by Ricky


Chapter 1

“Tic, Dude, get in, just roll with us man. Fuck, got a fat dubee and we’re jus’ chillen. Hey, what do ya think of the ride man? Is this thing hot, or what? Jerry, turn up the tunes man. Fuck, here take a hit man. Hey, you know Smack Dog here and Cartwheel’s drive’n. Manson on the Gat over der. Yeah, like he’s datin’ my cousin, you know. Shit, he and his night crew go clippin’ the bling bling and Fat Henry turns it into green green. Just like the old days.”

“What the fuck man? Don’t be tellin’ this fuck ‘bout me and the night crew. I’ll have to go bustin’ a cap in yo’ ass. Man, I don’t know this guy from shit.”

“Chill dude, this here is the TIC man. He is stone cold proven. He wouldn’t say shit if it was droolin’ from the corners of his mouth, man. Provin’ man, you know what I’m sayin’? He’s done time twice. Taken Fat Henry’s secrets to the grave with him both times and shit man, he ain’t even 14.”

“Yo Manson, go slow man, I’m jus’ out of da chiller. Did an ace, now I’m back in my place. The Tic lives on blood, swears by the blood.”

Police lights, a speaker sounds. “Pull over now, Cartwheel!”

“Fuck man, how they know it’s me, man?”

“Hit the gas dude, fuck.” Just then the engine died. They looked up and there was nowhere to go that wasn’t blocked.

“Fuck man, just start eatin’ the dope.” TIC said, as if that was the answer.

“No Dude, it’s the rack they want. Fuck Onstar, man.” Onstar had disabled the vehicle.


“The Court will now here the case of : The State vs. Tyson Ignacio Coruthers”

“Is the state ready to proceed?”

“We are, your honor.”

“Is the defense ready to proceed?”

“No your honor, we are still in negotiations for a plea.”

“Mr. Jacobs, the time for bargaining is passed. We have witnesses subpoenaed and present, all parties are present and the defendant is familiar to this court. If you are not ready to proceed, then I want a very good reason for continuing. I will give you 15 minutes and that is only because I need to get rid of some coffee. When I return I expect to move on. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Jacobs?”

“Yes, your honor. Thank you for the courts indulgence.”

“All rise, this court stands adjourned for 15 minutes,” the bailiff announced.

“Alright Ty, here are your choices. Go to trial and do 2 years, plead guilty and go hang out on a red neck farm for a year. No bars.”

“Mr. Jacobs, this fuckin’ sucks. How was I supposed to know the ride was hot?”

“It doesn’t matter, lay with dogs you get fleas. Now, what’s it going to be? Say nothing and we go to trial. It is now or never.”

“Alright man fuck, I’ll take it. Shit.”

“All rise, this court will now come to session.”

“Thank you, be seated. Mr. Jacobs are we ready to proceed?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“How do you plea?”

“Guilty, your honor.”

“Very well, Tyson Ignacio Coruthers please stand and face the court. You have entered a plea of guilty. Do you understand the consequences of this action?”


“Excuse me?” The judge said, removing his glasses. Mr. Jacobs gave a quick nudge with his elbow.

“I mean, yes, your honor.”

“Mr Coruthers, this is the third time I have seen you in my court. Let me make myself plain here. It is the opinion of this court that habitual offenders are a menace to the community. Therefore, it is the judgment of this court that you attend and co-operate fully with the programs set forth in the terms of your plea. Namely, attending and working at the Ogden Castle Ranch for a period of one year. If you fail this program, or are involved in any illegal activities at all while you are there, you will be returned to our very own correctional system and held there until you are 18 years of age. I would make it longer, but the law prohibits me from doing so. Should you survive a year at the Castle ranch, you will be on probation for an additional year with the same stipulations. Mr. Coruthers, Mr. Castle is a friend of the court. That means he is doing this because he thinks he can make a difference. All he has to do is make a phone call. For any or no reason at all. And we’ll come and get you. Do you understand everything I have said?”

“Yes your, honor.”

The gavel strikes, next case.


The drive was unremarkable. Scrub and desert. Desert and scrub. Fuck, he thought, this is gonna be worse than prison. It’s in the middle of no fucking where. It was hot, dusty, and did I mention hot? Nothing as far as the eye can see.

“Hey, where is this place man? Christ, you’ve been driving across nowhere for like, two hours now.” Tyson blurted out.

“Mr. Coruthers if you would like to go back, I’ll be happy to turn around,” The officer said, smiling into the mirror.

“No man, that’s alright. I got nothin’ hanging there either. But look, do I gotta wear the jewelry here? Come on, we’re in the middle of bung fuck Cali. Where am I gonna go? My hands are getting numb.”

“You know the rules. You are always handcuffed during transport.”

