5th July 2002 : I think my mistake with this one was the title, which was probably why I received little reaction when first posting and why I saw no point in continuing the story.

Mr Winkle Puts On A Show

When you’re sharing a room with a mate on holiday, the fact that most nights the pair of you guys will be joined by a couple of girls is kind of taken as read. But not the way Matt and I did it.

It happened during our second week in Benidorm. Matt and I were sharing a room as were a couple of our mates, Wreg and Jono. The holiday had basically been planned during the winter with the hope of it being one long, more or less continuous orgy, with occasional breaks for biological necessities such as alcohol consumption. Some of us had made deep and meaningful promises to girls at Uni since then, but somehow our good intentions had found themselves left behind in England . Or at best had been quickly forgotten on looking around in the first nightclub.

Anyway, Matt developed a fascination that he and I should bed a couple of Irish girls who were in the next room to us in our hotel. I wasn’t so taken by them, but one afternoon, lying on the beach with him, I admitted that the short blond of the pair might be worth a quickie with the lights turned off. Matt took this as a declaration of undying love and that evening, while we were eating in the hotel restaurant, he asked them if they wanted to go out for a drink with the two of us.

After he’d talked with them for a few minutes, he came back over to where I was chatting to Wreg and Jono and said they were planning to go to a nightclub in Alicante, a resort about thirty miles down the coast, because one of their brothers knew the DJ. He’d agreed that we’d join them.

“What the fuck did you say that for?” I snapped. “There must be like three thousand different bars around here. Why do we want to pay fifty quid in taxi fairs to go to the same thing in a different town?”

Wreg cackled. “You could rent a fuckin’ tart for the night for less than that.”

Matt had his whining face on. “C’mon Seb. They’re really nice girls. We could -”

Wreg interrupted him, looking over at the girls. “The blond one isn’t bad. She needs to let her hair grow a bit, though.”

“She’s already sold. Paws off,” I smirked.

“They’re both nice,” Matt whinged. “C’mon Seb. It’d be cool to go over to Alicante for the night…”

Wreg kept staring at the girls. “The brown haired one looks like a fuckin’ mule. You’d have a better time with the waiter…”

Matt looked pissed off. “I like their conversation. Sorry for not conforming to your prick-for-brains mentality, but I just happen to think there’s more to girls than just how big their tits are…”

Wreg grinned broadly and went, “Oooo-ooooh!”

Jono muttered, dryly, “No-one’s complaining about her tits, Matt. The problem is that she looks like a horse.”

Matt looked over at me and I looked downward to conceal my amusement. Then, when he offered to pay my share of the taxi fare, his eyes imploring, I felt unable to resist joining him and the girls to Alicante .

In fact, we had quite a good night out. The girls were called Colleen and Shauna. Colleen, the girl with brown hair, was actually the more engaging of the two and, up close, her equestrian connections were not so obvious. She had a dark, perceptive sense of humour which was made all the more appealing by the light, innocent way in which she said things. I was almost immediately captivated by her and, on the way into the club in Alicante , whispered to Matt that we should do a swap. He grinned and shook his head. “A deal’s a deal, Wallace.”

Shauna, on the other hand, had a sweet smile and light blue, almost angelic eyes, but beyond those, and, of course, her delicious southern Irish accent, there was little else that was interesting. Her conversation was obvious and the concept of irony seemed to be rather beyond her. I guess I’d have given up and gone to look for other possibilities in the club but for the fact that she was probably the most attractive girl in there. She also found my jokes to be hilarious and, since I’ve always considered that to be an excellent attribute for a girl to have, I kept her well stocked with drinks and got up to dance with her a few times.

I guess we got back to Benidorm at about five in the morning. It was starting to get light and the streets were fairly empty; just a few worn-out clubbers, as drunk as we were, staggering in pairs back to hotels. Matt paid the taxi driver, struggling with loose change to raise enough cash to pay for the journey, and I wondered whether I ought to offer him half, despite his earlier pledge to look after that side of things. I noticed that the girls made no attempt to get their purses out to offer to pay their share; in fact, I don’t think they got their purses out of their bags at any time during the evening.

