Operation: Simon
by Robert Furlong


Part 1

“So what’s the plan?” I asked Guy.

It was Wednesday evening and he and my son Jake were slouched on the settee working their way through a pack of beers while I was sitting opposite with a glass of wine.

“I dunno,” Guy shrugged.  “It’s gonna be a difficult one.  We’re gonna have to play it dead careful ’cause I sure as fuck don’t want him tellin’ any tales to his mother.”

We were discussing what we were going to do on Friday night when he brought his own son, Simon, around for a little get-together at my house.  That in itself wouldn’t pose much of a problem, but Guy had an ulterior motive which made detailed planning absolutely essential.

“You still want to start playing around with your kid then?” Jake asked without taking his eyes from the movie the three of us were half-watching.

Guy chuckled.  “He’s your age, Jake… just gone twenty-one.  Don’t make this sound any more weird than it needs to…”

“You wanna shag him, though,” Jake persisted, still staring at the TV.  “I mean, that’s your ultimate aim…?”

“Not necessarily,” Guy replied.  “I just really like what you guys have together.  The way you use each other for sex is kinda logical really… you’re both men and you both get horny so sometimes you help each other out.  That’s how I want it to be with Simon.”

“You want to get sexual with your son?” I asked.  “You’re absolutely sure about that?”

“Maybe not at first.  I want him to see how it works with you pair… how natural it looks for a dad and a son to get physical together…”

“You want us to get intimate in front of him?”

He shrugged.  “Perhaps, yeah… but nothing too heavy.  He’s gonna freak out big time if you guys treat him to the demo you showed me…”

We’d been staying over at a Travel Lodge before going to the Liverpool match.  Jake and I had surprised our companion by showing him that we’d started having occasional but extremely fulfilling incestuous sex.  My son had bobbed down to consume a good half of my large erection in front of Guy’s disbelieving eyes and then we’d awoken him next morning by Jake taking me roughly from behind as we’d squatted alongside him.

“Maybe we play a game of ‘Twister’,” Jake suggested.  “I end up with my face in my dad’s butt and say, ‘Oh Jesus, his arse-crack smells so fucking horny!’ and Simon’ll be like, ‘Aw fuck yeah… I gotta have a sniff of daddy ringpiece for myself!'”

Guy sniggered but shook his head.  “Come on, buddy.  You know as well as I do that Simon’s not like that.  He’d run a mile if he had to shove his face in my arse.  I’d be up for having a sniff of his, but if I did he’d probably run a mile too!”

“But maybe the game idea is worth pursuing,” I proposed.  “It would keep things light-hearted.”

“How about strip poker, then?” Guy asked.  “Once we’re all stripped down to the buff, we change the rules so the loser has to wank the winner.  Simon gets to see Jake giving daddy’s big dick a good pullin’… so next time when he loses he won’t be so shy about reachin’ over and playing with mine!”

“Can you really see Simon agreeing to play strip poker?” Jake laughed.  “I guess we could start out playing for pennies or something, but even then he’d probably say he felt uncomfortable with gambling.”

“I agree,” I chipped in.  “The game would have to be played purely for fun but then gradually manoeuvred in a sexual direction.”

“Okay…” Guy replied, staring over at the fireplace as he struggled to come up with something that would fit both requirements, perhaps thinking back to his days on the oilrig.

“Truth or dare?” Jake tentatively offered.

“Yes… that’s more like it,” I agreed.  “How about we make it a card game and arrange the order of the tasks very carefully beforehand…?”

Guy looked unconvinced.  “So how would that work?”

“We can have the top cards giving people silly dares at first, but we can set it up so that after a few rounds Jake’s task is to get the person to the left of him sexually aroused… which will, of course, be me.”

“Okay,” Guy grinned.  “I like where this is going!”

“Jake will whisper stuff into my ear and I’ll deny that I’m getting at all turned-on and then you, Guy, will insist that everyone can see whether I really am becoming aroused.  After some initial reluctance from me and hopefully some persuasion from Simon, I’ll pull my penis out through my trouser fly and show the room that it might be long and thick but it is unquestionably limp.”

Jake asked, “You won’t mind Simon seeing your todger?”

I shrugged.  “I used to take you pair camping when you were younger… he’s seen the thing swinging around between my legs many times before…”

“Okay,” Guy chuckled, “since sonny-boy’s whispering hasn’t done much for daddy’s droopy dick, Jake resorts to reaching over and having a little fondle of it!”

“Oh sweet!” Jake guffawed, just about to take another swig from his beer. “That’ll be so cool… Simon watching me having a squeeze of my old man’s donger sticking out from his fly!”

“And what will you be doing?” I asked Guy.

“Cheering and egging Jake on… trying to get Simes to join in… I reckon he’ll up for it, actually… he’ll probably find this really funny…”

I smiled.  “So I say, ‘Okay, it’s getting a bit stiffer, I think that’s a win, Jake.'”

“And I’m like ‘No way!'”, Guy laughed, becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the plan.  “I call over, ‘Come on, guys, the dick’s gotta be fully hard!  I wanna see the bell-end go shiny… that’s the sign of a proper boner!'”

“So I wrap my hand around your big knob and start wanking you off,” Jake grinned at me.  “I mean, actual masturbation… with your foreskin sliding up and down.”

“Aw yeah!” Guy chortled.  “And I’ll be like, ‘Oh my God… this is so fuckin’ funny!'”

“Would you still be okay with that, dad?  Having Simon seeing my wrist bashing away and making your cock grow a stiffy!?”

I thought about how we would look: me perched on the settee with my large phallus exposed through my gaping zipper and Jake reaching across to eagerly stimulate it.  Simon would likely look surprised – though hopefully also amused and intrigued – watching his friend masturbating his father right in front of him.  I’d chuckle back at him as my manhood achieved its full proud stature inside the grip of my son’s fingers, until the domed helmet throbbed as two shiny purple lobes.

“Yes,” I grinned, “I think I’d rather enjoy it!”

Often when Jake’s sleepover buddies are lumbering out of his room for a pee in the morning, I make enough sound from behind my half-open bedroom door to let them know I’m enjoying a moment of self-induced pleasure.  Sometimes a young man will creep along the corridor to take a peek at their friend’s father vigorously tending his morning hard-on.  I sit opposite the door so that if an inquisitive face cranes around it, I can smile at the young man while my hand pumps frantically up and down, and my two big bollocks slap up against my fist.  Occasionally my performance will be rewarded with a cheeky smirk and a growing bulge in the boxers, in which case I flaunt my huge erection as I wank it until we’re both staring, mesmerized, at my blasting gusher of cum.

“Perhaps Simon will too,” I mused.  “Some young men find the sight of mature male masturbation very appealing!”

“You reckon?!” Guy blurted his beer out laughing.  “Well if that’s right then maybe our Simes will start popping a boner himself…”

“Will we be able to see it if he does?” I asked.  “I mean, will it be obvious in the front of his trousers?”

“Yeah, he’s got a long dick,” Guy admitted.  “It can make his pyjama shorts stick up dead high like a flagpole!”

“He’s got a nice cock,” Jake nodded.  “A bit small when it’s limp, but it grows really, really long when he’s horny.”

When Guy and I looked quizzically at him he explained, “We used to wank off together a few years ago.  His cock would get longer than mine but nowhere near as thick.”

I went on, “Okay, once Simon’s trying to conceal the rising tent in the front of his trousers, I announce that my penis is now fully engorged so Jake stops rubbing it and we all laugh at the dare.  After that I casually mention that, being so sexually comfortable with my son, it’s not the first time that Jake’s hand has given me relief.”

Guy nodded.  “So then I’ll ask you, Rob, if you ever help laddo out with his stiffies.”

“And I’ll say, yes of course… I think it’s a very fatherly thing to do.”

“Yeah, that’s it!” Guy laughed.  “Simon likes a good wank… he spends most of his time in his bedroom bashin’ his prick off!  I reckon he’ll like the idea of having free handjobs on tap from the other bloke in the house!”

“Will you still have your cock out through your fly, dad?” Jake asked.  “I mean, will you be sat there with it standing up on full bone?”

“I can be,” I nodded.  “It grows very large, as you know, so I can say it needs a few minutes to soften enough to tuck away.  Why?”

“Well, your turn is next so maybe the card could dare the other players of the game… us three… to pull our cocks out too.  Mine will be rock hard from wanking you off… you know how I like the feel of it… and we reckon Simon’s will be running wood by now…”

“Mine’ll be nicely firm after watching Jake get to work on daddy’s dong,” Guy chuckled.  “So yeah… that’ll be hot… the four of us sitting around with our pork-swords raised high on full salute!”

“Actually, that’ll be hilarious!” I grinned.  “Surely even Simon will be enjoying the evening by now… especially after he’s had a few beers down him!”

“So let’s say he’s sat right next to me with his foot-long stickin’ out through his trouser fly,” Guy proposed, “d’you reckon he might be up for me reachin’ across and givin’ it a rub?!”

I nodded.  “We could set it up so that the next card dares you to do just that!”

Guy wavered, mulling the idea over, before saying, “No… on my turn the card says I have to admit something secret.  So I say, ‘I like how you guys are so chilled with each other that you can do sex stuff together without it being a big deal.  I think it’s awesome, actually.'”

“Would you like me to ask you if it’s something you’d want to do yourself?”

“Yeah,” he nodded.  “And I’ll be like, ‘I reckon I could… I think me and Simes are cool enough for it not to be a big deal.'”

“Okay,” I chuckled, fairly sure that his son would by now be realising where the evening was heading.

Guy went on, “So the next card he takes dares him to wank me off.  I reckon by then he’d be up for it… he’s seen you guys doing it… heard that I’m okay with it.  He’ll probably lean over and give daddy’s thick dick its first taste of son-stroke!”

Jake grinned over at him, acknowledging the pun while he took another swig of his beer.  Then he said, “If you can get him wanking you off, I reckon you’ll have him sucking your cock after a couple of weeks.”

Guy nodded enthusiastically, no doubt envisaging many pleasant evenings to come in which his son would be kneeling in front of him, bobbing merrily at his crotch.

“Full anal intercourse will take rather a lot longer,” I suggested.

“I don’t mind if we don’t fuck.  To be honest, I mainly want him to suck my cock if he’s home and I’m horny.”

“You really don’t like having to use your own hand,” I chuckled.  Guy would only rarely masturbate so, when we did get together, he was always extremely horny and desperate for us to have sex.

“It just seems such a waste… me jazzin’ my dick off while he’s in the next room with a nice wet gob that could be slurping up and down it!”

Jake asked, “Would you suck him off?  I mean, if he did the same you…?”

“Come on, I’m not selfish,” Guy shrugged as if it was a ridiculous question.  “I worked on an oilrig, mate… I know how give and take works!”

Jake smirked, “So if eventually Simon were to let you fuck him, would you be okay with him doing the same to you?”

“‘Course I would,” laughed Guy.  “He’s got a lovely round arse and when he bends down you can see the tightest little pussy hiding between his cheeks. He could have his turn on my bigger, hairier version, as long as he bends over for his old fella and lets me baste off up his!”

“Does he have anal sex with his friends?” I asked.  “If he enjoys intercourse with them, he’ll be more open to the idea of doing the same with you.”

“I really don’t know,” Guy mused, his eyebrows furrowing with thought.  “I mean, sexually, he’s incredibly secretive… apart from all the wanking off he does when he’s on his own in his room.”

“Does he look at males or females when he masturbates?” I queried.

“I don’t even know that… he passwords all his devices and these days you don’t find dirty mags in lads’ rooms.  He has a lot of mates he hangs about with but there isn’t a particular guy he mentions more than the others.  He talks about having girlfriends but I think they’re just girls he’s friends with, not girls he’s dating.”

“I reckon he’s straight,” Jake observed, before treating us to an especially noisy belch.  “When we used to wank off, he never even once suggested we did anything more so I think he’s into girls but probably just too shy to ask any of them out.”

“Or maybe he was just too shy to ask you?” I suggested.

“Maybe,” Jake shrugged.  “But he’d always get really uptight about gay stuff.  I mean, at scout camp and stuff when lads were messing around, Simon would get all prissy even when it was just meant as jokes.”

I took a drink from my wine and when it became clear that there was no further speculation to be had about Guy’s son’s sexuality, I decided I’d summarize the course of action we’d now agreed.

“So stage one of our plan is for us to play a game which gets increasingly sexual on Friday night after Simon has had a couple of drinks.  We get him comfortable with the idea that it’s perfectly natural for fathers and sons to enjoy a physical connection, and then we see if he’s willing to masturbate his dad.”

“Or just touch my prick,” Guy clarified.  “See what it feels like…”

Jake nodded before suggesting, “Maybe pull your foreskin back… see daddy’s one-eyed monster!”

“If I’m boned, my skin’ll already be right back and my chub-end’ll be out like a big red lipstick!  Maybe he could touch it and make me wince from how sensitive it is… that could be kinda funny… having him touch his dad’s cherry-popper to see how much I shudder!”

I coughed, wanting to get back to formulating our plan.

Then I continued, “How successful we are during stage one determines how we progress things thereafter.  We’ll reassemble before he comes around for a second visit so we can decide how we’re going to proceed during stage two.”

“Fuckin’ hell!” Guy laughed.  “This is like ‘Operation: Simon’!”

“Wasn’t a free holiday mentioned for the four of us if we can get him to first base?” Jake chuckled as he reached for another bottle of beer.  At the Travel Lodge Guy had specified a number of destinations depending on how receptive Simon was to getting frisky with his dad.

“Yeah, that’s the deal,” Guy agreed.  “If he admits he likes the idea, we go to Paris.  If he gropes me, Barcelona.  A handjob, New York.  L.A. if he gobs me off.”

“And a butt-fuck gets us to the moon,” Jake laughed.

“There’s no way in hell he’s gonna be up for doing that so soon, but if by some surreal turn of events he does end up taking a stiff one up the arse, I’ll dip into my savings and we’ll go to Australia.”

“Wow!” I grinned over at Jake.  “We’ve really got to make this work!  We could go and pay your cousin Shane a visit while we’re out there.”

“Okay, you’re on,” Jake chuckled.  “Let ‘Operation: Simon’ commence!”


A few hours later, I was sprawled on my bed with my large cock standing upright, its round helmet full and shiny, and my face enveloped by Guy’s big backside.  His lush hairy crack was smothering my nose and mouth, the two cheeks he sits on pressing into those I blush with and his two bollocks resting heavily on my chin.  I was revelling in a long, leisurely face-sit, sniffing my boyfriend’s deliciously pungent rear while my tongue was savouring the meaty flavours of his opening and teasing the delicate flanges surrounding it.

Suddenly I heard Jake’s voice as he strolled into my bedroom.  “You fellas up for some fun?  I’m horny as fuck!”

He saw Guy squatting over my face, his own cock as excited as mine and curving upwards between his legs, and laughed, “Aw yeah… nice one!  You mind if I join in with big boys?”

“Fine by me,” Guy chuckled.  “Your dad can’t reply, what with his tongue being shoved up my arse, but I reckon he’ll be okay with it!”

“What do you think, dad?” my son asked as I nuzzled deeper into Guy’s wonderfully flavoursome butt-cleft.  He’d been out on a job today, plumbing in a new build, and his arse gets especially sweaty and musky after a day of manual labour.

“Okay, let your cock answer,” Jake said when it became clear that my mouth was currently for rimming and not for talking.  “One twitch means yes, two twitches no.”

I twitched my cock just once and Jake laughed, “Cool!  Let’s have a bit of fun!”

Jake stripped off the t-shirt and shorts he’d been about to sleep in, saying, “I was just gonna have a wank and then I thought why am I lying here rubbing one out when the good stuff’s going on next door?”

“See, that’s exactly how I want Simon to start thinking.  There’s a nice wet mouth waitin’ for him in his dad’s bedroom… as long as whatever I do for him, he does back to me.”

