago the path of a total eclipse passed across the English mainland and the spectacle was visible from Cornwall . I must admit that I wasn’t terribly excited by the prospect of seeing it: even though it was the middle of August, Cornwall is notoriously cloudy. The idea of making a six hour drive to see the cloudy sky go dark and then – wait for it – get light again seemed utterly absurd.

But then, in the run up to the eclipse, I guess the hype got to me. The TV and papers were full of it: this was nature at its most spectacular; a ring of fire burning in the sky; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; a life-changing event blah blah blah. And then I was unexpectedly given a couple of days off at the swimming pool at which I was working over the summer and I thought, “Well… what the hell…”

Unfortunately neither my girlfriend nor any of my mates could get time off work to go down to Cornwall with me, except for this guy called Robert who I’d known at school and whose family lived a couple of streets away from mine in Northwood. Robert had always been one of the swots at school and our paths had only occasionally crossed. In fact, we’d totally lost contact since those days and, as I remember it, the fact that we ended up driving down together came about because my mother knew his.

Anyway, we met up and drove down the day before the eclipse. Apart from being a lot taller than I remembered, Robert – who now preferred to be called Rob – looked pretty much the same at twenty-three as he had at school: fairly thin with short curly brown hair and small round specs on his angular nose. His time at Uni seemed to have done his character a lot of good, though: he was far more laid back than he had been at school and, as we chatted with the ease of old friends on the way down to Cornwall, I kept thinking how much more he’d have enjoyed school if he’d have only lightened up a bit back then.

We chatted about our respective girlfriends. Like me, Rob was in a relationship which he regarded as pleasant but not quite “the big one”. We laughed about how naive we’d all been at our all-boys school: how we’d all viewed girls as being the ultimate unknown; mysterious creatures far beyond our grasp in both senses of the word.

After we’d taken a break from the road near Exeter , the conversation died naturally and we both stared ahead of us at the road, content with our own thoughts and the drizzle of music and chat from the radio.

Until Rob said, somewhere on the outskirts of Plymouth , “Hey, Seb. Maybe we should give that guy a lift…?”

I didn’t know what he meant.

He gestured behind us and clarified himself. “The hitcher… he looked okay…”

“Oh right… sorry…” I hadn’t really being paying attention: I was hypnotised by the road and driving pretty much on autopilot.

I pulled over and Rob wound his window down to beckon the guy over. I watched him walk along the roadside towards us through the rear-view mirror. His pace was leisurely and his expression almost irritated. Like he was sauntering over to his private limo, inconvenienced by the fact his chauffer had parked a couple of hundred feet from him.

I was tempted to drive away and leave the snooty little shit on the roadside.

But Rob got out and called to him, asking where he was headed.

He sidled up to the car and said, with a crisp public school accent, “Moon Shadow, Totality… wherever you two guys are going…”

Rob obviously didn’t know what he was talking about, which made two of us. He said, “We’re going to Newquay, mate.”

The guy shrugged and muttered, “Yeah, whatever.” Then he threw his immaculate FCUK rucksack into the backseat and got in after it.

It turned out that the guy’s name was Jamie and he was going down to Cornwall to see the bands that were due to be playing around the county to coincide with the eclipse and not for the event itself. Moon Shadow and Totality were the names of a couple of the music festivals, apparently.

As he chatted about himself, I glanced at him through the rear-view mirror. He was nineteen and had short spiky hair, the top of which was crudely dyed blue. He said everything with a dismissive, almost arrogant, air that would have been annoying except for the fact that a few of his comments, about his schooling and his parents’ house, made it clear that he was from a pretty rich family. I figured that he wasn’t affecting it like some guys do: he was just was acting in the manner he’d brought up to.

When we got to Newquay, it was beginning to spit with rain and the grey sky was darkening. Rob asked Jamie where he’d be staying but, even in the worsening conditions, he seemed disinterested and vague. “Oh I dunno… I’ll find a hotel or something…”

Rob laughed. “You’ll be lucky, mate. I tried a couple of weeks ago. The nearest place I could find was in Paignton – bloody miles away.”

Jamie shrugged and I wondered whether the hotels he had in mind were the kind which would always have vacancies if the names, faces and credit cards fit.

He asked, “Well, what are you guys doing?”

Rob said, “Seb’s got a three man tent.” He paused and I saw an idea dawn on his face. Before I could say something to avert it, he came out with, “Hey – do you wanna bunk up with us tonight?”

I thought that the idea of sharing a tent would be totally disgusting to Jamie but he shrugged and said, “Cool.” I suppose he saw it as being similar to his idea of hitch- hiking down rather than “bringing the Jag” – “totally fucking insane”, as he’d put it.

Rob and I ended up doing most of the job of putting the tent up, watched with barely-disguised boredom by Jamie who stood leaning against the car and smoking a cigarette in the drizzle. In fact, even Rob, who tried his hardest to make himself useful, was rather more of a hindrance than a help. Perhaps he wanted to give the appearance of being a rugged outdoor kind of guy in front of Jamie and I, but he’d clearly have been a lot more comfortable arranging his toiletries on the bathroom shelf of a B & B than trying to hammer in the guide ropes of my tent into the stony ground.

When we’d finished, Jamie flicked his cigarette onto the grass and said, “Jesus, you’d think these places would have staff to do that kind of stuff.”

Rob threw the empty tent bag into the back of the car and asked him, “What kind of stuff?”

“Well, putting the tent up. You’d think they’d have sorted it out before we arrived.”

