6th September 2001: My first rimming story but it’s not a very good one. The idea was sound – some lads have a dare and the forfeit is for one of them to lick the other’s butt – but I dropped the ball by having Sebastian simply watching the action, meaning I was neither able to describe what it was like to rim someone nor how it felt for yourself to be rimmed. Shame on me!

Ben Pays Up

A lot of my girlfriends have asked me why I’m so interested in arses. They find it weird that I like having my arsehole touched while we’re playing around together in bed and pretend to gag when I ask them if they’ll finger me. But, regardless of my being straight, I recognise that arse as a very sensual part of my body and I don’t like it to get neglected when I’m feeling horny. For some reason, though, girls just don’t seem to understand that.

I think my interest dates back to something that happened at the end of the fifth form, when I was about 16. It didn’t involve a girl – in fact, I’ve never dared even to ask a girl to do the kind of stuff I witnessed that night. It was really just a bit of messing about with a couple of my mates that led onto something that was, for me at least, very significant. I bet the other guys don’t even remember it – but it really had an impact on me.

Four of us had got some cider for after lights out at boarding school – I remember it was after the GCSEs – and we were pissing about in the room of this guy called Will. Someone had a CD with soft porn on it and we were looking at that on his computer, but mostly we were just chatting. It was a single-sex school so we were, not by choice, all boys in there.

Anyway, Will and this mate of mine called Ben were having a bet about cricket scores and we decided that whoever lost should do something pretty gross. While the fourth member of our group, Adam, went back to his room to find some information to prove who was right, the three of us talked about what the loser should do. We were pretty pissed and both guys were convinced they were right so the suggestions grew more and more outlandish. They started off being standard things like the loser having to go and ask a girl we knew for a date and degenerated rapidly into the guy having to go out onto the lawn of the boarding house and wank for two or three minutes. In the end, though, they both agreed – to the accompany of much amusement and theatrical vomiting – that whoever lost the bet should lick the other one’s arsehole for one minute. As I said, both lads were absolutely certain that they were right and they agreed.

Adam returned with the facts of the matter. He had a magazine with him which proved who had won the bet. I told him what the loser would have to do. A broad smile appeared on his face. He turned to lock the door and then, turning back to us and still grinning, said, “This is going to be good.”

I took the magazine off him. I looked up the score they’d been arguing about. I realised that I was also smiling. When I saw the result, I said, “Ben, you’d better start hoping that Will has a clean arse.”

Ben sneered and snatched the magazine from me. His eyes scanned the page for the score. Then they stopped and fixed on a certain point. The guy must have sobered up in like two seconds. The smirk on his face just withered and died.

He turned to us and said, “There’s no way I’m going to lick his shitter.”

Adam said, “Come on Benjamin. You lost the bet. You pay up.”

Ben shouted, not at all amused by this point, “There’s no fucking way.”

I said, quite keen to see this through, “You can’t pull out now.”

Adam added, laughing, “Yeah, not before you’ve pushed it in.”

Will said, “Hey I’m not exactly keen for him to pay up. I don’t really give a toss…”

Adam said, “Yeah but we do. This is for the benefit of the spectators. You can’t welsh on a bet like this.”

Ben got up and made to leave the room. He said he hadn’t been serious about the bet in the first place and had thought we would all have realised that.

Adam and I convinced him to stay and we opened another bottle of cider.

We drank a lot more and talked about other things. I noticed that – whereas I would have been prepared to drop the subject of the bet – Adam kept returning to it and accusing the other two of chickening out of it.

Eventually, after a few comments by Adam, Will said, “Look I don’t care. If he wants to go through with it, fine. I don’t really want to show you guys my arse, but -”

Ben was appalled. He said, “Jesus I can’t believe you guys are taking it so seriously. It was a fucking joke.”

Adam grinned and looked pleased with himself for having engineered a discussion among the two of them about the bet. He asked Will, “Did you think it was serious? I mean, if you’d have lost, would you have gone through with it?”

Will stared at Adam and took another swig of his cider. He held it in his mouth for a few seconds and then swallowed. Then he said, “Yeah. I guess I thought it was serious. I wouldn’t have made the bet if I hadn’t have been prepared to go through with it…”

Will looked down. He swirled his drink around in his mug. I think he felt a bit embarrassed about what he’d said. Maybe thought that we’d see it as an admission of homosexuality – that he’d wanted to lick Ben’s arse.

