Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 22

“Come here,” Elliot whispered to Jan. “I want to suck your ear lobe.”

“Dooon’t! Can’t you see I’m sleeping?”

“Not anymore.” He giggled nibbling on his ear.

“Look if you really want something to suck on I can offer you a better target. But I think you better let me up and drain it first because my morning wood feels like it’s about to tear skin I’m so hard.”

Elliot scooted on top of him, wood to wood, “What’s your hurry?” he said as he ground into him a little. His eyes grew large, “Dude you’re on my bladder!” He rolled out from under Elliot and leaped from the bed falling flat on the floor.

“Forget something?” Elliot said giggling as he handed Jan his prosthetic leg.

“Damn, I haven’t done that before.” His blushing was full on. “I guess it’s feeling a little more natural now and I just forgot it wasn’t there.” He looked at Elliot hopefully, “You won’t tell anyone about this right?”

“Jan, You know me better than that, come on,” He reached out to help him up.

“Good I’ll be right back.” This time he ran for the bathroom.


“Thirty-four! Thirty-four text messages. Look at that!  While you sat on your fat batteries for our cell phones just so you could get your rocks off, the whole world fell apart!”

“Ya, but it was worth it don’t you think? I know I got a charge out of it. Besides, what could have happened in 48 hours that could be so life changing? I mean our little group is not really made up of a bunch of daily drama queens ya know.”

“Jess is dumping her for me! 4 ME! From Jeremy.”

“Mom outed me to Janice! From Jess. Well I guess that made that part easier. Man when that boy makes changes he does it in a big way.”

Oh shit, Does it say anything else? Are they ok?

Elliot just glared at Jan. “Let’s see, Mark went over to Gil’s and they made uhm looks like ‘Bongo bongo’; must be a type of cookie or something.”

“Sounds more like a fungus.”



“A text and 2 missed calls from T-Rex.”

He outed himself to Ernie and it didn’t go well. Shit,shit,shit!”

“What, what, what?”

“It started a chain reaction. He’s outed to his mom and dad too!”

“Oh damn! That sucks.”

“No, it’s good, they’re alright with it. But T Rex is trashed. Torn apart. He says he’s alone and empty inside.”

“Fuck, is there more? Is he alright.”

“Don’t know wait looking, looking, looking. HERE! It says Ernies good with it. And he KISSED him!”

“What? Let me see that. Are you sure?”

Look, definitely. Says right here. His dad walked in on them squirming together on the floor and then he kissed him just as the door opened.”

“Shit, talk about coming out the hard way.”

“I don’t think so. I think he came out before when Ernie hung up on him.”

“Wait, when did that happen?” Three texts back when he felt empty and alone.”

“Come on.”

“Where are we going?”

“To get naked in the shower.”

“Is that all you ever think about?”

“Dude, do you want to go to school smelling of sex and being all skanky?”

“Oh, then no sex?”

“I didn’t say that. I just said we need to wash it off afterwards.”

“So you do care about our friends?”

“DUH! You know I do. I just needed some time for ‘us’. You make time for everyone else and their problems but when do ‘we’ get ours? I don’t know about you but I look at your body and want it. Then I can’t have it and I get all frustrated.”

“Hmmm, I see your point.” He said looking over his naked body in the mirror. “I’d want me too.”

Smack! Jan smacked his bare butt cheek with a hand that came away leaving a red hand print.

“Ouch! You’ll pay for that. You wait.”

Jan wrapped his arms around Elliot. “I’m not sharing that body with anyone! Not even you. It’s all mine.” He leaned in and nibbled on his earlobe as they pressed their contours into each other’s perfect fit. “Come on, shower! We have to make sure T-Rex is ok.”

“You are so sweet. See that’s why I love you.”

“Oh? I thought you loved me for my ‘fat batteries’ that I was sitting on.”

“Well I love those too.”

“Fat? Really?”

“Well this flashlight sticking out in front of you is sorta nice.”

“Let me light up your life. Get in the shower.”

“What about your leg?”

“Waterproof, shutup and give me the lube, uhm I mean the soap.


“Hello Mrs Diaz, This is Jared Steiner. I was wondering if we could talk for a minute.”

“Sure, uh Jeramie’ in school.”