“Yeah, alright. I wouldn’t want you to break no rules way out here where you’re being watched so close. But look, does the rule book say they have to be behind me? Can’t they at least be in front? Come on man, it’s been over two hours, it’s tearing me up back here.”

“Yeah, I guess I can do that.” The car slowed to a stop. He didn’t even pull over. There wasn’t another car on the road as far as he could see in either direction. Bill, the officer, was a big guy. He didn’t play games. He had a philosophy about his job. He wasn’t going to change how you choose to live your life, but if you treat him with respect, he’ll do the same. Give him shit and hell will rain down on you like a volcano eruption. He was enjoying this duty. Kids mostly, and delivering them someplace a long ways from home. It was always a long drive and he usually got to do it more than once because the failure rate was high. But it meant all day driving and listening to the radio or just thinking. He liked that. It beat the hell out of the major prisons. The last one almost killed him. Hence, the light duty now.

He opened the door and stood there and looked at him for a minute, then said, “I’ll be right back,” and closed the door again. He walked off a few yards and unzipped. It had been a bit and the coffee was running through him. He finished and shook before stuffing it back in and heading back to the car. He opened the door again. “Here’s what I’m gonna do. You’re gonna slide your ass over here and stand up facing the car. I’m going to take the cuffs off. Then, you are going to say thank you sir and we’ll go from there. Any questions so far?”

“No sir, no questions.” He said as he scooted across the hard plastic back seat. His ass was glad to be off of it, if only for a minute. He stood up and faced the car. Bill took one foot and placed it between his and took a half step back with the other. He wasn’t going to take any chances. He undid the cuffs and placed them in his cuff holster on his belt. He stepped back, clearing his throat as he watched the boy rubbing his wrists. He heard him clear his throat and remembered that he wasn’t done. “Thank you, sir. That feels much better.”

“You need to take a leak?” Bill asked.

“Yeah, I could, if that’s alright, sir.”

Bill motioned for him to go ahead and walk away from the car to the rear. The boy did as he was instructed. He got to the side of the road and unzipped and pulled out his flaccid boyhood. The hot breeze tickled as the sweat evaporated. He shivered from the chill and it triggered his stream. Funny, he thought. So hot and I get chilled. It felt good to let loose outdoors. He stretched, reaching high into the air on his tip toes, still pissing an arc about three feet, finally subsiding and finishing with three final squirts. He shook it off and stuffed it back in and turned back to the car. As he started to get back in, Bill spoke.

“If you would like to stretch your legs a bit, I’m alright with it. We still have about an hour left to go. Just don’t get any ideas.”

“Thank you, sir.” Having served twice, he knew Bill. Well, he had never seen Bill before today but he knew the type. Every guard fit into one of about three or four types. He recognized Bill for the type that built walls to protect him. Show him respect and you’ll get the same. But he won’t get too friendly. His feelings could get hurt too easily.

“Come on, let’s walk a bit.” Bill started to walk up the roadway slowly. Tyson walked along with him.

“Mind if I ask you something?” Tyson asked.

“You can ask.”

“Why is it that some guys can go through life rippin’ and robbin’ and never get caught? Some guys can stand next to them, but not do anything, and go down for it every stinking time?”

“Is this the part where you are innocent?” Bill asked.

“Would it shock you to actually meet someone who was?”

“Son, I think today I am unshockable.”

“Well, you have today. The only thing I am truly guilty of is picking really shitty friends. This is my third time down and I have never so much as spit on the sidewalk. But, damn if the piece of shit I was with hadn’t just committed some bullshit. The first time I went down, I didn’t even know what was going on. Fats was my new friend. He had a cool ride, wore all the bling, and was buying the pizza. The next thing I know, three guys whip out the gats and start firing out the windows at some shit. Man, I hid in the bottom of the ride. When we got stopped, he told me if I talked I was going down. I about shit. I was scared to death. I just saw him bustin’ caps, so I knew he would do what he said. So I kept my mouth shut. That was six months and probation. I got out, was back on the street and son of a bitch if Fats didn’t send someone to pick me up. I went. I wasn’t too afraid, I did what he wanted and kept my mouth shut. He patted me on the back, told me I was alright and he was going to make it right to me. He told me that I could have his ride for the night to go cruising, maybe pick up some bitches or something. I told him, “Naw, that’s alright.” And he turned like I stung him or something. I guess turning down his ride erased everything before. So I told him to chill, I’d take the ride. Sure as shit, we’re out cruizin’ and he gets a call on his phone. Next thing I know, we have to go pick up a couple guys. What he failed to mention was they just jacked a couple rounds into a convenience store clerk over a 24 pack of suds. That cost me another eighteen months. I got out, back on the street four hours! One of the crew drives by and tells me to get in. I’m thinking, this is not a good choice, but then again I remembered what happened the last time I turned down a ride from Fats. These guys don’t like ‘no’ for an answer. I get in only to find out the ride is jacked. The next thing I know I’m in your back seat.”