Rob laughed. “It’s a ten quid a night camp site, mate, not the fuckin’ Ritz! Which planet have you just come down from!”

I was surprised Rob found him so amusing. I was rapidly growing sufficiently irritated to make a far more succinct and direct response to his comments.

By then we were all pretty damp and the sky was a dark charcoal grey. I suggested that we drive into Newquay town centre to buy a takeaway and a few cans to help us recover from the drive.

As I was finding somewhere to park, we passed a swish-looking Thai restaurant. Jamie called out from the backseat, “Hey, do you guys like Thai food?”

I snapped, “We can’t get a takeaway from a Thai restaurant. It doesn’t fucking work like that.”

Jamie said, brightly, “No, no. I meant that we could eat there if you both like Thai food…”

I glanced at Rob and saw he was doing the same to me.

Rob coughed and said, “Actually, we were thinking of something like fish and chips or -”

Jamie nodded. “I just thought that if you guys like Thai food, I’d buy the three of us a meal. I mean, you gave me a lift and you’re letting me bunk up with you and stuff…”

His offer made me feel a lot more kindly disposed towards him and, before Rob might politely refuse his offer, I readily and enthusiastically agreed to it.

It turned out to be a pretty exclusive restaurant, or at least the prices seemed a bit high to a guy like me on a student loan, but Jamie seemed oblivious to both the cost and the totally inappropriate, not to say wet, clothes we were wearing. In fact, I suspect that were it not for the fact that one of the waiters heard Jamie recommending some of the most expensive dishes as ones that Rob and I should try, we might have been thrown out.

He was the perfect dinner partner: witty and charming, clearly well versed in the art of entertaining his table guests. Within twenty minutes I’d all but forgotten my earlier irritations with him and began to warm to his oddities and his viciously perceptive stories about his family.

His grandfather was a retired air commodore and Jamie’s impersonation of him as a racist and bigoted old drunk was hilarious. He had the accent, the voice, the mannerisms so finely honed that it was impossible not to visualise the old man in his smoking jacket, swirling his brandy in one hand and patting one of his Irish Setters with the other.

“‘I’ve nothing against poofters, James,'” he droned, in the slurred upper class twang of his grandfather. “‘Some o’ the best pilots in the Air Force were benders, what. Saw it come over them at eighteen or nineteen. Like a bally disease. Normal chaps like you and me, James.’

“‘But there’s nothing wrong with -‘

“‘Course not course not. They just shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Shouldn’t pass it on to the next generation, what.’

“‘But granddad. They don’t breed.’

“‘What what?’

“‘Gay guys don’t breed. They don’t… you know… marry and stuff… they can’t pass anything on…’

“‘They have ways, James, ways. Nothing personal. Shoot them at birth. Only bally way, what.'”

Rob laughed, “Christ – your family makes mine look pretty sane…”

Jamie nodded. “Yeah, granddad’s brain went off to live on Jupiter a while back. Jesus, if he knew half the stuff I get up to…”

Rob and I smiled. Me because I thought he was referring to his big adventure of hitch-hiking.

After the meal, Jamie put his credit card on the plate on which the bill came. When the waiter came over to collect it, he asked for four bottles of the wine we’d been drinking to be added to it.

“My parents would be scandalised,” he grinned. “They regard carrying bottles of wine out of restaurants as a small step away from visiting prostitutes.”

Rob smiled and said, “We could go to an off license and pay far less. Anyway, you don’t have to buy everything.”

Jamie shrugged dismissively, like Rob was fussing. “We might as well get it while we’re here. It’ll save us the hassle later. It’s good wine, anyway.”

When we got back to the tent, we got out of our damp clothes and sat inside in our underwear, drinking Jamie’s wine from metal mugs. It seemed pleasantly bizarre to be like this – sitting semi-naked in a tent in the middle of nowhere with two guys I hardly knew, drinking expensive wine all for the sake of seeing the moon pass in front of the sun for less than two minutes. But Jamie’s quirkiness and privileged view of the world was growing far more enjoyable as I got to know him, and I was glad that I’d restrained myself from expressing my rather less amicable feelings earlier.

The first realisation we had that Jamie was gay was when we were talking about cars. We’d finished most of three bottles of wine and were getting pleasantly inebriated. He was saying that the car he drove at university was similar to mine but at home in London he preferred his dad’s Mark III Jaguar. Then he added, “If you want to pick yourself up a boy in West Kensington , you’re not going to get too far if you curb crawl in an Austin Metro.”

Rob was content just to laugh but I was more interested in his use of the word “boy”. I repeated it back to him as a question.

Jamie smiled. “Yeah, I should have said ‘guy’. I’m not into that kind of stuff…”

“No – I didn’t mean that,” I said. “I meant that I hadn’t realised you were gay…”

“Oh right! Yeah. I guess I am. Funny you didn’t see it. I realised you two guys are together a mile off!”

Rob jumped in, grinning, “But we’re not together! We’re not even gay. Anyway, we’ve both mentioned our girlfriends a couple of times…”

Jamie shook his head and looked a bit embarrassed. “Sorry – I just thought you were talking about your friends or sisters or something. Jeez – I didn’t mean anything offensive. I just kind of assumed.”

I laughed again. “It’s not offensive – at least not to me.” I was pleased to notice that Rob nodded in agreement. I went on, “It’s just bizarre that you’d make that assumption… Rob and I hardly even know each other. We’re totally unlike a couple.” Jamie continued to look embarrassed by his mistake so I made a joke. “Anyway, Rob’s not at all my type. He’s not butch enough…”

Rob laughed and caressed my cheek with his fingers. He deepened his voice and said, “Don’t write me off yet sweetie – I can do butch…”

“Fuck off!” I pushed him away, overcome with laughter, in part from the effect of the wine and in part from the surprise of him being relaxed enough to do something like that. Like I said, he’d changed a lot since school.

