17th January 2005: I brought Daryl back from my very first story and had the two of us earning a bit of money by pretending to do gay stuff for a soft porn magazine

Photo Shoot

Part 1

I dread the day when one of my patients blurts out, halfway through an appointment with me, “You know… I think I recognise your face from somewhere… have you ever done any modelling, Dr Wallace?”

It’s going to happen; it’s inevitable. Sooner or later, someone’s bound to come into my consultation room who remembers my face from whatever gay magazine I appeared in a few years ago.

And when it does – well – I’m not quite sure how I’m going to explain it. I don’t know if it’s possible to casually, laughingly, tell someone why their trusty GP was, just three or four years ago, strutting his stuff in a hardcore all-male wank-mag.

I think the tactic I’ll use will be to roll my eyes back, chuckle nonchalantly and say, “Oh that! Well… you know how tough it can get for poverty-stricken medical students! My girlfriend wasn’t exactly impressed, but it earned us a few bob for a holiday…”

And then, maybe, while maintaining a sweet, harmless smile: “Doesn’t your wife object to your interest in that kind of magazine?”

All nice and friendly.

That’s assuming the person recognising me turns out to be a married man. But I think that’s a fair assumption for me to make: the magazine was clearly aiming itself at that end of the market, as I remember it.

I can’t recall it’s exact name – I only saw one issue – but it was something like, “Professional Photographer” or “Photography Monthly” or something. It sounded pretty innocuous anyway.

It was the kind of magazine a guy could pick up in an out-of-the-way adult newsagents and carry home without arousing too much suspicion. Slip it in his briefcase between ‘The Times’ and some paperwork without his wife taking any interest if she was to get the odd fleeting glimpse of it.

The one I saw had a handsome young man on the cover, smiling pleasantly against an artistically-shot sunset. Intellectual-sounding captions about some of that issue’s articles.

But inside…

The photography was very heavily orientated around male nudes. Solo models – clothed, then undressing and ultimately naked; couples in an assortment of sexually-suggestive poses together; and groups posing nude in varying states of arousal.

My only look at the magazine came one evening when I called in to see a mate of mine called Jono.

Jono was a photography student at Southampton, where I did my medical training, and he had a large attic room in one of the old Georgian terraces just north of the University campus. He’d set his room up as a kind of bedroom-cum-studio, with his bed almost crowded out by a couple of large painted backdrops and an array of tripods, cameras and lights around them.

I called in to give him copies of the holiday snaps I’d taken in Benidorm: Jono and I had been there with a couple of other friends during the previous summer. By now it was the middle of a cold, wet February and I apologised that I hadn’t taken the time to see him in the intervening months.

Jono was fine about it and suggested we go out for a drink together, to catch up.

“Yeah, yeah,” I’d said, nodding. “We’ll have to sort something out sometime…”

“No – I mean now. What’s wrong with going out tonight?”

I smiled. “Well, I’m hardly dressed for it, mate…”

I’d just been playing squash at the Uni sports centre and was still in my tracksuit; still pretty sweaty.

He shrugged. “You could clean up here, Seb… have a shower or whatever…” Then, throwing a look at the bag I’d brought with me, “You’ve got your regular clothes with you, haven’t you…?”

I thought about it and it seemed like a pretty good idea. I nodded. “Yeah – if you’ve a spare towel you don’t mind me using…”

“No problem.”

So that was sorted.

I guess if I’d have got dressed in the bathroom after my shower, as I originally intended, then Jono wouldn’t have made the comment he made and there’d have been no story for you to be reading now.

But the bathroom he shared with his housemates wasn’t exactly the kind of place you wanted to hang around in. It was cold, musty and damp and the floor seemed like it hadn’t been cleaned since the house was built. Maybe I’m over-particular, but I figure that a bathroom floor that’s as sticky as fly paper isn’t something that I want to put my bare feet on for too long.

So after my shower, I’d put a towel around me and hurried back up to the warmth of Jono’s room.

Jono had looked over at me as I dried myself. That in itself wasn’t that unusual: he’d always seemed as if he might have, at the very least, gay leanings even though he’d never admitted to them.

But as I yanked my briefs up my legs, he’d said, “You know you could make quite a bit of pocket money with your body…”

I’d laughed hollowly and replied, “I don’t think prostitution’s got such a good pension plan as medicine has, mate…”

He’d chuckled. “No – I mean, you’ve got a well-toned body that would photograph well with the right lighting. You could earn a few bob modelling…”

Again I’d just laughed dismissively, tucking my cock into my underwear.

Then he’d said, “Sorry, Seb – it’s just I’ve been doing a few pieces for this photography mag – one that specialises in the male physique. It pays pretty well so I guess I’m talent spotting…”

I’d smiled and pulled on my shirt. “What sort of money do they offer?”

“It varies.” He pulled a magazine out from under some of the papers and prints on his desk. He leafed through it until he found a set of solo shots and showed it to me.

The photos were shot in grainy black and white and showed an athletic young man, probably nineteen or twenty years old, posing in just a pair of white Calvins. They were tightly-fitting and clearly held a fairly generously-proportioned package. He was standing in front of a painted backdrop similar to one of Jono’s and was, for some unexplained reason, holding an oar.

Jono said, “I’d get between two and three hundred for a set like that…”

I was surprised. I heard myself say, “Pounds?” and then felt silly for saying it. Like it could have been anything else.

Jono just nodded.

I asked, “And how much would big boy get?”

“Depends. If he’s unknown, maybe a couple of hundred. If he’s made a name for himself, could be two or three times that.”

I was interested. “Two hundred quid for standing around in your skivvies…? Sounds like pretty easy beer money… What’s the catch?”

Jono smiled and flipped over the page. The guy had removed his briefs and was now naked. His cock more than matched its earlier promise: it was limp but large and swollen.

Jono raised his eyebrows like he expected me to be shocked by the pictures.

I shrugged. “So… two hundred quid for getting your kit off… it’s still pretty good…”

Jono turned a few more pages. “That’s just a starting price… if a guy’s prepared to pose with another guy and, you know, pretend to play around a bit…”

He showed me another page. These photos were in colour and showed two guys, both in their early twenties, playing with a can of squirty cream wearing just their boxer briefs. Spraying some of it on each others’ chests and acting like they were licking it off. Clearly both trying not to piss themselves laughing.

I smiled. “How much would they get?”

“Could be up to a grand…”

“A thousand quid? Each? For just messing around together…?”

Jono muttered, “Not quite,” and turned a couple of pages. By now the guys were naked and boned up. They were both still clearly finding things more amusing than erotic but were trying their best to look serious as they pretended to lick the cream from each other’s erections and arses.

I noticed that they weren’t actually touching each other: their mouths and tongues only came close to one another; they never actually made contact.

I asked Jono to continue turning.

On the following two pages the lads were acting like they were squirting the cream up each other’s arseholes. Once again, though, I noticed that no contact was made: there was no actual penetration, just the suggestion of it.

I gestured for Jono to keep turning but the next page contained one of the magazine’s brief, insubstantial-looking articles. He said, “That’s it… that’s the end of the shot.”

I was interested. “I can’t believe they’d pay those guys a grand for just playing around like that… I mean, I’ve done that kind of thing with my mates when we’ve been pissed enough not to give a shit.”

Jono grinned. “Yeah? Squirting cream up each other’s arses?”

I laughed. “I’ve never quite gone that far, but I’ve messed around – you know, fun fights and stuff – with next-to-nothing on…”

Jono chuckled. “And all this time you could have been getting paid for it…!”

I thought about it. “Yeah…”

We dropped the topic, I finished getting dressed and the two of us went out for a few pints together.

And that would have been the end of it, if a mate of mine hadn’t happened to mention how skint he was on the phone a few weeks later.

I’d known Daryl since we’d been thirteen or fourteen years old. Unlike most of the guys I’d been friends with at school, Daryl and I had stayed in regular contact and had occasionally visited one another at University. We’d even gone on the odd holiday together, either just the two of us or with our respective girlfriends, and had obviously grown pretty close.

So when Daryl told me he was finding it so hard to find decent employment that he might have to take up some crappy pound-an-hour ‘typing from home’ job just to get by, I had no qualms about telling him what I’d learned that evening round at Jono’s.

With most of my other mates, I’d have worried that they might have objected to my suggestion that they’d take their clothes off for money, but Daryl and I knew each other well enough to be able to say stuff like that to each other.

As I’d suspected, Daryl wasn’t in the least offended. In fact, he was as surprised as I had been that there was so much money to be had by simply taking your clothes off.

He’d laughed incredulously on the phone: “Two hundred fuckin’ quid for getting your knob out… Jesus! I’d have to type… what is it… like five hundred letters or something to get that much…”

“Yeah… it’s good money…”

He barked, “Hey – is it tax-exempt?”

“How would I know?!” I laughed. “Jono was just making conversation – he didn’t get a contract out or anything…”

Daryl chuckled. “Well, even if it isn’t – I’d still be pretty interested…”

I went on: “No point, mate: you have to be fit, otherwise the magazine isn’t gonna want to buy the photos. No-one’s gonna want to see some bloke with a beer-gut and a lard-arse struttin’ around…”

He laughed again. “Actually, I’ve toned up pretty nicely since you last saw me. I’ve still got a card for the university gym and, well, let’s face it – I’ve got fuck all else to do during the day right now…”

“Yeah right.”

He sounded adamant. “Yeah, fuckin’ right. I reckon a body like mine would be right up their street…”

I continued teasing him. “Well, even if you’ve got the body for it, mate, Jono mentioned something about having a good-sized dick… so that’s you pretty much out of the running…”

He laughed loudly. “Fuck off! Don’t be such a tosser, Seb…”

“I’m not being a tosser! I just don’t think Jono’s got a zoom lens that’d be strong enough…”

He chuckled. “Yeah yeah yeah… Seriously, though. D’you think he’d want to photograph me?”

I paused. “I dunno. I see him around town sometimes… I could ask him…”

Daryl asked, “Have you got his mobile number?”

I realised how much he needed the money.

“You’re that hard-up?”

“You bet. Hey – I’m nicking loo rolls from the gym toilets, mate…”

I pretended to laugh but I actually felt quite saddened to hear that Daryl was stooping to that.

I said, “Well – if you’ve got a mate who’d be up for it – Jono said that two guys can get a thousand quid for posing together –”

Daryl quickly interjected, “I wouldn’t go in for doing gay stuff…”

“No – not gay stuff. No touching. Just messing around together.”

“What – with nothing on?”

“Pretty much.”

He went silent for a few seconds. I let him consider the idea.