Adam was oblivious to that. He looked at Ben, wide-eyed and grinning triumphantly.

Ben said, “What? Okay so he thought it was serious. But I wouldn’t have made him pay up…”

Adam said, “I think we all thought it was serious, Ben. There’s only you who’s trying to change things around now that you lost…”

Ben leaned back against the bed.

Adam said, “We’re not going to forget this… ah… non-payment of a debt.”

I don’t know what Adam went on to do after leaving school, but the guy should have been a lawyer. He had Ben exactly where he wanted him. He couldn’t have been more persuasive if he’d have gripped Ben by his balls.

Ben said, “Jesus. Okay. I’ll fucking do it.”

Will said, “You guys have to swear that this goes absolutely no further.”

Ben laughed hollowly and said, “Like I’m going to pin up a notice about it.”

Will said, “I mean those two.”

Adam said, “Of course. Scout’s honour and all that.”

I nodded my agreement. I was, as Adam had expressed earlier, starting to think that this might be good.

Will stood up and turned away from us to face the window. He pulled his black school trousers down around his thighs and we saw the outline of his round bumcheeks inside his blue briefs. He turned around to us and, looking slightly embarrassed despite being so pissed, said, “You sure you guys want this…”

Adam laughed and said, “Looks tasty to me Billy boy. Hitch ’em down.”

Will pulled his briefs down exposing his white arse. Adam stood up and gently pushed Will’s upper body downwards at the shoulders, bending him over. He muttered, smiling slyly, “Got to give him good access…”

Since I was sitting behind Will as he bent down, I saw that his crack was quite hairy and that sweat was sticking the hair to his bum cheeks. I could also see that the skin around the lower part of his crack had a few pink blemishes on it which contrasted with the paleness of his cheeks.

Adam turned to look at Will’s arse. Despite him having such a reputation among our year-group as a girl magnet, he seemed very eager to see the other lad’s bum. He muttered, “Yeah, nice and juicy,” and reached over to pull down Will’s briefs a bit more. I think he also pushed Will’s shoulders down further because I saw Will’s crack open up a bit more.

I realised that I was getting a boner by now from looking at Will’s arse and I remember feeling weird about that. I wondered what it would smell like and what it would taste like. I wondered if his hole would allow someone’s tongue to enter it or whether it would be too tight. I kept trying to stop my thoughts from pursuing these ideas, but I was too drunk to control them. What if my tongue was inside his hole? What would that feel like?

Ben said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

He raised himself from leaning on the bed and shuffled forward on his knees.

He said, “Absolutely no farting. Else we change places.”

He pushed his head towards Will’s arse and held it there, his nose about two inches from the other lad’s crack.

Adam said, “Yeah. Breathe it in.” His eyes were wide with his enthusiasm and his mouth looked like it was almost drooling. His cheeks were pink.

Ben looked up, smiling, and said, “You’re really fucking enjoying this, Newland. You fucking queer.”

Adam said, huskily, “Oh yes. I love it.” He seemed quite unashamed to express his interest.

My own cock was so hard in my underpants that it hurt. It pressed against my own school trousers, raising a lump near the opening of my left pocket. I think even at sixteen, my hard-ons were getting close to the eight inches of my adulthood, and since it wasn’t exactly easy to hide I was feeling conscious that it could be noticed. I considered kneeling down to conceal it but I didn’t want to compromise my view of Will’s arse. I pushed my hand into my pocket and positioned it lower in the material of the pocket so that it might look like a marker pen or something.

Ben looked back at Will’s arse. The small smile on his face faded slightly but didn’t disappear altogether. Now that he was faced with the other guy’s bum I guess he thought it wasn’t so scary. He seemed more relaxed, more able to treat it as a bit of a laugh.

He said, adopting the accent of a general in a black and white war film, “Say a prayer for me, men. I’m going in, so help me God.”

He pushed his face towards Will’s arse. He was hesitant at first. It looked like he just pressed his nose into his friend’s crack and smelled it.

I noticed that Adam was staring at Ben’s face, pushing into Will’s arse. He looked totally transfixed. I looked at the front of his trousers but I couldn’t make out any obvious signs of an erection. My own was still throbbing, straining to be released from its confines in the lining of my pocket. But there was no signs of Adam’s dick, despite his obvious fascination for what was happening between Ben and Will. I wondered if he was wearing tighter underwear than me because he clearly didn’t have the problem I was having trying to hide it.