“I was wrong,” Bill said, as he turned and started back.

“Wrong about what?” Tyson asked.

“That’s shocking.” Bill said, unbelieving.

“Yeah, I don’t blame you for not believing it. I almost can’t believe it myself. But believe me. All I want is to grow up and get a chance. It’s way too early to have a life this fucked up.”

“Hey, watch your mouth.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.”

“These people out here are not going to tolerate a foul mouth. These are horse people. Do you know what that means?”

He thought for a moment, “It means I’m likely to shovel a lot of horse shit.”

“Well, of that you can be certain. But it means they are honest to a fault. They are no bullshit people. Life is hard and they speak plainly. They don’t have a lot of city crap in their lives. You may think you’re stuck in hell for a while, but if you listen and try and learn to live with these people, you may find that chance you are looking for. You lie or steal or step out of line selfishly and you’ll find they have long memories. They won’t lie to you. They won’t bullshit you. What you see is what you get. And God help you if you try and mess over one of their own.”

“So, I’m the outsider.”

“I hope you got more out of what I said than that. Look, these people work hard for their money. Every dime of it. They are opening their lives to you. I don’t think you have a clue what a gift they are giving you. Think about that a bit. Learn to be humble and you may make it. Go in there with a chip on your shoulder and I expect you will be seeing me again real soon. And I won’t be taking you back to the street.”

“Yes sir. I understand. I’ll try my best. I’m a little scared. The last two years I have spent in a cage. I’m not even fourteen yet. I’m so mixed up inside. I’m not even sure of what’s right and wrong anymore.”

“Listen son, you be straight up with these people. Give ’em a chance. They went out of their way to give you this chance. Now, about ninety-nine percent of the kids in the cage would not take advantage of this and I have to tell you that the last six I have brought out here I have taken back. They were too concerned about being cool to be honest. It cost them their freedom. Honesty is the key here.” They got back to the car and Bill opened the back door. Tyson stopped and turned to him and put both wrists in front of him. Bill looked at him and looked around as if there was someone to see.

“Look, go on and get in. Just don’t make me regret it, alright son?”

“Thank you, sir,” he said, and slid into hard plastic seat. Bill looked at the seat for a moment and closed the door. He opened the front door and took the shotgun out of its mount and emptied the shells out of it before walking around to the trunk and opening it. He placed the shells in the box and placed the shotgun in the bed before closing the trunk lid. He opened the back door and spoke.

“Your politeness and the fact that you are doing everything I tell you to do has already changed your life. It has earned you a bracelet free delivery as well as a ride on a softer seat up front with me. Don’t make me regret it. Come on, get out.”

Tyson slid out and stood up. Walking around, he opened the door and slid into the front of the cruiser.

Bill got in and started the engine. “Put your seat belt on son.”

“Yes sir. Thank you, sir,” he replied. He wasn’t quite sure why, but his emotions were in turmoil. Bill’s kindness caused his eyes to fill. He looked away out the side as gentle tears rolled down his cheeks. Bill tried not to notice as he slid a package of tissues over the desk top between their seats. He felt something special for this kid. He didn’t know why. Every kid had a story and it was usually a lie. He didn’t feel that way about this kid. But could the system be so screwed up that this kid indeed was innocent? Believing that would destroy his faith in the system of justice. As ineffective as it was, he still had faith in its ability to determine truth or guilt. Even if its ability to punish or rehabilitate was shit. But this kid touched him. He thought he might make it.

Tyson blew his nose and his tears subsided. It was about two in the afternoon when they left the desert and drove into the pine forest. It was a dramatic change in scenery.

“Wow, big change,” Tyson said, looking at all the trees.

“Yep, we left the high desert. Listen, you have to really listen to these people and don’t go wandering off. These hills are far more dangerous than the streets you came from. They have lots of wild animals out here. Mountain lions, bobcats, bears, cougars and a ton of things you’ve probably never heard of, but any and all of them can and will kill you without any hesitation. They don’t think about going to prison, they think about how long they can survive off of eating you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“They also have snakes. Cotton mouths, timber rattlers, copperheads, coral snakes, not to mention scorpions and black widow spiders and such. So you stay close to those that know and you’ll be alright.”

“Yes sir, I will.” His eyes were glued to the window, looking to see if he could see any of the animals that he was sure were watching him, waiting for him to get out. He was really afraid now. He had not even considered this part. Why didn’t they tell him about it? Shit, his breathing was shallow and rapid. His adrenalin was pumping. “How do people live out here if all those things are waiting for you every time you step outside?”

“You learn to keep your eyes open and what to do in each case. You pay attention and they’ll teach you. Just stay close and you’ll be alright.” He slowed up, “Tyson, look,” he said, nodding up ahead. It was a fawn and a young doe eating by the side of the road. “I wonder what they are still doing up? They should be bedded down long before now.”