The silence continued and I wondered if he might be feeling uncomfortable by my suggestion.

Eventually I said, “Sorry – I shouldn’t have mentioned that… forget it…”

But Daryl replied, “No – I’m just amazed at how much. A thousand pounds…?”

“That’s what Jono said…”

Again Daryl went quiet.

After a few more seconds of thought: “Maybe I’ll catch the train down to Southampton, Seb. Could you put me up for a few nights?”

I smiled. “‘Course I could, mate.”


We went round to Jono’s that Friday night and Jono handed Daryl the same magazine that he’d shown me.

Daryl flicked through it, intrigued.

He muttered, as he glanced at the centre spread showing a couple of guys in football strips simulating sex, “I’d have never have considered doing anything like this… I wouldn’t have thought it would pay so well…”

Jono smiled. “So you’d be interested in having a few shots taken of you undressing or something?”

Daryl looked up at him. “D’you think I’d make a good enough… er… subject?”

Jono nodded. “I’d have to see you with nothing on… but I think you’d be pretty good. The last guy I photographed got two hundred and he wasn’t as fit as you…”

Daryl grinned. Jono blushed slightly, quickly correcting himself: “I mean, he wasn’t as athletic as you…”

I asked Jono who the other guy had been, wondering if I might know him.

Jono shook his head. “That’s between me and him. You’re welcome to buy the magazine next month, Seb, if you’re that interested… but anything which happens in this room goes no further, as far as I’m concerned…”

I nodded. “Yeah… I guess that’s fair enough…”

Jono went on, “I figure that if I start spreading gossip about guys I photograph, no-one’s gonna want to pose for me…”

Daryl said, “I was going to ask about that. I mean, it’s not like I know many people in Southampton… but I’d definitely need to know you’re not gonna go around mouthing off about me…”

After Daryl had agreed that he’d be interested in going ahead, Jono asked him to undress so that he could see whether he’d be, as he put it, “suitable”. I figured Jono wanted to look for stuff like birthmarks and pimples, and needed, of course, to check out the size and shape of Daryl’s cock. Otherwise he might end up wasting a roll or two of film before realising that something as apparently trivial as a scar in just the wrong place would make the shots unmarketable.

I offered to leave the room, but Daryl just snorted: “Like you’ve never seen it all before, Seb…? Come on, mate, don’t get all prissy…”

I chuckled. “I was just being polite…”

Daryl glared over at me. I realised that I was making this a bigger deal than he wanted me to; he wanted to keep things nice and casual to avoid him feeling embarrassed. He muttered, “It’s not like a gynaecological examination or something… I’m just getting my kit off…”

“Yeah, okay.”

He stripped off quickly and efficiently. Jono said, “You’ll have to… er… slow things down a little for the shoot…”

Daryl smiled. “I can put on a bit of show when I need to… don’t worry, mate…”

As he threw his clothes off, it became clear that Daryl’s claims that he’d been spending a lot of time in the gym had not been an exaggeration. His body was beautifully toned – in the best state I’d ever seen it – and the muscles of his arms and chest looked strong and firm. He’d even managed to cultivate a set of clearly-defined abs, a feat I hadn’t yet managed to achieve.

When he was wearing nothing but a pair of checked boxer shorts, Jono took a step away from him, studied him up and down and nodded slowly and seriously. Daryl threw him a self-conscious grin, hooked his thumbs the waistband of his shorts and yanked them quickly down.

His cock looked the same as it had on the many occasions I’d seen it before. It was limp, of course, but pleasantly large: about five or so inches long with a thick, substantial girth. Although covered by his foreskin, his bell-end was clearly discernible as a hefty mushroom-shaped bulge. His balls were also a good size, hanging low between his thighs, and his pubic bush was thick and dark.

Jono studied him in silence for a few seconds. I could see Daryl was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

He looked over at me staring at his cock and tried to smile.

I was about to say something to ease the tension a little, when Jono asked Daryl to turn around.

Daryl turned to show Jono his arse. It was squat and round, with a fine line of hair emerging from his crack.

Jono said, “Yeah… you’ll be perfect,” and Daryl turned back to face him. Jono went on: “I’d just make a couple of suggestions, though: you might want to buy a pair of white briefs before we do the shoot. It’s what the magazine readers like to see, apparently.”

Daryl nodded, picking up his shorts to get dressed again.

Jono added, “And you might want to slightly trim your pubes. Again, it’s what sells magazines.”

Daryl asked how short he should make them.

Jono showed him one of the models in the magazine. “Like this guy. Not completely shaved, but trimmed enough to show his cock off a bit better. Make it look longer… or in your case, even longer…”

Daryl grinned and winked at him and Jono blushed again.

We arranged to return to Jono’s the following afternoon for the shoot and, after Daryl had finished dressing, he and I headed off to the pub.

Over a couple of pints, after discussing whether or not Jono might be gay, our conversation turned to the prospect of the photo session.

I asked Daryl if he felt embarrassed by taking his clothes off in front of a camera.

He shrugged. “Not especially. I just didn’t like the way the guy was staring at me. It was freaking me out. At least if he’s behind a camera, he can’t do that… Would you feel embarrassed if it was you?”

“No. I don’t think so.”

He took a long drink from his glass and then asked, “Would you feel embarrassed posing together with another guy… one of those pretend-sex shots?”

I smiled. “To be honest, I think my only problem would be trying not to laugh…”

He chuckled. “Yeah. Me too.” Then he asked, “Would it be worth a thousand pounds to you?”

I saw where this was headed.

“I dunno… I guess the money might come in kind of useful…”

Daryl nodded and kept staring at me as if he was waiting for me to suggest something.

I didn’t, and after a few seconds he took another long drink from his pint. After he’d swallowed the liquid, he peered down at his glass as if studying the patterns in the froth, and said, “It’s just… well… a grand would come in really useful for me… and you’re the only guy I could ask this of…”

He looked up at me but I just went on staring at him. He had to be the one to say it.

He waited and then, when it became clear I wasn’t going to help him out, he said, “Would you be up for doing one of those duo shots? The two of us?”

Even though I’d known the question was coming I still felt surprised to hear him actually ask it. I looked down at my own pint.

He quickly put in, “Don’t worry about saying no – it’d be no problem if you did. It’s just that if you wouldn’t mind doing it, we might as well get the most out of this as we can…”

I looked back up at him. I muttered, “A thousand pounds would be pretty handy right now… pay off a couple of debts… maybe have enough left to go away somewhere with Kaz…”

He grinned. “So you’d be up for it?”

I remained guarded. “I’m not saying that… I’m just saying the money would be nice…”

Over the following couple of hours – in the pub, on the walk home and as we got ready for bed – Daryl kept trying to reopen the conversation and persuade me that I really wanted to pose with him. But I wasn’t convinced: the money was tempting but I had too many misgivings to be able to commit myself.

He’d say, “But you said the money would be useful…”

And I’d laugh and say, “I’m not denying that – I’m just not sure I can trust Jono…”

“You heard what he said… he wouldn’t tell anyone…”

“Yeah – but Jono and I have a lot of the same friends. I can just see him getting pissed with a group of our mates and it all coming out…”

Later, he’d try: “What if we could swear Jono to absolute secrecy?”

And I’d laugh again and say, “Can’t you just drop it? Anyway, that’s not the only issue. What if my mother gets to see it… or my brother or someone…”

“You just say it’s someone who looks uncannily like you. The names they print in the mag are fakes. No-one can prove anything…”

And then, later still: “What if I give you two hundred of my earnings, to add to your own…?”

I think it was hearing him say that that pushed me into doing it. The knowledge that Daryl was so desperate for the money he would offer to give me a percentage of his own earnings just to keep me in.

I’d smiled and said, “We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, Daz. But if in the end I decide to do it, I don’t want any of your share…”

He nodded. “Well at least agree that you’ll trim your bush and put on a pair of white briefs tomorrow morning, just so you’re prepared if you change your mind…”

I nodded back. “Okay. That sounds a fair compromise…”

The following morning, Daryl and I managed to choke up the shower plug hole with our pubic trimmings and then had a playful argument as to who ought to clear it.

Daryl was adamant that it was my duty as host to deal with household chores. I insisted, on examination, that there were far more of his dark brown hairs in the plug than there were of my blond ones.

In the end, we decided that Daryl would attend to it in return for me lending him a pair of my white briefs so that he didn’t have to buy a pair of his own.

That was all light-hearted and fun. What was a bit more unusual, though, was when he suggested that we compare our handiwork with the scissors as we dried ourselves.

It felt weird for the two of us to be checking out each other’s cocks, but Daryl pointed out that it was important to know that we had pubic bushes that looked at least vaguely similar. While I still hadn’t agreed to take part in the shoot, it was clear that if I did, it would look a bit odd if one of us was shorn as close as a skinhead down there while the other was sporting something that looked, in comparison, like an afro.

So, before we got dressed we spent a few minutes naked, examining each other’s cocks.

As he was kneeling in front of me, checking me out, Daryl surprised me by reaching over to my cock, lifting it up and peering under it to inspect my balls.

Then he looked up at me, smiled and said, “You missed a bit…”

I tried to brush him off. “It’s okay – I’ll sort it out…”

He hung on and reached for the scissors. “No need. I’ve got a better angle…”

He kept holding my cock upward and snipped at a few stray strands of hair sprouting from my balls. I had to mentally control myself so as not to respond to the feel of his finger and thumb holding my cock firmly, as he moved it one way and then the other to tidy up my botched trimmings.

He muttered, “If you decide to go with the photo shoot, and we have to get hard-ons together, these clumps might look kind of obvious…”

I felt my cock beginning to swell in pulses and he obviously felt it too because he looked up at me, grinning.

I said, feeling my face flush, “Go easy with your grip, mate. It’s kind of… er… stimulating…”

He laughed. “At least we know you’ll have no trouble boning up later on…”

“If I go through with it,” I reminded him.

He nodded and stood up, replacing the scissors on my desk.

By now my cock stood outward from my balls, looking larger and heavier than it had a few moments earlier, and my pale foreskin began to retract back from the rapidly-swelling head of it.

Daryl threw it another look and grinned.

I snapped, smiling, “Don’t look at me like that! You were the one who set it off!”

I knelt down to look at Daryl’s trimmed pubes and found that his hairdressing skills, at least in that department, were far better than mine. He lifted his cock to show me his balls and I was impressed by how uniform the length of his hair was right across them.

I stood back up. “Seems okay to me. And we both look about even in terms of hair length.”