“How d’you want me, then?” Jake asked.

“Suck my cock while your dad eats my arse out.”

“Yeah, and what’s in it for me?”

“You could stoop over him,” Guy suggested.  “Frot your cocks together while you get to work gobbin’ down on mine.”

That sounded interesting.  I’d never frotted properly with Jake and, with the thick girth of his erection and the veiny roughness of its shaft, I thought it would be most arousing for us to thrust our two large manhoods together.

But Jake seemed rather less impressed.  “I’m not really into dick-on-dick stuff.  I don’t mind a sword-fight but that’s more of a two-way thing.”

“Well, sit on his cock, then,” Guy tried instead.  “Slide your arse up and down on it while your mouth does the same to mine!”

“Will you wank me off if I do that, dad?” Jake asked.  “Stroke my dick same speed as I’m butt-pumping yours?”

I managed a muffled ‘mmmm’ in response as I basked in tongue-fucking my boyfriend’s behind, but Jake needed further clarification.

“Come on, one twitch yes, two twitches no.”

I twitched my cock upwards and held it fully engorged above my stomach. Jake laughed at how high his dad’s big hard-on was hoisted, with the head of it pulsating expectantly at the prospect of being smothered by his lovely hot, slimy bum.

“Okay… so one twitch and a pearl of precum forming on the slit,” he chuckled.  “I’ll take that as a very emphatic ‘yes’!”

I felt him clamber onto the bed and was waiting for him to lower his swollen opening down onto me, but instead I heard Guy say, “Wrong way round, buddy… your dad’s cock’s that way…”

“I need a bit of lube,” Jake replied.  “I’ll hold my cheeks open… see if you can spit on the bullseye!”

Guy chortled and then hocked up a thick gob of phlegm from his throat. After three or four violent spits they both laughed and Guy called out, “That’s got it… right in the fuckin’ brownie!”

Jake pushed his luck a bit further and said, “Lick it in for me… go on… tongue it right into the hole…!”

“I’m not gonna lick your arse!” Guy laughed.  “It’s not like you’re offerin’ me a fuck!”

“Rub it in with your fingers, then,” Jake suggested.  Then he moaned gently and gasped, “Aw yeah… that’s nice… work it deep!”

“It’s like fingering a pussy,” Guy giggled, as he slowly teased my son’s gaping arsehole.  “Only a pussy doesn’t leave a stain on your fingers!”

“Fuckin’ sniff it!” Jake urged him.  “Go on… lean in for a nice long whiff while you’re sliding in and out!”

I heard Guy snorting tentatively and then guffaw, “Oh Jesus!  It’s strong as fuck!”

“It’s gonna get a lot stronger once it’s got a cock the size of my dad’s shagging in and out of it!”

“Feels nice, though,” Guy decided as he continued fingering my son’s well-fucked bum.  “It’s kinda soft and smooth like friggin’ off a big swollen minge!”

“It’s a boy-cunt,” Jake announced, swivelling himself around and applying his slimy ring to the throbbing dome of my cock-head.  “Loadsa dudes my age have massive mussies behind their bollocks… it’s kinda cool in the gym to see who has what…”

“Simon has a tight little starfish,” Guy told him as Jake’s backside steadily consumed the full helmet of my cock.  “I guess that means he’s a virgin… at least as far as taking dick is concerned…?”

“Not necessarily,” Jake replied, grunting a little as he lowered himself down the thick shaft of daddy’s dong.  “I know guys who regularly take cock up their poopers and still have ringpieces that snap shut like clams…”

“I guess that figures… I’ve got an arsehole as tight as a knot even though I let your dad have has way up it when he’s been a good boy…”

“Not that often, then,” Jake tittered as his buttocks finally pressed down into the wiry tangle of my pubic bush.  His two big nuts flopped onto mine and our hairy scrotums nuzzled affectionately together.

He paused for a few seconds with his arsehole squeezing as it struggled to accommodate the broad circumference of my cock and then said, “Okay… you ready for me to pong the whole fucking room out?!”

“I know your fuck-stink by now, mate,” Guy laughed.  “It’s ten times worse than what I just smelled but I’ve gotta admit… it’s seriously hot!”

“I’m just saying ’cause you guys were enjoying your slow, sensual face-sit and then Jakey comes in and lets rip with his boy-cunt!”

“Go for it, buddy!  If it isn’t making my eyes water you can’t be doing it right!”

Jake guffawed and then started sliding his slippery arsehole up and down my rod.  The sensation was exquisite and I lapped my tongue more deeply up into Guy’s hot backside to yield a new cacophony of pungence, and then felt Jake grab my hand and apply to his cock.

I wrapped my fingers around his fat veiny girth and started smoothly masturbating his foreskin back and forth.  He gasped, “Yeah, that’s it,” and then I heard him gently moaning as he bent down to consume Guy’s curving manhood.  Soon his mouth was steadily munching up and down Guy’s thick cock as he gave my boyfriend head more assertively than he knew I favoured when he was servicing me, and soon Guy’s hips started to buck as he drove himself in and out of my son’s eager mouth.

We quickly established a brisk and energetic rhythm working together as a threesome.  Jake pumped his backside roughly along the full length of my cock and I wanked his own larger and veinier phallus with similarly forceful tugs.  He sucked Guy’s jabbing hard-on to match the thrusting of the larger man’s hips and even I, with my face pinned tightly under the two flexing buttocks, lapped up into the hot slippery opening at the same rapid tempo.

Even from underneath Guy’s big arse I could smell my son’s powerful anal odour.  Jake’s bum has its own characteristically sharp and noxious stink which he flourishes with a delight that verges on pride, whether he’s perched on the toilet taking a dump with the bathroom door wide open, or fingering himself on his bed and calling me in for a sniff.  I might find it unpleasant – vulgar, even – if I didn’t associate his feculent rear emissions with the very enjoyable act of sliding my penis in and out of his bum.

“Aw Jesus!” Guy laughed, sniffing with delight at the overwhelming stench. “The stink from your backdoor, Jakey boy, could stink the Albert fuckin’ Hall out!”

“I can’t help it!” my son chortled, pulling his mouth from Guy’s cock momentarily.  “I just have a really smelly arse!  Bum sex for me always smells really strongly of my crud!”

“It’s rancid as fuck but it gets me so fuckin’ horny!” Guy told him as the lurching of his hips told me that Jake’s mouth was back working his cock. “You’d have been no good on the oilrig, though… if a bloke tried to have sly one up your dumpster after lights-out, that shit-stink of yours would’ve woken up the whole bunk-room!”

Jake murmered with amusement as he sucked up and down Guy’s thrusting cock and we fell back into our former rhythm, working our three bodies as one as we bucked together in vigorous unison.  Jake’s fat-lipped arsehole slid up and down with cheerful gusto, its unapologetic stench steadily intensifying from the glistening skid-marks left behind on my cock.  My hand worked rapidly to pleasure my son’s own rock-hard organ and his mouth slurped and splattered as it furiously sucked Guy’s.  My tongue jabbed roughly in and out of the same man’s hot, tight arsehole, now no longer gently rimming him but frantically tongue-fucking up into his rectum as deep as I could push it.

“Aw yeah, this is nice, isn’t it?” Guy muttered contentedly.  “You guys work so well together… I guess it’s instinctive…”

Jake and I started accelerating our pace together, gathering momentum towards a climax that I hoped the three of us would enjoy as one.

“That’s it… yeah… let’s start speeding it up a bit… you guys just know what to do… you’re so in tune with each other…”

I lunged my hips upwards to meet the quickening wallops of Jake’s bum, my bloated shaft sweeping relentlessly back and forth through his puckered gape.  At times like this, when I’m fucking another man with such a rapid and unfaltering rhythm, my cock feels like the piston of a steam engine hammering frantically in and out of his long, deep arse-shaft.

“Cor… look at your dad’s thick cock drillin’ your massive hole… what a fuckin’ sight…”

Jake slammed his arse down faster and I drove harder upwards to force my straining organ as deeply into him as I could.

“You guys are such a good match,” Guy panted, with my son now sucking hard at his erection with noisy persistence.  “I mean… your dad’s knob fits your shit-chute so snug.  Jesus… look at it shaggin’ in and out… made to fuckin’ measure…”

Guy bucked his hips in powerful lunges, grabbing Jake by the head and roughly fucking his slobbering mouth.  I rolled my tongue into a tube and let him frig his own arsehole with it.  He heaved his big solid rump down onto my gasping face and then thrust himself upwards to ram his cock urgently against the back of my son’s throat.

“This is what I want with Simon!” Guy cried out.  “Me and him like this… working with each other…”

Jake made a muffled moaning sound and I knew that Guy was filling his mouth with cum.  I heard Jake fart which usually means he’s about to climax himself and then felt the rush of his semen as he soaked my wrist and forearm with his hot sticky goo.  I kept wanking him as I squirted my own seed in thick jets deep up into his bowels.  I found myself wondering what my sperms would make of their landing ground; whether they’d recognise the place as having grown from one of their own.


The three of us relaxed together after our very enjoyable interconnected intercourse, lounging on my bed and all smelling very strongly of Jake’s bum.  My cock was smeared heavily with his shit, but changing his nappies many years earlier had made me unconcerned by that, and he kept having to wipe his arse as he occasionally farted out my spunk, much to Guy’s amusement as the only one to have emerged with his cock and bum largely unsullied.

“That was hot,” Jake chuckled to Guy.  “Me and dad usually do each other from behind.  I’ve never ridden him before… it felt really nice, actually…”

“I’d like to ride you, in that case,” I said.  “Perhaps next time Guy stays over…”

He nodded enthusiastically.  “Yeah, me lying down on my back like you were just there… you crouched over me, straddling my cock… with Guy’s cock in your mouth and my tongue up his arse.”

“How about I swivel ’round when we do it?” Guy suggested.  “You suckin’ my cock, Jake… your dad’s face in my bum…?”

“You don’t like it when I rim you out?” my son asked, sounding surprisingly hurt.

“I do, yeah,” Guy quickly clarified.  “It’s just your dad likes the intimacy of having his mouth on my arsehole.  Since me and him are… you know… together, it’s nice for him to have my butt-cheeks around his face if that’s what he likes.”

“Okay,” Jake shrugged.  “You can squat over my chest and face-fuck me while dad gets all sensual licking out your hairy duff.”

Guy chuckled.  “It’s so nice that the three of us can do this… have the most amazing sex together and then slouch around like three mates chatting about what we’re going to do next time.”

“Jake and I keep it very casual,” I said.  “I think making our sex just a thing we sometimes do is how it works for us.”

“That’s how I want it to be between me and Simon… a bit like playing golf or going fishing…”

“Yeah, and then doing each other up the butt… just your typical dad and son hobby, really,” Jake nodded dryly.

“Fuck off!” Guy laughed, realising that my son was taking the piss.  “You know what I’m tryin’ to say!”

I chuckled as I got up off the bed, amused by Jake’s sarcasm, and asked, “Do you fellas want a little nightcap while we unwind after our fun?”

When the answer was, as I’d expected, wholeheartedly positive, I went downstairs to fix us all one last drink.

On returning, the two of them were sitting upright against the headboard and the conversation had turned to the need for ‘Operation: Simon’ to have a contingency plan.

“We need like a safety word or something,” Jake was saying as I passed him a short measure of scotch.  “If you decide you want to bottle it and the gig’s off, you say ‘banana’ to let me and my dad know we have to back off from Simes.”

“Perhaps we needed a coded expression like in the old spy films,” I suggested, putting Guy’s cognac down on the bedside table and settling myself down at the foot of the bed with a small glass of port.  “‘The eagle flies at midnight’ perhaps…”

“That’s so lame,” Guy chuckled.  “Tell you what, if I think Simon’s getting freaked out and I want to back out, I’ll scratch my nuts and say, ‘Fuckin’ hell, my balls are itchy tonight!'”

“What if your balls really are itchy?” Jake asked, taking a much bigger swig from his whiskey than I’d intended.

“Well, I’ll still scratch them but I won’t announce that I’m doing it.”

“What are you hoping to achieve on Friday evening?” I asked Guy.  “I mean, how far are you expecting thing to go?”

“Okay, so ideally, we’ll all have a few drinks and get pretty relaxed, then we’ll play that game like we planned and you’ll pull your dick out so Jakey boy can wank you off.  If things are going well, Simon’ll find it funny and be interested that a dad and his son can be so cool with each other to do something like that.  Then you and Jake can talk about how it’s no big deal and you do other stuff too.”

“And if he’s okay with that?” Jake asked.  “I mean, if he’s asking questions and looking like he thinks it’s a pretty normal thing…?”

“Maybe you could tell him you suck each other’s cocks…?”

“All right,” I nodded.  “And if he seems relaxed with that?”

“Maybe you could show him…?”

“You said you didn’t want us to do that,” I reminded him.

“Yeah, don’t just start with it like you did with me.  But if we get him that far and he’s looking like he’s okay with it and seems genuinely interested, then maybe Jake, you could suck your dad’s cock and show Simon it’s really no big deal… just a son helping his old fella out…”

Jake looked unconvinced.  “He won’t go blabbing his mouth off, will he?  We still know the same people around town, I don’t want everyone knowing that my dad gets his dick out for me to suck him off.”

Guy shook his head.  “If we get him that far, we can trust him not to go mouthin’ off.  Even if he’s not interested in doing anything himself, if he’s cool with you guys doing it, he’ll keep it quiet.”

“Okay, so I have my penis out through my fly and Jake is very ardently fellating me,” I went on, “how do you hope this sequence of events will conclude?”

“In a totally ideal scenario, I’d hope that Simon likes the idea… that he thinks it looks natural and fun… and that he suggests me and him try the same thing right there and then!”

“Oh my God… that’d be awesome,” Jake laughed, downing the rest of his scotch.  “You pair standing side-by-side with your cocks out and boned… me and Simes bobbing away in front of you seein’ who can be first to get a mouthful of dad-cream!”

“Fuck yeah!” Guy chortled, his cock starting to swell bigger again.  “Then we swivel you both ’round and bum you dead hard up your arses!  Find out which one of you fuckers kicks out the most stink!”

“That’d be so fucking hot!” Jake guffawed.  “But it just isn’t going to happen… you might just possibly get him to wank you off, but I don’t reckon you’ll get much more than that on the first attempt.”

Guy nodded.  “If I’m being honest, I don’t think I’ll get much more than an admission that he thinks you guys look cool getting sexy together and even that’s very unlikely knowing how prissy Simon is.”

“We should sprinkle a few roofies into his booze… get him so off his head that when he sees me and dad fooling around you can just reel him in!”

“I don’t want to ‘reel him in’,” Guy snapped at him.  “I want this to be a two-way thing… I don’t want to force the lad and I sure as fuck don’t want to drug him.”

“Hey, I was just joking -” Jake began but Guy continued his rant.

“Come on, Jake, I don’t want him to look back on this and think that I made him do stuff against his will.  He’s got to want it to… just like you are with your dad…”

Jake went quiet, staring at his empty drink, so I smiled and said, “It’s going to be rather a challenge to make Simon feel that an idea like this was, at least in part, his own.”

“I’m not saying that – I’m just saying he’s gotta be up for it, that’s all,” Guy asserted.  “If we fuck this up I could end up with him hating me so much that I lose him as a son… maybe even for good.”

“In that case, I suggest we tread very carefully and we follow your idea of abandoning the plan altogether if the young man gives any sign of alarm.”

“‘Operation: Simon’ is gonna be fucking difficult to pull off,” Jake observed.  “But, come on, guys!  Let’s do this… we can make it work!”

Part 2 “Well, this is nice,” I smiled, taking a sip from my drink as the four of us sat around in silence.

It was Friday evening and Guy had brought his son Simon around for stage one of what we were calling ‘Operation: Simon’.