The hotel was deserted – quiet and still – and the four of us got the giggles as we tried to walk to the lift on tiptoes, making more noise by trying to be quiet than if we’d have just acted normally. In the lift, Matt and Colleen were all over each other and I looked uncomfortably towards Shauna, wondering whether it was impolite not to at least make an attempt to follow suit.

When we’d reached our floor, we walked along the corridor and got to the door of the girls’ room first. Colleen fished out her key and opened the door as Matt hovered drunkenly, obviously hoping that he and Colleen would go into that room and Shauna and I would take ours. He started to say something but Colleen interrupted him: “Well thanks for a nice night you guys. You’ve totally knackered us out. Goodnight!”

Shauna giggled and added, “And thanks for the taxi ride.”

Then they both fell through the door, almost hysterical with laughter, and slammed it shut.

Matt looked over at me, his mouth open. His eyes struggled to focus on me in his state of near-inebriation and his brain fought through the mists of alcohol to find something to say.

After a few seconds he managed to mutter, “This has to be a fuckin’ wind-up.”

I looked at the door, wondering if they’d open it and announce that it all been a hilarious wheeze, but it stayed shut. Beyond the door was silence.

I said, “I think we’ve been had.”

“We’ve been had? We? I’ve been fuckin’ had, me. I paid the for the fuckin’ taxi. Over seventy quid both ways.”

I walked forward and knocked on the door.

After a few seconds it opened very slightly and Colleen’s head squeezed through the gap.

She said, adopting a formal English accent, “Can I help you?”

I couldn’t think what to say. I could hardly ask when we were due to get the sex we felt we’d paid for. So I looked over at Matt.

He seemed confused and had a gormless, wide-mouthed look on his face. Eventually he managed, “We thought you might like a coffee.”

She smiled. “Oh how sweet. But I’ve got an allergy to caffeine and Shauna’s already asleep. Thanks, though.”

Then her face disappeared and the door slammed shut again. I thought I could hear giggling behind it.

I turned to Matt. He stared at the door for a few seconds and then looked at me. He said, pathetically, “What about tea?”

I walked over to him and put my arm around his shoulder to lead him to our room. I said, softly, “That’s got caffeine in it too, mate.”

He whined, dolefully, “Yeah but not as much, Seb. I read somewhere it’s like a sixth of what you find in coffee. Or something.”

I smiled. “They’re not up for it, mate. We’ve been had. I’ll pay you back for half of the taxi fair.”

We got into our room and he sat on his bed. He looked utterly depressed, like he might cry. His face almost made me laugh. I said, “Come on, Matt. They’re just a couple of stupid tarts. We had a good night, the music was good. Just forget it.”

He looked up at me, his face pitiful. In a feeble voice he said, “But Mr Winkle wanted to meet Miss Muffet.”

I grinned and then said, as if talking to a child, “Mr Winkle could do with a little rest. Otherwise his magic fountain might stop working.”

Matt tried to maintain his pitiable expression but couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

As we pulled off our clothes to get a bit of a sleep, Matt kept losing his balance and almost falling over. He muttered, “I am so fucking pissed. Jesus.”

I felt pretty drunk too but not to the same extent as him, evidently.

As I drew the curtains, shutting out some of the strengthening morning sunlight, he tottered over while trying to pull off one of his socks. He fell onto his bed and lay there giggling with his arse upwards inside his dark blue briefs. In contrast to his tanned thighs, the skin of his arse was a pale white from being hidden away beneath his shorts on the beach.

I couldn’t resist slapping his cheeks.

He cried out, “Oh yeah. Go for it baby. Mama needs some lovin’.”

I laughed as he rolled over and then he surprised me by pulling me onto the bed on top of him. He half-shouted, half-giggled, “Take me, Seb, take me! Ravish my innocent young body.”

We messed around together, with him trying to tickle my ribs and me trying to pin his arms down onto the bed. It was kind of bizarre that we were doing this wearing only our underwear: whenever we’d pissed around together in the past, usually after a few hours down the pub, we’d both been fully clothed. But it didn’t feel serious: we were fairly equally matched in terms of our strength and just as one of us would overpower the other, the tables would quickly turn and we’d find ourselves back where we started.