He said, “Yours look a bit shorter than mine…”

“It’s ’cause they’re blond, that’s all. I think we’re pretty much the same…”

He turned around and asked me to check his arse.

I was surprised. “Did you trim that too?”

“Just the crack. I thought it might look a bit too hairy as it was…”

I looked down at it. The few wisps of hair that protruded from his cleft were gone. I said, “I didn’t do anything to mine…”

“You’re blond. Your arse hairs won’t be so obvious…” He asked, “How’s it look?”

I knelt down behind him and took a close look at it; trying to spot any stray hairs that Jono’s strong lighting would quickly reveal.

I muttered, “Yeah – I think it’s okay.”

Then Daryl surprised me again by grabbing his cheeks and opening them slightly. He didn’t exactly splay them open, but he held them apart enough for me to see inside his crack and made it impossible for me not to notice the tight pink ring of his arsehole.

He pushed it back towards me, as I knelt behind him, opening his legs so that I could see his balls hanging between his thighs.

I said, standing up quickly, “Yeah – it’s fine. No worries, mate.”

I turned away and grabbed my briefs.

He stood back up and turned back towards me. Then he laughed, “My hand really got you going, didn’t it?”

I struggled to tuck my almost fully erect cock into my briefs.

I tried to laugh it off. “Any attention it gets does this to it… I should have warned you…”

He suggested, laughing more loudly, “Or was it my trimmed arsehole…?”

I tried another laugh. “Yeah – like that’s gonna do it for me…”

He chuckled and picked up the briefs I’d lent him.

As he put them on, I noticed that his cock was by now looking longer than it had before and was slightly elevated from his balls.

It looked like this might turn out to be an interesting afternoon…


Part 2

24th January 2005: The photo shoot continues, with the underwear coming off…

After Jono had reassured me, with genuine sincerity, that there was absolutely no possibility of him telling another living soul that I had been involved in a photo shoot like this, I agreed to help Daryl out by joining him for a duo session.

Jono was surprised at the change of plan but was clearly pleased that he’d be able to command a much higher price for the resulting set of pictures. He said he had a few ideas for how we could ‘have some fun’, as he put it.

“Squirty cream?” I asked.

Jono shook his head. “Naah… that’s been done to death. We’ve got to be original… I mean, it’s pretty difficult because everything seems to have been done already, and from every angle, but I’ve a couple of possibilities that I’ve never seen any other photographer try…”

Jono’s first suggestion was that we act the part of a couple of athletes who have to apply anal suppositories to one another.

“Is that the kind of thing athletes do?” Daryl asked, nonplussed.

Jono shrugged. “Yeah… I think so. I heard about it during the Olympics a few years back… it’s a way of getting steroids into the body which is hard to detect or something…”

I chuckled sceptically. “That sounds pretty far-fetched… if I’m going model for you, the scenario has to be at least vaguely medically plausible…”

Daryl threw Jono a look of mock exasperation. “Fuckin’ medical students…”

Jono grinned. “Okay. Plan B. You’re a couple of mates applying henna tattoos to one another… I’ve got some packets somewhere…”

“Why would we be doing that?” I asked.

Jono shrugged. “I dunno… you’re going out to a party or something… does it really matter? The readers aren’t that interested in knowing about the background of every scenario…”

Daryl wasn’t convinced. He said, “Yeah, maybe, but it’s gotta be believable… that’s surely the number one rule…”

Jono shrugged.

I suggested, “I suppose we could be getting ready for a carnival or a mardi gras or something. Everyone gets into body painting and stuff for that…”

Daryl nodded.

Jono said, “Okay. Fair enough. But we’ll have to get you into some different clothes and find you some streamers or whatever…”

Jono dug some clothes out from the recesses of his wardrobe for Daryl and I to try on. I recognised a few of them from our Benidorm holiday and others from the parties I’d been to with Jono. There were bizarrely coloured jeans, tie-die shirts, Hawaiian shorts and baseball caps with supposedly amusing slogans on them. Most of the clothes were too small to be useful, but we were able to get into some of the baggier ones.

While we were dressing up, Jono went to and ask his housemates if they could supply some of the accessories we needed. I guess they must have been pretty used to him asking them for props for his various photography projects.

On his return, I asked him, “Are you sure this is going to work? I mean, it’s kind of difficult to try and look attractive when you’re dressed up like a knob-head…”

Jono smiled. “Don’t worry. The clothes aren’t staying on for that long…”

Daryl asked, “Why do you keep all of this stuff?”

Jono shrugged. “I think most photographers are hoarders… you never know when stuff is going to be useful in a shot…”

He threw an assortment of beaded necklaces, streamers and cheap plastic bracelets onto his desk which he had acquired from downstairs. Just the sort of tacky rubbish you tend to end up having strewn around your neck and arms when you’re at a mardi gras.

He said, “I’ve got the dregs of a can of spray string somewhere, too… and maybe a couple of party poppers…”

Daryl and I draped some of the stuff around ourselves, both clearly feeling like we looked like a couple of wankers, while Jono found the spray string and squirted some of it over us.

By the time we’d finished we would pass easily as party-goers. In fact, the effect was actually quite convincing.

Daryl muttered, fiddling with the string of plastic stars around his wrist, “All this crap seems a lot less ridiculous when you’re pissed, doesn’t it?”

I smiled.

Jono’s first few shots were of Daryl swigging from a beer bottle while I crouched to look through the chest of drawers which Jono had positioned to one side of the viewpoint.

Then he asked us to swap places and do the same things.

Daryl asked, “What’s the point of this, then?”

“They’re contextual shots,” Jono said, adjusting the lens on the front of his camera. “Setting the scene and all that. You’re two pissed guys who’ve nipped out of a party to put tattoos on each other for a laugh. I’ll choose the best shot from the four or five I’ve taken…”

After Jono had finished with his establishing shots, he got Daryl to rub a tattoo of a snake onto the side of my face and then had me do the same to Daryl with a picture of a sword.

Then we took our shirts off, leaving the streamers and necklaces around our necks, and each rubbed one of the tattoos onto the others’ forearm.

Jono’s camera clicked a few times and then he came around to the front of his camera to adjust its angle on the tripod.

I asked, “Shouldn’t we be doing this in a seductive way… sort of pouting or something?”

Jono smiled as he fiddled with the mount. “No – you’re just a couple of pissed lads messing around. There’ll be plenty of time for stage acting later on…”

Daryl smirked at me. “Like we’ll have to stage act to get hot and horny with each other, eh Seb? It’ll be the fulfilment of many long lonely nights’ fantasising…”

I smiled back. “To be honest, I hope I can come up with the goods, mate. First night nerves and all that…”

Daryl tittered. “I don’t think we’ll have any worries there, mate.” And then, lowering his voice, “Not if earlier on was anything to go by…”

Jono looked over at us, having clearly heard what Daryl had said, and I felt myself blush a little.

Next we put tattoos on each other’s shoulders and then Daryl put one on my lower back. I rubbed a nice one of a heart with an arrow through it just below his left nipple, impressed by how hard his chest felt.

Jono took a few more shots of us and then changed his roll of film.

He asked us to loosen our jeans so that we could rub tattoos onto each other’s stomachs. We undid our top few buttons and hitched down our briefs slightly so that we could put them pretty low.

Jono smiled and clicked. “Very… er… titillating… yeah, I like it…”

I got a salamander looking as if it was emerging from the waistband of my briefs, while Daryl had a rose growing upward from the top of his pubes towards his belly button.

“Okay, now do the same thing, but around the back,” Jono said. “And pull your trousers down a little more… show off your underwear a bit…”

Daryl applied a bolt of lightening to the top of my right buttock. He said, “Hopefully it won’t ignite your farts, mate…”

I pulled his briefs down to expose the upper half of his left cheek and rubbed the tattoo of a traffic-sign onto it, an arrow pointing down towards his arsehole. “Guidance for incoming vehicles,” I suggested.

“Very thoughtful of you, Seb,” Daryl chuckled.

Then Jono told us to take off our boots and jeans and used up a whole roll of film snapping away at us as we did so.

“What about the socks?” Daryl asked.

Jono shook his head. “No. A lot of guys like to see them left on, for some reason…”

Daryl looked at me and I shrugged.

Now we were both in our white briefs, looking a bit cold and feeling kind of silly to have so many tattoo transfers smeared around our bodies.

Daryl asked, “Should we be hard by now?”

Jono shook his head. “We’re working towards that… there’s no rush…”

Jono took a few shots of us standing around in our underwear as we swigged beer from the bottles and looked over the remaining tattoos together.

He’d get Daryl to bend over as if examining one intently while I stood behind him, the mound of my crotch level with the cheeks of Daryl’s arse. Then he’d ask me to crouch down so that my balls made a bulge in my briefs as they hung down between my legs, while Daryl stood next to me, his own well-equipped package next to my face.

Jono was loving it: he went through two or three rolls of film while we changed places at his direction. “These are good shots… you both look really good like that…”

“We both know how to fill a pair of briefs if that’s what you mean,” Daryl smirked.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Jono said. The excitement in his voice was obvious. I glanced at the front of his jeans while he fiddled with his lens at one point, but if anything was happening inside them, it wasn’t immediately apparent.

He was right, though, I have to say. Daryl and I both did look pretty good wearing just our briefs. The pair I’d loaned Daryl fitted him beautifully; they emphasised the bulge of his crotch, making it look quite spectacular, and clung to the contours of his buttocks like a second skin.

Daryl smiled over at me, checking me out as I was him. He said, “I must admit, though, that mine is no competition for Dr Wallace’s piece of meat over there…”

I smiled and shook my head. “Shut up, Daryl. We’re both pretty evenly matched and you know it, mate…”

Daryl laughed, “When yours gets going though… there’s nothing much can beat it…”

Jono looked up from his camera and sneered. He said, camply, “Ooh… what have you guys been getting up to?”

I threw Jono a look of irritation. “Yeah yeah yeah… so we’ve seen each other’s knobs… shock horror…”

Daryl laughed over at Jono, his expression more incredulous than irritated. “Jesus, Jono – didn’t you used to wank off with your mates when you were in your teens…?”

Jono just feigned a smile and shrugged.

He got us to pose in a couple more positions wearing our briefs, while we swigged beer. I was preoccupied by the memory of wanking off with Daryl all those years ago: I’d pretty much forgotten it used to happen. It was just part of the normal goings on in a boarding school; I guess there was a lot of other stuff that used to go on back then that I hadn’t thought about for years.