Tyson’s eyes glowed at the sight of them standing free in the wild. He turned to watch them bound off into the woods as the car drove past. “Wow! That was too cool. And just running around free.”

“Is that the first time you have ever seen deer in the wild?”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything but a dog or a cat. Well, there was a kid that lived up the street that had a ferret. But I’ve never seen anything like that, except of course on TV.” He was hooked, he stared out the window hoping to see something else. Bill smiled. He hated to admit it, but he liked this kid.

“It’s just up ahead a bit. So, you think you are ready?” Bill asked.

“No sir. I’m sure I’m not. But, I am hoping they will give me a chance and not write me off before I get out of the car. They’ve been burned six times before. I can’t help but wonder what the other six did wrong and wonder if it is something I would do without thinking. It’s sorta like going to a foreign country, I guess. You know, like I read in Global Studies once. In Turkey you can insult someone by letting them see the sole of your left foot. How can someone know that going into it? So yeah, I’m plenty scared. I screw up enough without doing anything at all. I’ve learned you don’t have to do anything to be guilty.”

Bill reached over and tapped his arm, “Not here. You be honest in what you don’t know and listen to them. Let them teach you. They’ll take care of you. But, you can’t go in there all jive talking and proud. Go honest and humble and you’ll be fine.”

They pulled into a drive and followed it along a fence line toward some ranch style buildings and came to a stop in front of the main house.

“Here we are. Just get out and I’ll introduce you.” Tyson took a deep breath and opened the door. The door to the ranch house opened and a man, about forty he guessed, came out and started down the steps. He was slim at the waist, in blue jeans and boots that looked like they had seen better days. He had broad shoulders and his skin showed he spent a lot of time outdoors in the sun. His hair was a brown, bleached naturally by the sun. He needed a haircut about a month ago.

Bill opened the trunk and got out a small duffle bag with Tyson’s clothes in it and handed it to him just as the man got to the car. He held his hand out to Bill.

“Hey Bill, how are you? So good to see you. What did you bring us this time?”

“Hey Oggie, always a pleasure to see you. This time I brought you a young one. I could be wrong but I think this one shows some promise. Mr. Ogden Castle, let me introduce to you Tyson Ignacio Coruthers.”

Oggie put his hand out to Tyson, “Pleased to meet you Tyson Ignacio Coruthers, just call me Oggie. What do your friends call you?”

“They just call me TIC, sir.”

“Right. Well, around here a tic is not something we like, so how about we call you Ty, would that be alright?”

“Yes sir, that’ll be just fine, sir.”

“Yeah, and about that sir, thing. It’s just Oggie. Sir makes me sound like my father. Come up inside here and you can meet my son and we’ll have a cup of something. Bill, come on in and have a cup of coffee. Take a break.”

“Right, let me get his file. I have some paperwork for you.”

“You know the way,” Oggie said as they made their way up the steps and into the house. “Come on in here and have a sit. We’ll get to know each other a bit. You’re a good bit younger than what we normally get. How old are ya?”

“I’ll be fourteen in about six weeks, sir.” Oggie’s head snapped towards him when he said sir. “I mean Oggie, uh sir.” He smiled.

“Keep tryin’ son, you’ll get it.”

“Well, my son will be glad to see you. He didn’t get along too well with any of the others. They were all a good bit older than him and thought they could push him around a might. They were wrong and found that out pretty fast. He’s a good boy and I love him. I’m pretty proud of him too. You see, I keep believing that I can help one of you kids and although we haven’t been too successful, he still stands behind me wanting to try. Truth is he’s the one who pays when it doesn’t work out. Our lives aren’t too hectic. We don’t fight and have dissention. Oh, I don’t mean we don’t disagree or have arguments, but it’s not an everyday way of life around here. So, when I bring one of you guys in our home and the shit starts on a daily basis life becomes un-fun. But he tolerates it. He’s out checking the fence line right now, but he should be back in just a bit. You want a coke?”

“Yeah, sure. Please. That would be very nice.”

“Manners. Now that’s a first for us. It’s appreciated already.” Bill walked in to find a cup of coffee with a milk carton and sugar bowl sitting in front of it. Bill sat down and slid a file across the table to Oggie. He opened the file and took a brown envelope and set it aside. He took the form and signed it and slid it back across the table to Bill.

“You signed this one pretty fast there Oggie. You usually wait ‘til you’ve had a chance to size them up.”

Oggie smiled over his cup of coffee at Bill, “Doesn’t take me long to handle a hot horse shoe Bill.”

Bill smiled and looked over at Ty. Ty just had a puzzled look on his face. He missed something but was pretty clueless as to what that could be. They sat and stared at each other for a few minutes. Ty broke the silence.