When we’d stopped pissing about, Jamie asked us if we were uncomfortable about being in such close proximity to him clad only in our underwear.

I was wearing a teeshirt with the name of some band printed on it and a pair of dark navy briefs. Until he mentioned it, it hadn’t occurred to me that he could see the bulge of my cock and balls inside of them and that perhaps I ought to have issues with that.

But Rob answered first. His briefs were white, holding a package as similarly obvious as my own, and he wore a dark blue vest on top which was tight enough to show that he’d been taking more care of his physique these days than he used to at school.

He said, smiling, “You’re well past the age of getting off looking at a couple of straight lads in their briefs, aren’t you?”

Jamie was silent for a few seconds and looked at us both in turn. Then he gave us a mischievous grin and muttered, “Maybe not quite…”

Rob smiled and gestured to his groin. “Well I don’t have a problem about having a guy check me out… make sure you look with just your eyes, though, mate.”

I glanced down at my briefs and saw that the soft fat rod of my cock was clearly discernable between my partly open legs. I guess if Rob hadn’t been so nonchalant, I probably would have changed my position so that Jamie wouldn’t have had such an unhindered view of it. But Rob’s easy-going reaction rendered that impossible without me making myself look like an uptight dork.

So I just flashed Jamie a smile and said, “This must be pretty good for you, actually.” Then I looked over to Rob and added, “Imagine what it would be like to be cramped up in a tent with a couple of girls wearing just their tight little bras and panties…”

A broad grin formed on Rob’s mouth, revealing his almost perfect white smile. “Yeah. When you put it like that…” Then he laughed and theatrically cupped the front of his briefs with his free hand. “Any more thoughts like that, Seb, and Jamie will be getting a bit more to look at!”

Jamie giggled and piped up, “Jamie wouldn’t complain.”

I was finding this quite funny. I wondered if Jamie was getting a hard-on but he was wearing loose-fitting boxer shorts which made it impossible to tell.

I reached over for the last bottle of wine and the corkscrew. “We might as well finish this last one off…”

Jamie giggled again. He looked kind of cute when he giggled, his bright blue eyes twinkling. Now that he was relaxed and comfortable with Rob and I, his arrogant rich-boy facade had all but crumbled and what was underneath proved to be far more appealing.

He said, “That might not be a good idea, Seb. I might end up telling you guys my fantasies about straight guys in tents…”

I smiled warmly at him and stabbed the corkscrew into the top of the bottle. “Let’s get your glass filled up!”

He grinned broadly and then giggled again.

As I opened the bottle, Rob asked Jamie if his family knew he was gay. Jamie shook his head.

“They’d go absolutely fucking nuts. They don’t even know I smoke. I’m the squeaky clean goody-goody son with a promising future in the city. As far as they’re concerned, I’m probably not even too sure about what my willy does, never mind those of other guys!”

As I poured the wine, he went on to tell us about what his mother had said when she saw a headline in the “Telegraph” about the rise of gay clubs in London .

“‘I think that’s lovely, darling,’ she’d said to my dad. ‘There’s far too much depression these days. It’s super that people are coming together to be happy.’ Honestly, she hasn’t a fucking clue…”

Rob smiled and asked whether they’d encouraged him to find a girlfriend.

“Yeah, from time to time. But my dad likes to say I’m a ‘man’s man’ like he was in his youth and they’re pretty cool that I bring guys – ‘my mates’ – back to the house to stay over with me. Don’t know what they think the mattress squeaking and headboard thumping are all about… boyish horseplay, maybe?”

“What would they do if you told them?” I asked

“I dunno… I’ve often wondered about that. My dad would probably cut off my… you know… allowance and stop me using his car and stuff until I’d seen the error of my former ways…”

Rob chuckled and said, “I thought you were going to say he’d cut off your bollocks.”

“Naah… that’d be more granddad’s approach…”

The conversation subsided for a few moments as we all drank from our mugs.

Then I smiled and returned to the topic that was interesting me. “So what are your fantasies about straight guys in tents?”

Jamie giggled again and shook his head. “No way!”

I looked over at Rob who was also amused by this. He said, “Go on. We’re not going to get all shocked and stuff…”

Jamie took another drink and then looked back up at us, clearly delighted to be pressed about this by the two of us. Then he coyly shook his head again. “No… you’d find it disgusting…”

Rob laughed. “Fuck off! We’re not like totally clueless about gay stuff -”

“You speak for yourself,” I interrupted.

Rob continued laughing. “I mean from watching stuff like “Queer As Folk” and “This Life” and whatever.” He gave a theatrical wink and added, “And from taking it up the arse in the station gents, of course…”

Jamie and I laughed and then Rob and I both stared expectantly at Jamie. I prompted, “Come on, then…”

Jamie drank more of his wine. He grinned and said, “This isn’t fair… I might, like, totally freak you guys out… the few seconds you see on telly is hardly the fucking gay Karma Sutra…”

Rob snapped, playfully, “Jesus! Okay, let’s try it another way. Does it involve our… ah… arses?”

Jamie grinned. “Naah. I don’t figure straight guys would be up for that kind of stuff…”

I said, “You’re more of a cock man, then?”