It didn’t feel serious, that is, until Matt managed to get on top of me and he pressed the crotch of his briefs, well-packed with his cock and balls, into my face.

At the time he did it, he was holding my arms down against the mattress of the bed, and he was straddling my chest. The round bulges of his balls and, above them, the sausage-shape of his limp cock were just an inch or so away from my face. I could smell the sharpness of his sweat and, more subtly, of his piss, and I wasn’t too impressed by either.

He said, “I didn’t forget to mention the rules, did I? Loser sucks the winner off…”

I looked up at his face, grinning down at me. He was slightly red from our exertions on the bed and his brown eyes were glinting with amusement.

I didn’t struggle. I grinned back and said, “I think Mr Winkle might be paying a visit to Mr Jaws. Mr Powerful Jaws with Mr Sharp Teeth.”

He laughed. “Aw, Seb. You wouldn’t bite little Matty’s wang-doodle, would you.”

I made a sudden thrust with my chest and pushed him off. Giggling, we thrashed around again on the bed, and I myself growing hotter, in part because the room was warming up in the morning sunlight.

At one point I managed to pin Matt down and I decided to do to him what he’d done to me. I didn’t stay an inch away, though: I straddled his chest and pushed the front of my white briefs right up against his face. If I’d had to smell his, he had to smell mine.

His response was, perhaps, less predictable than mine had been.

He nuzzled into my groin, rubbing his nose around my cock and balls, almost inhaling them and groaning in pleasure. “Mmmm… more, baby, more…”

“You dirty bastard,” I laughed. “You are so fucking sick.”

I moved myself further forwards, so that his face was between my thighs, pressing into the narrow strip of material connecting the crotch of my briefs to the arse of them. I’d guess it was pretty sweaty down there but Matt seemed equally enthusiastic to rub his nose up and down, inhaling and moaning. I heard him faking panting noises, gasping, “Yeah, yeah.”

I wanted to freak him out – I guess he’d surprised me by pushing his groin into my face and I wanted to have the same effect on him – so I moved forwards even further so that his face was right underneath my arse.

I felt his body tense and he pushed away. He called out, “Hey, that’s well out of order.” I pulled off him, feeling slightly embarrassed for going too far, and tried to stand up. He immediately pulled me back downwards, directing my body to the side of him and managed to get on top of me. He was giggling again and I realised that he’d only pretended to be offended.

Holding my arms down, he laughed maniacally, like Vincent Price in a Hammer Horror film, and straddled my chest again. I noticed that his cock, while still looking like a limp sausage inside his briefs, seemed longer and slightly thicker.

He pushed his groin against my face so that I could feel his balls rolling around against my chin and the soft yet solid rod of his cock pressing against my nose. Now his scent was much stronger and the musky smell of his pubes almost cloying in its intensity. It wasn’t totally unpleasant: in fact, up close, it was kind of intriguing: it’s not often that you get to smell the raw sexual smell of another guy.

He cried out, theatrically, “Suck me, Seb, suck me! Go for it!”

I joined in with his ecstasy, “Pull ’em down, Matt… give it to me…!”

The intention was obviously intended to be facetious but Matt surprised me by removing one hand from pinning me down, pulling down his briefs, and pushing his cock into my face. It was still limp but sufficiently stiffened to stand out from his briefs of its own accord at an angle of about forty-five degrees.

He didn’t say anything and neither did I. I just stared at his cock, about six inches in length and an inch and a half thick, the foreskin slightly retracted to reveal the dry, pink tip of his glans. It quivered in front of my face, pulsating slightly. The sexual smell from him was even stronger.

I looked up at his face and he gave me a mischievous, almost boyish, grin. He said, “Sorry – weren’t you being entirely serious, Mr Wallace?”

I took the opportunity to push him off me and try to overcome him again. I found it amusing to be wrestling him with his dick sticking out from his underwear and tried to keep his hands busy to stop him tucking it away again. Eventually I managed to hold him down and get on top of him again.

I decided that, since his cock had been in my face, it would only be fair to do the same thing to him. So I pinned him down again, straddled his chest and pushed my groin right up to his face again.