“Um, Oggie, I need to say something and I’m not sure I’m going to say it right. But, well, I want you to know that no matter how this turns out that, well, I appreciate you taking a chance on me. I know I’m from the city and I know I’ve screwed up everything I have ever touched in my life and I’ll probably screw this up too. But, I won’t intentionally do it. I just sort of have this cloud that seems to follow my life. But thanks for the shot at it anyways.”

Bill looked at Oggie, waiting to see his response.

“Thank you Ty. That shows me that you aren’t starting off taking things for granted. That, in itself, shows character. It’s good for a man to have a good character.” He picked up the file. “You know what this is?”

“Yes sir. It’s my jacket.”

“Well, let me say this right here, right now. I don’t know what is in here. I don’t care.” He licked the seal and folded it over and sealed the envelope. “As of this moment, it doesn’t exist. Nothing you did before this moment counts. You have the opportunity to start here again fresh. Clean. We’ll judge you by who we see before us here today and who you become tomorrow. You be completely honest and try and fit in and we’ll do the same. It doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes and you won’t make mistakes. We all do. But it’s how you deal with things when you are wrong that make the man. And whether or not you repeat your mistakes or learn from them. Does that sound like a deal?”

“Yes sir, it sounds like the best deal I’ve had in my entire life.” He said with just a hint of tears welling up in his eyes.

Bill decided he could be the best diversion right then and said, “Well Oggie, the coffee was awful as usual, but the company couldn’t be beat. But I figure I better head on down the road, there’s a lot of it ahead of me. So what do you think? Gonna keep this one or should I put him back in the car?”

Ty looked up quickly at Bill then at Oggie. He drew a short breath. Oggie could see the panic forming inside him, not realizing the intended joke Bill was making.

“Oh, I think we’ll keep this one for a while Bill. Look, if you have some vacation time coming you are welcome to come up here and spend a little time as my guest. Bring the family, we have lots of room. We’ve got great fishing, hunting, horses. We don’t have many annoyances to contend with. You know you are welcome any time.”

“Thank you Oggie,” he said, looking around from the porch, “I just may surprise you and take you up on that offer.”

“I intend that you should. My door is open any time for you.”

“Take care then. You have my number, call me if you need me.”

Ty stepped down the porch, “Excuse me, sir,” he said, stopping Bill. He held out his hand to Bill, “Thanks. I hope when you come back to go fishing, I’m still here. Thank you for the freedom and for talking to me on the way. You could have been like any other guard. I’ll try not to disappoint you.”

Bill smiled. “Ty, if ever I thought someone might just make it, it’s now, with you. I’ll be proud to see you make it. I don’t normally do this,” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a business card and handed it to him. “Here is my card. It has my cell phone on it. It has my email there too. If you’re allowed, drop me an email now and then. I’d like to know how you are doing. If you feel you ever need to talk, just call me. I’ll listen.”

Ty took the card from him and looked at it for a moment before he flung himself on Bill, wrapping his arms around him in a big hug. Bill paused a moment and hugged him back. He whispered to him, “You can do this. Just stay like this. Real and honest and humble. I think it’ll be alright.” He let go of him and winked as he got in his car and drove away.

As if on cue, Oggie turned towards the hillside and announced, “Right on time, here comes my boy now.” Ty turned to see a boy riding a horse coming in from the fence line along the trees. Ty studied him as he approached. He was a good looking boy. It was obvious who his father was. He had many of the same features. The same sun bleached brown hair. His eyes were so dark blue that you could almost disappear in them and his eyes were perfectly spaced above a square pointed nose and that above a most kissable mouth, that his lips that should never travel by themselves. He was breathtakingly beautiful as he rode up and stopped right in front of Ty. The horse was immense next to Ty’s small frame. He slung his leg over and slid off on the ground, landing in front of Ty who was standing there with his mouth open.

Oggie spoke, “Nick, I want you to meet Ty. He’s come to stay with us for a while. He’s the one with his mouth hanging open.” Oggie laughed. Ty blushed and closed his mouth.

Nick held out his hand and smiled, “Hey Ty. You just get here?”

Ty took his hand and shook it a couple of times but just held onto it. “Uh yeah, just got here.”

“Cool, can I uh, have that back? I’m gonna need it to tie up the horse.” He smiled as he pulled his hand back. The horse leaned forward and took his lips and nibbled at his cheek. He hadn’t even noticed the beast until that moment and he jumped back in freight falling on his butt.

“Hey, it’s alright. He won’t hurt ya.” He held his hand out to help him up. “Haven’t been around horse too much, have ya?”

“Uh, no. Like this is the first one. Ever. So, why was he trying to eat me?”

“He wasn’t, they’re herbivores. They don’t eat meat. He was interested in the salt on your skin. Horses love salt and they love sugar. Come on.” He walked over and tied the horse to the post in front of the house. He turned on the water to top off the five gallon bucket for the horse to drink. He picked up the garden hose and used his hand to wash the mud from the end of the hose before holding it sideways to his mouth to take a drink. Ty looked aghast.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting germs or something?”