Jamie kept smiling. “I wouldn’t exactly say that… I mean, cocks are pretty cool but -”

“I never really thought of gay guys being heavily into cocks,” Rob interrupted. “Apart from dicks looking so weird, I always figured that since most straight guys are either into tits or pussies, gay guys would go for chests or arses…”

Jamie gave that a little thought and then said, “No, that’s not really true. I think most gay guys, including me, find cocks pretty fascinating -”

“So does your fantasy involve our cocks?” Rob cut in again.

Jamie smiled warmly and shook his head. “I’m not getting into this.”

I asked, “Does it involve our cocks and your mouth, by any chance?”

Jamie looked over at me, grinning with amusement and involuntary surprise.

Rob laughed, “No no no. I expected better after all that build-up. Blow jobs are a bit passé…”

Jamie said, slightly defensively “Not just a blow job. Any tart can do that…”

I was intrigued. I asked, “What then?”

Jamie took another swig from his drink and then said, “Okay. My fantasy is… getting two straight guys and… well… sucking them together.”


“Two cocks in my mouth.”

Rob laughed and then took a long drink from his mug. “That’s kind of cool… could you, like, get two dicks into your mouth? I mean, I don’t want to sound immodest, but… you know… my girlfriend can sometimes find just one a pretty tall order.”

That cracked me up. “Yeah, right. Like that really happened, Robert.”

“No, seriously. Fuck off!”

“The tall order for her being finding the fucking thing, eh?”

Jamie interrupted us, not as amused by our snipings as we were. He said, “I’ve done it with two gay guys. Two in my mouth, I mean. I just really wanted to do it with two straight guys.”

I asked, “What’s the difference? A cock’s a cock, surely… I mean, straight cocks don’t taste too different, do they?”

Jamie looked like I’d said I doubted the existence of the moon or something. He was wide-eyed with disbelief. “Fuck yeah! I mean, it’s a totally different thing, bedding a straight guy. It’s, like, an achievement… something kind of special… and to get two together… fuck!”

There was a short silence and then Rob said, “Fancy!”

I laughed. “So getting two straight guys’ cocks in your mouth would be kind of something?”

Jamie grinned at the thought. “Yeah… two guys pressing their cocks together… pushing them into my mouth… letting me lick them, feeling me work my tongue along their stems…”

He looked up at us to see the effect that his description was having. I guess we were wide-eyed; betraying our interest in the idea of having another guy pleasure us with his mouth.

He smiled and continued, more slowly: “Rubbing my lips up and down the heads of their cocks… two guys who’d never even seen another guy with a hard-on, pushing their stiff cocks together into my mouth…”

Rob said, “Whoa, whoa! That’s far enough…” He put his hand in front of his crotch to cover the front of his briefs which were beginning to bulge outwards at the effect of Jamie’s description.

Jamie laughed and kept going. “Each cock tasting subtly different… each man with his own taste… both different sizes, different thicknesses, different stiffnesses…”

My own cock was starting to respond but I ignored it and smiled like this was just an inconsequential joke.

“…each cock tasting faintly of the guys’ girlfriends’ pussies… and, best of all, me knowing that each guy was experiencing another guy’s mouth for their first time…”

Rob laughed and said, “You should write porn fiction or something, mate. And that’s not only my opinion by the look of things…”

I saw that he was looking at me and I grinned. My cock was three-quarters hard, making a thick hard rod in my briefs, pointing diagonally upwards towards my left hip. I taunted, “You succumbed first, Jackson .”

He repeated, “You succumbed most prominently, Wallace.”

I said, “Only ‘cos you’re hiding yours behind your hand…”

He removed his hand, showing his own stiff rod, pointing upwards inside his white briefs. It looked shorter and thinner than mine, but its head was larger and more bulbous and it was clearly equally, if not more, stiff.

He said, “There. Yours is as stiff as a fucking board compared to mine..”

I laughed. “It only looks like I am ‘cos mine’s so much bigger, mate. Mine looks hard before I even get started…”

Jamie interrupted us again. “It’s bizarre how straight guys are so size-conscious. Both of your dicks look hot enough to eat to me!”

Rob and I both fell silent, both of us aroused and amused by this guy in equal measure.

Jamie went on, “I mean, yours is a bit shorter and thinner, Rob. But I love the fact your bell-end is so big, and the way your balls swell outwards and look so massive inside your underwear. I fucking love guys with massive bollocks.”

Rob grinned, blushed and then looked down at his wine. His expression was kind of cute and I don’t think he was aware of the affect of what Jamie said had on his cock: it visibly lengthened and the broad head strained against the fabric of his briefs.

Jamie turned to me. “Yours is bigger, Seb, and a lot thicker. But what’s best about yours is the patch of wetness at the head…”

I looked down and felt slightly embarrassed. “Jeez… I didn’t realise..” I instinctively covered my briefs with my hand.

“No no – don’t,” Jamie insisted, and moved my hand away with his. “It’s cool… nothing to be ashamed of…” He grinned and flashed me a twinkle of his deep blue eyes. “To be honest… it looks as hot as fuck!”

I smiled and removed my hand completely, allowing him to see my cock, now fully stiff and visibly pulsating inside my briefs, leaking precum like tears from its slit. I loved the fact he seemed to enjoy looking at it so much; most of my girlfriends had regarded my cock as a weird piece of flesh hanging between my legs, and would never have praised and flattered it in the way Jamie did.

He moved his hands onto the front of my briefs and gently rubbed his fingers up and down the length of my stem, tenderly caressing the stiff throbbing rob held within the thin cotton.