After I’d told Guy that my twenty-one-year-old son and I had started having occasional low-key sex together, his initial surprise had given way to a burning desire for his own adult son Simon to enter into a similar arrangement with him.  He wanted to keep things casual, just like Jake and I were, and hoped that they might start by masturbating each other, moving on to trade blowjobs when the young man had become more comfortable about using his father sexually.  My friend even confessed that he’d eventually like to crank things up between him and Simon to include full penetration, with the two of them taking turns to offer their rears for the other’s relief when neither of them were in involved with other people.

Since Jake and I were by then already well acquainted with the pleasures to be had from each other’s backsides, we’d readily agreed to help our friend achieve his somewhat unorthodox aim.  We figured it would take several evenings of persuasion, not to mention a steady supply of alcohol, for the twenty-one-year-old to recognise the sexual potential of the burly man whose bedroom door was just a few feet along the corridor from to his. After all, Simon was Jake’s old school-friend and my son recalled him getting uptight at scout-camp when boys were playing around together.  And Guy was well aware that his son was sexually quite prudish and that one ill-considered move could send the young man literally running out of the door.

That first Friday evening was supposed to have involved the four of us playing a ‘do-or-dare’ game using a pile of cards which I’d carefully arranged beforehand.  Jake and I would take cards which would require us to get touchy-feely with one another in the hope that Simon, when it was his turn, would be willing to get similarly frisky with his own old man. Drinks would continue flowing freely and the idea was that by the end of the evening the four of us would be enjoying some heavy foreplay together in two very attractive father-son pairs.

I’d thought it possible that Simon might go as far as masturbating his dad’s large thick cock poking through his fly, while Jake’s fist was similarly thumping against my trouser front as he attended to mine.  Guy had been hoping for rather more and envisioned Simon being taught by Jake how to give a paternal blowjob.  He desperately wanted the evening to culminate with him and I standing side-by-side with our two sons kneeling before us eagerly bobbing their heads up and down our spit-soaked erections.

But things hadn’t gone according to any of our plans.

First off, Simon had refused to join us for a drink.  Guy had stupidly let Simon drive the two of them over without thinking through that he’d want to stay sober so he could drive them back home.  Secondly, Simon had refused to play the game we had meticulously planned.  He’d scoffed something about it being juvenile and no amount of persuasion would convince him that it might be fun.

“Well, this is nice,” I repeated, looking around at the other three sitting apart in uncomfortable silence.

“Last time I saw you, Jake,” Simon said, glaring at my son, “you’d just finished doing my dad up the butt.”

Simon peered across at me to assess my reaction.  He was dressed more casually than I’d expected, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but he still parted his hair like a kid in a school photo and the thick-rimmed glasses he was wearing made him look like a nerd.

When I just smiled pleasantly back, as if he’d merely complimented my choice of curtains, he looked disappointed and stared instead at his tumbler of fruit juice.

“Yeah, it’s nice to reminisce,” Jake nodded.  “But, like I told you at the time, your dad mainly fucked me.”

“And are you okay with that?” Simon asked me directly.  He seemed determined that I would be shocked by Jake’s actions and was perhaps hoping I would create a scene.

I shrugged.  “I guess.  Me and your father are in a relationship… I think he’s already told you about that?”

Simon nodded and I went on, “Well, although we’re developing feelings for one another, in terms of sexual commitment we’re very relaxed.  I have fun with other people and your dad does too.  If that includes playing around with Jake sometimes, then we’re both okay with that.”

“You don’t mind that your… well… boyfriend… is having sex with your son?”

“Not really,” I shrugged again.  “We have fun together in various combinations.”

“You got a hang-up about the gay thing?” Jake asked him.

“Of course I haven’t!” Simon snapped.  “I’m pleased my dad and your dad have found -”

“At scout camp and when some of us guys had stopovers,” Jake cut in, “you always got freaked out about gay stuff, even when it was just for jokes…”

“And you never asked yourself why?”

“Not really,” Jake shrugged.  “I just figured you weren’t comfortable seeing dudes messing around together.”

“You never thought that maybe I was enjoying it a bit too much… that maybe I was worried you guys would see… well… how much I liked it…?”

“Oh,” Jake replied flatly, before correcting himself to a more encouraging, “Oh!”

I looked over at Guy and he raised his eyebrows with a smirk.  He didn’t seem particularly surprised – after all, he’d been wondering about his son’s sexuality for some time.  Instead he took Simon’s admission as a foreshadow of positive developments in ‘Operation: Simon’.

“So all the times we used to wank off together,” Jake smiled more affectionately at his old school-friend, “you were kind of enjoying it on more than one level?”

Simon blushed as if ashamed to have the room know that he used to rub his cock alongside my son, so I smiled over at him and said, “We all masturbate, Simon… I rather enjoy a good wank myself from time to time!”

He smiled a little as if pleased by my admission and nodded to Jake, “I guess so… and I suppose, from what my dad told me about you, that you were enjoying it in pretty much the same way.”

“I dunno,” Jake replied.  “I swing both ways these days, but back then I only fantasized about girls.”

“But you do have sex with your buddies at uni?  The boys, I mean…”

“Yeah, some of them,” Jake agreed.  “I have a girl I’m seeing – Ellie – but I play around with dudes too… just for fun…”

Simon smiled.  “It sounds really cool.  Some of the stuff my dad told me… I’d love to be part of a group of mates like that…”

I decided to ask a question I thought might embarrass the young man.

“Have you ever… er… kissed a boy, Simon?”

He laughed like only an idiot would ask such a stupid question.  “Of course I have!  I might not be as confident as Jake about sexual stuff, but I have actually had a few guys in my bed!”

“You butt-fucked?” Jake asked, succinctly articulating what I was thinking and Guy probably was too.

Simon was initially thrown by the frankness of the question but then looked around and seemed to decide that in company like ours he might as well be honest.  He admitted, “Yeah… I didn’t think I’d like it but… well… turns out that I do!”

“Plug or socket?” Jake asked, again speaking for the room.

“Oh, very much socket,” Simon smiled.  “I tried being the plug but… let’s just say… I wasn’t too keen!”

“Really?” Guy chipped in, his face suddenly serious.  “You only like taking it up you?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, dad… you probably think it’s not manly for me to prefer it that way… but I just… I dunno… I find I really enjoy it!”

“No, I think it’s great, son,” Guy was quick to clarify.  Jake and I smirked at each other, knowing full well the reason for his interest, as he went on, “If that’s how you like it, that’s how you should do it… don’t… you know… force yourself to try and like it the other way…”

“What about you, Jake?” Simon asked.  “I know how you did it with my dad, but what do you normally prefer… plug or socket?”

“Definitely plug,” Jake grinned.  “And it’s a fucking big plug!”

“Yeah, I remember,” Simon smirked back at him.  “Big and thick.”

“You got a boyfriend?” Guy asked his son.  “Or a fuck-buddy or bum-chum or whatever you guys call it these days?”

“‘Boyfriend’ will do fine, dad,” Simon chuckled.  “But no, there’s no-one special right now.  I guess I’m more interested in playing around like Jake does… get some experience… see what sort of stuff I like…”

Guy grinned broadly at the reply which was clearly exactly what he’d been hoping for.  “Well, you know… you can get experience in lots of different ways… sometimes where you’re not expecting it.”

Simon ignored his dad’s oblique reference to his own sexual availability and instead asked Jake, “What do you and your mates get up to?  Is it the sort of stuff you did with my dad?”

“Naah… that was pretty heavy… usually we just dick around… get pissed and see what happens…”

“But what sort of stuff do you like?”

“I’ve got some movies I recorded upstairs on my tablet.  Just me and different dudes playing around together… you’ll see what we do better than I can describe it!”

Simon didn’t need asking twice.  He quickly leapt to his feet and was urging Jake to show him.  I noticed as the two of them lumbered out of the room together, giggling and teasing each other like they used to when they’d been best friends at school, that Simon’s jeans were sticking prominently outwards while my son’s naturally large bulge was looking particularly thick and solid.


“You didn’t seem surprised to hear Simon announce that he’s gay,” I said to Guy as I brought him another beer from the fridge.

“We chatted earlier,” he nodded, pouring the drink into his glass.  “He was asking loads of questions about us and even more about Jake’s being bi. Well, not so much about the bi part but more the stuff he does with other lads.”

“Did you tell him what Jake and I get up to?” I asked, sitting back down on the sofa.

“No, of course not.  We’ve got to play that side of things carefully… especially if me and him are gonna join you pair for some daddy-son fun…”

“And you’re still keen for that to happen?  Even though Simon’s gay…?”

“Even more so!” Guy chortled.  “The gay thing can only work in my favour. He clearly likes havin’ some fun with a bloke’s cock… turns out I’ve got a nice big hairy one for him to get busy with!”

“Don’t you worry that because he’s gay he might… I dunno… find having sex with you more emotionally difficult?”

“Why would he?” Guy laughed more loudly.  “I’m his dad for fuck’s sake… he’s hardly gonna fall in love with me!”

“I didn’t really mean that.  I just wondered if he might not find it as easy as Jake does to separate the purely recreational sex we enjoy with the emotional relationship he has with his girlfriend.”

“So Simon’ll play around with me and get the emotional stuff from some cute boy he falls for… I don’t see what’s different!”

“Okay,” I smiled.  “I guess it might work like that… it’s worth giving it a try!”

“It’ll be worth it all right,” Guy grinned.  “Having a cock-hungry gob on tap in the bedroom next to mine… probably his tight little chuff too when daddy’s been good!”

“You seem a lot more keen to include anal…”

Guy smirked more broadly.  “You heard what he said… he’s definitely a socket!  Sounds like I wouldn’t have to take turns… I’d get to sit in the backseat every time!”

“So how do we move things on?” I asked.  “Stage one of ‘Operation: Simon’ has basically been a complete disaster!”

“I want him to see my cock.  Maybe not tonight… well, definitely not tonight the way things have panned out… but if he somehow sees his dad with a great fuckin’ hard-on stickin’ right out from his bollocks, I reckon he’ll like it and he’ll start wanting to do stuff with it…”

“He’s never seen you with an erection?”

“Not as far as I can remember,” he affirmed.  “I think he’ll like what he sees… I mean, it’s really thick and pretty long and the head of it looks massive when I pull the skin right back!”

“I’m sure he will,” I chuckled.  “I certainly do!”

He smiled at the compliment.  He knew I adored his big meaty cock almost as much as I adored the man attached to it.

“So how will you expose yourself?  You don’t want to appear to come on too strongly…”

He nodded.  “I dunno… maybe saunter out of my bedroom in full buff first thing in the morning when I can hear him coming out of his… or sit on the loo with the door open, which I sometimes do, only this time with my big curvin’ schlong standing up for him to gawk at!”

“Sounds irresistible!” I laughed with only a hint of irony.

“If he likes the look of it, I’ll ask him if he fancies a feel… and if he likes the feel of it, I’ll see if he wants a little taste…”

“And if he likes the taste of it?”

“Then an extremely mutually beneficial arrangement is born!”

We chuckled together, taking a drink from our glasses, and for the first time I could actually picture the two of them having sex.  They would be laughing as they boisterously wrestled together, both naked with erections raised high and proud.  They’d be lunging and grabbing at each other, the way Jake and I sometimes do when he’s just home from uni, until frantic grappling would give way to panting and moaning as the son eagerly consumed the father’s broad thrusting girth.

“Hey – you smell that smell?” Guy suddenly exclaimed.

He sniffed the air inquisitively and I did the same.  There was a faint, slightly abrasive aroma gathering in the room.  As I inhaled more deeply, both intrigued and aroused by it, it steadily developed into a thicker and more fulsome odour, becoming progressively more crude and pungent.

“That’s Simon,” Guy said simply.  “His cunt.”

“Do you think he’s -”

“Either he’s just taken a massive dump in your bog, or he’s taking something massive of Jake’s up his dumpster.”

“Do you think they’re… well…?”

Guy sniffed the gathering anal fug, trying to identify more precisely its murky source.  Its flavours were now irrefutably faecal, but its appeal was growing still more enticing.  Soon the two of us were snorting curiously at an odour that was increasingly evocative of the back of a young man’s underpants – rich with his sweat and ripe with his skid-marks.

“Jake’s got his cock up laddo’s chuff,” Guy stated.  “It’s different to his bog-stink… more sexy and musky…”

“It’s rather lovely,” I chuckled, savouring the intensifying aromas that were becoming more overtly sexual.  “There’s a warmth to it… a sort of savoury nuttiness…”

This was male fuck-odour at its most intriguing and, being so much more mellow than the nosehair-singeing stink that my son’s cock-pummelled rear can kick out, it was obvious that it was Simon’s buggered backside that was producing such delicious brown aromas.

“Well at least we know he can take a big dick,” Guy observed, sounding far more irritated than pleased.  “I bet he’s like a fuckin’ dog on heat with his arse stickin’ up while your Jake does him on the bed!”

“I’ll go upstairs and check,” I suggested.  “It might not be what it seems…”

I stood up and walked over to the living room door with Guy complaining, “This is fuckin’ great, isn’t it?!  I was supposed to be the one gettin’ his first handjob from sonny-boy, but I end up left on my own with my knackers aching!”

“I’ll be back soon,” I grinned.  “Just try to enjoy the odour… it could soon be your cock that’s producing it!”

I crept upstairs as quietly as could, determined to catch the boys doing whatever it was they were doing.  The higher I got, the stronger the gamy stink became until it was so rich and fetid that its origin was unmistakable.  Along the darkened corridor, where the light was spilling out from the doorway, I was sure that Simon’s backside was straining to take a part of my son that even my own more experienced rump could sometimes struggle to contain.

“Is that okay?” I heard Jake mutter in a low voice.  “It’s all the way in again…”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Simon replied quietly.  “Just leave it in like that… let me get used to it a bit…”

You dirty fucker, Jake Furlong, I chuckled to myself.  Leave you alone for just ten minutes with a nice respectable young man and you end up with him bent over and your cock shoved up his arse!

“You like the feel of it, though?” my son queried.

“Yeah, it feels really nice but it’s just so big!  My tiny little ringpiece feels like it’s splitting!”

“Is the biggest one you’ve ever had up you?”

“By a long stretch.  I thought my mate Scott’s was thick but yours is like… Jesus!  I feel like I’m having a baby!”

Jake laughed before reminding him, “You always used to say how thick my dick was when we wanked off together!”

“I never thought I’d end up with the huge thing pushed all the way up my arse!”

I sniffed again at the lovely masculine pungence that I now knew to be Simon’s distinctive fuck-odour.  Every man who I’ve anally penetrated has produced his own characteristic smell and Simon’s, to my nose, was especially pleasant.  I was suddenly reminded of the times it had been our turn to do Jake’s football team’s laundry and the similar stink of masculine soilage when I opened the bag of dirty shorts and jockstraps.

“As you get more horny, you’ll start to relax and enjoy it…” my son muttered to his new-found butt-buddy.

“Okay, so get me horny… show me a good clip…”

I heard a device being swiped and tapped and then Jake say, “This is my mate Will… and this is the two of us messing around, trying to push our cocks into each other’s mouths…”

“Aw yeah… look at his big knackers!” Simon chortled.  “That’s a really nice pair of bollocks he’s got bouncing around!”

“And that guy there is my friend Marcus… in a minute he tackles Will from behind and manages to ram his cock up his butt!”

“I’ve so got to see that… Jesus!  You guys look so amazing together…”

“You getting horny yet?” Jake asked.  “Come on, I want to bum you properly!”

“Look at that… I can’t believe you just licked Will’s arse-crack… was that an accident?  Oh my God!  Now you’re tonguing his hole!”

I inched along the corridor, wondering how the two of them were positioned, with the smell of Simon’s cock-clogged arsehole growing thicker and even more intense.  It was so delicious that my mouth was watering and my briefs were struggling to contain my mounting excitement.  I was thinking about how nice it would be to enjoy this same bummy stink with my own erection filling the hole that Jake’s would shortly be vacating.  Even if Guy didn’t succeed in his plan to have sex with his son, I hoped that somehow my cock would follow Jake’s larger girth and evoke the same alluring odour from the young man’s rear.