“Ya, I know.  Look, I’m not very good with this. So let me get right to it. I lost my wife and now I think I’ve lost my son. Uhm I’m in counseling and well they were wondering if I thought  that Jeremy might come too. I told them that I’ve been pretty stupid. I won’t pretend that I’m alright with it, uhm with the gay thing, but I’m trying to understand it. I’m trying to be ok with it. But it might take a little time. They said, uhm it depends on me as to how long.

Look I just can’t lose my son. I love him. I wish his mom was here, she’d know what to do.”

“Jared, may I call you Jared?”

“Of course”

“Jared there isn’t really much to do but to love them. Support them and reassure them that it is normal and they are ok.”

“Them?” It was quiet on the line as he waited.

“Yes, I’m afraid we are in a bit of the same boat. Jess came out to us when he found out how distressed Jeremy was and that Jess had hidden his feelings away from everyone including Jess. When you guys had your argument, well the chemistry was just there and it happened, they fell in love with each other. And I must admit, it was a surprise to us as well, but they bring out the best in each other. They really are good together. And Jeremy’s smile is infectious.”

“He smiles? I haven’t seen a smile on his face I don’t think since before his mother died. I miss his smiles. Look, I do love Jeremy. I’ve never stopped. He’s my son. Do you think he would maybe consider going to counseling with me? Maybe with his help and patience, we can rebuild something. I don’t know what, I’ve just about ruined anything that was left in him in the way of fatherly love.”

“Well, I can’t speak for him Jared but I know he still loves you, he’s told me so. Often through tears. I think, if you wanted to be sure that he would come, that if you asked him and Jess to come together you could see them interact with each other and Jeremy would not be as frightened. I think he would be more willing to come if he didn’t have to do it alone.”

“So you think there is still a chance for us?”

“If you mean, is there a chance for the three of you, then my answer would be yes. But it is still going to take some time. And Jeremy is welcome to continue staying here until you and he are comfortable with him moving back. When is your next counseling session?”

“Next Thursday at seven after work. Would you ask him if he’ll come?”

“No, I think that would be best coming directly from you. But I’ll make sure I’m available to drop them off and I can ask him to call you tonight. I think he will be very happy. He misses his dad a lot.”

“His dad misses his son too. Thanks for talking with me.”


“Thomas, are you sure you want to go to school with that knot on your forehead? I think you should stay home and rest.”

“Mom, I can’t. If I do then Jinx will think he hurt me.”

“Why would he think that? It was Tactless Ted that opened the door.”

“Ya but Jinx thinks it’s because he’s cursed or something. If I stay home it will just feed that. And I like him. Besides, Ernie’s counting on me to be there today so he can be gay with me and maybe get a date with a girl. They’re both counting on me Mom, I have to go.”

“Alright but if you get a headache or anything you go straight to the nurse and I’ll come and get you ok?”

“Sure Mom but I’ll be alright.”

“So you like him like him? Or just ‘like’ him?”


“Alright, alright. I was just askin’. Maybe you should have him over for dinner. Maybe Friday and you guys can watch a movie and I’ll make some popcorn.”

“Really? This Friday?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Ya, sure. Uhm why not?”

“See if he wants to spend the night. We can take you guys over to the Regal and you can see a movie. My treat!”

“Spend the night?” T Rex fidgeted.

“Or not. Maybe just dinner.” His mother back peddled realizing the implications.

“Uh, ya. Thanks mom. I don’t think I’m ready for that step yet.”

“T, honey. Just because someone spends the night doesn’t mean you have to uhm, well, I mean like Ernie spent the night lots of times and you didn’t . . .”

“No! I mean I wouldn’t, uhm I mean Mom. We’re not having this conversation. Love you. Don’t wanna be late, bye!”

“T uhm, shit! I’m sorry this is all so new to me yet. I didn’t mean to uhm. You know. I mean , if you wanted to  that would be alright I mean like if you wanted to have a friend stay over. Uhm just like friendly kinda.”

T was shocked at his mother’s use of language and realized this was probably the first of many conversations they would have like this. “Mom, you are the best.” T-Rex hugged her and kissed her on the cheek as he made for the door.


“Right, books, almost forgot. Love you!”


“You look a little nervous.”

“Me? Nervous? What do I have to be nervous about? My Girlfriend is going to tell her friends that we are no longer an item, that I found someone else. They’re going to ask me who it is and I am going to tell them it’s a guy. What could I possibly be nervous about,”

“You don’t have to tell them you know.”

Jess took Jeremy’s hand and looked him in the eye. “Yes, I do.”