My first reflex was to push him off: this was a guy and, apart from any difficulties I had with that, we were both being watched by another guy. But Jamie pushed my hand away and continued gently stroking my engorged cock, using his thumb to make swirling patterns on the precum-dampened fabric over the top of my swollen bell end.

I looked over at Rob who was watching us intently, a look of open-mouthed disbelief or surprise on his face. He looked into my eyes and then at Jamie’s hand working at my cock, now copiously leaking precum onto my dark blue briefs. Then he looked back up to my eyes. I couldn’t help but smile: his shocked expression was almost comical. He stared at my smile for a few seconds and then a grin gradually formed on his mouth. He said, almost under his breath, “You dirty little fuckers…”

Then Jamie moved his other hand over to Rob’s briefs and started caressing his cock through the thin material. Rob held my gaze while he did it, still grinning, and we kept looking at each other while the gay guy attended to our cocks with both his hands.

I think Jamie released Rob’s cock from his briefs first. Rob and I just kept looking at each other, both of us grinning, while we were stroked by Jamie through our briefs. And then, when I felt Jamie’s hand trying to pull my cock out, I looked down at Rob’s crotch and saw that his long thin cock was exposed and that Jamie had his fingers curled around it, gently masturbating it. His deep purple bell-end looked slimy with his precum as his foreskin covered and exposed it in rapid succession.

I looked back up to Rob’s face and saw that he was, like I had been, looking down towards my briefs, watching Jamie pull my dick out. I felt Jamie remove my cock entirely from the confines of the material and felt him wrap his fingers around its exposed shaft, gripping its eight inches tightly within his fist. He started gently moving the foreskin up and down, squeezing it in way that felt totally different from anything I’d experienced from my own hand or those of the various girls I’d dated up until then.

Rob kept watching Jamie masturbate me and I returned my gaze back down to his cock and felt myself being strangely turned on by the sight of Rob’s foreskin moving rapidly backwards and forwards from the thin stem of his cock over the large round cherry of his moist bell-end.

Then Jamie moved forwards and, as he continued jerking my cock within the tight grip of his fist, started licking at its swollen head. I looked up at Rob’s face again and saw that his expression was blank: he just stared at my cock and the mouth and tongue of Jamie as he started working on it.

I felt Jamie put his mouth around my bell-end and start moving his lips and tongue down the first few inches of my shaft. The sensation was exquisitely pleasant and I couldn’t stop myself from throwing my head back and closing my eyes.

After a few sweeps of his lips up and down the upper half of my cock, I felt the warm wetness withdraw from me and, after a few seconds of feeling only the half-hearted jerkings of Jamie’s hand, I looked down to see what was happening.

By now, though, Jamie had turned his attention to Rob’s cock. His head was between legs and making gentle movements towards and away from him as he granted Rob the same favour that I’d just experienced. I looked upwards and saw that Rob’s eyes were closed and a broad grin was developing on his lips. He muttered, almost involuntarily, “Yeah… go for it…” and then wrapped both hands around Jamie’s head to encourage him to increase his rhythm.

I noticed that Jamie’s fingers seemed to be fascinated by Rob’s balls, removing them entirely from Rob’s briefs almost as soon as he turned his attention to Rob’s cock. As his mouth worked away Rob’s cock, taking it in and out with an experienced rhythm, his fingers stroked and caressed the guy’s large hairy balls. Rob clearly enjoyed the sensation and started grunting rhythmically in response.

After a few minutes, Jamie pulled away from him and, cursing with pain, withdrew his hands from both of our cocks. “Fucking cramp!” he gasped. “Right between the fucking shoulder blades…”

Rob looked at me and I looked at him. I guess he saw that I was breathing quickly and realised that he was himself, just as I did exactly the same from my own perspective.

Then he turned to Jamie and said, recovering his breath, “You know that stuff you said… about taking two dicks into your mouth…? How would that work… I mean, how would the guys stand and stuff…?”

Jamie repositioned himself, moving forwards so that his face was about two feet from the floor of the tent. He said, “I guess the guys would kneel together in front of me, pressing their cocks together so that I could get them both into my mouth…”

Rob looked over towards me. He didn’t seem eager to say anything so I volunteered, “Sounds kind of impossible, Rob. What d’you reckon… d’you think two guys would be able to do it?”

I pushed myself up and moved forwards so that I was kneeling in front of Jamie, my cock curving upwards towards his face from my briefs. Rob let me get into the right position, perhaps testing me to see if I would really go through with this, and then followed suit.

He muttered, “Jeez… I dunno,” and then pushed his own stiff cock towards mine so that our two swollen poles curved upwards together in front of Jamie’s face.

Rob said, “D’you think that’s it, Seb?”

Then Jamie lunged forwards and, opening his mouth as wide as he could, took both of our cocks together into it.

I felt my cock being enveloped again with the warmth of his mouth, but more exciting than that was the totally new sensation of feeling the heat and stiffness of Rob’s cock next to mine, rubbing gently against me as Jamie’s lips worked their way down our shafts.

Jamie took about five inches of our cocks into his mouth and then withdrew, sweeping his lips back along our lengths until only our throbbing bell-ends were still inside him. Then he did the same again, and again, working up a steady rhythm as he pleasured our paired organs.

After about thirty seconds, he withdrew, stifling a laugh. We both looked down at him, our cocks still pointing together towards his face, and he looked back up at us, grinning.

Rob said, “What?”