Daryl was right, though, from what I remembered of our occasional tugs together: my cock must have been a couple of inches longer than his back then. Even at fifteen years old, I’d had a dick that could reach nearly eight inches when I was hard; I guess I’d been an early developer. From what I’d seen of Daryl’s cock in its limp state recently, though, he’d caught up with me in the intervening years. Apart from his having a bigger head than mine, our cocks were almost identical.

Jono got us to start putting tattoos on each other’s upper thighs.

I did Daryl first; from the front.

I had to position the tattoo high on the inside of Daryl’s thigh, just below his balls, and then draw over gently it with the blunt pencil. It was impossible to avoid brushing the back of my hand across the bulge at the front of Daryl’s briefs from time to time and impossible not to smell the light, sexual scent from Daryl’s cock and balls because my face was up quite close to him.

I could make out the outline of the ripe mushroom head of Daryl’s cock beneath the material of his briefs. Every time my hand accidentally brushed across it, it seemed to fatten a little.

Jono snapped away furiously.

Then we changed places and Daryl knelt down in front of my bulge, applying a tattoo to my leg just beneath the overhang of my balls.

Jono said, “Get your face right up close to him, Daryl. So I can get a close up of you and his package in one shot…”

Daryl did as he’d been asked, his eyes intently watching the tattoo as he rubbed it onto my skin just an inch or so from the bulge of my crotch.

Jono smiled. “Ooh, nice…” His camera started snapping again.

Daryl’s hand brushed across the front of my underwear as much as mine had on his, and I found it impossible not to respond to it. I guess my cock must be a bit more sensitive than his.

Within a few seconds, it was beginning to make an obvious lump, starting to poke upwards from my balls and lifting the front of my briefs with it.

I laughed, feeling a little self-conscious, “Come on, Daryl, mate. You don’t have to feel me up when you’re doing that…”

But Jono cut in, “No – it’s perfect! Keep going, both of you…”

Daryl looked up at me, grinning. “Just make sure you don’t have my eye out with it…”

By the time he’d finished rubbing the tattoo onto my skin, my cock had swollen to about half its erect size. By now it tented my briefs outwards as it struggled for release.

Jono muttered, “Lovely… lovely…” and kept clicking away at it from varying distances.

Then, as he changed his roll of film again, he suggested, “Now let’s have you standing up, Daryl, and showing Seb your arse, joking about having Seb put a tattoo on it…”

Daryl stood up. “How d’you mean? Like bending over for him or something?”

Jono shook his head, clicking the back of his camera closed. “No, just pulling the back of your briefs down with a cheesy grin on your face. Seb grinning back at you.”

I asked Jono, gesturing at the swollen mound at the front of my briefs, “Should I tuck myself in a bit… make this a bit less obvious…?”

Jono laughed. “For Christ’s sake no… that’s the whole point! His arse juxtaposed with your… er… excitement…”

“Like I wanna fuck him or something…”

Jono smiled. “Like the thought’s crossing your mind… yeah…”

Daryl chuckled. “You haven’t got a tattoo of a ‘No Entry’ sign have you, mate… I think I’m gonna need it…”

Jono got behind his camera again and Daryl yanked the back of his briefs down, exposing the tops of his round, solid-looking cheeks.

Jono said, adjusting the dial on the front of the camera to best frame the shot, “That’s it… yeah… pull them just a bit further down… show us what you’ve got…”

Daryl grinned and pulled them a little further down, clearly enjoying the interest Jono was paying his well-toned buttocks.

Jono started snapping. “Yeah… perfect… now have a good laugh at it, guys… like this is gonna be so funny…”

We both grinned at Daryl’s arse and then Jono had me get a little closer so that my half-erect cock, still struggling within the confines of my briefs, was just a couple of inches from Daryl’s firm cheeks.

“Now get down behind him, Seb. Pull his briefs down further and rub a tattoo onto his arse…”

I did as Jono said, gently peeling the tight-fitting briefs down to fully expose Daryl’s backside.

I pressed a tattoo of a hand with an outstretched middle finger against his right buttock; I made sure the finger pointed down to his arsehole. Before I could rub it onto his skin, though, Jono stopped me: “Adjust your knob, Seb… make it more obvious to the camera that you’re enjoying this…”

I felt a little defensive. “I’m not enjoying it… it’s just an automatic reaction…”

Daryl chuckled. “Come on, Seb… relax, mate… we’re both in this together…!” He turned slightly to show me the front of his briefs which were swelling just as obviously with his lengthening cock as my own were. He gave his bulge a gentle rub, and shrugged, “What’s the big deal… it’s kind of fun…”

I fiddled with my cock so that it poked upwards inside my underwear as I knelt behind Daryl.

Then I returned to rubbing the tattoo onto Daryl’s arse, which felt just as muscular as it looked, while Jono took a couple of shots of me applying the tattoo. He was muttering, “That’s it… yeah… you look really good like that…”

I glanced back over toward the package at the front of Jono’s jeans and noticed that it was, by now, showing signs of life. Something sausage-shaped was beginning to make a ridge at the top of his right thigh.

Jono gestured for me to get my face a little closer to Daryl’s cheeks so that he could get a close-up shot.

I said, moving in close to his ripe, round buttocks, “Fart and you die, Daryl…”

Daryl chuckled.

Even though he didn’t, I was aware of the faint, musky scent of his arse-crack while Jono took a two or three shots of me with my face close to his backside.

When Jono had finished the close-up, he took a few paces backwards, and said, “Okay… that’s great…” I moved back from Daryl’s arse. Jono went on, “Now… Daryl… move your crotch a little more towards me… I want it to be clear that you’re starting to get off on this…”

Daryl laughed, directing his tightly-packed bulge towards Jono. “I don’t know why I am. He’s being about as erotic as he would be if he were giving me a medical examination…”

I finished rubbing the tattoo onto his skin. “Well sorry, mate… but your arse isn’t exactly my number one fantasy…”

Jono clicked his camera a couple more times as Daryl chuckled, “Well, yours isn’t one of mine, Seb… but I think I could a slightly better job at entering into the spirit of this…”

Jono replaced another roll of film and said, “Okay, we’ll see if you can… let’s swap places and have you rub a tattoo onto Seb’s arse…”

Daryl nodded. “And what do I do with my briefs… if I pull them up over my arse, they’ll get some of the ink on them…”

Jono grinned. “Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to leave them hitched down at the back, aren’t you…”

Daryl grinned back. “And you’ll just happen to get a shot of my splayed butt-cheeks while I’m squatting behind Seb, will you?”

Jono laughed and acted like he would never have thought of doing such a thing. “What a good idea! You know, I might just take you up on that…”

We changed positions so that Daryl moved around behind me and knelt down. I noticed, as we did so, that our cocks were both almost fully hard and making thick rods in our briefs. I saw him checking out mine as I was looking at his, and we smiled at one another.

Daryl pulled the back of my briefs down, exposing my arse for a tattoo to be applied. I knew my buttocks were just as round and as firm as Daryl’s – girls would sometimes tell me my arse was my best feature – and the rapid clicking of Jono’s camera suggested he agreed.

Daryl pressed the sheet of tattoos against my left cheek and announced he’d chosen a beer bottle to go on it, emerging from my cleft. “How’d you feel about having a bottle of Bud sticking out of your arse, Seb?”

“Felt pretty good last time I did it,” I chuckled.

Daryl got to work.

His hands were, I have to admit, far more sensual on my arse than mine had been on his. He caressed my buttocks gently with the tips of his fingers and allowed his fingers to enter my cleft, venturing teasingly towards my most sensitive spot.

The head of my cock was soon straining painfully against the material of my briefs.

Fondling my arse clearly had an effect on Daryl, too, because I heard Jono mutter to him, “Move a little more this way… let’s see more of that wet patch on your briefs…”

When he’d finished taking shots side-on, Jono got behind Daryl and knelt down to get one of his exposed arse while Daryl held the tattoo against my backside.

He said, straining forwards towards Daryl’s rear, “Push it out a bit… bend further forwards…”

Daryl chuckled, “You wanna see the little brown ring, do you, mate…”

Jono muttered, “Well hopefully it isn’t too brown… but yeah… if you don’t mind…”

Daryl laughed, “Just so happens I polished it up ‘specially this morning…”

I was surprised at how keen Daryl was to have his arsehole photographed. I mean, I wasn’t against the idea of having Jono take a shot of my own if he wanted to, but I wasn’t actively enthusiastic for it as Daryl clearly was.

He pushed his arse backwards towards Jono and opened his legs further.

Jono muttered, “Yeah… that’s it… nice…” And the camera started clicking.

Daryl grabbed my arse cheeks with both his hands, supporting himself as he pushed his own backside towards Jono’s camera. He dug his thumbs into my cleft and the tips of them pressed against my own anus.

He called up to me, “You don’t mind, mate, do you?”

I was kind of stunned. I managed to mutter, “No…”

It actually felt pretty good.

Jono was saying, his voice becoming a little breathless, “Yeah… just a bit more… lovely…”

And as Daryl pushed himself further towards Jono, his hands grabbed at my own arse more firmly and his thumbs entered me slightly.

I heard myself gasp and felt my face flush.

After Jono had stood up and had gone over to change his film again, the two of us stood up and faced each other.

We were both as hard as hell: our briefs were almost tearing from the pressure of our thick, swollen cocks inside them. Daryl’s was oozing a stream of precum which had made the material translucent around his throbbing bell-end; mine hadn’t dribbled so much, but there was an obvious spot at the tip of it.

He grinned at me mischievously and I was unable to stop myself from laughing.

Jono interrupted us: “Now the moment our readers have been waiting for…”

Daryl looked over at him and chuckled, “And not just our readers by the look of things, mate…”

I looked over to see what he meant and saw that Jono’s jeans were now betraying a more prominent swelling than they had earlier. A fat diagonal ridge ran from his fly to his right pocket.

Jono looked down at it, blushed a little and shrugged. “Yeah… this is a pretty good shoot… you guys are good…”

Daryl said, “Well, if you can take your pictures with one hand, feel free to give it a little attention…”

Jono blushed a slightly darker shade and joked, “I’ll leave that for when I’m developing them…”

Daryl laughed loudly. “Yeah! I bet you fucking will!”

Jono smiled but looked a little uncomfortable: as though he realised he’d revealed more than he ought to have. He said, with a small cough to refocus the conversation, “Anyway, let’s have Seb showing you one of the tattoos and pointing at your dick… you laughing at the idea of having one put on it…”

I found a tattoo of a gun with a flag reading ‘Bang!’ poking out of the barrel. That seemed pretty ideal. Daryl grinned broadly.

Jono took the shot and then asked Daryl to slowly remove his briefs.