Jeremy stopped and turned him to look at him. “Jess, I don’t care if anyone knows but you. You’re all I care about in the world.”

“Jer, I love you and I am not ashamed of our love. I’m just nervous, ya know? I don’t know how people are going to take me being . . you know, uhm gay.”

“You still have trouble even saying it. Why not wait a bit until you’re more comfortable with it yourself? Why do they need to know today?”

“Wait, are you saying that you don’t want anyone to know you love me?”

“That’s not what I said at all. Look, since I came out my world hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses you know. The few that know at school are ok for the most part but they’re gay too. I’ve seen others that had a really hard time when it got out. I’m not sure you’re ready for that or me either for that matter. I’ve been scared to death what will happen when the rest of the school finds out.”

“Look, there is another reason I have to do this.” He paused for a moment. “I need to do this for my brother. And for the Phillips still hiding in school. The only way to make it safe for everyone is for the rest to see it is normal and ok. I really need to do this.” Jess pulled into him and kissed him, right there on the street. “Nothing will happen. I’ll be right there with you no matter what. Together we can get through anything. Come on. Time to face the music. Let’s make sure it’s the right tune.”


“Jinxy! Are you ready for school yet! You’re gonna be late!”

“Ya mom! Be down in a second.” Damn hair!, he said to no one in particular. “It’s this shirt. It just doesn’t go with these pants.” He rushed to the drawer and pulled out three shirts pitching two aside and ripping the one off over his head before slipping on the next. “No not right.”

“Jinx you’re going to be late!”

“Coming mom!” “Shit, shit, shit.” He mumbled before ripping that one off and reaching for the next.

“Jinx! 2 Minutes, I mean it! I’m not gonna be late for work because you’re dragging your butt! Now come on!”

“Damn” he said as he grabbed the first shirt he had on and threw the other on his bed before grabbing his book bag and hitting the steps at a full run.”Sorry mom, couldn’t find the right shirt.” He huffed out of breath. His mother stood staring with wide eyes but she said nothing for a moment and leaned in sniffing.

“Mmm you smell good.” Her smirk said what had not yet fallen off her lips. But he moved fast.

“Come on, don’t wanna be late, remember?” And he sprinted for the door to the passenger side. He opened it and started to climb in but seemed to be having some difficulties. His mother got in and started the car. He was still struggling to get in, finally sliding his butt to the front end of the seat he leaned back and managed to get the seat belt on and closed the door. His mother watched the boy squirm in the almost painted on blue Jeans.

“Little tight?” She asked again with a devilish grin.

“Uhm, no not really, just uhm a little binding on the junk, er, uhm I mean you know the family jewels.”

“I’m not surprised, I got those for you two Christmases ago.”

“Ya, I know, they’re my favorites, that’s why I still wear them though they give me such pain. I just want to show you how much they mean to me mom.”

His mother pulled over to the curb and started to get out. “What are you doing mom! We’re going to be late!”

“Son, this is a new outfit, I just want a moment to roll up the cuffs a bit on the slacks. The bull shit you’re spreading is already all over the shoes.” She grinned as she sat back down and started the car moving again. The Blush on Jinx’s face said it all. He was busted. “So you gonna tell me?”

“Nooooo!” He blushed more and turned his head to look out the window. Another 2 minutes that seemed like days and Jinx was opening the door and trying gracefully to get out of the car. His mother hid her face as she chuckled and he noticed. She held up her hands, “I said nothing!”

He grinned an identical evil grin that said the smile gods had blessed them both the same. “Love you mom. See ya tonight. Have a good day at work.” He closed the door and she took just a moment to watch his way too tight butt shifting like a bag full of puppies before sighing and thinking that these days are all too fleeting. She accelerated and left the drop off.


“I don’t know what it’s about Gil, Elliot just said to come to school early and meet him and Jan in the cafeteria for breakfast.”

“Come on he HAD to say something more, think!”

“There’s nothing more to think about that was the message. That and it has something to do with a lot of other people.”

“See! That wasn’t all the message. What else did he say. Mark? Think!”

“Gil, you know how Elliot is. He gets his mouth runnin’ like a ducks ass at berry picking time and you can’t make heads or tails of it and you sure can’t get a word in edgewise and the next thing you know he’s gone. I’m not even sure he said goodbye. I was lucky to get THIS much.”

“Well, ya. He can go pretty fast and sometimes a little disjointed.”