Ben pushed his way in a little further. His mouth opened and made what looked like a kissing movement against Will’s arse crack. It was level with the area where Will’s hole would be, but it wasn’t clear if he was actually licking it.

Adam said, “Is he licking you out man?” He sounded a bit breathless. I looked up at him again. His face was redder and his tongue kept licking at his lower lip.

Will said, “Well I dunno. I don’t think so…”

Adam bent forwards and pushed Ben’s face further into Will’s arse.

Ben pulled out immediately. He said, “Don’t fucking do that, you knob. I’ve got to… well, you know… do it in my own time.” He raised his hand up to his mouth and tried to remove something that was irritating it. He removed one of Will’s anal hairs and then made spitting sounds. He said, “Jesus. I’ve got your arse hair in my mouth.” He explored his mouth with his tongue and then laughed, “Stuck between my fucking teeth.”

I said, “Might be good for you. Kind of like flossing.”

Adam said, “Yeah but it puts brown stains on your teeth instead of taking them off…”

Will said, “Don’t be gross. This isn’t funny.”

Ben looked at Will’s arse again, that small smile on his face again. I wondered how pissed he must be to be taking this so well. He was by no means squeamish, but he certainly wasn’t the kind of person you’d expect to be getting his mouth around another guy’s arse and smiling about it.

He looked up at Adam and said, “No more pushing else the deal is off. Breach of contract or something.”

Adam grinned and said, “Okay. But I want to know you’re doing it. You gotta get right fucking in there.”

I took the opportunity to get a better view of things. I was totally intrigued by this: it was a completely new idea to me and I wanted to see as much as I could. I said, “Yeah. I couldn’t see a thing. Just looked like you were snogging his arse.”

Will laughed, “Yeah it kind of felt like that.”

Adam said, “Bend down more. And pull your fucking trousers right down. It’s not like you’ve got much to hide.”

Will was obviously enjoying the attention his arse was getting because he pulled his underpants and trousers right down to his ankles. His white school shirt covered his arse as he did so. He no longer seemed to embarrassed to be doing this: I guess at a boarding school you get pretty used to being naked around other lads.

He bent forwards and bent his knees. Sort of squatted down, but not too low. Just stuck his rear end out towards Ben’s face.

Ben leaned forwards again and pulled the tails of Will’s shirt upwards to uncover his pale, round arse cheeks again.

Adam muttered, “You fucking shirt-lifter…”

I noticed that, since Will was now leaning forwards and his legs were slightly open at the knees, I could see his balls hanging down between his legs. They dangled low in his loose, lightly haired scrotum and swung around a bit as he steadied himself against radiator underneath the window. I noticed too that his cock also hung down, hanging slightly lower than his balls. Like his arse, the skin on it was very pale and his foreskin covered his bell end looking like puckered lips. It looked thick and heavy and it too bobbed around pendulously as he adjusted his position. It looked too large to be entirely limp: Will was obviously enjoying this a lot.

Will pushed his arse out further and said, “I’m all yours…”

Ben stared at the other guy’s arse again. Will’s crack was more open than it had been and the skin was pink inside. The upper half of it was damp with his sweat: the lower half was wet from Ben’s probing tongue. I thought I got a glimpse of his hole, nestling in the thick hair of his cleft, looking wrinkled, purple and wet.

Then Ben pushed his face into Will’s crack, his mouth level with the purple hole I thought I’d seen. He pushed his mouth so far into Will’s cleft that I couldn’t see his lips. Then his mouth made slurping noises. He seemed to try to say something but his voice was muffled by Will’s arse. It came out as “Mmmm mmmm mmmm.” Then the slurping noises continued as he licked his friend’s most sensitive area.

I saw Adam staring at them, grinning open mouthed. His eyes were almost bulging out of his head. Without being aware he was doing it, his right hand moved to his crotch and tweaked the material of his trousers just to the right of his fly. It moved away and then, within a couple of seconds, returned again to make pinching movements in the same area. Every time he touched himself, I was able to make out the thick rod of his cock pointing upwards, concealed behind the material covering his zip. It didn’t look as if it was particularly long, but it was clearly very thick. He kept staring at Ben’s actions, intermittently squeezing the stem of his erection between his thumb and forefinger.