Daryl said, “I hope you’ve got your wide-angle lens attached…”

Jono seemed too distracted by the prospect of seeing Daryl’s erection to respond.

Daryl pulled his briefs down slowly, clearly enjoying watching Jono’s fascination when he released his cock and it sprung upwards.

I saw that it was a little longer than mine. It had grown several inches since our nights of wanking together school.

Jono stared at it open-mouthed for a few seconds and then took half a dozen photos of it in rapid succession. He muttered, “Yeah… it looks fantastic…”

Daryl chuckled and seemed to revel in showing it off to the camera. He pushed his hips forwards a little, emphasising his erection’s upward sweep and throbbing head, clearly feeling quite proud for himself.

A dribble of precum oozed from the end of it and then hung, on a string, from his puckered piss slit.

I assumed Jono would ask him to wipe it off, but he took several photos of it at varying distances muttering encouragement to Daryl.

Daryl pulled the briefs fully off, with Jono photographing every inch of their descent, and then turned to give Jono a full-frontal view of his naked body.

Jono lapped it up, telling Daryl when to open his legs to show off his balls, when to smear the precum into his cock head to make it glisten and when to flex his muscles slightly to emphasise his toning.

When Jono had finished yet another roll of film, he said to Daryl, “You’ve got a hell of a cock…”

Daryl smirked at him and muttered salaciously, “It can do things that’d make your eyes water, mate…”

Jono didn’t know how to respond to that and chose to smile uncertainly and busy himself with his camera.

I must say I was pretty surprised to hear Daryl speak so suggestively to Jono.

I looked over at him and he flashed me a grin and winked at me.

I guessed he must just be testing Jono to see how he’d respond; following up on our discussions, the previous evening, as to whether the guy was gay or not.

When Jono had finished replenishing his film, he asked me to apply the tattoo of the gun to Daryl’s cock.

I knelt down in front of him, finding myself becoming as mesmerised by my friend’s large erection as Jono had been.

Daryl grinned down at me, clearly loving the admiration his organ was getting. “Changed a bit since school, eh Seb?”

I smiled up at him. “You could say that… what the hell have you been putting on it…?”

He chuckled.

I positioned the tattoo on his cock and started rubbing the pencil across it to apply the image of the gun to the veined skin of his shaft.

Daryl gasped and involuntarily jerked his hips a few times. “Aah… fuck!”

A thick drool of precum dribbled from the tip of his cock, hanging on a string like the one a few moments earlier.

Jono photographed the whole thing eagerly.

Daryl looked down at me. “Sorry, mate. It just felt really good…”

I continued trying to rub the tattoo onto his cock, but each time I stroked my pencil across it, Daryl would grunt, buck his hips a little and his cock would spew another string of thick, clear precum.

I said, “Jesus, mate, calm down…”

But Daryl snapped, “I can’t fuckin’ help it… it feels incredible…”

Jono looked over the top of his camera and stared at the threads of goo hanging from the head of Daryl’s cock. “This is getting a bit messy… can you wipe it off?”

I shrugged. “What with?”

Jono looked around. “I’ve probably got a cloth somewhere…”

Daryl cut in: “I’m not having some dirty fucking cloth on my knob… come on, mate…”

I noticed a box of tissues on Jono’s desk. “How about passing a Kleenex…?”

But now Jono shook his head. “Bits of it’ll stick to his bell-end… it’ll be a pain to get off…”

Then Daryl surprised me again by blurting out: “For fuck’s sake, Seb… just lick it off, will you?”

Jono immediately turned and stared at him, clearly as stunned as I was.

I laughed incredulously. “I’m not gonna lick your dick, mate…”

But Daryl looked irritated. “Don’t be so precious about it! Like you haven’t tasted your own jism…”

I shook my head. “That’s a bit different… anyway, I don’t remember – ”

Before I could lie that I hadn’t, Daryl interrupted me: “It’s the easiest way… come on… I’ll do the same to yours when it’s your turn…”

I looked over at Jono. He shrugged, clearly intrigued by Daryl’s suggestion but aware of my discomfort. He said, “I dunno… I guess I could fetch a face cloth from the bathroom or something…”

“Yeah and by the time you do that I’ll have gone limp,” Daryl snapped. “And, anyway, I don’t want some scabby face cloth on my cock… come on, Seb… I’m not exactly asking a lot…”

I looked up at him and saw that he seemed annoyed, perhaps even a little hurt, by my reluctance. I wondered if maybe I was being a little prudish. What he was asking me to do was, after all, only a little different to tasting my own precum, which I’d done on many occasions.

I said, “Okay. But no photos of it, Jono, okay?”

Jono nodded. “Yeah… fine… they’d be too hardcore for me to sell, anyway…”

I leaned forwards and took the head of Daryl’s cock into my mouth, tasting the warm salty liquid dribbling from it.

He gasped and then moaned. “Aah…”

I licked the precum off his hot bell-end and instantly felt more ooze from his slit in response.

I could smell the sweat on his balls and in his pubic hair; sharp and slightly cloying.

I pulled my mouth back from his bell-end and sucked at just its tip, swallowing the precum as it trickled out of it.

Daryl sighed again; a long, satisfied sigh.

When his slit had stopped oozing, I pulled back and looked up at him.

His mouth was wide open and his eyes were tightly closed.

After a couple of seconds, he seemed to recover his wits and glanced down at me.

He grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, mate… I, er, kind of got carried away…”

I shrugged and licked the drool off my lips.

Jono seemed eager to get things back on track. He said, “Okay, finish off putting the tattoo on Daryl’s cock, Seb, and then we’ll have him do the same to you…”

I asked, “And what happens after that…?”

Jono hesitated. “Er… well…” Then he smiled and shrugged. “Actually, I’ve run out of ideas…”

I glanced at Daryl and he smirked.

He said, “You know… maybe I can come up with a few of my own…”


Part 3

17th May 2005: The photo shoot gets even steamier with Jono, the photographer, offering a novel suggestion about how he can best shoot the lads’ bare bums…

I stood up and hitched my briefs down, kicking them to one side. My cock sprang upwards looking as hard and proud as Daryl’s.

Jono grinned over at us from behind his camera, looking from my cock to Daryl’s as he mentally compared our organs. He chuckled, “This is one hell of a shoot… you guys are gonna be able to charge pretty much what you like for these photos with dicks like yours…”

I guess we did look pretty impressive: we were both reasonably good looking, both had nicely toned bodies and we both sported well-endowed erections.

Jono snapped a few shots of us grinning at each other as if amused by having hard-ons together. Then he suggested that we ought to pretend to compare our lengths, even though it was quite clear that Daryl’s cock was slightly longer than mine.

Daryl turned and bent over the desk, rifling through the stuff on it to find a ruler. Jono gestured for me to stand behind him so that my erection curved upwards towards Daryl’s slightly-splayed buttocks.

I said, “I’m supposed to contemplating fucking him again, am I?”

Jono chuckled, taking a few shots of us. “You certainly are…”

Daryl grabbed a ruler and turned back to me, grinning. “Like you ever contemplate anything else, Seb…”

We pretended to measure our dicks and to be surprised that Daryl’s was the best part of an inch longer than mine.

Then Jono suggested that we compare how thick our cocks were. “Put your forefinger and thumb around your own,” he said, “and then reach over and see how your girth compares with each other’s…”

We did as he said, exaggerating our actions to make it clear what we were doing to the guys who’d eventually be looking at these, and felt how thick our own cocks were before wrapping our fingers and thumbs around each other’s organs.

We stood like that, feeling slightly ridiculous holding one another’s cocks, while Jono took two or three shots of us, and then the two of us burst out laughing.

Jono wasn’t too amused: “Come on, guys – just a few more in this position. I know it seems a bit bizarre…”

We grabbed each other’s cocks again, squeezing one another gently with our fingers and thumbs. Although it felt a bit weird to be holding Daryl’s dick and the shaft of his cock was a little more veined than mine is, our erections felt pretty much identical in terms of thickness.

Jono took a few more shots and then Daryl wanked my cock a few times between his forefinger and thumb, making us both laugh again.

Jono asked Daryl to wrap

Jono pulled another roll of spent film from his camera, and, hastily replacing it with a fresh one, called over to Daryl, “Okay, mate, let’s see you kneel down in front of Seb and put a tattoo on his cock like he did with you…”

Daryl grinned. “I thought you’d never ask…”

I stood side-on to Jono, so that he could photograph the profile of my swollen cock arching upwards next to Daryl’s face.

Daryl chose a tattoo of a pair of thick juicy lips to apply to the stem of my cock.

He looked up at me and smiled. “I suspect these won’t be the only lips you get around your knob this afternoon, mate…”

I smiled back, concealing my surprise at how nonchalant Daryl seemed about the prospect of using his mouth on me. “I dare say they won’t…”

When Jono had adjusted the level of his camera to get a few close-ups, Daryl started rubbing the tattoo onto my cock with the blunt pencil.

Unlike his, which had started oozing beads of precum almost as soon as the tattoo had touched it, my bell-end remained almost dry. As a rule, my cock doesn’t produce a lot of fluid when I’m aroused.

It seemed there was no need for Daryl to clean me up with his mouth as I had him. He seemed disappointed: “Looks like a don’t get to lick your lollipop, Seb,” he said as he peeled the transfer from my cock.

Jono clicked away, clearly enjoying seeing my cock, with the bell-end engorged and throbbing, poking into Daryl’s face.

Then Daryl had an idea: “Actually, your dick looks a bit too dry… the head should be more kind of polished looking… don’t you think, Jono?”

Jono shrugged behind his camera. “I guess…”

Daryl grinned up at me. “Yeah… a bit of moisture might help after all…”

Before I could suggest that I’d lick my finger and smear a bit of my own spit around the head of it, Daryl put his lips around my purple head and gently licked it inside his mouth.

I gasped: bolts of pleasure shot through me.

Daryl pulled back and, still grinning, shook his head. “Hmmm… looks like maybe it needs a bit more…”

He put his mouth around my cock head again, sucking it more forcibly this time and sweeping his tongue around my piss-slit.

The sensations of pleasure overwhelmed me; I called out, “Fuck… Daryl… Jesus!”

He pulled back again, almost laughing, and examined my cock closely. “You know… I still think it needs a bit more work…”

Before I could refuse, he quickly engulfed my bell-end with his mouth and then bobbed his head rapidly up and down on the top couple of inches of my cock, sucking firmly. He was, for all intents and purposes, giving my bell-end a blow job.

I gasped and moaned involuntarily. “Aah… aah…”

He pulled back from me, laughing now, and looked at my cock that was now so stiff that it ached. The head of it looked slick and shiny.