Then I took my hand away from his and pulled my cock out from my briefs, just as he’d done. Mine was still totally limp and probably an inch shorter than his. It hung down over my balls, my foreskin entirely covering my bell-end, and I pushed it into Matt’s nose.

Again he surprised me. I don’t know if it was his drunken state or the fact that he’d had his hopes to get Colleen into bed sunk, but his inhibitions seemed to be lowered to almost zero. He lunged forwards and took my cock into his mouth, sucking it in its softened state like a lollipop.

I was going to pull back but I was fascinated to watch his mouth work on me. This was my mate Matt, my friend from Uni, the guy I’d seen with his tongue down more girls’ throats than I could recall, sucking away on my cock like a pro.

As he did so, bobbing his head up and down, he looked at me with his deep brown eyes. The expression in them was amusement, like this was all part of a joke, and I couldn’t help but smile at him. He looked back down, at my dense pubic bush, and I realised – it hadn’t occurred to me until then – how good his mouth felt and, concurrently, that my cock was starting to grow harder.

I guess the realisation of that was slightly threatening to me and I tried to pull back. Now it was Matt’s turn to hold me in place: his hands gripped my lower back, just above my arse, and he held my crotch at his face, working his mouth upwards and downwards along the length of my cock with a constant rhythm.

I said, “Matt…”

But he didn’t respond. He just held me and kept working on me. My cock began to stiffen in earnest, lengthening so that he had to move his head further away from me on each stroke, and thickening so that he had to open his mouth wider to accommodate me.

He seemed to enjoy it: perhaps he’d done it before or perhaps it was something he’d always wanted to try. With his hands, he drew my hips towards his face at the same rhythm that his mouth was employing on my cock, urging me to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth. I was still slightly stunned by the fact we’d got into this, but the pleasure I was getting from his mouth was growing in its intensity and I obediently accepted his invitation.

I pulled the front of my briefs completely down, tucking the waistband beneath my balls. Then I gripped his head and, moving my body upwards to enable me to thrust my hips into him more easily, I started pummelling his mouth in earnest. I rapidly slid four of five of my eight inches in and out of him, relishing the feel of his mouth and his tongue and enjoying the gentle slapping sound of my large, heavy balls banging against his chin.

He took one of his hands away from my back and then I felt his chest start to pulsate at a rapid pace. I realised he was masturbating and glanced behind myself to see his fist pumping frantically at his fully erect cock. It had grown to about seven inches and his glans – now moist with his precum – was a deep red colour as his foreskin slid back and forth across it.

The pleasure from his mouth was amazing and seemed in no way diminished by this being another guy eating my cock. On the contrary, the fact that this was so unexpected, that Matt and I had always regarded one another as straight mates, seemed to, if anything, intensify the experience. I didn’t try to think of him as a girl; didn’t try to picture his short black hair as the long light brown hair of my girlfriend; or his tight, lightly muscular body as having breasts; or his stiff cock as being a pussy. This was a man working at my cock and the fact it was a man made it more exciting.

Abruptly, he stopped masturbating and pulled back from me. Then he just lay there, looking up at the ceiling, panting and grinning. I looked down at him and realised I was panting too.

He said, “This is cool.” Then he looked into my face. “You wanna sixty-nine?”

Again I was surprised. “I dunno…”

He laughed. “C’mon, Seb. I’ve done you. It’s no big deal.”

He looked at my cock, curving upwards and slick with his saliva.

He said, “It’s good… I didn’t think I’d like it, but I do. It’s different.” He looked back up at me and grinned again.

I just looked down at him, into his eyes, aware of the gentle throbbing of my hard wet cock in the periphery of my field of vision.

He said, “You wanna try it?”

I still wasn’t sure but I said, “Yeah.”

He pushed me back and got up from under me. Then, in a swift movement, he pulled off his briefs and threw them onto the floor with the rest of this clothes. His cock stood upwards, the foreskin retracted completely to reveal its dark red head. His balls hung down beneath it, swaying heavily in their loose sac as he moved around. In between the tanned skin of his stomach and thighs, his mid-section looked pale; almost as if he was wearing a pair of translucent white shorts.