“Sorry – I don’t want to spoil the mood, guys. I just love the way you both keep your hands well away from each other…”

I wasn’t too amused. I thought he was about to take the piss. Maybe draw unfavourable comparisons between our cocks and those of our, presumably gay, forebears.

He apologised again and explained, “Don’t get freaked out… it’s just that when I’ve done this in the past, the guys are kissing each other, fondling each other’s nipples or fingering each other’s arses. It’s kind of strange that your bodies are, like, totally off-limits to one another..”

Rob looked at me and gave a weak smile. Then he looked down at Jamie and said, “I guess feeling a guy’s nipples and his arse and stuff aren’t really our thing…”

Jamie nodded. “Yeah, I know that. I mean, I guess I could have predicted that. It’s just that I hadn’t really thought of it until I saw it… sorry, I’m not making any sense…”

Then he turned his attention to our cocks again.

He gripped them together and started masturbating the two of our cocks as one. That felt pretty good, but it felt even better when he started licking our the heads of our cocks which were pressed together, rolling his tongue from one to the other, treating them as if they were the huge bell-end of one enormously thick cock.

I felt one of his hands on the cheek of my arse, gently kneading it and pushing me forwards to enter him further. I looked down and saw that his other arm was reaching around to Rob’s arse and that Rob was, in response, eagerly thrusting himself into and out of Jamie’s mouth.

The sensation of Rob’s cock rubbing against my own as we both enjoyed the warm wetness of Jamie’s mouth was totally different from anything I’d felt before and was, because of that, intensely arousing. I would never have thought that I’d get off on the sensation of the movement of another guy’s cock next to my own, and would have probably regarded it as totally laughable that, if I did, both our dicks would be inside a third guy’s mouth at the time, but that was precisely what happened.

Rob really got into it. In the space of about thirty seconds, he went from just casually enjoying Jamie’s mouth in the way that I was, to violently thrusting in and out of it, panting and grunting without inhibition. I looked down and saw his cock, sliding against my own and ramming in and out of Jamie’s mouth, and felt his hips rubbing against mine as he slammed himself to and fro. I felt slightly uncomfortable – embarrassed, even – to witness him in this state, making the raw and involuntary sounds that defined his own, personal, enjoyment of sexual pleasure. I’d heard similar sounds from girls, of course, but not from another man and, for a few seconds at least, I couldn’t help but feel that hearing such intimate sounds from this otherwise quiet bespectacled guy was almost an invasion of his privacy. He kept grunting and make primitive, almost bestial noises, as he rammed his cock into Jamie’s mouth, seemingly oblivious to sounds he was making; totally consumed by his own pleasure.

I looked across Jamie’s back as his face devoured our cocks, and saw that the elbow of his right arm was moving rapidly, his wrist disappearing beneath his stomach to frantically attend to his own excitement. The realisation that he was masturbating, that his own pleasure was being fuelled by the act of him gratifying two other guys at once, pushed my own orgasm a lot nearer and I started thrusting my own cock into his mouth with almost the same urgency that Rob was showing. I allowed myself to produce a few sounds of ecstasy of my own – a few guttural grunts and gasps of unchecked pleasure – and found that I enjoyed the fact that other men could hear my most basic and natural expressions of excitement.

Rob called out, “Fuck… Jesus!” and pulled back from Jamie’s mouth.

Jamie pulled away and looked up at him, his expression worried, like he thought he’d bit Rob’s cock or something.

Rob gasped, breathlessly, “Gonna cum, gonna cum… ah… no!”

Then he looked at me, straight in the eyes, and grinned. The guy was on the brink of orgasm, teetering on the edge, and yet he looked at me and grinned!

He kept panting rapidly and then, as he recovered, whispered, “Close… close… but crisis averted…”

Jamie said, “You should have gone for it, man. Spunked down my throat. I’d have fucking loved it…”

Rob looked at him, bleary-eyed. After a couple of seconds silence in which he recovered his breath, he said, incredulously, “What… you’d have loved it if I’d have shot my wad… in your mouth…?”

Jamie nodded but looked puzzled by Rob’s question. I explained, breathless from my own exertions, “It’s not really something that girls like… doesn’t figure much in straight sex…”

Jamie smiled. “Then they don’t know what they’re missing. Having two straight guys cum in mouth is my second-greatest fantasy.”

Rob said, instantly and predictably, “So what’s your first?”

Jamie grinned from ear to ear. “Same idea, different part of my body…”

Rob looked confused and then mildly horrified. He looked at me and I couldn’t stop myself from breaking into a smile. Not quite as wide as Jamie’s but pretty close.

Rob muttered, “What – your arse?”

Jamie grinned like it was Christmas Day.

Rob looked at me again.

I said, “You reckon you could get two cocks up there?” I must admit to being almost instantly and overwhelmingly fascinated by the scenario he was suggesting. But then, arses are really my thing: until then, girl’s arses had always intrigued me but from very shortly after the moment I’m describing here, I guess I regarded guys’ holes as being infinitely superior.

Jamie said, “Dunno… never tried it… always wanted to though…”

Rob looked totally traumatised. “Two cocks… how’d that work?”

Jamie shrugged. “We could arrange something… I’d be up for having a try…” He looked at us both and then grinned again. “Fucking well up for it…”

Rob looked at me. “I dunno… what d’you think, Seb? You wanna fuck this guy…?”

I was feeling almost unbearably horny by the idea of fucking this guy. I think by then, even if Rob had backed out, I’d have bent Jamie over and fucked him on all fours with Rob staring at us in disbelief. I wanted his arse so much that I could feel myself shaking.