Daryl chuckled, “Yeah, that’s got it.” He turned to Jono, who was looking over the top of his camera, open-mouthed with astonishment.

Daryl said, “You’d better take a few snaps of it, mate, before it goes off the boil…”

Jono did as Daryl suggested, taking half a dozen photos of my almost bursting erection next to Daryl’s grinning face.

After Jono had finished, Daryl stood up. His own cock hadn’t lost any of its excitement; if anything, the head of it was looking larger and redder.

I managed to mutter, “Jesus, Daryl –“

He shrugged and laughed. “Come on, Seb. I was only returning the favour you did me…”

I said, “I guess… but –“

He patted my shoulder affectionately. “Come on… no worries, mate…”

Jono asked him, “Was that one of the ideas you had, Daryl?”

Daryl didn’t seem to understand him. “Ideas?”

“Yeah… you said you had some ideas for the shoot… I just wondered if that was one of them?”

Daryl smiled. “Oh right. No – that was just me repaying Seb for doing the same to my dick…”

“So what were your ideas, then?”

“I dunno… I just thought it might be a bit of laugh if the two of us pretended we were… you know… getting it on together…”

He looked at me and I just smiled.

He went on, “I mean, we’re too pissed mates, right…? We’ve staggered out of some party to put tattoos on each other… then we developed hard-ons and neither of us were too freaked out about it…”

I nodded.

“So what I’m suggesting is that we start kind of wrestling or play-fighting or something… just messing around while we’re naked. And then… well… what do you think happens next…?”

I chuckled. “Could it be… I dunno… might we end up fucking like a pair of bunnies…?”

Daryl laughed. “Got it in one, mate… or at least, we end up pretending to fuck…”

Jono smiled. “If you guys would be happy with doing that, that’d be great… I mean, I wouldn’t have suggested it in case you thought it was step too far…”

Daryl looked over at me. “I’d be okay with it, if you would, Seb…”

I hesitated. “I dunno… are you absolutely sure, Jono, that no-one other than a few old blokes wearing macs are gonna see these photos…?”

Jono nodded. “Absolutely. One hundred percent. And bear in mind that the price we’ll get will be a lot higher if there’s a suggestion of actual sex…”

Daryl seemed particularly eager; the money was obviously a major attraction. “Come on, mate… it’ll just be like we’re messing about…”

I grinned and shrugged. “Okay… in for a penny in for a pound and all that…”

Daryl grinned. “Nice one, mate…”

We decided to act like we were play-fighting, as though we were both trying to smudge the other guys’ tattoos. Why we would have spent half an hour carefully putting tattoos on each other only to then try and wipe them off wasn’t raised as an issue.

Our erections had only waned slightly during our discussion and a few short tugs from our fists quickly restored them to full mast before we got to work.

Jono spent a whole roll of film taking shots of us wrestling on the floor together, writhing around trying to pin one another down so that we could wipe off the other guys’ tattoos. Despite the fact we found it so funny – we were almost convulsed from fits of laughter – we didn’t lose our erections during our play-fighting. There was something surprisingly erotic about wrestling naked with another guy: the sensation of our bodies, hot and hard, grinding against one another, coupled with the unavoidable accidental gropes of each other’s cocks and buttocks, made it inescapably arousing.

The first ‘suggestion of actual sex’, as Jono had put it, came when I managed to straddle Daryl’s torso and, holding his arms down beneath my knees, found that my cock was towering over his face.

Jono said, “Pretend like you’re gonna make him suck it…”

I held Daryl’s chuckling face with both hands and pressed my cock against his mouth.

Jono took a few shots, asking me to act as though I was trying to open Jono’s mouth with my hands on his cheeks.

I did so and Jono took several photos of my cock, straining at full size, hovering in anticipation above Daryl’s apparently forced-open mouth. My balls hung down above his chin.

Jono muttered, “Nice… yeah…”

Daryl said, “But for the post-sucking shots, you’re gonna need a bit of spit on his knob aren’t you…?”

And with that, he hurriedly applied his mouth to my cock for the second time that afternoon, except that this time he took about six inches of it right to the back of his throat.

While that would probably have been enough to make my cock moist, Daryl didn’t stop there. He sucked my cock like a girl would, sliding it in and out of his mouth a few dozen times, sucking and licking it.

I just grunted and panted, finding my surprise at what he was doing rapidly overwhelmed by the intense pleasure of it.

Jono got a close-up shot of my face, smiling as he did so.

Then Daryl pulled back from my cock and Jono took a few shots of the aftermath of his mouth’s activities. My cock, wet with his saliva, throbbing above his grinning spit-smeared mouth.

When my breathing had recovered, I muttered, “I thought I said no shots of us doing anything sexual, Jono… you’ve got to stick the rules…”

Jono nodded. “Yeah – I did stick to the rules. I didn’t get any shots of your dick in his mouth – just your face while he did it. The expression you were pulling was priceless… unrepeatable…”

Daryl laughed. “How did he look?”

Jono shrugged. “I dunno how to explain it, really. You’ll have to see it when I develop them. It was almost a snarl… a mixture of shock and excitement, I guess…. you just couldn’t fake something like that…”

I felt a little embarrassed. “I just wasn’t expecting it…”

Daryl grinned up at me. “That’s why I did it…” He chuckled and then asked, “So I give good blow jobs, do I?”

I relaxed a little and smiled. “Yeah… you seem like an expert, actually…”

Daryl smirked and shrugged. “First time luck I guess…”

Jono said that the pose we’d just adopted had worked out ‘superbly’ and made us swap positions so that this time it would look as if Daryl had overcome me. Daryl readily obliged and pinned me down beneath him, positioning his large, curving cock above my face. His balls hung down between his legs, tickling my chin with a few short strands of pubic hair.

Jono’s camera clicked away as Daryl pretended to try and force my mouth open and his cock oozed precum against my grinning but stubbornly-closed lips.

Then I had to give in and a few more shots were taken of his large, ripe bell-end on the threshold of my mouth.

Now it was my turn to suck him.

I guess I could have just swept my tongue up and down it a couple of times to moisten his stem, but since Daryl had performed pretty much the full works on my own cock, I felt kind of compelled to return the favour.

So I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth – I probably managed about five inches of it – and then bobbed my head back and forth, aware that it was hardening and lengthening to full size as I did so. He grunted and gasped, just as I’d done, and I felt and tasted his salty precum dribbling into the back of my throat with every thrust I made.

After twenty seconds or so, I pulled back from him and looked up at his face. His eyes were closed in pleasure and Jono was getting a photo of his expression. When, eventually, he looked down at me, we both burst out laughing.

Once Jono had taken a few photos of Daryl’s wet cock curving upwards over my open mouth, he suggested that our wrestling should now result in one of us overpowering the other from behind. I felt simultaneous ripples of apprehension and titillation course through me when I realised that we were about to set up a simulated anal sex scene.

However, just as I was standing up, Daryl said he had an idea we could try before we did that.

He got down on the floor, lying down flat and facing upwards, and gestured for me to get on top of him pinning his arms down beneath my shins.

I said, “We’ve done the blow job scene, mate. I know you’re up for giving me another, but –“

“No – it’s not another blow job,” Daryl cut in. “This is something else… you should be facing away from me for a start…”

Intrigued, I turned around so that my arse was above his face and held his arms down underneath my legs. I was looking straight down at his cock, which had flopped onto his stomach.

“Now,” he went on, “pretend like you’re pushing your arse against my face…”

Jono chuckled. “Oh, yeah… nice idea, mate…”

I couldn’t really understand what the aim of this was, but I did as Daryl suggested, lowering my backside a little towards his face.

He snapped, “No – right up close… come on…”

I felt quite uncomfortable about this – it wasn’t something I’d ever envisaged doing with one of my friends – and was reluctant to push myself further down. After all, Daryl might not like what he’d find if I pushed my arse right into his face and then things would get really embarrassing…

But Daryl was insistent. “Come on, Seb… I’m not gonna fucking bite…”

I asked him, “But what do you want me to do? Sorry, but I don’t get this…”

Daryl explained: “It’s like when you pushed your knob into my face, but this time it’s your arsehole…”

“You mean, this is supposed to look like I’m forcing you to suck my arsehole?” I was incredulous.

“Naah… you just want to make me kiss it or something… you know…”

I wasn’t sure I did. But I said, hesitantly, “Okay…”

I pushed myself further against Daryl’s face, feeling my buttocks touch his cheeks and his nose against my arse-crack, and Jono’s camera began clicking again.

Jono muttered, “Pull a face like you’re disgusted…”

Daryl chuckled. “I’m fucking trying… it’s hard to do anything with his butt-cheeks pressing into my face…”

I felt his breath, hot and moist, against the inside of my crack.

Then Jono said, “Now press your lips up and kiss his arse… I’ve zoomed right in…”

Daryl did so and I felt his lips brushing against the light fuzz of hair inside my cleft.

Jono said, “Yeah… go for it… push yourself further back towards him, Seb…”

Still deeply uncomfortable about this, I did so, and felt Daryl’s mouth actually touching the right ring of my anus.

Jono laughed. “Yeah… beautiful…” His camera was frantically taking it all in.

Daryl muttered something about making it wetter, so that it would be more obvious that he’d had to kiss it, and I was stunned to feel his tongue licking around the rim of my arsehole.

I called out, “What the fuck are you doing…?”

But Daryl just chuckled and said something about making the shot look convincing. I noticed his cock had now risen from his stomach and hovered above it in mid-air, rhythmically pulsating with the red skin of his bell-end looking taut and shiny.

Jono clicked a few more shots of my spit-moistened arse and then suggested that we swap positions.

I got up from Daryl and he asked me if I’d be happy to do to him what he’d just been doing to me.

I shrugged. “I dunno… it seems a bit weird…” I turned to Jono. “Are you sure guys would want to see this kind of thing?”

Although Jono just shrugged as if such things were as mysterious to him as it was to me, the prominent mound his own cock was making in his jeans betrayed his interest. His cock looked as if it was as fat as a beer bottle behind its ridge of denim.

I gestured to it and smiled. “Like Daryl said earlier, mate… feel free to have a play with it if things get too much…”

Jono blushed a little but smiled. “It wouldn’t feel right…”

I laughed. “So it’s okay for us run around with our knobs on show, but it’s not right for you to… how’s that work, then?”

Jono laughed. “Well you guys are just acting… putting on a show for the camera… if I start tugging myself, it’d just be… well… gratuitous…”

I smiled at him and nodded.