“A little disjointed? ‘Jer lef Janice quit trexes zout arns qwiz en dadsquirmin’? Nothing disjointed about that. It’s just babble.

Gilbert froze and Mark walked a step or two before noticing and returning to Gils glare. “What!?”

“Holy crap! You mean that Jeremy left Janice for Jess, T-Rex came out to his folks and his dad found him and Ernie bumpin’ junk?” Mark just glared at him incredulously.

“How could you get anything close to that, out of that jumbled up mess Elliot sprouted? I’m beginning to think you’re as crazy as he is.”

“No, I just know how to translate Elliot speak. I’ve been studying. Come on, we gotta go get the rest of it. Wow!”


“Hey Janice, Where’s Velcro boy this morning?”

“Oh, uh, hi Kit. You mean Jeremy?”

“Who else is stuck to your side every morning?”

“Well, we aren’t  anymore.”

“Oh you poor dear! Come, sit down and tell us all about it. Then we can all hate him too.”

“No, it’s not like that Kit. We’re just movin’ on. He’s still my best friend and I suspect he always will be.”

“Oh, it’s worse than I thought! He used the old, “Can’t we just be best friends?’ line. That Bastard!”

“No, actually I used that line on him.”

“Wait, you dumped him? Is there someone new? Who?”

“God Kit, why does it have to be someone dumping someone else, it’s not the only way to break up you know. And if you must know, he found someone that really touches places in his heart that I just didn’t.”

“Oh you poor thing, he DID dump you! Men are all pigs.”

“Kit stop it. I still love him and he loves me. He just wasn’t ‘IN’ love with me. And I’m happy for them. I really am.”

“Them! You caught them in bed together? You know who it is? I’ll help you rip her hair out.”

“UGH! Kit, you aren’t listening. We parted best friends and I would never do anything to screw that up. I want them both to be very happy together. No one is pulling anyone’s hair out.

“Who’s trying to pull whose hair out?”

“Tor!, Jeremy and Janice broke up. He dumped her for another girl! Can you believe it?”

“No way! You guys were like all sunshine and rainbows for like ever. I figured you would go to college together, buy a house and settle down to be domestic with each other. What happened?”

“Tor, don’t listen to Kit. You know how she is, if there isn’t any drama, she’ll make some. He simply fell in love with someone else. ”

“He cheated on you?”

“Tor, not you too. Look, we parted best friends. I wasn’t replaced. I never really had his heart to begin with. I want him to be happy.

Kit cupped her hands around her mouth as if pretending to say something discreet. And in a stage whisper she said, “Denial” Stretching it out like only she recognized her condition for what it was.

Janice turned to tor and cupped her hands making no pretense of discretion, “Idiot drama queen!”

“It’s alright Janice, we understand.” Kit said giving her a consoling rub on her back. “Look, you are the sweetest and best looking girl in our class. I don’t care who it is, we can help you get him back. Don’t worry.”

Smirking Janice said, “I don’t think so.”

“So who is the little tramp anyways.” Tor asked politely.

“Oh Tor, not you too! I was counting on you to have a level head and help me control the drama queen. Look! Both of you.” She said taking their hands and making sure she had their undivided attention. “I still love Jeremy and he still loves me. He just isn’t ‘IN’ love with me. I don’t complete him. His new love does. It’s just that simple. No one to blame because no one has done anything wrong! Do you understand?”

Tor shook her head understanding before looking down at her hand in Janice’s and then back up to her face. “I understand. This must really hurt. I’m sorry. You are just so brave. I would be a mess if it were me. But are you going to give up without a fight? I would FIGHT for my man! I wouldn’t let some crusty hoe steal what was mine. Not without a fight anyways! So you gonna tell us who the little bitch is or are we gonna have to beat it out of your boyfriend?”

Janice just shook her head, “You guys are hopeless!”

“Don’t worry honey, we got your back.” Kit said with a knowing nod to Tor.

“Ah! Here comes mister wonderful now. Hey, why’s he draggin’ Jess in by the hand?”

Janice got to her feet and quickly ran over to Jeremy and took jess’s hand and lead them over to the table with the two girls. “Guys, these are my friends the drama queen twins, Kit, meet the little tramp, Tor, this is the crusty hoe. Have a nice day girls.” And she turned and lead them both over to Jan and Elliot’s table. Looking at the seating they added another table dragging it from the next set over.

Jeremy looked at Janice and asked, “Crusty hoe? Really?”