“Come on!” Jake urged him.  “You must be ready by now… I wanna get started…”

“Do you end up doing Will too?  Can we skip ahead to that…?”

I decided I needed to see what was going on but that it would be unfair not to give them a warning, so I called out, “What are you boys up to in here?” and then strolled as casually as I could into Jake’s room.

Although there was a scuffle of activity as I entered, I was surprised to find both lads fully dressed.

Simon was slouched over Jake’s desk, leaning on his elbows while a movie played on the tablet propped up in front of him.  My son was standing right behind his bent-over back, looking tall and lithe as he stood straight upright above him.

Jake smirked naughtily over at me and I threw him a small suspicious smile in return.

I noticed that the front of his jeans was pressing firmly into the seat of Simon’s, but the hurried adjustment of clothing that had greeted my entry concealed what was going on between bulge and buttocks.

Simon gawped back at me, shocked, and his face rapidly flushed pink.  He switched off the movie he’d been watching and muttered, “Oh… er… sorry, Mr Furlong… I was just checking out some stuff of Jake’s.”

Neither boy moved but stayed put in their odd position: Simon bending over the desk with Jake standing behind him with his crotch pressed into the back of Simon’s jeans.  In spite of their attempts to cover what they were doing, I could tell that Simon’s jeans were pulled down at the back.  If the strongly anal smell in the room wasn’t giveaway enough, the way they didn’t move apart convinced me that under the folds of their clothing the two of them were joined together by a good ten inches or so of flesh-on-flesh.

I chuckled.  “I just wondered if you boys wanted your drinks bringing up?”

“No, that’s okay,” Jake replied, not moving an inch from where his crotch was snug with Simon’s bum.  “We’ll be back down a few minutes…”

“You don’t have to stand to attention,” I grinned at my son.  “Feel free to… you know… just relax and move apart!”

“No, we’re good,” Jake smirked back, recognising that I had him figured out.  “We’re just chilling together… one behind the other… the way guys do!”

I glanced at the drapes of fabric which were attempting to hide Jake’s plug buried in its entirety up Simon’s socket.  My son grinned at me and then noticed the large sausage-shaped mound pushing my trouser zipper prominently outwards, and then broke into a broad smile which told me that he was up for us both having some fun with Simon.

I went on, “I actually came up because there’s a bit of a smell.  It’s very noticeable in here… a sort of pungent smell… intriguingly musky…”

Simon blushed again, his eyes wide and willing me to leave, as he remained bent over and sprawled out across the desk.

“I’ve no idea what it is,” said Jake with a naughty leer.  “There’s nothing in here that might remotely make a smell like that.”

“You’re sure you boys aren’t… well… interconnected under those strategically placed t-shirts?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Mr Furlong,” Simon quickly stammered, so I reached out and pushed the folds of their clothing apart.  Their t-shirts parted to reveal exactly what I’d expected: the thick base of my son’s cock lodged snuggly between Simon’s pale, dumpy buttocks.

“Oh look at that!” I chuckled.  “You boys have somehow managed to get yourselves locked together!”

“Er… this is actually very private,” Simon sputtered defensively.  “Maybe you want to respect that?”

But Jake just laughed at the very thought.  “We don’t have much privacy in this house, mate!  In any case, my dad’s hardly a stranger to stuff like this!”

“I know but it’s kind of personal… you know…”

“‘Stunning’ is the word I’d use,” I smiled, reaching down to gently stroke the cleaved-open crack where Jake’s huge girth was firmly plugged.  “It’s really great to see you guys physically together like this… all the years you’ve been friends… all the good times you’ve shared…”

“He’s got his dick up my butt, that’s all,” Simon quipped.  “I just wanted to know what a one as big as Jake’s would feel like.”

“Well, it’s something very special, in my opinion, and it’s very lovely to see.”

“I reckon it’ll be even more lovely when I start doing this,” Jake grinned, grabbing Simon by the hips and starting to slide his cock in and out of the tight opening between his cheeks.

“Your dad really doesn’t wanna see this, Jake!” Simon gasped, his eyes livid and locked onto mine as he desperately wished me to leave them to it.

“Oh, I think do!” I chortled.  “And it certainly explains where the smell is coming from!”

“Don’t be vulgar,” Simon snapped.  “I can’t help how it stinks!”

“It doesn’t stink,” I told him, trying to sound soothing.  “There’s a powerful intimacy about two males being joined together like this… and the smell is part of that… part of its intensity…”

“It’s the smell of my bum,” Simon grimaced, “and the stuff his cock’s got sticking to it.”

“Perhaps,” I conceded, “but both of those are incredibly intimate smells… probably the most private you can share with us.  The mutual trust needed between two male partners during penetration gives the act so much meaning…”

“Aw fuck!” Jake panted, driving in and out between Simon’s buttocks with increasingly hard, rapid thrusts.  “His arsehole’s as tight as a clam!”

“You really don’t mind the smell?” Simon asked, for the first time smiling as he was roughly buggered by my son.

“I like it,” I smiled back.  “It’s your own special sexual odour and those of us who enjoy smelling our own will always find other men’s exciting!”

“Yeah?” he chuckled.  “You like the smell of anal?”

“I do,” I admitted.  “Especially your father’s!”

He clearly enjoyed that answer and started finally looking as if he was enjoying the fuck.

So I asked, “Can I pull your jeans down a little, Simon?  I’d like to make sure that you’re fully aroused while my son pleasures your rear.”

“You wanna see my penis?”

I nodded.  “Very much so, yes.”

“Well, okay… but it’s gross,” he declared.  “It’s really thin and it grows so long it looks stupid!”

“You’ve got to stop being so negative about yourself!” I smiled.  “You’re doing something really amazing with Jake… very intense and beautiful… and you just keep criticising your own body…”

“But it’s really -”

“It’s what it is, Simon.  Let me see your cock and your balls… I’m sure both are absolutely gorgeous!”

He nodded so I unfastened his button and zipper and pulled his jeans down around the tops of his thighs.  The front of his tight-fitting boxer-briefs was struggling to contain the downward curve of what looked like a very prominent semi.  They were a bright turquoise pair with a waistband which read ‘Pink Hero’.

“You fill your underpants very attractively…”

“It’s just too long,” he muttered, as the front of his briefs pushed further outwards from the slow expansion of his organ becoming more solid inside.  “When it’s soft it’s too small and when it gets hard it grows so ridiculously long!”

I bobbed down in front of him, banging the back of my head against the edge of Jake’s desk, and smiled, “Let me see it properly…”

I hooked my index fingers in both sides of his boxers and started pulling them down.  The front gusset smelled strongly and unequivocally boyish: of the piss his floppy cock had dribbled; of the sour musk its slippery head was exuding as his foreskin peeled back.  There was the rich stink of his sweat around the twin bulges of his nuts and a fainter acrid odour evocative of semen, perhaps left behind on the material after a discreet discharge earlier that day.

“When I was like fourteen,” he was saying, “it used to grow to maybe six inches… these days it’s just as thin but it grows about twice as long…”

I peeled the front of his underpants down to release his organ and it flopped out, still drooping downwards but gaining slowly in length and firmness as I admired its shape.

“It’s very handsome,” I told him, looking up at him smiling.  “A lot of people greatly enjoy a long, thin penis.”

It jiggled around in front of my face as my son kept ramming his own much broader shaft in and out between his bum-cheeks.  Simon smiled down at me, the two of us watching as it continued to grow, its expanding shaft starting to rise steadily upwards from the sensation Jake’s pounding was giving his bum.

“The guys I’ve hooked up with have all been much shorter but thicker… mine stands up nearly as high as my nipples but it has like half of their girth…”

“We’re all very different, Simon,” I smiled back up at his face.  “It’s what makes sex with other men so varied and interesting…”

I pulled his boxer-briefs further down, releasing his big hairy knackers and enjoying how they bobbed around to the rhythm of my son’s cock.  I hitched his shorts all the way down to his thighs so I could properly see how his manhood looked when exposed in full, being so strangely unlike what his father was packing down here and indeed so different in shape from any I’d seen before.

“I’m getting a hard-on,” he told me, for some reason feeling the need to explain the steady lengthening of his member.  “Does yours grow hard when dad’s behind you and… you know…?”

“Of course,” I chuckled.  “I think that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

As I watched, his cock continued to grow and was soon was standing up on its own with the foreskin peeled right back.  The pink helmet, like the shaft, was peculiarly long and was moist from his precum and waxy from his smegma.  I sniffed eagerly at the blunt tip as it neared my face and basked for a moment in its sharp, sour odour.

“I can’t stop it…” Simon gasped, as if apologising for the state his cock was slowly getting into.  “What Jake is doing… feels so good…”

“You don’t need to tell me!” I chuckled, enjoying the strongly musky reek of his swelling bell-end as it reached upwards, almost inquisitively, towards me.

His cock looked very much like an elongated mushroom.  Its lanky stalk was still growing and slowly stretching outwards and its cap was fattening and developing a pronounced flange around its rim.

“Your penis is absolutely divine,” I told him.

“When I’m bending forwards for a boy like this… it sticks out as far as my knees…” he panted, as my son’s thicker version rammed furiously in and out of his bum.

“Would you like me to help you with it?” I asked him, with the strong-smelling head ready to push its way between my lips.

“Yeah… but how can you?” he muttered.

I chose to show him by opening my mouth and reaching forwards to consume him.  His gorgeously long phallus slid across my tongue and down my throat with all the slick elegance of a snake down a hole.

“Oh God, yes!” he gasped, letting me know that he was more than happy for me to fellate him.  He grabbed my head between both hands and started gently working his slender organ back and forth.  He’d clearly had his cock sucked by many a willing recipient, and the way he worked its bulbous helmet through my eager tonsils told me how much he enjoyed the feel of using a fellow male’s mouth.

“If you’re gonna face-fuck him, do it properly,” Jake commanded as his huge hard-on finally ceased its relentless pounding.  “Thrust your hips rough and hard so your arse wanks me off while you do it.”

Simon gripped my head more firmly and started hammering his cock between my lips with strong, rapid strokes.  He let out a series of trumpeting farts as his arsehole got used to bucking up and down on Jake’s big manhood and I smiled as I let him use my face like a masturbatory aid, holding me steady and driving himself frantically in and out.

“That okay?” he gasped breathlessly to my son.

“Aw yeah!” Jake laughed, enjoying having his cock so vigorously ridden and taking his hands from Simon’s hips.  “I can just stand here while my knob gets butt-munched!”

I had to agree that it was nice to make Simon do all the work.  I reached down to unzip my trousers and extract my own throbbing erection through my barely-adequate fly.  Then I wanked myself with long, powerful strokes as Simon’s large lanky organ slid so smoothly through my mouth and back and forth down my throat.

“Fart again,” Jake ordered his friend, putting both hands behind his head as his huge man-meat was energetically stimulated by the frantic pummelling of the arsehole in front of him.  “I love how it feels and how it stinks when it’s out…”

“No, it’s vulgar!” Simon panted, clearly enjoying taking the lead and having his cock and bum worked at the same rapid rhythm.

Just then I heard Guy’s voice from the doorway call out, “What the fuck?!”

Simon swivelled his head to peer wide-eyed at his father as his hips continued to thrust furiously back and forth.  He kept pumping Jake’s rock-hard shaft with his arse while his own slid relentlessly in and out of my mouth.  Guy stared in disbelief at the vast girth of my son’s penis as it kept emerging shit-streaked from Simon’s bobbing bum, and then at his own son’s thinner organ driving wet and frothy between my gaping lips.

“I’m sorry dad… I just…” Simon gasped just as my mouth was filled in rapid squirts with his powerfully-flavoured cum.

“You spunkin’?” Jake panted, as ever the attentive lover.

Simon was too involved in his orgasm to reply so I let some of his semen bubble from between my lips so that Jake would see that my mouth was indeed being very copiously pollinated.

My son chortled, “Fuck yeah!” as he watched his friend’s long thin cock pump its astringent load into my gulping throat.  Then he grabbed Simon by the hips and muttered, “Right, hold still!” before fucking him roughly to hasten the white-hot delivery of his own.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell,” Guy called from the doorway.  “I mean… you know… don’t mind me!  Just go on with your fun… and yeah, wank yourself off, Rob! Just forget that I’m stood here like a prize fuckin’ tit!”

I took him up the offer to masturbate even more quickly and firmly, still feeding on his son’s thick goo as it oozed from his slit and marvelling at its peculiarly acrid taste.  Jake grunted as he started emptying his load up his friend’s cock-crammed bowels and within seconds my self-induced orgasm had hit home and my big bell-end erupted with a creamy gusher of its own.

We kept moving together for a good half-minute after Jake and I had cum. Jake kept sliding his thick prick ever more slowly in and out of Simon’s butthole and I kept working my mouth up and down the young man’s cock, determined to coax the last dregs of his seed out from his balls.

Finally, our rhythm came to a stop and Guy applauded our efforts with an exasperated, “Jeez!”

I pulled my lips from his son’s long, softening shaft and asked, wiping his sperm from around my mouth, “What’s up?  Didn’t you like our little show?”

“You could’ve… I dunno… maybe let me join in?”

“I’m sorry but you just happened to walk in on us at a moment that proved difficult to interrupt.”

“What about calling me up at the start?  I mean, you left me sat downstairs like right fuckin’ Charlie!”

“It just sort of happened,” Jake said, pulling his cock out of his old school-friend’s arse and grabbing some tissue to wipe the worst of the stink off it.  “One minute, buddy-boy here was bending over to watch one of my movies, the next thing… well… you kind of saw what happened next.”

“There was a bit in the middle,” Simon added, grabbing some tissue for himself to wipe my slaver from his cock.  “The part where I thought your dad was going to go mental about what we were doing but then he ended up ducking down to give me a blowjob.”

“Oh yeah, he does stuff like that,” Jake chuckled.  “Actually, he’s a lot more likely to give a dude a blowjob than to go mental on him!”

I smiled at him, flattered.  “That’s very sweet of you, Jake.”

“Did I miss anything else?” Guy asked.  “I mean… anything… you know…?”

“No,” I smiled at him, “it was very much as you saw it.  But after enjoying a little fun at our house tonight, Simon, I’m rather hoping that you won’t be such a stranger in future…”

“I wasn’t expecting to do anything like this,” Simon replied as he pulled his boxer-briefs back up.  “But yeah… it was fun… a bit like the sort of fun I wanted Jake to show me on his movies.”

“I assume it was rather better to be an active participant, though?” I chuckled.

“Loads better,” he grinned.  “I didn’t know you guys got up to stuff like this…”

“So you’ll be up for having more fun with us?” I asked, flashing a look at Guy which his eyes told me he understood.  “I mean, all four of us…”

“Yeah, I guess,” Simon nodded, now fastening his jeans.  “You can show me more stuff you do… different ways you all hook up…”

“Jake and his dad know some really good ways,” his dad chipped in.  “Some of them are pretty… er… unconventional…”

“Sounds cool,” Simon smiled, having no idea to what Guy was referring.

I smiled back at him.  “It’ll be fun to show you… see if you and your dad would like to join in too…”


As Simon and Guy were getting ready to leave, we were able to joke together about what had just happened upstairs.  Guy had become steadily less annoyed about being the only one not to have climaxed during the evening and by the time I was passing him and Simon their jackets, he was making fun of his son for having been such a tart with Jake.

Simon hadn’t seemed in any way embarrassed that my son had very pubicly fucked him up the bum, but had just shrugged and said, “Me and Jake are old school-friends, dad… pity we hadn’t figured out the whole plug and socket thing a few years ago!”

“You didn’t need your old school-friend’s dad to suck your cock while you figured it out,” Guy had teased him.