Daryl said, “So how about kissing my arse, Seb? I mean, I know you do it all the time… but how about doing it for real…?”

“I dunno… I don’t know if I could… no offence…”

Jono said, “Well if you get into the position, we’ll get a few shots of his backside up against your face, and then I’ll moisten around his arsehole for you…”

Daryl laughed. “With what?”

Jono smirked. “What do you think?”

I still felt uncomfortable – I hadn’t dreamt that things would go this far – but, not wishing to appear like a prude, I agreed.

I lay on the floor and my cock, now partially limp, drooped in the hollow between my right leg and my hip.

Daryl got on top of me, facing away from my face, and pretended to pin me down by pressing my arms firm to the ground beneath his shins.

His arse, the cheeks firm and round, bore down upon me. His cleft was targeted straight for my nose and my lips were soon brushing the fine hair inside his crack.

Jono’s camera clicked away and then he swore in irritation as yet another roll of film ran out and he had to go over to his drawers to get a new one.

While Jono was replacing the film, Daryl kept his arse pressing towards my face. My nose was poking right into his moist crack and my mouth was directly beneath the tangled hair surrounding his anus.

The sensation was, in equal measure, both repellent and exciting. Repellent because this was another guy’s – a good friend’s – backside that was so close to my face; repellent because of the thick, musky smell that was so hot and strong; repellent because of the knowledge that this was the dark, intimate area that connects men homosexually. And it was exciting for exactly the same reasons.

Daryl must have noticed my cock stiffening because he laughed and said, “Getting a bit of a taste for it, are we, Dr Wallace?”

He leaned forwards and gave my cock a few affectionate tugs, rolling my foreskin back and forth across my bell-end a couple of times, as it swelled back to full size.

Jono came back over to us, his camera refilled, and began taking photos of Daryl’s arse pressing into my face. My nose had disappeared into his cleft and my mouth was smothered in a beard of his anal hair.

Daryl called over, “Give it a little kiss…”

I puckered my lips upwards and they briefly pecked the hot ring of his anus. Intrigued, I licked them and tasted the pungeant, earthy taste of Daryl’s arsehole.

I felt my cock stiffen to what felt like an impossible size and Daryl’s body quiver as he chuckled.

Jono said, “Nice one, Seb,” taking a couple more shots from the best angle he could. Then he put his camera down and called over to Daryl, “Now, if you just wanna push your arse up a bit, I’ll make it nice and wet for you…”

It looked like I wasn’t being given the option to lick Daryl as he’d licked me. If I had, I think the intrigue I’d felt when I’d kissed his arsehole would probably have got the better of me, and I’d have readily obliged.

Daryl pushed his arse upwards towards Jono and, lying beneath him as I was, I got a not-very-flattering view of his balls hanging low between his thighs and his cock, as hard as iron, standing upright almost touching his stomach. A bead of precum hung on a string from its glistening bilobed head.

But my attention was soon diverted.

Jono stuck his face into Daryl’s arse-crack and began licking hungrily around his hole as though he was devouring an ice-cream.

Daryl laughed; he seemed to think it was funny.

I was fascinated to see what Jono was doing from such close quarters.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing when I noticed that Jono’s tongue wasn’t just licking around Daryl’s anus, as Daryl had around mine, but that it was actually penetrating Daryl; working its way into his hole and then sliding in and out of it.

Daryl groaned in appreciation. I wasn’t sure if he was just pretending to enjoy what Jono was doing – perhaps thinking of it as a joke – or whether his apparent pleasure was real.

Jono seemed to relish pressing his face into Daryl’s backside: perhaps, like me, he enjoyed the conflicting sensations of repulsion and enticement. He licked voraciously at Daryl’s hole like he was feeding on it and I saw that his right hand was gently kneading the fat bulge in the front of his jeans as he did so.

After half a minute or so, he withdrew, grinning, and then pulled one of Daryl’s anal hairs – or something – from his tongue making spitting sounds.

Daryl laughed. “Jesus, mate… found something tasty in there, did you?”

Jono smiled. “I just thought I better make it really wet… sometimes the camera doesn’t pick up moisture too well…”

Daryl chuckled. “Yeah yeah yeah…”

After Jono had taken the photos of the aftermath of me supposedly kissing Daryl’s arse, he suggested that we set up the final scene of the two of us appearing to fuck each other.

Daryl stood up, his cock upright in front of him, and laughed, “What, we both get to fuck each other’s arses, do we? I didn’t think it worked like that…”

Jono looked puzzled.

Daryl went on, “Well, I thought – with gay sex – one guy did the fucking and the other guy just… well… enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was a two-way thing…”

He looked over at me, “Did you think that, Seb?”

I shrugged. “I dunno… I guess I’ve never really thought about it.” I hoped my lie was well concealed beneath my apparent indifference.

Jono smiled. “Well, maybe it works like that… I dunno… but the way we’ve set this up is that you’re both straight guys, so I suppose that means that both of you want to do the fucking…”

Daryl grinned. “Well that suits me…”

He looked over at me.

I shrugged again. “Since neither of us are going to be doing any actual fucking,” I reminded him, “I guess it doesn’t really matter…”

We got into a position where it would look as though our wrestling had taken a serious turn. Now, instead of us wanting to mess up each other’s tattoos, we were vying with one another for dominance. Perhaps the arse-kissing stuff had made us angry with one another, I don’t know, but we acted like we were really struggling to over-power each other.

Jono kept reminding us, “Get him from behind,” and would shoot photo after photo of us grabbing each other: of Daryl with arms wrapped around me, his chest pressing against my back and his cock grinding between my arse-cheeks; and of me bending over him holding his arms in a lock behind his back, with my cock pressing between the tops of his thighs so that my bell-end thumped against his balls.

Once again, our erections weren’t diminished by our exertions: if anything, they became even more inflamed by being constantly pressed up against each other’s backsides. My cock started to feel sore from being painfully enlarged for so long; I felt like I urgently needed to masturbate to relieve the pressure that had developed.

After a few minutes, while he was replacing what must have been his twelfth or thirteenth roll of film, Jono said, “Okay, guys. We’ve got plenty of shots suggesting sex… but how would you feel about giving the readers something… er… more substantial…?”

Daryl shrugged but I wasn’t too keen. I said, “I thought we said we wouldn’t be doing anything hardcore -“

“You wouldn’t,” Jono insisted. “It’s just that I thought you might want to offer the readers a little proof of what was going on between you guys…”

Daryl asked, “How d’you mean?”

Jono smirked. “Well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…”

I wasn’t impressed. “And that means…”

Jono chuckled. “Okay, so if I have to spell it out: you can’t fuck a guy’s arse without… you know… making it obvious…”

Daryl laughed loudly. “Oh right! You want a few shots of the tunnel after the train’s been and gone, do you?”

Jono laughed. I noticed his erection was still making a prominent ridge in his jeans. “Well, you could put it like that, I guess…”

Daryl looked over at me. He said, “I wouldn’t be too averse to that. Would you?”

I shrugged. “I dunno… I guess not…”

Jono went to his top drawer and threw Daryl a tube of lubricant from it.

Daryl smirked. “Just something you happened to have handy…”

Jono smirked back. “Yeah. Funny that…”

Daryl squirted some of the lubricant onto his hand. “So what do you want me to do?”

Jono went back to his camera and adjusted the settings. “Just work some of it into you arsehole with your fingers. Try and get a few fingers inside… make it look like you’ve had something pretty big pushing its way in there…”

Daryl moistened a couple of fingers with the clear-looking jelly and worked them into his arsehole. His fingers made a wet slapping noise as they probed his anus. It seemed odd that he was doing this in front of me: like he was publicly wiping his arse or something.

He laughed, “I’m discovering parts of me I never knew I had…”

He didn’t seem at all embarrassed, but perhaps he was just an extremely good actor.

Jono asked, “How does it feel…?”

Daryl closed his eyes and groaned, “Aaah… yeah… so many new sensations…” But then he opened them again and laughed, “Actually, it just feels weird…!”

When he’d worked what he described as ‘the best part of an arm’ into his arse, he turned around and Jono gestured for me to get into position behind him. He wanted to make it look as though my cock had just slid out of Daryl’s arse, I guess.

But the shot didn’t work: Jono said that Daryl’s arse – even when he was bending forwards – was too tightly clamped for it to look as if any sex had just taken place. “There’s no way Seb’s dick could have been anywhere near it… it’s totally unconvincing…”

Daryl became defensive. “I had four fingers up there! Apart from fisting myself, which isn’t gonna happen, I can’t see what else I can do, mate…”

Jono suggested, “Maybe you need something a bit thicker up there…”

Daryl looked suspicious. “Like…”

Jono grinned. “I dunno… I can’t think of anything that thick…” He looked over at me and then down at my cock. “If only there was something close by we could use…”

I smiled humourlessly. “I’m not going to push my cock up his arse if that’s what you’re asking…”

Jono snapped, “No, I’m not asking that at all…”

Daryl became impatient. “Come on, guys. I don’t fucking mind what goes up there if it does the fucking job… what else can we use, then?” He looked around the room for inspiration.

His comment astonished me. I said, “You don’t mind taking a dick up your arse…?”

Daryl shrugged. “Well, it wouldn’t be my number one choice of things to do, but if it loosens me up – and it’s only for a few seconds – then it’s no big deal, is it?”

I was speechless.

Daryl chuckled. “Come on, it’s not like we’d be having sex or anything, would it? It’s only to make the shot look convincing…”

I just gawped at him. After a few seconds I managed, “I’m not gonna fuck you…”

Daryl laughed. “It wouldn’t be fucking me… it’d just be like… you know… like a biological necessity or something… I mean, my arse can’t exactly loosen itself…”

“I don’t think it’d be right…”

Daryl shrugged. “Well, we better think of something else, ‘cause we’re both losing our hard-ons and it’s starting to get cold…”

I realised that he was right: our erections were now looking distinctly crestfallen.

Jono said, “I think I’ve got a beer can somewhere…”

Daryl laughed, “I’m not sticking a fucking beer can up my arse, mate! Haven’t you got a wine bottle or something?”

Jono shook his head. “The neck of it wouldn’t be any wider than your fingers…”

Daryl continued looking around the room for ideas.

Then Jono suggested, hesitantly, “Well… er… don’t take this the wrong way… and say no if you want to… but what about… er… my cock?”

Daryl laughed. “You wanna fuck my arse?”

Jono shook his head. “No… but you guys have noticed I’ve got a hard-on, and… well… it’s pretty thick… so…”

“So you’re offering – purely out of the kindness of your heart – to loosen my arsehole up a bit, are you?” Daryl chortled and I found myself grinning.