I said, “Yeah… I’m up for it…”

Rob looked worried. “What, both of us together…?”

I said, hoping to encourage him by being laid back about it, as if this was no big deal, “Why not? It’d be cool…”

Jamie turned around and took out some condoms from his rucksack, along with a couple of sachets that looked like the mayonnaise you get from motorway service stations. He said, “I got fucked by this black guy in Victoria Station… had a dick like a truncheon… one of my first fucks.. if I could manage him, I’m pretty sure I can cope with you two…”

He passed us a condom each and put the sachets down onto the sleeping bags. Then he pulled down his boxers shorts, obviously aware that both Rob and I were staring between his legs as his fairly-impressively sized cock sprung upwards, and threw them to one side. He tore one of the sachets open and, squeezing some of the translucent white jelly onto his fingers, reached underneath himself to rub it into his arse. “The offer’s there… it’s up to you guys…”

Rob looked at me again.

I tore open the condom wrapper Jamie had handed me and took out the rubber. Then I unfurled it down the thick stem of my cock, finding it difficult to resist the temptation to masturbate myself in my almost unbearably excited state. I flashed Rob a smile and said, “When opportunity knocks…”

Rob continued to look horrified. “What about Helen… your girlfriend…?”

“That’s not serious… just like you said yours wasn’t…”

Rob tore open the condom wrapper and shook his head. He said, “I dunno..”

I turned to Jamie and said, “How are we gonna do this, then?”

He grinned and pulled his tee-shirt over his head. His chest was nicely proportioned and had a small clump of sandy brown hair between his pecs. I looked at it with mild interest, perhaps because the person I was about to fuck had, for the first time, hair on their chest, or perhaps because I’d half-expected it to be dyed blue, like that on his head.

He squatted down in the middle of the tent, his seven inch cock throbbing upwards in front of his stomach, his loose scrotum and heavy balls hanging low and swinging between his thighs.

He said, “One of you guys has your head at this end… the other has his head at the other end… you press your cocks together in the middle, one pair of balls on top of the other… and then I sit down on your two dicks…”

He looked at Rob and grinned, presumably at the look of terror on Rob’s face.

Jamie added, “Then I have the fuck of my life and you guys writhe around in ecstasy…”

Rob rolled the condom down the length of his cock. He said, “I dunno…”

Jamie tried to be soothing. “Just lie down at this end with Seb at the other… I’ll show you what to do…”

Rob shifted his position and lay down with his head at the far end of the tent. He held his cock, still clearly stiff, upright. He muttered, “I never fucked a guy before…” Then, as an afterthought and with a grin on his face, “I only got as far as girls pretty recently!”

Smiling, I moved around so that my head was at the opposite end to Rob’s and our legs were stretched out alongside each other’s chests. I shimmied down so that our cocks were together and then I gripped them both so that they formed a thick, rubber-sheathed pair of rods, pointing upwards at the roof of the tent.

Jamie looked down at me, smiling, and muttered, “This is so fucking cool…” Then he straddled the paired rods of our cocks and pushed himself downwards so that they eased themselves into his lubricated arse.

As soon as I felt the heat and the tight muscular ring of his anus I had to gasp and try to think of neutral things to prevent myself from instantly cumming. I heard Rob gasp but I think his reasons for doing so were rather different.

Jamie slowly squatted downwards over our cocks, allowing them to enter him at a controlled pace, taking deep breaths and having to frequently mentally relax himself before allowing a few millimetres more to enter him. At one point he gasped, “I think I must’ve grown a bit tight since my days in Victoria station…”

The feeling of the constricted ring of his arse muscles was exquisite: anal sex with a succession of girlfriends had been an ongoing fascination for me; now that I was trying it with a guy, I realised that it was this that I’d been craving all along.

Then Rob said, “Fuck… that’s pretty good… yeah…” as Jamie’s tight arse descended onto us both.

I think Rob started thrusting first. His grunting, gasping noises started up again and I felt a resurgence of the embarrassment of hearing his private, most intimate sounds. Then I felt his balls moving up and down against mine and realised that his hips were thrusting upwards into Jamie’s arse.

Jamie’s arse let out a soft fart and I think it was that, coupled with the feel of Rob’s cock sliding upwards and downwards against my own, that refuelled my arousal. I guess that it pressed it home to me, in the most basic terms, that Rob and I were actually pushing our cocks up this guy’s arse. The thought of that, the idea that we were penetrating this guy in a way that most of my mates would have regarded as utterly disgusting, sent a wave of such raw pleasure and excitement over me that I was almost unable to contain it.

I pushed my cock deep into him and was satisfied to hear another, louder fart come from his arse. He grunted and then muttered, clearly embarrassed, “Sorry, you guys…” But he had no need: the sounds from his arse were evidence of the penetration of our cocks into it and as such were equally if not more exciting to me than the firm grip of his anal ring around the stem of my cock.

I think Rob felt the same way as I did, because, after we’d both thrust our cocks upwards and Jamie’s arse had released another involuntary gasp, he grunted, “Yeah, man… go for it…” Then he started pushing his hips upwards at increasing pace, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into Jamie’s arse.

Jamie looked down at me, his face flushed purple and his eyes wincing almost in pain. I thrust upwards, pushing my cock further into him and his arse rapsed again as it released more air to accommodate me.