I pulled off my own briefs and then stood in front of him so that we were both facing each other, both of our cocks as hard as hell. It felt odd to be like this with another guy – for us both to be physically aroused and yet unashamed about it.

I noticed, as we stood there facing one another, that our bodies were fairly similar: we were both just over six feet tall, we both had chests which were similarly built and similarly hairless, and we’d both tanned and burned in the same places. In fact, apart from his hair being black and mine being blond, looking at his body was like looking into a mirror.

Between our legs, though, the differences between us were more pronounced: his cock arched upwards like my own but it curved to the left slightly. It was about seven inches long, slightly shorter than mine, and, while we were otherwise fairly similar in terms of thickness, the head of his dick was much broader and more bulbous than mine. His bell end was redder, his piss-slit longer and the stem of his cock more veined. His balls were also smaller but hung down lower between his legs, nestled in his thick black bush of pubic hair.

In fact, while we were both men, his cock and balls looked so different from my own that it was like looking at something unknown and I found that an immense turn-on. I guess that, as when I’m with a girl for the first time, it was the prospect of exploring those differences, that was so appealing.

He looked at my dick, no doubt making his own comparisons, and then back up at my face.

He said, “Mine shouldn’t be so much of a mouthful.”

I smiled and indicated that he lie on the bed.

He got onto the bed, his cock swaying around like a branch in front of him as he positioned himself. He obviously felt a bit embarrassed, preparing himself for sex with another guy because he chuckled and said, “This is so weird…”

He lay on his back and then worked himself down the mattress, bending his knees, so that his chest was roughly in the centre of the bed. He glanced at the space he’d left and asked, “Does that give you enough room?”

I got onto the bed, my hard cock swinging around in front of me as his had done, and experienced my own embarrassment. I leaned forward so that my cock was near his face and so that I could reach his cock to suck it. I felt myself soften slightly: as he’d said, this was very weird.

I said, “That’s fine. You sure you wanna do this?”

I looked towards his face, my cock hanging just an inch or so above it, and he grinned. “Yeah! It’s a one-off, mate. No worries.”

He reached up with both arms and grabbed my arse in his hands. Then he pulled my hips downward, towards his face, and started licking at the exposed head of my cock. It felt fantastic and my cock stiffened back to full hardness almost immediately. He took a little of my cock head into his mouth and licked around my piss slit with his tongue. Then he took a little more, then more still, until he had a couple of inches of me in his mouth. I started thrusting into him, gently and not too deep, and heard his mouth slurping as he struggled to accommodate me.

Then I turned to his cock, lying against his stomach and oozing a thin string of his sticky precum onto his skin. I supported myself with my elbows and moved my head down towards his cock. Then I gently licked the sticky head of it with my tongue, tasting his liquid. It was warm and quite salty: not at all unpleasant as I’d feared.

Then I drew his cock into my mouth – surprised at how much, in its stiffened state, it resisted being moved upwards – and gently sucked it.

I felt Matt withdraw my cock from his mouth and thought he was going to tell me which way he wanted me to suck him, but instead he laughed and said, “Next time we get called a couple of cocksuckers, Seb, we can’t really dispute it…”

I smiled but kept him in my mouth, working my way down his stem and then pulling back to lick around his large bell-end.

He sighed and said, “Actually, that’s really nice…”

Then he returned to my cock and started gently sucking me again.

I felt his hands on my arse, pulling my cheeks towards him, impelling me to thrust into him more forcefully. I was happy to oblige: I began to drive into him like I was fucking his mouth and, in response, his cock started doing to the same to me. I couldn’t help but gag a couple of times, when the head of his cock pushed against the back of my throat, but on the whole it was pretty good to feel him sliding quickly in and out of my mouth.

I reached beneath him and held onto the cheeks of his arse, pulling his hips towards me and speeding up my own rhythm in his mouth as I did so. I heard him moan – I’d guess it was in pleasure – and I started kneading his cheeks with my fingers as he pumped in and out of me.