“That wasn’t really my fault,” Simon had chuckled, pulling on his jacket. “He just sort of bobbed down there and… well… he was kind enough to invite us over so it seemed impolite to stop him!”

Once we were at the front door, I said goodnight to Simon and thanked him for opening up about his sexuality with us earlier.  In the buzz of everything that had happened afterwards, the importance of his admission had been rather neglected.

“I love how you and Jake are so cool together,” Simon smiled at me. “Upstairs you were… I dunno… sort of ‘in tune’ with each other!”

“Yes, sexually we’ve become very comfortable together,” I nodded back at him, pleased that he’d noticed our special connection even if he had no idea of how deep our intimacy ran.  “We’ve found ourselves to be surprisingly… er… compatible.”

“We even help each other out!” Jake chortled.  He reached across and cupped his hand around the hefty bulge in the front of my trousers.  He squeezed it a couple of times before giggling, “Daddy likes me to give him a hand sometimes!”

Simon blurted out laughing and surprised me by reaching across to similarly grab at the front of his father’s jeans.  “Wonder which of our dads is the biggest handful!”

Guy at first looked startled to have his son’s hand groping his crotch, but then seemed realise what a gift he’d just been given in his mission to seduce his son.  He managed to force a laugh and then came back with, “You might like how much of a handful it is!”

We all chortled merrily as if father-son sex was such a ridiculous joke before Simon realised he’d left his car-keys on Jake’s desk and went back upstairs to fetch them.

“Looks like we’re all going to Barcelona!” Jake grinned at Guy.

“How’s that?” Guy asked.  “I got fuck all action the whole night!”

“He just groped you, bozo!  Barcelona here we come… all expenses paid!”

“That wasn’t a grope!  That was just him being stupid!”

“He did grope you, Guy,” I chuckled at the sheer incredulity on my favourite man’s face.  “No doubt it wasn’t quite what you had in mind, but it was very definitely a grope!”

“Mind, you looked like you were gonna shit yourself at first,” Jake laughed.  “You sure you’re really up for a taste of this dad-cest stuff?”

“‘Course I fucking am!” Guy snapped at him.  “I just wasn’t expecting it, that’s all…”

I suggested, “He’s probably relieved to have finally come out about his sexuality.  Maybe he feels now he doesn’t have to be so reserved and secretive.”

“Okay… I guess a grope’s a grope,” Guy nodded glumly.  “Our trip’ll have to be a cheapie, though… I didn’t say anything about price!”

“A cheapie to where?” Simon asked brightly, having just bounded downstairs with his retrieved car-keys.

“Barcelona,” his dad replied.  “You wanna come?  Turns out I’m paying…”

“What for real?!  Then yeah… you can definitely count me in!”

“Your dad’s budget’s a bit tight though,” I warned him.  “The four of us will have to share a room together.”

“Not a problem!” Simon beamed.  “There’ll be loads of hostels that have rooms with two sets of bunk-beds.”

As I saw them out I muttered to Guy, “I bet a few hostels also have rooms with two double beds.”

At first he gawped stupidly at me so I clarified quietly, “One bed for Jake and me to get cosy in… the other for you and Simon to have a little snuggle together during the long lonely Catalonian nights…”

He grinned at me as Simon started up the car.  “Fuck yeah!  Might be worth the price of the trip after all!”

“Yeah, me and dad’ll lead the way on our bed,” Jake chuckled, “then you pair can join in on yours and see how far he’s willing to go!”

Guy laughed, “How to make me leave your house with a boner, guys!”

As he leaned in to give me a goodnight kiss, he chuckled, “Looks like ‘Operation: Simon’ just got back on track!”


Part 3

Guy switched the light off and stumbled across the darkened room to find the bed he was sharing with his twenty-one-year-old son Simon.  The metal frame creaked indignantly as he clambered back into it and Simon called out, “Mind what you’re doing!”

I chuckled from the other double bed in the hostel room, with my own son Jake spooning me from behind.  I could the feel the solid bulge in the front of Jake’s boxers pressing into the seat of my briefs and the thick rod of his hardening cock pushing outwards between my buttocks.

There was more noisy squeaking from the other bed before Simon cried out, “Hey dad!  That’s my butt!”

“Feels good though, doesn’t it?” we heard Guy chuckle.

“No it does not!” Simon countered, to which there were more creaks and groans from the bedframe as Guy huffily parted company with his son to sleep on the opposite side of the mattress.

I decided this would be a good opportunity to show Simon that things were rather different on our side of the room.  In many respects, Jake and I act the part of a typical father and his adult son, but when we get into bed together, we are anything but!

So I called out, imitating Simon, “Hey Jake, that’s my butt!”

I heard Guy giggle from where he’d been relegated to the far side of the bed he was sharing with his son.

Jake took the bait and replied as Guy had, “Feels good though, doesn’t it?”

His cock was still firming up between my cheeks, pushing further outwards as it gained in length and girth, until the fattening head was pressing my underpants into the hot puckered hole lurking deep inside my hairy crack.

“It certainly does,” I laughed.  “You’re probably giving me skid-marks though!”

Simon called over, “I’m really not sure I get you guys… is all this stuff a joke or what?”

“Of course it’s not a joke,” Jake called over through the darkness of the hostel room.  “It’s just a lad and his dad expressing a bit of affection together… anything wrong with that?”

“It seems… I dunno… kinda weird, I guess,” Simon replied uncertainly.

“There’s nothing weird about it,” Jake insisted.  “It feels really nice, actually… maybe you should try it…”

Simon went quiet for a good half minute or so, and I began to wonder if he was going to let the conversation peter out with Jake’s suggestion hanging.

But then his voice broke the silence as he said through the dark, “What are you guys actually doing?”

“I’m spooning him,” Jake replied matter-of-factly.  “I’m snuggled into his back and giving him a wedgie with my knob.”

“And you’re both still wearing your undies?”

“On this particular occasion, yeah!” Jake chortled.  But then he added, as if that had just been a silly joke, “Mate, we’ve both got our kecks firmly pulled up… we’re just enjoying a little cuddle, that’s all…”

“I see this an expression of our bond as father and son,” I added.  “It feels pleasant and natural and I think it enriches our relationship.”

Simon went quiet again and I thought perhaps I should say ‘Goodnight’ and leave things there.  However, after thinking things through, he muttered to his dad, “You want a cuddle with me, then?”

Guy chuckled and the bed started creaking again as the large burly man shifted his position to snuggle in with his son.

With all the noise going on, Jake whispered to me, “You wanna take this further?  Tell Simes we’re pulling our pants off and see how things pan out from there?”

“Absolutely not!” I hissed back.  “We don’t want to mess this up by pushing things too far.”

Once the noise had subsided, Simon admitted, “Actually this is kind of nice…”

We lay together in our beds, two dads and two sons snuggling contentedly together.  Then Simon asked, “Are you developing an erection, dad?”

“It feels nice, that’s all… kinda firm but squidgy…”

“It’s my bottom, dad.  You’re getting a hard-on between the cheeks of my hum.”

Guy chuckled.  “Come on, I used to work on an oilrig, mate… you can’t blame my cock for remembering how nice a bloke’s arse can feel!”

“Aw, come on, dad!” Simon exclaimed, sounding genuinely shocked.  “I hope you’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking -”

“Just let your dad enjoy your bottom, Simon,” I called out from our bed. “Jake’s manhood is pushed between my buttocks and feels very full and swollen, but I enjoy the intimacy of having my son aroused against me… it demonstrates our trust and friendship!”

Jake chuckled, “Except in my case I definitely am thinking what you think I’m thinking!”

Simon laughed at what he assumed to be Jake’s joke and then Guy asked him, “How’s that feel?  I’ll just wedge it in your crack and we can go to sleep like this…”

“Well… okay,” Simon conceded.  “It does feel… I dunno… like we’re bonding, if that doesn’t sound too lame…”

“That’s exactly what it is,” I chirped in.  “Just enjoy the sensation.”

Suddenly Guy guffawed and called out, “He’s definitely enjoying it!  He’s up like a fuckin’ broomstick!”

“Dad, you’re touching my penis!”

“Jesus, feel how long the fucker is!  Good job your shorts are baggy!”

“Get your hand off my cock!”

The bed started rocking, creaking wildly.  “It’s thin but… fuck!  It’s tall as a beanpole!”

“Hey dad, stop it!  You’re wanking me off!”

The creaking of the bedframe stopped and Guy laughed, “Aw, sorry son!  I was just havin’ a feel of that foot-long dick of yours!”

“You were rubbing it up and down!”

“I was just amazed how high it makes your shorts stick out… they’re pushed up like a wigwam!”

“And you were jabbing your own big boner into my bum-hole!”

“Was I?  Oh fuck… sorry… just force of habit, I guess!”

I decided that Guy had taken things far enough for tonight.  While Guy had clearly hoped Simon would be willing to be masturbated with his dad’s hard-on pushing against his bum, I could tell that if he tried to take things much further, it would probably prove too much for the boy.

So I said, “Maybe we should all say goodnight again and this time try to get some sleep.”

Simon’s voice rang out through the darkness: “Dad, seriously, get your hand off my dick!”

I tried a more forceful approach: “Guy, we need to say goodnight now. We’ve really done enough for one day.”

Guy muttered a disgruntled goodnight and the four of us settled down to sleep as two spooning couples.

But then Jake broke the silence by saying, “Hey dad, your cock’s up like a beanpole too!”

I said, “Goodnight, Jake.”

He laughed, “It’s not as long as Simon’s but it’s just as stiff!”

Simon giggled at the compliment and then must have decided that, since I was happy to have Jake touch my cock, he would let his dad touch his.  He muttered, “Okay, you can hold it… aw yeah… that’s nice…”

“I’ll squeeze it gently,” Guy whispered.  “Just while you go to sleep…”

“Yeah okay…” his son sighed.  “Just not too hard…”

And at that moment I knew that Guy would eventually succeed in his plans.

You see, he didn’t just want to spoon with his son or even wank the boy off.  He wanted Simon to suck his cock every few nights when they were back at home, and had longer-term plans to start using the young man as an occasional fuck-buddy.  Indeed, Guy was so determined to set up an incestuous arrangement between him and his son, that we secretly referred to his endeavour as ‘Operation: Simon’.

That’s how the four of us had ended up sharing a room in a hostel.  Guy had agreed to pay for a weekend getaway if we were able to set an evening up in which Simon would get frisky with him.  During some banter about which of us dads were bigger down there, Simon had obliged us by jokingly grabbing at his father’s crotch.  The deal had been that a grope from his son would get us all to Barcelona and, even if the playful grab hadn’t been what Guy had hoped for, Jake and I had insisted he make good on his promise.

The hostel we’d settled on had turned out to be pretty dire but it had fulfilled the criteria that Guy had insisted on – a room to sleep the four of us in two double beds.  Guy and I had spent the previous Saturday with him finding hostels online and me speaking in broken Spanish down the phone, until finally we’d found one that had fitted the bill.  When we got to the room, I almost laughed with relief that the room I’d booked – while mottled with flaking paintwork and smelling of urine – did indeed have two double beds in it.

“Fucking hell,” Jake had laughed, yanking his backpack from his shoulder. “Was the Hilton fully booked or something?”

I chuckled, “Come on, Jake… it’s only for two nights.  We’ll just use the hostel as a base… we’ll be exploring the city.”

“Oh God… look at that,” Simon had complained, finally gawping at the beds after surveying the rest of the room wide-eyed.  “We’ve just got two double beds… how’s this supposed to work?”

“You and me share, bud,” Jake grinned at him.  “We get to play plug and socket after lights-out…”

“Jake!” I hissed.  “Think of the… er… bigger picture…”

“Oh yeah… I probably better go in with my dad…”

“Why?” Simon asked, his forehead furrowing with suspicion.  He turned at me and queried, “You and my dad are a couple… so shouldn’t you and him be sharing a double?”

“I… er… don’t want this to turn into a couples thing.  Your dad and I both intended this to be a fun weekend we can all enjoy.  We don’t want to make you boys feel left out, nor for the two of us to feel like you and Jake are excluding us.  So I think it’s safest if we sleep together as two dads and their sons.”

“Okay,” Simon shrugged, accepting my hastily-thought-up explanation with a surprising degree of trust.  “I don’t mind bunking up with dad if you guys don’t mind sharing too.”

“Jake and I are very used to sharing a bed,” I smiled.  “I think it’s nice for a father and son to be so comfortable… perhaps even intimate with each other…”

Simon smiled back and for a moment I thought he was going to say something encouraging that would have made Guy grin broadly at me.

But then Jake quipped in with, “Yeah, nice if you don’t mind the stink of your old fella’s farts all night!”

And then Simon laughed laddishly back and the moment I’d set up had been crassly broken.

But, nevertheless, Simon had accepted that he should sleep with dad and Jake would sleep with me.

We’d gone out to explore the city and had had a lovely meal on Las Ramblas, and had then returned to the hostel.  The room was stiflingly hot and so we started pulling our clothes off.  I noticed Simon holding back as he undressed, wanting to see how far the other three of us would strip before deciding whether he was comfortable enough to join us.

Soon I was down to my tight white Calvin Klein briefs and I saw Simon peer over at the very prominent bulge made by my large floppy cock and two weighty balls.  I smiled to let him know that I was happy for him to see the how well I fill the front of my underpants, and he smirked sheepishly back to tell me that he liked what he saw.

Jake quickly followed my lead and stripped down to his orange and blue boxer trunks.  They were also very tight-fitting and showed off his own impressive package, leaving very little to the imagination.  He came over to grab his phone from where he’d left it, and thrust his bulky crotch against mine, shouting, “On guard!”

We bashed our two over-sized bulges together and I laughed, “You want a sword fight… you got one, buddy!”  We bucked our hips as we thrust against each other, our cocks slowly firming up and sticking even further outwards.  Then we giggled at our silliness, as Jake retrieved his phone and then went over to lounge on the bed.

I saw Simon gawping, still only half undressed.  I smiled again to show that I wasn’t embarrassed to have just dick-wrestled with my son, and he said, “You guys are pretty cool together.”

I chuckled and replied, “We get a lot cooler than that, Simon!”

Jake chortled from the bed, “And a lot hotter too… depending on how you look at it!”

Guy yanked off his jeans to flaunt a hefty mound of his own, presented very attractively in a pair of light blue briefs which I’d given him as a gift. His big thick cock was pushed downwards, straining outwards inside the pouch of the underpants, and his two fat knackers made twin bulges on either side of its sausage-shaped curve.

“You wanna sword fight with your old man too?” he grinned at his son.

Simon looked back at him sternly.  “Of course not!”

“I’ve got a nice set of junk though,” his dad chuckled, framing the swollen front of his briefs with both hands.  “I mean, as someone who’s gay you’ve gotta admit your old fella’s flashin’ a nice-lookin’ package!”

“I guess,” Simon muttered, his cheeks flushing scarlet.  He got up to finish undressing and pulled his jeans off to reveal a pair of turquoise boxers, similar in style to Jake’s.  He turned away from us, letting us see his two chunky buttocks looking extremely appealing in the tight-fitting shorts, and then to my surprise he hitched his thumbs in either side of the waistband and pulled them off.  His bare bum looked sumptuous – gorgeously squat and dumpy – and Guy grinned at his son’s perky rear, no doubt imagining what he’d like to do to it.

Simon bent down, oblivious to the three of us staring at his gaping butt-crack, and started poking around in his overnight bag to find his pyjama shorts.  The deep crevice between his cheeks was smooth and hairless except for a wispy fuzz encircling his tiny pink bumhole which he would unwittingly flash us when he leaned forwards to hunt through his bag.

Guy walked up behind him, his bulge looking fuller and more prominent, and stood with his crotch level with his son’s gaping cheeks, smirking broadly back at Jake and me.  He reached out to put his hands on either side of Simon’s hips, a good inch from the boy’s skin, the way he’d hold him if he was about to fuck him.  Then he started thrusting the front of his briefs rhythmically towards the boy’s bared backside, mouthing to the two of us, “Aw fuck!  Yeah!”