Nick smiled. “We don’t worry too much about germs out here. This here is natural mountain spring water. This is what they put in all those plastic bottles that they sell to city folk. Here, try some.” He proffered the hose. Ty looked at it for a moment, then took the hose and ran it sideways across his lips like he saw Nick do. It was cool and wet and good tasting.

Nick watched this beautiful boy in front of him pucker those beautiful lips to take a drink. He studied his cashew shaped eyes as he squinted from the sunlight hitting those incredible green eyes. Ty’s nose was small and pointed and fit nicely on his small lithe frame. Back to those lips, they were speaking.

“Wow, you’re right. It’s good.”

Nick finished topping off the bucket and turned off the hose. “Come on, let’s grab a bite to eat and you can go back out with me to mend the fence.”

Ty just looked at him, “Out there? On that?” He said, looking at the horse.

“Well, it’s a bit far to walk. Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy it.”

“Don’t you worry about mountain lions and bears and stuff?”

“Well, you have to keep your eyes open, but for the most part, you leave them alone and they’ll do the same. There are exceptions like mating season or special times of the year, but for the most part, they don’t like how we taste or smell.”

Ty’s eyes got really big as he started looking around and wandering back up on the porch.

“You alright?” Nick asked. Ty swallowed hard, looking around.

“Yeah, but if you don’t mind, I think I’ll pass on being lunch.”

Nick laughed placing a hand on his shoulder, “Come on, let’s get a sandwich. We’ll talk a bit. You like bologna?”

Ty wrinkled up his nose, “Sorry, I’ve had that for lunch every day for the last two years.” Nick paused for a moment. It was the first sign he had shown of being incarcerated.

“No problem, let’s see. How about hot dogs?”

“Uh, can you say tubular bologna?”

“Oh, yeah. I guess I never looked at it that way. How about salami or ham? We have both.”

“Either is fine, thanks.”

“What do you like on it? Mayo?”

“Eww, no. That’s what they stuck the bologna to the bread with. Sorry.”

“No problem. I would probably feel the same way if I ate the same thing every day for that long.”

“Have any yellow mustard?”

“Yeah, dad will love ya. He’s the only one that eats it. Now he’ll have company.”

“What about dad?” Oggie asked, coming back into the kitchen.

“He likes mustard, dad.”

“Ah! He has taste! I spotted him for a good one right off the bat.”

“I figured to grab a bite and then I have to go back out over by the power lines. We had a cow get through. I couldn’t get it, so I need to go back out with a chunk of wire and my fence menders. I figured if Ty wanted to go, I could take him along on the back of Smokey. But, I think he’s a little concerned about the wildlife out there. I don’t think he’s done too much out of the city.”

“I haven’t ever been anywhere. I’ve been in . . . in jail for the last two years. All but a few hours. Before that, I was just a kid in the city. I’ve never even seen a real live horse ‘til now. And on the way here we saw a couple deer. Bill told me there are lots of animals out here that can hurt you, so I shouldn’t go too far from the house.”

“Well, it’s true that there are lots of things that can hurt you. Part of country living is learning to live with each other. Learning to respect each other’s way of life. If you respect their way of living then you should have no problems. It’s when people forget that they are wild animals that things go bad. Here is the key. If you see an animal that scares you, look it in the eye and don’t look away from it until you are safely out of its area. Never run, move slowly. Running triggers the animals hunting instincts and they will chase you. If you move calmly and slowly, then you will generally be safe. If you walk up on something and scare it, remember it is just as startled and scared as you are. Back away slowly, keeping eye contact and talking to it calmly. And this part is important. Baby animals are cute and don’t know to be afraid of people. Remember that where there are babies, there is a mother who will be really pissed off if she finds you near her babies. Never touch them and get away as soon as you can. Keep an eye out for the mother. If you do those things and remember those rules you will probably never have a problem with critters. Stay with Nick and he knows all about them. You’ll be ok.”

“Thanks, I feel a lot better about it. I mean, I’m still a little scared, but I’m better.”

“Good. Hey Nick, I put his bag up in the room next to yours. Thinking that maybe the bunk house wouldn’t be nearly so comfortable since he’s new and all. Will you show him around the house, you know where things are?”

“Sure, just as soon as we get done here, pa. Hey, it’s gonna be pert near 3:30 I figure when we get done with the fence. It’s the hottest part of the day. Maybe I’ll take him down by the lake, do a little skinny dippin’. That be alright, pa?”

“Sure, just don’t be too late. I figure to have supper on about six.”

“What are we having?”

“I don’t know, I was thinking maybe spaghetti. You like spaghetti, Ty?”

“Love it!”

“Ok then, spaghetti it is.”

“Cool, we better get a move on then. Come on Ty, I’ll show you where your room is.”