I could feel myself getting hot and was finding it difficult to breathe quickly enough through my nose. The whole situation was incredibly exciting – I would never have thought it would be, but it was – and the novelty of what we were doing turned me on just as much as the pleasure I was getting from his mouth. I would never even have considered doing this with Matt – of climbing on top of him so that we could suck each other’s cocks – but now that we were, it seemed ridiculous that I hadn’t. We were both men, we both had cocks and mouths – wasn’t it reasonable that we should want to trade favours with each other?

As my excitement mounted, I started thrusting into Matt’s mouth with more passion and ferocity. My balls were banging against his nose almost painfully: with each thrust, I felt my large ball sac thump against him. I could hear Matt slurping and slavering as he tried to take as much of my eight inches as he could: I guess he must have managed about six, which was far more impressive than most girls were able to handle.

I kept working on his cock, allowing him to slam himself into me, trying to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me. I watched his balls rush towards my eyes and then back away from me, over and over, feeling the wiry black hairs on them tickle my nose as he thrust in and out.

Then I felt Matt moved his hands around on my arse and, I guess by accident, his fingers pressed into my cleft and brushed against my arsehole. Well, I don’t know how common this is for straight guys, but I really love having my arsehole played with during sex, and the feel of Matt’s fingers down there almost made me cum by themselves. I wanted him to do it again – perhaps even do a bit more than that – but he seemed oblivious to what he’d done and returned his hands to hold my cheeks.

Feeling my orgasm nearing, I pushed my fingers between his arse cheeks, hoping that he’d be encouraged to do the same to me again. His cleft was quite hairy and felt hot and slightly wet from his sweat. I felt quite excited by it, another unexpected sensation, and ran my fingers up and down inside his arse crack. He responded by opening his legs wider and speeding up his thrusts. I quickly found his hole, puckered and slimy, and I pushed the tip of my finger into him, surprised at how easily it slid in. I heard him grunting as his own orgasm approached and his cock seemed to swell inside my mouth.

I desperately wanted him to do the same to me but, before I could think of a way to try and get him to do so, he abruptly stopped sucking me, pulled away and said, “Fucking hell!”

Surprised, and thinking he must be about to cum, I looked around. As Matt was saying, “Fuck… fuck… oh Jesus…”, I saw that Colleen and Shauna, the girls from next door were standing in the middle of our room, watching us.

I guess Matt and I had expressions like rabbits in the headlights, both of us pulling the sheets from the bed to hide our hard, wet cocks. Looking like a couple of schoolboys, caught doing naughties together after lights out.

Matt said, “It’s not what it looked like.”

I nearly laughed when he said that. I imagined him continuing, “It looked like we were sucking each other off, right, but – you’ll never believe this – we were actually looking for a contact lens that we’d lost and, well, Seb sort of fell on top of me and, well…”

Colleen said, “Why don’t you keep going?”

Shauna added, “Yeah it looked like you were just about to get to the best bit…”

Matt said, instinctively and defensively, “We’re not gay.”

I wasn’t feeling as guilty as he evidently was. Even if they were to tell other people about this, I was pretty sure that Matt and I could dismiss their story as a case of them wanting revenge after we’d hit on some other girls during out night out. In fact, I was more concerned about how they’d managed to sneak into our room: the door was locked and was in any case impossible to open without making a loud noise.

So I said, “How did you get in here?”

Colleen sat down on my bed on the opposite wall from Matt and I. She smiled and said, “There’s no need to get hung up about it.”

I smiled back. “I’m not getting hung up. I just wondered how you’d got into our room.”

Shauna started saying something about our rooms having adjoining balconies, but Colleen interrupted her. “We were waiting for you to get to sleep. We were going to surprise you both.”

“You definitely managed that,” I muttered.

She continued, “You don’t have to stop, though…”

I guess Matt and I just stared at her. Shauna explained, with a grin, “Colleen’s got a thing about watching guys doing stuff together…”

I was a little incredulous: I’d never known a girl be into that. “What… you like watching gay stuff? Men with men…?”

Colleen laughed, “It’s not like some hideous fetish… you two guys would enjoy watching two girls getting off together, wouldn’t you?”

I looked at Matt. He still looked a bit traumatised by what was going on: his eyes were wide and his mouth was open.