Jake and I grinned back, loving this sneak preview of father bumming son, and Guy swivelled his swelling bulge almost against Simon’s rear as if grinding him hard with his cock ball-deep.

Simon’s head swung around and he called out, “Dad!  What are you doing?”

Guy quickly pulled his hands away from his son’s hips and hastily pretended he was trying to see into the young man’s bag.  “I’m just trying to help you find your shorts…”

Simon glared at his dad’s crotch, now pressing hard against his bum, and said, “Er… do you mind?”

“Oh sorry, son… guess I got a bit close!”

He pulled back and Simon continued trying to find his shorts among his clothes.

His dad said, “Looks like my undies left a bit of blue fluff on your tush!” He reached between the boy’s cheeks and ran his finger around the tightly puckered arsehole, pretending to remove a speck of lint that was stuck there.

Simon drew back in horror.  “Dad!  For God’s sake!  I can find my shorts for myself!”

“Sorry, son… didn’t want you to get an itch, that’s all.”

He moved away from Simon, who finally located his pyjama bottoms, and grinned triumphantly at Jake and I, having got a grope of the bullseye. Then he raised his finger to his nose and sniffed it eagerly.  He beamed more broadly at us and mouthed, “Ripe!”.  Then he sniffed more intently at every part of his finger that had touched the boy’s arsehole and I noticed his bulge was now tenting outwards from the smell of his son’s bum.

Simon got into his shorts, thankfully ignorant of his dad’s crude shenanigans.  I noticed that his own cock was still insubstantial and floppy – the feel of daddy’s finger swiping around his pucker had unfortunately failed to excite the young man.

“You should have left your pants on, son,” Guy said to him.  “You looked nice in your skivvies.”

“I get a bit embarrassed,” Simon said, adjusting his pyjama shorts to make sure the front was boringly baggy.

“Why are you embarrassed?” I asked him.  “We’re all stripped down to our underpants… you’d be in good company!”

“You guys are all… I dunno… kind of big down there.  I don’t make so much of a bulge… I’d feel pretty inferior next to you three.”

“You’ve got a nice cock, mate,” Jake told him.  “A bit thin but so fucking long it’s unreal!”

“Yeah, that’s when I’m hard… when it’s soft it just looks stupidly small.”

I got onto the bed next to where Jake was slouched as Guy poured us all a nightcap from the bottle of Double-V whiskey he’d bought from the shop on the corner.

“You should be proud of what you’ve got,” I said.  “No cock is ‘stupidly small’ – we’re all beautiful in our different ways.”

Jake laughed, “It’s the perfect cock for butt-fucking!  Nice and long but thin enough to squeeze into the tightest arse!”

“Yeah, pity I don’t like doing it that way,” Simon smiled, sitting down on the edge of his bed and taking a drink from the plastic cup his dad had passed him.

“How do you like doing it?” Jake asked.  He got up from where he was sitting back against the bed’s metal frame, and surprised me by climbing over my stomach.  He squatted down over the large lump my cooped-up cock was making my briefs, and started bouncing his arse up and down on it.

“Do you like it this way?” he asked, grinning over at Simon.  His two solid cheeks were thumping down onto the front of my underpants, my big sausage mound poking up into the splayed cleft between them.

I laughed at Jake’s silliness, loving how his own meat and two veg were bobbing heavily around in his tight-fitting boxers.  I called out, “Yeah, buck those hips, son!  Come on, ride it cowboy!”

Then I grinned over at Simon, enjoying the look of wide-eyed surprise on his mesmerised face.

“Or do you like it missionary?” Jake asked, climbing off me, grabbing me by the knees and then hunkering down between my thighs and spreading my legs wide.  He started to pretend to fuck me from the front, jabbing his developing bulge into my briefs underneath my bollocks.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Simon, he looked so equally appalled and fascinated.  I cried out, “Aw yeah… go for it son!  Hard as you like!”

Then Jake asked, “Or do you prefer to keep things traditional?”

He flipped me over and I squatted forwards on all-fours.  He grabbed me by the hips and started driving the enlarging pouch of his boxer shorts roughly against the seat of my briefs.  His cock was hardening up at the thought of fucking me for real.  I could feel it pushing outwards from his nuts as he bashed his crotch into my bum.

“This is very much my favourite,” I told Simon’s gawking face.

Guy laughed and agreed, “Yeah, he likes a bit of doggy.  Come ’round his house most Friday nights, and you’ll catch your old dad goin’ at it just like Jakey-boy there… only we’re bollock naked and my cock’s up his arse for real!”

Simon managed to splutter, “Yeah… I like it that way too.  Feels a bit gay first time you do it, but I think it works the best.”

“Sure does the job for me,” Jake chortled, still thumping his growing member into the crack of my backside.  “Kinda like taking this way too… as your dad will testify!”

Guy laughed at the memory of taking Jake very roughly from behind a few months earlier, and then Jake suddenly ceased his exertions to ask, “You a bit whiffy tonight, dad?”

“I don’t know,” I said, still bent forwards on all-fours.  “I can’t smell anything.”

Jake pulled back from me and leaned down to sniff my bum through the stretched seat of my briefs.  I glanced over at Simon and saw that his eyes were agog at the sight of Jake’s face getting so close to my big round arse.

“I don’t think it’s your crack,” my son muttered, pushing his nose into the white material right where my big swollen opening would be lurking.  He took a few deep snorts and declared, “No, that smells okay… kinda hot if I’m being totally honest!”

“Maybe it’s my balls,” I said, pushing myself up and turning around to offer him a sniff of my big bulge out front.  “Perhaps it’s this heat… is it a sweaty sort of smell?”

Jake nuzzled into the well-stuffed gusset of my underpants, sniffing around the thick ridge of my cock and between my two commodious nuts.  “No, this smells nice… a bit pissy around your helmet but really blokeish around your knackers.”

He pulled and smirked at me.  “Maybe the smell’s coming from me?”

I said, “Perhaps it is.  There is a slightly sour odour now you mention it.”

My son stood up on the bed and presented me with his semi-hard cock pushing the front of his boxers forwards.  I buried my face into it, snorting contentedly like a pig at the trough, relishing the sharper scents around his developing manhood and the lovely testosterone-soaked musk around his two big balls.

“No, the smell here is very pleasant,” I told him when I finally withdrew from his crotch for some air.  “It just smells of… I don’t know how to put it… of ‘boy’ I suppose would be the most succinct description.”

“Maybe it’s my arse, then,” he said, turning around to push his two dumpy buttocks into my face.

I looked over at Simon, whose eyes were pretty much out on stalks, and then sniffed around Jake’s rear, moving from one cheek to the next.  Then I plunged my face between them, pushing my nose firmly where his big hairy hole would be puckered outwards from all the cocks he’d taken up it, and inhaled as deeply as I could my son’s most secret odour.  His bum stunk like a barnyard – it always did – but I’d grown to love its rich, earthy pungence which reminded me of the delicious fug which would surround us when I had my cock sliding in and out of it.

I pulled back from him and declared, “No, this just smells of a cruder flavour of ‘boy’.  Very much like your laundry bag at home.”

I turned to smile at Simon but found that he was shuffling uncomfortably with his face turning pink with embarrassment.  He had his hands folded tightly in front of him, as if in a defensive posture, and crossed one leg over the other making him look almost foetal.

Guy chortled, “If there’s a stink it’s probably my pits.  This heat is fuckin’ killing me.”

Just as I was thinking that Jake and I had overstepped the mark and that Simon’s obvious discomfort was born from disgust – Guy suddenly bellowed with laughter and urged his son to stand up.

At first Simon refused, his cheeks turning a darker shade of scarlet, but Guy persisted, telling him to get up so we could see the front of his pyjama shorts.

“Okay, so I’ve grown a stiffie,” his son snapped at him.  He uncrossed his legs and took his arms away from where he’d been concealing the front of his shorts so that we could all see that they were raised high from the tentpole of his remarkably long erection.

“Aw yeah!” his dad laughed.  “Come on, stand up!  Let’s see the fuckin’ thing!”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” I smiled across at him from where Jake’s bum was still in front of my face.  “Erections are perfectly natural.”

Simon stood up so we could see the front of his pyjama shorts raised high by his hard-on.  The blunt head of it was lifting the material like the mast of a marquee, its rounded tip level with his belly button.

He said, “I put these shorts because I felt self-conscious… now here I am showing you guys my wood!”

“It’s very impressive,” I chuckled, urging Jake to sit back down on the mattress.  “You realise you’re making a rather cute little wet patch?”

“Oh yeah,” he smiled, glancing down at the darkening fabric where his domed helmet was leaking his precum onto the fabric.  “I’m a bit of a dribbler when I’m hard.”

“You obviously liked the look of Rob and his kid playin’ around,” Guy suggested, as Simon sat back down on his bed and his dad plonked down next to him.

Simon managed a smile.  “You guys were just so relaxed with each other… I didn’t know a dad and son could be so… I dunno… physical together.”

I smiled at him, leaning back against the metal frame of the bed with Jake sitting himself down alongside me.  “We enjoy a very intimate relationship, Jake and I.  It’s something very special and beautiful and I would heartily recommend it!”

Guy patted his son on the knee and asked, “Is that something you’d like for the two of us to develop?”

Simon looked uncertain.  “When you say ‘intimate’, Mr Furlong… what kind of stuff are you talking about?”

“Whatever we feel like,” I shrugged.  “Whatever feels right and natural at any given moment.  And… please… call me Rob!”

Guy patted his son’s leg again, a little further up the thigh and getting close to the upright rod that was still flying high in the boy’s shorts. Fearing that he was going to make a grab for Simon’s cock which might prove too much too soon, I said, “Perhaps we should all call it a night.  We’ve got a lot of exploring to do tomorrow so we’re going to need our sleep.”

So that’s how we ended up lying in our beds, spooning as two couples: Jake behind me and Guy behind Simon.

Jake’s hand was gently touching the shaft of my rock-hard cock as it strained inside underpants, and I listened with surprise as Simon let his dad touch his long thin erection through his pyjama shorts.

“How does that feel?” Guy whispered to his son through the darkness.

“Yeah… that’s nice,” Simon sighed.  “Squeeze it tight…”

“You been squeezin’ it too much, I reckon… that’s why it’s so thin!”

“Do you think it’s too thin?”

“No, I think it’s lovely,” Guy chuckled.  “Don’t be so uptight… you’ve got a really nice dick…”

We lay quietly for a while and I felt my own hard-on throbbing painfully against Jake’s fingers.  I could hardly believe that Simon was letting his dad squeeze his cock with the bigger man nuzzling his own against the boy’s bum.  This was exactly what we’d hoped for: an incredible achievement for our first night in the hostel.

Jake rubbed his fingers up and down the confined rod in my briefs, perhaps hoping we could join in with the two men getting it on in the next bed.  I grabbed his arm and stopped him: this moment was too precious to risk screwing it up.  I wanted Simon to forget that we were here and listening to them.  I hardly dared breathe in case he took fright and sent his dad back off to the other side of the bed.

“Let me just rub it a bit,” Guy said gently to his son.  “Nice and slow… help you relax…”

“We shouldn’t,” Simon muttered back, sounding as if he didn’t even believe that himself.

“Why shouldn’t we?” his dad asked.  “You heard what Rob said… this feels right and natural…”

A gentle creaking started up as Guy’s hand slowly swept up and down Simon’s skinny flagpole through his pyjama shorts.  Simon moaned gratefully, enjoying the feel of his dad’s hand, and Jake poked me in the arm as if to alert me to what was going on in the bed next to ours.  I patted his thigh to let him know that I was well aware of what we were witnessing.  This was the first step towards our goal: Simon was not only letting his dad stroke his erection, but he was evidently greatly enjoying the sensation.

Guy whispered, “Is that okay?”

“Yeah… you can go a bit faster…”

“I’ll reach inside your shorts… do it properly.”

Their bed creaked as Guy put his hand down his son’s shorts and wrapped his hand around the thin shaft of the boy’s cock.  Then a steady rhythm started up from the noisy metal frame as Guy started masturbating Simon with long, firm strokes.

“Your cock’s so long,” he quietly told his son.  “It feels so different from wazzin’ my own dick off.”

“You’re doing it just right,” Simon panted.  “It feels really good…”

“I’m your dad,” Guy chuckled.  “Dads always know what’s best…”

I could hear Guy’s wrist thumping against the inside of Simon’s pyjama shorts.  It was loud and strong, like the beating of a drum, and as the son started moaning gently from the feel of his dad’s hand, its pounding rhythm grew steadily faster.

“Do you like what I’m doing?” Guy asked him, gasping.

“Aw yeah… hold it dead tight… that’s how I like it…”

“I wasn’t talking about my hand!” his dad chuckled quietly.

“Oh your dick… yeah that’s nice too… it feels dead thick against my bum…”

“Can I pull your shorts down at the back a bit…?  Rub it up and down in your crack…”

“Yeah… just don’t push it in!” Simon panted, the hand battering against his shorts now frantic.

“‘Course I won’t!” Guy managed to gasp as he fumbled his son’s shorts down to bare the pert mounds of his arse, and then wrestled his own cock out of his briefs to press it in between them.

Suddenly the whole room was filled with the screeching of the bedframe as the dad wanked off his son at full-crank while he frot-fucked the boy’s bum with fast urgent thrusts.

Jake’s enormous hard-on was grinding into my butt through my briefs.  He kept pinching me, as if afraid that I might be oblivious to the frenzy of sex going on right there in the next bed, and he was breathing so heavily against the back of my ear that I half expected to feel a sticky discharge wetting the back of my underpants.

“Touch my nipples!” Simon commanded his father through whimpering gulps for air.  “Run your finger around them!”

“Just like your mum!” Guy laughed, before gasping moans told us that the boy’s nipples were being teased the way his mother’s used to be.

I released my aching erection from the waistband of my briefs and Jake eagerly wrapped his hand around it.  He started masturbating me but, again, I stopped him.  I didn’t want to risk upsetting this beautiful moment of unbridled passion between Guy and his son, so I just let him squeeze it tightly feeling my heart pounding in my chest.

“You’re jabbing your cock into my hole!” Simon panted.  “Don’t push it so hard!”

“It feels too nice!” Guy breathlessly sputtered.  “Kiss my bell-end with your tight little pucker!”

Simon started grunting as his long thin cock filled the inside of his shorts with a heavy basting of cum.  Guy cried out, “Fuck!  Yes!” as his son’s orgasm made his wrinkled opening contract in spasms around his cock-head and the bed heaved furiously as the two men bucked and thrashed through their orgasms together.

Once the cacophony of squeaking had finally calmed and the smell of semen was heavy in the air, Simon hissed through the darkness, “Oh Jesus, dad! What the fuck did we just do?”

“It’s okay… you just put a little brown ring on the end of daddy’s dick…”

“It’s seriously not okay!  Get your hand out of my shorts and your dick out of my crack!”

“Hey… whoa… whoa!”

“Dad!  This is anything but okay…”

I decided it was time for me to come to Guy’s aid and so I fumbled to switch the light on.

Simon stared over at me, startled.  It was as if he had either forgotten that Jake and I were in the bed right next to them, or perhaps had assumed – against all reason – that we had somehow managed to go to sleep in spite of the noise.

I mumbled sleepily, pretending that I really had just awoken, “You guys all right?  What time is it?”

I glanced over my shoulder and found that Jake had opted, probably very sensibly, to feign being implausibly fast asleep.

Simon got out of the bed with his cock starting to droop in his pyjamas but still sticking outwards to an almost comical extent.  His thick spunk was oozing through the material of the shorts, revealing that he’d just had an extremely powerful and copious climax inside them.

He said, “I’m sorry, I just jizzed in my shorts.  I didn’t mean to… it just sort of happened.”