Jono smiled. “Yeah… I guess I am…”

Daryl looked over at me. “Well, you’re gonna have the same problem when he comes to take a few shots of your arse, Seb… what do you think?”

I laughed incredulously. “I’m not gonna let him fuck me! I’d sooner try the beer can!”

Daryl seemed keen to give it a try, though. “Come on… like he says, it’s not as if he’s actually fucking either of us. He’s just shoving his cock into our arses –“

“Which is, of course, totally unrelated to fucking,” I interrupted.

Daryl chuckled but went on, “He’s just shoving it in and pulling it out and then getting a photo of how it looks…”

“And you wouldn’t mind?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I guess not. It’s not a sexual act.” He turned to Jono. “Is it?”

Jono shook his head. “No way. I’ll just work it in and out a few times and then-“

I stopped him there. “A few times? Like how many?”

Jono waved his hand dismissively. “I dunno… it’ll have be a few times otherwise you’ll just… you know… clamp up again… it’ll be maybe half a dozen or so… I dunno…”

Daryl was insistent. “It’ll be not much different from getting a medical exam, mate…”

“Except that the doctor doesn’t usually probe your prostate with his dick…”

Daryl pretended to look shocked. “Really? Mine always has… isn’t that how it’s done, then…?”

I laughed. I was becoming more convinced, as long as it was going to involve just a few short jabs of Jono’s cock.

I said, “You’d have to wear a condom…”

Jono shrugged. “Of course…”

“You’d be up for it, then?” Daryl asked.

“With reservations, yes…”

I couldn’t really believe that Daryl and I were getting into this. Things weren’t exactly getting out of hand but were clearly heading in totally unexpected directions. I suppose I really wanted to say no to what Jono was proposing, but I also wanted to get the shoot over with and this seemed an obvious way to conclude it.

Jono asked us to try and make ourselves hard again while he put on a condom.

We squeezed our cocks and played with them a little, watching him head over to his drawers, pull out a box of condoms and unzip himself to slide it onto his cock. Jono was clearly having none of the trouble maintaining his erection that Daryl and I had had: he had to really fiddle with it, untangling it from his underwear, to get it out through his fly it was so stiff. I was surprised at how thick it looked – it was much heftier in girth than either Daryl’s or my own – and I noticed that he had some difficulty getting the base of the condom over the broad head of it.

When he’d finished, he walked back over to us, looking slightly awkward about having his cock protruding from his jeans. He looked comical, walking around with that thick knob poking upwards towards us, and Daryl and I chuckled.

He said, “So do you wanna go first, Daryl?”

Daryl smirked. “I don’t want to, but I will. Since I’m already lubed up…”

Jono grabbed the lube, muttering, “That’s a point…”, and smeared a little of it across the large round head of his cock.

Daryl turned around and bent over. I noticed his cock was only semi-erect. He said, “Just a few times, okay…?”

Jono said, “Yeah, of course,” and walked up behind him.

He laughed and said, “Open wide… I’m coming in…”

And with that, he put his hands on Daryl’s hips, positioned his cock against his anus, and then pushed himself forwards to gently ease himself into Daryl’s arse.

Daryl sighed. “Jesus… you’re a big guy…!”

Jono chuckled, pushing his cock as far into Daryl’s backside as it would go. Then he started easing it back out. He grunted, “Just a few times, then, okay…?”

Daryl nodded, breathing more quickly at either the pain or the pleasure of what was happening to him.

Jono slid back into him and then out again, and I noticed, with some surprise, that Daryl’s cock was responding to the intrusion of his arsehole. He was lengthening rapidly, rising upwards back to full glory. Jono’s cock was having the opposite effect than the one I’d been expecting.

Daryl sighed, almost breathless, “Go easy, mate… nice and slow…”

Jono obliged, grabbing Daryl’s hips more firmly as he slowly fucked his arse with long, deliberate strokes.

Daryl opened his legs a little wider to accommodate him and glanced over at me, grinning. He said, “It’s not that bad, actually…”

I smiled and glanced between his legs at his erection, fully restored and dribbling a string of precum from the puckered slit. I said, “Yeah, I guessed as much…”

Jono withdrew and examined the effect his cock had had on Daryl’s arse. He said, “I think it needs a few more… it’s not quite there,” and then slid his cock back into Daryl’s hole. He eased it in and out a few more times and then withdrew it again, this time looking more satisfied by the result.

He turned to me and said, “I might as well sort you out now and then get shots of you both together… that’d probably be best…” His face looked flushed and his breathing seemed a little faster than normal.

I really didn’t want to go through with this but now that Daryl had, a way out seemed impossible.

Daryl moved to get up from his bending position but Jono told him he ought to stay put; something about stopping his arse from closing up too soon.

So Daryl beckoned me to stand next to him – “chest down, legs wide apart,” as he put it – and receive Jono’s cock.

I said, getting into position, “It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

Daryl grinned and said, “Take it like a man, mate… think of England… or Norway or somewhere…”

My cock hung down between my legs, tense at how painful or embarrassing things were about to get, as Jono walked up behind me and applied some lube to my arsehole. The feel of his hands and the coldness of the gel made my cock shrink a further inch or so.

He loosened me up with his fingers a little, while Daryl just grinned at me, and then I felt his cock head – seeming so huge – pressing against the tight ring of my anus.

Jono said, “Are you ready, Seb?”

I said, dourly, “As I’ll ever be…”

And he pressed himself into me.

I guess if I’d been as wholesomely heterosexual as I usually made myself out to be when I was among my mates, Jono’s cock might have had some difficulty getting into my arse. But – perhaps fortunately under the circumstances – I’d sometimes found myself straying a little. And those few drunken nights at University, when I’d become a little more friendly with other guys than I usually admit to, had done enough to my backside to make Jono’s entry a lot smoother than it might have been.

After a few winces from me and grunts from him, my arse swallowed him up.

He muttered, “That wasn’t too difficult…” But fortunately neither him nor Daryl started asking questions about why.

Jono held my hips quite firmly and eased his lube-smeared cock in and out of my backside a few times. Like Daryl, I found myself responding to the masturbatory effect Jono’s cock was having on my rectum, and I heard Daryl chuckle as he watched my cock lengthening and rising as rapidly as his had.

Within a dozen or so thrusts of Jono’s cock my bell-end was looking as purple and as swollen as it had earlier.

I called out, “How many more, Jono? I thought you said you only needed to do it a few times…”

Jono’s breath was becoming noticeably faster. “Just a few more, Seb… just to get it nice and loose…”

After five or six more thrusts, he withdrew with a slurp, leaving my arsehole feeling like it was gaping open widely. Jono glanced at it and then turned back to Daryl’s arse.

He muttered, “Don’t get up yet, Seb… I just need to loosen Daryl up a bit more…”

And he reinserted himself into Daryl’s arse, grabbing his shoulders now, and fucking him a couple of dozen times with long, sweeping jabs.

Daryl muttered, “Go easy, mate…”

Jono was getting out of breath. “Yeah… just a few more… just getting you sorted…” I glanced around and saw that his forehead was sweating.

He pulled out from Daryl and, as I expected, moved along to return to my arse. Before he entered me, he unbuckled his belt and yanked the tops of his jeans and briefs down a little, allowing his large, hairy balls to flop out over the tops of them.

He gasped, “Just a couple more, Seb,” and pushed himself back into me. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his chest into my back, bucking his hips quite rapidly.

Daryl looked at me and grinned.

I didn’t know why I was going along with this, but I grinned back.

After twenty or thirty seconds of blatantly fucking me for pleasure – he wasn’t even trying to conceal his gasping and panting by now – Jono withdrew from me again and got back onto Daryl.

Daryl opened his legs wider and pushed his arse back to meet Jono’s cock, clearly enjoying the attention his rectum was receiving. Jono grabbed his chest firmly and humped him rapidly, his cock making short rasping noises as it slid in and out of Daryl’s arsehole.

Jono extended an arm out towards me and I felt his fingers groping around my backside. Finding my anus, he began fingering me like I would finger a girl. It felt really good: my cock stiffened even further in response and curved upwards to almost touch my stomach.

Daryl turned toward me and gasped, “Wank me off…” I don’t know whether he was asking me or Jono to.

Before I could respond, Jono grunted, “Just a few more times,” and then made a growling sound from the back of his throat.

Then, after several rapid and fairly rough thrusts of his cock into Daryl’s arse, he abruptly withdrew and, panting, stumbled across the room towards his camera.

Pulling the condom from his cock and zipping himself up he muttered, trying to catch his breath, “I think that’s sorted you both out… if you wanna get into your positions… I’ll take the last few shots…”

Daryl stood up and laughed. I couldn’t really understand why he was finding all this so amusing. He said, “Got a bit too much for you, mate…?”

Jono wiped the sweat from his forehead and then fiddled distractedly with the front of his camera. “No… it’s just getting a bit hot in here…”

We posed in various ways, Daryl behind me and then me behind him, as though wrestling aggressively. We’d get each other into a few different locks and holds, one guy always bending forwards with his buttocks splayed for the camera while the other guy stood behind him with his erection raging at the threshold of his cleft. Our arseholes didn’t gape open too explicitly, I gather, but were sufficiently widened to make it appear that we’d been, perhaps accidentally, penetrating one another.

After the two of us had showered, Jono was already beginning to prepare his solutions and equipment to start developing the photos.

“That was a really good shoot,” he said.

Daryl grinned. “Yeah… I’m surprised it didn’t split the condom…”

Jono looked sharply at him and blushed scarlet. “The photo shoot, I mean…”

Daryl pretended he’d genuinely misunderstood. “Oh, right… yeah…”

Jono kept blushing. He muttered, “Actually, I was thinking. You guys were so… er… accommodating… well… I thought I’d reduce my usual commission…”

Daryl looked over at him, clearly interested in the prospect of additional cash coming his way. “Oh?”

Jono nodded. “Yeah. I’ll give you guys an extra ten percent, probably worth a couple of hundred quid to you each… just to say thanks to you… you know…”

Daryl grinned. “Nice one, mate. You’ll have to come out for a drink with us once you’ve developed those. We’ll have to celebrate the shoot… it was a pretty good one, like you say…”

Jono looked at him and Daryl winked at him. Jono’s blush, which had been abating, returned with a vengeance.

So that’s the story of how I appeared in a gay wank mag four or five years ago. If you ever happen to stumble across the issue I’m in – you’ll probably recognise me from the stunned expression on my face in those last few photos – be sure to let me know. I’d love to take another look at it.


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