I turned back to Colleen. She laughed again and said, “Just finish off what you started… it looked pretty hot…”

“You’re asking us to… kind of… put on a show for you…?”

Colleen smiled. “Why not?”

I shook my head. “No offence to Matt, but that really wouldn’t do anything for me -”

Shauna interrupted me. “Watching a couple of hot chicks like me and Colleen getting friendly together would be a turn on for you, wouldn’t it, Seb…?”

Colleen added, “Might help you get over your, er, first night nerves…”

I grinned. I could see where this was going. “I guess…”

She looked at Matt. “And what about you, Matt? Would you enjoy it…?”

He looked at them and then looked at me. He expression was vacant and dopey. “I dunno… maybe… ”

Shauna walked across to Colleen and sat on her knee. Colleen caressed her thigh with one hand and started stroking her hair with the other.

I said, “This is too weird.”

Following the shock of being discovered with Matt, I was totally limp and feeling about a million miles away from anything approaching arousal. The idea of watching the two girls play around with each other was semi-interesting, but the prospect of continuing to do things with Matt in front of them seemed bizarre.

Colleen pulled Shauna’s top off and started stroking her breasts through the white lacy material of her bra.

I turned to Matt. He looked bewildered. “Did we, like, fall asleep or something. This isn’t real, right?”

The girls started kissing each other: really going for it, one lipsticked mouth against the other, almost eating each other’s faces. Watching them was hypnotic. My mouth filled with saliva and I had to swallow.

Then Colleen worked her way down to Shauna’s breasts, kissing the skin as she went, leaving a wet trail. She kissed and licked at Shauna’s nipple through her bra, rubbing the other breast with her long, sensual fingers as she did so.

Shauna looked over to us and smiled. “Come on, you guys. This isn’t a peepshow.”

I looked at Matt again. He seemed as fascinated by what the girls were doing as I was.

He turned to me, his eyes intense, and said, “You wanna join in?”

I nodded. “Yeah. If you do.”

He looked back at the girls. Colleen undid Shauna’s bra with the speed and dexterity that only girls can manage, and released her friend’s breasts. They were larger than they’d seemed through the material of her top: round and solid, with small pink nipples.

Colleen started feasting on her Shauna’s tits: kissing both of them in turn, encircling their nipples with her tongue, licking the soft, white flesh like an ice-cream.

Matt nodded. He said, “It’s weird. But kind of cool.”

He looked at me and added, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

I grinned. “Like I have…?”

He smiled and pulled back the sheet. His cock, still looking quite wet from my mouth, was half-stiff and stood out from his balls, straight and solid. Mine was also showing a response from watching the two girls but the effects were less apparent.

We sat back against the cold wall, wondering how we should start.

Shauna pulled Colleen’s top over her head and started gently caressing the other girl’s larger breasts inside her flimsy red bra. Colleen looked over to us and snapped, only partly in jest, “You guys have ten seconds to do something or the show’s over.”

Matt looked at me and put his hand on my cock. Unlike earlier, his fingers were clumsy and uncertain. He tried to masturbate me but, with my cock mostly-soft, his action was more painful than arousing.

Colleen looked on unimpressed. Shauna had released Colleen’s tits from her bra and they looked fantastic, but any effect that they should have had on me was immediately neutralised by the strange sensation of Matt’s hand roughly jerking at my foreskin.

She said, “Guys…”

I pushed Matt’s hand away and stood up. My cock was now totally limp but I wanted to have a go at this: at the very least it was a situation that I was unlikely to ever find myself in again.

So I knelt down on the floor in front of Matt and gestured for him to move forward. I didn’t like the idea of looking away from the girls, but if things were going to start between the two of us, it was going to take more than a few painful yanks of each others’ cocks.

Matt moved forwards on the mattress so that my shoulders were between his thighs. His cock stood outwards, still semi-hard, and I leaned forward to take it into my mouth.

Matt gasped and I felt his cock jerk upwards in response. Colleen said, “Yeah… that’s it…” and Shauna made a muffled moan, her face between her friend’s tits.

I thought, “Actually, this could get good…”


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