He said, “Jesus…”

I thought he was still embarrassed so I smiled and managed to gasp out, breathless with pleasure, “Don’t worry, man. Your arse is so fucking hot…”

He closed his eyes and moaned, “The fucking pain… fucking burning… like fire…”

Rob seemed to lose control and he stared frantically thrusting his cock upwards into Jamie’s arse, grunting and gasping with pleasure. I felt his large hairy ball sac bobbing around against my smaller balls, and the unique sensation of his cock sliding rapidly against mine, squeezed against it by the vice-like grip of Jamie’s ring.

Then I saw Jamie grab his own still impressively hard and upright cock, and start hurriedly masturbating it between his thumb and fingers.

He called out, “Fuck… fuck… fuck…” Perhaps it was in pain, or in pleasure, I don’t know.

Rob orgasmed first, and I felt his cock throbbing spasmodically and emptying itself of its load next to mine. He kept thrusting upwards into Jamie’s arse long after his orgasm had subsided, still panting and gasping with the pleasure of his exertions.

After that, my own thrusts took precedence, and I serviced Jamie’s tight arse with my cock so frantically and urgently that I probably betrayed the fact that this was something I’d always fantasized about. Rob’s cock was now still but it remained inside Jamie’s arse and the friction of it against my own added to my already overwhelming pleasure.

Jamie kept masturbating until the brink of his orgasm. Then he removed his hand from his large, throbbing cock and just looked down at me, smiling.

I kept fucking him relentlessly, watching him bobbing up and down in his eagerness to receive me. I heard him say, “God… your cock feels so fucking big…” I’m sure he’d said it to many other guys, perhaps some with more genuine feeling than that with which he said it to me, but if he had it didn’t matter. On me it easily had the desired effect.

I started pumping my semen into his arse, grunting and sweating like a farm animal. I felt a splash of hot fluid across my chest, my neck, my face, and at first I thought my cock must have slipped out of his arse and be spewing its load in the open. But then I realised he too was cumming and the feel of his semen, the taste of the drips of his cum which landed on my lips, caused me to orgasm afresh; I felt a new surge of my cum pumping into the condom inside his arse.

We stayed like that for a minute or so, the three of us panting and recovering our breaths. Then Jamie lost his balance and fell off us, giggling, our softening cocks making a ridiculous-sounding slurp as they came out of is hole.

I remember that afterwards, while we cleaned ourselves off and got into our sleeping bags, Rob and I acted very awkwardly with one another, avoiding eye contact and direct conversation. Jamie made a couple of half-hearted jokes in an attempt, I think, to lighten the uncomfortable atmosphere that had descended, but it was a difficult ten minutes or so, with both Rob and I finding the sensation of being with other males in the aftermath of sex slightly troubling.

The next morning, things were a little better, but there was still an identifiable tension between Rob and I. We were able to make a limited amount of conversation, muttering a few meaningless observations to one another, but it was like the two of us had a hell of an argument the night before. Actually, it was worse than that: arguments can be easy to forget and move on from; what we’d done seemed vast and, right then, almost incomprehensibly significant. A life-changing event, but not quite the one we’d come down for.

While we were drinking coffee, sitting in silence on the dew-covered grass in our damp jeans, Jamie told us to stop pissing about. “Okay, we did some stuff you’d never even thought about, would never have expected to do, and now you both feel weird. But accept you both enjoyed it, that you probably won’t ever do anything like it again, and move on. Jesus, gay guys are supposed to make good drama queens… you pair could win Oscars…”

Rob muttered, “It’s not a case of being a drama queen… I just can’t believe I’d do something like that…”

Jamie laughed. “For God’s sake! You’d think you’d committed a fucking murder! You both got horny and did something you’d have preferred to do with a girl if she’d have been up for it… so what? Doesn’t mean your gay… not even bi… just forget it…”

Then he stood up and pulled on his hooded top and pushed his things into his rucksack. He took a few steps away from us and went on, “Me hanging around isn’t gonna help… I started it… blame me for what happened, not each other…”

He thanked us for the lift and “the rest”, as he put it, with a grin which he probably didn’t intend but found impossible to suppress. And then he walked away with his rucksack on his back.

After a while, Rob asked, “Where are we going to go to see the eclipse?”

I laughed. “Jesus – I’d forgotten about that…”

There was another pause and then Rob said, “Have you ever done anything like that before?”

I looked up at him, into his eyes. “No.”

He held my gaze and said, “Did you enjoy it?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Well… kind of…”

He looked down and had a serious expression. “I don’t know if I did…”

I laughed. “Fuck off! You shot your load first…”

He kept looking down but his mouth broke into a smile. “Yeah… but I was just being polite, you know…”

“Polite! You were grunting and panting like a pig in season…”

He laughed. ” What about you… your face was like bright purple… I thought you were going to need an oxygen mask…”

We kept joking about it as we packed up the tent, finding each other’s catty observations increasingly hilarious. It was funny how similar our conversation was to some of those I’d had with mates at Uni the morning after we’d both pulled girls together in nightclubs, except that in this case it was turned on its head. Each of us accused the other of being the better and more enthusiastic performer, rather than boasting about ourselves.

After we’d packed up the tent, we set off to drive down towards Falmouth which was supposed to have the longest period of totality in the county. After a couple of miles, as we rounded a bend, we saw a hitcher giving us the thumbs-up on the roadside. He had an FCUK rucksack on his back and a tangle of short crudely-dyed blue hair on his head.

Rob said, “Hey Seb. Maybe we should give that guy a lift…”

I turned and saw he was smiling. I asked, “You want to?”

He nodded.

So I pulled in and saw Jamie, grinning broadly, jogging towards the car along the roadside.


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