Boot Camp
by Samson Velos


Chapter 3

It was the last day of “A” school and we had all received our orders. I was going to Guam to be assigned to Fleet Weather Central. Clayton was going to the Kitty Hawk. He came up to my room to say good-bye. We’d had no other trysts since that time 3 weeks ago and he didn’t push when I told him that I just had to think things over. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. In fact, that was what I had to think about. What did it mean that I liked another guy stroking my dick? What did it mean that I liked squeezing Clayton’s smooth, white ass?

We talked about what it would be like for Clayton on board ship and what it would be like for me stuck on a small island. When we had to wrap it up I could tell he was looking for something more, some sign from me of the importance of our friendship. I opened my arms to give him a quick hug. He embraced me, pulled back a little and looked at me and it seemed like he wanted a kiss. I couldn’t do that. Jacking off together was one thing – kissing was another. I just pulled him closer.

He kissed my neck and immediately pulled back again and said, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!”

“It’s OK.”

I pulled him in again. This time I held the hug a little longer and gave him a tighter squeeze. Our cheeks were touching. I was wearing my dress blues, ready to check out, but Clayton was still in dungarees and T-shirt. I cast my eyes down and could see his neck and the top of his chest. Damn! There was that smooth, white skin of his! I lowered my head and kissed the hollow of his neck. I could feel his hard, little dick even through my blues.

“Keep this between us,” I said.

He nodded. Another quick hug and I picked up my sea bag and headed to the main gate to catch the duty driver to take me to the airport.

That was the last time I saw Clayton.

After two weeks leave I headed to Travis Air Force Base to catch my MAC flight to Guam. Eighteen hours after taking off I stepped out of the aircraft into the tropical humidity of a south pacific island. I put my call in to the duty driver to pick me up and very shortly two friendly sailors showed up and drove me to the barracks at the US Naval Station at the south end of the island. They directed me to the barracks for Fleet Weather Central personnel and wished me well. The guy on barracks watch said I could have the cubicle 6 down on the right.

The barracks had floor to ceiling screens – no windows – on both sides. They were protected by wooden jalousies permanently fixed at a 45 degree angle. This kept out the sun and allowed the breeze to come through. I was immediately struck by the quiet – this wasn’t a noisy animal-house type barracks like at Lemoore. Also, there were only two men to a cubicle instead of four, like at Lemoore.

I stepped into my assigned cubicle and bent down to drop my sea bag to the floor. As I was still bent down, my cubicle mate jumped down from the top bunk. All I saw were his feet, but as I slowly stood up there was his cock right in front of me. After I fully stood up he said, “Hey – I’m Rusty!”

I introduced myself and tried not to stare. Rusty was totally nude. I soon learned that sleeping nude was what most of the guys did, in deference to the island’s humidity. But my first thought was that there was no way I could share a cube with Rusty without my interest in guys being discovered. I was popping a boner already!

Rusty was pretty much the flip side of Clayton. Clayton was alabaster white. Rusty had a darker complexion. He had a very light brown skin tone over his entire body – as if he’d been in a tanning salon, except there weren’t any such things back then.  Clayton was a blue-eyed blond. Rusty had thick brown hair and brown eyes. Clayton was just this side of being pudgy. Rusty was not skinny, but he was slender. Clayton had a little two-inches-when-soft cock. Rusty had an enviably long and thick dick. It was probably 7 inches when soft. Claton’s facial features were rounded. Rusty’s were angular. But in one respect they were identical: they both had skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Rusty had no evidence of any facial hair or any hair anywhere on his body except just a little around the base of his cock.

Rusty went over to his locker and we began chatting, while I tried not to stare at him. That was hard not to do because as soon as he opened his locker he pulled out some baby powder and started to rub it onto his dick and balls and the inside of his thighs.

“You gotta do this here,” he said. “If you don’t, with this humidity, your balls will itch like crazy!”

I learned Rusty’s enlistment was soon up and that he would be leaving in a couple of days. I was kind of relieved to hear this because I thought I’d have a perpetual hard-on if I was going to see him powder his privates on a daily basis.

He said he was going to the chow hall and put the powder away and got dressed, but not before casually grabbing his dick and giving it a few strokes, like we all do sometimes – maybe just to make sure it’s still there.

Over the next several weeks I thought a lot about dicks. After seeing Rusty’s big dick and Clayton’s little dick I was becoming curious about the differences between one guy and another. The fact that we were all sleeping in the nude gave me some opportunities to compare.

The first thing I noticed is that there was no relationship between the overall size or masculine appearance of a guy and his penis. There was Kincaid, a 6-foot tall muscular, hairy red-headed guy. He even had a hairy chest while most of us, being only 18 or 19 years old had little if any chest hair. But his dick was so short that it looked like a gum drop just sitting on top of his balls. The funny thing was that he was the one that talked the most about how he and his girlfriend used to fuck all the time. In reality, I expect he was a virgin. Most of us were or had had only one or two brief and probably unsatisfactory sexual encounters.

Then there was Kim – a Korean guy (unusual back then) – who was a skinny 5’4″ kid with a dick that wasn’t really that long, probably average length, but impressively thick.

Little Eddie was anything but. He was an average mid-western kid with an anything but average dick. He probably measured in at 7 or more inches.

There were also differences in shape. Laughlin’s dick had a little bend to the left. Kim’s dick, like I said, was very thick. Morton’s dick was average length and thickness, but he had a big ol’ mushroom head. Andrews was either walking around with a semi-hard dick all the time or it was just naturally a little “lively” as it kind of stood out, just a little bit, with the slightest little bounce when he walked.

Nobody was uncut. At that time circumcision was pretty universal.

One time I walked by Kim’s cube. He was sitting on his rack, resting his back against the wall with his legs stretched out in front of him. He was listening to music on his headphones – the large over-the-head type that we had back then – and his eyes were closed. He was wearing boxer skivvies and his dick poked out one of the legs. He was playing with himself in a relaxed kind of way. He held his thumb and fingers over the head of his dick so that his finger tips touched his dick just below the rim of its head. He would slowly squeeze with his finger tips and then stop. Then he would squeeze two or three times in succession and stop. Then he would use his thumb and index finger to circle his dick just beneath the head and give himself three or four frigs. Then he would go back to the squeezing. I watced him do this for two or three minutes before I moved on.

A couple of days later I saw him doing it again. I mentioned it to one of the other guys, Rossman, and he just laughed. “We’ve all seen that! Kim loves doing it. Hell, if I had a thick sausage dick like him I’d want to play with it, too. He doesn’t mind if you watch. Epley and I were watching him one time and he opened his eyes. He just kept it up. He even adjusted himself so we could see better. I got horny enough, I pulled my dick out, too, and gave it a rub while we watched. Epley didn’t, but I think he wanted to. We didn’t cum, though.”

I didn’t think Kim or Rossman or Epley were gay. They didn’t act like it. So I thought, maybe its OK to be interested in dicks. Maybe seeing dicks is just a fun thing that most guys like to do. Well, whether or not these guys were gay, it turned out they definitely liked having fun with penises. I learned that the next week.


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