“What?” Elliot blurted out.

Looking back at Elliot Jess smirked, “I guess that is worse than ‘the little tramp’ don’t you think?” he looked questioning at Janice.

“Sorry, I tried to explain that we just sorta broke up and they started in on the “all men are pigs and stuff so I tried to get them to stop and then they went into evil bitch mode. Actually I’m glad you guys came in when you did, I think they were rapidly approaching ‘evil back biting slut’ mode.”

“Jeremy! What are you doing over here? Batting for the other side now?”

Jeremy froze and took a breath before standing up and turning around to face the voice. “Stan! Hey, uhm, well uhn ya, kinda.”

Stan’s eyes grew big for a moment. “Oh, uhm shit, ok, uhm awkward. I gotta go.”

“Wait!” Jeremy said finding his conviction while pulling Jess to his feet as Stan stopped and turned back around. “You should know its Jeremy.” And he drew the stiff Jeremy into his arms and kissed him standing there in the Cafeteria and felt him melt into his arms. For him, the world did not exist. Not even when the hoots and whistles started. Their kiss broke and smiling into each other’s eyes, started again. This time both fluidly melted together.

Stan was still standing there looking very uncomfortable, “Ya, uhm ok, I think I got it. Uhn I’m leaving now.” Stan said the last part a little louder before turning away shaking his head as he walked back to the Jocks table.

“Great! We must have missed the best part.” Gilbert said dragging Mark along, “Hey, we can top that.” And he spun Mark around and threw a liplock on him that made him tremble.

“Oh damn, that’s hot.” But if it’s a competition you guys want. And Jan leaned into Elliot and kissed him deeply, unconsciously running his thumb over a nipple through his shirt.

Now all three were wrapped together like worms in heat as T-Rex walked up with Ernie in toe. “Hey everyone! I’m OUT! And he spun Ernie around and backed him over the table and kissed him deeply for a moment before being pushed back by Ernie who, glancing right and left, whispered through gritted teeth, “I said no kissing!”

But the words went unnoticed as T-Rex looked up and saw Jinx frozen in place a look of horror on his face before he bolted and ran back out the door.

“Oh, shit.” He whispered.

“What? What’s wrong?” Ernie said looking in the direction that called T’s eyes.

“I gotta go.”

“What? Are you insane? You kissed me in front of the entire school and now you’re going to run away and leave me hanging?”

“Hey, you wanted to be gay! Cool has a price.” And he bolted out through the same door Jinx did.

Ernie looked around at all the eyes looking directly at him. He turned and sat down and put his head on his folded arms. Jan reached over and put his hand on Ernie’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze, “Welcome to the gay table.”

Ernie sat straight up his eyes like saucers as he looked at everyone at the table, “I’m not uhm gay.”

“Then you weren’t just kissing T-rex?” Elliot asked giggling.

“Ya, uhm no, I mean he kissed me. I told him, no public displays of affection.”

“Well if you’re still in the closet than I got news for ya. the whole school is in there with ya.”

“No, you don’t understand. I’m really not gay.” They all stared at him with similar smirks on their faces. I just wanted them to ‘think’ I was gay so that girls would think I was safe and they would be willing to date me.”

“Well I think you have accomplished that first part really well. Look around, the entire school thinks you’re gay.” Mark smiled. “Welcome to the club.”

” Thanks, it’s just the two week trial membership, ya know. And with him kissing me, they all think they KNOW I’m gay. I am so screwed. And where did he go?”

“Uh did you hit him? Maybe practicing for this morning? I mean it’s a pretty good sized goose egg he has on his forehead” Gilbert cut in.

“Nooo, his boyfriend or one of the gay guys opened the door too fast  down at the gay store and cracked him in the head.”

“The Gay Store?” They all chimed at the same time.

“Ya, you know that LGBT place, isn’t that like Boys R-US or Let’s Get Boy Toys or something?”

The table erupted in laughter, “Well it didn’t mean that before but I think we’ll have to use those.”

“I can’t believe he would just bail on me like that. And where did he go?”

“Well did you see that cute boy standing in the door when you kissed Ernie?” Elliot said smartly.

“I didn’t kiss him! He kissed me! And what would I know about cute boys? I’ve only been one for about 3 minutes!”

Giggling Jess leaned over towards him, “Could you say that again a little louder? I don’t think they heard you completely in the cheap seats.”