He really believed I had been asleep!  Perhaps in the midst of his ecstatic writhing, he had been oblivious of uproarious squeaking of the bedframe.

“Hey it’s okay,” I smiled.  “We all need to unload sometimes!”

He grabbed some tissues from his bag and pulled the waistband of his shorts outwards so that he could daub up the mess he’d made inside them.

“How much did you hear?” he asked.

“Nothing really,” I muttered, glancing over at Guy who looked back startled, no doubt realising that he’d taken things way too far.  “It was the… er… smell that woke me up.”

“Sorry… yeah… I have really strong-smelling spunk.”

Without thinking, he reached down the back of his shorts with the tissue to wipe up the copious outpouring his father had left between his cheeks. When he saw me looking, he blushed and said, “I guess I got a bit sweaty back there…”

“Happens to us all,” I replied, offering an uncomfortable chuckle.

When he got back into his bed, he glared at his dad and then he and Guy moved well apart.  I could tell that Simon was wound up as hell and probably wouldn’t sleep much during the night.  It seemed that we’d have to have an uncomfortable conversation in the morning if we were to have any hope of salvaging what was left of our holiday.

It seemed that ‘Operation: Simon’ might have come to a decidedly sticky end.


Part 4

I awoke with my son’s breath panting against my face and the hard-on inside the front of his boxers grinding roughly into my similarly aroused cock.  I realised he was still asleep and that during the night we must have snuggled up face-to-face in the hostel double bed.  Our two large bulges had started rubbing against each other, growing steadily firmer through the material of his shorts and my briefs.  Soon gentle nuzzles had given way to more deliberate jabs, until by now we were ramming our two full erections together, bucking our hips back and forth as we crotch-humped in our sleep.

I smiled at Jake’s excitement and heard myself gasping from my own.  The front of my generously-pouched white Calvins was struggling to contain the enormity of my driving manhood, and I could feel that my son’s tighter-fitting shorts were being stretched to near-tearing by the frantic thrusting of his thick, solid rod.

I became aware that our bed was squeaking in time with the heaving of our bodies and so I opened my eyes to see if either of our companions had been awoken by the noise we were making.  As I expected, Guy’s son – who had probably slept little during the night – was peering over to watch us clinging onto each other, pounding our hips so frantically together under the cover of the bed sheets.

I smiled at him to show that I was happy for him to watch Jake and I start our day by vigorously frotting our erections together.  Then I flung the bed sheets aside so that Simon could see the fronts of underpants stretched into great thickened rods thrusting in time as our two big cocks stimulated each other.

Simon was a similar age to Jake – just gone twenty-one – but he lacked my son’s sexual confidence as well as his eagerness to experiment with pretty much anyone who was up for it, including his own dad!

Simon smirked sheepishly as if he knew what he was seeing was flagrantly taboo but wanted to show that he very much liked it nonetheless.  I grinned back more broadly hoping to make the point that not only do I greatly enjoy such intimacy with my son but that, since his own brawny father was sleeping next to him in his bed, he might soon like to sample the pleasures of incest for himself.

Jake began to awake, his bleary eyes furrowing with confusion at first, until he quickly figured out what the two of us were doing.  His gasping mouth formed a smile as he remembered we were in Barcelona, sharing a hostel room with his buddy and their two dads.  Then his eyes narrowed with naughty amusement as he realised he was in the middle of a very rough and noisy frot with his own sweet papa, our two big upright hard-ons working furiously together as they bucked back and forth through the taut material of our undies.

“Fuck yeah!” Jake chortled and thrust his hips more roughly.  Simon beamed across at me, wide-eyed, as he understood that our sex together wasn’t something furtive or one-sided, but something that both Jake and I actively indulge in as an established father-son couple.

Then Simon got up from his bed and stood over ours, peering down at the two of us jabbing our tenting boners together and I saw that his own pyjama shorts were raised high from the long, thin pole he’d grown inside them.

Jake reached down and released his cock from his boxers.  He tucked the waistband under his two enormous bollocks and then fumbled with my briefs to do the same to mine.

Now that our two huge manhoods were free from their confines, we drove them faster together, clinging onto each other by the hips.

I smiled up at Simon and panted, “This is so much better than just masturbating… it’s so much more intense…”

Now aware of his old school friend standing behind him, Jake looked up at him and grinned, “Aw yeah… this is awesome, buddy… a bit of daddy-love is so fucking hot!”

“Do you guys…?” Simon tailed off, finding his breathing more shallow than he expected, before trying again, “Do you do this often?”

“All the fucking time, mate,” my son lied – this was the first time we had properly frotted our cocks together.  “Come on, dad, let’s show him how we do it at home!”

We got up together, pulling our underpants down further, and then squatted face-to-face holding each other around the waists.  We started driving our large erections together in long upward arcs so that the ribs and knots of Jake’s veiny shaft grated against the smoother underside of mine.  Our balls bobbed together, feeling big solid and hairy, and we were sweating and panting as we clung onto each other, urgently sweeping our cocks shaft-to-shaft.

“Fuck yeah!” Jake repeated a good deal more breathlessly.  “Hard and fast, dad… really hard and fast!”

We sped up and thrust more roughly so that our hips were cracking together in hurried applause.  The bed was screeching wildly – its metal frame complaining from our rowdy exertions – but I didn’t care if we woke the whole hostel with our father-son frotting.  All that mattered was my son’s cock pummelling against my own, their two slits now seeping copiously and dribbling thick goo down the length of our shafts.

This is what I call true gay lovemaking.  Anal sex is hugely enjoyable and I don’t deny I’m an ardent fan, but penile frottage is exclusive to homosexual couplings and I was thrilled to be finally experiencing its masculine energy with my son.

We were making love as two men using our two very large cocks and I have to admit that the sensation was divine.

“Come on let’s nut together!” Jake breathed hotly into my face.  “See if we can time it just right!”

We grabbed onto each other harder, clapping our hips wildly together and slamming our huge hard phalluses upwards with all the force we could muster.  Jake’s thick, veiny shaft grated against my bulbous cock head, making me pant and whimper at the exquisite friction of its coarse, knotted underside.

My organ felt bigger and more swollen than it ever does when it’s up inside my son’s bum.  Frotting has always stimulated it more intensely, making it fill and harden into a towering rod of excitement, visibly throbbing as it thrust up and down and pouring out precum like a slow stream of piss.

“I’m getting close,” Jake gasped.  “My spunk’s gonna hit the fucking ceiling!”

“You guys look… I can’t even describe how amazing you look,” Simon muttered, still standing next to our bed with his own hard-on tenting his pyjama shorts out high.  “It should be creepy but… Jesus!  It’s just so totally hot!”

We both leaned backwards slightly to flaunt our two big cocks to our eager voyeur.  We jabbed them frantically upwards, showing off their huge bloated heads looking polished and purple, and Simon gasped as he ogled them, admiring the beauty of father-son cock-love.

“Get yours out!” Jake commanded him.  “Show us that foot-long dick of yours!”

Simon grinned and pulled the waistband of his shorts up and over his erection, releasing it to arch thinly upwards with the red head of it exposed and shaped like a long mushroom cap.

“Aw yeah!” Jake bellowed.  “That has to be the most awesome fucking cock!”

“It’s gorgeous!” I grunted, marvelling equally at its incredible length and slimness of girth.  “Looks as good as it tastes!”

Jake’s cock let rip with a blasting gusher of cum at the memory of seeing me sucking his friend’s skinny cock in his bedroom at home.  It shot upwards between us, making a high arc of white goo above our faces, before splashing down on us both and covering our shoulders and chests.

The strong smell of my son’s semen aroused me as it always does when he climaxes first, and within seconds my own big shiny bell-head was flinging out its own sticky load, showering us further with great pearls of my seed.

We grabbed each other closely again, humping our cocks more roughly together and laughing at how we were becoming smeared with each other’s acrid-smelling juice.  Our two wide slits were still expelling rope after rope of jizz and it was making our chests squelch together and our pubes sopping wet.

“We absolutely stink!” I chortled, as the thrusting of our hips finally slowed.  “But, God, it was worth it!”

“Just think,” Jake grinned, glancing down at the thick layer of cream encrusting us both.  “Some of the sperms you just shot out might be tiny versions of me!”

I scooped some of our spunk up and pretended to study it.  “Maybe you could have had a few brothers… and then we could’ve had a lot more fun!”

“You guys are so funny!” Simon laughed, tucking his hard-on back away into shorts.

Jake and I pulled apart and clambered off the bed as Simon grabbed a pack of tissues from his bag to pass us a few from it.  We started wiping ourselves down as he said, “I love how you worked with each other… the way you kept in time and matched each other’s strength…”

“Dad and son fun, buddy,” Jake grinned.  “Always works a treat!”

“Are there other ways you do it?” Simon asked.

“Of course,” I smiled, enjoying the way he was watching me clean up and peering with interest at my large organ slowly softening and beginning to droop.  “If Jake and I both happen to be horny together, we don’t always need there to be a bed!”

“Yeah, but what I mean is…” he said, looking both fascinated and curious, “do you always just rub your dicks together… or do you do other stuff too?”

“We do other stuff too.” I nodded.  “It’s quite surprising how many ways two male bodies can find to pleasure each other.”

That made him grin eagerly and his shorts tent higher and further outwards. Before he could ask for clarification, Jake said, “Did you like how we both came when we were looking at your dick?”

“Yeah, that was ace!” he chortled.  “I was like, ‘Should I really get my cock out?’ and then I did and you both started jizzing off!”

I saw him look again at my plump penis, now growing increasingly floppy and nuzzling down into my hairy balls, and decided that – at some point – I would exploit his interest.  At the moment, the focus was on getting him together with his dad, but once we’d accomplished that, I decided I’d try to seduce him myself and hopefully push the big tube of meat he so liked the look of up the little pink hole he’d flashed us the previous evening.

I finished wiping myself down and threw the wad of tissues into the bin, then I pulled my briefs back up feeling amused at the disappointment so evident on Simon’s face.

“Well, you seemed to enjoy watching us gratifying ourselves,” I smiled at him.  I chose to call it gratifying ourselves rather than ‘having sex’ or ‘frot-fucking’ to make it seem less troubling that a father would enjoy such intimacy with his son.  I was determined that he’d enjoy something similar with his own dad – hopefully let Guy take things a good deal further – and I wanted it to seem totally unremarkable that a man would regularly indulge in this way with his adult offspring.

“I just love how you guys are so cool together,” Simon replied.  “I wish I could be more like that with my dad.”

“You can be, buddy,” Jake grinned back, still wiping our combined sperm from his pubic bush which seemed to have borne the brunt of our outpourings.  “Just give it time…”

I went over to the dresser to set up the little travel kettle I’d bought specially for the trip.  I had some plastic cups and sachets of coffee I’d pilfered from more salubrious hotels Jake and I had stayed in, and I started setting them up so we could all have our first caffeine fix of the day.

Simon glanced over to where his dad was sleeping soundly in a heap with the dull roar starting up from the kettle having even less impact on his deep oblivion than our frotting had.  Then he said, more quietly, “Last night, when you guys were sleeping, my dad put his hand in my shorts and… well… wanked me off.”

“Nice one, dude!” Jake laughed, and raised a sticky hand to high-five him.

Simon just laughed at the spunk-smeared palm being offered, before asking, “You really think that’s a good thing?”

“Of course I do!  It’s all about trust… it shows you guys are getting closer!”

“Do you let your dad masturbate you?”

“Sometimes yeah… and vice versa…”

“It’s perfectly natural,” I smiled over as I shook coffee from the sachets into the plastic cups.  “When we snuggle we often find one or other of us develops an erection and, as Jake says, it’s an act of trust and closeness to provide… shall we say… a helping hand.”

I was keeping my voice low but it was clear that Guy was completely out for the count.  He was slumped on his front with his stubbled face scrunched up from being so deeply sunk into the pillow, and the only sign of life we were likely to get from him in this state was the occasional blast of guttural man-fart.

“Well… I kind of freaked out,” Simon winced.

“Was that when I… er… woke up?” I asked.

“Yeah.  My dad’s hand felt so nice stroking me that it made me jizz off. Then I got angry with him and said it hadn’t been okay for him to do that.”

“Dad’s hands do feel nice, bud!” Jake chuckled.  He threw his tissue into the bin and pulled his boxer-briefs back up so that his drooping cock and sizable nuts formed a spectacular bulge in the well-stretched pouch.  “They just sort of know what to do!”

Simon nodded.  “To be honest, my dad wanked me off better than I wank myself.  I got so into it that… well… I let him push his dick against my butt.”

“Well that’s nice too,” I smiled.  “You heard that Jake had his penis jabbing into back of my briefs as we settled down to sleep and I found its gentle pressure, as I always do, extremely pleasant.”

“I let him pull my shorts down at the back… he had his knob out of his underpants and was rubbing it up and down between my cheeks…”

“Is that why you were wet back there… why you had to wipe your bottom?”

“Yeah,” Simon nodded.  “My dad creamed off.  It felt so nice feeling him… you know… shooting off against my toot.  But then afterwards it felt really, really wrong.”

“Wrong?” Jake laughed.  “It’s fucking awesome, is what it is!  I thought you and your old man had kind of drifted apart these last few years… show how wrong I was!”

I smiled at my son’s encouragement.  This was exactly what Simon needed to hear.

Simon nodded, clearly lapping up every word, and then asked, “Do you two rub your dicks up and down in each other’s butt cracks?”

“You just saw us frotting our cocks together,” I smiled, “so yes, sometimes we frot from the rear.”

“Have you actually… you know…?”

“Given each other a back-spray?” Jake chortled.  “Yeah, we’ve flung a few loads out from between each other’s cheeks!”

“No, I mean… do you guys actually… well….?”

“I don’t want to get into a checklist of things I enjoy with my son,” I smiled as the water in the kettle started boiling and the switch clicked off.  “We do what feels right for us both at any given time.  If you’d like to indulge similarly with your own father, then that’s something I would heartily encourage you to explore.”

“I guess I over-reacted,” Simon said glumly.  “I suddenly felt all guilty… like we’d just done something really weird…”

“That’s a quirk of the male orgasm,” I nodded, leaving the water in the kettle to cool a little so that it wouldn’t soften the plastic cups too much.  “All men experience it to at least some extent after experimenting with something outside of their sexual comfort zone.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem that much of a big deal now… especially after seeing you guys going dick-to-dick.  Maybe when we get back home, I’ll have another snuggle with my dad… let him bring us both off again if he wants to.”

“That sounds like a good plan,” I agreed, turning back to the cups to start pouring the hot water onto the coffee granules.  I fully intended that we’d get Simon and his dad back down to business long before then, and I knew that Guy would be hoping for a lot more fun than just reaching into his kid’s pyjama shorts to give his knob a quick spanking.

We took a few tentative sips of our coffee because it was way too hot and then Simon shook his dad’s burly frame to wake him up.

“Come on, dad… it’s morning… there’s some coffee…”

Guy roused himself slowly and from how bleary-eyed he looked and confused he seemed, I wondered how long he must have lain awake worrying about what he’d just done with the young man he’d raised since birth.

“Oh… er… thanks son,” he muttered croakily.  “You okay?”

“I’m fine, dad,” Simon smiled, passing him his drink once he was sitting up properly.  “I just freaked out last night.  Jake and his dad have helped me put things into perspective.”

“Oh right,” Guy nodded, taking a deep gulp from his coffee without even flinching at the scalding heat.  “I was really worried about how upset you seemed afterwards…”

“Yeah, sorry about that… I just… I dunno… it felt so good and then suddenly seemed really wrong…”

I gestured across at Jake.  “Come on… I think we better head out to the shower room!”

“Sounds good,” he agreed and so we grabbed our wash-bags and towels and left the fledgling love-birds to their explanations and apologies.

The men’s shower room was steamy and crowded: a forest of wet hairy bodies, shrivelled cocks and fat butts.