Ben was really feasting on Will’s backside. His mouth made rhythmic slurping noises and looked like it was in a French kiss. The two of them looked so hot together like that – one friend hungrily eating the arsehole of another. It looked so sexual but not in the sensual or romantic way that I’d experienced with girls: their position looked almost bestial – like one dog sniffing another dog’s arse I suppose – and I felt fascinated by that. My cock continued to strain against my trousers and I worried that a damp patch may be developing around the pocket.

Then Ben pulled away from Will.

Will held his position, his arse pushing outwards and his cheeks open like he was inviting more. He said, his voice sounding breathless, “That felt… quite nice… actually.”

Ben said, “It tasted weird.”

Adam said, “Like shit.”

Ben said, “No… not unpleasant. Kind of like… I dunno. Just bizarre.”

Will said, still bending forwards, “Was that really a full minute?”

Ben said, “Felt like about ten. You ain’t getting no more.”

Will bent down to reach for his underpants which were around his ankles. I saw his arsehole, wet and slick-looking with Ben’s spit, tightly closed like a pink flower bud. I wondered if Ben had penetrated him with his tongue and, if he had, what it had been like for them both. I thought he probably hadn’t but I kept wondering about it.

Will straightened to pull his blue briefs up and Adam let out a laugh. “You horny bastard. You got a fucking boner from that.”

Will continued to pull up his underpants and looked slightly embarrassed. He said, “Yeah yeah. No-one said I couldn’t enjoy it.” As he turned slightly, I saw that his erection was tenting the front of his white shirt upwards. He had obviously stayed bending forwards to try to hide it.

He pulled his briefs up over his arse and then, with obvious difficulty, pushed his cock into the gusset.

Adam said, “You’re so fucking stiff you can’t get it in your pants.”

Will said, “I can’t help being built like a horse. It’s a burden I have to bear.”

Will bent forwards to pull his trousers up and I saw that Ben’s spit had made a dark damp circle on the back of Will’s briefs around where his arsehole would be. As he straightened up again, he turned around to face us. I saw his cock outlined inside his briefs. It formed a long, fairly thick rod in the front of them, pointing diagonally upwards towards his left hip. Then he tucked his shirt inside his trousers and zipped himself up so I couldn’t see any more of it.

Will looked a bit sheepishly at Ben. I think he felt a bit embarrassed at just having his arsehole explored by his mate’s tongue.

Ben grinned like nothing had happened. Then he said, “I guess you’re wondering where my brown moustache came from?”

Will laughed.

I think we finished off the evening shortly afterwards. We finished off the cider – Ben being allowed a double measure to rinse his mouth out – and just sat around feeling a bit anti-climactic.

Then we said goodnight to Will and headed off to bed.

Adam and I lived on the same corridor so, after Ben had left us, we chatted for a few minutes outside my room.

He was talking about how good it must have felt for Will to have had his arse licked out. I wanted to drop the conversation – I was sobering up and feeling that it had all been a bit sordid. I was glad I hadn’t been directly involved with what had happened and was beginning to wish I hadn’t seen any of it. I wasn’t really listening to what Adam was saying: I kept wondering why I’d felt so hot when I was watching Ben eating Will’s bum.

He kept going on and on, though. About it being perfectly natural. And then how it is a way that animals communicate.

“It’s kind of like a primitive form of seduction,” he was saying.

I said, “I guess.”

He continued. Talking about how he wanted Melissa, his girlfriend, to try it on him. Wondering how he could ask her and where they could do it. I kept nodding. I wanted to go to bed and think about what I’d seen and what I’d felt.

Then he asked, “Seb, do you want Claire to do it to you?” Claire was a girl I’d been dating for a couple of weeks.

I pretended to consider. I didn’t really think about what he’d said, though. I replied, “I dunno. Yeah, maybe.”

He said, “We’ll both ask our girlfriends. We’ll both see how it feels.” He walked away from me, and I was pleased that he’d apparently finished.

Then he said, almost as a throwaway remark, “And if they both refuse, well… we can do each other, can’t we?”

I laughed and said, “Yeah”. Then, while he was walking away from me down the corridor, I thought about what he’d said and the way he’d said it and wondered whether it had been intended humorously.

As he opened the door to his room, he turned to look at me again. He grinned and said, “So that’s a deal then,” and then disappeared inside.


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