Nick lead Ty upstairs and showed him the bathroom and where they kept the towels and where to put his dirty laundry. He showed him his room. He walked in and turned completely around.

A huge smile came over his face. “All this is mine?”

“Yeah, all this,” Nick said, amused. The room was small by most standards. He had a bed, nightstand with lamp, an easy chair with foot stool and a chest of drawers. He went over to the window and opened it. He closed his eyes and breathed in as the wind blew his hair back. Nick just stood and watched. He mused at the value the young boy placed on these simple things. He wondered how one so timid and afraid could possibly have done anything wrong, let alone anything worth doing two years. He was small for his age and appeared to be frail. He was thin, he thought. Almost too thin, like he had not been fed. It occurred to Nick that one so meek might not have ever had a meal to himself. The older and bigger ones probably bullied his food away from him. All but the bologna sandwiches. The thought that he had only had one meal a day and it was a bologna with mayo for two years almost made Nick cry.

“Hey, come on, let’s go for a ride.”

A look of terror came over his face. “Can’t we just like walk there? I don’t much mind walking really. It’s healthy.”

Nick smiled and walked over, taking his arm, “Come on, trust me. You’ll like it once you try it. If you don’t we can walk back. Deal?” He asked.

“Ya, sure, deal.” Ty said, not feeling like he had a choice.

They went down stairs and out the front door. Ty grabbed a small length of wire and his pair of fence menders. A special pair of pliers that could cut wire, twist it, pry a staple out or hammer a nail in. He put them both in a canvas bag and draped it over the saddle horn.

“Ok, first things first. Always get on a horse from the left. And never sneak up on them. Talk to them. They’re really pretty smart animals. Now, watch how I get up. Put your left foot in the stirrup, grab the saddle horn and throw your leg over. That simple. Your turn.” He took his foot out of the stirrup so Ty could get his in. Ty reached and could barely reach the saddle horn. Nick reached down and hooked his arm under Ty’s. “Ready, 1 …2…3,” and he pulled him up as he threw his leg up and over Smoky. Smoky staggered a little and the movement frightened Ty. He wrapped his arms around Nick and squeezed as hard as he could. So hard he almost trembled.

“Hey, you’re alright. Relax a little. He’s just getting settled with the extra weight. Are you alright? You feel like you’re on ok?”

He nodded yes into his back. His face was still pressed into his back. “It’s okay I have control of the horse. He’ll do what I tell him to do. Now, sit up a bit and relax. We’re going to just walk a bit. Try and feel the horse move under you. See, this is what it should feel like. Nothing scary here.”

They went on and as they went further Ty relaxed a bit more. Nick just kept talking to him. “Just ride from the waist down. When he’s walking, let your hips rock with him. The saddle had a small roll on the back, a blanket he took with him for lazy days. He could spread it and sun himself by the lake. Ty found himself pushed up against Nick. As the horse walked and the boys rocked, it caused a problem Ty hadn’t even considered. And as soon as he noticed he was having a problem, he instantly had a big one. His rock hard dick was riding right up Nick’s butt crack. He tried relaxing a bit more and moving back, but it didn’t help. He just slid back into him from the curve of the saddle. Nick felt the intrusion and smiled. He felt Ty fidget to try and move back.

“You alright back there?”

“Uh yeah, just trying not to crowd ya too much, you know?”

Nick grinned, “Yeah, I can feel it’s getting a little more crowded back there.”

“Look, I’m sorry. It’s the horse. You know, it keeps rocking me into you, I can’t help it.”

Nick took his hand and placed it on his own rock hard package. “It’s okay, he does it to me too, sometimes. We’re almost there, then we can take care of it.”

“What do you mean, take care of it?”

“Well, I don’t know what city boys do when they get a hard on, but out here we jack off. You do jack off, don’t ya?”

“Well, not a lot. I mean, I have a few times. Where I was, there wasn’t much privacy and it wasn’t good to be small and start something. So, only once in a while, when I could do it without anyone catching me. The only other times was when someone else wanted me to.”

“Wanted you to what?”

He didn’t say anything.

“We’re here. Now down is easier, just swing your leg over and slide off the side. Don’t slide off the back and never stand behind a horse, it makes them nervous. So, slide off.”

Ty did as he was instructed, his feet hitting the ground and he fell back. He got up and brushed off his pants. His tent was obvious. Nick stepped down and dropped the reins. Taking the canvas bag off the horn, he pitched it to the side.

Looking down, his dick was pushing out against the canvass trousers and his outline was solid. Ty looked at it and it made his throb. He pushed his with the palm of his hand to relieve it from its bind.