A single shower head was untaken so I asked Jake if he was up for sharing, to which he smirked and nodded.

We pulled our underpants off, releasing our two spent manhoods and low-swinging bollocks, and then bounded together into the vacant shower. We squeezed in between the other men, making it clear by repeatedly calling each other dad and son that we were just a normal father and his kid having to shower together.

At first we soaped ourselves, letting our large limp penises thump against each other as we jostled around under the spray.  We chatted about our day ahead, pretending to oblivious to dad’s fat droop slapping hard against son’s downward curving schlong, laughing and joking together as we let our oversized sausages wrestle and frolic.

Men stared over – some hostile, others curious – and a few of our shower mates’ wrinkled floppies started to show their own signs of interest.

Then we giggled as we squirted shower gel at each other, at first goofing around like two silly mates and then becoming more purposeful as we soaped each other down.  Jake lathered the soap against my chest so that it frothed down onto my big droop and then dribbled from its fat head like thick gobs of cum.  And I caressed it into his solid abs and washboard stomach, laughing as the bubbles became trapped in his pubes until they were hanging from his balls like an old man’s beard.

By now some men were sprouting semis and some rushed from the showers before their cocks too blatantly betrayed their incestuous intrigue.

“Do you want me to wash your back, dad?” Jake asked with a cheeky smirk and a wink.

“That’d be really good of you, son,” I replied, turning around to present my broad back and arse to him.

Jake kneaded soap between my shoulder blades with his chubby droop bashing heavily against my bum, and then said, “Lean forwards… the shower spray’s washing the suds away…”

I bent fully over with my hands on my knees, like I would if I were letting my son take me from behind, and pushed my two big buttocks against his well-hung crotch.  He washed my back thoroughly letting his soft but solid phallus slap roughly into the hairy gulley between my cheeks.

It felt very nice being in this position with Jake, offering him my bottom while he stood upright behind me.  Often at home he would fuck me for real like this.  We might be watching something on TV and he’d say, “I’m horny. Fancy a fuck?”  I’d get up and pull my trousers and underpants down and then bend down to offer him my swollen arsehole for relief.  And he’d stand behind me and use it with a silent urgency I’d come to enjoy, before plonking himself back down on the couch and getting on with the TV.

I smiled at the man in front of me as I stayed bent over with Jake washing my back.  He stared back at me and then blushed a deep shade of scarlet when I smirked at the hard-on raised upwards from his dense pubic bush.  He grabbed his things and left, as did an older man who muttered something unpleasant-sounding in Spanish while throwing us a beligerent look.

“Want me to lather your crack up, dad?” Jake asked and I nodded eagerly.

He squirted some of the soap between my two dumpy cheeks and then worked his cock up and down in the forested valley to make it froth and bubble and clean my big bloated arsehole.

“I’m not gonna touch you back here… but this should do the job nicely!”

I chuckled, “Feels good to me!” as he grabbed my shoulders and ground his big soft cock up and down between my buttocks to thoroughly wash around my gape.  He thrust his hips back and forth and I worked my bum roughly against his chunky floppy.  Even the most naive and simple-minded of observers would see in our playful shenanigans a young man enthusiastically taking his own father up the arse.

A couple more men rushed out of the shower room, one struggling to conceal a very large and thick olive-coloured erection, as Jake pulled off me and commanded, “Now do me!”

We changed positions and I washed his back while he bent forwards, and then grabbed him by the hips so my cock could work up a lather between his two firm, squat buttocks.  As I slid my cock up and down, I could feel the prominent pucker of his cock-loosened anus and then my cock started harden at the memory of how nice it felt for it to be buried up there.

The last of the men chose that moment to leave us to our lewd cavortions, and then Jake and I laughed loudly together that we now had the room all to ourselves.

We parted and rinsed ourselves under separate sprays and Jake chortled, “How to clear a shower room in two minutes flat!”

“I was actually wondering if one of them might hang around for a bit of a fun…”

“Yeah, that bloke with the massive dick could’ve taken over back-washing duties from you!”

“Really?” I chuckled, washing the suds from my arse crack that Jake’s cock had left behind.  “I’m still very much spent from our frot… would you really have been up for him rogering your bottom so soon after your orgasm?”

“‘Course I would!” Jake laughed, turning around so I could see that his huge member was now half-stiffened again from the prospect of it.  “How hot would it have been to let my old man watch me get fucked by some big-bollocked stranger who probably didn’t even speak English?!”

“Wow!” I laughed.  “That would have been most enjoyable!”

“It’d be good the other way too… me watching your arse getting knobbed by some bloke you don’t even know!”

“Gosh, yes!  That would be fun!”

Jake grinned at me.  “Maybe when we get back home we should go cruising together, dad…”

“I rather think we should!” I chuckled.  “I know a few places where the two of us could spend some… shall we say… quality time together!”


When we got back to the room, I was surprised to find that Guy and Simon were sitting on the edge of their bed with the fronts of their underwear pulled down so that they could compare their two dissimilar dicks.  Simon’s was up like a broom handle again, and he held it proudly for his father with its long mushroom cap pushed out from his foreskin.  Guy’s was plump but only semi-hard and it flopped forwards over the gusset of his briefs, looking much thicker than his son’s but with only about half of its length.

“I dunno when it fattened up,” Guy was saying.  “Maybe when I was in my early twenties, so yours might thicken up a bit too.”

“I would love it!” Simon laughed.  “Imagine my length with your thickness!”

Guy looked at me and grinned and Jake shut the door behind us.  “We’re comparing cocks,” he chuckled.  “Having a daddy-son moment.”

“Yeah, Jake and I had a similar moment,” I grinned back, remembering the time I first saw that my son’s incredible erection was even longer and thicker than the one I was showing him.

I took my towel from around my waist to let my hefty droop join in with the party and Jake used his towel to start drying his hair, so that all four of our penises were out on parade.

“Does yours have big lobes at the back?” Simon asked his dad.  “When it’s properly hard, I mean?”

“I dunno… where’s the lobes?”

“Here,” Simon said, showing his dad how the back of his long pink helmet was split into two prominent bulges by a thin furrow of skin.  “Mine really fill out… the base of my cock head develops a thick ridge all the way around it.”

“It’s called the flange,” I chipped in.  “Anyone you penetrate with it – man or woman – will greatly enjoy the sensation of it rubbing up and down inside them.”

“Yeah, pity I don’t like doing that,” Simon smiled.  “I tried pushing it up another boy’s bum – the very first guy I slept with – but I really didn’t like how it felt up there.”

“You can try shoving it up mine,” Jake offered, still vigorously towelling his hair with his chunky cock flopping solidly against his thighs.  “I’ve got a nice deep arse… it might feel a bit better for a long prick like yours!”

“If he doesn’t like it, maybe it’s best he just enjoys taking a dick up his,” Guy was quick to suggest.  He was envisioning pleasant evenings ahead which would be all the more pleasant if his son liked bending for butt-sex without expecting for the two of them to swap positions afterwards.

“Well I’m up for that too,” Jake smiled.  “But then you know all about that!”

Simon beamed back at my son, his long cock rising noticeably higher in front of his chest, and then he turned back to his dad and asked, “Why do you think my penis is so much longer than yours?”

“When I was courting your mum,” Guy replied, his own stubby knob still mainly floppy over the two bollocks still tucked inside his briefs, “her dad – your grandad – took us camping in Cornwall.  It was total fuckin’ disaster from start to end, but I got to see his dick in the campsite bathroom.  It was first thing in the morning, so he was still half-hard, and it was dead long like yours, so I reckon you get it from your mum’s side of the family.”

“I get my long dick from my mum,” Simon laughed.  “I can see why you fancied her!”

I started pulling a clean pair of underpants on as Jake daubed product through his hair in front of the mottled mirror.  His bum looked heavenly as he leaned forwards to work his fringe into a quiff.  Its two squat cheeks were perfect – solidly round and muscular – and I wondered how on earth Simon could refuse his offer to slide his cock up between them.

“My cock really dribbles when it’s hard,” Simon told his dad.  “I don’t think yours does so much… it didn’t feel like it did when it was pushing against me last night!”

“It does a bit,” Guy said.  “Depends on how horny I am.”

“Does mine smell?” Simon asked, directing it twig-like shaft towards his father’s face.  “Precum is supposed to be salty but to me mine smells kind of sour.”

Guy leaned forwards for a sniff of his son’s cock-head and then smiled and declared, “Oh god… that’s really nice, actually.”


“Fuck yeah!  Really boyish and sexy.  Jesus… it’s making my mouth water!”

Simon grinned back at his father and I winked at Jake smirking back at me through the mirror.

Then Simon asked, “Can I have a smell of yours?”

Guy stood up and offered his thick chunky cock to his son’s eager nose.  It looked mostly soft but had a little life swelling it up: the flange of his cock-head was prominent under his foreskin and the blunt tip poked slightly proud of its opening.

He yanked his foreskin fully back and Simon leaned in for a sniff of his dad’s plump red helmet.

“Aw yeah, that’s hot!” he gasped and then pushed his nose in closer to inhale more deeply.  “It stinks of… well… ‘man’ and it’s making me really horny!”

Guy laughed and then suggested, “Do you want a sniff of my arse?”

“God no!” Simon chortled.  “You were farting like a bull before I woke you up!”

Guy laughed even louder.  “Oh sorry, mate.  Guess that’s not the sort of stink you’d like!”

Simon grinned over at me and I could tell he was on the verge of suggesting something naughty.  I threw Jake a small smirk as he pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and he made a subtle thumbs-up gesture as it was becoming steadily more obvious that father and son would soon be getting it on.

Finally Simon said, “Do you want to smell my bum?”

“Go on then,” Guy said, sitting back down on the bed.  “Just promise me you won’t blow off in my face!”

Simon chuckled as he stood up and turned his back to his dad.  He started pulling the back of his shorts down, with his wonderfully long cock raised high out front, and then lost his nerve and giggled, “No, it’s vulgar!  I can’t let my own dad sniff my backside!”

“It’s not vulgar!” I urged him.  “It’s all about the pair of you developing trust!”

That gave him all the encouragement he needed and he bared his arse for his dad, who leaned in for a sniff.  Guy didn’t just give Simon’s cheeks a quick once-over or have a tentative whiff from a distance; he plunged his nose firmly in between his son’s two pert buttocks and snorted hungrily right where his arsehole would be kicking out its raunchiest odour.

Guy bellowed at full volume: “Oh!  Fuck!  Yes!”

He grabbed Simon’s hips and nuzzled his face more deeply into the boy’s bum.  He inhaled great nosefuls of his son’s stink fresh from his tightly wrinkled anus, calling out, “Oh my god!  That is so fuckin’ hot!”

Simon pulled away, now looking more embarrassed than amused, and Guy leapt up from where he’d been sitting, yanking his briefs right down.  He jabbed his full erection furiously into the air, his bollocks bouncing violently inside his hairy nutsack, and called out, “I told you it leaks when I get horny!  Jesus me slit’s fuckin’ streaming!”

Simon turned around and looked at it, his eyes wide and face scarlet but with his own twelve-inch stalk still raised high.  Guy took the boy’s mood from the height of his hard-on rather than the discomfort on his face, and flaunted his enormous bull-cock at his son, laughing, “Look what your cunt-stink did to daddy’s prick!”

But that proved to be a bridge too far for Guy’s suddenly uncertain son. He cried out, “No!  Really, dad, no!  This is getting too much for me… I’m starting to seriously freak out!”

“Hey, chill dude!” Jake laughed over at his buddy.  “Your dad was just messing… weren’t you, Guy?”

“Oh… er… yeah,” Guy said, wrestling his throbbing manhood with difficulty back into the front of his briefs.  “Just reminded me a bit of your mum’s smell, that’s all…”

“You went too far, that’s all,” Simon said, still looking startled.  He tucked his own softening cock back into his pyjama shorts before adding, “I think I better go and take a shower.”

“Yeah, me too,” Guy nodded, now looking sheepish and realising that for the second time he’d overstepped the mark.

“Make it a cold one,” I whispered to him as the two men picked up their things and headed out of the room.

Once they’d gone, Jake and I looked at each other and we both exhaled together in tense relief.

“Fucking hell,” my son said, grabbing a t-shirt from his rucksack.  “One minute Simes is playing along, the next he’s throwing a paddy!”

“I keep telling Guy to take things one step at a time.  I couldn’t believe it last night when he pushed his dick against Simon’s backside… and didn’t he think before he leapt up so stupidly just now that he was basically telling his son, ‘I want to fuck you’?”

“Yeah, but at least the idea’s been planted,” Jake observed as he pulled on his t-shirt.  “Simon knows now that his dad’s horny for his arse… given a bit of time, he might start liking the idea of giving his old man what he wants…”

I smiled and nodded, buttoning up my shirt.  “I suppose that’s a possibility… but not if Guy keeps charging in like an over-excited bull.”


By all accounts, Guy and his son showered in near-silence and any attempts Guy made to soften Simon’s mood were met with curt, monosyllabic responses. Things continued to be strained as they got dressed back in the room and Simon only started to relax again while we having breakfast in a small street cafe a couple of blocks from the hostel.

By the time we caught a bus over to Park Guell, Simon was starting to smile at his dad’s stupid jokes.  Sitting in front of them on the bus, I heard Guy mutter a softly spoken, “I’m sorry,” to his son, and then Simon whisper back, “Just don’t call it my cunt.  I’m a boy and it’s my butt.”

I bought us all ice-creams at the entrance to the park and by now Guy and Simon seemed to be acting largely normally together.  We decided to split up to explore as the two young men claimed they wanted to see the mosaics at the top of the hill.  I suspected, however, from their sniggers and glances together, that their intention was to find a quiet colonnade so that Simon could see if he liked the feel of having his long cock buried deeply up Jake’s commodious arse.

It was becoming increasing hot and I didn’t feel up to climbing endless flights of steps, so Guy and I sat on a bench and chatted about the things that happened in the hostel room.

“You’ve got to rein it back a bit,” I told him.  “He’s sexually interested in you – that much is clear – but in terms of his willingness to take it further, he’s on a knife-edge.  Push him too far and you could ruin the whole plan.”

“I know… I fucked up,” Guy said.  “I just… I dunno… feeling his arsehole against my cock last night and smelling it up close this morning… it’s made me realise how much I want to do him for proper!”

“You really want to have anal sex with your son?”

“Yeah… before this holiday I would have been happy to just set things up so we sucked each other off now and then.  But now… Jesus!  His smell really did remind me of his mum and the feel of his tight little ringpiece last night… it was just so horny!  He’s my kid and I love him and I want to show him that love in a way that we both enjoy.”

I nodded.  “Yes, that’s how I feel about the sex I have with Jake.”

“So yeah… I want the deal to be that I wank him off while I’m behind him, doing him up the arse.  When he’s home from uni I want it to become normal that pretty regularly – maybe every few nights – we get together for a good, hard bumming.”

“Well we’re going to have to take it slowly.  You saw just now how easy we could blow this.”

“How about tonight back at the hostel, me and you suggest the four of us have a circle jerk.  Nothing too heavy… we’ll just say we’re all horny and we should sit round and have a wank.”

“That sounds very nice,” I chuckled, imagining the four of us naked with our hands pumping up and down our upright cocks.  “I think I’ll greatly enjoy it!”

“You reach over and start wanking Jake off and we’ll see if Simon lets me do the same to him…”

“I’m sure he will,” I asserted.  “Last night he let you rub that incredible erection he grows!”

“So then Jake returns the favour and starts wanking your dick and we see if Simon’ll reach over and have a play with mine…”

“Hmm… that’s less certain but still likely… he liked the look and smell of your cock just a few hours ago…”

Guy smiled and nodded.  “After that, we see how things pan out.  See how far we can push things without him flipping out.”

“Just be careful,” I smiled back.  “We’re making progress with ‘Operation: Simon’ but one wrong move and you and your son could be going home on separate flights!”


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