Ernie’s head snapped over to see the people in line craning their heads to see who was speaking.

“Oh Daaaaamn!” He said putting his head down on his folded arms again. “I am SO screwed.”

“Well I think he’ll be back. I think he just had to go accept the delivery of his new boy toy from the gay store.” And the table burst into laughter.

Mark said through laughter, “I wonder if they have charge cards. I’d like to get one with Jack Vidgen on it or maybe Ronan Parke.”

“You better be shopping for a friend!”

“Yes dear. . .” He flinched as  Gilbert did an NCIS slap up side of his head.



“hey” Jinx replied while he sat and examined a blade of grass he plucked from under the bleachers where he sat. The wet drops of tears puddleing between his feet.

“You alright?”

“Ya sure why wouldn’t I be?”

“Maybe because you saw me kissing Ernie in the cafeteria?”

“Why should that bother me? I’m nothing to you.”

“That’s not true at all.” Jinx glanced over at T-Rex’s face for just a moment. “Jinx, Ernie is my best friend.”

“Ya, I can see that.”

“No, I don’t think you do. Ernie’s not gay.”

Turning his face to T-Rex with a look of disbelief, “Ya well you weren’t kissing him like a best friend were ya.”

T-Rex looked down at the ground for a moment before standing with his hands in his pockets and toed a dandelion trying to dislodge its roots. “Uh Jinx, it’s true I love him. I always have. But he is only my friend. I sort of took advantage of an opportunity this morning. You see he wanted people to just think he was gay.”

“What?” his voice was exasperated. “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why would he want something SO stupid?”

Taking a breath in and letting it out, “He said that girls like gay guys because they were safe. So if they thought he was gay he could get some of them to try and convince him to be straight. He thinks it’ll get him laid.”

Jinx looked up at the grinning T-Rex, “You’re serious?”

Giggling his best boy-giggle, he laughed, “I’m as serious as the plague. And by the way, you look really hot today.” Jinx blushed crimson as the bell rang. “Come on, we better get to class.”

“Uh ya, well I can’t, I have a little problem.”

“You have a problem big enough that you can’t go to class and you call it a small problem?”

“Well ya, see uhm, well these pants, well they were pretty tight getting them on this morning, and well my boxers kept like bunching up in them so, uhm well. I’m sorta not wearing any right now.”

“So, don’t tell anyone, who’ll know.”

Smiling he began to stand and turn away from T-Rex, “Well most anyone who looks.” T-Rex burst out in laughter as he spotted the seat of his dilemma. He had ripped them from ass hole to appetite.

T-Rex took off his jacket and walked up behind him wrapping the arms around his waist and tying them together in the front. As he did so his tight jeans expressed his pleasure at their closeness. Jinx turned around in his arms and he leaned in and kissed him. It was a passionate kiss and when they finished and pulled apart, with the steam streaming from their ears, T-Rex smiled, “That was no best friend kiss! Come on, I only live a block or two from here.”

“Ya, but I don’t think You’ll have anything that’ll fit me.”

“Then we’ll call your mom and ask her to bring you some more pants.”

“Oh I can’t wait for THAT conversation.”

“Don’t worry about it. I think I can think of some things we can do to take your mind off of your pending doom.”

“OH, I’m not worried about being in trouble, my names Jinx remember? But she is going to make this one last for years.”

“I think I’d like to stay around and watch that if you don’t mind.”

“Really, you would?”

“Ya, I would. Would you mind?”

“Me? Well I don’t know, with a name like Jinx, I have lines of people waiting to be with me.” They strolled towards the gate with Jinx’s arm on his shoulder and T-Rex’s arm around his slim waist.

“Hey, ya wanna spend the night friday night? We can catch a movie.”

“Spend the night?” Jinx grinned blushing. “All night?”

“Ya, my mom said I could invite ya.”

“Your mom? Uhm like she knows we might uhm you know?”

“Yep, she said she’s even make pop corn.”

“She’s not planing on watching?”

T giggled, “Well they have been curious about what gay boys do.”

Jinx stopped, “No way I’m doing anything with an audience.” He paused, “Unless theres like Pizza?”

T laughed outright pulling him in closer. “No audiences, but I think for another one of those kisses I can square away some pizza.”

“I think I can pay that price.”

T stopped them and leaned up nose to nose, “Payment in advance?”

Jinx smiled as they broke their kiss. “T, would you call me James?”

The End


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