Nick reached over and ran his fingers over Ty’s bulge. Ty trembled at his touch. His survival taught him to do as the Roman’s do, so he reached over and ran his fingers over Nick’s  protruding, canvas covered, throbbing boyhood. This time it was Nick who trembled. Ty dropped to his knees and unzipped Nick’s pants. He undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. He grabbed the waistband of his whitey tighties and pulled them down, releasing his throbbing, white hot steel to slap up against his smooth, hairless belly. Ty looked at it as he wrapped his hand around it and pulled it away from his belly. Nick just froze at his touch. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. He had never been touched by someone else this way.  Ty slid the skin back on his uncut shaft. The pink head was peaking through when he grabbed it and there was a drop of boy juice in the eye. Ty knew what to do, he had experience. This was familiar ground to him. He moved forward with his mouth opening to take it in.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Nick said.

“I’m taking care of it,” he said, taking the tip of his tongue and snatching the drop from the top. Nick gasped as he then rolled his tongue around the gland of his now super sensitive dick. Nick was no longer on this planet as he grabbed Ty’s head and began to pump eagerly into the waiting youngster’s mouth. He moaned as Ty fondled his balls with one hand and pulled his ass into him with every stroke. Nicks naked mound met his lips time and time again as he felt himself boil up. He tried to tell him to stop, to tell him he was going to cum, but the more he said wait, the harder Ty sucked and the more he milked his balls into cumming until he screamed and blasted time and time again with wave after wave of orgasm washing over him and still he went on sucking him hungrily. Nick went down and fell back with Ty still attached to his super sensitive dick. He started to speak but Ty’s hand found his perineum and he rubbed it with his knuckle. Nick moaned and squirmed under his administrations. Grabbing his head with two hands, he squirmed, slowly pumping his now hardening cock in and out of his mouth. Ty’s finger found the moist, sweat slick pucker as his aroma filled Ty’s brain with more fog. He pressed in and felt Nick jolt forward as he entered.

“Hey, what the . . . Ok. Fuck, that’s . . . oh fuck. Do that some… Jesus Christ.” He shuddered as Ty found his prostate and Ty began to rub it slowly as he felt Nick start to squeal incoherently and his tremors began to resonate like a sternly rubbed violin string as Ty played him. Thoroughly and completely, Ty felt his cock swelling in his mouth for the second time, and he sucked for all he was worth as he bobbed up and down and rubbed his prostate and wiggling his finger tip as he witnessed Nick become an animal thrashing and pumping until finally he pushed up on his left heel and bucked up onto his right shoulder. He froze as pulse after pulse blasted from his dick into Ty’s waiting gullet. He finally collapsed back on his back, unable to speak. He was weak as he pulled Ty up and off of his dick. He brought him up eye to eye, but Ty wouldn’t look at him. He pulled him into an embrace and kissed him. His tongue finding battle with the other. Ty’s breathing was getting ragged as Nick sought to undo his snap and unzip his pants.  He ran his hand down into his underwear and felt the throbbing six inches of moist, leaking boy dick. He pulled his pants down off of him and got close, very close, to his cock. Ty could feel his warm breath as he breathed in his boy scent. His tongue snaked out and tasted the drop of precum that was running down the tip. He grabbed his cut piece of iron and sucked it down to the root, his mouth meeting his also vacant mound. He swirled his tongue around as Ty started to try and squirm away, but Nick stayed on him as he started to buck. His hands grabbed two fists full of hair as Ty pulled into him. Nick noticed his dick was swelling bigger.

“I’m gonna shoot!” He yelled as Nick redoubled his efforts, trying to suck him inside out. He moved his head up and down on his steaming, screaming, little rod. Ty let loose with a scream as he pulsed several quick, hard blasts of sweet boy jam down the waiting, sucking, boy pump.  He bucked back as Nick sucked back to the head.  Ty brought his knees up and pushed him back.

“Stop!” he said, “I can’t take any more.”  Nick released his cock and moved up to his mouth. “That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt. Thank you.”

“Me too,” Ty said in a whisper. “I’ve never. . .” he didn’t finish.

“You’ve never what?” Nick said, coming up to lay next to him.

“I’ve never had anyone do that for me before. Now I know why they liked it so much.”

“They let you do that in jail?”

“They made me do it in jail. At first, I didn’t like it, but it kept me safe. Later, I learned to like it a lot and sometimes I would ask them to let me. I guess I got good at it because they let me a lot. It hurt a lot less than when they . . . when they did other things to me.”

“Well, you certainly are good at it. But you didn’t think you had to do that did you?”

“No, not really. But you said we needed to take care of it. Whenever they said that, this is what we did. Well, not the second part, just the first. Nobody ever did me. I was too small.”

“Well, I was figuring to just jack off or maybe even jack each other off. I never even considered this. I never tasted another boy before today, before you. I like your taste.”

“I like yours too.”

“But look, this is important. Never feel like you have to do stuff. If we do stuff, it’s because we want to, not because you have to. You understand? And never let dad know we do this kind of stuff.”

“Why not? The guards used to make me do it a lot. They all liked it.”


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